Bobby V. says transgender woman extorted him

By now you've likely heard about R&B singer Bobby V. being caught on tape with his pants down. After an alleged sexual encounter with a transgender woman, the video of Bobby V. leaving the apartment quickly went viral. Social media was on fire. Snoop Dogg posted a video urging Bobby V. that they needed to talk. Former collaborator Yung Joc poked fun at the video by recreating it. Now Bobby V. has spoken out and says that he was "extorted" once the transgender woman found out he was a celebrity. He also said that he didn't know he was meeting a transgender woman. This debacle caused a major rift in the transgender community when comedian Lil' Duval appeared on the nationally syndicated radio show, "The Breakfast Club". Lil' Duval spoke about how transgender woman should reveal if they are transgender and failure to do so could result in someone getting hurt(or "shot" in his words). The comments sent shockwaves through social media and a few transgender woman and supporters bumrushed a speaking engagement, Charlamagne Tha God("The Breakfast Club" show host) was a part of. While Charlamagne didn't speak ill of transgender women, he laughed at the comment(s) made by Lil' Duval and that was enough to upset people. Going back to Bobby V. though, today a picture posted of him and another transgender woman hit the Internet and also a video where he covered his face by placing a hood on his head. Then there was pictures of this said transgender woman where someone said that she's a real woman and she had a baby. She looks a little mannish to me personally but who knows? Bobby V. should just admit that he likes transgender woman. No one cares but him. People were actually on his side in this situation. People felt that the transgender woman was wrong and she's taken a lot of heat for it and has gone out of her way to try and clear her name. More on this as this messy story unfolds...or maybe we'll be lucky enough to get another video where we can see Bobby V.'s man parts! hahaha
It continues to be a bad week for the men of R&B. While Bobby V. continues to deny that he likes transgender women, R. Kelly's "sex cult" tour has been hurt by poor ticket sales. This is funny because, I had just read how ticket sales were still strong. In light of the sex cult allegations continuing to gain momentum, women are tired of being held captive against their will and supporting this monster. Rapper Vic Mensa(album: "The Autobiograhpy") said he feels R. Kelly should be in jail and I agree. But with him recently hiring Bill Cosby's attorney, he'll stay out of jail awhile longer.
So Bobby V. isn't the only celebrity out of the closet. Former G-Unit rapper(50 Cent's rap group), Young Buck was caught in the DM(Direct Message) of a gay celebrity stylist. In a conversation that was discovered online, Young Buck urges the celebrity stylist that things should remain discreet. He also mentioned that if the said behavior was to leak out many people would frown upon it. Just yesterday a video leaked out of Young Buck flinging some guy around in a fight. I wonder was it the gay celebrity stylist?
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