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Video Preview: The Weeknd - Love In The Sky

Love In The Sky will appear on The Weeknd's upcoming album Kiss Land due September 10.

Music Video: Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night

Take Back The Night is the newest video and single from Justin Timberlake.

Keyshia Cole's Husband Arrested For Assault & Battery

Keyshia Cole's husband Daniel "Boobie" Gibson was arrested for battery and assault. Apparently something went down during the Essence Music Festival. Maybe Boobie roughed up some of the Beyonce fans that were getting at Keyshia for her talking bad about Bee a few months ago! Ha! If and only if!

I follow Keyshia on Twitter and I saw her mention that she is recording new music and has a new shoe line through Steve Madden. The shoe line will debut this November. Get them coins Keysh!

Video: Mariah Carey - Bloopers Reel

There's a silly side to Queen Mariah as she shares this bloopers reel of herself. Check it out!

R. Kelly feat. 2 Chainz - My Story (Audio)

R. Kelly unveils his new single My Story featuring 2 Chainz. It is the first single from his upcoming album Black Panties.

Video: Robin Thicke talks about the success of "Blurred Lines" & ...

Robin Thicke stops by Howard Stern's radio show to about the everything from the success of Blurred Lines to drugs, sex, and more. Check it out!

Robin Thicke's album Blurred Lines will be in stores tomorrow July 30.

The Weeknd Calls On Drake, Ashanti On TV

Canadian singer The Weeknd has reunited with Drake. The two are responsible for the hit single Crew Love from Drake's album Take Care. There was said to be a beef between the two artists and if it existed, its all dead and gone now. The two have been in the studio collaborating on The Weeknd's upcoming album Kiss Land. Kiss Land will be in stores by year's end. I say that because no official release date has been given. I have read that the album would be released late Summer but let's be real here...Summer's almost over, well in two more months.

I, like everyone else was a huge fan of Crew Love and if this upcoming collaboration is anything like that, we're in for a treat. Right?

I was watching Watch! What Happens Live! and I saw that Ashanti will be appearing on the show Thursday August 1. The show airs at 11 PM EST time. For an independent artist Ashanti sure can book shows! I give her that. I can't say much else right now but I'm excited to see her …

Toni Braxton -- Loses Song Rights In Bankruptcy Settlement

Toni Braxton -- Loses Song Rights In Bankruptcy Settlement |

Toni Braxton just can't catch a break. No wonder why she wants to leave the music business.

Live Performance: Ashanti performing "Never Should Have" (Live) LQ

Ashanti stopped by Katie to perform her single Never Should Have from her upcoming album Braveheart. Check it out!

As much as I love Ashanti this performance of the song was very underwhelming. I hope she redeems herself with a new single and an official album release date that sticks!

R. Kelly Readies New Single, Frank Ocean Harms Vocal Chords

So much news! Where do I start? Well...I guess I'll start with the reigning King of R&B himself(or depending on who you ask) R. Kelly! The singer is releasing a new song titled My Story featuring none other than 2 Chainz. It's been proven that you can't go wrong with 2 Chainz on a track. My Story might be the first single to R. Kelly's upcoming album Black Panties. That's of course if his new album is still titled Black Panties. I know that's been the working title for awhile or we'll just wait on an official announcement.

Chris Brown is somewhere laughing but I'm not! Frank Ocean was forced to cancel his Australian tour because he tore his vocal chords! Ouch! In other news Frank Ocean reportedly dissed nemesis Chris Brown on the track titled Versace Remix. I have yet to hear the song but Chris Brown has more enemies than a little bit and its pretty sad if you ask me.

I like Frank Ocean so hopefully he's okay because if his vocal chords are dama…

Video Preview: TLC Movie Teaser + CrazySexyCool + VH1

The movie teaser for the TLC biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story has finally been released. The movie will air in October on VH1.

In other TLC news its been revealed that Lady GaGa has co-wrote a song on the new Greatest Hits album titled Posh Life.

Album Cover: Mary J. Blige - A Mary Christmas

Low and behold Mary J. Blige is releasing a new Christmas album, her first after all. It was reported that MJB was canning her Christmas album in favor of a new studio album. Maybe that studio album will follow up shortly after this Christmas album. The album due October 15 features production from David Foster(Whitney Houston). There is not much else info readily available at press time about this impending release. Of course when I find out more I will definitely report it!

Tamar Braxton, John Legend To Tour Together

Tamar Braxton is taking her show on the road along with John Legend. They will headline John Legend's "Made To Love" tour which also happens to be the title of his newest single. The tour will begin on October 20 and run through December 1. Ironically both singers will release new albums on the same day, September 3. John Legend's new album Love In The Future features the single Who Do We Think We Are? featuring Rick Ross. Tamar's new album Love & War features the title track and The One.

So what do you think about Tamar and John Legend touring together? Do they seem like an unlikely touring pair? Maybe just a little.

Exclusive: Fantasia Talks About Future Gospel Album; Collaborations; Mic...

Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Madonna, Kanye West, Others Join Stevie Wonder's Florida Boycott

Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Madonna, Kanye West, Others Join Stevie Wonder's Florida Boycott (Report) - Yahoo! TV

I saw this story on a blog but not the full story just the artists that were mentioned. Click the link above to learn more.

▶ K. Michelle - The Sampler (Rebellious Soul) by thekmichelle

▶ K. Michelle - The Sampler (Rebellious Soul) by thekmichelle

K. Michelle gives listeners a sneak preview of her upcoming album Rebellious Soul due August 13. The day before you can catch a live performance from her Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop Reunion on VH1.

TLC To Release Greatest Hits Album, The Weeknd Plans New Album

TLC is set to release a new Greatest Hits album later this year. The album will feature new tracks including collaborations with J. Cole and possibly Drake. The "Greatest Hits" will be remixed and remastered by Dallas Austin. The ladies will hold a press conference on July 25 where a "surprise guest" will make an appearance as well. Word is that a preview of the TLC biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story will be screened.

CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story stars KeKe Palmer and Drew Sidora(The Game).

The Weeknd will release his new album Kiss Land later this Summer. The album will feature the title track and Belong To The World.

In other news...
Chris Brown may face up to four months in jail and in the meantime has donated money to Compton. Beyonce' performed in Detroit last night singing Sam Cooke's famed hit A Change Is Gonna Come. The city recently filed for bankruptcy.

Music Video: Kelly Rowland - Dirty Laundry (Dirty Version)

I was beginning to think we weren't going to see the clip for Kelly Rowland's Dirty Laundry. The teaser for the video was out...I would say close to a month ago. What held up the video release is beyond me but its here now and you can see for yourself the sexy visual.

Live Performance: TGT - "I Need" on WLNY's The Couch

TGT(Tyrese Ginuwine and Tank) perform their new single I Need. I'm not sure what was going on with Ginuwine during this performance but its evident something is not right. Check out the performance above!

Music Feed: Superstar Groups

If you can't beat em join em. That's what happened when these superstar groups were formed. Unfortunately many of these collaborations never quite came to friction.  It was however exciting thinking about the possible prospect of some of the collaborations. Some did happen and as quick as they happened it was over. Read below to find out more about these past and present superstar groups.

The Queen Project - Tamia Kelly Price Deborah Cox
Do you all remember The Queen Project? It was an album that was to be recorded between singers Tamia, Kelly Price, and Deborah Cox. Unfortunately we never got to hear the album or any songs from the project. What went wrong? I'm not sure to be honest but I do remember reading that the project is definitely not happening.

I'm wondering was Kelly Price the problem. I only say that because I read that Kelly Price is the "villian" on the new R&B Divas L.A. show on TV One.

LSG - Levert Sweat Gill
LSG was comprised of R&B sin…

Chris Brown Sets New Album Release Date, TGT To Release Debut Album

Picking and sticking with an album release date can be very hard especially if its a R&B artist. Like rappers they are notorious for pushing their albums back. By today's standards most albums see three or sometimes more single releases before an album is even released. Labels like to capitalize off a hit single if they can and why not. I think the near eternity wait for most albums to be released causes most albums to lose steam. It results in many R&B albums under performing. With all that out the way I'll get to today's blog post which involves the illustrious and notorious Chris Brown! His new album X has a new release date...AUGUST 27! Let's see how long this sticks. The album has been pushed back a few times already hence my statements above. X will feature the hit single Fine China and more recent single Don't Think They Know
featuring Aaliyah. It was revealed a few days ago that Chris Brown will release a new single Love More featuring Nicki Minaj. I…

Video: Rihanna Gets Missiles Thrown At Her In Manchester

Fans and just people in general are getting crazier and crazier. One fan or concert goer threw food at Rihanna while she was performing. Hear Rihanna's profanity laced rant to the person.

Kelly Rowland Hooks Up With Jaguar, Chris Brown Plans New Single

Kelly Rowland is keeping busy. The singer just signed on as the new face behind the motor vehicle company Jaguar. In addition to that you can see Kelly Rowland on The X Factor this September on FOX. Her new album Talk A Good Game is in stores and online now.

R&B bad boy Chris Brown has plans to release his new single Love More featuring Nicki Minaj. If you may recall he performed a snippet of the song at the BET Awards along with Nicki. Brown's new album X is due in stores this September.

She may of left R&B Divas Atlanta but Faith Evans is keeping busy by locking down a new distribution deal for her new untitled album. The singer's last album R&B Divas was released last year to little fanfare. Her last album before that was 2010's Something About Faith which was a complete letdown. I'm hoping Faith can revive my interest in her singing career.

Her abrupt exit from R&B Divas Atlanta wasn't surprising to me. I think Faith realized she was very much a…

K. Michelle - I Don't Like Me (Official Music Video)

I Don't Like Me will appear on K. Michelle's debut album Rebellious Soul due August 13.

To promote her new album release K. Michelle will appear on The Wendy Williams Show on July 24. Ironically Wendy recently admitted to being a fan of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta(in which K. stars).

Video: Mario Interview at Breakfast Club - Power 105.1

K. Michelle Reveals ‘Rebellious Soul’ Cover, Tracklisting

The Love & Hip Hop reality TV vixen has revealed her new album cover and the tracklisting. Check it out by clicking the link below! || K. Michelle Reveals ‘Rebellious Soul’ Cover, Tracklisting

Video: Ciara - "Super Turnt Up" Snippet

Wrapping up her week of promo on BET Ciara releases the promotional video for her Super Turnt Up a cut on her new album Ciara in stores now. Check it out!

Chante Moore, John Legend Reveal New Album Tracklistings

I have some new album track listings to reveal with you all first starting with R&B Divas L.A. star Chante Moore. Her new album Moore Is More is due on eOne Records on July 30 . The album features the new single Talking In My Sleep. Check out the track listing below:
1. Baby Can I Touch Your Body
2. Talking In My Sleep
3. Alone
4. Don't Make Me Laugh
5. Doctor Doctor
6. Mrs. Under, Stood
7. On And On (Featuring Da Brat)
8. Giving You My Always
9. Jesus, I Want You
10. Cry Me A River
Preview the album on iTunes by clicking on the link below!

John Legend will release his new album Love In The Future on September 3. The album will be released in Standard and Deluxe version. The album features the nw single Made To Love and the hit song Who Do We Think We Are? featuring Rick Ross. Get into the track listing below!

"Love In The Future"- Standard Version:
1. Love In The Future (Intro)
2. The Beginning…
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Ma…

Mario, Ashanti, & Justin Timberlake Plan New Albums

Looks like September is the next month where we will see a Super Tuesday. Tuesday being the day that new music releases are generally released. This is of course if the release dates stick. As far as R&B releases are concerned these release dates are subject to change. Still you can get an idea of what's to be released.

One R&B singer that has been out of the limelight for awhile is Mario. Mario will release his new album on September 17. The working title has been Restoration though I'm not sure if that's still the title at press time. His current single Somebody Else featuring Nicki Minaj is bubbling under the Hot 100 charts. The video clip to the song is a little eerie if you ask me. You'd have to check it out to see what I mean if you haven't watched it already.

I am glad Mario is back though. He is severely underrated and I feel he sings circles around his R&B counterparts.

Another bites the dust. In the never ending saga of push backs Ashanti h…

Video: Mariah Carey Leaves Hospital After Injury

Leave it to Mariah Carey to film herself as she leaves the hospital after being injured on her video set. The singer left the hospital to resume filming her video for the 17th remix video of #Beatiful featuring Miguel & Young Jeezy.

Music Feed: R&B Divas L.A. Recap

Two nights ago saw the premiere of TV One's R&B Divas L.A. The show centers around singers Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz, Michel'e, Dawn(of En Vogue), and Lil' Mo. I am already reading that fans are leaning more towards this franchise being that the songs and ladies are more recognizable. Whereas some of the ladies on the Atlanta franchise were scratching the surface of obscurity. No wonder Faith Evans got up out of there. I think she was simply above the show.

Anyway back to the premiere episode of R&B Divas L.A...

I missed some pieces of the show but this recap will give you a general idea of what happened. The show opens with Kelly Price and Chante Moore getting together and having drinks. This is when Kelly Price announces that she is putting together an open mic show. Along with Kelly, Chante Moore opts to get the other girls available to which they oblige. We segway into the other singers featured and their stories being shared a la  VH1's Beh…

Video : Ciara - "Keep On Lookin" Snippet

Ciara offers us a snippet video for her song Keep On Lookin' from her album Ciara which is in stores now. The album is on track to sell between 55-65K units next week.

Ciara's album leaked prematurely a few weeks ago. A smart move would of been to move the album release date up. Therefore her first week sales probably would of been a little higher.

Ciara the album is a very good album and is worth checking out if you haven't already.

Live Performance: Ciara - I'm Out (Good Morning America)

Yesterday Ciara graced the stage of Good Morning America to perform her new hit single I'm Out. Check it out!

Idol Winner Candice Glover Pushes Debut Album Back, Elle Varner Talks New Album

It's a slow news day on this side of the Atlantic...anyway. I have made a minor change on the blog by exclusively just featuring R&B music news, videos, and gossip. I still have love for Hip Hop but my heart has always been into R&B. So on with the news...

American Idol winner Candice Glover will release her new album Music Speaks on October 8. The album was originally scheduled to be released next month. The album is being produced by Harvey Mason Jr.(Justin Timberlake) among other producers.

Candice Glover was the obvious winner to me when I did get a chance to catch Idol. Something about her reminds me of Jazmine Sullivan.

Speaking of new albums...Refill singer Elle Varner is gushing about her new album release. The title is currently being held underwraps. She is said to release a new single in the coming weeks. For this album Elle worked with Pop & Oak(Nicki Minaj), Eric Hudson(Trey Songz), Da Internz, and Hit-Boy.

Video: Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience Continues...

In this short clip Justin Timberlake reveals a new single and a snippet of that very single at the end of the clip. Check it out!

Justin Timberlake's current album The 20/20 Experience has sold over 2 million copies to date.

Live Performance: Ciara - Body Party (LIVE with Kelly & Michael 7-10-13)

Ciara visits Kelly & Michael to perform her hit single Body Party from her new album Ciara.

Video: Ciara - "Livin It Up" Snippet

As part of her promotional campaign Ciara has shot snippet videos of the tracks on her new album Ciara. Living It Up features Nicki Minaj but she is not featured in the video. After all this is a snippet video for promotional gain and not the official video for the song as many have assumed.

Ciara the album is in stores now!

Video: Brandy Talks About New Jessie J Duet!

Brandy talks about her upcoming duet with singer Jessie J known for her hit song Price Tag. Jessie J will release her new album Wild which features appearances from Big Sean and others.

Video: Brandy Speaks On Her Role On "The Game"

Brandy recently performed at the famed Essence Music Festival! Here the singer talks about her role on BET's The Game and more. Check it out!

Mariah Carey Rushed To Hospital, SWV Get Reality Show

Mariah Carey was rushed to the hospital while filming a video for the remix of #Beautiful. As if Mariah hasn't filmed enough videos and sang enough remixes for #Beautiful. Apparently the singer dislocated her shoulder while taking a nasty fall. The singer was rushed to the hospital where she had emergency surgery. She is now said to be in good spirits and will resume working.

Mariah will release a new album later this year.

SWV came back big two years ago and now the singers are back starring in their own WeTV series. The reality TV show will air soon. Be on the lookout for that!

The singers made the announcement during the yearly Essence Music Festival held in New Orleans.

In other news(in case you missed it)...
50 Cent charged with domestic violence after kicking his girlfriend and trashing her house.
Ciara's new album Ciara will be in stores tomorrow!
Lauryn Hill started her prison sentence after being found guilty of tax evasion.
Mathew Knowles, Beyonce and Solange's fat…

Mario - Somebody Else ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Video)

Mario finally unveils the video for his new single Somebody Else featuring Nicki Minaj.

This version of the video is not the best quality as you will notice. The video has a weird feel to it when I watched it. The song, wasn't my favorite at first has now grown on me. Mario's upcoming album should be released sometime later this year.

Chris Brown Reveals New Album Details, Mariah Carey Offers Surprise To Fans

I'm back everybody and I'm sure you missed the updates. Well never fear I have some for you. Read below to find out what Maxwell has in store and what single Keyshia Cole is considering releasing. It's all here and more!

Chris Brown's new album X will be in stores soon. The singer recently revealed the album's guests including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, and Aaliyah.

X was reportedly due to be released on July 16 but I read that the release date has been pushed back.

While I'm on the subject of new albums...Mariah Carey has a surprise in store for fans on July 23. While we eagerly await that said surprise Mariah is reportedly filming a new video for her new single this week. Rumor has it that Mariah's new duet partner will be Beyonce (for her new single). There is also word that Mariah will possibly be revealing her album details on July 23. So in the meantime we will just have to wait and see what happens.

I will say that I'm somewhat excited ab…

Video: 2013 BET Awards | Rikki Martinez Interviews Ashanti

Ashanti wasted no time touching basis with every radio station that were on hand for the BET Awards this past Sunday. Here, Ashanti talks about Ja Rule and a possible duet as well as what she's been up to lately. Check it out!

Video: K. Michelle & Rasheeda Squash Beef

According to K. Michelle the year long feud between herself and Rasheeda is finally over. K. Michelle has been mending her fences with everyone she's been into it with since her people at Atlantic told her to clean up her act.

Good! Maybe I can start like K. Michelle again. I was not a fan of her over the top behavior.

Video Preview: Ciara - Sophmore

E! gives viewers a sneak peek of the new Ciara video for the song Sophomore from her upcoming album Ciara due July 9. Check out the steamy click!

Music Video: Mariah Carey - #Beautiful (#Hermosa) ft. Miguel

Mariah Carey unleashes the Spanglish version of her single #Beautiful(#Hermosa) with Miguel. It was last month when pictures were captured of Mariah and Miguel in Italy filming the video.

Video: Ashanti Speaks On New Album Release

Though we will have to wait until August 20 for Braveheart, Ashanti talks about the albums guests, its direction, and more. Check it out!

Janelle Monáe - Dance Apocalyptic [Official Video]

Dance Apocalyptic is the new single and video from Janelle Monae. It is the second single and video from her upcoming album The Electric Lady due September 10.

Ashanti Pushes 'Braveheart' Back, Mariah Accused Of Lip Syncing

In some not so surprising news, Ashanti has pushed back the release of her oft-delayed album Braveheart. The album was scheduled to be released on July 30. The album has suffered a series of setback for over a year. Ashanti has treated this album like a major label release even though its an indie album release. It seems that she is not releasing the album until one of her singles pops off. Current single Never Should Have is climbing up the charts and new remixes of the song were sent to radio today.

I didn't wanna believe that this album was going to get pushed back. Ashanti had been doing her media rounds and stating that the album was being released "July 30" so I just knew it was coming. But being that there was no official tracklisting release, then again there was. As quickly as the tracklisting was released, it was pulled from some blog sites. Others kept the tracklisting though it was revealed that the tracklisting wasn't accurate and could change. Aside fr…

Jeremih Hires Diddy, Tamar Braxton Reveals New Album Release Date

Jeremih has hired Diddy as his manager. The singer who is signed to Def Jam is working on his new album Thumpy Johnson due early next year. The album will feature appearances from Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, and of course Diddy.

While I'm on the subject of new albums...Tamar Braxton will finally release her new album Love & War on September 3. The album features the title track and The One. The album will also include the songs Finally(about her husband) and Hot Sugar.

Music Video: Fantasia - Without Me ft. Kelly Rowland, Missy Elliott

Fantasia finally delivers the visual for her new single Without Me featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott.

The single appears on Fantasia's album The Side Effects Of Me which is available now.

Music Video: Snoop Lion - Torn Apart ft. Rita Ora

B.o.B - HeadBand ft. 2 Chainz [Official Video]

Music Feed: The 2013 BET Awards Recap

This is the only blog that I know of that you will find a full recap of the 2013 BET Awards. The show ended nearly half an hour ago and if you missed the show, you missed quite the show. I will go as far as to say that this years awards trumped the previous years. Here's a little run down performance wise of who performed at the BET Awards. After that you can also see a full list of presenters, winners, and performers. Check it out!

The 2013 BET Awards show opened with a less than stellar performance from Chris Brown. He performed his hit single Fine China before going into his new single They Don't Know featuring Aaliyah. While his dancing was good Chris just didn't seem as into the performace as his past ones.

R. Kelly surprised everyone when he performed a medley of his hits including Bump N Grind, Contagious, When A Woman's Fed Up and more. His spike embedded outfit possibly stole the show. Robin Thicke was a highlight of the night performing the #1 hit Blurred Li…