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Ciara Debuts New Video, New Track

Video: Ciara feat Young Jeezy - Never Ever
New video!

Song and video are cool. I can see this song doing slightly better than "Go Girl". Hopefully better enough that it will warrant the release of the "Fantasy Ride" album.

Audio: One Chance - Let Me Take You On A Date
Newly leaked track!

The J Records act was discovered by Usher. Plans to release their debut album have stalled. Numerous songs from the group have leaked over the last two years. The group shows a lot of promise so hopefully they can pull their 'act' together!

Audio: Ciara feat Chris Brown - Turntables
Newly leaked track!

I don't care for this. I'm starting to get a little nervous about "Fantasy Ride" and how it will be received.

Music Biz:
Lil' Kim Denies Latina Actress Rumor!
A Representative for Lil Kim has dismissed recent reports that claim the rapper wanted a Latina actress to play her in the movie Notorious.Reports stated that Lil Kim was unhappy with Naturi Naughton&#…

John Legend Joins Rick Ross On New Track

In My Own Words:
Now that Danity Kane are no longer, another female group; The Cheetah Girls are no longer either. After their current tour wraps up, the group plans to disband. Starting out as 3LW and scoring a few minor hits, members Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams starred in Disney's "The Cheetah Girls". After the success of that endeavor, the group decided to continue as "The Cheetah Girls" and record under the moniker professionally.

Audio: Rick Ross feat John Legend - Magnificent
Newly leaked track!

In other Rick Ross news, I heard 50 Cent just dissed Ricky in a new track! I swear 50 is gonna run out of rappers to diss eventually. Don't you think?

Audio: J. Valentine - Climb Them Walls
Newly leaked track!

Move over J. Holiday, there's another J in town and his name is J. Valentine. J has been around for a minute though. I can't remember what label he is on though. If I'm not mistaken I think he was signed to Virgin or even Capitol at one poi…

Throwback Video: Tina Turner - Private Dancer

Hello all! Usually when I feature a 'throwback video' the video is no more than a few years old. In rare cases I go back and this time I definitely went back. In 1984 Tina Turner made an incredible comeback with her album, "Private Dancer". Peep the video to the title track!

I remember when my grandmother bought this album. I would sit and listen to it, and I found myself liking it. "Private Dancer" just happens to be one of my favorite tracks from the set as well.

Keyshia Cole Graces New Vibe Magazine Cover

As far as R&B females are concerned you can't get any hotter than Ms. Keyshia Cole. The singer has three successful albums and a hit BET reality show, "The Way It Is". The cover reminds me somewhat of Mary J. Blige. Mary J. Blige has graced Vibe magazine numerous times, and I wouldn't be surprised if Keyshia comes pretty close to a record number of covers herself. I will say this is one of Vibe's better covers. Over the last few months and years, the covers don't usually grab my attention nor does the artist on it. I used to remember when Vibe was like the black Rolling Stone(magazine). The magazine was much wider in width and longer in height. The covers were controversial as was the stories that filled the pages. Those were the days!

Audio: Mario feat. The Dream - Boomin It
Newly leaked track! Produced by Tricky Stewart!

I like this! So many songs have leaked from Mario within the last few months its ridiculous. The amount of songs could conjure up a full-…

Video: Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Five-time Grammy award nominee Jazmine Sullivan releases the third single off her critically acclaimed album, "Fearless". Check it out!
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All of Jazmine's videos thus far have been really good. I am surprised.

Mariah Carey Enlists The-Dream For New Album

In My Own Words:
So The-Dream is set to produce on Mariah Carey's upcoming album currently titled, "MC3". I actually like the title. I think Mariah should do something riskier, something that is not expected of her. I'm not sure how it will fare though but I would love to hear it.

Video: Keyshia Cole's New Makeover
Check out this video to see exactly what I mean!

Wow! When did Keyshia ever find the time. She seems far too busy to have any plastic surgery. She is constantly in front of the camera via her TV show, "The Way It Is" and she is always on tour. Guess she had a little downtime though.

Video: Ciara - Never Ever - BET Access Granted Commercial
New video set to premiere this Friday!

Audio: Jay-Z - When The Money Goes
Newly leaked track! Unreleased track from "American Gangster"! Said to be featured on upcoming "Blueprint 3" album as well!

Music Biz:
Janet Cancels Tour Again!
Due to the global economic crisis Janet Jackson has reportedl…

Beyonce Stars In New Obsessive Thriller

Beyonce finally playing someone other than a singer in a movie? Say it isn't so! Well it is. On April 24 Beyonce will star alongside Idris Elba of "Daddy's Little Girls" fame in "Obsessed". The movie which co-stars Ali Larter of "Heroes" fame plays a temp who becomes obsessed with Elba's character. The movie is being tauted as the new millennium version of "Fatal Attraction". While the plot isn't exactly original, the trailer looks pretty decent. Will you being going to see this?

Music Biz:
Slim Preps New Video!
R&B singer Slim is ready for the Superbowl and the video shoot of his new video/single "Show Stopper".According to event organizers, the "So Fly" and "Good Lovin" singer will shoot his third music video during a Superbowl Kick Off party hosted by Black of Flavor of Love 3.Featuring several NFL players, "Show Stopper," to be shot in Tampa, Florida, also includes Stone World Music G…

Tank Leaks Out New Track

Audio: Tank - Might Cry
Newly leaked track!

Music Biz:
Tiffany Evans Set To Drop New Album!
Rising R&B/pop singer and performer Tiffany Evans is hard at work on her sophomore album, Ponytail Krush, slated for release in early 2009.In an effort to create a universal album, Tiffany Evans titled her new release “Ponytail Krush”. Evans went on to add "Anybody can wear a ponytail. No matter the age, male or female - ponytails are for everybody-just like my music is for everybody.” Tiffany Evans released her debut album, “Tiffany Evans”, on Columbia Records on April 4, 2008. The album featured the hit singles “I’m Grown” featuring Bow Wow and “Promise Ring”, featuring Ciara which sold over 110,000 ringtones and 100,000 singles.Jay-Z Takes Time On Blueprint 3
Fans of rapper Jay-Z who are eagerly awaiting the release of The Blueprint 3 may be a little disappointed at what Jay-Z recently told MTV.Jay-Z is in no rush to release Blueprint 3. The former Def Jam president and Brooklyn native…

Music Feed: Kanye Wests' Most Famous Hissy Fits

When it comes to outspokenness and controversy, Kanye West and 50 Cent are neck in neck. 50 Cent's rants are usually gimmicks to sell an upcoming product. Kanye Wests' rants come off as more believable. They are often the result of feelings ranging from rejection and anger! It begs the question, "What would this music industry be without Kanye West?" His old school samples is the things legends are made of. His style is impeccable, often ridiculed, and often duplicated. His music is acclaimed, animated, and significant. He keeps us entertained even if he is always throwing hissy fits. It is something that we have come forward to expect from him. Many times Kanye's feelings are exactly what everyone thinks but never quite have the balls to say. Consider Kanye West that exception!

Award Shows - Award shows aren't interesting unless Kanye West is in attendance. For one, Kanye West is always nominated for music awards. Why? Because he makes music award show commi…

Ryan Leslie Moves Forward With New Album

Check out Ryan Leslie on his self-titled album which hits stores February 10! The album is preceded by first single, 'How It Was Supposed To Be'.

Over the years Ryan Leslie has made a name for himself by producing songs for acts such as Cheri Dennis, New Edition, Cassie, Danity Kane, and more.

Audio: R. Kelly - Joyful People
Newly leaked track!

When I first saw this title, it reminded me of another R. Kelly hit, "Happy People". It is similar to that track. I actually kinda like this one though. I'm not sure what's going on with R. Kelly's "12 Play: 4th Qt" album but I assume he's reworked it.

Audio: Keri Hilson & Ne-Yo - Ready To Fall
Newly leaked track!

Mary J. Blige Joins Sister On New Track

Audio: LaTonya Blige feat Mary J Blige - It's Coming
Newly leaked track! Blige's big sis takes center stage on debut solo track!

Tonya sounds somewhat like Mary but this also sounds like a demo for Mary. The last I read Mary and her family including her sister were all estranged. I guess everyone has kissed and made up. Tonya used to once manage Mary and was often a background vocalist on many of her hits.

Audio: J. Holiday - Your Holiday
Newly leaked track!

I don't care much for the track. The track will possibly be included on J. Holiday's "Round 2" album coming very soon.

Audio: Bobby Valentino - Stay With Me
Newly leaked track!

This track sounds decent. This will more than likely be included on Bobby's "Rebirth" album coming very soon. I say a lot of albums are coming soon cause I'm unsure of their release dates at this point. A lot of albums are due in the next few months but there are no set dates yet.

Music Biz:
Lil' Mo Gives Birth To Baby …

Usher Taps Pharrell Williams For New Album

Audio: Usher - Enchanted
Newly leaked track!

This track isn't too bad. Look for a new Usher album to surface very soon!

Audio: Cassie - I'm A Lover
Newly leaked track! Produced by The-Dream & Tricky Stewart!

Very 80s inspired! This sounds like something Vanity 6 would of recorded. I personally think Cassie should just give up singing. It is just not working at this point! A lot of the leaked songs in the past have been very mediocre.

Audio: Slim Thug feat Akon - Please Don't Do That
Newly leaked track!

Sounds cool! I wrote off Akon and T-Pain awhile back but I'm starting to think they are here to stay.......a little while longer anyway. I also read that Slim Thug and LeToya are back together. The couple have been off and on for a number of years.

Music Biz:
Usher Collabs With Pharrell On New Album!
"It's a little bit of everything," Usher said of what they've been working on. "Pharrell has his Web site where he lets you come inside his world and lets y…

Chris Brown Track Snippet Leaks Out

Audio: Chris Brown - Takes Time(Snippet)
Newly leaked track!

Audio: Bobby Valentino feat. Ludacris, Lil' Wayne, Lil' Kim, and Yung Joc - Beep Remix
Newly leaked track!

Even with the new remix I still don't care much for this song. Lil' Kim's guest verses have been pretty weak lately. Ludacris always delivers. No surprise with Lil' Wayne. Bobby's new album, "Rebirth" is set for release soon.

Audio: Keri Hilson - Control Me
Newly leaked track! Demo track for Rihanna for possible inclusion on upcoming Rihanna album! Keri even dons Ri's trademark accent.

I like Keri and I'm glad she finally has a hit on her hands with "Turnin Me On" feat Lil' Wayne. Keri's oft-delayed album, "In A Perfect World..." will be in stores soon. With the success of the new single, they need to be striking while the iron is hot.

Music Biz:
Lil' Wayne Rebirths On New Album!
Lil Wayne announced the official release date and title of his next album…

Ciara Moves Forward With New Single

After "Go Girl" failed to take radio by storm, Ciara is trying again with the "If You Don't Know My By Now" sampled, "Never Ever" featuring Young Jeezy. The song was produced by pal Polow Da Don. Polow recently went on record to describe his chemistry with Ciara to the working relationship of Aaliyah and Timbaland. Surprising right? Now I see why they keep him from doing interviews. He is always saying something crazy which makes him look stupid in the end. Ciara's oft-delayed, "Fantasy Ride" album is set for release this March. Apparently the singer did some major revamping to the album since half the album, if not all leaked late last year. I think next time though she should keep her agenda hidden so other artists won't go stealing her ideas.

In My Own Words:
Kanye West has responded to a lot of the insults made by rival 50 Cent over the past few months. West claims that a lot of the insults affect him personally. It is safe to ass…

Music Feed: Lil' Wayne's Love Laboratory

There is no rapper hotter right now than Lil' Wayne, at least on a mainstream level. While his hotness factor can be debated in the streets, he will likely rank top 5 among the majority of hip-hop heads!
Once you become famous sometimes your personal life overshadows your music. Lil' Wayne is certainly no stranger to that. In recent years we have seen his star rise, and there has been an increasing amount of stories regarding his love life. I take a look at some of Lil' Wayne's most talked about relationships in the music industry. Check it out!

Nivea - Before Nivea married The-Dream, she was down with Lil' Wayne. After her divorce she was rumored to be seeing the rapper again.

Teairra Mari - The "Make Her Girl Feel Good" singer was rumored to be dating Lil' Wayne after being dropped from Def Jam.

Trina - This is perhaps one of Wayne's most high profile relationships to date. The pair dated for a number of years. Rumors of infidelity dogged this roman…

Teairra Mari Returns With New Album

In My Own Words:
Interscope recording artist Teairra Mari returns to the scene this spring with her new album, "At This Point". The album is lead by single, "Hunt 4 U" featuring Pleasure P. Interestingly enough Pleasure P and Teairra are rumored to be dating.

Speaking of Pleasure P, he will release his debut solo album, "The Introduction of Marcus Cooper"(his real name) in stores May 19. The album is led by the singles "Did You Wrong" and the recently shot-video, "Boyfriend #2". I know my friends are crazy about Pleasure P and I admit I do like some of his solo songs. I will be checking for his solo album when it is released.

Audio: Trey Songz - If It's Hood That You Want
Newly leaked track!

Video: Keyshia Cole - You Complete Me
Second video/single off recently gold certified album, "A Different Me" in stores now!

I really liked Keyshia Cole's first album but I haven't cared much for the last two.

Swizz Beats' Ex-Wife Mashonda Speaks Out

Audio: Mashonda Speaks On Swizz Beats, Alicia Keys
Hear an excerpt of Mashonda dishing the dirty details from this scandalous affair!

If your not familiar with the story, producer Swizz Beats ex-wife singer, Mashonda speaks on Beats affair with Alicia Keys.

Video: Keri Hilson - Zune Commercial
The singer/songwriter shares what other musicians are in her Zune player!

Audio: Jagged Edge feat Fabolous - Fire
Newly leaked track!

I actually like this song!

Music Biz:
Robin Thicke Moves Forward With Third Single!
Robin Thicke has picked "Dreamworld" as a follow up to his last single "The Sweetest Love" "Dreamworld," a cut where Thicke, who released the album "Something Else" in 2008, sings "I would be you, you would be me, we would be one, we would be just fine" was released Monday as an ode to hope and love. Robin Thicke's "Something Else" debuted at no. 3 on the Billboard 200 selling 136, 944 copies.Ginuwine Returns With New Album!

Bobby Valentino Unveils Unreleased Track

Audio: Bobby Valentino - Things I'm Gonna Do
Newly leaked track! Previously unreleased!

Audio: Jim Jones - Drug Dealer
Jim Jones takes on Beyonce's "Diva" and adds his own twist!

Audio: The Game feat Wyclef Jean & Damien Marley - Enemy
Newly leaked track!

I'm assuming this is a mixtape track. The Game is notorious for numerous mixtapes anyway. This is just one of many songs you will probably be hearing from him. So much for retiring huh?

Music Biz:
D'Angelo Collabs With Prince!
D'Angelo is expected to collaborate with Prince on his long-awaited first new album since 2000,
reportedly titled "James River" and due this summer from J Records.

Producer 7 Preps Debut Single

Audio: Channel 7 - Dance, Music, Sex
Newly leaked track!

It sounds like Ashanti is on the background vocals or I could be mistaken. If your unsure of who Channel 7 is, he is also known as Seven of Murder Inc. Fame. He has worked diligently with the Murder Inc family over the years as well as Tamia and Foxy Brown.

Video: J. Holiday - It's Yours
Debut video for upcoming album, "Round 2" in stores soon!

Audio: The-Dream - I'm Not Ok
Newly leaked track!

Chris Brown Leaks Out New Song

Audio: Chris Browm - Comeback(Such A Lie)
Newly leaked track!

Wow! This sounds a bit dated but it also sounds like a demo. It also sounds like a Timbaland production; one that Ginuwine could definitely be heard over.

Video: Ryan Leslie - How It's Supposed To Be
New video! 1 of 3 videos for the song has been shot. Here's #1

Audio: Ray J - P****y So Wet
Newly leaked track!

I swear I heard this instrumental over Ray J's new show, "For The Love of Ray J" which premieres February 2 on VH1.

Music Biz:
Info on Fantasia's New Single!
"Him Vs. Them" is the first single from American Idol winner and R&B singer Fantasia's third untitled sophomore album. The song was written by Tank, co-written by herself and produced by Midi Mafia, also the producers behind her previous hit "When I See You". Fantasia describes this as a future ladies anthem, "It's basically about making choices in a relationship, choosing between your man, which is him, and…

Ne-Yo, J. Holiday Offer Up New Music

Audio: Ne-Yo - Finish Your Food
Newly leaked track! Previously unreleased!

This song sounds familiar. I can't place my finger on it right. It does sample an old Al Green song.

Audio: Ne-Yo - Before I Lose You
Newly leaked track! Previously unreleased!

Audio: J. Holiday - I Tried
Newly leaked track!

Mario, Bobby Valentino, Ne-Yo Offer Up New Music

Audio: Mario - Starlight
Newly leaked track!

Audio: Bobby Valentino feat. Ludacris - Me & You
Newly leaked track! Samples Raphael Saadiq's "Me & You.

It wasn't long ago when Bobby V got the boot from DTP/Def Jam. Fortunately he kept his working relationship with Ludacris and was able to collaborate again. Besides Luda seems like a real cool guy anyway.

Audio: Ne-Yo - Floating Away
Newly leaked track! Previously unreleased!

Album Spotlight: Aaliyah - Aaliyah

In honor of Aaliyah's 30th birthday(January 16), I bring to you a special album spotlight on Aaliyah's last full-length album, "Aaliyah". The summer of 2001 was a year that was full of awesome albums. "Aaliyah" was one of them! It took a minute before the album actually grew on me. The album was so different from anything Aaliyah did. It also didn't sound like anything that was out at the time. Singer/songwriter the late Static Major was responsible for writing the bulk of the album's material. His unique and poetic style of songwriting is what truly makes this album a gem. The album was led off by the Timbaland-assisted single, "We Need A Resolution". The video found Aaliyah cozying up rather comfortable to a huge snake. The album's second single, "Rock The Boat" was a Caribbean-flavored mid tempo groove. The song exhibited a side of Aaliyah we never heard or saw. "More Than A Woman" followed as did "I Care 4 …

Brandy Unveils Never Before Heard Track

Audio: Brandy - Bring It Back
Newly leaked track! Produced by Bryan Michael Cox!

This track is actually decent. I believe it is a leftover from Brandy's recent "Human" sessions.

Music Biz:
BET Debuts New Show!
R&B singers Monica, Mario and Marques Houston are among a slew of celebrities tied to a new BET series entitled 'Played By Fame' ! Slated to premiere Fri, Jan. 30 on BET, 'Played By Fame' will reportedly pair celebrities with unsuspecting fans. In vein of recent BET series like 'Hell Date', patience is tested and boundaries are broken as celeb-fanatics partake in what appears to be the best opportunity of their lives -- spending the day with their favorite celebrity. But reality quickly sets in as a series of pranks turns what started off as a dream day into the worst time of their lives!Jadakiss Unveils Tracklisting For New Album, The Last Kiss
1. "Pain & Torture"
2. "Something Else" featuring Young Jeezy
3. "T…

Rihanna Debuts New Track

Audio: Rihanna - Like It
Newly leaked track!

I think its safe to say that Rihanna will more than likely be releasing a new album this year. Recently a song, "Bad Girl" featuring Chris Brown leaked out and has debuted on the Bubbling Under Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Tracks chart on Billboard.

Video: Yung Berg Arrest Caught On Tape
Joyriding on his motorcycle artist, Yung Berg crashes and gets arrested by the cops. Of course that's not all! To see what else happens watch this exclusive video!

Audio: Ciara - I Don't Remember
Newly leaked track!

Music Biz:
Mariah Hooks Up With Dream On Upcoming Album!
The-Dream just dropped his new single "My Love," which features Mariah Carey, but that's not all the two have been up to lately.The-Dream stopped by L.A.'s Power 106 with Big Boy In The Morning, and talked about his new album and the fact that he hadn't gone to sleep yet because he was up all night with Mariah working on new material for her.According to The-Dream, Ma…

Album Spotlight: Foxy Brown - Broken Silence

"Broken Silence" was Foxy Brown's third album and her most critically acclaimed. It was also her critically acclaimed status that she rapped about in lead single, "Oh Yeah". The track featured longtime boyfriend Spragga Benz. It would be the first of many collaborations between the fiery couple. Prior to this albums release Foxy had been in the center of the rumor mill. There had been numerous altercations and rumors of substance abuse. "Broken Silence" was meant to silence all the doubters and let Foxy tell her side of the story. None of the singles here really hit hard, chart wise, but "Candy" featuring Kelis was an instant favorite. The song went on to reach #10 on the Rap charts and could be heard in many movies including "Friday After Next". Afterwards Foxy released a video to her single, "Tables Will Turn" which featured Baby Cham. The video was funded out of Foxy's own pocket after Def Jam bailed on the project…

Fabolous Joins Marques Houston On New Track

Audio: Marques Houston feat Fabolous - Do For U
Newly leaked track!

Marques was supposed to release his "Mr Houston" album last year but it never came out. I figure since first single, "Sunset" didn't take off he reworked his album a bit. Marques is one of my favorite male vocalists so I will look forward to his new album when it comes out.

Audio: Raheem DeVaughn feat Ludacris - Bulletproof
Newly leaked track!

Ludacris is always a featured guest rapper on most songs especially nowadays. Ludacris' guest verse on this song inspired today's poll. Who is your favorite featured guest rapper?

Audio: Usher - To The Moon
Newly leaked track!

This song is just alright. New Usher songs are leaking by the dozens. Usher is currently in the studio working on a new album with Pharrell and Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Had "Here I Stand" been a success we wouldn't be getting a new album so soon.

Music Biz:
Plies Talks New Single!
"Everybody is calling it a #1 reco…

Album Spotlight: Blu Cantrell - Bittersweet

Blu Cantrell burst onto the scene in 2001 with her debut, "So Blu". The critically acclaimed album spawned the hit single, "Hit 'Em Up Style(Oops)". A year later Blu was set to release her sophomore album, "Bittersweet". Lead single, "Breathe" didn't exactly take off in the states. Fortunately her label at the time, Arista Records revamped the single and added Sean Paul to it. Unfortunately Sean Paul couldn't save the Dr. Dre-sampled song. Fortunately though for Cantrell, she found success with the single overseas. Subsequent singles including the fiery "Make Me Wanna Scream" were received well. The album, "Bittersweet" also did well. The US wasn't as receptive to Blu's melancholy, overwrought, and sometimes trashy appeal. Despite people's perception of Blu many will agree she is an excellent singer.

With the new Blu Cantrell song leaking, I was poised to do an album spotlight on "Bittersweet"…

Blu Cantrell Debuts New Track

Audio: Blu Cantrell - Boy Crazy
Newly leaked track! From new upcoming album, "Blubonic".

You don't know how excited I was to see and hear a new track from Bllu Cantrell. I absolutely love her. The song is not that bad. I kinda like it.

Video: T.I.'s "Road To Redemption" Show Preview
Premieres February 10 at 9pm ET/PT on MTV!

Audio: Justin Timberlake - Bigger Than The World
Newly leaked track!

I have heard that JT is working on a new album but last I read the singer denied it. Who knows?

Music Biz:
Mario Lands Fashion Deal!
Vocalist Mario will star in the European ad campaign for the spring and summer collections from fashion label Pelle Pelle. Meanwhile, Mario is also hard at work on the follow-up to his 2007 album, Go. Mario’s working with an all-star roster of songwriters and producers including Polow da Don, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Babyface, Stargate and Tricky Stewart & The-Dream.
Kelis, Nas Expecting First Child!
From "Milkshake" to mommy!A sou…

Music Feed: Ne-Yo's Most Famous Beefs

No songwriter in the music industry can conjure up controversy the way Ne-Yo does. Ever since he stepped on the scene with his debut, "In My Own Words", Ne-Yo has been a target for controversy. Whether he is denying rumors of his sexuality or beefing with rappers, Ne-Yo's outspoken candor keeps him on the minds of many.

I take a look at some of Ne-Yo's most famous and well-known feuds. I am sure there are more where this list came from. I only compiled the list of artists that immediately came to mind.

Chris Brown
Lil' Wayne's "A Milli" was such a big hit in the summer of '08 that everybody in R&B/Hip-Hop jumped on a remix of the song. Apparently Ne-Yo's own version was said to be a swipe at Chris Brown. I never heard the track but Ne-Yo did deny the rumors, I think.

Trey Songz
Ne-Yo called out Trey Songz when the racy singer charged fans to take pictures with him. The two singers have since deaded their beef.

Jim Jones
The outspoken rapper c…

Dawn Richards Unveils New Solo Track

Audio: Dawn Richards - Under Arrest
Newly leaked track!

This song sounds like it could of been on Michelle Williams' "Unexpected" album. I remember on MTB(Making The Band) when Aubrey was saying Dawn was prepping her solo career. Seems to be pretty true. Then again Dawn has had many solo songs leak over the years so who knows. Who do you think will release a solo album first? Dawn Richards or Aubrey O'Day?

Audio: Bow Wow feat Johnta Austin - You Can Get It All
Newly leaked track! Contains a sample from TLC's "Baby Baby Baby"!

This song sounds like something Nelly would record! Bow Wow's new album, "New Jack City 2" will be in stores March 31. A lot of songs have been leaking out left and right. It's really nothing set in stone at this point as far as tracklisting goes. I can assume that most of these songs will more than likely appear on the new album.

Music Biz:
Day 26 Preps New Album!
Bad Boy recording stars Day 26 are selecting the month of…

LeToya Debuts New Single

Audio: LeToya - Not Anymore
Debut single from new album, "Lady Love" in stores April 7. Written and produced by Ne-Yo!

Like Christina Milian, I love Toya but not this song. It may have to grow on me though. Based on these mediocre singles, I can't say I'm looking forward to some of these new albums coming out.

Music Biz:
Ne-Yo Talks Prince!
Ne-Yo has revealed his number one ambition - to write songs for his idol, Prince.But the star, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, dreams of teaming up with the Purple Rain singer.He says, “Prince is at the top of my list. I have so much respect for him as an artist. He can do everything.”“He crashed a party I threw after the Grammys in 2008. I rarely get star struck but when he walked in I turned into a schoolgirl and didn’t know what to say.”
Aubrey O'Day Does Playboy!
"I've done the cover of Playboy," she said late in December. "You know, I think that Playboy for me was one of the most liberating things that I…

Teairra Mari Debuts New Video

Video: Teairra Mari feat Pleasure P - Hunt 4 U
Debut video for upcoming album due this year.

This is a pretty simple video. It doesn't look like much money was shelled for the video. You don't have to spend 2 million dollars to make a nice video. Sometimes less is really more.

Audio: Kat DeLuna feat Lil' Wayne - Unstoppable

I'm not feeling this song! I see it has become very convenient to throw Lil' Wayne on every song in existence. A lot of Wayne's guest verses are hit and miss. You have some good ones and you have some really bad ones.

Video: Christina Milian - Us Against The World
Debut video from new album, "Dream In Colour" in stores soon!

I like Christina Milian but I don't like this song or the video. I think she should of went with an uptempo for her first single. I applaud her for trying something different in terms of choosing a ballad as her first single. This song, though, sounds like a song that would be better executed by a......dare I say …

India.Arie Talks Politics On New Album

Hello all! Check out the exclusive album cover for India.Arie's "Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics". It is one of the first huge releases this year. The album is led by single, "Chocolate High" featuring Musiq. I'm not the biggest fan of India but I do like some songs from her debut, "Acoustic Soul" such as "Brown Skin". The album will be in stores February 3.

Audio: Lil' Jon feat Ciara & Lil' Wayne - Roll Call
Newly leaked track! This is said to be on Lil' Jon's ill-fated, "Crunk Rock" album. It may pop up on Ciara's new album, "Fantasy Ride".

Ciara has had so many leaks within the last few months, it's not eveny funny! I guess she just joins the list of singers who has material leak all the time.

Audio: Nas - Fear Of Mandingo
Newly leaked track! From the new mixtape, "Eldorado Black". This track supposedly almost made the cut on the "N****" album.

Music Biz:
Solange Speak…

Brisco Joins Joe Budden On New Track

Audio: Joe Budden feat Brisco - Step Back
Newly leaked track!

If your not familiar with Brisco, he was once apart of Lil' Wayne's Young Money and he had a beef with Jacki-O. Allegedly the rapper denied Jacki-O entrance into one of Wayne's video and smacked her in the face with a wade of money. Funny stuff!

Audio: Busta Rhymes feat Young Jeezy & Jadakiss - Conglomerate
Newly leaked track!

I'm not feeling this track! Try again Busta!

Audio: Lil' Wayne feat Pharrell - Yes
Newly leaked track!

I love the Neptunes but they haven't been hitting it for me lately. I did like their work for Solange on "I Decided". I also like Common's "Universal Mind Control". Other than that I need some old vintage stuff circa 1999 when Kelis and Clipse first came out.

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