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Azealia Banks calls out Cardi B. over her #1 hit, "Bodak Yellow"

Jay Z claims he turned down an offer to perform at the Super Bowl next year and the NFL responded by offering a slot to Justin Timberlake. The question is will he invite Janet Jackson to perform? Remember the two famously performed(and stripped)in 2004 and it led to huge backlash and numerous fines for network CBS. I'm sure the censors will be in full effect as Justin performs. I would expect a PG rated show though from the former Disney star. 
Female rapper, Khia(song: "My Neck My Back") has called out singer, K. Michelle over her Lupus disease diagnosis. To sum it up, Khia basically feels that K. Michelle's revelation is straight up bullshit. Who knows? K. Michelle has yet to respond. But she was however quick to respond to Joseline and Azealia Banks in the past. K. Michelle is known for getting the girls together but she met her match in Azealia Banks(the two fell out when plans to tour together fell through) and I think she'd certainly would meet her match i…

Cardi B. hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Bodak Yellow"

Cardi B. is having the best week ever as her single, "Bodak Yellow" has FINALLY hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Bodak Yellow" is the first solo single from a female rapper to top the chart since 1998 when Lauryn Hill released "Doo Wop(That Thing)". Cardi has received congratulations from everyone from Missy Elliott to singer Taylor Swift(who sent the rapper flowers for her achievements). I would definitely say "Bodak Yellow" is the song of the Summer. Congrats to Cardi B. Now that Cardi has hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, people will be waiting to hear what Cardi has in store for us next musically. She was slated to drop an album in October but its since been pushed back to an unspecified date. I really think Atlantic needs to strike while the iron is hot! Either way I think whenever she releases her debut album it will be a success. I just don't think they should wait forever to release it.
Singer Tamar Braxton says her new …

Actress and friend of Brandy's says the singer is not pregnant

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm always keeping up with what's going on in popular culture but me coming here and discussing it(typing it) is a whole different story. I compiled the last week of news stories and speak briefly on some of those you have heard about and some you may of not heard about. So here goes...
Remember the rumors going around suggesting that singer Brandy was pregnant with her rumored ex-boyfriend(who's alleged to be married) lovechild? Well her friend, actress; Jenifer Lewis(show: "black-ish") was asked during a red carpet event if Brandy was pregnant and she replied "No!". So there you have it! Brandy is not pregnant! R&B group Xscape are heading out on tour this Fall with singer Monica and Tamar Braxton. The group also landed a reality show titled, "Still Kickin' It"(I believe) and it will air on the Bravo network directly after "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" starting on November 5. T-Bo…

Lil' Kim spotted in the studio with Remy Ma

Fans of Lil' Kim and Remy Ma are rejoicing after pictures surfaced of the two female rappers in the studio. Lil' Kim shared the pictures via her Instagram page as did Remy Ma. Both women are working on new albums but whose album will this collaboration appear on remains to be seen.
Janet Jackson has been back in the news thanks in part to her "State of the World" tour but she is also in the news regarding her impending divorce. Janet's brother, Randy has spoken out to People magazine saying Janet was verbally abused during her marriage. Janet's husband allegedly referred to Janet as a "bitch" during her pregnancy. I don't think its uncommon for a woman to be a "bitch" during her pregnancy but there were also rumors that Janet's ex-husband was "controlling". I wouldn't be surprised if that were true. He looks like the type. Remember a few months ago when everyone thought Brandy was pregnant and she quickly denied it? W…

Foxy Brown reveals she's a new mother

A few months ago word had spread that Foxy Brown had secretly given birth to a baby girl. Now one day after her own birthday(Foxy turned 39 on Sept. 6th), Foxy Brown reveals that she is indeed a mother by posting a picture of her baby girl on her Instagram page. Simply known as "Baby C" Foxy expressed her adoration for her new bundle of joy. There is no word on who the father is of Foxy's baby but if I had to guess I'd say its her longtime boyfriend, reggae star; Spragga Benz. Congratulations Foxy and Happy Belated Birthday!

In other music news...
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are said to be having a new baby arrive in December(or is it January) through a surrogate. Bobby Brown claims to have taught Michael Jackson how to Moonwalk and people are calling bullshit. T.I. is in the studio with producer Zaytoven(worked with Future) and he previewed a new tune via his social media page. 50 Cent and Remy Ma were spotted in the streets of New York filming an episode of 50 C…

Cardi B. readies debut album due in October

If you're one of the many people wondering when Cardi B.(song: "Bodak Yellow") is going to release her debut album, look no further. The feisty rapper revealed after a recent performance that her debut album will arrive in stores this October. There are not many other details at press time regarding Cardi's debut album. I am glad that Atlantic Records is deciding to strike while the iron is hot. "Bodak Yellow" is currently the #3 song in America. Typically labels like to put out multiple singles before an album's release but "Bodak" is too huge to ignore. If Cardi B.'s new album comes out and is a hit album, expect a certain female rapper to start feeling some type of way. Mark my words!
You have to have been hiding under a rock if you haven't heard the news regarding Cash Money rapper Lil' Wayne. The famed rap star reportedly suffered yet another seizure shortly before a performance. He was reportedly found unconscious in his hote…