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Throwback Video: Mary J. Blige Featuring Lil' Kim - I Can Love You

Mary J. Blige teamed with good friend Lil' Kim for the second single off her album; "Share My World". The song samples Lil' Kim's own "Queen Bitch" which is a favorite of mine. This is an example of using a sample to fine effect.

Mary J. and Lil' Kim would collaborate again three later on Lil' Kim's 2000 album; "Notorious KIM" on the track; "Hold On".

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T-Boz Files For Bankruptcy

I found an article detailing the bankruptcy of TLC singer; T-Boz. Read more below for more info:

T-Boz, of 90's R&B girl group, TLC, has reportedly filed for bankruptcy for the second time since doing so in 1995.

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins filed for bankruptcy in October, according to TMZ. According to the court papers, she's hoping to unload about $768,643 in debt to creditors -- primarily mortgage payments for her $1.2 million dollar home.

Apparently, the rapper and singer has an income of $11,700 a month and describes her monthly expenses as only totaling $8,821. With several successes during her career with TLC -- which includes four multi-platinum selling albums - she only gets $1,200 a month in royalties.

T-Boz claims on the court papers that she is currently owed $250,000 in child support payments.

In 1995, T-Boz and her TLC band mates made headlines when they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at the height of the success of their Grammy-winning album, &qu…

Whitney Houston In New Film, Mary J. Talks Name Change

Whitney Houston is busy filming the remake of the classic 70s movie; "Sparkle" starring herself and Jordin Sparks in the title role. After Whitney wraps that up; word is the singing superstar will star in a movie for the ABC network. The details of the movie are still under wraps but plan on seeing a lot of Whitney in movies in the upcoming years. Recently the singer admitted that she was about close to signing on for the sequel to the 1997 movie; "Waiting To Exhale".

Mary J. Blige recently conducted an interview where she revealed that her record label handlers wanted her to change her last name; Blige to Brown. Mary was against this and stuck to her original last name. This was part of some of the press Mary conducted while promoting new album; "My Life II: The Journey Continues(Act 1)" in stores and online now. The album was said to have sold an estimated 165K units in its first week.

I believe that is Mary's lowest first week sales in quite some tim…

Bow Wow Owes The IRS

I heard this story on the Chicago radio station earlier today. Read more below:

Bow Wow is all grown up now, but just because he's a lil older ... doesn't mean he's learned how to pay off Uncle Sam -- he owes almost six figures in back taxes, this according to court documents.

A tax lien filed in Florida by the federal government says the rapper, real name Shad Gregory Moss, owes the government $91,105.61 for unpaid taxes from the year 2006.

A pair of magical sneakers won't solve this problem.

Calls to Bow Wow's rep were not returned.

Lil' Kim To Release EP, Nicki Minaj Involved In Twitter Beef

Lil' Kim is set to release a five song featuring songs to hold fans over until she releases a full length album. It's been announced that Lil' Kim has been signed to Universal Records; the same record company as nemesis Nicki Minaj. Lil' Kim recently appeared on the radio and released a few songs which will likely be included on the upcoming EP which is currently untitled.

Speaking of Nicki; apparently there was a twitter beef between her and legendary superstar Cher; of all people. Apparently a fan tweeted Cher insisting that Nicki's hit song; "Did It On 'Em" dissed Cher. Cher replied which lead to Nicki's main man; Safaree replying and causing a brief rift between Cher and Nicki Minaj. The tweets were documented and some later erased off twitter.

What an odd feud if there were ever one. Being the person Cher is; she's always been one tough cookie from what I've seen and heard. So I'm not surprised she stood up to someone like Safaree w…

Throwback Video: Dave Hollister - One Woman Man

I wonder what happened to Dave Hollister. He had a some nice little songs back in the day. I can say back in the day because his solo output was mainly strong in the early 00s. "One Woman Man" is one of his many hit singles.

I get a feeling of nostalgia when I hear this song though because I would hear this songs many times the year it came out. I was traveling around a lot at the time and this song's presence on the radio was simply inescapable.

Robin Thicke - Love After War - Video

"Love After War" is the title track and first single from the album of the same name from Mr. Robin Thicke. In the video is Robin's own wife; actress Paula Patton. "Love After War" the album will be in stores and online next month.

Throwback Video: Carl Thomas - Emotional

"Emotional" was the title track of Carl Thomas' 2000 solo debut album. "Emotional" was the second single off the album which followed the hugely successful first single; "I Wish". Stacey Dash stars in the video.

Carl Thomas will release his new album; "Conquer" next month.

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T.I. To Release New Album

I was just blogging about T.I. in the post below but here is a little more up-to-date info regarding T.I.'s new album, single, and new VH1 show. Check it out!

After all of the legal issues that T.I. encountered during the last few years, it would be easy to assume that he is trying to forget about his problems. Instead, the rapper has embraced these occurrences and channelled them into his artistry for his new album, entitled ‘Trouble Man’.

Projected for release by February 2012, the title of ‘Trouble Man’ was inspired by the Marvin Gaye song of the same name. The main single from the album will be the party-themed tune ‘Pyro’, which is expected to debut within the coming weeks, follows his buzz releases ‘I’m Flexin’ (Ft. Big K.R.I.T.)’ and ‘Hear Ye’ Hear Ye (Ft. Pharrell Williams)’.

However, new music isn’t the only thing that T.I. has planned for his fans. His ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’ will premiere on Vh1 on December 5th at 9pm ET

SWV, T.I. To Release New Singles

SWV also known as Sisters With Voices are returning to the music scene with a new single titled; "Cosign". No word on who produced the single and when we can expect the new album. It's been no secret that the trio has been in the studio for quite some time working on new material. The trio joins other famed groups such as En Vogue who recently put out a new single with an album to follow.

T.I. just recently leaked out a new single; "Pyro" from his forthcoming album; "Trouble Man". No word on when to expect the new album. Expect the new album to coincide with the release of T.I.'s new VH1 show set to air on December 5.

I never really been a big fan of T.I. Nothing personal. Just never really cared for him but I will likely watch his VH1 show since I'm a self-proclaimed reality TV junkie. Oops sorry! T.I. doesn't want his show categorized as a "reality show". Go figure!

American Music Awards Recap

...well sort of. I watched the first hour or so of the 2011 AMA's before I got sucked into "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta". Hey! I can't help it. I'm sucker for the show and reality TV period. If you missed the show; I'm providing you all with a little recap. Mind you I didn't watch the entire show but bits and pieces. So here you go:

Nicki Minaj opened the show doing a medley of her hit songs including one with David Guetta which I don't know the title of. She also did "Super Bass" but by the time she performed that she was exhausted and out of breath. You can tell that Nicki Minaj still needs to work on her stage presence. The entire time I couldn't help but think of how much Nicki Minaj's performance reminded me of Rihanna. It was more so her vocals though that reminded me of her Rihanna than the performance.

Jennifer Lopez performed a medley of her hits as well including; "Papi" which included quite the dance number. She…

Busta Rhymes Signs With Cash Money

I saw someone tweet about this a few days ago and I didn't pay it any mind. Guess its true though. Read more about the latest signing of Busta Rhymes to Cash Money Records:

Busta Rhymes is making power moves. A day after dropping his new single “Why Stop Now” with Chris Brown, the fast-paced spitter has officially confirmed his signing to Cash Money Records. He joined Birdman in a video to announce that he is the newest member of the YMCMB family.

“This whole experience that’s getting ready to happen is probably going to be one of the most defining moments in hip-hop and probably in entertainment overall,” said Busta. “This alliance with the Conglomerate and YMCMB and me and Bird and Wayne, the whole family, is something that’s been a long time coming because we just always had a respect level and a genuine friendship for a very long time.”

His relationship with Birdman began 10-12 years ago when they bought pricey whips to compete in car shows. “It’s something that’s been…

Amerie Gives Info On New Album

I'm not even sure how Amerie is spelling her names these days but I'll stick with the original way for now. I was just thinking how Wendy Williams was scouting Amerie to replace Fergie in The Black Eyed Peas when it was rumored she was leaving the group. Well frontman quickly dissolved that rumor stating that Fergie is not leaving the group.

Anyway if you miss Amerie and her music; never fear she's on her way with a new album. The new album has actually been in the works for awhile. Someone close to Amerie has revealed the deets on the new album. Read more below:

Hey guys!
It's been a while since the last time I was here & it wasnt exactly a warm reception
I just wanted to share some info for the fans that are patiently waiting for A's new album well...

*it's out March/April 2012
*first single is out late dec/early jan

there are lot of different people on this album, most of it is written by herself and Len, but she has been recording with french DJ Fe…

Trina Speaks On New Album, Female Rap

Trina speaks exclusively to the radio morning show; The Breakfast Club. In the video interview; Trina talks about her upcoming sixth album, sex, Nicki Minaj & Lil' Kim; and more. Nothing that you haven't heard before.

What baffles me is when interviews are given with artists; the interviewers always ask the interviewees the same questions. I know some celebrities have only certain questions that you can ask them and they will answer but I notice that a lot though.

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Drake's New Album Debuts, Jennifer Hudson On Ebony Magazine

Drake is looking to debut at #1 with his new album; "Take Care" with an estimated 675-725K units in its first week. That's pretty good considering the album had been pushed back and leaked out a week prior to its street date. The album is very solid and I've been playing it nonstop. I actually gave it a break today just to listen to this Machine Gun Kelly album. Anyway congrats to Drake! Nice album!

Jennifer Hudson has been making headlines all year for her sudden weight loss. Now the singer and Oscar award winning actress appears on the newest issue of Ebony magazine. Click here to see the picture.

Up next for Jennifer is a new album in the works.

Ruben Studdard, Wife Divorce

I haven't heard much from Ruben Studdard lately then again who has. Unless you count the duet he did with KeKe Wyatt; the horrible remake of the 80s classic; "Saturday Love". Anyway he and his beloved wife are heading to Splitsville. Read more below:

Bad news for "Sorry 2004" singer Ruben Studdard...remember him..."American idol" winner? Anywho, he and his wife Surata McCants, who married in 2008, have filed for divorce.

TMZ reports 33-year-old Ruben filed the papers in Alabama citing, Irreconcilable Differences. The couple has no kids. But Ruben was also embroiled in tax problems to the tune of $200,000 right after their wedding.

Wale Featuring Miguel - Lotus Flower Bomb - Video

A lot of people have been praising this song and the accompanying album; "Ambition" which was recently released. Me personally never quite took to the song or the album. I prefer Wale's debut; "Attention Deficit" much more but that's just me.

Wale had a high first week sale with his new album though since he's developed a bit of a cult following based on his numerous mixtapes and debut album.

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Whitney Houston Talks Movie Sequel, Ciara's New Album

Whitney Houston is getting a lot of press for her starring role in the upcoming remake of "Sparkle" which also stars American Idol winner Jordin Sparks in the title role. Whitney was asked by "Access Hollywood" if she would reprise her role as Savannah in the sequel to "Waiting To Exhale". At first Whitney seemed hesitant to accept the offer; but she basically admitted she will join the three other ladies; Lela Rochon; Angela Bassett; and Loretta Devine in the sequel. That will be nice.

Its no secret that Ciara has diligently working on a new album under the newly formed Epic label spearheaded by L.A. Reid. Ciara is hooking up with producer Bangladesh who has crafted hits for Rihanna and Kelis. He joins the already impressive list of contributors to the upcoming Ciara album which includes Diane Warren, Sean Garrett, and Polow Da Don. Ciara know she has to bring it or else its a wrap!

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Common - Sweet - Video

Common roars on his street single; "Sweet" and in a way we have never seen or heard before. Especially those who are more familiar with his later work as opposed to his earlier 90s material where he did use profanity. This definitely may catch some off guard as it did me while others will wholeheartedly embrace it. Common's new album; "The Dreamer/The Believer" will be in stores and online next month.

Trey Songz, Reality TV Star Sue Each Other

A reality TV star filed suit against a rapper in New York Monday over a catchphrase -- seeking to protect his right to yell “YUUUP!”
Dave “The Mogul” Hester of “Storage Wars” says he got a “cease and desist” letter from rapper Trey Songz’ lawyer demanding that Hester stop uttering the word during the show’s auctions of seized goods.
Songz -- real name Tremaine Neverson -- also told Hester to stop slapping “YUUUP!” on T-shirts and other merchandise.
According to Hester’s Manhattan federal court filing, Songz claims to have used "YUUUP!" as his “signature sound” since at least 2009.
Hester, however, argues that Songz’ version “resembles an animal-like or non-human squeal which begins with a distinct ‘yeeee’ sound before finishing with a squeal-like ‘uuuup’ sound.”
That’s “distinct and different from Hester’s more monosyllabic sounding guttural auction bidding phrase ... which is meant to convey the meaning of ‘yes,’” court papers say.
Hester’s suit seeks unspecified dama…

Throwback Video: Cassie - Me & U

I remember the huge buzz that Cassie had prior to releasing her self-titled debut album. It was totally unbelievable and at the time MySpace was the social network that everyone flocked to. My have things changed for both MySpace and Cassie. What little buzz Cassie did have quickly dissolved after a slew of live performances revealed what little grooming Cassie had. It was clear there were still things she needed to work on. Her obvious lip syncs on MTV's "TRL" only made matters worse. Still "Me & U" proved to be Cassie's one and only huge hit. Nowadays Cassie still models and drops songs every now and then. A new album has been in the works for ages and I believe she is still Diddy's boo thang!

When R&B/Hip Hop Divas Attack

Don't mess with these R&B/Hip Hop divas as they have all been known to attack. This is only half the list.

Foxy Brown
She has had quite a few famous run ins with law which she has become notorious for. Over the years Foxy Brown has allegedly mooned her neighbor, attacked the same neighbor with a BlackBerry a la Naomi Campbell style, and fought with a nail technician. Of course Foxy would proclaim her innocence but its things like this that has gave Foxy Brown a nasty rep.

Foxy has been pretty quiet as of late which is a good and bad thing. It's nice to know she is not beating people up but then again she's been really quiet on the music front. Where's your music ma?

She may be best known for her alleged fight with Foxy Brown in a Miami studio. Though details of the bout are sketchy depending on who you ask; some type of altercation definitely occurred.

I don't understand why someone would go before the camera and claim to have "put feet on her" if…

Patti LaBelle Sued For Throwing Water On Toddler

R&B diva Patti LaBelle hurled curses - and half a bottle of water - at a woman and her 18-month-old daughter after a dust-up over parenting in an apartment building lobby, according to a lawsuit filed Monday and the family's lawyer. The couple live in a Manhattan building where the Grammy Award-winning singer stayed for a time while appearing in the Broadway musical "Fela!" last fall, said the Monks' lawyer, Samuel L. Davis.He said LaBelle chastised Roseanna Monk for letting the toddler take some steps away from the mother as she grappled with some luggage and a car seat in the building's lobby on the afternoon of Nov. 11, 2010. After Monk scooped up the child and told LaBelle it was none of her business, the singer threw water on them from a bottle she was carrying and then launched into an obscenity-filled tirade, he said.When the child started wailing, Roseanna Monk made a remark to LaBelle, and the singer charged at her and tried to hit he…

Frank Ocean Plans To Release New Album

Frank Ocean; the man behind the hit single; "Novacane" speaks on his upcoming album and he warns everyone that the upcoming album is not his "debut". As the song "Novacane" comes from a free issued album released awhile back. You can read more about that and more below:

Despite all the buzz he’s been receiving, Frank Ocean has kept a low profile. But the reclusive Odd Future member surfaced to share some insight on his next project and why he turned down another opportunity to work with Kanye West.

“The record’s written. We’re just trying to tie up all the production, get everything sonically pleasing to me, the director of this film,” the singer-songwriter told BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe during his recent trip to London.

Ocean, who worked with Jay-Z and West on Watch the Throne, spoke with Kanye about collaborating on his highly-anticipated project. “I’m a big fan. He’s a big influence on my music. I told him, ‘As much as I want to work with you, I k…

Love & Hip Hop Recap

Monday night VH1 premiered the new season of the hit reality show; "Love & Hip Hop". I almost forgot the show was coming on when "Basketball Wives LA" went off. At first I was a little annoyed thinking "I don't care to watch these chickenheads this season" but my mind quickly changed.

We were introduced to two new girls on the show; Yandy and Kimbella. Yandy is a music manager who works closely with Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott to name a few. Of course working with Jim Jones; she is friendly with Jim's girlfriend; Chrissy who cut up tremendously like she is know to do. I'll explain more on that later. Kimbella is a former jump off of Fabolous, Juelz Santana's baby mama and friend of Yandy.

Kimbella came out and announced to Emily; Fabolous former lover and baby mama that she and Fabolous were once an item. The news took all the girls including Olivia; Somaya; and especially Chrissy off guard. While Emily was visibly surprise…

Juelz Santana Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats

Juelz Santana is a name I don't read or hear about too often. Where has he been hiding? I did hear his baby mama will appear on the new season of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop". I remember the story that leaked out alleging that Juelz Santana's baby mama got into a fight with Jim Jones' girlfriend; Chrissy. Whether that is true or not; we will have to watch the show when it premieres later this month. Meanwhile read below to find out what Juelz Santana has been up to:

On Thursday, Juelz Santana aka LaRon James was busted by cops in New Jersey on suspicion of making terrorist threats and disorderly conduct. And while the cops wouldn't reveal which "threats" the rapper made exactly, they did impound his Bently after he refused to let them search it.

For now, LaRon is back at home after being released a few hours later on $46,500 bail. He later took to twitter to discuss his car, but was mum about making "threats."

"A! Police impound…

Monica Speaks On Her Rumored Pregnancy

There have been more than a few rumors regarding Monica and her being pregnant. The singer has spoken out about the rumors. Read more below:

Although R&B singer Monica has named her forthcoming album ‘New Life,’ it is no indication to anything growing inside of her. The songstress has confirmed that she is not expecting a child with husband Shannon Brown just yet, despite recent rumors.

After paparazzi photos of the songstress wearing baggy clothing and hiding her stomach appeared online, pregnancy rumors started spreading like wildfire. However, GlobalGrind caught up with Monica at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul 3rd Annual Women Behind the Music series and asked her to put the rumors to a rest.

Although Monica is not pregnant just yet, she does want to have another child with Shannon in the future. "Absolutely. I'm young, he's young and we want to have that between the two of us, but right now we are enjoying the three that we have blended together,” Monica tel…

Vita - Boss Freestyle - Video

Just a few days ago I profiled Vita and her video for her single; "Vita Vita Vita" as my Throwback Video. Now Vita has resurfaced with a fierce freestyle and video reaffirming her status as a formidable female rapper. While the video is brief; you can check the tail end of the video for Vita's twitter account.

Kaleena - Go To Work - Video Preview

Kaleena; to me basically came out of nowhere with this video. I had no idea that she was embarking on a solo career but then again Dawn(Richard) is. Kaleena is one third of the group; Dirty Money spearheaded by who else; P. Diddy.

Kaleena gives her best Missy Elliott impression as she grinds and gyrates in the teaser to her video and single; "Go To Work". I actually like it though. Have you noticed that Kaleena bares a striking resemblance to singer Estelle?

If Kaleena has an upcoming solo album in the works; I'm unaware. If and when I find info about it; I will let you all know.

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Beyonce Live At Roseland DVD Preview

As mentioned previously Beyonce is releasing a music DVD later this month to commemorate the success of her latest album; "4".

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The-Dream To Release New Album

It seems like The-Dream is putting out new albums more than the very artists he was once producing for. While it takes those artists anywhere from two to three years to release a new studio album; The-Dream is keeping the musical climate interesting by releasing a new album typically every year. Read more about his plans for his upcoming album:

R&B singer/songwriter/producer The Dream has made it clear that he has a lot of music that he wants to share with the world. Earlier this summer he released a free album '1977,' while he finished up his fourth studio album 'Love IV: Diary of A Madman.'

Now with the project completed, the platinum-selling artist took to his official Twitter account to reveal the release date for his highly anticipated album, which will be March 20, 2012.

After announcing the date, The Dream continued to unveil his plans to flood the market with his music. His goal is to release 'Love IV: Diary of A Madman,' and then follow it up…

SWV Speaks On Upcoming New Album

It's been in the works for awhile and its certainly no secret that famed R&B group; SWV were reuniting. Now the self proclaimed Sisters With Voices speak on their upcoming venture and what look forward to. Read more below:

"The lord told us. It’s not the timing is right or anything. It was just meant to be," group member Taj told YKIGS about their return. Lelee added, "The industry is so damn dry right now. It’s like a drought. It’s horrible. They need us."

SWV reunited in 2005 and signed a record deal earlier this year with Mass Appeal Entertainment and eOne Entertainment. Currently in the process of creating the new album, the trio does not feel pressure to change their style.

"We’re going to do the classic. We won’t deviate from the original sound," the group added.

The self-sufficient group is able to maintain their edge because "we never take other artists to studio with us when we’re recording, so it’s all SWV!"

The group is po…

Drake Speaks On Lil' Wayne, Stevie Wonder Collabo

By now we're not surprised when Drake gushes about Lil' Wayne and that's exactly what he's doing again. He speaks about his favorite guest verse from friend; Wayne and his collaboration with Stevie Wonder. Read more below:

Lil Wayne has recorded thousands of verses, but just which one stands out the most to Drake? In an interview with VEVO, the Canadian rapper revealed why Weezy’s contribution to the remix of Mario’s 2007 single “Crying Out for Me” is his favorite.

“I still don’t understand how he pieced that together, how he came up with that. If I could take any verse from anyone, it would be that,” said Drizzy, who then proceeded to recite the obscure lyrics. “It was just the most mind-blowing verse I’ve ever heard in my life.”

He also reflected on collaborating with Stevie Wonder, who plays harmonica on “Doing It Wrong” off Take Care. “Stevie texted me and he was like, ‘Where you at? I heard you in the city.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m recording.’ And then like 1…

Beyonce To Release New Music DVD

It certainly has been no secret as I have mentioned numerous times that Beyonce is releasing a new DVD this Winter. Read more about the upcoming DVD below:

Fans who longed to be at those shows can get up close and personal with Beyoncé and experience for themselves the energy and magic that filled the Ballroom with the release of Live At Roseland: Elements Of 4 deluxe package, a two-disc DVD, with the complete concert, bonus offstage footage, a 20-page booklet and a video anthology that includes seven videos from her latest album, 4. The concert documentary is filled with never-before seen footage that captures Beyoncé's life from eager five-year-old music fan to a consummate entertainer who is in control of every inch of her life and career.
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Mariah's New Look

I came across this new picture of Mariah Carey and I must say she is looking really good. She has definitely lost all the baby weight. She looks as if she never gained a single pound. Of course Mariah has been training hardcore to get slim again just in time for a new record release sometime next year.

Though in typical Mariah fashion; this picture is probably a bit touched up as most Mariah pictures are. Mariah looks good though especially for someone who is 41 years old.

Throwback Video: 2Pac - Temptations

Usher Plans To Release New Album

R&B superstar Usher is back in the studio working on his seventh studio album, alongside platinum producers, Pharrell Williams and Diplo.

The 33-year-old crooner was pictured with the hit-makers on Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club blog. Along with Pharrell, Usher has also been working in the studio with Jim Jonsin and Rico Love on the forthcoming release.

“Right now we’re just experimenting with different sounds,” Rico Love said of the upcoming project. “My job is to make sure it stays classic. I don’t feel like Usher is just a Top 40 artist or just an R&B artist or just a rhythmic artist. I gotta make records that connect to all formats.”

In a recent interview, the “There Goes My Baby” singer told StyleList that he is working on a new sound that he referred to as “revolutionary pop,” which is said to be formed of a mixture of genres.

Another R&B singer who has been working on a new sound is Miguel, who has also been in the studio with Usher as of lately. This sh…

Early Album Review: Drake - Take Care

I don't usually post up album reviews of albums unless I like an album. I can't say I was at all hyped by Drake's new album; "Take Care". Everyone on twitter was raving about it once it leaked out; I finally bought into the hype and I'm glad I did.

What do I like about Drake's new album? The selection of songs. I don't feel the need to skip many tracks. Of course I have my favorites as does everyone else. Its certain tracks that I prefer to hear more than others obviously because their not as forgettable as some of the opening tracks.

Most of the tracks I like fall in the middle of the album starting with "Crew Love" which features The Weekend. The track was trending on twitter. The title track features former lover; Rihanna and is a favorite of mine. Skip "Marvin's Room" and we got "Underground Kings" which is a groover. "We'll Be Fine", "Make Me Proud" featuring Nicki Minaj, "Lord Knows&qu…

Ashanti Chilling With Maxwell

While this picture is certainly not the newest; its from Ashanti's birthday which was back in October. Who would of thought we'd ever see a picture of Ashanti and Maxwell? What's next a duet? Word is that Ashanti is set to join the Black Eyed Peas as a part of their group. Fergie Ferg left and is ready to start a family. Ashanti has been overseas performing Whitney Houston standards with producer David Foster. There is a picture floating around of Ashanti with The Black Eyed Peas and I believe that was what started the rumor.

Ashanti is supposed to be releasing her own solo album sometime soon. I think the whole set up got pushed back once she embarked overseas. Anyway overtime Ashanti has tweeted pictures of herself in the studio with the likes of Rico Love(producer), Busta Rhymes, Lil' Wayne, a Rick Ross doll, and more. So who knows what's really next for Ashanti! Whatever it is I hope it is the right move because I am a fan!

Now playing: Drake - Ca…

Throwback Video: Vita - Vita Vita Vita

Y'all remember Vita? She was down with The Inc. where she guested on a few songs. This was one of her solo joints and one of my favorites from her. I'm not sure what happened to her. Her solo debut album with The Inc. never materialized.

Like I said I'm not sure what Vita is up to these days but she is sisters with JaKima from the group Total.

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Heavy D Dead At Age 44

I was on twitter when I learned the news of Heavy D's passing. As always when a celebrity passes; its hard to believe. Read below to find out more about the shocking passing of Rap legend Heavy D.
Heavy D, the former leader of the hip-hop group Heavy D & the Boyz, has died at the age of 44. According to TMZ, a 911 call was placed from Heavy's Beverly Hills home around 11:25 a.m. Tuesday to report an unconscious male on the walkway. The rapper was rushed to a hospital and was pronounced dead at 1 p.m. PT. Police are investigating his death, but there are no signs of foul play. Heavy D was born Dwight Errington Myers in Jamaica in 1967. He later moved to the Bronx and became friends with Glen Parrish (G-Wiz), Eddie F (Eddie Ferrell) and Troy Dixon (Trouble T-Roy), and they formed the rap group Heavy D & the Boyz. In 1986, the group became the first artists signed to the Uptown Records, which went on to become one of the most influential hip-hop and R&B l…

Jay-Z To Appear On New Rihanna Album

Rihanna hinted at a special guest on her new album; "Talk That Talk" in stores and online November 21. Well its been revealed that its Jay-Z. Read more below:

The mystery guest on Rihanna’s new album has been revealed. Jay-Z is re-teaming with his protégé for a collaboration on her new album Talk That Talk.

Producer Stargate revealed to Norwegian website that Jay-Z appears on the title track to Rihanna’s sixth album. “This is the first time we do a song with Jay-Z and Rihanna together. Actually it’s the first time Jay does anything on our beats,” said Tor Erik Hermansen, one half of the hitmaking duo. “It was about time.”

He described the record. “‘Talk That Talk’ is a mid-tempo banger with hard drums, dirty synths, and Rihanna and Jay at their best. We are very happy with the song, and Jay’s verse is crazy. Same with Rihanna’s part.”

Jay-Z and Rihanna have worked together several times in the past, most notably on their chart-topping singles “Umbrella” and “R…

Anthony Hamilton Readies New Album Release

The latest release by Grammy Award winner and Platinum recording artist Anthony Hamilton, Back to Love is an easy Saturday morning conversation with your best friend. Sometimes you cry, sometimes you laugh out loud, but no matter the emotion, the music is upliting and makes you embrace the day. Hamilton’s first single the Babyface penned “Woo” continues to climb the charts after being the #1 most added single at urban adult radio, while his duet with Jill Scott “So In Love,” slides into the #2 spot after a record-tying 18 weeks at #1 on the Adult R&B charts (tying with Maxwell’s “Fortunate”). Back To Love will feature production by Grammy Award winning producers Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Salaam Remi, Kelvin Wooten and Hamilton himself.

Anthony explores sonic growth on tracks like the Dre & Vidal produced “Broken Man” and drives it home with an amazing nod to icon Bill Withers with another Babyface production, “Mad.” The only collaboration is with Keri Hilson who a…

Rihanna Readies Release Of New Album

Rihanna revealed yesterday (November 4th) the official tracklisting of her new album “Talk That Talk” via her Facebook in some candid shots showing the singer selecting the final tracks. can now exclusively show you the finalized tracklisting for the regular and deluxe editions which will be available in, including the length of each track.

The album features 11 tracks on the regular and 14 on the deluxe! Stay tuned for info on who is the only feature on the album as Rihanna recently tweeted “One feature on the album! And we got the best!!!!!”

Take a look at your EXCLUSIVE First Look at the finalized tracklisting for the regular and deluxe versions of “Talk That Talk!”

1. You Da One (3:20)
2. Where Have You Been (4:02)
3. We Found Love (3:36)
4. Talk That Talk (3:29)
5. Cockiness (Love It) (2:58)
6. Birthday Cake (1:18)
7. We All Want Love (3:57)
8. Drunk On Love (3:32)
9. Roc Me Out (3:29)
10. Watch n’ Learn (3:31)
11. Farewell (4:16)

[Deluxe Includes Three Additional Tracks]
12. R…

T.I. Featuring Big K.R.I.T. - I'm Flexin - Video

T.I. is back like he never left basically picking up where he left off before his jail stint. With that being said hopefully T.I. has his act together. I actually hate to see rappers go to jail.

Look for T.I. to star in a new VH1 reality show; "Family Hustle" premiering on December 5.

Mary J. Blige - Need Someone - Live Performance

Mary J. Blige performs new song from upcoming new album; "My Life II: The Journey Continues Act 1" in stores and online November 21. This performance is from "Later With Jools Holland".

I can't say I really been impressed by any of the songs I've heard from the new Mary J. Blige album. Mary J. just doesn't do it for me like she did say 10 years ago but that's just me. I think a lot of people agree though. I understand she is older and her music is maturing to some extent but I can't get with it.

Throwback Video: G-Unit - Stunt 101

This was the first single and video for group; G-Unit comprised of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo. At one time the rapper Game was affiliated with the group but fell out with 50 Cent. We all know that story right? Anyway Brandy guest stars in the video as the car dealer who lets 50 Cent test drive a car and goes on a wild ride.

A few weeks ago me and some friends were talking about the movie 50 Cent played in and lost all the weight; "Things Fall Apart" which is now on DVD. The movie unfortunately didn't make the theaters.

Trina - Red Bottoms - Video

Trina finally releases the video for her mixtape single "Red Bottoms" which appeared on her mixtape; "Diamonds Are Forever" which was released a few months ago.

I kept seeing pictures and footage of a video for this song but I didn't think it was ever being released. The short lived success of "Red Bottoms" came and went on the R&B/Hip Hop charts since there was no video to support it. Now a month later; we get a video!

Robin Thicke Reveals New Album Cover, Tracklisting

Robin Thicke has unveiled the new album cover for "Love After War" in stores and online December 6. The album features the single; "Pretty Lil' Heart" featuring Lil' Wayne and the title track.

There's not a lot of hype around this album but it may do something with Robin's loyal fans.

1. “An Angel on Each Arm”
2. “I’m an Animal”
3. “Never Give Up”
4. “The New Generation”
5. “Love After War”
6. “All Tied Up”
7. “Pretty Lil’ Heart” feat. Lil Wayne
8. “Mission”
9. “Tears on My Tuxedo”
10. “Boring”
11. “Lovely Lady”
12. “Dangerous”
13. “Full Time Believer”
14. “I Don’t Know How It Feels to Be U”
15. “Cloud 9”
16. “The Lil’ Things”
17. “What Would I Be?”

Monica Unveils New Album Cover Art

Though her album; "New Life" has been pushed back indefinitely it hasn't stopped Monica and co. from leaking the album cover art. Now due on February 12, 2012; "New Life" is being "reworked" and set up properly.

Current single; "Until It's Gone" is climbing up the R&B charts and to me they not giving it a chance. I think they were expecting these set of songs to take off like the songs on "Still Standing" did. Sometimes you gotta promote and Monica hasn't really done any promotion at all.

Rihanna Claims 11th #1 Hit Single

There is no stopping the machine that is Rihanna as she collects her 11th #1 hit and edges out legends such as Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson. This is a really big deal! Find out why below!

I will be the first to admit that when Rihanna first hit with "Pon De Replay" I thought she would be an one hit wonder. I never imaged the amount of success she would endure but congrats to her!

Rihanna rises to her 11th No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, as "We Found Love," featuring Calvin Harris, ascends 2-1 with Airplay Gainer honors in its sixth week on the survey.

Rihanna is just the seventh artist in the Hot 100's 53-year history to tally at least 11 leaders, joining the Beatles (20), Mariah Carey (18), Michael Jackson (13), Madonna (12), the Supremes (12) and Whitney Houston (11). She passes Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder, each with 10 No. 1s.

Among women, Rihanna, thus, moves into a third-place tie with Houston for most toppers, after only Carey and Mad…

Brandy To Star In New Movie, Janet Jackson On New Magazine Cover

In addition to working on a new album; Brandy is filming a new movie; "The Marriage Counselor" directed by Tyler Perry. The movie also stars Kim Kardashian(wow!), Lance Gross("Meet The Browns") and Jurnee Smollet("Eve's Bayou"). No word on when the film will be released.

Brandy also shot an episode or two of BET's "The Game". The new season starts January 2012. The series promises more episodes this season than last. With last season it was over before it really started. I knew it would be like that though.

Janet Jackson appears on the cover of Arabia's Harper's Bazaar magazine. Click here to see the cover. Janet is currently embarking on her national; "Up Close & Personal" tour which commemorates her #1 hits. Early next year Janet is to start work on a new album.

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Anthony Hamilton Reveals New Album Cover Art

Anthony Hamilton is back with his new album; "Back To Love" in stores and online December 13. The album features the Babyface produced single; "Woo" which leaked out a week or two ago.

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Big Sean Featuring Nicki Minaj - Dance(A$$) Remix - Video

Nicki Minaj had everyone talking when she appeared on the remix to Big Sean's hit; "Dance(A$$)" and now we get the visual and its everything you would expect. Check it out!

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