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Daily Roundup: Def Jam Artists Dropped

Ms. Keyshia Cole is enjoying the platinum success of her new album, "Just Like You". The singer is releasing "Heaven Sent" as the album's fourth single. The video will be shot in Hawaii on March 4 by acclaimed video director Benny Boom (who has directed the majority of Keyshia's videos). Keyshia proves that albums can have longer shelf lives if you put out the right singles. Take notes people!

Singers Bobby Valentino, Shareefa ("I Need A Boss" feat Ludacris), and Steph Jones have all been dropped from Ludacris' DTP imprint which is distributed by Def Jam Records. The artists recently performed a showcase at New York's famous R&B Live where the feedback was less than thrilling. I am quite surprised. It seems like the artists would of been dropped from Def Jam and not DTP.

R&B singer Keith Sweat known for hits such as "Make It Last Forever" and "Nobody" will release his first new album in 6 years. The new album tit…

CSV Movie Time

Dressed To Kill
Starring Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, and Nancy Allen
I remember catching this movie on one late night. I also would hear about it on message boards. Everytime I caught it, it would be in the middle of the film and I would fall asleep on it (only because it was very late). I eventually found the movie in Circuit City on sale and bought it. It is a mystery/suspense which is my favorite genre of movies. It is a very sexual movie and would fall under the category of "Erotic Thrillers". It is definitely worth checking out!
Check out the trailer below:

visit for more info

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Daily Roundup: Janet On Track To Be #1

Singer Ashanti stopped by MTV's "TRL" to drop off her new video, "The Way That I Love You" as part of their "Spanking New Music" week. Ashanti spoke briefly about Nelly revealing that his upcoming album, "Brass Knuckles" was shaping up to be hot. She also talked candidly about working with singer Robin Thicke on a track entitled, "Go Deeper". Other tracks to look forward to from Ashanti are "Girlfriend", "Crime", "Struggle", and "Good Good". For Ashanti's new album, "The Declaration", the singer worked with Nelly,Babyface,LT Hutton (producer of "TWILY"), and The Neptunes. Look for Ashanti to make her declaration on June 3.

Pop icon Madonna is releasing a new album titled, "Hard Candy" on April 29. Apparently Madonna is going for a more urban sound as she did on 1994's "Bedtime Stories" with the help of Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timber…

The Daily Roundup: Janet Disciplines Us

Janet Jackson Performs "Feedback" Live on GMA

Janet's promo for new album, "Discipline" has officially kicked into gear and I am glad. I was starting to get a little worried.

Janet Performs "That's The Way Love Goes" Live on GMA

I read over on Toya's World that former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger is headed back to the famed quintet. This just goes to show that "there is no place like home". I have said again and again Nicole left the group too soon in my opinion. She should of waited a few albums down the line then left. Plus if your going to be a solo artist you have to hit with the material not this mediocre stuff you were putting out as a solo artist. I liked Nicole as the lead of PCD anyway. She had charisma, sexiness, and sassiness. She didn't really display any of that as a solo artist which also hurt her but there's always next time and hopefully next time she gets it right.

News Tidbits:
It is being reported t…

Super Tuesday

So who are you buying?
Algebra - Purpose
Click here for Algebra's MySpace Page!
Webbie - Savage Life 2
Janet Jackson - Discipline
Shawty Lo - Units In The City
Erykah Badu - Nu AmErykah
Cheri Dennis - In & Out of Love

Did I miss anybody?

The Daily Roundup: Janet's MTV Spoofs

Janet's Back!

Janet Jackson Spoofs
Uploaded by ThatGrapeJuice
Starting all this week catch superstar Janet Jackson reenact some of MTV's most infamous moments from shows such as "A Shot of Love" and "Making The Band". It just so happens that Janet is MTV's "Artist Of The Week". She will also be visiting TRL tomorrow on February 26 performing live in Times Square. Get it Jan!

Joining an already long line of artists recently arrested (Tank, Trey Songz, and Ne-Yo) R&B singer J. Holiday was arrested after a small amount of marijauna was discovered in the singer's vehicle. Holiday was accompanied by another occupant when stopped after driving recklessly alongside another vehicle. Holiday faces drug charges as does his occupant. The other driver of the car faces traffic-related charges. J. Holiday recently re-released his gold album, "Bac Of My Lac" and is currently touring with singer Trey Songz.

Singer Nicole Wray known for her hit si…

The Daily Roundup: Ne-Yo's Big Headed

Here is Ne-Yo's mugshot. Now you see why he keeps hats on!

Plies Presents "Bust It Baby" Casting Day

These women (if you even dare to call them that) go all out to profess their love for rapper Plies. I can't believe Plies is getting a reality and on VH1 of all channels. Why someone like Plies? And why not someone like Ludacris persay? Whatever the case may be these ladies make "The Flavor of Love" girls look like saints. Plies upcoming album, "Definition of Real" will be in stores June 24.

R&B artist Syleena Johnson known for her hit, "Guess What" and being a guest vocalist on Kanye West's "All Falls Down" is starting her new label titled, Aneelys Records. The label is the artist's name spelled backwards. The label is being distributed by Federal/Universal Records. The first release from the new joint venture will be Syleena's own album, "Chapter 4: Labor Pains". The album will in stores September 2. The…

News Flash: Mary J. Obliged

Mary J. Blige can't seem to decide which song will serve as her official 2nd single off her platinum, "Growing Pains" album. Originally lead single, "Work That" was the 2nd single complete with an iTunes commercial and Busta Rhymes was changed in favor of the ballad, "Hurt Again". While all the 2nd singles were being ironed out there were rumors that the Usher assisted, "Shakedown" would be a single. Now a video for "Come To Me (Peace)" has surfaced allegedly but on the Yahoo site; a preview for the Tyler Perry movie "Meet The Browns" is played instead. I don't know what the hell is going on. Luckily all this time scrambling to find a 2nd single hasn't hurt Mary as "Growing Pains" has been in the Top 10 R&B/Pop Albums since its release 9 weeks ago and to date has sold 1.2 million copies. Go Mary!

News Tidbits:
If you didn't know already, the new Janet Jackson album, "Discipline" has leak…

The Daily Roundup: New York Returns

VH1's resident diva Tiffany "New York" Pollard is back! No she is not filming a third season to "I Love New York". Instead she is headed to Hollywood a la American Idol with finance Tailor Made aka George Weisgerber in tow. This time around VH1 cameras will focus on New York and Tailor Made's relationship as well as New York's attempt to pursue a film career. New York has already
been bitten by the acting bug with a brief appearance in the Ice Cube vehicle, "First Sunday". The show titled, "New York Loves Hollywood" is currently in pre-production and will air later this year.

Rapper Jadakiss plans to name his next album, "Kiss My Ass". If the rapper gets his wish, it will probably be just as controversial as Nas' "Nigger" album. The Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam debut is seven songs deep right now so Jada still has quite a way to go before wrapping up the album. Jada hopes to get at Kanye West, Pharrell, Dr. Dre, Timbala…

Danity Kane Album Tracklisting

Welcome To The Dollhouse

1. Bad Girl feat. Missy Elliott
2. Damaged
3. Pretty Boy
4. Striptease
5. Sucka 4 Love
6. Key To My Heart
7. Interlude
8. Extasy
9. 2 of You
10. Lights Out
11. Picture This
12. Poetry
13. Is Anybody Listening?
14. Make Me Sick
15. Ain't Going feat.Day 26 & Donnie J.

The first single, "Damaged" has leaked awhile back. Other songs such as "Poetry", "Is Anybody Listening", and "Pretty Boy" have been heard online or from the "Making The Band" series. Expect production from Diddy, Mario Winans, and many of the in-house Bad Boy producers. Look for the new Danity Kane album in stores March 18.

CSV Movie Time

I'm a really huge movie buff! In recent years, my interest of movies dwindled while music took over in a major way. Well back in January I joined Netflix, an online movie renting chain (for those that don't know). I have found dozens of movies that were always unavailable in the local video stores. I have even discovered movies unbeknownst to me. I have decided to profile some of my favorite movies with this online public community. The reasoning for this is to expand on the general theme of the blog which is music. It is also serves as a way to promote and inform people of movies worth checking out especially if you are a movie lover like myself or you just enjoy watching a good movie from time to time. Below you will find a description of today's featured movie; "When A Stranger Calls".
"Have you checked the children?" It is perhaps one of the most famous lines uttered in movie cinema history. It also is one of the many taglines attached to the 1979 ho…

The Daily Roundup: Paula Abdul Rules

Paula Abdul - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
The first single/video from Randy Jackson's "Music Club Vol 1" album in stores March 11.

For this to be the first song from Paula in over 10 years; it seems as if the American Idol judge hasn't missed a beat.

Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown - No Air
The second single from Jordin Sparks' self-titled debut album in stores now.
Sparks got her wish of wanting to work with Brown. It was a rather easy wish to fufill being that they are labelmates.

If you were awaiting the new tell-all book from rapper Eminem, you may have to wait awhile longer. It's not as if the October release date wasn't long enough already. Apparently the UK publisher blabbed prematurely about the book though it is in the works. It sounds like someone over in the UK publishing department couldn't hold the secret in due to the likely success a book by a rapper such as Eminem would generate. The upcoming book is being edited and no release date ha…

Artist Spotlight - Kelis


1. Caught Out There
2. Milkshake
3. Got Your Money - (with Ol' Dirty Bastard)
4. Trick Me
5. Get Along With You
6. Truth Or Dare - (with N.E.R.D.)
7. Lil' Star - (with Ceelo)
8. Popular Thug (Album Version) (with Pusha T of Clipse)
9. Young, Fresh, N' New (Album Version)
10. Millionaire - (with Andre 3000)
11. In Public - (with Nas)
12. Bossy - (with Too Short)
13. No Turning Back
14. Blindfold Me (with Nas)
15. Suspended (Album Version)
16. Glow (with Raphael Saadiq)
17. Finest Dreams - (with Richard X)
18. Good Stuff

I'm a big Kelis fan and I have been since her 2003 gold album, "Tasty". This album will be released in the UK on March 11. The tracklisting above reflects Kelis' hits overseas where she has been very successful. A Kelis hits package in the US would consist of random songs that would make a "Best Of.." compilation v. a "Greatest Hits" package since she doesn't have a lot of hits here in the states. I have provided a descrip…

News Flash: Mario Dances With Stars

R&B singer Mario has joined the cast of ABC's monster hit show, "Dancing With The Stars". It is a move that has already sent shockwaves through the music community. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Mario's new album, "Go" isn't exactly "Go-ing" out of the stores but rather collecting a lot of dust. As brilliant as the album is the majority of songs leaked out years ago; yes...years ago. Mario does have a hit single out right now with "Crying Out For Me" which makes this move to "DWTS" even more surprising. 2 years ago Fantasia shocked everyone when it was announced that she joined the Broadway production of "The Color Purple" shortly after the release of her 2006, "Fantasia" album. Her rigorous schedule with "TCP" made it impossible for her to promote her album. Luckily for Fantasia her album went gold, spawned a hit single, and got 3 Grammy nominations. Not bad!

R&B singer…

The Daily Roundup: Day 26 Tracklisting

* Come In [My Door's Open]
* Come With Me
* Got Me Going
* In My Bed
* Silly Love
* I'm The Reason
* Co Star
* Are We In This Together
* Ain't Going
* Just Should've Told You
* Don't Fight The Feeling
* If It Wasn't For You
* Since You've Been Gone
* What It Feels Like
* Exclusive [No Excuses]
The solo debut album for MTV's "Making The Band" group Day 26 will be in stores March 25. First single, "Got Me Going" leaked a few weeks back. Tracks "Silly Love", "Co Star", and "Exclusive (No Excuses" can be heard throughout the show or online. Expect production from the Bad Boy in-house production team including Mario Winans and Diddy himself.

TVT Records home of artists such as Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz, Pitbull, and Teedra Moses has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy! The label got its start in 1985 before eventually becoming one of the Top 5 Independent labels according to Billboard. The impending bankruptcy com…

Trina's "Still Da Baddest" Tracklisting

Here is the tracklisting for the new Trina album, "Still The Baddest" in stores April 1.
1. Intro
2. Still Da Baddest
3. Killin' U Hoes
4. Single Again
5. Look Back At Me feat. Killer Mike
6. I Got A Thang For You feat. Keyshia Cole
7. I Got A Bottle feat. Missy Elliott
8. Wish I Never Met You
9. Clear It Out
10. Stop Traffic feat. Pitbull
11. Phone Sex feat. Qwote
12. Lame
The second single is "I Got A Thing For You" featuring Keyshia Cole which makes a lot of sense being that Keyshia is hot right now. I have heard 5 songs from the album already and I like them all equally. First single, "Single Again" recently debuted on the Billboard charts and the video leaked online last week. Catch Trina on the cover of Smooth magazine and an article in the latest King magazine with Danity Kane on the cover.

The Daily Roundup: Janet v. Erykah

Controversial rapper Nas will release his new album, "Nigger" on April 22. The album sports production and collaborations from Jay-Z, Kelis, Diddy, and Jermaine Dupri. This time last week Nas caused headlines when he, wife Kelis, and others from his entourage stormed the 50th Annual Grammy Awards red carpet adorned in "Nigger" gear. It was statement that was both distasteful (to
some) and uplifting (to others). In other Nas related news, it has been revealed that Nas and Kelis will go on trial for their arrest last year stemming from resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

News Tidbits:
R&B/Pop goddess Alicia Keys is taking her "As I Am" album on the road. Along for the ride is this American Idol champ. Click here to find out!

You ready to be disciplined? Well click here to preview the new Janet Jackson album, "Discipline" in stores February 26.

Ready for the sound of "Nu AmErykah"? Well click here to preview the new Erykah Badu albu…

News Flash: Trey Songz Last Time Video

Trey Songz - The Last Time
This is the 3rd single/video from Trey Songz' "Trey Day" album in stores now.

This is a very nice video. The storyline fits the song to a tee. The performance from Trey and the
ladies are very believable and well done.

Producer/artist Polow Da Don admitted to MTV that he is responsible for the leak of the new Usher song, "Love In The Club" which features Young Jeezy. Usher also spoke to MTV stating that he has no involvement in the recent leaks of several songs. A video for "Love In This Club" will be shot shortly. There is no word on when the new Usher album will be released. I would expect the new album to be released soon in conjunction with the new single. I have read rumors that the album may not come out 'til next year but that sounds a little far fetched at this point.

Producer Rodney Jerkins produced four songs on the new Janet Jackson album, "Discipline" in stores Feb 26. The producer recently revealed some…

The Daily Roundup: Amerie's Def Jam

There are rumors that Amerie is no longer signed to Columbia Records and has jumped ship to Island/DefJam Records. The rumors were more than confirmed due to Amerie appearing on Chingy's single, "Fly Like Me". Amerie's 3rd album, "Because I Love It" was not released in the US but released overseas. Whatever the truth may be I look forward to future albums from Amerie. My friend said Amerie is an "innovator" and I agree. I know a lot of people love her "All I Have" album and feel that is her best work. A lot of people want her to go back to that sound which is understandable but its not easy to replicate something like that. Even when an artist attempts to recreate something, people won't be satisfied either way. They will have something to nitpick about. It is no different from people wanting Janet Jackson to recreate the "Control" album and other musical elements from her 20 year career on "20 Y.O" and when she d…

The Daily Roundup: The Bad Girls Club

Danity Kane will release their "Welcome To The Dollhouse" album on March 18. It is preceded by first single, "Damaged". The ladies are looking very elegant and Victoria's Secret-esque. Bandmates Aubrey and Shannon look so identical its hard to pinpoint who is who. All in all a very sulty and sexy cover. So what do you think of the new Danity Kane album cover? Share your thoughts!
News Tidbits:
R&B/Pop singer Cassie who stars in the newest "Step Up 2" movie stopped by MTV's "TRL" where she revealed that her first single is titled, "Official Girl". The song is produced by Nate "Danja" Hills (producer of Britney Spears, "Gimme More"). Cassie's upcoming untitled album will be in stores May 20.

MTV's "Making The Band" groupDay 26will now release their debut album on March 25. The album was originally scheduled to be released on March 11.

The Daily Roundup: Kanye Flashes Light

Ashanti - The Way That I Love You

I like the Ashanti video and the concept behind it. I had no idea the video would be out so soon.

Kanye West - Flashing Lights

All this time I was thinking this video was out but how I never saw it or heard much about it. The video is just alright but the concept is pretty weird. I do give him kudos for being different though.

I was watching E! and they were doing their Grammy recap. One of the hosts made mention that this year's Grammy telecast ratings were low. You definitely wouldn't think so after all the talk and controversy that has surrounded this otherwise supposed traditional ceremony. From Nas & Kelis adorning "Nigger" gear to singer Natalie Cole calling out Amy Winehouse, the Grammy Awards continues to be a hot topic nearly 3 days after its telecast. Who could forget the shocking body language between Rihanna & Jay-Z when they won "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration" for the monster hit, "Umbrella". Now t…

News Flash: The New Babyface

Outspoken rapper Khia continues to poke fun at rival rapper Trina with this hilarious faux-ad about Trina's recent weight loss. Notice the various grammatical errors. Only Khia! (Click picture to see it in its full size)
Mary J. Blige is really experiencing the "Growing Pains" her latest CD entails. The singer has constantly changed her 2nd single from "Work That" to "Hurt Again" to now, "Come To Me". The video is set to premiere next week exclusively on Yahoo. "Work That" has managed to chart on both the R&B/Pop charts and didn't do half bad on the R&B chart where it is still listed in the Top 50 of the chart. I can say I am glad Mary is really trying to put out the right singles this time. I think that's where a lot of albums go wrong by picking the wrong singles. I think "The Breakthrough" would of done even better had she put out certain songs as singles. Sometimes though not knowing what singles to pi…

The Daily Roundup: Celebrity Rehab

Thrillicous: 2008 SoBe Life Water Super Bowl Ad

This was one of the many commercials that appeared during the Super Bowl last week. It was truly one of my favorites and I am seeing this commercial every 20 seconds it seems. Naomi Campbell looks radiant! My sister couldn't believe that was Naomi!

Legendary singer Natalie Cole has spoken out against the Grammy Awards awarding singer Amy Winehouse 5 Grammy's! Cole feels that her bad behavior is being rewarded due to Winehouses' drug use and stint inrehab. The troubled singer was temporary let out of rehab to perform for the Grammy gig via satellite after being denied a visa to enter the U.S. Amy's behavior wasn't being rewarded but her as a musician was. Her album, "Back To Black" was one of the best albums released last year. Nuff said!

R&B/Pop singer NeYo called in to BET's "106 & Park" during its Monday telecast yesterday. The famed singer revealed that he is working on upcoming project…

The Daily Roundup: Comin 2 AmErykah

Here is the cover for Khia and her "Nasti Musik" album. Khia is now signed to Big Cat/Atlantic Records. First single, "What They Do" features Gucci Mane. Second single, "Be A Lady" features Lil' Wayne. While she is primarily known for her one hit, "My Neck, My Beck" from her gold, "Thug Misses" album. She also appeared on Janet Jackson single "So Excited" back in 2006. In recent years Khia has been very outspoken over the direction of female rap or lack thereof. Not one to bite her tongue Khia has taken shots at basically every female rapper that matters. While some may address her antics to get noticed, some have not. At the end of the day Khia's witty, outspoken nature makes her a rarity among female rappers.

Singer Erykah Badu is releasing her first album in 5 years, "Nu AmErykah" which features the hit single, "Honey". The video is an ode to classic R&B & Hip-Hop acts such as Diana Ross …

Artist Spotlight - Nicki Minaj

Who is Nicki Minja? Well she is a 22 year old female rapper who hails from Queens, New York City. Combining tales of sex and street life with her animated vocals which recall that of rapper Amil, Nicki is quickly becoming the next big thing in rap. It doesn't hurt when you have the hottest rapper; Lil' Wayne riding with you shotgun. Rappers like Jadakiss & Remy Ma are down with her which adds even more to her street credibility. Blessed with devastating good looks and a charisma all her own, Nicki is staking claim as the next big female rapper. She has been very involved in the mixtape/underground scene with mixtapes, "Sucker Free" and the ever-popular, "Playtime Is Over" which features Nicki freestyling over some of the hottest instrumentals; past and present. With an upcoming album and even more mixtapes/collaborations in the works; the artist spotlight is on Nicki Minaj.
Check out Nicki Minaj on these MySpace and MySpace affiliated sites and simply ty…

News Flash: The Red Carpet Treatment

I watched the E! Pre-Grammy Telecast and I got to see a lot of artists on the red carpet hence the title; "The Red Carpet Treatment". I took the liberty of filling all those who didn't see the telecast who was on the red carpet and who shared what. Of course this is not everything but it covers the majority of things I saw.
Songwriter/singer NeYo announced he is in the studio working with troubled star, Lindsay Lohan on a new record.

R&B diva Keyshia Cole sported a brand new short black 'do. This woman is constantly changing her hairstyle.

R&B singer Musiq revealed that he is working on a new album due this April or May. Give or take.

Rapper Kanye West won 3 Grammy's during the show's pre-show (not sure which awards at presstime).

R&B singers Chaka Khan & Mary J. Blige won for Best R&B Duo for single, "Disrespectful". The song appears on Chaka's latest album, "Funk This" which won the Best R&B album. Go Chaka!

Alicia …

The Daily Roundup: Hurricane KaTrina

Here is the new album cover for Trina and her "Still The Baddest" album in stores April 1. First single, "Single Again" (see the video below) was recently released. The album houses collaborations with Missy Elliott, Plies, Rick Ross, and Trick Daddy. Trina is currently on a heavy promotional tour and keeping the magazine game on lock in support of her album. Congratulations to Trina who recently celebrated 10 years strong in the rap game! Miami stand up!

Trina - Single Again


Uploaded by PeteRock I am loving the video! I also notice how every Trina video happens to be set in or near the water. Call it a Miami thing! So what are your thoughts on Trina's video? Sound off in my poll!

p.s. I am sorry for the lack of updates for my regular readers (for the past few days). I just felt like there wasn't really anything worth reporting in the last few days. I do thank you however for continuing to visit and support the blog. I really do enjoy this blog. Thank you!

The Daily Roundup: Rumor Control

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse won't be attending the Grammy Awards! The "Rehab" singer has been in rehab since January and while attempting to clean up her act, her visa to come to the United States was denied. Amy is up for 6 Grammy awards, second to Kanye West who has 8. Poor Amy! Appearing at the Grammy's would of really been her time to shine here but oh well you have album sales (1.4 million and counting) to be proud about.

The autopsy for actor Heath Ledger claims that the actor died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. This comes on the heels of recent autopsy reports that rapper Pimp C died of an overdose of codiene (a substance many rappers rap about). These celebrities are so dependent on drugs to help deal with their stressful life. Surely there are other healthier ways to deal with stress. Being a celebrity definitely has its perks though. Never are you told "No!" no matter what the request is. As long as you have the money to purch…

Making The Band - Day 26 Album Cover

The album cover for MTV's "Making The Band" boy group, Day 26 has finally been unveiled. I guess this also means they finished their album first. In the season premiere of the newest season of "Making The Band", it was revealed that whoever finished their album first would see the their perspective album released first. Day 26 and Danity Kane must of been neck-in-neck then since their release dates are only a week apart from one another. There is no official word on poor Donnie though it seems like the show centers around the perspective groups moreso anyway. I'm sure Donnie got/gets more screen time once the drama sets in with him and Danity Kane bandmember, Aubrey.

Looking at the album cover it is very reminscient of New Editions' "Home Again" album which ironically featured production by Diddy. Day 26's debut album will be in stores March 11 while Danity Kane's second album, "Welcome to The Dollhouse" will be in stores Mar…

CSV Throwback Video

MonifahfeatHeavy D - I Miss You (Come Back Home)
This is the debut single/video from singer Monifah. Monifah released her debut album, "Moods...Moments" in 1996 which featured the hit single, "You". Monifah would later score her biggest hit to date, "Touch It" (#9 Pop charts) which borrowed a sample from Laid Back's "White Horse".

The Daily Roundup: Island Divas

It looks like we will be waiting a little while longer for the new Mariah Carey album, "That Chick". The album is now scheduled be released this June. There has been no exact word on the delay. So far there have been many setbacks with this album and not a single song has been heard (except little snippets here and there). Maybe Island/Def Jam is making Mariah go back in the studio (due to not liking the album or her own personal wishes) or she is being pushed back to not coincide with Janet's upcoming album release.

Janet Jackson is releasing two new singles, "Rock With U" and "LUV" to radio! The former is being released for the Pop radio stations while the latter is being serviced to urban radio (on February 11). Both songs have received positive "Feedback" so far (amongst the online community). I wonder does this mean she will be shooting two new videos simulateanously. Meanwhile click here to check out an excerpt for an upcoming Janet i…

The Daily Roundup: 50 Cent Speaks Out

You can't believe everything you read......and see for that matter. Even though there is a saying that "seeing is believing". There was a video (which I never saw by the way) of 50 Cent allegedly telling socialite and heiress Paris Hilton to "get the f*** off his stage!" The controversial rapper spoke exclusively to MTV where he did a lot of boasting, bragging, and most importantly some rumor control. The video in which 50 is allegedly yelling at Hilton is actually directed at a security guard. The security guard was constantly approaching the stage and getting in the way. The security guard happened to be on stage during the same time as Hilton making it appear as if 50 were referring to her. Meanwhile 50 took time to dish about his latest musical endeavors including a recently released mixtape, "Return Of The Body Snatchers Vol 1.". 50 is working diligently on a new album titled, "Before I Self Destruct". Whoops! Looks like he already did…

The Daily Roundup: 50 Cent In Trouble

Cocky rapper 50 Cent and his comrades were tossed from an Arizona mall in Scottsdale when it was revealed his crew were packing heat. Later on that night 50 Cent was the headliner of a party thrown by socialite Paris Hilton. When 50 mentioned Hilton's name in one of his songs, Hilton hopped on the stage. 50 not feeling Hilton's antics told her to "get the fluck off my stage". Hilton was in tears! What a mess!

Actress Eva Mendez ("Out Of Time") has checked into rehab for substance abuse. I'm pretty surprised. It seems like all these actors are on drugs. I remember my friend said they don't have nothing else better to do with their money then spend it on drugs. I'm really starting to agree with her. Meanwhile the actress is the new face of Calvin Klein's 2008 fall fragrance campaign. Get well Eva!

News Tidbits: Racy rapper Trina will debut her video for first single, "Single Again" on BET's "106 & Park". Well about d…

New Missy Elliott - Ching-A-Ling Video

MTVMusic VideosMTV ShowsEntertainment News

Like the new Missy Elliott video? Well if you did or didn't Missy is asking fans to help her decide a title for her seventh album due in stores this May. The winner will win a huge prize and their name in the album credits. Click here to enter!

The Daily Roundup: Janet Rocks With Us

Keyshia Cole has gotten the greenlight for a special reunion episode of her hit BET reality show, "The Way It Is". The special will update us on Keyshia's sister Neffie (who recently gave birth), her mother Frankie (recovering drug addict), and Keyshia searching for her biological father. Will I be tuning in? Yes. I have come to the conclusion that I'm a reality TV junkie......for the most part!

There is a rumor that Janet Jacksonwill release the song "Rock With U" as her 2nd single off her upcoming, Discipline album in stores February 26. The song will be released to radio on Feb 11. In other Janet news, the recent "Feedback" remix floating around with Ciara is not official. It is simply someting Ciara did herself according to Janet's reps.

The first single from the upcoming untitled Usher album has been revealed and it is "Love In The Club" featuring Young Jeezy. Look for Usher's new album to be released soon. It features product…