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Album Cover: Avant - Avant

Avant will release his Capitol Records debut, "Avant" on December 9. The album is preceded by first single, "When It Hurts" which is already a R&B hit. I don't have much info on the album right now. With Brandy's album also due on December 9 leaking last week, I'm sure Avant's will be leaking pretty soon. I'm not too big on Avant but I know the ladies love him.

Throwback Audio: Public Announcement - John Doe

I guess you can say I've been in a throwback mood. Well not really! Well at least as far as the blog is concerned. Remember the group Public Announcement? They were introduced to us as a part of R. Kelly's debut album, "Born Into The 90s". After the group disbanded from R. Kelly they ventured off still performing as Public Announcement. One of the most memorable(and really only) gems from the group is "John Doe". The song plays on the secret affairs of a couple who's aware that their mate is cheating. The song was not an intended single but thanks to radio received substantial radio play making it into a decent sized hit(#32R&B, #95Pop). Check it out!

Throwback Album: Chaka Khan - I Feel For You

Like the album spotlight, there will also be the Throwback Album. The Throwback Album will showcase an older album. One, that is at least 10 years old and considered a classic(in my eyes or by most people).

Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You" is one of my favorite albums of all time. It is an album that I grew up on as a child. It was an album I heard many a days while growing up. I liked the album as a child and would love it even more as I got older. What I like most about this album besides Chaka's extraordinary voice is the strong material present here. Though the material is very dated it was a very risky album for Chaka and it shows where music was and where it was going in 1984(the year I was born). The album yielded a few hits including the title track, "Through The Fire"; which was later sampled by Kanye West on "Through The Wire".

Many of the songs here are original but also contains a few unoriginal songs including the title track which was wri…

Album Spotlight: Fantasia - Fantasia

I remember it like it was yesterday. The initial reaction to Fantasia's 2006 self-titled sophomore album. The cover may of not been the most amusing but it was a definitely a work of art. As much as I love Fantasia there are so many things I would change about her image. I will save all that for another post. I am here today to put the spotlight on the "Fantasia" album.

Fantasia's much hyped second album, "Fantasia" was originally titled, "Young Girl Old Soul". It was the follow-up to her platinum 2004 debut which spawned singles such as "I Believe" and "Truth Is". As with all American Idol winners and runner-ups, there is never a huge push for their perspective albums. Usually the labels rely on the popularity of the winner not to mention "American Idol" itself. Had many of these former Idols been promoted properly most of them would be huger superstars and still have record deals.

The album opens with lead single, &qu…

Jamie Foxx Hits Us With A Double Whammy Of New Music

Audio: Brooke Valentine feat Jamie Foxx - T-Shirt & Panties
This is a remake of the Adina Howard classic which featured Jamie on the original song as well.

This makes the second song to be covered by Adina. The first song covered was "Freak Like Me". "T-Shirt" was never an official single but radio made it into an underground hit.

Jamie Foxx - Rainman
Newly leaked track from "Intuition" in stores next month.

Music Biz:
D'Angelo's Workout Plan!
R&B singer D'Angelo looks to be well on his way to a comeback next year.Currently at work on the follow up to "Vodoo," his Grammy Award winning album, D'Angelo is said to be heavily immersed in making the as-yet-untitled album a classic."This is the next level of his artistic expression. He is like a proud father and this album is his musical child. This album will be well worth the wait," says Dyana Williams, D'Angelo's spokesperson.In addition to the album, D'Angelo…

Ciara Is On To Other Things

So did you any of you all go out and shop on Black Friday? I did. I went out and got a lot of movies and some music(well just one cd). Anyway I went later in the day. I didn't get up all at 6 a.m. or anything like I have in the past. I will say I did miss out on a few good deals I guess had I got up earlier for certain movies. Upon closer inspection though I would come to find out the movies that were sold out, were ones I didn't want anyway. Well I will be doing more shopping today! I should be exhausted huh? Well not quite!

Audio: Ciara - I'm On
Newly leaked track from Ciara's ill-fated, "Fantasy Ride" album which was pushed back til Spring 2009.

Audio: Beyonce - Roc
Newly leaked track from the recording sessions of "I Am..Sasha Fierce". Produced by Stargate.

The title makes me think of "Roc" as in Rocafella. I think it is very interesting that the title is spelled like this too. It makes sense though. Cute!

Audio: Common feat Cee-Lo - Make My…

Video: Jamie Foxx feat T.I. - Just Like Me

Ashanti Shines At Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Video: Ashanti - Shine Live at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Audio: Sean Garrett feat Fabolous - He Act Up
New track from hit songwriter/singer.

This song doesn't sound too bad. The other songs I've head with the exception of "Grippin" were not good at all.

Music Biz:
Ludacris' Next Big Project!
"Musically, his next big project will be a Battle of the Sexes album
with rapper Shawnna from his Disturbing Tha Peace label. He says it's anotherway to challenge himself creatively. "There's never been a mainstream album done together by a male and female rapper," Ludacris says. "It's time to let people know just how crazy her lyrics are."

India Arie Is On Chocolate High

Audio: India.Arie feat Musiq - Chocolate High
New single from UniversalRepublic recording artist. Features Musiq! From her new album, "Testimony: Vol 2, Love & Politics" in stores this February.

I remember when India.Arie was all the rage when she first debuted. It seems like the machine behind her in the beginning has cooled down significantly. She is still around though and that's all that counts.

Audio: Keri Hilson - Promise In The Dark
Newly leaked track from singer/songwriter. This might be possibly included on her serially delayed album, "In A Perfect World".

I think Keri's label should of just released her album behind, "Energy". It was a moderately successful single. I was expecting more from Keri musically since she had Timbaland and Polow Da Don on board. I think she needs some harder tracks.

Audio: Soulja Boy feat Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
2nd single from his upcoming album, "iSouljaBoyTellEm" in stores December 16, 2008.


Ashanti Commits A Musical Crime

Okay so I'm listening to the new Brandy album and I'm really liking it. I don't have a favorite Brandy album cause I like all her albums equally. I am liking this though despite all the negativity I was reading about it. I guess at the end of the day you can't please everybody.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Audio: Ashanti - Crime
Here is a newly unlreased track from Shani's "The Declaration" album.

I remember Ashanti bragging about this song in interviews prior to the album's release. Obviously the tracklisting was reworked a bit because a lot of the songs Shani talked about never made the cut.. Regardless 'The Declaration' was one of my favorite albums of 2008!

Audio: Joss Stone - Govermentalist
Here is a newly recorded song by Britian's soul goddess. The song was written and recorded exclusively for president elect Barack Obama as a request.

Joss is one of the few artists who has no hit singles…

Brandy's Human Leak Outrages Fans

Wow! 2 weeks before its release and Brandy's "Human" album has leaked online. The early reception to the album has been less than thrilling. As a Brandy fan I had been disappointed with a lot of the leaked songs so in turn that let me know I wasn't going to be too thrilled with the new album. Since I am a fan(and not the biggest one I once was) I will listen to the album in full before passing judgement. The promo for this album has been awful. It seems like Brandy's personal life continues to overshadow her music.

Black Friday(the day after Thanksgiving) is almost here! I have been seeing various commercials all day from basically every national retailer! So with that said...what are you doing? Are you going out? Are you staying in? Are you shopping this weekend or what? Well I will more than likely probably just wait until Saturday and I will probably just get some little things here and there....mostly movies and music. I have spotted a few other things I might…

Lloyd Plays Up On His Loveryboy Status

Hello all! I have two updates full of new music. Check it out! I'm heading out of town after I type this up. I will be updating but they may or might not be as constant as they are now. If I don't get to say it later everyone have a blessed and safe holiday weekend.

Audio: Lloyd - Loverboy
Newly leaked song!

It is kind of sad how quickly Lloyd's last album, "Lessons In Love" came and went. The album tanked miserably. It wasn't as solid as an effort as "Street Love" and sad to say I was expecting that.

Audio: The-Dream - Rockin That Thing
1st single from his "Love vs Money" album in stores next month.

Audio: Common feat Kanye West - Punch Drunk Love
Produced by Pharrell Williams! From his new album, "Universal Mind Control" in stores soon.

Bobby Valentino Hits Us With A Double Whammy Of New Music

Audio: Bobby Valentino - Butterfly Tattoo
Newly leaked track from his "Rebirth" sessions which is the title of his upcoming album coming soon.

When I first saw the title I thought of "Slow Down" because he sings about the girl having a "butterfly tattoo". I notice how Bobby Valentino is always singing about ass. I guess he loves him some ass!

Audio: Bobby Valentino - I Don't Need
Newly leaked track from his new album, "Rebirth" or from the sessions of that period.

A lot of Bobby's songs are starting to leak and this lets us get a taste of what we can expect from his "Rebirth" album.

Audio: Jamie Foxx feat Lil' Wayne - Number One
Newly leaked track from Mr. Foxx from his upcoming album, "Intuition" or sessions from that period.

Music Biz:
J. Holiday Goes For Round 2!
R&B singer J. Holiday is back and asking his fans if they're ready for "Round 2."Aptly titled "Round 2," the name of his new album …

Chris Brown Is Froze In Time

Audio: Chris Brown - Froze
Newly leaked track from Chris Breezy.

Chris has so many songs leak time and time again, its hard to keep up. A lot of the songs are said to be demos for other artists and some for hisself.

Audio: Bow Wow feat T-Pain - Dirty Girl
Newly leaked track from his upcoming album, "New Jack City 2".

I'm iffed about his album title. It was the "Price Of Fame" which was not bad but "NJC2" makes no sense? Where is part 1???

Audio: Young Jeezy feat Pharrell - Rumor Has It
Newly leaked track from the Snowman himself.

It's been awhile since I heard Pharrell on a hook. Trends in rap and R&B come and go and Pharrell on a hook was one of those many trends. Maybe it is one that might come back. I do like Pharrell and him on hooks are usually good!

Music Biz:
Chris Brown Wants Madonna!
LOS ANGELES – Chris Brown wants Madonna on his next album.The 19-year-old crooner says the Material Girl would be his dream duet for a track on his upcoming CD &qu…

Brandy Has A Surprise Ending...But To What?

Audio: Brandy feat Lonny Breaux- Surprise Ending
This is a newly leaked track from Bran Bran. This was more than likely recorded during the sessions for her "Human" album in stores December 9.

Audio: Ciara - The Fit Of Love
This is another leaked song from CiCi possibly from her "Fantasy Ride" sessions.

As you know "Fantasy Ride" has been pushed back to spring 2009. This is a nice little song and is a lot better than a lot of the leaked material from earlier this year. I read that Ciara scrapped "FR" and is doing a different album but we'll see when it comes out.

Audio: Plies feat Sean Garrett - Street Lights
Newly leaked track from his "Da Realist" album in stores December 16.

Kanye West also has a song called "Street Lights" but the songs are about two different things. Plies speciality is more hood and sex tales. The song isn't that bad but it's not moving me like that. I am eager to hear his song with Ashanti though …

The-Dream's New Brain Of Thought

Audio: The-Dream - Right Side Of Ya Brain

Music Biz:
Janet Jackson's Superbowl Case Returns!
It’s been almost five years since Janet Jackson flashed her nipple during the Super Bowl halftime show broadcast, but the controversy still rages on! The Federal Communications Commission has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a lower court ruling that threw out the FCC’s half-million dollar fine against CBS. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in July that the FCC’s huge fine violated the Commission’s policy of not punishing broadcasters for “fleeting” moments of objectionable content. But the FCC says the Circuit Court misinterpreted an old FCC rule about profanity (the rule said that an expletive had to be repeated before it would be considered “indecent.” The FCC has since changed that rule.)
Patti LaBelle Cooks Up A Storm!
Patti LaBelle has released her third cookbook, Recipes for the Good Life. It’s got instructions for over 100 dishes and personal stories from throughout Pa…

American Music Award Video Performances: Beyonce, Rihana, and Kanye West

Hello all! I apologize for not updating yesterday. It wasn't until last night that I realized there was no update for Sunday. I say this because the headline states that this site is updated daily. I have been so busy and working 50 hours a week, I do manage to fit time to update the blog. Thank you all for your continued support over the last 2 years! Now today I have 3 of many performances from ABC's telecast of the "American Music Awards". There are plenty more performances floating around but I decided to showcase some of my favorites and the ones I thought were the most amusing. Check them out!

Single Ladies

This is the best performance I've seen so far of the song. Though its clear Beyonce missed a cue she quickly got back in line. I loved her energy in this song and she totally took it there for me.


Though Kanye didn't look so into this performance I liked how he included his song titles from "808's & Heartbreak" into the backgr…

Throwback Video: Jay-Z feat Foxy Brown - Ain't No N!##a

Check out this rare video of Jay-Z & Foxy Brown as they perform their 1996 hit, 'Ain't No Nigga' on BET's classic show "Video Soul". The song peaked at #17 R&B and #50 Pop and appeared on Jay-Z's classic debut album, "Reasonable Doubt". Enjoy!

Album Spotlight: Ciara - The Evolution

One of my best friends is one of the hugest Ciara fans around. When the demo leaked of "Go Girl" he knew it wasn't Ciara on the song. It sounded like her to me but I just figured her voice was altered. Anyway go back two years ago this time and we were grinding to Ciara's hit single, "Promise". The silky smooth R&B track produced by Polow Da Don was one of the hottest songs to come out of 2006. It was the lead single from Ciara's "The Evolution" album which also spawned the singles, "Like A Boy" and "Can't Leave 'Em Alone" featuring 50 Cent. Sure there were many other more suitable singles but they scrapped for the aforementioned singles.

The album opens with the Lil' Jon produced, "That's Right" which features Ciara in a somewhat monotone and plainative vocal. The song also featured a video that was unreleased but later made the rounds.

"Like A Boy" the album's 2nd single featured …

Album Cover: Jamie Foxx - Intuition

Jamie Foxx returns to the music scene with his new album, "Intuition" in stores this December. The album is lead by first single, "Just Like Me" featuring T.I. Right now I don't know much more info about the album. I am thinking it may get pushed back though but the first single is starting to take off.

It was this time three years ago when Jamie Foxx released his "Unpredictable" album which went head to head with Mary J. Blige's "The Breakthrough" album. It was a Kanye West/50 Cent like showdown that resulted in a #1 album trade-off between the two artists for weeks at a time. So are you looking forward to a new Jamie Foxx album? Ladies I know you are! Do you think Jamie will do well this time?

Slim's Good Lovin Won't Go To Waste

Video: Slim feat Ryan Leslie & Fabolous - Good Lovin
Second single/video from Slim's debut solo album, "Love's Crazy" in stores now!

This is one of my favorite songs on Slim's new album. I haven't got to listen to the album all the way through yet but this one is one of the standouts. I have noticed that Ryan Leslie and Fabolous have been collaborating a lot lately. I am assuming that Ryan will more than likely do some production work on Fabo's upcoming album, "Loso's Way".

Video: Solange - T.O.N.Y.
Third single/video off her "Sol-Angel & The Street Hadley Dreams" album.

This is one of my favorite songs from the album.

Music Biz:
Janet In Japan!
Despite all the drama which surrounded the US leg of Janet Jackson's critically acclaimed 'Rock Witchu' tour, it has been announced that the 42 year old superstar will be taking to tour to Japan next year. In her first tour stop there since 2002, Janet will perform in Saitama,…

Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day Strikes Out On Her Own

Video: Aubrey O'Day Interview
Former Danity Kane member talks exclusively about life after Diddy and more.

You gotta give it to Aubrey. She really keeps herself busy and out there. I know she caught a lot of shade for it while she was in DK. I understand now why she was branching out so she could see some money since DK probably wasn't seeing much as a group.

Video: Angie Martinez Show Promo Spot
BET will premier "The Angie Martinez Show" on November 24 11: 30 PM ET/PT.

I didn't see this coming. I like Angie Martinez so I might give the show a watch!

Audio: Kid Sister - Get Fresh
New song from the Chicago rapstress. Her new album, "Dream Date" is due in stores November 25(not sure if the release date has been changed or not). I will have to check it out! Where's the promo?

This song is pretty cool. Kid Sister really reminds me of 80s rapstresses like Monie Love. Her style is very witty and playful and recalls the days of Hip-Hop when it was fun and not so s…

Jamie Foxx's Hard Work Has Been Paying Off

Check out Jamie Foxx as he graces the cover of Men's Fitness! It is safe to say that Jamie has been in the gym and even gives his best 50 Cent impression(his facial expression). Jamie has a new album, "A Man's Intuition" in stores this December. It is lead by first single, "Just Like Me" featuring T.I.

Audio: Bobby Valentino - Pull It Off
New track! Produced by Timbaland.

This song is okay. I'm realizing a lot of Bobby's songs sound the same even when he is paired with different producers. None of his songs have yet to top, "Anonymous" and "Slow Down" which are some personal favorites of mine.

Video: Big Boi On Chelsea Lately
Outkast member visit E's resident late night comedienne!

Music Biz:
Justin Timberlake Not Working On New Album!
Contrary to some reports issued, Justin Timberlake is not gearing up for a new album. In fact a spokesperson for the "My Love" singer says he hasn't recorded any new material -- at least…

Rihanna Gets Hot + Steamy With Justin Timberlake

Video: Rihanna feat Justin Timberlake - Rehab
Check out the new video! It is the 57th video from RiRi's "Good Girl Gone Bad" album.

The "Good Girl Gone Bad" album released in June 2007 has yielded 6 hit singles; 7 if you count "Rehab" which is sure to become a hit. As for the video, Rihanna looks absolutely gorgeous and the video is visually appealing. Easily one of the best videos this year!

Audio: Lil' Kim feat T-Pain - Download
New track! Produced by Ace 21.

This song isn't too bad. I wish Kim sounded more into the track though but her lyrics are good.

Music Biz:
50 Cent Back On Big Screen!
50 Cent plays a ruthless loan shark in the London gangland movie "Dead Man Running," which began shooting today (Nov. 19). Also cast are Brenda Blethyn ("Secrets And Lies") Tamer Hassan ("Layer Cake"), Danny Dyer ("The Business"), and Monet Mazur ("Stoned").Writer/director Alex de Rakoff's script details th…

Jamie Foxx/Trey Songz Offer Up New Music

Audio: Jamie Foxx - Tell Ur Story
Newly leaked track!

This sounds like it was produced by Mario Winans. The vocals also sound like Mario Winans demoed it. This song will possibly be included on Jamie's upcoming album, "A Man's Intuition" in stores this December.

Audio: Trey Songz - So Fly
This is a take on Slim's "So Fly" song.

Trey can't leave no one's song alone. He is also redoing someone elses' song. I'm kind of tired of it but it does keep his name out there. Add to the fact that he is a featured vocalist on a bevy of R&B and rap releases. Trey is paid!

Music Biz:
Michael Jackson Sick!
Michael Jackson might be too sick to travel to London to testify in a suit claiming he owes an Arab sheikh $7 million, the pop star's attorney said today (Nov. 18). Jackson is seeking to give his testimony by video link from the United States. "It would be unwise for him to travel, given what's he's got now," lawyer Robert Englehar…

Marques Houston New Music + Behind The Scenes Footage

Audio: Marques Houston - Tonight
As always all the track that leak are new to my knowledge. Check it out!

I'm assuming this is an upcoming track from Marques' album, "Mr Houston" in stores next year. This song gives me an early 90s vibe. It's very upbeat and energetic and would do great on pop if it were back in the day. I do like it though and I'm a fan of Marques cause I like his albums.

Audio - Kanye West -Say You Will
Check out this newly leaked track. This is the opener to Kanye's upcoming album, "808s & Heartbreak" album.

I have liked just about every song from this album. I think I'm in love mostly with his "to the left" approach as I like to call it. That refers to when an artist is different or doesn't stick to what's expected of them. Only Kanye!

Video: Marques Houston - Sunset(Behind The Scenes)
Check out this exclusive footage.

I didn't even know there was a video for this song. Talk about no promo! "Sunse…

Beyonce Strikes Again, Luda's MVP, Trey Songz

Today is November 18 and Beyonce releases her highly-anticipated 3rd album, "I Am...Sasha Fierce". The album is lead by singles, "If I Were A Boy" and "Single Ladies". I just read that Beyonce's 2nd urban single will be "Diva". The album's 2nd pop single is said to be "Halo". I remember "Ego" being touted as the 2nd urban single but they switched it up. I actually like "Ego" and Kanye West was rumored to be featured on the track and a potential remix.

Audio: Ludacris - MVP
Produced by DJ Premier. From his upcoming album, "Theater Of The Mind" in stores November 24.

The audio is not the best but you get the idea. The song is not bad but I'm not really checking for Luda like that.

Audio: Trey Songz - Together
Another newly leaked track from Trey. There is also an unknown female vocalist on the track.

This song sounds like it could be produced by Dream. More than likely this song might be included on Tr…

Mya's New Vid, J Holiday Sings, Ne-Yo

Video: Mya - Paradise
Check out Mya's new video!

This new album will only be released overseas. Something tells me though American audiences will here it very soon. As we know Mya hasn't had much luck here. Her last album, "Liberation" was shelved after two lackluster singles. Now Mya has signed to Manhattan Records and will release her new album on December 2.

Audio: J Holiday - Sing 2 U
Here is another newly leaked track from the Capitol Records recording artist.

This is an okay song. I haven't been feeling too many of J's latest leaked tracks.

Audio: Ne-Yo - All Day Long
Here is another newly leaked track from the new Babyface.

I'm assuming that all these recently leaked tracks are leftovers from "Year Of The Gentleman" or an upcoming album in the works. I say this because Ne-Yo does release an album just about every damn year.

Music Biz:
The Grammy's Nominations Go Live!
"The Grammy Nominations Concert Live! - Countdown To Music's Bigge…

Album Spotlight: Kelis - Tasty

This is one of my favorite albums of all time so its only right for me to spotlight this album. I take it the majority if not all readers have heard of Kelis and "Milkshake" right? Well anyway her album, "Tasty" is the album that the hit single derives from. I'm really picky when it comes to music and who I like. This is the album that initially made me fall in love with Kelis. This is also the album that made me go back and discover her previous albums. I was actually listening to this album today and recalling how great it is to me.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Kelis was ruling the airwaves with her hit single, "Milkshake". It was truly the first song from Kelis I actually liked. It was also the same song that would later influence me into buying my first Kelis album. I can remember an old friend of mine playing the album for me and I was so blown away. It was unlike anything I had ever heard for that time. I was easily impressed with eve…

J Holiday Leads The Pack Of New Music

Audio: J. Holiday - It Is Yours
Here is the first single from J Holiday's upcoming album. I have no info on his upcoming album at presstime.

Audio: Ginuwine - My Last Chance
This is a new track. It is produced by Adonis and B. Cox. The song was written by Johnta Austin.

I didn't quite care much for this track. You would think with this combination of producers and writers attached you wouldn't go wrong, think again!

Audio: Omarion - Get Her
Here is another newly leaked track from Omarion.

This song isn't too bad. I like Omarion especially since I liked his "21" album so much. I haven't been to particular about his recently leaked material, but this one is cool.

Music Biz:
Jive Records Speaks On Ciara's Push Back!
Originally due out late last summer before getting bumped to Dec. 9, Ciara's third CD, Fantasy Ride, has now been delayed until next year. Blame it on the disappointing performance of the first single, "Go Girl," featuring and produced …

Beyonce Talks To The Single Ladies....Again

Video: Beyonce - Single Ladies Live
Check out Queen Bee as she performs her hit single live on "Saturday Night Live".

Audio: Mario feat Young Chris - Before She Said Hi
Here is another new track from Mario. Mario is slated to have a new album released at the top of next year.

Mario's songs leak so much its ridiculous. I thought I read him say these songs wouldn't be on the album but that couldn't possibly be true. I know some of them will surface on the new album.More than likely some of the songs will just be reworked and titles will change.

Music Feed: Rap's Most Wanted

They are some of rap's biggest stars! They also happen to be some of rap's most targeted and troubled stars. We can assume because of their star power, they are an unfair target. We can also assume that celebrities do what they want and get away with damn near everything. Unfortunately rap stars can't escape jail as there has been an alarming rate of arrests in the last few months. I take a look at some of rap's troubled stars and why exactly are they so troubled. It is a subject that has been on my mind lately which influenced this post.

Snoop Dogg
He is the King of Cool. No one is my book is cooler than Snoop. He has been very successful over the last 15 years. The last few years of Snoop's career has been dogged by numerous arrests and run-ins with the law. It just doesn't add up. How can the King of Cool always come under such scrutiny? Is it because he is rich and famous? Does Snoop still possess a lot of the bad boy qualities he exhibited nearly15 years ago…

Toni Braxton Melts Our Ears With New Music

I was just thinking about Ne-Yo. Is Ne-Yo the new Babyface and the new Michael Jackson? Surely both stars are irreplaceable but the media is always looking for the next big thing. Anyway I relate Ne-Yo to Babyface surely because of his songwriting and his ability to write for virtually any artist. He is also a solo artist who is successful in his own right even rivaling some of his own written compositions for others. As far as the Michael Jackson comparisons go, Ne-Yo clearly isn't the only male artist influenced by Mike. When you hear a lot of Ne-Yo's songs though they recall you of early Michael Jackson. Seeing Ne-Yo perform also recalls Michael Jackson. Of course his dancing isn't as elaborate as say someone like Usher or even Mike, but the influence is clearly there.

Audio: Toni Braxton - Melt
This is a new track from Toni Braxton. I'm assuming the track is produced by Rodney Jerkins.

Toni was recently featured on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" where s…

Ne-Yo Wants Us To Think About It

Audio: Ne-Yo - Think About It
This is another new track from the hit singer/songwriter.

I am assuming a lot of these recently leaked songs from Ne-Yo are leftovers from his "Year Of The Gentleman" album. I will say that I do like this song.

Video: Nicki Minaj Interview
The Queens rapstress talks about her upcoming album, mixtapes, and why she is all the rage in the streets!

I do love Nicki's swagger cause it reminds me a lot of Foxy(who Nicki is a huge fan of). I also will be glad once Nicki releases an album.

Music Biz:
Damon Dash Broke?
Damon Dash the former co-founder of Rocafella Records and Recawear is reportedly broke. Reports say his $7.3 million condos and cars were seized by Eastern Savings Bank after failing topay $78,504. Dash also owes the government money. He owes $2.1 million to the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance.Atlantic Records Partners With GAP!
Atlantic Record stars Flo Rida, Trey Songz, and Janelle Monae will be partnering with Gap this holiday sea…

Throwback Audio: Monica - Angel Of Mine

Hello all! I was skimming through YouTube looking for one thing when I always land upon another. In this case Monica's "Angel Of Mine" was one of the many results from my search. Since I was unable to find a video, you will have to live with the audio. If you recall the video, singer Tyrese appeared as Mo's love interest. The song, was a hit, going to #1 on the Pop charts. Monica has said before that this song is one of her favorite songs to perform.

Throwback Video: Ciara - Promise Live

This is a performance of "Promise" on David Letterman back in 2006. The song is one of Ciara's biggest R&B hits going to #1 on the R&B charts. This song and accompanying video marked a slight change at how we viewed Ciara. Before she was very shy and withdrawn but with this album("The Evolution") and single, she was sexy and assured of the woman she had now grown into.

Plies Proves That He Is Da Realist

Check out the new album cover for Plies' 3rd album, "Da Realist" in stores December 16. The album is lead by 1st single, "Put It On Ya" featuring Chris J. The album sports collaborations from Ashanti and Sean Garrett. Slip-N-Slide is definitely on a roll. Fellow labelmates Rick Ross & Trina also have new albums scheduled for next year.

I think most of us have seen the new Kanye West, "808s & Heartbreak" album cover but if not here you go. It's a pretty basic cover but the title itself is more revealing than anything. The last year for Kanye has been a difficult one with the death of his mother and his multiple arrests.

Audio: Ciara - Explode
This is a new track from CiCI. Produced by Tricky Stewart(worked with Rihanna). The new album,"Fantasy Ride" will be released early 2009.

Audio: Ne-Yo - Voicemail
This is a new track from Ne-Yo. It was produced by The Stereotypes(worked with Foxy Brown).

When I first heard this beat I was pleasantl…

Rappers Keep Getting Arrested

What is it with rappers getting arrested all the time? I'm really tired of reading and hearing about rappers getting arrested. What led me to this discussion was Kanye West being arrested in again. It is the second time he got arrested in the last few months. I don't like seeing our top rappers getting arrested then its glorified as a good thing. It sends a bad message out to aspiring rappers and fans(particularly young children) that its ok to get in trouble with the law. I know no one is perfect and people slip up every now and then but this is getting ridiculous.

Sometimes I feel like its purposely done to prove something. It's like trying to prove that everything that say in their lyrics are true(when half the time its just lies and excessive bragging).

2009 will be here before you know it. While the first few months are primarily slow for music,2009 may just bring about change. New albums from 50 Cent, Usher, Ciara, Jay-Z, Monica, and Trina are all set to drop in the 1s…

Christina Milian Shows Us Her Funny Side

Video: Christina Milian Takes On B. Scott
The lovely Ms. Milian pokes fun at blogger B. Scott. Check it out!

Video - Brandy - Long Distance Behind The Scenes
Brandy is on the set of her new video which will be debuting very soon.

I'm really liking this song but I don't get too excited about videos these days.

Music Biz:
Kanye West Speaks Out....Again!
“Britney Spears over Rihanna? Are you serious? I mean f****** Jared Leto? He’s my boy but he shouldn’t have won over some of those other artists. I won nothing last year and I’d brought out Stronger. Then this year, just because I was there, I won best urban act. This was L’IL WAYNE’s year.”India Arie Returns!
Grammy Award-winning R&B/soul singer India Aire is set to return with the highly anticipated follow up to her 2006 hit album "Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationships." Slated for release Feb. 10, "Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics," follows the singer's multi-platinum 2006 album, an effort th…

Ryan Leslie Knows How Its Supposed To Be

Audio: Ryan Leslie - How It Was Supposed To Be
Here is another new track from Mr. Leslie.

I like Ryan Leslie but alot of his material(lately) has been bland and very samey. I always said Ryan's beats sound like they came right off the computer. Who knows? I'm not feeling this song too much.

Video: Joe Budden Shops
The controversial rapper goes shopping. Check it out!

Suge Knight Sues Kanye West!
Hip-hop’s most notorious figure, Marion “Suge” Knight, is suing hip-hop’s reigning rapper, Kanye West, over a 15-carat, $135,000 diamond stud earring that was stolen from him three years ago. According to the lawsuit filed on September 12 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles, Suge blames Kanye for allowing someone to smuggle a gun past security at West’s pre-MTV VMA party in Miami back in 2005, where an unknown person shot Suge in his upper right leg, shattering a bone and stealing his earring.

Ghostface Returns!
Ghostface Killah blends classic tracks with remixes and new verses on the upco…