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Throwback Video: Janet Jackson Discusses SuperBowl!

Some of us remember it like it was yesterday when Janet Jackson's breast was exposed during the 2004 SuperBowl. Here, on "Oprah", the singer opens up about the incident reportedly for the first and last time. Check it out!

You can check out Janet in the new Tyler Perry movie, "For Colored Girls" in theaters October 15.

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Album Spotlight: Eve - Ruff Ryder's First Lady/Let There Be Eve


When Eve arrived in 1999 with her debut album, "Ruff Ryder's First Lady", she was a contrast to the sexually charged persona of Lil' Kim & Foxy Brown. This made her music stand out and gain attention.

Eve released the debut single, "What Y'all Want" followed by the official first single, "Gotta Man" and last but not least, "Love Is Blind" which struck a major chord with many listeners.

This is one of the few albums I used to own and I don't know what happened to it. One of my favorite songs on here was actually a skit, "My Enemies" which in my opinion should of been a whole song.

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Artitst Spotlight: Eternia - A Day In The Life

Eternia performs in Toronto with two of her favorite rappers Maestro Fresh & Tona. Check it out!

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Ciara - Speechless Video

Ciara is back with the new video to her second single from her upcoming album, "Basic Instinct" in stores and online this November. I'm not sure on the exact date because it changes every other day.

The video was very nice and I like the profile in black and white.

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Album Review vs. Album Spotlight

I felt compelled to address this so I wouldn't confuse my readers. I simply wanted to explain the difference between the Album Review feature and the Album Spotlight feature.

The Album Review feature is just something that I started. The Album Review will consist of reviews on newly released albums; its pretty self explanatory. But to expand on that I will share my personal thoughts on that said album. Other information about the album will be shared such as the guests and my personal favorite songs.

The Album Spotlight feature; you should all be quite familiar with at this point. I simply profile albums that I feel are worthy of mentioning. Most of the album are albums I own, or have owned at one point or another. Any personal story I have relating to that album is also shared.

I inform you all on information such as the singles released(from that album), any certifications(gold, platinum) the album may have, etc.

So I hope that clears up any confusion. Thank you all personally for v…

Album Review: Trey Songz - Passion, Pain & Pleasure


Trey Songz makes a pleasing effort to explore the three words in his latest album titled, "Passion, Pain & Pleasure".

You can definitely feel the passion burning in songs such as "Love Faces", "Alone", and "Massage".

Pain is explored on "Can't Be Friends", "Please Return My Call", and "Made To Be Together".

Pleasure can be felt and heard on "Red Lipstick", "Unusual", and "Unfortunate".

You have an album that plays on Trey Songz strength as a ladies man but also his sensitive side.

I find the album thoroughly enjoyable and better than "Ready". I have read many people say this album was rushed but I digress. The album recently debuted at #2 on the Pop charts giving Trey his highest peaking album and first week sales, 240K. Trey is to be commended on that.

Special guests: Nicki Minaj, Drake

Standout Songs: "Alone", "Massage", "Red Lipstick", &quo…

Throwback Video: Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl

In 2004, Teedra Moses released the video for the single, "Be Your Girl" taken from her debut album, "Complex Simplicity". Over the years Teedra Moses has developed a following. While the public awaits her next album, "The Young Lioness", Teedra has held fans over with countless mixtapes and interviews.

If your unfamiliar with Teedra Moses she is also a famed songwriter working with Christina Milian(on "Dip It Low"), Mary J. Blige, Macy Gray, and Nivea.

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Chris Brown Goes All Out For Dueces Remix!

For his #1 R&B single, "Dueces", Chris Brown is going all out for the remix planned which he hinted at last month. For the remix, stars including T.I., Kanye West, Andre3000, and Fabolous will take part in that. If I am forgetting someone it was purely coincidental.

There will also be a video shot for the remix as well. Be on the look out for that!

According to Internet myths and rumors, Nicki Minaj's next single is "Right Thru Me". I haven't exactly read any confirmation but this is what I'm reading quite a bit.

I just heard the song yesterday and its like "Your Love" Part 2 and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It ended up being a real big hit for her so why not capitalize on it even more. At the same time though there is the song "Check It Out" featuring which was performed at the 2010 MTV VMAS. The song also debuted on the Pop charts last week.

Nicki Minaj and are currently shooting a video for the song …

Chris Brown Upset Over Leaked Video!

I know artists get upset when their music is leaked but apparently their videos too. Hey! I thought it was supposed to be out!

Chris Brown is not a happy camper as news spread about his new video for the song, "Matrix" leaked out! Chris Brown took to his twitter account and you can pretty much figure out the rest. Read more below as well as news on Rihanna's new video and her duet with ex-boyfriend, Drake.

R&B singer Chris Brown's action-packed mini movie for "12 Strands: Matrix" debuted in full on his official blog, The video showcases Brown fighting for his life as he is seen throwing punches and kicking some butt in the Collin Tilley-directed "pay-per-view" clip.

The online premiere also gave web hijackers a chance to bootleg the video, which Brown expressed his frustration over.

“Ya’ll bootleggin’ this video already,” Brown tweeted before removing it. “Thats effed up. I give ya’ll free music all the time. Ya’ll could…

Rihanna Unveils New Album Cover!

The only thing "Loud" on the cover of Rihanna's new album is probably her red hair. Otherwise she looks soft, lustful, and ready to channel her inner diva; something I'm sure she has no problem doing.

"Loud" will be online and in stores on November 16. You've already heard the first single, "Only Girl(In The World)" which is currently the #3 song in the country.

Music Biz:
Jermaine Jackson Child Support Woes!
The waxiest of the Jacksons is telling a judge that he’s still too broke to pay child support. According to a TMZ exclusive, MJ’s older brother just asked a judge for a break on the amount of child support he has to pay for two of his son’s, Jermajesty and Jaafar.

Jermaine just filed new child support papers in L.A. County Superior Court — obtained by TMZ — grousing that he’s expected to pay $3,000 a month in child support for sons Jaafar and Jermajesty … even though his average monthly income for the last year has been under $1,100.


Album Spotlight: New Edition - Home Again


New Edition's "Home Again" was released in 1996. It was one of the first CD's added to my collection. The album featured the first single, "Hit Me Off". The second single was "I'm Still In Love With You". For the third single, "You Don't Have To Worry" was released.

The album starts off with one of my favorite songs, "Oh Yeah It Feels So Good". Some of my other favorites include, "Shop Around", "Tighten Up", "How Do You Like Your Love Served", "You Don't Have To Worry", and many more.

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Album Review: Donell Jones - Lyrics


"Lyrics" is the newest album from Chicago bred artist, Donell Jones. Over the years Donell has been pretty quiet as he left label, Jive. Now the singer is back on an indie label and its safe to say he hasn't lost his touch.

I can't say I'm the biggest Donell Jones fan but this album is thoroughly enjoyable and I mean all the songs. Its a good song to play at night when traveling on the road or when your chilling with that special someone.

A lot of the songs have a message about them; war, deceit, love, etc. You should check this one out!

Special guest: Yung Joc

Standout songs: "Oh How I Wonder", "Blackmail", "Love Like This", "The World Is Yours", etc.

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Mariah Carey Takes A Tumble On Stage!

This video has pretty much been all over the news with good reason. Anytime a star like Mariah Carey performs on stage and falls, its a big deal. Luckily for her she wasn't hurt bad or took a huge tumble like Beyonce did a few years back.

While singing her hit single, "Make It Happen", Mariah tumbled on stage and like the trooper she is, she played it off as if it were part of the act. You gotta love Mariah!

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Chris Brown - The Matrix Video

I read that this is the first of twelve mini movies by Chris Brown. I remember reading about this before. I can't say I'm too impressed by it or really gave it a chance but this is for all the fans of Chris Brown.

By the way I saw Chris Brown over the weekend in his movie, "Takers" which I thought was just alright. It reminded me a lot of a movie I saw the prior weekend, "The Town".

Music Biz:
Mariah Carey Speaks About Falling On Stage!
She may have fallen onstage, but Mariah Carey's not letting anyone or anything inadvertently reveal whether she's pregnant.

The pop sensation tumbled onstage during a Singapore concert Saturday. The 40-year-old diva sat there for a moment before one of her backup dancers helped her up.

Carey, who had been belting out "Make It Happen," quipped "I meant to do that" before an assistant rushed to relieve the singer of the high heels that likely led to her fall. Ever the performer, Carey finished her 90-min…

Artist Spotlight: Rihanna

On November 16, Rihanna will release her latest album, "Loud!". The album will feature her first hit single, "Only Girl(In The World)" which is currently the #3 single in the country. In addition to that she appears on the #2 single in the country the Eminem single, "Love The Way You Lie".

Seeing Rihanna's name in the upper echelons of the charts is no longer a surprise. Year after year she has turned out a multitude of hits that has resonated with America and beyond.

Thanks to her unique sense of fashion and hit making sensibilities Rihanna has become a superstar.

With her new single impacting and new album on the rise, the buzz for Rihanna has reached a fever pitch. Sporting a brand new red hairdo, Rihanna is poised to take over once again. Are you ready?

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Album Spotlight: Tweet - It's Me Again

"It's Me Again" is Tweet's second album released in 2005. The album was executive produced by Missy Elliott who also produced the first single, "Turn Da Lights Off".

There are a lot of great songs here on an album that went unnoticed. There is the slow, mellow groove of "Iceberg"(one of my personal favorites), "Steer", "It's Me Again(Intro), and many more. It's been awhile since I gave this album a spin but just thinking about it might change that.

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Lyfe Jennings In Court Room Prior To Sentencing!

So we've all heard about Lyfe being sent back to prison for three years after a domestic dispute and leading police on a high speed chase after firing several shots.

Lyfe's newest album, "I Still Believe" debuted at #6 on the Pop charts last month. The singer said in press statements this would be his last album and now we see why.

Music Biz:
Ne-Yo Pushes Album Back!
Ne-Yo won’t be celebrating his album release on his birthday after all. The R&B crooner has pushed back its release by one month so he can fine tune the project.

Libra Scale, the gentleman’s fourth effort, has a revised drop date of November 22, which is the Monday before the traditional Tuesday release. This is typically when the year’s biggest projects are released, with albums from Nicki Minaj, Akon, and Lloyd Banks expected to arrive the same week. The concept album was originally set for September and then moved to October 19 to coincide with his 31st birthday.

The father-to-be has booked sev…

Ludacris Featuring Lil' Scrappy - Everybody Drunk Video!

Ludacris releases the fourth single and fourth video from his gold album, "Battle Of The Sexes". Below you can read about Ludacris and his work on a new album.

Music Biz:
Ludacris Starts Work On New Album!
Ludacris is "just starting to work" on his next album, which he's already dubbed "Ludaversal." And save for acknowledging that he's doing some work with the Neptunes, that's all he wants to say about it.

"We're just getting started, so I don't want to give too much information in terms of direction and stuff," the Atlanta rapper tells "I'll have that information soon. I just don't want to give people the wrong impression."

Ludacris did say, however, that as on his current album -- "Battle of the Sexes," which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Rap Albums charts in March -- he'll likely work with an array of producers and will be open again to the kind of "hungry, up-and…

Throwback Video: Laid Back - White Horse

I'm not sure how familiar you all are with this song but the song has been sampled numerous times. One of the samples that come to mind for me is Monifah's 1998 hit, "Touch It" which is basically the same track.

The song is about saying no to drugs but in such a unique and interesting way. I remember when I first heard the song at a family function. A lot of the older folks including my Dad got on the floor and were bugging out to this song. I was sitting there in amazement listening to this strange song about a "White Horse" and the constant use of the word "bitch". It was definitely interesting. Many years down the road I would come to appreciate it for the classic that it is known to be today.

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Keri Hilson - Breaking Point Video

Keri Hilson's new album is called, "No Boys Allowed" and "Breaking Point" already plays on the album's title. I'm not sure when the album is coming out but very soon more than likely. Be on the lookout for it!

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Nelly - Just A Dream Video

Nelly is back with his new single which is already a top 10 Pop hit and his new album, "5.0" will be in stores November 2 or 16. I can't remember. I have to double check for you all.

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Album Spotlight: 702 - No Doubt


"No Doubt" was 702's Motown debut which was released in 1996. It contained the first hit single, "Steelo". "Get It Together" was the album's second single. I'm forgetting the other single because I believe there was one more.

The album went gold as well as all the singles. 702 was hailed as the new Supremes being that they were signed to Motown Records.

The album contained 10 tracks but they are all thoroughly enjoyable with songs produced by Donell Jones & Missy Elliott.

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Artist Spotlight: Naughy By Nature

The members of the trio Naughty By Nature are back! Check out these two exclusive videos from the famed Hip Hop trio!

Naughy By Nature - I Gotta Lotta
Produced by Lady & A Tramp

Naughty By Nature feat. Bilal - FLAGS

Beyonce To Premiere New Single In Three Weeks!

Really? I can't say I'm surprised. I knew Beyonce was supposed to release new music this year. According to The Dream, Beyonce's new single will be out in three weeks. The singer/producer took to his twitter account and expressed his love for the new single which he described as "insane". You all ready for a new Beyonce album?

Ne-Yo has mentioned that he is working with B. Producer Jim Jonsin(produced T.I.'s "Whatever You Like") expressed interest in working with Beyonce as well on the new album.

Usher is releasing "Lay You Down" as his next single from his "Versus" EP. The song will impact radion on September 28. Usher currently has a slew of hit songs on radio right now which is typical of him.

I'm just wondering who pushes out singles quicker? Usher or Trey Songz?

Lyfe Jennings most recent album, "I Still Believe" debuted nearly a month ago and it was hailed as his last album. Now with the singer being sentenced to t…

Sunshine Anderson Plugs New Album!

I previously reported that singer Sunshine Anderson is back with a new album, "The Sun Shines Again" in stores November 2(which she mentions in the video). This is Sunshine's third album overall. Her new single, "Lie To Kick It" was the #1 most added song on Urban AC(Adult Contemporary) radio last week. Congrats to her and its nice to have her back in the industry!

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Monica Chooses Third Single!

Monica has chosen "Here I Am" as her third single from her gold album, "Still Standing". The radio version will feature Trey Songz. "Here I Am" was originally planned to be the second single but was favored for "Love All Over Me" which was a huge hit. "Here" was produced by Polow Da Don and he is executive producing her new album.

Avant's new album will be titled, "The Letter" and not "Wake Up" as I previously reported. The album will be in stores on December 7. The first single is "Kiss Goodbye". The singer will perform the new single on September 28 on "The Mo'Nique Show", the same day it will impact radio. Be on the look out for that.

Cee-Lo will release his new album, "The Lady Killer" on November 9. The album is led by the single, "Fuck You" which is taking off on radio and YouTube. Radio version of the song is "Forget You".

Gucci Mane Reveals New Album Cover!


Gucci is back with a new album which is the follow up to last years; "The State vs. Radric Davis". The new album features collaborations with Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, Swizz Beats, Rodney Jerkins, Drumma Boy, and more.

The collaboration with Pharrell and Nicki Minaj recently leaked out titled, "Haterade".

Music Biz:
Aretha Franklin's Son Beaten At Gas Station!
A son of Detroit’s Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, was attacked at a gas station near Plymouth and Evergreen on Monday night on the city’s northwest side, a spokeswoman said this morning.

Eddie Franklin, 52, was attacked by three people – two men and a woman – and was undergoing emergency surgery, Franklin spokeswoman Gwendolyn Quinn said this morning. She did not release the name of the hospital, and his condition wasn't immediately known.

No additional details were available about the attack, Quinn said.

Detroit Police said they were looking into the matter but had no other information.

Eddie Frankli…

Throwback Video: Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before

It was nine years ago when Sunshine Anderson released her debut single and video, "Heard It All Before". The song was an instant hit. Sunshine's Anderson's debut album, "Your Woman" went gold.

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Avant Readies New Album Release!

Avant is returning with a new album, "Wake Up" in stores and online December 7. The singer will release, "Kiss Goodbye" as the album's first single. The singer is now signed to Verve/Universal Records.

Avant's album is just another album to add to the list of album being released this Holiday.

Mary J. Blige is working on a new album which is slated to be released this January. The new album is tentatively titled, "LuvHer". A few songs including "Break Up To Make Up" have leaked out and Mary has said the songs are just that; leaks. Had the song took off, it would of became the first single! Am I right or wrong? Make sure you be on the look out for the new Mary J. Blige album.

Anita Baker will be honored at this years Soul Train Music Awards which will air on BET and Centric on November 28 at 9 p.m. eastern time.

Last year's show was pretty good and it was hosted by Terrance Howards and Taraji P. Henson, who both hosted last year.


Faith Evans - Gone Already Video

Faith finally unleashes the video for her debut single, "Gone Already" from her upcoming album, "Something About Faith" in stores and online October 5.

Last night I heard a preview of the album and I liked all the snippets.

Album Spotlight: Changing Faces - All Day All Night


You all remember Changing Faces right? This 1997 album was their second release on Atlantic Records. The album's first single, "G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T" was produced by R. Kelly. The album also featured the single, "All Of My Days" featuring Jay-Z.

I remember when my sister had this album and she was apart of the BMG Music Club. She would always have the latest albums and this was just one of many. I would sit and listen to the title track which was one of my favorites.

Mariah Carey Releases New Christmas Album Cover!


There had been the rampant speculation that Mariah Carey would drop a Christmas album this year and it is true. Above you see the album cover for the new Mariah Carey album, "Merry Christmas II You" which is a sequel to her 1994 classic album.

The new album will contain four new tracks including the first single, "Oh Santa". The album will also feature a rerecorded version of her #1 hit, "All I Want For Christmas Is You". Also there are covers of "The First Noel" and "Little Drummer Boy"(which is one of my favorites).

Mariah's voice has definitely changed over the years so I can only imagine how these sound but I hope she is belting out and truly putting her spin on these Christmas classics.

Throwback Video: Tamia - So Into You

I really don't remember this video much but I've always liked the song. Years down the road Fabolous remade the song with Ashanti and later Tamia.

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Jazmine Sullivan Releases New Album Cover, Tracklisting!

Jazmine Sullivan returns on November 2 with her new album, "Love Me Back" featuring production from Ne-Yo and Missy Elliott; who did the first single, "Holding You Down".

Unlike Jazmine's debut album, "Fearless", I'm actually anticipating this album and I hope it will be good. There's really no doubt in my mind that it won't be good. A lot of new albums are dropping towards the end of the year conveniently in time for the holidays.

1. Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles)
2. 10 Seconds
3. Good Enough
4. Don’t Make Me Wait
5. Love You Long Time
6. Redemption
7. Excuse Me
8. U Get On My Nerves
9. Stuttering
10. In Vain
11. Famous
12. Luv Back Music Biz:
Bruno Mars Arrested!
Bruno Mars’ burgeoning career hit a bump when he was arrested for suspicion of narcotics possession early Sunday morning in Las Vegas.

The hitmaker, born Peter Hernandez, was taken into custody around 2:40 a.m. after security officials at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino allegedly con…

Nicki Minaj Appears On COMPLEX Magazine!

Seeing Nicki Minaj on any cover of a magazine is no longer surprising as she is all over the place, musically. Her new album, "Pink Friday" will be in stores November 23. The album's first single, "Check It Out" features and was recently performed(for the first time) on MTV's 2010 VMAS.

Shontelle Performs Impossible On Jimmy Kimmel!

Shontelle is burning up the charts with hit single, "Impossible". After this video you can check her out as she performs, "Perfect Nightmare".

Music Biz:
Mary J. Blige Talks Upcoming Album!
Mary J. Blige has switched it up in recent years, collaborating with hot young voices like Drake and Trey Songz and even trying her hand at rapping. The nine-time Grammy winner has pretty much conquered the R&B game, so it's fitting that her next effort will take listeners back to some of the classic Mary sounds that started it all.

"Swizz [Beatz] and I, [we're] in the studio cooking up something real nice," Blige told MTV News backstage at the VMAs. The songbird, who hit the stage on Sunday with Swizzy and Drizzy for "Fancy," revealed that she and the super-producer are crafting sonic heat similar to her first two studio albums but plan to update the vintage Blige sound. "[It will be] more like [What's the 411?], My Life 2011, '12. It…

Music Feed: Like A Tattoo

Say what you will about tattoos but everyone seems to have at least one. When it comes to celebrities particularly musicians, we see more and more with extensive tattoos hence the title, like a tattoo.

The following ladies mentioned below are all musicians in their own right and they are not only known for their music but for their love of tattoos.

One look at Fantasia's body and it is clear that she has a love for body art. The more we see her, the more tattoos she seems to get. Often times her tattoos are airbrushed in certain photo shoots.

Tattoo body areas include: lower arm, hand, calf, foot, etc.

Lil' Mo
Not only is Lil' Mo known for telling it like it is, she is known for her extensive tattoos.

Tattoo body areas include: right arm sleeve

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown has been adding tattoos to her body for the last 10 years and it seems like the more we see her, the more tattoos she seems to get as well.

Tattoo body areas include: foot, calf, right and left arm, upper back, …

Album Spotlight: Pink - Can't Take Me Home


Pink debuted on the scene with 2000 album, "Can't Take Me Home" which was a hybrid of R&B/Pop music. The album was led by single, "There You Go" which was co-written and co-produced by Kandi. For the second single, the Babyface produced, "Most Girls" was released followed by "You Make Me Sick" as the third and final single.

"Can't Take Me Home" was executive produced by Babyface and L.A. Reid. Pink displayed a lot of her fiery personality on this album which she is known for today. The album is thoroughly enjoyable. Maybe one of these days Pink may reach back into her R&B roots but given her success as a rocker chick; that's less than likely.

Some of my favorite songs on the album are, "Hell With Ya", "Split Personality", the title track, "Private Show", "Let Me Let You Know", and many more.

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Throwback Video: Olivia - Bizounce

Before Olivia was part of G-Unit she was the first artist signed to Clive Davis' J Records. She released her debut album, "Olivia" in 2001 and this was the debut hit single.

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Kelly Rowland - Forever & A Day Video

Kelly Rowland has released her third video thus far for her upcoming album to be released next year. I hope no more videos are released until the album's release. Personally I like Kelly as a R&B artist, she just needs the right material.

Now playing: Rick Ross - Blowin' Money Fast (B.M.F.) (f
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Jeremih Reveals New Album Cover!

Jeremih will release new album, "All About You" on September 28. The album features the first single, "I Like" featuring Ludacris which is a favorite of mine right now. The album also features 50 Cent on the song, "Down On Me".

It seems to me like Jeremih has better success at songs about sex; it might just become his stock in trade.

Music Biz:
Ciara Talks Collaboration With N.E.R.D.!
Ciara and N.E.R.D. blazed the stage when they performed the band's sultry single "Hot-N-Fun" at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. When MTV News caught up with the ATL princess on the show's white carpet, she dished that fans could be rocking to a white-hot collaboration between CiCi and the hip-hop crew in the future.

"We're talking about doing a couple of things. We've been in the studio a little bit too, just, like, talking about things and stuff," Ciara said. "In the future, it's very possible that you'll be hea…

Chris Brown Reveals New Album Title!

Chris Brown just announced that his next album will be titled, "F.A.M.E." and reportedly it was announced over the radio. Chris is riding high right now with single, "Dueces" which is the #1 R&B single in the country for two weeks and running. Chris' new single, "Calypso" is reportedly hitting very soon so be on the look out for that.

So what exactly does F.A.M.E. stand for? Fuck All My Enemies? Ha! That would be something huh?

Keyshia Cole is returning to the music scene with a new album reportedly titled, "Keyshia" to be released this December. The first single is expected to drop next week. The album is supposed to be reminiscent of her debut album. We'll be the judge of that huh?

I like Keyshia's debut, "The Way It Is" then she lost me along the way. I know my sister is a big fan but hopefully she can win me back over.

Syleena Johnson is returning with a new album, "Chapter 5: Underrated", which marks her fift…

Tank Releases New Single!

The new single from Tank recently released and its called, "Emergency" and its from his upcoming album, "Now Or Never" which will be in stores December 14.

Listening to the song you will notice it sounds a lot like another sound Tank wrote, Pleasure P's "Under".

Dondria will release, "Where Did We Go Wrong" as her third single from her recently released debut, "Dondria vs. Phafffat". Make sure you look out for that.

I haven't had a chance to hear Dondria's debut album but I haven't had much of an interest in hearing it really.

Sunshine Anderson returns with a new album, "The Sun Shines Again" in stores and online November 23. The album's lead single, "Lie To Kick It" was produced by Mike City(who produced her debut album).

I have Sunshine Anderson's debut album which is a really good album. At one point she was associated with Mathew Knowles' Music World imprint but we all know how that usuall…

Trey Songz Chooses Next Single!

Trey Songz has chosen "Love Faces" for his third single off his new album, "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" in stores now.

People(including myself) have said time and time again that Trey is releasing singles too fast but that's just the name of the game these days. Trey mentioned during the MTV VMAS awards telecast that he will be going on tour with Usher. I guess if this new album doesn't do well, Trey always has his tour money cause he definitely stays on tour.

This Just In: The new album is said to debut at #2 next week with an estimated 220-230K units. "Ready" debuted last year with 131K units. Go Trey! The album is definitely hot!

Fantasia will return to TV when the second season of "Fantasia: For Real" will air on VH1 September 19. Be sure to check the exact time as I'm not sure off top. Fantasia will also be heading on a 30 city tour with singer Eric Benet. The dates will be revealed soon.

Now playing: Rah Digga - V…

Nicki Minaj Talks To OUT Magazine!

Not only does Nicki Minaj grace the new cover of OUT magazine but she talks candidly about everything from her musical influence, female rappers, and her range of personas.

Nicki Minaj's debut album, "Pink Friday" will be online and in stores November 23.

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Album Spotlight: Janet - The Velvet Rope

Janet Jackson is one of the few artists who conjures up a level of excitement which each album release. 1997's "The Velvet Rope" was certainly no exception. I remember me and my friend sitting watching MTV and they were set to premiere the video to first single, "Got 'Til It's Gone" featuring Joni Mitchell & Q-Tip. It would be one of the first Janet albums I bought.

For the second single Janet released, "Together Again" followed by "I Get Lonely". There were also videos released but not physical singles for "Go Deep" and "Everytime"(which is one of my favorite Janet videos for more than one reason).

"The Velvet Rope" would prove to be one of Janet's most controversial albums next to 2001's "All For You" mainly due to its various topics; homosexuality, abuse, masturbation etc. but that's what Janet became known for; her discussion of various topics in songs.

Some of my favorite song…

Kelly Rowland - Rose Colored Glasses Video

Just a day after I posted the behind the scene footage, the actual video has been released. Check it out!

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Producer Spotlight: Shep Crawford

Shep Crawford is a rarity among R&B producers. He is severely underrated. He has produced some very great songs over the years. Only a handful of his actual productions are released as singles, making him somewhat of a solely album track producer.

Check out some of the songs he is responsible for:

Nobody's Supposed To Be Here, Deborah CoxMe, TamiaIncomplete, SisqoI'd Rather, Luther VandrossDreaming, 98 DegreesIt's Gon Be Nice, Yolanda AdamsWait A Minute, Heather HeadleySleep In The Middle, Blu CantrellSame Script, Different Cast, Whitney Houston/Deborah CoxI Showed Her, O-Town----------------
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Marques Houston - High Notes Video

Marques Houston's newest album, "Mattress Music" is online and in stores now. "High Notes" is the album's third single.

Personally I would of opted for "Mess" as the next single. It is one of my favorite songs on the new album. If you haven't heard the new album, check it out. It is good!

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Kelly Rowland Behind The Scenes Of New Video!

It seems as if Kelly Rowland is always shooting some video. Unfortunately her new album won't be out until next year. BTW the video is for the single, "Rose Colored Glasses".

Music Biz:
Jennifer Lopez Snag Idol Deal!
It was nearly a month ago that J-Lo’s “outlandish” demands and pay out from American Idol fell through. Now she’s back on. J-Lo snagged a $12 million dollar paycheck for the next season of American Idol. She is be also joined by new judge Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler. According to People,

Lopez’s $12 million contract, which was first reported by, comes two weeks after DioGuardi confirmed she was leaving the show, following in the footsteps of both Simon Cowell and new judge Ellen DeGeneres.
According to the report, Lopez was hoping for movie and TV development deals to accompany and even larger Idol salary as well as input about her new co-judges, but Fox made no commitments and she settled for a cool $12.
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Album Spotlight: Jaguar Wright - Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul

"Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul" is Jaguar Wright's second album. She is perhaps best known for her appearance on Jay-Z's "MTV Unplugged" special. "Divorcing" only housed one single the catchy, "Free". That song alone caught my attention and made me seek out this album. Believe me it wasn't easy to find but when I finally found it, I was eager to listen to it.

The album title is pretty self-explanatory. Jaguar was one of the many singers who was pegged under the "neo soul" category. Desperate to relieve herself of the daunting title, Jaguar came up with the interesting title which should be enough to draw you in.

Jaguar houses some pretty big talent here including Raphael Saadiq, Mike City, Scott Storch, Chucky Thompson, Carvin & Ivan(worked with Musiq), and James Poyser(worked with Mariah Carey).

Some of my favorite songs here include, "Let Me Be The One", "So High", "Ecstacy", "Been Here Be…

Timbaland's Brother Sebastian Speaks On New Album, Jay-Z!

You might of gotten a taste of Sebastian through some various Timbaland productions. Now the rapper is out on his own and in the process of releasing a new album. The rapper talks about new album, Timbaland, Jay-Z, Eminem, and more. Check it out!

You can check out host Jakk Doe at the following links below:

Artist Spotlight: KM - Make You Mine

For those of you who follow the blog regularly, I profiled rapper KM awhile ago. Now he is back with some new music, he wants to share exclusively with the readers here at Cigna's Sights & Views. Make sure you check out the new music as well as the links provided below to further acquaint yourself with this upcoming star!



Listen on YouTube

Check out KM at the following links:

Music Feed: MTV VMAS Recap 2010

So last night MTV aired their annual award show for the VMAS which honors excellence in videos. Last night's big winner was Lady GaGa winning eight of the thirteen awards she was nominated for. As usual she had a variety of outfits and the most talked about was her "meat dress" when she got presented an award from Cher.

Nicki Minaj performed on the pre-show performing "Your Love" and "Check It Out" featuring Will.I.Am which I take it is her newest single.

As far as performances Eminem performed "Not Afraid" and then "Love The Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna. Rihanna's appearance was more of a surprise when she appeared opposite of the main stage in her red signature wigs she's been wearing lately.

Taylor Swift put me and everyone else to sleep as she performed a song about Kanye acting a fool last year. I think many of us wanted him to interrupt that segment.

Usher performed a medley of hits as well including, "DJ Got Us Fa…

Fantasia Releases New Single Cover!

Check Fantasia out looking lovely on the single cover for new single, "I'm Doin' Me". The singer recently performed the song on "The Wendy Williams Show" as well as other media outlets. The song is the opening track on her new album, "Back To Me" and one of my favorites.

Album Spotlight: Truth Hurts - Ready Now

I remember my friend gushing about this album and I was a little skeptical to be honest. I remember when another friend of mine bought Truth Hurt's first album, "Truthfully Speaking" and spoke about how disappointing it was. We pretty much have the same taste in music so you can understand my skepticism. But this was another friend I'm talking about and me and her musical tastes weren't much different.

Finally I took a listen to Truth Hurt's second album, "Ready Now" and I actually liked it. It didn't hurt that I was already a fan of her first single, the title track. Also noteworthy was a slew of songs including, "Ride", "Phone Sex", and "Catch 22".

This is a severely underrated album but one you should check out. The album was solely produced by Raphael Saadiq and if you are a fan of his production work, that is reason enough to check the album out. You won't be disappointed!

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Throwback Video: Kelly Rowland - Can't Nobody

"Can't Nobody" is one of my favorite songs from Kelly Rowland. It was the second single from her gold debut album, "Simply Deep" which was released in 2002.

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Spragga Benz Speaks On Upcoming Album!

With an all star cast(including Nas and Jazmine Sulliva)for his upcoming album, Spragga Benz talks about the reggae community and his relationship with Foxy Brown.

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Kelly Rowland Speaks On New Album!

Kelly Rowland is still promoting her new album which is now due next year. Read below for a little more info on her new album and her personal style. Also find out about Aretha Franklin's upcoming biopic and Petey Pablo's arrest.

BCBG is an abbreviation of the French phrase “bon chic, bon genre,” which translates to “good style, good attitude.” Kelly Rowland embodied both attributes as she rocked the BCBGMAXAZRIA front row this morning in a pale yellow and grey minidress, accessorized with copper highlights in her new ‘do.

Rowland–who first won fame as a member of the singing group Destiny’s Child–describes her personal style as “always combining chic and street together, like my favorite piece in the collection today, that had all those beautiful lines cut into it.”

Max Azria, who also designs Herve Leger and MAXAZRIA, told us backstage that what distinguishes BCBG from his other collections is that it is “younger.” The show, which began with “Be My Lady,” was a retur…

Faith Evans Behind The Scenes Of New Video!

The new single, "Gone Already" is slowly climbing up the R&B charts. Once the video is released, hopefully it will catapult it to the upper echelons of the charts.

Its safe to say that Faith Evans has her Internet promotion on lock. Every other day we're treated to an exclusive radio interview or some behind the scenes footage. Now if she would only start gracing some TV shows, she should be cool as far as her album setup.

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Album Spotlight: Shanice - 21...Ways To Grow

Shanice's "21...Ways To Grow" is an album that I've always liked and since its release has remained a relatively obscure album. The biggest single from this album was the second single, "Turn Down The Lights" which reached #21 on the R&B charts and features background vocals from Babyface.

At the time of the album's release in 1994, Shanice was 21 hence the album title. The album's first single was the funky, jazzy, "Somewhere". Other singles included, "I Wish" and the others are on the tip of my tongue but I just can't remember.

Some of my favorite songs are "Don't Break My Heart", "I Wish", "I Like", "Somewhere", and "Turn Down The Lights".

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Throwback Video: Chris Brown - With You/Take U Down Medley

Chris Brown has had a couple of memorable BET Awards performances over the years. In 2008 the singer performed a medley of hits including "With You" and "Take U Down" which features a red-hot dance off with Ciara.

Chris Brown has the #1 R&B song in the country with "Dueces" and a new song, "Calypso" is said to be leaking very soon. Make sure you be on the look out for that!

Nicki Minaj On OUT Magazine Cover!

Nicki Minaj is all over the place as she gears up to release her debut album, "Pink Friday" on November 23. Check her out on the cover of OUT magazine. I swear there are so many magazines in existence, I think every once in awhile I hear of one I hadn't heard of before.

Faith Evans Hits Up Radio Station To Promote New Album!

No disrespect to Faith Evans because I do love her but if you've seen one Faith Evans interview, you've seen them all. Blame to interviewers though. They ask artists the same questions over and over. I think they get a list of questions their allowed to ask and then what their not allowed to ask or what the artists feels or is comfortable talking about.

New Faith album, "Something About Faith" in stores and online October 5.

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