Love & Hip Hop Recap

Monday night VH1 premiered the new season of the hit reality show; "Love & Hip Hop". I almost forgot the show was coming on when "Basketball Wives LA" went off. At first I was a little annoyed thinking "I don't care to watch these chickenheads this season" but my mind quickly changed.

We were introduced to two new girls on the show; Yandy and Kimbella. Yandy is a music manager who works closely with Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott to name a few. Of course working with Jim Jones; she is friendly with Jim's girlfriend; Chrissy who cut up tremendously like she is know to do. I'll explain more on that later. Kimbella is a former jump off of Fabolous, Juelz Santana's baby mama and friend of Yandy.

Kimbella came out and announced to Emily; Fabolous former lover and baby mama that she and Fabolous were once an item. The news took all the girls including Olivia; Somaya; and especially Chrissy off guard. While Emily was visibly surprised and upset; Chrissy was the most upset. You would of though Kimbella had a thing going on with Jim Jones. After politicking back and forth; Chrissy got fed up and soccer punched Kimbella leading into a brawl that involved kicking, screaming and weave pulling. Exactly the stuff that us die hard reality TV fans crave; drama!

Elsewhere Chrissy is still dealing with Jim Jones not wanting to commit fully to her as well as Mama Jones insulting her in a rap dis she recorded. It was really funny especially seeing the producer dance with Mama Jones as she rapped.

Somaya asked Emily to style her and help her improve her image for her rap career.

Olivia and her manager scrambled over ideas to get Olivia a major record deal...again.

Yandy invited Chrissy and the girls to her jewelry party for a jewelry line she started.

Chrissy just needs to stop rushing Jim into marrying her and let him decide when he's ready. She also very annoying and needs to calm down on the dramatics but then again it makes for good TV. Ignore that one.

Olivia and her manager are so hell bent on proving that she can sing and I never remember anyone every really questioning her vocals. I just think she shouldn't sing ballads like "December". It's so not her. She needs to sing songs with a more Hip Hop flavor because to me it represents her more. She has a Hip Hop background and her so called "hard" image plays well with the Hip Hop associated beats.

Somaya; I see your potential but you must work harder.

Emily; I like and I hope she can get over Fab for good.

Tune in folks! It looks to be an exciting season full of drama!
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