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Foxy Brown upsets patrons and 50 Cent lands talk show on BET

Foxy Brown reportedly showed up to a Philly nightclub and didn't perform and upset patrons. Based on what I've read, the nightclub kept playing Lil' Kim songs prior to her getting on stage. After that it was reported that Foxy stayed in the corner before being booed by patrons who chanted "Remy Ma" as she exited the building. I didn't see a flyer or anything prior to Foxy's "gig" cause usually if she's performing a flyer would of made some of her Instagram fan sites but I don't recall seeing one. Expect Foxy to speak out soon on this matter via her Instagram page that I'm blocked on. 50 Cent is getting his own late night talk show on BET. The show is titled, "50 Central" and I'm not sure what the show will consist of but if anything we can expect plenty of jabs thrown at Diddy and Rick Ross. Speaking of BET, they just unveiled some new and returning shows on the network including VH1's very own, "Hit The Floor…

Ashanti speaks on new album and Trina reveals new album title

I caught an excerpt from an interview Ashanti did regarding her new music. Ashanti has a new single that's on the way called, "Lose Yourself" and she says its unlike anything we've ever heard from her. I'm going to take her word for it. I just hope we get to hear it soon. Something tells me she may release new music around the time of the new 2 Pac movie. I hear that she has some sort of involvement with the soundtrack. As far as her upcoming album, Ashanti said she's worked with DJ Mustard(worked with Rihanna) and Ty Dolla $ign(song: "Drop That Kitty"). She also mentioned she worked with some producers known for their work with Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake so it sounds good. I can't wait to hear the new music. While we're talking about new music, Trina has FINALLY revealed the name of her sixth album which STILL has no release date. The album is called "The One". She recently revealed this during an interview citing she'…

Aretha Franklin calls out Dionne Warwick over statement from 5 years ago

The Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin is speaking out on claims that she's Whitney Houston's godmother. Apparently Dionne Warwick referred to Aretha as Whitney's godmother during Whitney's funeral which Aretha was absent at. It has been a long standing belief that Aretha was Whitney's godmother. Aretha was definitely feeling some type of way and faxed a letter to the Associated Press which led to the headlines. No one is more shadier and pettier than Ms. Franklin. Bow down. A possible runner up to the sheer pettiness of Ms. Franklin is K. Michelle. She was fuming mad last week when her name was mentioned on daytime talk show, "The Real". Radio show host Angela Yee from "The Breakfast Club" famously got told off by K. Michelle during an interview and Angela discussed while on "The Real". Host Loni Love chimed in mistakenly referring to K. Michelle as Keyshia Cole which was shade in itself. K. Michelle took to Twitter to dis Loni Love …

Chris Brown's lawyer speaks out on restraining order against him

Beyoncé has reached a 100 million followers on Instagram and is the 4th person to do so. Beyoncé recently made an appearance out with her cousin during a birthday party. In other music news, sides are being chose once again when it comes to the feud between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. Reality TV stars Premadonna and Tommie("Love & Hip Hop Atlanta") have dogged Remy's former friend, Rah Ali for jumping ship to Nicki Minaj. Rah and Nicki claim to have been friends prior to the falling out between Remy and Nicki. Rah makes an appearance in Nicki's video for "No Frauds" which debuted earlier today. So whose side are you on? Nicki or Remy? While you all decide on that, Chris Brown's ex; Karrueche is being blasted by Brown's lawyer. He claims that Karrueche is simply using Brown's name in the press to garner attention and has yet to serve Brown with the restraining order. Karrueche's own people shot back denying the claims.

Woman claims Drake may of fathered unborn child

So this groupie girl is alleging that Drake has got her pregnant and now he is ignoring her. The girl in question has receipts of text conversations with Drake and papers claiming her pregnancy. This could be true and this could also be a bunch of bullshit. Who knows and who cares? In other Drake news, his album, "More Life" has been #1 for 3 weeks. No surprise there! Drake has recently called out a popular spot known as the Madison Club for their mistreatment and racism. The company responded by reaching out to Drake and planning to fix the situation. One situation that will need to be fixed and definitely addressed is allegations of Chris Brown assaulting a photographer. The photographer in question has receipts which includes a bloody lip. We all know Chris Brown is known to fly into a rage from time to time so this is pretty believable. I wonder has Chris posted a video or meme about this? A few days ago someone "hacked" Mary J. Blige's Twitter which inclu…

Remy Ma's former friend speaks out on Nicki Minaj beef

If you've heard Nicki Minaj's "No Frauds" song, Nicki recites a line about "Rah took you to her doc, but you don't look like Rah". Rah Ali is a former friend of Remy Ma and they appeared on the "Love & Hip Hop New York". The two had a minor falling out on the show and apparently the fallout has went beyond the reality TV realm. Nicki Minaj recently posted a picture with Rah Ali and Rah was quick to defend the picture citing that she wasn't pictured with Nicki to get back at Remy. Rah says her and Nicki have been friends for years. And with that being said, do you think Rah told Nicki that she took Remy to her plastic surgeon? Former Destiny's Child singer, LeToya Luckett just released a new single and video for the song, "Used 2" and is now being called out by singer, Lyrica Anderson who says LeToya and her producer ripped the song off. I've heard both songs and honestly they don't sound anything alike. Lyrica…

Janet Jackson's friend speaks out and 50 Cent involved in a lawsuit

So Janet Jackson's friend has come out defending the singer after social media had a field day insinuating that Janet divorced her husband for a huge payout. According to reports, Janet would receive a huge payout if she stayed married for 5 years to the tune of $500 million dollars. Janet's friend attests that Janet is not looking for a huge payout and that she was in fact married for only 4 years, not 5 as its been widely reported. Meanwhile Janet has posted a picture of her newborn baby days ago and the Internet went wild. The baby is very cute and takes after his father. In other music news, there was footage of 50 Cent punching a woman at a concert and then later on bringing the women on stage to twerk. Now the woman is pursuing a lawsuit and I saw this coming. After 50 Cent realized what he did by punching the woman, he brought her onstage to twerk to try to make light of the situation. What he should of did was pay her then and there but then again he has no money acco…

Mariah Carey breaks up with boy toy and reality TV star blasted for fake relationship

So the Billboard Music Awards were revealed today and Rihanna and Drake lead with the most nominations. No surprise there. Drake scored 22 nominations and Rihanna has 14 nominations. The Billboard Music Awards air in May. Will you be watching? In other news, Mariah Carey has broken up with her boy toy back up dancer. Did we see that lasting long? I didn't! It turns out that the boy toy was jealous of Mariah according to reports. He probably didn't like the fact that Mariah is still cool with her ex-husband Nick Cannon. I personally think Mariah needs an older mature gentleman but obviously not James Packer but hey what do I know? Mariah is also forging ahead with new music. She recently inked an imprint with Epic Records called Butterfly MC Records. She is slated to drop a new album sometime this year. I think she should hold off on the live performances in the meantime. But she will tour in Caesar's Palace again this Summer and she is still set to tour with Lionel Richie…

Janet Jackon gets divorce and French Montana upsets fans

Shocking news! Janet Jackson has reportedly split from her billionaire husband just three months after giving birth to her first second child. Janet was married for 5 years and its being said that she will get a huge payout from her soon to be ex-husband. I was at the mall yesterday and my friend texted me the news. I'm shocked but then again I'm not. I had a feeling this would happen for some reason. A few days ago French Montana caught hell when he called a troll "nappy" headed. Social media had a field day and dragged French Montana for filth. Next thing you know French Montana was defending his character and his race and apologizing. I guess his clap back was a little too much. But sometimes that happens. In reality TV new, its being reported that Phaedra Parks has been fired from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". All inklings of RHOA has been removed from Parks' social media pages which added fuel to the fire. Reps for Parks say that the rumors we…

Spice Girls member Mel B gets divorce and Iggy Azalea talks weight loss

Sorry for the lack of updates as I didn't realize it had been a week since my last update. So getting right into things, former Spice Girls member, Mel B has divorced her husband of 10 years and has spoken out against the abuse she suffered. Her soon to be ex-husband has denied the claims. What's crazy to me in this whole story is that I didn't know that Mel B. had been married for 10 years. I swear it was just yesterday when she was dating Eddie Murphy and had a child with him. Man time sure flies! I was reading on my Twitter feed that Iggy Azeala said she's lost 15lbs while twerking for her new video, "Mo Bounce". Wow that's surprising! But what's more surprising is how quickly the song and video came and went. I will say she looks really good in the video but she's going to need another single that's going to be a catchier. She has a lot betting on her this time since she's supposed to release her second album, "Digital Distortion…

Mary J. Blige speaks out on rumored story regarding removal of vocals from song

Some music news for you all today! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Beyoncé is being eyed for the new "The Lion King" movie. Mary J. Blige says she did not ask for her vocals to be removed from Faith Evans' debut album contrary to rumors. Faith Evans was on "The Breakfast Club" awhile back and said she received a call that Mary wanted her vocals removed from the song and Faith never knew why. Mary went on to say that she liked the duet and always wondered why her vocals her removed. Tamar Braxton recently revealed on "Braxton Family Values" that she suffered a miscarriage amidst her firing from "The Real" and all the other drama with her sisters. Drake's "More Life" album is slated to be the #1 album for a second week in a row.