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What radio personality was in a car crash?

Lil' Kim

Back To Basics

Work the night shift? Well you may be at risk! For what? Guess: CANCER
Can you believe it? I swear it seems like nothing is good for you these days even the things that are supposed to be good for you.

I went out on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving - the biggest shopping day of the year) along with my sis to do some shopping for others and myself. I was in Walmart and I bought "The Pelican Brief" movie which stars Julia Roberts. Anyway the movie was only $2 so I was like "What the hell?". When I watched the movie earlier this week, I realized that in order to view the entire movie you have to flip the disc over. I had never seen or heard anything like that then again I might of. I just thought it was weird like what if your laying in the bed watching TV and you don't wanna get up and change the disc. Huh?

Radio personality Angie Martinez was involved in a nasty car crash when she fell asleep at the wheel. Oh no Ang! Tell me it a…

Trina Collaborates With A Rumored Lover

News Tidbits: Condolences to Mannie Fresh and his family as his sister was found dead in her home.

Trina is shooting the new video for her 1st single, "I Got A Bottle" featuring Missy Elliott in December to coincide with the February 12th release of her new album, "Still The Baddest".

Britney Spears new single is "Piece Of Me" from her "Blackout" album.

Rodney King, who we all know from the infamous 1991 beating has been shot in the face, arms, and torso.

Alicia Keys has hit platinum with her latest offering, "As I Am" while Jay Z and Chris Brown has reached gold status with their latest efforts. Congrats to all!

Diamond from Crime Mobb has left the group. Diamond was one fourth of the infamous group that showed everyone how to "Rock Ya Hips". Diamond was also (at one point) dating Lil' Scrappy.

Nas has pushed back the release of "Nigger" siting the album is simply not ready for public consumption.

Jordin Sparks …

Two Divas Go Toe 2 Toe In February

News Tidbits:Janet Jackson is releasing her new album, her debut for Def Jam in February. Producers include Polow Da Don, Jermaine Dupri, and NeYo just to name few. You ready for Janet to attempt to make that comeback she's been trying to make the last two albums?

It turns out that not only is Janet releasing an album in February but labelmate and friend, Mariah Carey is said to be releasing an album around the same time. Could a 50 Cent/Kanye West like battle be in the future? Probably not but it would be very interesting. I think many people are wondering how Janet will do this time and will Mariah outdo "The Emancipation Of Mimi" album.

A very pregnant Christina Aguilera appears on the latest cover of Marie Claire magazine.

Marques Houston is supposedly engaged to Jennifer Freeman ("My Wife & Kids").

I just got word that 112 are still in fact together (cause I thought they were broke up) and have formed their own label and is partenering with Irv Gotti of a…

Laurie Ann Gibson Still Singing The Blues

Hello all! I am sorry for the lack of updates but my personal pc is being repaired. As of now I will not be updating daily but updating often throughout the week. Thank you all to those who visit regularly and who enjoy the blog.

News Tidbits:It looks like Foxy Brown has finally got herself out of solitary confinement due to good behavior. If she keeps this up she will be released early in time to promote the February 5, 2008 release of her "Brooklyn Don Diva" album.

I just read that Ms. Kelly Rowland was almost ready to quit singing! Could you imagine! Quicks would be heartbroken, I know!

Laurie Ann Gibson, still recovering from her "Making The Band 4" meltdown has claimed she will never work with Diddy again! Good!

Dennis Rodman's crazy ass was sued by a woman for assault. The former NBA clown rubbed the woman the wrong way. She is suing Rodman, but does he even have any money?

Plies failed to show up for a show awhile back and was sued by the promoter and the …

What singer is Erykah Badu Ready 2 Fight?

Daily Roundup

Keys To The Chart

Hello all! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I probably won't be updating as much right now since I'm out of town, and I'm not the only one using the computer (like it would be if I were at home).

Number One:Congrats to Alicia Keys for being #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 ("As I Am"), Billboard Hot 100 ("No One"), and Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Tracks ("No One").

Original G:Snoop Dogg will release his 9th studio album, "Ego Trippin" in March 2008. The set is preceded by the first single, "Sexual Eruption" which has been renamed "Sensual Seduction" for radio and TV purposes.

Black Friday:Amy Winehouse has been in so much trouble lately and seems to make the headlines for all the wrong reasons but her album is slamming. It is one of my favorite albums right now. A lot of the songs have been in my head. If you haven't gotten a chance to hear Amy's album check it o…

NeYo Pissed, Beyonce Reigns, Nas Leaks

Hello all! My apologies I didn't have a chance to update yesterday since my personal pc is down. Meanwhile I am on vacation but not on vacation from the blog. Here is the latest news and gossip:

News Tidbits:NeYo has been kicked off R. Kelly's "Double Up" tour and he's going to (or has been) to Wendy Williams to dish the dirt. Maybe he'll finally come out of the closet once and for all! Not! Haha

Nas' debut single from "Nigger" is called "Let's Go". The album is in stores Dec 11th (as far as I know)

Alicia Keys debuts at #1 selling 742,000 copies of her "As I Am" album. Has she set some type of record as far as R&B female artist is concerned? Go Alicia!

Solange Knowles has been added to the Geffen (Game, Mary J.Blige) roster of artists. Look for Solange's debut album to surface early next year. I'm eager to hear what Solange will come up with.

Timbaland is engaged and has become a father. Congrats to Tim for a sec …

Rah Digga Comes Out Of Hiding

Daily Roundup:
TV Time: Jamie Foxx is the latest celeb to join the ever popular and ever growing world of Reality TV. Jamie, along with VH1/MTV has partnered together to bring the show, "From G's to Gents" which will revolve around guys become gentleman. Okay I really don't know what to think about this right now. I need to learn more of the premise to decide if this show will be watchable or not but if its being produced by VH1, I can only imagine the foolishness that will occupy the show a la "I Love New York" and "Flavor Of Love".

Baby Girl:Monica is not letting her pregnancy stop her (though she never has before in the past). She has been resigned to J Records! Was she dropped before? The new album will consist of ballads and crunk songs. I don't know about crunk though. Crunk doesn't suit MOnica like it does Ciara but different folks different strokes.

News Tidbits: The AMA's (American Music Awards) were on last night and they were p…

Is Ginuwine Still Mad At Timbaland?

Exorcist Walk

This is a funny reenactment of a scene for the horror classic (and one of my personal favorites), "The Exorcist". It is a scene from the re-released version where Linda Blair does a spider walk down the stairs.

News Tidbits:I guess Ginuwine is mad at Timbaland again. Ginuwine still feels betrayed by Timbo for whatever reason. I'm tired of this. If your mad at Timbo, fine but you don't have to keep telling us every chance you get. I don't know maybe he is using this as some publicity to put a record out. I even thought he was supposed to be working with Timbaland this go round but I guess not.

There is a rumor that Kanye West broke down on stage while in France. WTF? Kanye flew back home to be with his family due to his mother's death. The dumbness of this rumor. Why am I even reporting it anyway? Well only because I been seeing it on a few message boards.

Kelly Rowland Finally Sees The Daylight

CSV Throwback Video
Jody Watley struts her stuff in this exquisite video of "Still A Thrill". Filmed primarily in B&W(black and white), the video was filmed at the world famous Metropolitian Opera House. The video features seductive dance moves (by Watley) and "voguing" galore. Check this hot video out!

Jody Watley - Still A Thrill (Extended Version)

Daily Roundup:Toni Braxton is working on her 6th studio album which is rumored to be released on J Records. The album is slated to be released early next year.

Baby Talk:Christina Milian has confirmed that pal Christina Aguilera is having a baby boy. If you recall Christina finally confirmed in Glamour magazine that she was pregnant. Congrats to Christina A. and family!

New Single:Keyshia Cole's 3rd single is "I Remember" my favorite song of her new album, "Just Like You" in stores now. The album recently past the 500K mark which indicates the album is Gold certified. Go Keysh!

I'm not really …

Always Count On 50 Cent To Tell The Truth

Out Spoken:50 Cent wants to know why he can't use the word "bitch" when Britney Spears can in her "Gimme More" single? That's a good question. 50, in a recent interview on MTV spoke on his problems with the double standard that exists between Hip-Hop and other genres. 50's latest single, "I'll Still Kill" has been edited to "I Still Will" while there are groups such as The Killers and no one says anything about it. Good point!

Soul God: John Legend is recording the follow up to his "Once Again" album. While he is still in the early stages of recording, Legend has worked (or wil work with) will-i-am, Pharrell, and Kanye West just to name a few.

Pussycat Dolls alum and lead singer Nicole Scherzinger wants your help!
Click here to find out why

Cheri Dennis new album is hot!
Click here for an exclusive listen

Keyshia Cole Throws A Diva Fit At A Show

Brooke Valentine - Long As You Come Home (Live)
This is one of my favorite songs from Brooke Valentine, and I was fortunate enough to find this awesome live performance of her performing the song. If you are curious the song is from Brooke's debut album, "Chain Letter" which is worth checking out! Enjoy!

Melt Down:I have been watching Keyshia Cole's "The Way It Is" and when I watch Keyshia displays herself as a really humble person. You would think there is nothing "diva" about her but obviously we are being fooled. I notice the press makes her out to be a tempermental diva who throws fits and behaves like a spoiled brat. I remember when Keyshia apparently got really nasty on a radio show and everyone was really bothered by it. I never heard that audio by the way. Keyshia's latest stint has her refusing to go out on stage to do a show. What's up with that? It turns out Keyshia didn't like her placement on the show's set list which h…

Help Timbaland Decide His Next Single

CSV Throwback Video - Foxy Brown - Get Me Home
"Get Me Home" was Fox's debut single and video from her platinum, "Ill Na Na" album. I believe this video is one of Foxy's better videos out of the few she has made as a solo artist. If you look closely you'll see appearances from Young Gavin (Foxy's Bro), Noreaga, and Queen Pen (remember her?) just to name a few. Enjoy!

Keri On:The artist with the hottest buzz online is Ms. Keri Hilson! She is responsible for half the songs we hear on radio today including Britney Spears' "Gimme More". Anyway Keri is releasing her debut album winter 2008. The first single is titled, "Return The Favor" featuring Timbaland. Production comes in the form of the aforementioned Timbaland, Danja (producer, Trey Songs, "Wonder Woman"), The Clutch (producers, Fantasia "When I See U"), and Polow Da Don. I can't say I'm as hyped as everyone else about Keri Hilson but only time wi…

Irv Gotti Says Ashanti Damn Near Broke

Daily Roundup

Mary J. Grows Up
Queen Reign:Mary J. Blige's next single is "Work That" featuring Busta Rhymes. The song is produced by Neff-U (producer, Brandy "Say U Will"). Don't forget that Mary's, "Growing Pains" album is in stores Dec 18th. The album features collaborations with the aforementioned Busta Rhymes, Pharrell Williams, Usher, Ludacris, and Eve.

Mother Nature:Erykah Badu is releaasing her new album, "The Kabah" on Feb 26, 2008! The first single is entitled, "Honey" and to top that off, Ms. Badu is reportedly releasing two albums this year. The rumored single from the other untitled album is called, "Your Mind". Go Badu!

Chart Battle:Alicia Keys is set to have the #1 album next week on the Billboard 200 Album Charts with her latest album, "As I Am" which is estimated to sell around 550,000 copies. Go Alicia!

Law Suit:Brandy has been hit with a second lawsuit (I thought this was like the fifth b…

Jay Z Blends, Xzibit Goes Pink, Li'l Wayne

News Tidbits:
Jay Z appears on the latest cover of Blender magazine.

Juanita Jordan, ex-wife of Michael Jordon will receive a $168 million dollar payout. Wowzers!

Xzibit will star in "Pinkville", the latest movie directed by the legendary Oliver Stone ("JFK").

Lil' Wayne appears on three different various covers of XXL.

Robin Thicke was forced to cancel all tour dates by his doctor to take vocal rest.

Yet another Beyonce show overseas was cancelled due to Beyonce's limited choice of clothing during her performance. Clean it up B!

Alicia's Video, 50 Was Right, T.I. N Da Lab

Daily Roundup

50 Cent Doesn't Lie
Video Vixen:Ms. Alicia Keys will premiere her new video/single, "Like You'll Never See Me Again" on TRL this Tuesday. Tune in!

The Truth:Young Buck insists 50 was telling the truth on "Fully Loaded Clip" where he mentions Trina's infidelity to Lil' Wayne. Buck went onto say that Trina would talk to him and he would hear Wayne in the background. Trina denied these claims on Wendy Williams show. If this is true, Trina is definitely the baddest chick but not bad enough, if you getting caught up.

Chart Battle:Jay Z's "American Gangsta" is projected to do 400,000-425,000 to take the #1 spot on Wednesday's album charts. This is all strictly hearsay right now but the final numbers will be posted Wednesday afternoon. After claiming Britney was #1 last week, I'll wait and see how this turns out.

King of Comedy: Bernie Mac is returning to TV via FOX network in an upcoming show titled, "Standing Under&qu…

Kanye's Loss, Rihanna's Cover, Tamia On TV

Daily Roundup

Kanye's Loss

R.I.P. to Kanye West's mothers. She died at 3 a.m. Sunday morning from complications from cosmetic surgery.

In the wake of singer La La Brown's death, mentor and friend Lyfe has dedicated a song to her entitled, "La La (It's A Brown Thing)" to be featured on his upcoming "Change" album in stores this February.

Singer Tamia and husband Grant Hill will appear on "Oprah" on Nov 14th where they will talk exclusive about their 28 year relationship. Say what? 28 years! Y'all better gon head!

Nelly is probably wishing he never made the controversial, explicit video for "Tip Drill". The song and video is still a much talked about debate among women and has even resulted in him being blacklisted among some females and magazines such as Essence (who refuses to put him on the cover). It might make a good cover story though and garner good publicity for both.

I had been listening to Amerie's "Because I Love …

When It Was Mine - Special Music Article

When It Was Mine

Special Music Article

Could you ever imagine another singer singing one of your favorite songs? Particularly if its a song where your used to that one artist performing it. Imagine if someone else did the record. Would it sound the same? Would that singer bring the same fun and emotion to that record? Well believe it or not, many of today's and yesterdays songs were originally recorded or meant for someone else. Some of these stories you might know and some you might not. Read on to find the REAL scoop on "When It Was Mine".

Song: "If"
Artist: Beyonce
Intended for: Beyonce & Mario
Story: Intended for both Beyonces "B'Day" and Mario's "Go", both versions were left on the cutting room floor but eventually leaked out on re-releases.

Song: "Resentment"
Artist: Beyonce
Intended for: (depends on who you ask but I would say) Jazmine Sullivan
Story: Placed on the tail end of "B'Day", Beyonce's "Res…

NeYo's Single, Kelly's Daylight, Nu Fox Pic

Daily Roundup:
NeYo's 4th single is "Go On Girl".

Kelly Rowland's new single is entitled, "Daylight". It is the first single off the upcoming re-release of her "Ms Kelly" album. I hope this re-release works. Kelly has a really good album but it was sadly overlooked and under promoted. I just got tired of the album very quickly because a lot of the songs leaked out like a year before the albums release.

Check out this hot promo picture of Foxy Brown from her upcoming, "Brooklyn's Don Diva" album in stores Dec. 11th! It's gonna be a monster!

CSV Throwback Video, Beyonce, Mya

Salt N Pepa - Push It
In light of Salt N Pepa's recent emergence back into the limelight with their hit VH1 reality show, "The Salt N Pepa Show", I decided to feature their video for "Push It". The song went to #19 Pop and #28 R&B/Hip-Hop in 1988. Enjoy this classic video!

Daily Roundup
Beyonce appears on the December issue of Cosmopolitian magazine. No surprise there right?

Mya has reportedly ditched the now shelved, "Liberation" album in favor of a new album called, "Smoke & Mirrors" to be released early next year. Yeah right?

Alicia Keys wants to work with Beyonce. If this does pan out, I hope it is not the typical R&B/Pop collaboration where the song is about fighting about whether "The Boy Is Mine" or the "Same Girl".

Jim Jones & Juelz Santana was denied access to Chris Brown's "Exclusive" party! Hey, it happens!

A woman has come out claiming that she is James Brown's wife. Apparently the w…

CSV Throwback Video

Paula Abdul - Straight Up
The third single off Paula Abdul's highly-successful debut album, "Forever Your Girl" was a hit going to #1 Pop and #2 R&B in 1989. Check out this classic video!

21 Questions

In the tradition of Vibe magazine's "21 Questions", I have decided to form my own pertaining to music and popular culture. I have done this before a long time ago and I decided to bring it back. Here are the 21 Questions as follows:

21. What is taking Brandy so damn long to finish that album?
20. Were any of us really surprised when Kelis got dropped from Jive Records?
19. Do you think we'll ever get another album from Blu Cantrell?
18. Will Britney Spears ever get herself together?
17. What is K-Fed trying to prove by going on the Oprah show?
16. Why do networks keep trying to give Rosie O' Donnell a show only for her to fuck it up?
15. Could you really see her hosting "The Price Is Right"?
14. Why does BET's lineup still suck after all these years?
13. Why did Kim Kardashian feel funny posing naked for Playboy when she made a sex tape?
12. Do you think New York will get dumped again at the "I Love New York 2: Reunion"?
11. Are you ready for another…

Poll Question Of The Day

Some New Pics Of Lamar

Hello all! I just felt like sharing some new pictures I recently took while playing on my camera phone. Hope you like!

Mary's Sky Cap, JLO Confirms, Chris Is Top

Daily Roundup

Mary J. Blige Feels Fine

Mary J. Blige's second single is "Sky Cap" produced by Timbaland.

After several long months, Jennifer Lopez finally confirms that she is pregnant. Well about damn time!

Chris Brown's "Kiss Kiss" is the #1 single in America for the 2nd week in a row.

Alicia Keys' "No One" is the #1 on the R&B/Hip-hop tracks charts for the 4th week in a row.

Tweet says she is waiting on Missy Elliott to contribute to her upcoming album, "Love Tweet". Watch out now! Missy might do Tweet like she did Nicole Wray and Lil' Mo.

Monica's baby daddy, Rock or Rocko has signed to Def Jam. Are they trying to be the next Nivea and Dream?

Album Updates:Rick Ross will release his new album, "Trilla" on Dec 18th. The first single is "Speeding" featuring R. Kelly.

Erykah Badu will release her new album, "The Kabah" on February 26, 2008. It is preceded by the first single, "Honey".

Trina Interview, Call J. Holiday, Jay Z #1?


Still The Baddest

Bad 2 Da BoneTrina was on Wendy Williams today and it was a pretty normal interview. It wasn't Wendy's typical interview with all the erroneous questions that we so love. Instead there were more serious questions and a few interesting ones regarding Missy Elliott and Lil' Wayne. Trina's new album, "Still The Baddest" will be in stores February 12, 2008. I don't understand why the album is being released so late. She must be releasing a second single (rumored to be "I Got A Bottle" featuring Missy Elliott). Guests on the album include Mya, Pitbull, Rick Ross and Plies.
Pillow TalkWanna talk to J. Holiday? You can call him at (202)683-7119. No lie! It was posted on a Myspace bulletin. I just remember when Mike Jones gave his number out to the public, and he was rumored to have one huge phone bill, one that he could afford to pay off!

News Tidbits:It looks like Kelly Rowland is actually re-releasing her "Ms Kelly" a…

Did You Know? - The Nas Edition

Did You Know?

Nas - Nigger - Dec 11th
Nas' "Hate Me Now" was originally intended for Foxy Brown but Foxy hated the beat. This is according to Nas from XXL magazine. The controversial single and video featured Diddy and is one of Nas' biggest hits.

50 's Ban, JLO 2 Drop It, Brit's Blackout

Daily Roundup

Alicia Keys leaks
Alicia Keys' "As I Am" has leaked but you won't find it here!

BET has denied banning 50's new video for "I Still Will" citing "they haven't received the clip yet". I guess there is light at the end of every tunnel huh?

A satanic group wants 50 Cent to stick to his word and retire! They refer to him as a "satanic piece of filth". Wow!

Keyshia Cole appears on the latest issue of DUB magazine. Keyshia recently appeared on covers of Essence and Vibe. Is it safe to say Keyshia has the magazine game on lock?

Britney Spears' "Blackout" didn't debut at #1 like widely reported. It instead has to settle for the #2 spot with an estimated 289,000 units sold in the first week. The final numbers will be released tomorrow.

Jennifer Lopez's second single is "Hold It, Don't Drop It". The same could be said about her music career right now huh?

Don't forget the Ill Na Na, Foxy Brown i…

Jimmy Jones Album, Trey Songz N Trouble

Daily Roundup
Look out for a new Jim Jones album around Easter 2008. His current mixtape, "American Gangsta" is in the streets now. A few months ago Jim Jones signed to Columbia Records. Dipset!

Trey Songz was arrested Saturday for disorderly conduct after a shot was fired outside in a parking lot. Trey's response, "Don't you know who I am?" Apparently not many people do.

Christina Aguilera has finally admitted to being pregnant and will be due early next year.

Britney Spears receives $737,000 dollars a month! Don't you wish you did too?

JoJo Takes On Pop Culture Icons

True Life
JoJo will star in "True Confessions Of A Hollywood Starlet" to air on Lifetime in 2008. JoJo will star as a young singer who is an alcoholic. Sound familiar? JoJo will begin working on her third album in January.

November is trying to fly by! Here is it and it is already the 5th day of the month. Are you all ready for the holidays? What are you doing?

I "Hate" You

Dec 11 is just one of the many days this holiday season that will be deemed "Super Tuesday"! A bevy of high profile releases from R&B/Hip-hop's hottest will go head to head most notably Chingy and The Dream, both of who are releasing their Def Jam debuts. What's more interesting about this is the similar album titles they have. Chingy's new album is titled, "Hate It Or Love It" while Dream's album is titled, "Love Me All Summer, Hate Me All Winter". You notice both albums have the "Love/Hate" theme going on. I thought this was interesting and worth pointing out. Who's album you looking forward to more?

This leads me to the poll question below which you are encouraged to leave your opinion:
Should labels release labelmates albums on the same day? free pollsThe first button is the "vote" button and the second one is the "view" button to see the results.

Mary J. Blige Album Info, American Gangsta

One More Time
Mary J. Blige's new album, "Growing Pains" has been pushed back to Dec 18th. I hear it is the final date! No more pushbacks! We'll see about that! The 19-track album features production from Stargate, Akon, Timbaland, and The Dream. Guests include Busta Rhymes and Ludacris. Do we have another breakthrough?

News Tidbits:
Denzel Washington's "American Gangsta" is #1 at the North American Box Office with $46 million dollars

YouTube Video - Cop A Feel

Cop A Feel
A cop goes a little too far down when he is searching this guy. This video has been all over a lot of the message boards I visit, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Beanie Sigel
Beanie Sigel's "All Of The Above" featuring R. Kelly originally was narrowed down between T-Pain and Akon on guest vocals. No surprise there right? T-Pain, due to his already busy schedule couldn't promise being in the video. Akon was on tour before someone suggested R. Kelly and there you have it!

Album Updates
Raheem DeVaughn will release his new album, "Love Behind The Melody" on Nov 27th which features first single,"Woman".

50 Cent Banned, Brit Sued, Keyshia Scores

News Tidbits:
50 Cent's new video for "I'll Still Kill" which has been renamed "I Still Will" has been banned by MTV and BET. Britney Spears sued by former manager Johnny Wright for $15,000Shock jock Don Imus returning to radio Dec 3rdKeyshia Cole's "The Way It Is 2" scored big in the ratings on BET. I didn't watch! Did you?An arrest has been made in the Oprah school sexual abuse case. The accused is to appear in court Monday.Michael Jackson appears on the latest cover of Ebony magazine celebrating the 25th anniversary of his "Thriller" album.
Album Updates:
Anthony Hamilton will return this winter with his new album "Me" due Feb 5, 2008.

Tweet Previews, Mya Out, T-Pain In Trouble

R&B singer Tweet returns this spring with her new album, "Love, Tweet" featuring the song "My Dear" with T.I. Check out this exclusive video of the singer recording songs from her upcoming album. Enjoy!

Sweet Tweet

News Tidbits:
Days after an exclusive preview of Mya's "Liberation" album, the album has leaked online. The album is nice!T-Pain arrested for non-moving violations and driving with a suspended license.Cassidy's, "B.A.R.S." album has leaked but you won't find it here!

Did You Know?

Se7vn Days
While promoting his latest movie, "American Gangster", Denzel Washington revealed on 106 and Park that he was offered the lead role in the thriller, "Se7vn" but turned it down. The role would eventually be played by Brad Pitt.

Stay tuned for more "Did You Know?"

Da Brat Fights, Mya Previews, JLO Revealed

Gangsta Girl

Da Brat

Da Brat got into an altercation with a waitress earlier this morning. Apparently the waitress bumped into Brat, and Brat hit her over the head with a bottle of rum. Wow! I always knew Brat was gangsta anyway. This isn't the first time Brat has been in trouble. A few years back, she was charged after pistol whipping a woman outside of a club. Foxy Brown eat your heart out!

Making Moves
If everything goes according to schedule, Nas will release the first single to his upcoming album, "Nigger" next week. I really hope he delivers with this album. I thought the last album was good but a lot of the songs were single worthy then they released the wrong follow-up single, "Can't Forget About You". Nas is a rebel though so things out of the norm (or different for that matter) are expected.

Tough Times
JLO's new movie, "Bordertown" will go straight to DVD in January and not have a theatrical release. The movie stars Lopez as a reporter i…

People That Had Us Talking - October 2007

People That Had Us Talking

October 2007 Edition

All month long you couldn't read, hear, or see anything without seeing these aforementioned interviews. These are the people who had us talking all throughout the month of October.

T.I. - Machine Gun Cliff
With his arrest for machine guns, many fans and artists spoke out regarding T.I.'s arrest. The whole situation surrounding his arrest only got more interesting as the story unfolded like a daytime soap opera. You can always count on T.I. to have "Big Things Poppin".

Foxy Brown - Black Star Diva
You would think Foxy is keeping quiet in jail but she is roaring like a lion. There have been rumors of fights, solitary confinement, diva fits, missed court dates, etc. Foxy should be saying "I'll Be" good after I get out of jail.

Britney Spears - Troubled Diva
Britney is truly larger than life thanks to her tabloid adventures. There is the continuing baby daddy drama with K-Fed, her return to music, and her eccentric…

October '07 - A Look Back

Remember The Time
Hello all! Happy November! Can you believe 2007 is almost over? Well let's back at some of the entertainment highlights of October 2007. From everything to T.I.'s arrest to Foxy Brown's being put into solitary confinement, relive some of October's juiciest headlines and stories.
Baskbetball legend Isaiah Thomas found guilty of sexual harrassmentBritney Spears loses custody of her two childrenGinuwine sues over fradulent contract; said contract featured faux labelLil' Wayne arrested after Idaho concert for possession of a controlled substanceProdigy (of Mobb Deep) pleads guilty to gun charges, sentenced to 3 1/2 years in jailNick Cannon and Selita Ebanks splitJim Jones signs to Columbia RecordsBobby Brown suffers mild heart attack; denies attack and pics pop up onlineFoxy Brown refuses to go to courtLupe Fiasco sues Vibe magazineJoe Budden dropped from Def JamLL Cool J has beef with Jay Z over last recordT.I. arrested for buying machine guns; girlfri…

Chris Kiss #1, Mario Pushed Back, Nicole No

News Tidbits:
Chris Brown's "Kiss Kiss" featuring T-Pain is the #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart dethroning Soulja Boy's "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" which has ranked at #1 for 7 non-consecutive weeks.

Album Updates:
I just read over at Jonesin' that Mario's "Go" album has been pushed back to Dec 11th! WTF! This is getting ridiculous. Mario's "Go" is the male version of Mya's "Liberation" of an album that doesn't look like it will see the light of day (commercially) anytime soon. So sad indeed!

Nicole Scherzinger's solo debut album, "Her Name Is Nicole" has been pushed back indefinitely to 2008. No surprise there. All of Nicole's singles released thus far have failed at radio or just haven't been that well received altogether.