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Happy Halloween

Some links I had posted earlier were deleted. So I'm not sure but some of the downloads weren't legal...ahhh! Anyway all I can say is get the downloads at a first come, first served basis. When the link is gone, it's gone unless you want it uploaded again. I'll possibly reup it to this site or e-mail it to you.

Latest Downloads

Rick Ross - Push It - currently pushing his way to Gold status. Port of Miami in stores now!
Rick Ross feat. Lil' Wayne & Brisco - I'm A G - Weezy steals the show (on here) as always!
*NEW* Mario - Crying Out For Me - from his upcoming album Effortless in stores Nov. 28, 2006!
Papoose feat. Remy Ma - The Influentials - my nephew kept playing this over and over which eventually lead to me liking this.
Faith Evans - Anything You Need - a great ballad (co-written by Kelly Price) from the Keep The Faith album.Lil' Keke feat. Paul Wall & Bun B - Chunk Up The Deuce - Swishahouse finest!Usher - Can You Handle It - one of Confessions best bedroom ballads.Ludacris - Slap - one of my favs from Luda's new album.
Ludacris feat. Mary J. Blige - Runaway Love - another one of my favs!Biggie feat. Nelly & Jagged Edge - one of my favs from the Biggie Duets album.Nelly - Grillz - if Grillz wasn't already big before, it was even bigger after this!

Latest Downloads

Lyfe feat. Young Buck & Doc Brown - Slow Down - I'm not the biggest Lyfe fan, but this is one of the few songs from him I like.
Clipse feat. Slim Thug - Wamp, Wamp (What It Do) - I was interested in hearing this song especially since it was actually meant for Foxy Brown. After Foxy went deaf Pharrell passed the beat to the Clipse. Slim Thug had previously been on the hook along with Foxy's version. A dispute later incurred between Jay-Z, Foxy, Clipse, and Pharrell over the nature of the song. Foxy and Jay wanted the song back but Clipse refused. Everyone later settled the dispute allowing Foxy to grace the remix of Wamp, Wamp.
Kelis - Trilogy - Cliff you need to check this out! I think you will like this! I know you and me have the same musical taste (for the most part). To everyone else who hasn't heard this, download this!Erykah Badu - Next Lifetime - this song takes me back to when I was in junior high school when this song and album were released.
Minnie Riperton - Lo…

Gwen Winds It Up

Gwen Stefani is set to release her new album "The Sweet Escape" on Dec. 5, 2006. The first single is called "Wind It Up" and is produced by The Neptunes. Having heard the song didn't leave much of an impression on me. It reminded me of current singles by Nelly Furtado and Fergie. When you think about it these artists aren't much different from each other. Wind It Up ends up sounding like something any other hip-pop singer would record. Thumbs down Gwen!

Latest Downloads

Lyfe - I'll Always Love You - Bonus track off Lyfe's Phoenix album which is also my personal favorite.Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green - Real - One of the few songs I like from Lupe's project.
Pretty Ricky - On The Hotline - One of my favorite songs out right now.
Ryan Leslie feat. Fabolous - Used to Be - This is also a current favorite of mine.

2006 Recap: Pregnancy

Kelly Rowland, Ashanti, and Jennifer Lopez were all rumored to be pregnant in 2006.

Kelly Rowland was no stranger to the rumor mill in 2006. A laundry list of rumors have plagued the Destiny's Child singer. The most surprising rumor was that Rowland was with child. It lead many to speculate who was the child's father. Rowland and camp eventually shot down the rumor.
Ashanti began making the rounds in early 2006 promoting several products. She had been relatively quiet on the music scene and had noticeably gained weight. It lead many to speculate that during the singer's downtime her and Nelly were starting a family.
Jennifer Lopez was rumored to be pregnant for the 365th time in 2006. Anytime Lopez is seen shopping or picking up weight, she is supposedly with child.

2006 Recap: Broke

Foxy Brown, Christina Milian, and Whitney Houston were all said to be broke in 2006.

Foxy Brown has had her share of legal run-ins and 2006 is no exception. After a rumored shoplifting escapade courtesy of Soho, Foxy was said to be on hard times and you guessed it.......broke! Christina Milian got her walking papers from Def Jam in mid 2006. The pop star was already having hard times when she began selling her clothing on ebay. Once word spread about Christina's charitable work, rumors suggested she was you guessed it......broke! 2006 wasn't kind to Whitney Houston. Whitney's sister-in-law dropped a dime courtesy of the tabloids. Inside were disturbing pictures of Whitney's alleged drug bin bathroom. Rumors began spreading that Whitney was facing financial woes and you guessed it......broke!

Update + Links

As you may have noticed I changed my layout once again. Hopefully I'll stick with this one for awhile. I also included some of my favorite bloggers around in the link section. Some of them may be familiar to you, some may not.

Latest Downloads

112 - Cupid
Heartfelt sentiment.

All other songs have been removed.

A few downloads.......

Did y'all notice ...

I noticed some bad editing on Flavor of Love 2! I just thought about it. When Flav brought New York back he introduced her to the girls. Later on in the episode (if I'm correct) Buckwild was making her a drink. New York went on to say "Who is Beautiful? Did I meet her? Is she really beautiful?" If I recall New York did meet her, or was she just being.........New York! Anyway I'm looking forward to her supposed reality show. New York's mother is a trip!

The Sit Yo Ass Down Award Goes to DMX

DMX is certainly no stranger to controversy or trouble for that matter. As a matter of fact, trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. DMX can't go a month without making the headlines. It doesn't matter whether it's him lashing out in public or being pulled over for whatever reason. Forget anger management! This man needs to be placed in an asylum! I know there is a lot of pressure being a celeb/rapper! Pressure is no longer an excuse. His behavior can also attribute to his alleged drug use. I think he really needs to get hisself together. I don't even recall D having as much trouble in the beginning of his career. The more successful he's become, the more wreckless he's gotten. I seriously hope he gets it together! He may not be reading this, but maybe a fan or two are. With that said, DMX, please sit your ass down!

Latest Downloads

Latest Downloads

Links + Update

As you may of noticed the layout has changed. The change resulted in me not being able to access the page earlier today. I'm still working my way around the html stuff, so the links are temporarily gone. I am taking this time to share with you those links. These are some of my favorite links! They are as follows:

Ultimate Kelis
Toya's World
Janet Jackson
Check them out and enjoy and more downloads will be on the way. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who visits this site and keeps the hits coming!

21 Questions: 7 to 1

Here are the final seven questions in my 21 Questions:

07. Is it safe to say Nas' upcoming album will be overshadowed with Jay-Z coming out before him?
This is true. Nas has now been pushed back to Dec. 19th.

06. Who will be the next old school artist to have a comeback?
Whitney Houston, if she gets her act together.

05. Have you noticed that Mario is everywhere Kelis is?
Every event Kelis attends Mario is there. Could we say stalker or #1 fan? What's the difference? LOL

04. Have you noticed that a lot of rappers are taking shots at Jay-Z?
Method Man. LL Cool J. DMX. 50 Cent. Jealous Ones Still Envy.

03. Will someone tell these celebs to stop getting their names tattooed on each other?
Trina & Wayne, Brandy & Quentin anyone?

02. Don't you miss 702?
Very underrated they were.

01. Can you believe Whitney finally divorced Bobby?
Long time coming.

21 Questions (14-8)

14. Wasn't it a little weird seeing Beyonce, Jay-Z, Nas and Kelis all sitting together at the VMA's?
It is especially since Kelis and Beyonce are always compared, and Nas and Jay-Z being rivals turned business partners.

13. Do you think it's weird Janet wants to get pregnant after reportedly losing 60lbs?
All the hard work to lose the weight only to put it back on. Well do you Janet!

12. Aren't we awaiting 50 Cent's response to Mya's comments in Vibe magazine suggesting his sexuality?
A response is more than likely in the works.

11. Aren't we all sick and tired of Game mentioning 50 Cent in every song and interview he does?
Obsessed much?

10. Isn't Timbaland on a hit streak?
With Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, one would think so.

09. And will it continue with Missy Elliott?
One would hope so after having two back to back flops.

08. Isn't Nelly Furtado, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, and Pink all Kelis rolled into one.
These women are all copying Kelis.


I have now decided to not delete, but keep expired links up. If you want me to re-up a song, leave a comment or an e-mail.

Latest Downloads

21 Questions

I present to you 21 Questions. This is in the tradition of VIBE Magazine who includes this in their monthly issues. Each question is one I personally thought of. Mind you I hardly read Vibe magazine unless an artist (I like) appears on the cover. So with that said I may duplicate earlier or future questions asked in VIBE. But it's purely
coincidental if it does occur. I will post the first seven questions tonight. The remaining fourteen questions will be posted on the next two days. Here is 21-15

21. Is Justin Timberlake really serious about quitting music?
He can't be serious.

20. Can't we expect 50 Cent to be feuding by the time he releases his next album?
After all 50 Cent is a gimmick, he thrives off of controversy.

19. What happened to Latoya Jackson's "Startin Over" album?
Latoya is current doing an endorsement for some energy drink.

18. Isn't it a bit ironic that Ciara has a song called "Like A Boy" when she was once believed to have been born …

Music Download Update

I will be re-uploading some songs that have since expired. Those expired songs are no longer listed in the post due to my removal. All songs listed in the posts should be current. Once I realize a song has expired it is removed from that particular post (that it once appeared in). I will also upload some new and old songs very soon, so be on the lookout. Speedy share is the default uploading program used. I think it's good because you can preview the song before making the choice to download it. If there are other uploading progams you would like to suggest, please leave a comment or email me. If I get an overwhelming response for a particular uploading program, I'll use it. I would like to be helpful in making sure your downloading process is efficient. Until then I will continue to use speedy share.

Latest Downloads

*NEW* Jay Z/Meagan Rochelle

Here is the new Jay Z single, Show Me What You Got. It's basically been floating on every message board and blog around (including this one). The song is pretty decent. As with the majority of songs (I hear for the first time), this will have to grow on me. The single is produced by Just Blaze. It's the first single from his upcoming album, Kingdom Come in stores Nov. 21, 2006. You can hear the single here:

New Jay Z single

New Def Jam artist Meagan Rochelle (The One U Need) is back with yet another leaked song. Many may have heard this song before courtesy of her myspace page. This is the song in it's full version. It's an alright song not as good as Floating though.

Meagan Rochelle - Let Go

Old School Downloads

I decided to upload some old school downloads for your listening and downloading pleasure. A lot of these songs are personal favorites of mine. A lot of these songs are songs I grew up on. My mother would play them around the house. Initially I couldn't stand to hear them. I didn't like them. As I got older I found myself knowing just about every word. Years later I would search for them online. Here are just a few old school songs worth checking out for those interested:

Diana Ross - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Diana's first solo hit after her depature from The Supremes. Diana would have many hits for the next three decades. She set the standard for female singers of the day. She was glamorous, elegant, and youthful. Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and Whitney Houston follows in her footsteps.

Valerie Simpson - Silly Wasn't I
Valerie is one half of the singing/songwriting duo, Ashford & Simpson. Together they have wrote nearly a dozen hits for the likes of the aforementi…

*NEW* Monica - Thanks For The Misery

Here is a new song from Monica entitled "Thanks For The Misery." This has been surfacing around various message boards as of the beginning of this week. This song can be found on the Best Buy version of Monica's The Makings Of Me album. It's believed that the song is written by Sean Garret (Destiny's Child, Ciara). Here it is:

Monica - Thanks For The Misery

*NEW* Mario - How Do I Breathe - 1st single

I got this from the Brandy Horizon's forum. This is his supposed first single. It's definitely catered towards pop radio. It's an alright song to me. Perhaps it will grow on me. Someone did mention that it reminds them of "Let Me Love You." You be the judge!

Mario - How Do I Breathe

First Week Sales

If you are apart of a lot of message boards like myself, you see this alot:

"I went to go get Monica the first day, and it was completely sold out."

"I went to go get Janet at Best Buy and like five other people had it."

It kills me just because an album is sold out at one chain doesn't mean the album is going to be #1. Retail chains order a certain number of copies per album. Once that shipment runs out, they'll order more. Now there have been a few cases where sold out albums have been #1. It's not always the case though. These so called sold out albums chart and only move like 100K in their first week. That's not saying much.

Downloads Galore

I guess I should make a note that these songs are in various umm...I can't think of the word. Oh..formats! m4a, mp3, wma, mpeg, etc. My guess would be to simply convert songs to the proper format you prefer. I play all my music on Itunes so that's why the formats are the way they are.

Playa feat. Foxy Brown - I Gotta Know
Get in the know!

Trey Songz - Gotta Go
R. Kelly Jr.

Truth Hurts - Love U Better
Her love is the shhh!

Case feat. Foxy Brown & Mary J. Blige - Touch Me, Tease Me
Feels so good!

Noreaga feat. Pharrell - I'm A G
A G he is!

Phelan - Torn
Male version take on Letoya's Torn

Cherish - Do It To It
You better do it!

Ms. Jade feat. Timbaland & Nelly Furtado - Ching Ching
It's all about the benjamins!

New & Old Downloads

Here are some more downloads fresh out of the vault:

112 - U Already Know
Can't remember if this is one with Foxy or not LOL

*NEW*/Unreleased - Brandy - It Never Happened
Features an unknown male vocalist

Carl Thomas - Somethin 'Bout U
Features Brandy on background vocals

Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne - Gimme That
You better give it to him

Jennifer Lopez - Whatever You Wanna Do
Hot song from the original fly girl

DJ Paul - Still Getting My Dick Sucked
Vivid story of a freakish woman

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Your crazy if you don't have this

Mary J. Blige - Take Me As I Am
You better do as she says

Mia X feat. Master P & Foxy Brown - Party Don't Stop
The Ill Na Na joins forces with the Ice Cream and Mama Mia

Omarion - Touch
Don't you wanna touch him?

There you have it. Keep checking in for more downloads. Enjoy!