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Throwback Video: Ciara feat. Petey Pablo - Goodies

Who could forget Ciara's introduction in the game by way of her hit single; "Goodies". It also served as the title of her debut album which sold in excess of three million copies. I know one of my very best friends is a huge Ciara fan and I thought about him when I watched this video. Ciara was very different then. She didn't bare any resemblance to Aaliyah or Janet; she was strictly in her own lane.

Ciara will be releasing her new album; "Basic Instinct" on June 29. The album features the hit single; "Ride". If you recall the racy video to "Ride" has been banned by BET. Boo! The video is being reedited to appear on BET.

T.I. Appears On The Wendy Williams Show!

This past Friday; T.I. appeared before the infamous Wendy Williams for a sit down interview. T.I. talked a little in depth about his gun charges that landed him in jail. Though when asked about his family; T.I. was a bit mum. I guess some things are simply not up for discussion.

T.I. recently released a new mixtape; "Fuck A Mixtape" which is a precursor to his upcoming album; "King Uncaged" in stores August 24. The album will be led by first single; "Got Your Back" featuring Keri Hilson.

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Album Spotlight: The Firm - The Album

It was 13 years ago when rappers Nas; Foxy Brown; AZ; and Nature came together to create The Firm. Rapper Cormega was apart of the original lineup. I don't recall the reason for his departure from the group. I do think he had a minor beef with Nas though. The Firm was just one of the many rap clicks that was created during a time where there was No Limit and Junior Mafia. Unfortunately The Firm didn't manage to sustain but that's beside the point.

Their debut(and only) album debuted at #1 on the charts when it was released. The album featured the hit singles; "Firm Biz" and "Phone Tap". "Firm Biz" featured Dawn Robinson of En Vogue and the song featured a sample from Teena Marie's "Square Biz".

There was a lot of hype surrounding The Firm and rightfully so with such a lineup. Many critics felt the album was a failure even though it did go platinum. With such rap luminaries; this album should of sold more particularly since some of …

Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj Knockout Video!

I don't have many words for this song nor the video. I do remember when I first heard this song though. My friend had bought Lil' Wayne's "Rebirth" album and she was pretty floored by what she heard. I figured she knew what kind of album it was. She definitely thought this was some type of joke.

Any rumors of Nicki Minaj's relationship with Lil' Wayne will certainly be revisited thanks to her backing all her ass up on him. Make sure you all check this clip out!

Lil' Wayne's "Rebirth" album didn't exactly set the charts on fire but to date the album has managed to go gold(500,000 copies sold).

Music Feed: I Am Not My Hair

Do you all know the song by India.Arie called; "I Am Not My Hair"? Well basically the song describes how so much is made of a woman's hair especially in the entertainment business. Not one to always conform to what the industry expects; India.Arie cut her trademark dreads off. She wasn't the only one. Some of India's musical peers followed suit and cut their hair.

My friend and I were having a conversation and I told him Chrisette Michele cut her hair and he couldn't believe it. He swears how he had just saw her but I told him she appeared on BET's "Sunday's Best" with a short hair cut; shorter than my very own. He thinks the singers who cut their hair off are crazy! What do you think?

More or less this is about the singers who cut their hair and when they did it was a really big deal.

Erykah Badu
Most of the time we were all accustomed to seeing Erykah Badu in headwraps. When she finally unveiled her bald head in her "Didn't Cha Know&…

Throwback Video: Bobby Valentino - Slow Down

I can still remember when I first heard this song and it was back in 2005. I instantly liked this song and this is one of my favorite songs by Bobby Valentino.

Fantasia Unveils Bittersweet Single Cover!

And this is not exactly new to me since I have seen it before. I didn't know this was the single cover though. Have you all heard Fantasia's new single; "Bittersweet"? The single is currently #23 on the R&B charts. It may have a shot at the top of the R&B charts since Fantasia's ballads typically are very successful on the R&B charts.

In other Fantasia news; her reality show; "Fantasia: For Real" has been greenlit for a second season. The show aired earlier this year on VH1.

Album Spotlight: Kelis - Kelis Was Here

Kelis' "Kelis Was Here" spawned the hit single; "Bossy" which became a ringtone hit as well. I remember when I was working in a cafeteria and I would hear the girls phone go off and "Bossy" would come on.

Kelis always manages to have at least one hit from each of her albums. What eventually happens afterwards is pure disaster. It usually has to do with some label fallout. On the other side of the Atlantic(as they like to say); Kelis is a big seller and her albums and singles do really well.

On "Kelis Was Here" Kelis offers us a mishmash of musical soundscapes. There is basically something here for everyone and every genre of music can be found on here. Will.I.Am produces the cut; "What's That Right There" which I remember someone saying refers to Kelis being a hermaphrodite. You would have to hear the lyrics to get the full understanding.

One of my favorite songs is "Trilogy" which sounds like something the Neptunes prod…

Kelis Reveals 4th Of July Single Cover!

Some of you may or may not have heard Kelis' newest single; "4th Of July". I heard a little tidbit of it before but I didn't want to spoil myself. The single is Kelis' second single from her upcoming album; "Flesh Tone" in stores July 6.

We are all aware of Kelis' recent big payout from ex-husband Nas so we all know; Ms. Kelis is living it up!

Music Biz:
Lil' Mama Damages; Steals Clothes From Video Shoot!
Lil Mama recently trashed some borrowed clothes during a music video shoot.

“Lil Mama borrowed cloths for a video shoot and she and all the dancers trashed all the cloths and stole the rest,” the source said. “Some of the clothes were totally ruined, with paint spots and dirt all over them.”

The producer of the music video attempted to get Lil Mama’s people to return the stolen items but had no luck.

“There has been endless lying throughout this scandal that has now been labeled the “Lil Mama Drama” and the producer has plans to take them to …

Da Brat Is Returning To The Rap Scene!

That's of course when she finishes her jail sentence! Da Brat is still in prison serving a few years for striking an aspiring model in the head with a bottle of rum. That's Da Brat for ya! She was able to visit producer JD and that's where the news derived from. Make sure you be on the look out once Da Brat returns. If you didn't know Da Brat is the first female rapper to earn a platinum album!

There had been tons of pictures and rumors going around about Alicia Keys being pregnant! Well it turns out that it is true. Alicia Keys' rep has confirmed that the star is pregnant and engaged to boyfriend Swizz Beats. Now we all are aware of how these two came to friction and its best told by Swizz Beats ex-wife singer; Mashonda. Mashonda was obviously scorned and took to twitter(just like an average celeb) and expressed her disdain with Alicia and Swizz. It's all old news now though but congratulations to the couple!

Kanye West is rumored to be releasing his new album; …

Throwback Video: Aaliyah feat. DMX - Come Back In One Piece

Do you all remember this song? This was one of the singles from Aaliyah's "Romeo Must Die" movie. DMX and Aaliyah definitely had a little chemistry in here to me. I remember I had the soundtrack to "Romeo" but I eventually gave it away.

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Ciara Behind The Scenes Of Photo Shoot!

Not only do we know Ciara as a talented dancer but she is also a fashion designer's dream thanks to her shapely physique. Check Ciara out as she struts her stuff!

Ciara's new album; "Basic Instinct" will be in stores June 29. Make sure you all check that out! I'm slowly thinking it will be one of the albums of the summer.

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Toni Braxton Appears Live On Lopez Tonight!

Wednesday night Toni Braxton appeared on "Lopez Tonight" where the singer spoke about her heart condition among other things. She also performed her current single; "Hands Tied". I must say I wasn't feeling the hair and I'm thinking Toni Braxton must not have any hair underneath that atrocious piece at the top. I still love Toni though but that cut is not for her.

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Brandy Speaks On Her Upcoming Album!

Though she is still in the early stages of planning a new album; Brandy gives fans a little insight of what to expect. Check it out!

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Janet Jackson Performs Medley Of Hits On American Idol!

So the season finale of "American Idol" was on last night and I didn't watch the whole show but I turned back and forth. I was able to see Paula Abdul wish Simon Cowell a farewell and I caught Janet's performance which included a medley of "Again", "Nothing"(From the "Why Did I Get Married Too?" soundtrack), and "Nasty". Overall it was a very good performance from Janet and her body was looking incredible. Check it out!

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Janet's music career. A lot of reports have been saying that she was finished making music. Former boyfriend Jermaine Dupri says that Janet is looking to make music every once in awhile and realizes that album don't sale the way they used to.

Music Biz:
Mariah Carey Pulls Out Of New Tyler Perry Movie!
Mariah Carey has fueled reports she's pregnant after mysteriously pulling out of a new movie The singer was slated to follow up her success in Precious by app…

Brandy & Ray J Come Back For Second Season Of Reality Show!

VH1 has greenlit its current Sunday lineup which comprises of Brandy & Ray J's "A Family Business", "Basketballs Wives" and "What Chili Wants" all for a new season. There is no word when the new seasons of these shows will air. I watch faithfully each show every Sunday so I'm kinda happy about the renewal.

Things aren't looking too good for Ciara and her video for her new single; "Ride". First there was the shocking ban from BET and now the UK has banned the video. The label is rushing an edited video to correspondent to the networks. I don't think the video is offensive or that racy in anyway. And of course there are other videos that are more outrageous and don't get banned. There is no such thing as bad publicity so in the end I think this will only help Ciara. I think it will have more people looking out for her album; "Basic Instinct" in stores June 29.

Monica is said to be one of the many performers on this …

Dirty Money Releases Last Train To Paris Album Cover!

After numerous setbacks; Diddy-Dirty Money will release their debut album; "Last Train To Paris" on June 29(I might have to check that date again). The album contains the singles; "Hello Good Morning" featuring T.I. and Rick Ross. There's also "Love Come Down" and there was a song before that but I can't remember.

I actually like the album cover and "Hello Good Morning" is kind of growing on me. What do you all think about the album cover!

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Music Feed: Lil' Kim's Most Infamous Feuds

Lil' Kim may come off notorious and nasty in her rhymes but most people in the industry speaks about how nice she is. Well of course everyone won't agree with that statement. Over the years Kim has had a few public feuds with a few public celebrities. It is easy to pick on Kim for all the plastic surgery she has had over the years. Other than that what else can people really say? Check out some of the feuds that Lil' Kim has had over the years below.

50 Cent
50 Cent was at the peak of his career when he collaborated with Lil' Kim on "Magic Stick". Once the song was chosen for a single and hit radio; 50 Cent skipped on the opportunity to do a video. Kim; feeling betrayed and hurt would later dis 50 Cent on her "Spell Check" song which was from her "The Naked Truth" album. 50 Cent and Lil' Kim have since made up.

Foxy Brown
Lil' Kim's feud with Foxy Brown is now industry legend. The two rappers started feuding nearly 12 years ago. Bl…

Trey Songz Yo Side Of The Bed Music Video!

Trey Songz releases his upteenth video for his album; "Ready" which was certified gold awhile back. In this video; Trey is joined by Keri Hilson(who is just in about every video and song out now). Check it out!

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Album Spotlight: Lil' Kim - Hardcore

When Lil' Kim's "Hardcore" album was released; it was a really big deal. It was released a week apart from then friend Foxy Brown's "Ill Na Na" album. No one was keen to hearing a female spit sexual lyrics and certainly not of this caliber. I remember being in junior high school when this album came out. I also remember when one of my friend got the cassette and we sat and listened to it. It was definitely something we shouldn't of been listening to at that age but I will say we both were mature beyond our years.

Lil' Kim's "Hardcore" starts off like most rap album with an unforgettable "Intro" which features a man going to a porn shop to view a movie starring Lil' Kim which is ironically titled; "Hardcore". From there we head into the Jay-Z assisted; "Big Momma Thang" which is one of the album's many highlights.

Kim not only plays on her sexual image but a gangstress image which she would revisi…

Suge Knight Accused Of Ordering Hit On Man!

It is very crazy to still read stories like this about Suge Knight after all these years. Yes; he does have a reputation to be very intimidating mostly because of his huge stature. I guess you can also throw in the countless death threats he has made against other celebrities. Read more below on this story as well as stories on Dr. Dre's new album and Lady GaGa hooking up with T.I.

According to, legal documents were filed yesterday (May 24th) in Los Angeles Superior Court, where a judge ordered Knight to stay at least 100 yards away from the man.

In court papers, the individual claimed that after Knight was released from jail on an assault charge last week, eight men came to his house last Friday (May 21st).

The goons were allegedly sent by Knight to “get me or kill” the man. The individual claims Knight himself said he was going to “take” his life.

At press time, it is unclear if the man who filed the restraining order yesterday is the same individual Knight had an a…

Jazmine Sullivan Returns With New Single!

A lot of people have been inquiring about Jazmine Sullivan's return to music. Now it has been revealed that Jazmine will release her a new single next month titled, "Holding U Down" and the song was produced by Missy Elliott. No surprise there. Right? Make sure you be on the look out of for that. I know a lot of people were crazy about Jazzy's debut album; "Fearless". I never really got the hype about her though. Sorry!

T.I. will release his new album; "King Uncaged" this August. The album's first single is "Got Your Back" featuring Keri Hilson. The album will also feature collaborations from Lady GaGa; Eminem; Trey Songz; and The-Dream. Make sure you all be on the look out for that. I know one of my co-worker's is a very big fan of T.I. and he is definitely looking forward to this.

Faith Evans has a new album on the way titled; "Something About Faith" to be released September 14. The album's first single is "Way…

Timbaland Reaches Settlement In Copyright Infringement Case!

It seems like every time we turn around Timbaland is getting sued and it just goes to show no one is original these days. Everyone takes from everybody. Remember a few years ago when Timbaland got sued for some of the beats he produced on Nelly Furtado's "Loose" album?

Read below for more info on Timbaland's settlement case as well as stories on Rick Ross' latest lawsuit and David Banner's disdain with rap.

Super producer Timbaland has reached a settlement in a copyright infringement claim regarding the song “Throw It On Me,” from his Shock Value album.

Timbaland settled with composer David Cortopassi, the original writer of the song “Spazz,” which was originally recorded by The Elastik Band.

The track, which was originally released through ATCO/Atlantic in 1967, had become a cult classic after being banned and labeled one of the most “tasteless” records ever made.

The song became so popular it was re-released in 1998 on a Rhino Records box set titled Nuggets: Ori…

Ludacris, Trey Songz Sex Room Music Video!

It has definitely been a big day for videos and Ludacris releases the video to his latest single. I think the song is just alright and I can see why it was released since Trey Songz is featured.

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Throwback Video: T-Boz - Touch Myself

Rarely did we see any of the members of the legendary TLC stray from the group but this was one rarity. For the 1995 movie; "Fled" starring Laurence Fishburne; T-Boz sang one of the singles from that which was "Touch Myself" and a very risque song I might add but nonetheless a forgotten groove. Check out the video!

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Ciara Asked About Rumored Keri Hilson Diss Track!

Ciara was asked about the title track for her album; "Basic Instinct(U Got Me)" in which she reportedly dissed Keri Hilson. Watch the footage here to see what Ciara says when asked about it!

Ciara's new album will be in stores June 29. The single; "Ride" is climbing both the pop and R&B charts and the video was recently banned by BET for no reason.

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Rihanna Rockstar 101 Music Video!

The latest video for Rihanna's "Rated R" album has been released and the album is said to be re released. Rihanna is also working on a new album. Is that surprising? No. Well nor will the black and white video. Enjoy!

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Chris Brown Dueces Music Video!

Chris Brown has hit us with a double whammy of videos starting with this clip followed by "No Bullshit" which you will see below. Chris is joined by Young Money's Tyga and Kevin McCall. The song is pretty hot and so is the video. Check it out!

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Chris Brown No Bullshit Music Video!

Chris Brown is making a lot of noise right now for this video and song which is from his "In The Zone" mix tape(I believe that's the name). Check it out as it is pretty steamy.

Music Biz:
Farrah Franklin Open To Destiny's Child Reunion!
“Right now, I’m kind of hearing about it with everyone else. It hasn’t been presented to me yet. When it does or if it does, I’ll deal with it as that. I’ll have to see if it’s something in real talks or if it’s fake.”

The singer, who last spoke to Beyoncé ten years ago, added: “I’m really a personable person and I would just want everyone to get along. Little Farrah has a lot on her shoulders and all I ask is happiness in return and for it to be fun. There’s so many different personalities and it’s been a long time, so you just don’t know. I would be cool with everyone, I have no problems, but it’s not about just me. There’s five other people.”

Album Spotlight: Trina - Da Baddest Bitch

Like many female rappers before her; Trina has adopted a few nicknames over the years and one is her debut album; "Da Baddest Bitch"; which can hear her refer to herself as in many songs. The other would be "Diamond Princess"; the name of her second album.

Trina gets downright filthy and outrageous on her debut album. It is shocking, funny, and nasty and I like it all! Trina has no shame and that was evident on her featured appearance on "Nann" back in 1998.

This album basically picks up where "Nann" left over with plenty of songs dedicated to trifling hoes; dumb baby daddies; and broke guys. I mean if your are into this type of sexually explicit music; then this is an album worth checking out. This is Trina in rare form and I think many people would like to see her revisit this album or offer more sexual rhymes.

Over the years she has cleaned it up which isn't a bad thing but it pays to get nasty. Make sure you check this album out if you have…

Throwback Video: Mary J. Blige - Your Child

This is probably one of my favorite songs on Mary J. Blige's underrated album; "Mary" which was released in August of 1999. The video features actor Leon and Mary displays some of her acting chops here. Check it out!

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Tank Signs To Atlantic Records!

Congratulations to Tank for signing with Atlantic Records; home of Toni Braxton and Trey Songz. Tank is best known for giving us the hits "Maybe I Deserve" and "Please Don't Go". Remember when we all thought "Please Don't Go" was Jamie Foxx singing? Well make sure you look out for new music from Tank!

Janet Jackson is making news for recently cutting her hair short and now she is overseas promoting movie; "Why Did I Get Married Too?" in theaters now. Click here to see an interview with Janet and Tyler Perry.

Ne-Yo is preparing to release his new album; "Libra Scale" due in stores September 7. Click here to preview his first single; "Beautiful Monster".

Janet Jackson Not Finished Making Music!

Janet Jackson recently visited south London to promote; "Why Did I Get Married Too?" in theaters now. Janet talks about her upcoming film roles; chopping off her hair; and what to expect from her musically. Check it out!

Music Biz:
Amerie Readies New Album!
Amerie is back on her A-game. The singer, who recently got engaged
to her longtime manager, drops The Inkredibles-produced single “Who’s Gonna Love
You,” boasting her distinctive funk-pop sound and brash energy.

bride-to-be exclusively revealed to that the follow-up to last year’s
In Love & War will be titled Cymatica Vol. 1. Cymatics, derived from the
Greek word wave, means the study of visible sound and vibration.

release date has been set, but A did previously tell us that she wants to
incorporate her newly-acquired guitar skills on the project.

The-Dream, Mariah Carey Sued Over My Love Track!
R&B producer The-Dream, label mate Mariah Carey and Def Jam
Records are facing a lawsuit over a duet production from…

Snoop Dogg Assists Faith Evans On New First Single!

I reported a few days ago that Faith Evans had a new single being released titled; "I Got Faith In You, You Got Faith In Me" but now I'm reading the first single is called; "Way U Move". The song is produced by Chucky Thompson who has worked with Faith in the past and who is quite underrated if you ask me. Faith's upcoming album is titled; "Somethin About Faith". Are you all looking forward to the new single and album?

Ne-Yo is returning back to the music scene with his new single; "Beautiful Monster" which will be released to iTunes on June 1. Ne-Yo's upcoming untitled album is due in stores September 7. It seems as if a lot of artists are releasing music to iTunes on June 1. Are you all looking forward to new music from Ne-Yo?

Pleasure P will release his new album; "Suppertime" and the first single; "Change Positions" should be released any day now. Make sure you be on the look out for both single and album.

Ciara Unfazed By BET Video Ban!

And I wouldn't be either. It is what it is. But I know her label is possibly editing the video to have it played on "106 & Projects". I think its so dumb though.

Nas Speaks On What's Wrong With The Rap Game!

Nas is currently promoting his recently released album; "Distant Relatives" and he briefly spoke about his opinion on the music industry and how it can improve. Check it out!

Marsha Ambrosius Speaks On Why Floetry Broke Up!

I think it is a question many people wanted to know including myself. Here; the former lead singer of Floetry talks about the group's demise; her upcoming projects; and more. Check it out!

Music Biz:
Bobby V. Returns With New Album!
Bobby V, also known as Bobby Valentino, is prepping for the release
of his fourth studio album, "Fly On The Wall".

A follow up to the 2009
effort "The Rebirth," the effort is the former DTP Records recording artist's
second release under his label, Blu Kolla Dreams.

Set for release
summer/fall 2010, Bobby V's "Fly On The Wall" already features a reunion with
the hitmaking producers behind his debut single "Slow Down," Tim & Bob.

In addition to Tim & Bob, the "Beep" and "Anonymous" singer is also
working with Jazze Pha (Ciara).

Since 2005 Bobby V has released three
albums, including his 2005 debut, which spawned the hit singles "Slow Down" and
"Tell Me". He has also collabo…

Throwback Video: Foxy Brown feat. Blackstreet - Get You Home

"Get You Home" was the debut single from Foxy Brown's debut album; "Ill Na Na". The single/video was released in 1996 and it is easily one of Foxy's better videos. Check it out for yourself!

Monica Unveils Love All Over Me Single Cover!

A few days ago I revealed that Monica switched her second single to the Jermaine Dupri produced; "Love All Over Me". The move was one determined by the fans who spoke out to Monica via twitter. It is nice to have an artist actually listen to their fans. Although "Here I Am" is no longer the second single; it may find itself a single in the future. "Love All Over Me" is set to be released to radio this week! Make sure you check it out and support it!

Mario Wants Chris Brown For Next Album!

With all the blackballing Chris Brown has gotten in the last few months; its nice to know some artists are still in his corner. Friend Mario is enlisting Chris Brown for his next album. Read more below about that as well as stories on Kelis' latest performance and Drake's album tracklisting.

Mario is working on his next album, an effort he says will
likely be filled with electronic/house sounds and if time permits, a
collaboration with Chris Brown.

"Stay tuned. I just came back from
Europe — it's crazy out there," Mario said earlier this week. "It was incredible
to see how many people are into house music and R&B music, and how house
music influences R&B nowadays. You know, [it has a] real strong presence ...
over there."

After collaborating with Sean Garrett and Gucci Mane on his
last album, "D.N.A," Mario has his eye on working with embattled singer Chris
Brown. Calling the collaboration one "for the ladies," the two could…

Babs Bunny Interview!

You remember her from MTV's "Making The Band" which spawned the group Da Band which released their gold debut; "Too Hot For TV". Now Babs returns to the limelight and talks exclusively about her relationship with Bad Boy; her new mixtape; prenups; and a whole lot more. Get refamiliar with the self-proclaimed "first lady of the streets". Check it out!

Part 1

Part 2

Kelly Rowland Signs New Record Deal!

Much has been made regarding Kelly's new album and what label she would eventually sign to. Without further adue I can say Kelly Rowland has signed to Universal Records. Kelly's first single; "Commander" debuted awhile back. Make sure you look out for the upcoming video and Kelly's new album when it is released.

Marques Houston has a new album coming out titled; "Mattress Music". The title is a rather sleazy one and we should all know what to expect musically. The album's first single is "Pullin On Her Hair" featuring Rick Ross. Previously the single; "Kickin & Screamin" leaked out and it is lingering on the lower echelon of the R&B charts. Make sure you look out for both songs and the upcoming album when it hits stores.

Drake is wasting no time flooding the airwaves with more and more music to ensure his debut album; "Thank Me Later" is a hit! The singer/rapper just released the video to his second single; "…

The Game Pushes Back New Album!

Another one bites the dust. It is no longer surprising when an album is pushed back. I guess as long as it comes out that is all that really matters. Read more below about Game's album pushback as well as stories on Jae Millz arrest and Mashonda's lawsuit against Swizz Beats!

The release of rapper The Game’s fourth studio album The R.E.D.
Album has been pushed back a week.

The album was originally scheduled to
be released on June 29, but will now hit store shelves on July 6.

latest project will now arrive in stores the same day as Big Boi’s upcoming solo
album, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.

That leaves two
major releases still set for June 29th: Diddy’s forthcoming album Last Train To
Paris and Paul Wall’s project Heart of A Champion.

Game’s latest single
“Ain’t No Doubt About It” will be available for purchase on iTunes starting on
Tuesday, May 18.

R.E.D. features collaborations with Gucci Mane,
Timberland, Jim Jones, Nate Dogg, Jadakiss, Akon, Justin Timberlake and

Toni Braxton Performs Woman Live!

Toni Braxton recently released her new album; "Pulse" and one of the songs from the album is "Woman" which you can see Toni perform below.

Faith Evans Returns With New Single!

Yes; you read it right! Faith Evans is returning to the music this June with her new single; "I Got Faith In You, You Got Faith In Me". I actually like the song title and is eager to hear it. This will be Faith's first album in five years. Make sure you be on the look out for that as well as an upcoming mixtape.

Queen Latifah not only is starring in the new movie; "Just Wright" in theaters now but she will also host this year's BET Awards telecast which will air Sunday, June 27, 2010. Make sure you all check out her new movie and the award show.

The-Dream has a new album coming out soon and I have read that he has covered Aaliyah's "One In A Million" song and I'm not sure what the reaction has been so far. If you are wondering what the Aaliyah fans think about it; you can expect the absolute worst!

Lloyd Banks Talks Beamer, Benz & Bentley Single!

Lloyd Banks is making a lot of noise right now with his hit single; "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley". The rapper discusses the concept of the song; his new album; and the haters. Check it out!

Monica Switches Singles!

I been a little out of the loop here but I'll try and act as if I never missed a beat here. I read yesterday that Monica has switched singles for her second single. Originally Monica had chosen "Here I Am" and now it has been replaced with the Jermaine Dupri produced single; "Love All Over Me". How do you all feel about that?

Meanwhile in other Monica news; she has been nominated for two BET awards; one for Centric Artist and Viewers Choice Award for her video; "Everything To Me". Me and my friend were saying how Monica should of been nominated for Female R&B Artist. She also felt the same way when she called into BET today during the "106 & Park" telecast. It was there where the majority of the nominations for the BET Awards were announced. The show will air Sunday, June 27. Make sure you all check that out!

There are rumors floating around regarding Lil' Kim being signed to Roc Nation. Roc Nation was spearheaded by Jay-Z and he i…

Throwback Video: The Fugees - Killing Me Softly

The Fugees remade the Roberta Flack classic; "Killing Me Softly" and turned it into a hit and made a video just as memorable as the remake. Check it out!

Foxy Brown Breaks Down On The Mo'Nique Show!

Foxy Brown appeared on "The Mo'Nique Show" last night and talked exclusively about her hearing loss and her admiration for Pam Grier; who was also on the show. Check it out!

Dirty Money, TI, Rick Ross Hello Good Morning Music Video!

Diddy won't give up on his Dirty Money group which comprises himself; Dawn Richards(formerly of Danity Kane) and Kaleena Harper. Check out the video to their latest single from their oft-delayed album; "Last Train To Paris".

Fantasia To Appear On VH1's Behind The Music!

Fantasia is readying a new album this year and what better way to kick start it with a "Behind The Scenes" episode. As if we didn't already know everything about Fantasia. What else will be revealed? I mean Fantasia's life has pretty much been an open book. We can also look for the second season of Fantasia's reality show; "Fantasia: For Real" as well.

"American Idol" the television show may have the summer and fall off, but a couple of its alumni will get airtime in the coming months as subjects for the popular VH1 series "Behind the Music."The new season begins June 7 with scheduled episodes focusing on Courtney Love, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez. Season 3's Jennifer Hudson is also on the summer slate.

Then, in the fall, Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino will get a starring "BTM" turn. No date yet for when "BTM" will air, but probably in time for the new season of "Fantasia for Real," …

Kelis Performs Acapella Live!

If you haven't heard "Acapella" yet then you are certainly in for a treat and that's because Kelis always hits us left field. This song has been doing pretty well overseas and I believe this is where this performance of the song is from. Check it out!

Kelis' new album; "Flesh Tone" will be in stores July 6. Make sure you check it out!

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Throwback Video: Positive K - I Got A Man

I'm really taking it back here to the year 1992. I remember Positive K and this video being played on "Yo MTV Raps!" which I used to watch every Saturday morning with my sis.

Bobby Brown Proposes To Girlfriend!

After three years together and a newborn child; Bobby Brown popped the question to his girlfriend on Monday, May 10. This will be the second marriage for Bobby Brown. I don't even have to say who he was married to before. Bobby recently wrapped up his stint on "Celebrity Fit Club".

Do you all remember Latavia from the original line up for Destiny's Child? Well the singer has been pretty low key over the years and rumors have circulated regarding her financial status as well as her work status. Whatever the case may be Latavia apparently had a tell all book in the works which was set to expose the Knowles family. Now according to the singer on her twitter page the book has been blocked! No surprise there right? I mean most people are already aware of the sheisty behavior exhibited by Mathew Knowles(Beyonce's father) so if she was set to reveal even more; then this has all the makings of being a New York Times Bestseller.

Kelly Price will release her new album; "…

Alicia Keys Un-Thinkable(I'm Ready) Music Video!

Finally Alicia Keys releases her video to one of my favorite songs from her new album; "The Element Of Freedom". The song is actually a huge favorite among many and the song is doing really well on the charts. Check it out!

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Artist Spotlight: Jazzy

Before thrusting into the spotlight as a solo artist; R&B/Pop singer Jazzy was part of the songwriting duo; The Write Chix. Their big break came in 2007 when they worked with Chris Brown. Her work with Chris Brown led to a background vocalist stint for Melanie Fiona on Kanye Wests' "Glow In The Dark" tour.

Now Jazzy has released her new mixtape; "Beauty And The Beat" which features appearances and drops from Kandi[of "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta"], Eric Roberson[from the song "Dealing"] and Melanie Fiona just to name a few.

Make sure you all check out this bubbling talent and her music as well as check her out on her various social networking sites.

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Christian Rich Hello Virgin Music Video!

VIDEO: The "Hello Virgin" video by Christian Rich is an art Basel style approach to explain virginity in life. The hand is purity. Before your hand touches anything it's innocent. Once it starts touching things it's no longer innocent. For example the white liquid that looks like milk with the hand flowing through it is a representation of virginity like white at a wedding, yet it shows the sexual climax of a lover.

MIXTAPE: Hello Virgin is the first song from the upcoming Mixtape "The Decadence" hosted by Clinton Sparks and Mick Boogie. The tape features some good friends including Pharrell Williams, Pusha T, Peter, Bjorn and John, DJ Benzi, UNI and others. The tape is set to be released via online May 31, 2010. Continuous updates will be provided at and various blogs. Stay tuned!
Music Biz:
Plies "Goon Affiliated" Album Tracklisting!
Plies returns with new album due in stores May 25. Make sure you check it out!
1. “Go Live”
2. “…

Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg Its In The Morning Music Video!

Robin Thicke took a minute before he settled on an official second single or third; however you want to look at it. Robin's album; "Sex Therapy" is a really good album and if you haven't checked it out you should.

Music Biz:
Brian McKnight Leaves Radio Hosting Gig!
Brian McKnight’s three-year-old morning radio show in Los Angeles has come to an end. The R&B singer is scheduled to announce his departure from KTWV-FM “The Wave” during his 6-9 air shift this morning, reports the LA Times.

McKnight’s busy schedule, which forces him to prerecord some segments for KTWV, played a part in the station’s decision to let him go, according to the Times. The multi-platinum R&B star has also hosted his own TV show, a syndicated radio show, still performs live and is writing a book. Station managers now prefer a live and local host in the time slot.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time the last three years. I love the one-on-one with the fans,” McKnight told The Times, b…

Throwback Video: Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But Its Okay

Blame my friend for this. We went out to eat earlier today and she played this on her iPhone today. It took me back 12 years ago when this song was released. Whitney's "My Love Is Your Love" album was the first Whitney Houston album I owned thanks primarily to this song and it being so hip. This song was produced by Rodney Jerkins and became one of Whitney's biggest hit of the late 90s. Check it out!

Listening to this song you can tell it comes from a real place. By this point Whitney and Bobby's marriage was played out in the tabloids and rumors of Bobby's infidelity definitely inspired this song.

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Rihanna Unleashes Rockstar 101 Single Cover!

Rihanna had a time picking her proper next single which was a toss up between "Te Amo" and "Rockstar 101" but we all know what she went with. The cover is really nice and Rihanna is sort of looking like a superhero of some sort. As you all know Rihanna is currently on her "Last Girl On Earth Tour". Make sure you all check her out of course if that's your thing.

Nicki Minaj Chooses Your Love As Second Single!

The wildly popular; "Your Love" which leaked in its unmastered form three months ago has gotten the green light for the new Nicki Minaj single. The song recently debuted at #97 on the R&B charts and this week it sits at #100. A video for the song is said to be shot really soon. Make sure you be on the look out for that.

Lil' Kim has been pretty quiet on the music front give or take a few appearances here and there. Now I have learned that the rapper has signed with Violator Management(home of Mariah Carey and 50 Cent among others) to help resurrect her career.

R.I.P to legend Lena Horne. The legend died yesterday. She was 92 years old and she was one of the first black women to play before an all white band. Lena Horne was definitely before my time and a lot of peoples. I do remember when she guest starred on "The Cosby Show".
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