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Remy Ma calls out Nicki Minaj at the Video Music Awards

Just when we thought Remy Ma was over her feud with Nicki Minaj, she adds more fuel to the fire. On Sunday's telecast of MTV's Video Music Awards, Remy Ma called out Nicki Minaj saying "Nicki, what's good?" during a recorded segment with former BET VJ(Video Jockey) Terrance J. In the segment, Terrance J and Remy Ma are standing alongside one another. Terrance J mentions how Miley Cyrus had just stepped on his foot and that was when Remy Ma uttered the famous words Nicki Minaj once recited at Miley Cyrus during the Video Music Awards a few years prior. Of course the gesture started making the rounds on the blogs and social media platforms. I mean I'm not mad at Remy for calling out Nicki. Nicki's been dissing Remy on most of her collaborations and I'm sure Remy has some fire for Nicki on her upcoming album. Like I've said time and time again, I like both ladies but I will speak my truth and not show any bias when I feel one is wrong or one is simp…

Bobby V. says he is being extorted by transgender woman

Bobby V.(song: "Slow Down") is going to court over claims that he was extorted by a transgender woman. Remember Bobby V. was caught with his pants down on video after an alleged tryst with a transgender prostitute. I can't believe this mess is being dragged into the courts. I think its pretty pointless. At the end of the day if Bobby V. does indeed deal with transgender prostitutes from time to time then that's his business. I don't think anyone really cares. I think people were more surprised he was caught on tape. People didn't seem to care that he messed with transgender women and I don't care either.
R. Kelly has come out and denied claims that he had sex with an underage girl(at the time) who says she was apart of his alleged sex cult. The woman in question spoke candidly on video detailing how she had to ask permission to do certain things(like eat, shit, sleep, and when to talk). There's so much speculation as to what's true and what's …

Solange quits social media amid racial tensions

Solange has had enough! The "Cranes In The Sky" singer recently deleted her Twitter account amid the racial tension and fights in southern U.S. Rapper MC Lyte(song: "Ruffneck") recently tied the knot in Jamaica. Many are surprised at the emcee's recent nuptials because it was believed that MC Lyte was gay(or bisexual). Congrats to MC Lyte and her husband! People have been talking about rapper Cardi B. and her choice words during a recent performance. Cardi B. said something along the lines of, people not really liking her but pretending to. Many felt that her words were aimed at Nicki Minaj. Cardi B. shot back denying the claim. Nicki Minaj even responded shutting down any talk of a rift. You know how people do? They have to pit the female rappers against one another as always. I think the fact that Cardi B. has a high charting single that's been compared to Nicki Minaj's highest charting single, "Anaconda", comparisons are likely? I'm sur…

Trina lashes out on Miami rapper via social media

Rapper Trina is known for her friendly and positive attitude but we saw a different side of her last night via her social media accounts. Miami rapper, KimBrocMics tweeted that Trina was not the only rapper in Miami. Trina caught wind of the tweet and called out "Kim". The two rappers traded insults and threats via Twitter before taking it to Instagram live. "Kim's" girlfriend also hopped on her own Instagram account and threw jabs at Trina. Perhaps the highlight of this whole debacle was Trina's Instagram live video calling out the women in the most distasteful way possible. Trina's response has since been retweeted and favored for Trina's outspoken nature concerning the bums.
While we continue to learn of Usher's alleged sexual history with some unknown girl, he has been in the studio working on new music. Usher's frequent collaborator, Jermaine Dupri aka JD posted a video to his social media account with music from Usher playing in the b…

Brandy's tribute to Whitney Houston turns into a social media disaster

Today marks the birthday of the late Whitney Houston' and super fan and friend, Brandy posted a tribute to the singer on her Instagram page. Once posted, Internet trolls called out Brandy for her choice of words when she said Whitney passed her the "torch". After catching wind of the comments, Brandy shot back at several of the commentators and also called out singer, Monica for not checking "her evil ass fans". Brandy believes that much of the hate in her comments are from Monica's fans(and it likely is). Brandy feels that Monica's fans are always trolling her social media pages. Brandy also stated that she's checked her "starz"(what Brandy calls her fans) for badgering Monica in the past and she should do the same. It is no secret that Brandy shared a really close relationship with Whitney Houston, so why should people criticize her for it? Whitney Houston also had a close relationship with Monica as well. Monica posted her own tribute e…

Usher's accuser speaks at live press conference

The woman accusing Usher of not disclosing his sexual history spoke in a live press conference with attorney Lisa Bloom by her side. The video clip quickly went viral and inspired a host of memes poking fun at the accuser.
Cardi B(formely of "Love & Hip Hop New York") current single, "Bodak Yellow" has just reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Cardi B. sets a record for the first female rapper to land a top 15 solo hit in some time. Congratulations to Cardi B. on her accomplishment! Could "Bodak Yellow" be poised to hit the Top 10 next week? Stay tuned.
"DeGeneres Queen" aka the "Feature Queen" bka(better known as) Nicki Minaj is also having a great week. Her collaboration with Future, "You Da Baddest" just became her 80th chart hit. At Nicki's rate she'll be celebrating her 100th hit in no time. Just think of all the collaborations Nicki has in the works that hasn't even been announced yet let alone …

Bobby V. says transgender woman extorted him

By now you've likely heard about R&B singer Bobby V. being caught on tape with his pants down. After an alleged sexual encounter with a transgender woman, the video of Bobby V. leaving the apartment quickly went viral. Social media was on fire. Snoop Dogg posted a video urging Bobby V. that they needed to talk. Former collaborator Yung Joc poked fun at the video by recreating it. Now Bobby V. has spoken out and says that he was "extorted" once the transgender woman found out he was a celebrity. He also said that he didn't know he was meeting a transgender woman. This debacle caused a major rift in the transgender community when comedian Lil' Duval appeared on the nationally syndicated radio show, "The Breakfast Club". Lil' Duval spoke about how transgender woman should reveal if they are transgender and failure to do so could result in someone getting hurt(or "shot" in his words). The comments sent shockwaves through social media and …