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I'm A "Star" When I Look In The "Mirror"

Usher & Tameka: The Saga Continues
Tameka Foster has spoke out about against the various rumors floating around. Tameka says"No one knows why we canceled the wedding, but I can tell you that all of the reasons that everyone is speculating and writing about are completely untrue," Tameka told People magazine Monday.

"Mirror" Mirror
Ja Rule has been pushed his upcoming album, "Mirror" back to Nov 13th! Those who are surprised say I! I guess this means we will get a new single as well. I wasn't caring too much for the Lil' Wayne collaboration. Ja you gotta come a bit harder. Good luck!

The "Star" Of The Show
Star Jones has admitted to having gastic bypass surgery! As if we didn't already know. This revelation comes on heels of her upcoming Court TV talk show "The Star Jones Show". I don't know when the show comes on but she wants Rosie on as her first guest. Now that would be interesting as much as I can't stand Rosie&…

This Is Just "The Way It Is" So Deal With It

Keyshia Is "Just Like You" & Me
Keyshia Cole's new upcoming album, "Just Like You" will be in stores Sept 18th. Production and guests include Babyface, Anthony Hamilton, Lil' Kim, and Missy Elliott. Look for Keyshia's upcoming reality show, "The Way It Is 2" to debut this fall. Also look out for Keyshia Cole on tour with R Kelly and T-Pain.

Are You Ready For "The Declaration"?
Ashanti's new upcoming album, "The Declaration" will be in stores Oct 23rd. The first single, "Switch" is now available on Itunes and is going for adds on Aug 6th. Production and guests include Polow Da Don, Nelly, Robin Thicke, Jim Jones, Babyface, The Neptunes, and more. Ashanti can be heard on Jagged Edge's new single, "Put A Lil' Umph In It". You can check Ashanti out in the upcoming "Resident Evil 3" movie in theatres Sept 21st.

You Want Some Of That "Lil' Kim"?
Lil' Kim is set to relea…

A Lil' Mo "Pain & Paper" for Usher, Jay Z

Usher Phones Home
More details are emerging regarding Usher's last minute cancellation of his wedding with fiance' Tameka Foster. Apparently Usher wanted his mother there and didn't feel right without her there. Usher and his mother have been on bad terms after his firing of her and Tameka conveniently butting in. Usher was even said to have had second thoughts during his bachelor party. Tameka was said to upset and cursing as expected. More as this story develops. Look out for Usher's upcoming album, "Confessions 2" which I'm sure will detail all this drama.

Jay Z: I'm Not Leaving
Jay Z is staying at Def Jam. The rumor was that Jay Z was leaving Def Jam for Columbia. Jay assured he was staying at Def Jam unless he was kicked out.

A Lil' Mo "Pain & Paper"
Lil' Mo returns with "Pain & Paper" due Aug 28th. Where's the promo?(except for the promo she just got here)lol....The album's first single, "Sumtimes I&q…

Cum 2 My Crib Cuz "I'm Single Again"

Wedding Bells
Eddie Murphy & Tracey Edmonds have announced their engagement after denying it for awhile. Tracey had been seen flashing a huge rock. The couple denied it was an engagement ring. Eddie said matter of factly, "if it were an engagement ring it would be much bigger". Well obviously Eddie got a bigger ring. I wish the couple all the best.

Queen Of The South Says "I'm Single Again"
Trina's first single, "I'm Single Again" featuring Christina Milian is the first single from the upcoming new album, "The Baddest Chick 2". The album features guest appearances from Trick Daddy & Plies among others. The album is set to be released Sept 25th but I don't see the date sticking. Female rappers are just as notorious for album pushbacks as any other artist. If the date does remain the same, you can add it to the huge list of albums being released in September.

Fantasia's "Crib" Is Open To Not "Only One U"…

"Ayo Technology" "Sum Like It" Sum Don't

"Some Like It" But Amerie Loves It
Amerie will release double-sided singles, "That's What U R" featuring Slim Thug & Fabolous and "Some Like It" as the next singles off her "Because I Love It" album. The original lead single, "Take Control" failed at radio but has taken off overseas where the album has been released.

"Ayo Technology" is messing up 50 Cent's Hustle
I just read that 50 Cent is releasing "Ayo Technology" featuring Justin Timberlake as his 4th video. 4 videos and no album? It looks like 50 might of set a record there. The video is set to premiere this Weds. on BET's "Access Granted". Will you be watching?

The month of September looks to be a very promising month for new album releases. If you recall earlier I posted a list of albums set to be released in September. Well I found a few more albums that have been added to the list. Check out the list below:
50 Cent("Curtis", …

Don't "Rush" Or "Usher" Down Da Aisle

We Won't "Usher" Down The Aisle
This just in! Usher has called off his wedding which was supposed to take place today. Usher was set to wed his fiance Tameka Foster but no reason has been cited for the abrupt change of heart. If you recall Tameka is pregnant with Usher's child. If I didn't know any better this is part of a publicity stunt. This is becoming Usher's thing now to have publicity play a part in boosting album sales. It works though! Many artists have done it in the past including Foxy Brown, TLC, and Madonna.

No "Rush" Hour
There will be no soundtrack to the "Rush Hour 3" movie set to be released Aug 10th. JD wrote from his journal stating that the music didn't reflect the movie which is set in Paris. He also went on to say that the contribution Janet made to the soundtrack you may hear on her upcoming album. JD also took the time to congratulate Usher on his impending nuptials which it looks like won't be happening.

Poll Results

You were all asked "Which male singer do you like the best?" and it was a very close race but ultimately Mario came out on top with the most votes. Usher was close behind as was R Kelly, Omarion, and Marques Houston. Thank you all for voting! Remember I have a new poll up. Be sure to vote in there.

Let Me "Breakaway" So I'm Not "Trapped"

No Longer "Trapped" In The Closet
If you haven't heard Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell-Martin are separated. Why? Well no one knew but it turns out that Duane was hiding a deep dark secret. Apparently Duane has come out to Tisha revealing that he is indeed "gay". The media has went as far as to say he had a fling with Will Smith. Will Smith's sexuality has been questioned over the years. After all he and Jada are known to have an "open" relationship.

Beyonce "Falls" Out With YouTube
YouTube has yanked the infamous falling video of Beyonce off their site. The video broke several copyright infringement laws. Beyonce told fans not to put the video on YouTube but they did. I mean what did she expect anyway? You are Beyonce!

Tameka Will "Usher" Down The Aisle
Usher and Tameka Foster are getting married today! The media has had a field day prying into this interesting relationship. The whole relationship is starting to play out like a s…

"Didn't Cha Know" It's Something "Everytime"

I am continuing to profile some of my favorite videos via YouTube. I'm profiling two videos today that you should check out. You have probably seen them before and you may of not seem the at all. Read on to discover what videos I'm talking about. Remember to vote on those polls!

"Everytime" was like the 5th or so single from "The Velvet Rope" album. It was a very different time back then. Janet was still releasing 5 or 6 singles an album. I think what I like about this video the most is that Janet is naked or at least we have the illusion that she is. The song has always reminded me of another song but I could never quite pinpoint it.

Janet - Everytime

Erykah Badu's "Didn't Cha Know" is one of my favorite songs and videos from Ms. Badu. What I like about the video is the loneliness and despair that is exemplified in the video. I love how Erykah is in a desert and doesn't know which way to go. It is like she is in a maze. It is a wonderf…

"Step Up" Under my "Umbrella" Ella Ella Eh

A recent article featuring Mary J Blige says she is 19,20 songs deep into recording the follow up to her triple platinum, "The Breakthrough" album. Blige won't divulge the producers she's working with just yet. While there is no release date set, I would assume an early 2008 release is possible.

Jay Z might be leaving Def Jam for Columbia. It would make sense since Beyonce is there and Rick Rubin(produced "99 Problems) wants him there. The arrival of JD on Island has shaken things up. If Jay does move to Columbia expect him to becomes Beyonce's manager soon afterwards. This will then mark the beginning of the end of Bee and Jay.

Cassie is set to star in "Step Up 2" the sequel to the hit "Step Up". I'm not sure of her role just yet. You can also see Cassie in Kanye West video, "Stronger". Cassie is also working on a new album and I think they should consider naming the album, "One More Chance". That is what she should…

Mario vs Usher

Mario and Usher is leading in the "Which male singer you like the best"? Some of you may not be able to vote anymore but for those who haven't voted yet please do so. I will be closing this poll this Friday. Also be sure to vote in the new poll. Mario's upcoming album, "Go" will be released on October 9th. The current lead single, "How Do I Breathe" is climbing both the Pop/R&B charts. The second single is rumored to be "Kryptonite" featuring Rich Boy. My suggestion for Mario, his team, and J records is to release a new song the public has not heard. So far all the leaked songs from Mario's album have been good. I'm afraid I will be tired of the album very quickly having heard 50% of the album.

The "Sit Your Ass Down Award" Goes To..

Usher. You are one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Every little thing you do is a big deal. Walking down the street is a big deal. Getting married is an even bigger deal. How can you not expect people to not talk about you? You ever hear the saying "Don't worry when they talk about you, worry when they stop"! Usher's life has become one big publicity stunt and this impending marriage is part of it. What is most shocking is that you fired your mother and even more embarrassing is you trying to close down your fansite. Don't you realize you wouldn't be who you are without the fans? How quickly you all forget. I understand you are entitled to some privacy but this is the internet age. Get with it or get off of it! With that said Usher "Sit your ass down"!

MySpace Profile Showcase - Mr. Cheetah

Tigers, lions, cougars, jaguars, and panthers don't have shit on Mr. Cheetah! He reigns supreme! He is the King of the jungle. He is an one man band who is ready to push his label "Cheetah Entertainment Operations"(C.E.O) to the forefront. What better place to do that then with Cigna's Sounds & Views? Find out who Mr. Cheetah looks up to the most, his obsession with "hats", and separating Northern rappers from Southern rappers. Hear him roar!

Interview Date: 7/17/07

1. Who is responsible for you wanting to be in the industry?
When I look at the music industry, I look at the entrepreneurs--not the artists themselves--as influences because the objective in my life is to become a successful businessman. For example, Diddy, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, T.I., Russell Simmons those are successful businessmen and I feel they laid the foundation for becoming a successful businessmen in this industry, which sometimes could bend you over and, well you know the rest. So, I feel t…

R U "America's Next Top Model" Cuz I Ain't?

I put a new poll up! The poll asks the question "Who is your favorite guest appearance artist?" I included some of the songs the chosen artists have guested on to give you an idea as there are plenty more songs than what I added. You can vote up to three times but it has to be once a day.....I think? The poll will run for awhile so get your votes in. Remember you or your choice won't win a prize. It is simply a question to see what people like.

It is a slow news week right now so I'll report that CW has signed on for more seasons of "America's Next Top Model". The show will run up until 2010 and maybe further. "The Tyra Banks Show" and the aforementioned "Model" will find both shows filming in New York(again) from previous location L.A.

CW is also renewing "Search for the New Pussycat Doll". Apparently 1st season winner Asia has left and has plans to pursue a solo career. Good luck!

It looks like Ja Rule and Lil' Wayne may…

An "Exclusive" View On "Human Nature"

September Releases
September is about a month and a half away but it is shaping up to be a very big month for music releases. Most of the releases for September were to be released earlier in the year but are finally heading into record stores. There are probably a few albums I'm missing but these ones are the only ones that came to mind and more than likely the ones people are going to be checking for anyway.

50 Cent("Curtis", Sept. 11th)
Kanye West, ("Graduation", Sept 11th)
Keyshia Cole("Just Like You", Sept 18th)
Angie Stone ("The Art of Love & War", Sept 18th")
Chamillionaire("Ultimate Victory", Sept 18th")
Eve("Here I Am", Sept 18th)
Ja Rule("Mirror", Sept 25th)
Jagged Edge("Baby Making Project", Sept 25th)
Chris Brown("Exclusive", TBA)

Release dates are subject to change based on how the first single does or who is coming out on the same week.

Madonna's "Human Nature" f…

"I'm Glad" When I Look In "The Mirror"

This video has been floating around the internet and it was very crazy to see this boy poppin' it, lockin' it, and winding up like that. It's almost like the people surrouding him don't really know he's there. I'm thinking the boy has grew up with a house full of women or something. I don't know what to say anymore. You decide.

Albany's Crunk City DJ's - Video Shoot, Kevonta Doin' It

We all know what a wonderful dancer Jennifer Lopez is and this video is certainly no exception. I love how she redid the whole "Flashdance" theme here. It prompted me to want to rent the movie because I had never seen it.

Jennifer Lopez - I'm Glad

Mario is said to have a sex tape in existence. I don't know how true the rumor is but you never know these days. Sex tapes make careers now and even keep existing ones afloat...hey Ray J! Mario is also leading right now in the poll. I close the poll when I'm ready to so vote.

Lil' Flipper was arreste…

"She's A Bitch" So U Betta "Go"

Missy is an innovator when it comes to music videos and "Shes's A Bitch" is certainly no exception. I heard this video cost a reported $2 million dollars. I remember Missy saying the video was filmed on Universal Studios. What I like about this video is the look and colors of the video. The dancing on the "M" in the water is hot as well!

Missy Elliott - She's A Bitch

Poor Mario! His upcoming album, "Go" has been pushed back to October 9th. The last release date was August 21st. My only guess for the constant pushbacks is the songs keep leaking. I think they are tweaking some of the songs as a new leaked version of The Neptunes produced title track featured a slightly slowed down and spaced out beat.

Sumtimes I Find It So Hard to "Breathe"

Blu Cantrell is one of my favorite singers. An old friend of mine introduced me to her and I have always felt that she has been underrated. I know a lot of people don't like Blu because they say she's trashy but people will admit the girl can sang! "Breathe" isn't my favorite Blu song but I do like the video as it is very colorful and shows what a beautiful woman Blu is even with all the caked on makeup. Enjoy!

Blu Cantrell feat Sean Paul - Breathe

Where the Tyrese fans? Y'all not showing him no love? I'm referring to the poll that is up. You can now find it at the upper portion of the blog. I realize I forgot to include NeYo after it was all said and done. Remember to vote! You can vote up to three artists an unlimited amount of time. I still can't remember how I set it up. The poll is just for fun. Your not gonna win a prize nor is the artist. It is just simply an observaion to get a feel of what you all like.

The Top 5 Most Conceited Artists

If you recall I have done something like this before. The last time I asked "Who were the most hated artists" and if I'm not mistaken either 50 Cent or Beyonce were #1 on that list. I went and asked members of several message boards including Foxboogie, Brandy's Horizons, UltimateKelis, UBG, AshantiDaily and others to give me their opinions. A lot of people came up with a lot of the same people. Others just named folks who I didn't necessarily agree was conceited but what matter was if you thought they were or not. Anyway check out the top 5 list of artists who made the countdown. You will also see the entries 6-10 (if the list were a top 10).

1. Kanye West
Not one to bite his tongue.

2. 50 Cent
Are you really surprised?

Respect his privacy please.

4.Bow Wow
Fresh Azheis.

No surprise there.
Runner Ups(if the list were a top 10 list)
6. Beyonce
Really? No really? I think it's a love/hate thing.

7. Remy Ma
Her single, "Conceited" says it all!

U Ready 4 "Super Tuesday" "Baby"

Mariah Carey recently left a message via her fan site stating that she is hard at work on her upcoming album due Nov. 20th. She states she just recorded her 10th song and she is headed to work with JD. She claims the next few months will be devoted to working on the album getting it out by years end.

Carrie Underwood(who I don't usually mention here) is added to "Super Tuesday" which falls this year on Oct. 23rd. Underwood joins Ashanti, Alicia Keys, and somebody else I can't remember. Anyway Underwood's last album sold 6 million and is still selling. Somebody is going to have to change their release date. Release dates are subject to change based on who's dropping for said week.

Angie Stone new upcoming album, "The Art of Love & War" is being released Sept. 18th. The first single is entitled, "Baby" featuring soul legend Betty Wright. I like the album title. My mom will be excited to know this. She loves Angie Stone.

"Here I Am" Its Just "Me, Myself, and I"

"Me, Myself, and I" is one of my favorite Beyonce songs. I was so happy when she released it as a single. It was when she performed the song at the 2003 Billboard Awards, I fell in love with this performance. I also love the interaction with the crowd and a few choice guys from a particular group. Watch and see for yourself!

Beyonce - Me, Myself, and I - Live Billboard Awards Performance

Eve's upcoming album, "Here I Am" is now being released Dec. 18th. I wonder why is being pushed back so far. I guess she is trying to get those holiday sales, can't say I don't blame her.

Jennifer Lopez is returning to the English music scene with her upcoming untitled album due this October. The first single is entitled, "Hold It Don't Drop It". In an ironic turn of events, Sean Paul has a new song entitled, "Pick It Up and Drop It". Coincidence? Probably so. Then again maybe not since Jennifer Lopez is known to legally steal songs from other arti…

I'm So "Addicted" and I'm "Ready Now"

I continue with featuring some of my favorite videos. I wasn't a fan of Truth Hurts when she came out with "Addicted". When she released her first single, "Ready Now" from the album of the same name, I instantly liked the song. My friend Lucy put me on to the album which is very good and everyone should check out. I like this video because it is simple and sexy without being too over the top. I also like how Truth is being all seductive and really getting into character. I like the multiple tiled screens and different colors and more.

Truth Hurts - Ready Now

Ciara's lead role in the upcoming movie, "Mama, I Want To Sing" features an all-star cast including Bobby Valentino, NeYo, Patti Labelle, Ralph Tresvant, and that's just the music artists featured. If your unfamiliar with the plotline, Ciara stars as a singer raised up in a church upbringing who becomes a pop star. It's a little more to it but you get my drift. I don't know when the …

"Here I Am" Lookin' 4ward to "Trey Day"

The Top 5 Most Conceited Artists
I'm doing a survey to find the "Top 5 Most Conceited Artists" in the industry. I have reached out to several message boards I'm apart of and I'm reaching out to you all who wish to be involved. You can simply leave comments or hit me up at my email address. Thanks! I'll be tallying up votes until Saturday.

Trey Songz "Trey Day" will finally arrive this October after being delayed numerous times. The second single is being prepped as "Can't Help But Wait" which you can find on here. You know what to do. Personally I would push "Missing You", the song is hot! I think it would catch on if released.

Whoa! Eve's upcoming album, "Here I Am" has been pushed back to December. I don't know why though. "Tambourine" is climbing steadily up the charts. She got the new Sean Paul single jumping off anytime soon at least I thought.

Make sure you check out those interviews from Leo an…

MySpace Profile Showcase - Leo

Leo is just that, a Leo. It is his nickname and stage name in reference to his astrological sign. Say what you want about Leos and you might be talking about "Leo". Leo is a friend to CSV as I have known him for years. I'm familiar with Leo from back in the day with the whole GoldenChylde movement. These days Leo is focusing on other things such as songwriting, his new team, A&R positions, and his work on a big project. Sit back and get to know Leo almost as well as I know him.

What songwriters have influenced your style of writing?
You know what? That’s a great question! Honestly, I’m not even sure which songwriters have influenced my particular style but I will say the ones who have inspired from then and now are people like Daron Jones (formerly of 112). He’s amazing and phenomenal when it comes to writing and producing. I’d also like to point out that Mary [Mary J. Blige] has come a long way and has shown growth in her writing so I appreciate her work, My Life was …

Usher & Tameka's "Baby Making Project"

Jagged Edge is one of the many artists JD lured over to Island Urban when he became President or whatever he is over there. Jagged Edge's Island debut, "Baby Making Project" will be released Sept. 25th. The first single is "Put A Lil' Umph In It" featuring Ashanti which you can find on here by typing it in the search box.

Hip-hop pioneers Salt N Pepa's upcoming untitled reality show will premiere October 15th on VH1. During a press junket for the show, the duo spoke about how they fall out and their plans to regroup for a performance. I knew there was tension in the group but not to this extent. I always thought they got along for the most part. I would seem them together on TV shows and they just seemed so cool. I guess that goes to show you never truly know what's going on behind the scenes.

I'm tired of reading about Usher already and his new upcoming album is not due 'til November 20th. If we are hearing this much about him now just wait …

The "Sit Your Ass Down" Award Goes to ...

50 Cent who are you to say whether someone is hot right now? Last time I checked you had two failed singles and album that has been pushed back repeatedly. 50 Cent is an outspoken person who certainly doesn't bite his tongue. It is amazing how in every interview he does he has a new beef with someone whether it is Nas or Chamillionaire. This is your problem now. You don't know when to stop beefing with other artists. G-Unit is in complete disarray and your the blame for it. You bragging about all this money you got. You better hold on to some of that money. I don't think the money is coming from many places right now unless you count "Vitamin Water". With that said, 50 Cent "Sit Your Ass Down"!

When Will I C Da "Trav'lin Light"?

Who would of ever thought that Cigna's Sounds & Views would become so big so quickly? I'm not even a year into existence and at presstime I'm at 53K hits. I'm sorry guys but I won't be posting songs any longer. I have the record labels watching me now. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will STILL continue to feature the latest in music news and interviews. I am working to add some other features to the blog for those who will continue to support the site so look out for those. If you still need your music fix, I'll say know where to look*hint hint* That's all I can say.

Queen Latifah may have retired from rap but she still puts out albums every once in awhile. Her last album, "The Dana Owens Story" went gold. Latifah is releasing her next album, "Trav'lin Light" on September 25th. She will be covering songs from a wide range of artists including Peggy Lee(Fever) to Roberta Flack. Guests include Jill Scott, Erykah Ba…

Can U Wait 4 "The Countdown"?

Missy Elliott is hard at work on her upcoming album entitled, "The Countdown" which will be in stores very soon. Missy Elliott can be heard on Keyshia Cole's latest single, "Let It Go".

I wanted to share some of my favorite videos with you all this week and Mya's "Fallen" is one of them. What I like about this video the most is its storyline. A lot of videos nowadays don't have storylines so its good to see. I also like the song a lot. I like how Mya is following the guy around everywhere even though it is stalker-ish. I also like how she sneaks into the house.

Mya - Fallen

MySpace Profile Showcase - Jarold Imes

Who says black novels are only about backstabbing, betraying, and baby mama's? Black authors and novels are going beyond the norm. They are exploring topics very meaningful to the black community and beyond. Education, illiteracy, sexuality, and courage are just some of the topics Jarold Imes covers. He is the author of several novels and the teen series, "Hold On Be Strong". Jarold Imes talks exclusively with CSV about being an author, his future goals, and the importance of reading.

Interview Date: 7/9/07

What influenced your foray into becoming an author?
It started out as a school project. I was writing rhymes for my boys so they can perform their projects. They convinced me to write a rap for myself and to get on stage with them. At first I didn’t want to, but then I realized that I loved being on stage, being a performer. So I wrote more rhymes and more poetry. That turned into writing short stories and then came the books.

How do you feel about the current stereotypes…

Kelly Stretches Out And Not In A Good Way

Ms Kelly Rowland found herself stretched out after she fainted 15 minutes into a concert. The crowd, unaware of the what happened assumed it was part of the stage act. Get well Kelly! I read this is the 2nd time this has happened. Maybe Kelly is really overworking herself. You would think Beyonce would be the one fainting since she overworks herself to the 10th power.

I have a bit of bad news but I won't be featuring any music from SONY BMG artists any longer. I have been contacted on two occassions for a SONY BMG rep regarding the use of these songs being affliated with the site. SONY BMG hosts a lot of artists and some of those artists include Chaka Khan, Kelly Clarkson, Mario, Fantasia, Ciara, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Kelis, Kelly Rowland etc. For the complete list of artists and labels that fall under the SONY BMG wing, Click here.

No "Friendship" Here U On My "Hit List"

If you haven't heard or read already, Remy Ma was arrested over the weekend. Remy Ma was accused of shooting her best friend after an argument ensued involving $2,000 that came up missing. Feeling her best friend did it, Remy opened up her car door and shot her twice. Remy has since turned herself in and has been arraigned. She will be released anytime now. She is due back in court August 14th. I think I got this story straight. It is a very unfortunate situation but Remy is gangsta. What do you expect? Khia better watch out!

LeToya Luckett is recording the follow up to her platinum debut, "LeToya". LeToya recently joined Mary J. Blige on tour again and announced her new album plans. The new album is entitled, "Lady Love" and production comes in the form of Babyface, Dr. Dre, and Rodney Jerkins. I liked LeToya's album but I got tired of it real quick because all the songs were like a year old and I had heard them all.

You still waiting for Mya's new album…

"Do It" Like U Do It 2 Me

Nelly Furtado - Do It

Nelly Furtado releases her 18th single from her platinum, "Loose" album. You would think with this many singles she'd be at least 3x platinum. I wonder is she gonna release a video anthology with all the videos from this era since she's nearly made a video for every song.

"Curtis" Is "Just Like You"

50 Cent has been pushed back a week to September 11th for his upcoming album, "Curtis". The new single, "I Get Money" which was posted on here a few days ago will premiere on Hot97 today. If this single doesn't take off, back to the lab it is Curtis.

It is official even though JD said it a few months ago but Janet Jackson is now with Island Def Jam Records. L.A. Reid(Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton) is overseeing the album and not JD! Janet's new album is rumored to be released by the end of the year but next year sounds more accurate.

Diddy is cleaning house. He has gone to YouTube for a new assistant. To add to that he is also looking for a new girlfriend, sideline ho, new girl group, etc.

Keyshia Cole's new upcoming album, "Just Like You" will be in stores September 11th. September 11th is shaping up to be "Super Tuesday" as the aforementioned 50 Cent and Eve will also be dropping albums this day and god knows who else.

A new or unreleased…


Call them the last of the very few male R&B groups in existence today then again 112 is a bit obscure these days. Following the lukewarm success of their last album, "Pleasure & Pain" rumors have surfaced that the group broke up. Their last major hit was "U Already Know" but 112 has many hits dating back over 10 years ago. Relive some of the 112's biggest hits, a few album tracks, and a newly surfaced track! Enjoy!
112 feat TI & Timbaland - The Last TimeSmile
Pleasure & PainOnly YouAnywhere feat Lil ZaneCupidDance With MeU Already Know112's MySpace Page

Some 1 "Tell Me" Da Deal With Danity Kane

Danity Kane is now a trio. Dawn and Aubrey have apparently left the group. This rumor is still developing. More as this story unfolds.

Ms. Kelly Rowland has a new track that has leaked out entitled, "Tell Me" and it was more than likely a handful of songs recorded for her "Ms Kelly" album but didn't make the cut. Thanks to Brandy's Horizons for this link!

I forgot to mention that you can vote multiple times and for multiple people for the poll listed in the "Credits" section. I believe I set it up that way.
*NEW* - Kelly Rowland - Tell Me

I Want One Chance 2 "Turn Back The Time"

One Chance is an up and coming R&B group who is signed to Usher's US Records. Their upcoming album, "Private" is due in stores soon. Check out this song from them.

*NEW* - One Chance - Turn Back The Time

I Have 2 "Let It Go" 2 "Make It Hot"

Looks like the rumors were true regarding Diddy and Kim Porter as it has been made official the couple has split after 10 years off and on with each other.

According to TMZ Aubrey of Danity Kane was asked about the status of the new album to which she replied, "I don't know what's going on with Danity Kane. I love Danity Kane though". She also took the time to take a swipe at Dids saying she can't look at him for 10 minutes and told the reporters they were giving secrets away when asked about her involvement with the Pussycat Dolls.

Keyshia Cole's video for "Let It Go" featuring Missy Elliott and Lil' Kim premiered yesterday on BET's "Access Granted". I still don't like the song but I'm looking forward to Keyshia's album. The whole time watching the show I couldn't help thinking about Mary because Missy and Kim are very close friends of Mary's. Mary and Keyshia are always compared and look who she goes and gets fo…

If I "Give It 2 U" It Won't B A "Hot Ghetto Mess"

BET's "Hot Ghetto Mess" is becoming just that as controversy has surrounded the show. Two of the advertisers, Home Depot and State Farm have pulled out of the show citing the racial stereotypes the show portrays.

Here it is! Finally Eve's song with Sean Paul has leaked entitled, "Give It To You". I feel like at this point the most commercial female rapper is Eve. I think second would be Lil' Kim. Foxy can be commercial if she wants to but she likes to be underground. She has definitely been getting a lot of press lately for a variety reasons. She should definitely be playing into that.
*NEW* - Eve feat Sean Paul - Give It To You - 2nd single off "Here I Am" album in stores Sept. 11th

"Game Over" If I Can't Find "Liberation"

Game is currently in the studio for what is being labeled as his third and final album...yeah right! He recently hooked up with the production team of Cool & Dre(Christina Milian, 50 Cent), Nas, and Akon. He plans to take a month long vacation from recording before heading out on tour in Europe. I think Game's next cd should be called "Game Over" for obvious reasons.

Mya assures us that her long delayed album, "Liberation" will hit stores this year. It is ironic how her album is titled, "Liberation" and it has been anything but with the numerous delays. Hopefully one day we can hear the album in full. The new single is "Ridin" should be on radio now.

Ashanti and Nelly claim they are not getting married anytime soon when asked by a reporter for SOHH.

"That's Right" I "Can't Leave 'Em Alone"

Ciara denies dating 50 Cent but she just as the pair have been spotted out on more than a couple of occasions out to dinner alone and with their entourage. Ciara insists that she is single and not looking. Meanwhile Ciara's next single is scheduled to be "That's Right" and I feel that's a "wrong" choice but I'll live!

Eve's upcoming album, "Here I Am" has been pushed back to September 11th. Eve's 2nd single, "Give It 2 U" featuring Sean Paul should hit soon and the video will premiere on BET's "Access Granted". Here is the tenative tracklisting for Eve's album:
1. "Cash Flow" feat. T.I.
2. "Tambourine"
3. "Here I Am"
4. "Ain't Nothin' Changed"
5. "Original Gangsta Lady" feat. Sean Paul
6. "All Night Long"
7. "Scorpion Sting" feat. The Game
8. "Feels Good" feat. Ne-Yo
9. "Real Love" feat. Mary J. Blige
10. …

MySpace Profile Showcase - Interview - Cliff

I am continuing with the "MySpace Profile Showcase" series by profiling a good friend of mine. He will be helping me out on the blog, and I thought it would interesting for you to get to know him. Together or more so hiself will introduce a section entitled, "Cliffs-notes". "Cliffs-notes" is a take on the phrase used for preparation to study for tests. Since his name is Cliff, I thought it would be fitting to name it "Cliffs-notes". I had another name I wanted to use but Cliff would not go for that. Anyway get to know Cliff before his section is introduced. His section will be detailed more when it debuts next week.
You hail from the Windy City, how is it living in Chicago?
Its good. I mean we have decent paying wages. A little prejudice but where is that not? It is a lot of stuff to do, especially because I live so close to downtown.

Describe your personality to the readers here.
I have a disorder! I am a really easy person to get to know because I…

I'm Gon B Mad "When I See U" Young Jeezy

I wonder will Jay Z be mad at Young Jeezy for hopping on the remix of "When I See U"? Remember Jay got mad at Larry Johnson for appearing in the video? I also have a song from an up and coming raptress named Mooka Jerz who is actually quite nice in my opinion. I have some Lil' Mo songs from her debut, "Based On A True Story" and more. Thanks to Foxboogie and Brandy's Horizons for a few of these links! Enjoy!

I also need to make a correction regarding the Eve single which I incorrectly regarded as her 2nd single. I am not quite clear if this is her 2nd single because her 2nd single features Sean Paul. An "Access Granted" show is in the works so when the new song with Sean Paul hits, I will have it exclusively for you all. I apologize for the confusion.
*NEW* - Fantasia feat Young Jeezy - When I C U Remix*NEW* - KeKe Wyatt - Ghetto Rose - from upcoming album in stores soon
*NEW* - Dawn Richards of Danity Kane - Ms Detective
*NEW* - Vic feat Hurricane Ch…

"How Do I Breathe" When I C A "Sexy Lady"

I have Mario's new remix of his hit single, "How Do I Breathe" featuring labelmate, Cassidy. "How Do I Breathe" has finally grown on me even though I still look at it as a "Let Me Love You" spinoff. I also have a pair of Janet Jackson songs produced by Rich Harrison(Amerie, Beyonce) which were "Damita Jo" leftovers. I also have some exclusive remixes featuring Trina. Thanks to Brandy's Horizons and Ashanti Daily for these links!
*NEW* - Mario feat Cassidy - How Do I Breathe Remix*NEW* - Yung Berg feat Junior & Trina - Sexy Lady Remix*NEW* - TI feat Trina - Big Shit Poppin' RemixJanet Jackson - Pops Up
Janet Jackson - Speed It Up

Janet Wants Jazze Pha, Eve, Elephant Man

Producer Jazze Pha(Fantasia, Ciara) is the latest producer added to the list of producers slated for the upcoming Janet album. Janet is currently down in Miami with JD laying down tracks and vacationing. I'm happy Janet is going all out for this project. I just hope these big names don't overshadow the project.

I have a huge update of music, new and old, but mostly old. Remember I mix the old school with the new school. Get your music fix here at CSV! Remember to access the search box if you are looking for something specific. Hopefully CSV has it! You can request a song your really looking for though I don't make it a habit to take a lot of requests because it can become quite stressful. Check out music from everyone from Yolanda Adams to Madonna! Enjoy!
*NEW* - Eve - Give It 2 U - 2nd single off upcoming album, "Here I Am" due Aug 7th*NEW* - Elephant Man feat Keshia Chante & Fatman Scoop - Bring It*NEW* - Marques Houston feat Juelz Santana - Wonderful RemixYo…

Diddy Denies, Trina Has Many "Memories"

Diddy is denying reports that his main boo, Kim Porter is leaving him. The rumors started earlier this week stated that Kim had grown tired of Dids and his cheating ways.

I have a new song from Trina entitled, "Memories". It is possible that it will appear on her upcoming, "Baddest Bitch 2: Reloaded" album due in stores Sept 25th. The song is clearly about Lil' Wayne. Trina has made quite a few songs about Wayne as he has about her. I guess they were really in love and are still getting over one another.
*NEW* - Trina - Memories

*UPDATED* Artist Spotlight - Kelis

Kelis is one of my favorites! She debuted on the scene in 1999 with her debut single, "Caught Out There". It was unlike anything we had ever heard at the time. Kelis went on to carve her own niche via The Neptunes. Her sound and style has been duplicated by many an artists. Still, Kelis continues to break barriers by playing by her own rules. Kelis has settled down into married life with Nas and has a reality show coming soon. I compiled some of Kelis' most popular tunes sans Bossy and some gems you may of never heard. Enjoy!
Good StuffGet Along With YouCaught Out ThereTrilogyAww Shit feat SmokeAbout To Hate MeEmergency feat Raphael SaadiqFire feat Spragga BenzRunning Mate - produced by TimbalandSugar Honey Iced TeaI Love My Bitch with Busta Rhymes

"She Wants It" 2 B "Whatever U Like"

Yet another 50 Cent track has leaked and this time Justin Timberlake assists 50 on the track entitled, "She Wants It". What does she want exactly? I don't know! Them, money, fame, success, etc.

Nicole S of the Pussycat Dolls has finally released her debut single entitled, "Whatever U Like" featuring TI. The track is produced by Polow Da Don. If the track sounds familiar, its because this beat can be heard on Chili's "Straight Jack 'Em" also produced by Polow. Polow pulled a similar move when he gave Gwen Stefani and Fergie the same track which was "Glamorous" and "Luxurious Remix" featuring Ludacris. The single is from the upcoming album, "Her Name Is Nicole".

If you haven't heard already Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie are pregnant. Congrats to both ladies!
*NEW* - 50 Cent feat Justin Timberlake - She Wants It - off upcoming "Curtis" album
*NEW* - Nicole Scherzinger feat TI - Whatever U Like - 1st…

Mario Has "No Definition" 2 "Go"

Mario's upcoming album, "Go" isn't due in stores 'til Aug 21st but that hasn't stopped the shortage of songs from leaking out. Soon we would have heard Mario's entire project and unfortunately it won't be a huge suprise to us any longer. I am still looking forward to his album however. Here is new leaked joint from Mario entitled, "No Definition". Enjoy!
*NEW* - Mario - No Definition

Bobby V Mad, Trey Songz, Mary J, Swizz

Bobby Valentino is mad at Def Jam for their lack of support with his "Special Occasion" cd. He feels like all the attention has been focused on Ne-Yo. CSV reported awhile back that Bobby might not be getting a 2nd single or 3rd depending on who you ask. If you recall the lead single, "Turn The Page" went nowhere. "Anonymous" was released and did moderately well but not well enough to warrant a third single. If your first single fizzles, your given a 2nd chance. You blow your 2nd chance then the album is a wrap. Just ask LeToya, Janet, Chingy, Faith, and a gang of other artists.

Here is some more music for the download obsessed:
*NEW* - Trey Songz - Set Of WingsMary J. Blige - Out Of My HeadSwizz Beats - Its Me BitchesDonell Jones - I'm Gonna BeMario - How Do I BreatheRuben Studdard - Make Ya Feel BeautifulMiri Ben-Ari feat Scarface & Anthony Hamilton - SunshineDJ Khaled - We Takin' OverUGK feat Outkast - International Player's AnthemTyrese f…

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Happy 4th of July to you all who observe the holiday! To help you celebrate the holiday even more I have a ton of songs for your downloading pleasure. The word "ton" may be used a little loosely but you get my drift. Also remember to access the search box found in the top silver margin. If you are looking for something specific, CSV just might have it. I also have that poll up that I encourage you all to vote in. Thanks and have a good day!
*NEW* - Pitbull feat Trina & Young Boss - Go Girl*NEW* - Plies feat T Pain - Shawty*NEW* - Mario - Why - off upcoming "Go" album in stores Aug 21st*NEW* - Disturbing The Peace - Celebrity Chick - Luda, Chingy, Steph Jones*NEW* - Pudgee feat Trina - I Do This Shit - not sure about this track as other guests are featuredTamia - MeTamia - Stranger In My HouseRoger & Zapp - I Wanna Be Your ManPaul Wall feat JD - I'm ThrowedMusiq - Teach MeLil' Scrappy feat 2 Pac - Livin' In The ProjectsSisqo - IncompleteIndia Arie…