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Nas' New Album Cover, Danity Kane Tour

Check out the new album cover for Nas' controversial "Untitled" album or "Nas" album whichever title they decide on. As you know the album was formerly referred to as "N*gger". Meanwhile Nas recently premiered his "Be A N*gger" video last night at a recent function. I'm sure the video will make its way online very soon if it hasn't already. Nas has insisted that recent objections from Reverend Al Sharpton didn't force him to change his album title.

Video: Danity Kane - Lights Out [Live]
Danity Kane started their tour last night in New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom. Danity Kane performed one of my favorite songs from their gold album, "Welcome To The Dollhouse". Enjoy!

Audio: Rihanna - Disturbia
Here is a new track from Rihanna from her "Good Girl Gone Bad" rerelease in stores June 17.

Music News
It looks like Toni Braxton won't get to finish her "Revealed" tour after all as it's been cancell…

Brandy Escapes, Solange Decides on BET

Audio: Brandy - Escape
A snippet of this song leaked awhile back and now here is the full version. Reportedly the song was recorded before Brandy's "Afrodisiac" version. Singer Kiley Dean, who has worked closely with Brandy and Timbaland recorded this song as well. Enjoy!

Music News
The long awaited premiere of Solange's "I Decided" video will premiere on BET's "Access Granted" on June 5. Solange's album, "Sol-Angel & The Street Hadley Dreams" will be released on August 26. The album houses collaborations from Q-Tip, Bilal, Pharrell, Lil' Wayne, Mark Ronson, and Floetry's Marsha Ambrosius just to name a few. As mentioned previously Solange's 2nd single is "Sandcastle Disco". I am looking forward to Solange's album as I've said before. I hope she doesn't disappoint.

Keri Hilson will release her debut album, "In A Perfect World" on September 23. The album is preceded by first single, &quo…

Kanye X3, Ashanti Leaks, Lil' Kim Mixtape

Video: Kanye West - Flashing Lights [3rd Version]
How many versions of this video that are in existence is unknown to me. This video kind of reminds of "House Of Wax" a little bit.

Music News
Trina has chosen "Hot Commidity" featuring Rick Ross as her album's 3rd single. It is the latest off her "Still Da Baddest" song which is a pretty hot CD. Y'all should check it out if you haven't.
Surprisingly none of Trina's singles have taken off at radio. Hopefully this new single might do the trick. I'm surprised though most albums don't go beyond 2 singles if neither does really well. Well more power to Trina!

Ashlee Simpson has finally confirmed that she is pregnant! The singer wanted to wait to her first trimester was over before announcing the news. I guess that is fair enough! You know so many artists are having these shotgun marriages. I know some type of record has been set with this. Ashlee...Mariah...Beyonce...Halle....who's next? …

T.I.'s Show, Usher #1, Missy's Fans, T-Pain

Reality shows aren't going anywhere as critics quickly denounced them as a fade. Rapper T.I. will have his own reality show to air on MTV. The show will revolve around T.I.'s recent house arrest, his impending probation, and his work on his new album, "Paper Trail". There is no word on when the show will air.

As expected Usher is set to have the #1 album next week as "Here I Stand" is expected to sell between 425-450K units in its first week. This is clearly a far cry from the million plus "Confessions" sold in its first week but then again this is not that album or that era.

As you know Missy Elliott has named her new album, "Fanomenal" and the first single is called "Act A Fool". I don't know when Missy's album is coming out but I'll let you know when I do. Ok?

Lil' Wayne has chosen "Got Money" featuring T-Pain as his 2nd single as "The Carter 3" streets on June 10. It's definitely going t…

Usher Flips, Joe Budden Speaks, Ciara Leak

Video: Usher on TRL
Usher stops through MTV's "TRL" to talk about new album, "Here I Stand" and unexpectedly goes into a huge tirade regarding the recent rumors that have bombarded him. A must see! Usher is truly a diva!

May 27,2008

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Video: Joe Budden Interview
Budden talks exclusively about success in the music industry. It's a no holds barred account of how the music industry really is.

Rapper Joe Budden was formerly signed to Def Jam before going independent. He has a made a name for himself through various mixtapes. He has appeared on songs by Kelly Rowland and Marques Houston to name a few.

Audio: Ciara - Click

This is yet another leaked song from Ciara's upcoming album, "Fantasy Ride". If these songs keep leaking at this rate, the album will more than likely be pushed back or pushed up depending on how first single, "High Price" fares.

Music News
Ray J was kicked out of a hotel when it was discovered he was in pos…

G-Unit Talks, Keri Hilson's Energy, Usher

Video: G-Unit dishes the dirt on BET's "106 & Park" hostess Rocsi.

This is pretty stupid to me. Men sleep around and are not labeled "hoes" but women are.

Audio: Keri Hilson - Energy

This is the first single from the famous songwriter who has a huge internet buzz. Keri's album, "In A Perfect World" will drop in September. The song sounds pretty good. I can see this being a hit due to its crossover appeal.

Audio: J. Holiday - I Know Love

This is a nice midtempo ballad from J. Holiday.

Trick Daddy has left long time label Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Records! The rapper is now signed to Cash Money! Trick was unhappy with how Atlantic promoted his last album. No surprise there! You know how many artists are unhappy with their label due to promotion. I think the artists need to start promoting more too and not relying so much on the label all the time.

If you watched last night's "Flavor Of Love 3: Reunion" you were in for quite a surprise, thats …

Pussycat Dolls Grow Up, Chris Brown Duets

Check out the new album cover from the Pussycat Dolls. The new album, "To Those Who Wait" will be in stores August 5. The album is preceded by first single, "When I Grow Up". The album houses collaborations from Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett, Rodney Jerkins, and Timbaland. You looking forward to the new Pussycat Dolls album?
Chris Brown & Rihanna are said to be duetting not only in bed but on a song. It's no surprise that Chris Brown is the go-to man for a hit single these days.

VH1's Shay "Buckeey" Johnson of "Flavor Of Love 2" is the subject of a sex tape that has leaked! Click here to view the shocking footage! This is definitely her too. I know her voice!

Kanye Flashes, Bow Wow Acts, Ashanti

Video: Kanye West - Flashing Lights (2nd Version)

While this is easily one of the better and most popular tracks on Kanye's "Graduation" CD, the song flopped on radio. Now

Kanye is releasing the 2nd version of this video! Enjoy!
While this is easily one of the better and most popular tracks on Kanye's "Graduation" CD, the song flopped on radio. Now Kanye is releasing the 2nd version of this video! Enjoy!

Bow Wow has named his new album, "H.I.M. (History in Making)" which is set to be released later this year. You can catch Bow Wow in the new season of HBO's "Entourage" as well as "Patriots" with Forest Whitaker.

Ashanti's "The Declaration" will be in stores on June 3. Preview the album before it hits stores and leaks online! Click here to hear sample the new album.

Lil' Kim Breathes, Ashanti Streets, Ray J Out

Happy Friday everyone! Whether your going out to the club, working, going out town, or relaxing enjoy your holiday weekend! Stay safe and be blessed!

I have included some of the newest songs to hit the internet. Of course this is the only way I can post these songs up and get away with it. I used to post tracks that you could download but the record companies watch this site! Enjoy!

Audio: Lil' Kim - Respirator

This is a buzz track from the Queen Bee. She uses the ever popular vocoder made popular in recent years by T-Pain.

Audio: Ashanti - In These Streets

Taken from her "The Declaration" album in stores June 3. I am loving this song right now!

Audio: Yung Berg feat Ray J - Exotic

After the success of "Sexy Can I" its no surprise these two hooked up again. No pun intended! Anyway this song features the chorus of Ray J's "Exotic" from his "Raydiation" album. The only difference here is the lyrics to the chorus are slightly modified and are long…

LL's Exit, Beyonce's Bond, T-Pain's Fingers

LL Cool J will release his last album on Def Jam entitled, "Exit 13". The album is preceded by first single, "I Cry" featuring Lil' Mo. Doesn't this title sound familiar? Didn't Ja Rule have a song with Lil' Mo called "I Cry"? That's pretty ironic. If you are curious as to what the title means it refers to LL's 13th album and his "exit" from Def Jam.

Beyonce is in talks to perform the new upcoming theme song for the new James Bond movie. Beyonce is stepping in for Amy Winehouse who passed on the offer. Beyonce also reportedly admitted to being married sort of but insists on keeping the details of the union secret.

T-Pain will be releasing his new album, "Thr33 Ringz" on September 30. The album is preceded by first single, "Snap Yo Fingers" featuring Lil' Wayne. The album is being produced with the help of Akon. Look for the video and song to hit very soon.

The Pussycat Dolls has named their new album,…

Mary J Grows, Ashanti Switches Up On Nelly

I just read that Mary J. Blige is re-releasing her platinum, "Growing Pains" album. The album features the hit single, "Just Fine". Mary recently released a video for "Stay Down" which is one of my favorite songs right now. Oprah recently proclaimed Mary's "Growing Pains" as her "album of the summer". Released last December, the re-released version of the album is said to include a new song written by Ne-Yo entitled, "Say It While You Can" as well as new songs by Tank and Ryan Tedder (worked with Beyonce). It is very popular for labels to re-release successful albums. It is very rare that a label re-releases an album that didn't fare well on the charts.

Though I stopped watching eons ago TV's "American Idol" has crowned a winner in singer David Cook. I would turn past the show every now and then but my interest in the show wanned years ago. I was watching the Nightly News last night and they were talking …

Video: Usher - Moving Mountains

Usher's "Here I Am" album will be in stores May 27.

Most Annoying Celebrities

What celebrity or entertainment personality annoys you? This is your chance to let it be known. I am compiling a list of the Top 50 Most Annoying Celebrities. I have already asked the opinions of various message boards, now here is your chance to share your thoughts. I will give you until this post disappears off the front page before I post the full list.

Famous Feuds

There is not a day that goes by where you don't read about someone feuding with someone especially in the realm of entertainment. The word "feud" has become synonymous with the majority of entertainers. I was reading about this beef with rappers T.I. and Shawty Lo. To be honest I don't know what it stems from and I really don't care. I will say that their beef inspired this post. You have them too to thank!
I'm looking at "Famous Feuds" past and present. It is impossible for me to conjure up every feud but this is a pretty concise list.

Foxy Brown vs. Lil' Kim
This long running feud stems from two rappers wanting to occupy the same spot. Over the years this feud has sparked a number of outrageous and often racy debates.

Usher vs. Justin Timberlake
This feud simply stems from two artists who have become so similar in recent years that the media is solely to blame for pitting these two against each other.

Madonna vs. Mariah Carey
Stans (obsessed fans) a…

Usher Opens Up, Lil' Wayne Shuts Down

I'm surprised network BET has revealed that Usher was opening the show. Usually the opening of the show is always shrouded in mystery. The awards show had a history of opening their telecast with surprising and shocking performances. I thought it would be interesting if someone like Michael Jackson opened the show by performing "Thriller" due to its recent 25th anniversary. I know Mike is always facing some type of lawsuit or something though which probably would prevent his involvement had it been suggested. In other BET award show news, Lil' Wayne will be the closing act for the show. The popular rapper will be starring in the two new movies, one "Patriots" with Forest Whitaker and "Fast & The Furious 4" with Vin Diesel.

Keri Hilson, who is currently featured as the love interest in Usher's "Love In This Club" video and also responsible for a handful of hits will be releasing her debut album, "In A Perfect World" on Se…

Michelle Williams Breaks, Rick Ross Is Here

Video: Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn

This is the first single/video from Michelle Williams' upcoming "Unexpected" album.

Video: Rick Ross feat. Nelly & Avery Storm - Here I Am

The 2nd single from Rick Ross' gold "Trilla" album.

Audio: Solange - Sandcastle Disco

This is the 2nd single from Solange's upcoming album, "Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams". I'm notreally feeling it but I still look foward to Solange's album.

Nas has changed the title of his "Nigger" album to simply "Untitled". The controversial word and album title has been the topic of many conversations and has sparked mad debate as Nas did with his "Hip Hop Is Dead" album. Now that he's changed the title, can we get a first single? "Untitled" is due July 1.

Janet Jackson is reportedly performing at the BET Awards telecast premiering June 24 on BET. I was just wondering if Janet was going to perform. She usually perfor…

Artist Spotlight - Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is an icon. For the last 26 years Janet has knocked us out with her live performances and her very sexy style. Many singers past and present were influenced by Jackson and it is very evident in their work. The sultry diva recently celebrated her 42nd birthday on May 16. It has been 7 years since Janet's last major tour (All For You), and now she has announced her upcoming "Rock With U" tour which will kick off on September 10. Fans are urged to call (323) 622-8139 to suggest which songs Janet should perform on her tour. It is very few artists who can still cause an impact and have people talking like Janet Jackson. This is why the "Artist Spotlight" is on Janet Jackson.

Below you can check out Janet's recent performace on the Ellen Degeneres show and hear the audio of Plies' "Bust It Baby Remix" featuring Ne-Yo and Ms. Jackson herself.

Video: Janet - Luv [Live]

Video: Janet - Rhythm Nation [Live]

Audio: Plies feat Ne-Yo & Janet J…

Ciara's Price, Jennifer Hudson's Spotlight

Audio: Ciara feat Ludacris - High Price [Full Version]

Jennifer Hudson will finally release her Arista self-titled debut this September. The album is preceded by first single, "Spotlight" written by Ne-Yo and produced by Stargate. I knew this song sounded like something Ne-Yo wrote. Elsewhere the album sports collaborations from Robin Thicke, Timbaland, Tricky Stewart, Diane Warren, and The Underdogs.

Kelly Rowland is firing up her third album which is slated to be released at the top of next year. The singer recently revealed that the upcoming album will feature sounds from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Kelly expressed interest in working with Will.I.Am after the producer played her a track she instantly fell in love with.

You looking forward to the new Usher album? Well click here and you can get an exclusive preview of the album before it hits stores.......and the net(if it hasn't already) I heard it recently leaked so who knows.

Strangest Hookups

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Cannon for inspiring me to come up with this piece. I explore the relationships between some of entertainment's hottest stars. These hookups are labeled strange for a reason; they are strange. They are hookups that had us all surprised whether they lasted one day, one week, or a few years. You can read below all the "Strangest Hookups" I came up with.
Madonna & Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman spent so much time dressing and looking like a woman that its hard to believe he would hook up with a woman. If he did hook up with anyone, it would have to be someone like Madonna who was equally neurotic and daring. I don't know what these two had in common besides having sex.

Aaliyah & Damon Dash
We were all surprised when these two were dating. Dash seemed so out of Aaliyah's league but the singer was truly happy with him. It was Dash that was dating Aaliyah shortly before her death. The mogul revealed that two talked about marriage.

50 Cent &…

MySpace Profile ShowKase - Interview

Name: ShowKase aka Kase
Age: 22
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Interview Date: April 3, 2008

Who says Hip-Hop is not fun no more? Prepare for the ultimate ShowKase. Combining witty and playful lyrics with a cool and smooth delivery, ShowKase is not your typical rapper. It is more to him than meets the eye. One look at ShowKase and you think you have him all figured out. Your wrong! Kase as he is often referred to is about his business. Goal-oriented and focused, Kase is a no-nonsense, straight-laced, straight-forward thinking rapper in an industry loaded with one-hit wonders and novelty artists.

Lamar: How would you describe your style?
Kase: "Unlike nothing you ever heard!"

Lamar: How important is it to separate yourself from other burgeoning emcees?
Kase: "Very important! Especially with the way the industry is right now. You kind wanna come in your own lane."

Lamar: There is an overwhelming amount of rappers entering the game at fast rates. Most of these artists will have a few hi…

Video: Mary J. Blige - Stay Down [Live]

Mary J. Blige Stay Down (Live)
Uploaded by Phillips-Entertainment
Mary J. stopped by friend, Oprah Winfrey to perform her newest single, "Stay Down". Oprah hailed Mary's "Growing Pains" as one of her favorite CD's of the summer which means if you don't already have the album, get it! Also with Oprah endorsing the CD, the sales are going to be through the roof. The power of Oprah!

Chante Moore Album Cover + Tracklisting

Singer Chante Moore will be releasing her new album, "Love The Woman" through Peak/Concord/Universal Records on June 17. The album is preceded by the first single, "Ain't Supposed To Be That Way". The album sports collaborations from Warry Campbell, George Duke, and Raphael Saadiq. Wait! No Kenny Lattimore (Chante's husband)? What a bummer! Below you can check out the tracklisting (which I posted awhile back) again:

1. Always Gonna Be Something
2. Can't Do It
3. Special
4. Ain't Supposed To Be That Way
5. My Eyes
6. Give Me Time
7. Do For You
8. Love The Woman
9. Love Action
10. First Kiss
11. Guess Who I Saw Today

CSV's Blast From The Past

Singer Case burst on the scene in 1995 with the hit single, "Touch Me Tease Me" featuring Mary J. Blige and Foxy Brown. The single was a smash hit taken from "The Nutty Professor" soundtrack. Not only did it catapult Cases' career but also a very young Foxy Brown. Cases' rumored lover at the time Mary J. Blige provided backing vocals and even wrote a few songs on Cases' 1996 Def Jam self-titled debut album. Case would release two more popular albums which yielded the hits, "Happily Ever After", "Faded Pictures" featuring Joe, and "Missing You". After 2001 Case vanished from the music scene but an oft-delayed album, "Blaxl Rose Experience" (I think that's the title) was never released. Where is Case at now? Who knows? This is why Case is CSV's "Blast From The Past".
Click here to check out Cases' MySpace page.
Click here to check out Cases' whole discography at AMG.
Click here to buy and list…

Video: Game feat Keyshia Cole - Pain

Robin Thicke's Magic, Pussycat Dolls Grows

Audio: Robin Thicke - Magic

First single off his upcoming album in stores this summer.

Audio: Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up

Here comes the long-awaited new single from of the most successful girl groups in recent history. You see after embarking on a failed attempt at a solo career, Nicole Scherzinger has returned home. I read that PCD is working with Rodney Jerkins, Ne-Yo, Pharrell, and a host of others for their upcoming album which has no release date at presstime.

Remember when Missy Elliott held the contest where you could name her new album? Well the title has been chosen and it is (((drum roll))) "FANomenal". So what do you think?

Congrats to rapper T.I. and his girlfriend former Xscape member, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle who welcomed a baby boy named Major who weighed in at 7lbs and 4oz.

Foxy Upset, Pretty Ricky Returns, T-Pain

My favorite female rapper (and one of my favorite artists of all time) Foxy Brown is mad at label Koch Records for the distribution and mastering of her latest album, "Brooklyn's Don Diva" in stores now. Apparently Koch and former manager Chaz Williams made a lot of decisions without Foxy's approval. Foxy's lack of involvement in the album resulted in some of Fox's verses being reused on certain songs. On another note, Foxy being the trooper she is nows plans to re-release the album as early as next month complete with 5 new songs and promotion to boot. I am glad Foxy is taking the iniative to correct this careless mistake instead of wilding out like the old Foxy would do.

Famed group Pretty Ricky returns with their 3rd album aptly-titled, "80s Babies". I'm assuming the title is a take on the decade they were born in. I am too an 80s baby! Haha! Anyway the album will be preceded by first single, "Cuddle Up" which features new member 4Pl…

NERD Nose, Fantasia Bores, Monica Speaks

Video: N.E.R.D. - Everybody Nose

This is not my exact cup of tea but I know there are a lot of fans of N.E.R.D. I do like Pharrell but when he is solo or producing for acts other than N.E.R.D.

Video: Fantasia Barrino - Bore Me [Live]

Fantasia graces American Idol with her new red hairdo in tow. Fantasia performs "Bore Me" from her "Fantasia" album. I'm not sure if many people are familiar with the song considering it wasn't one of her singles. I thought it would of made sense to perform one of her known hits.

Video: Monica
Alter Ego Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenes

Check out singer Monica as she prepares for her Alter Ego photo shoot, talks about family life, and her new album. Monica is the subject of the new poll below. Are you checking for Monica's new album? Sound off!

Ashanti's Bodies Nelly & Akon, Nas Speaks

Audio: Ashanti feat Nelly & Akon - Body On Me

Here is the full version of Ashanti's 2nd single from her upcoming album, "The Declaration" in stores June 3. Personally I like the song and I think it's perfect for summertime. My only complaint is its not enough Ashanti and comes off more like she's the featured artist. I still wish she would of released "Girlfriend" for her 2nd single.

As we eagerly await Nas' new, "Nigger" album due July 1, the rapper recently sat down exclusively with MTV to gush about his new album. He revealed several songs including: Project Roach, Y'all My Niggers, Be A Nigger Too, This Is Not America, and Sly Fox. The album sports collaborations from Stic.Man of Dead Prez, Rick Ross, Stargate, The Lox, and No I.D. (produced for Toni Braxton).

Busta Rhymes' hype man Spliff Star was arrested in Sweden on suspicion of drug possession. The artist was taken into custody after performing with Rhymes. He was later r…

Remy Ma Sentenced, Ne-Yo Pushed Back

Remy Ma & Papoose aka the REAL Bonnie & Clyde of rap were set to wed this week in jail! Rem is currently being held for her involvement in the 2007 shooting which injured former friend/associate Makeda Joseph-Barnes. Before the two rappers were set to wed, it had been discovered that Papoose was carrying a key used to unlock the handcuffs of the inmates. You read it right! Was Papoose trying to free his jailhouse bride? Unfortunately no wedding took place and Papoose was escorted out of the prison. It was also mentioned that Pap wouldn't be able to see Remy until November. Wowzers! The things people do for love. This just in: Remy Ma sentenced to 8 years in prison! Click here for the full story!

Originally due June 24, Ne-Yo's "Year of the Gentleman" has been pushed back to August 5. The upcoming album is preceded by first single, "Closer". While there is no known collaborations for the album, Ne-Yo recently expressed interest in working with Fabolou…

Usher's "Here I Stand" Updated Tracklisting

Usher is releasing his 5th album, "Here I Stand" on May 27. The album is preceded by the #1 hit "Love In This Club" featuring Young Jeezy. The second single is "Moving Mountains" produced by Tricky and The-Dream. A video for the song was recently shot. Elsewhere the album sports collaborations from Jermaine Dupri, Dre&Vidal, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Lil' Wayne. Below you can check the slightly modified tracklisting:

01. Forever Young
02. Love In This Club featuring Young Jeezy
03. This Ain't Sex
04. Trading Places
05. Moving Mountains
06. What's Your Name
07. Prayer For You Interlude
08. Something Special
09. Love You Gently
10.Best Thing featuring Jay-Z
11. Before I Met You
12. His Mistakes
13. Appetite
14. What's A Man To Do
15. Revolver
16. Lifetime
17. Love In This Club Part 2 featuring Beyonce and Lil' Wayne
18.Here I Stand
19. Will Work For Love

For more album info and credits, click here!

May 27 is right around the corner and Usher's songs have …

Britney Cleans Up, Eddie Griffin on VH1

The results are in from last week's Weekly Poll! Britney Spears came in with 81% of the vote when asked "Who will get clean first?". Amy Winehouse managed to cook up 17% of the votes. Whitney Houston was also mentioned coming in with 2% of the votes. All three stars have had problems with drugs and have each publicly battled these demons.
VH1 continues to roll out new reality shows easily become the premier cable network for reality TV. The latest actor to join the reality TV ranks is Eddie Griffin. Griffin is best known for starring in the TV show, "Malcolm & Eddie" and the films, "Undercover Brother" and "Duece Bigalow: Male Gigolo". The show titled, "Eddie Griffin Going For Broke" will follow the actor as he juggles being a player and a family man. Hmm? Sounds like a lot of other reality shows but we'll see how it fares when it airs winter 2009.

It looks like singer Toni Braxton won't be gracing the stage this month as…

David Banner's New Video, VH1's New Show

Video: David Banner feat Chris Brown & Yung Joc - Get Like Me

The first single from David Banner's "The Greatest Story Ever Told" in stores this summer.

Video: Girl Gone Wild

This video has been gained quite the notoriety online. It features a girl lashing out on an old woman before eventually turning the tables on an onlooker.

VH1 is the premier cable network for reality shows! From Flavor Of Love to Celebrity Fit Club, VH1 unveils its latest show, "I Love Money". Former contestants and winners from Flavor Of Love, I Love New York, and Rock Of Love will battle for $250,000. Wowzers! Click here to see the cast!

Janet Revisits The Rhythm Nation

Janet performs hit single, "Rhythm Nation" for America United. You can't see Janet all that good but the person responsible for filming gives you close ups every now and then. Enjoy!

Janet Shows Us Some Love, Britney Spears

Video: Janet - Luv [Live]

Janet comes out of hiding to perform her single, "Luv" which was released alongside "Rock With U" but didn't have a video accompanying the song. I know many people feel like this song was easily single material and should have had a video. Janet is set to go on tour September 11.

Britney Spears is working on a new album to be released this Christmas season. The pop star has worked with R. Kelly, John Legend, Akon, and Will.I.Am. Hmm sounds interesting?

Teairra Mari Reveals, Usher's Echo, Ashanti

Video: Teairra Mari on B. Scott

Singer Teairra Mari sat down exclusively with blogger B. Scott to talk about her upcoming album, Jay-Z, and Rihanna.

Audio: Usher - Echo

Here's yet another song from Usher from his "Here I Stand" recording sessions. I don't believe this song is on the new album but it could be included on a future re-release. I read on Toya's World that this song will appear on Ciara's new album but not with Usher (as far as I know).

Producer Ryan Leslie has pushed his album to back August 26. Originally due June 10, the album is preceded by the first single, "Diamond Girl". While the song wasn't that big of a hit, it didn't stop a number of rappers from jumping on official and unofficial remixes of the song including Charli Baltimore and G-Unit. Leslie's next single, "Addicted" features Fabolous and Cassie.

Ashanti is currently riding high with the monster success of her debut single, "The Way That I Love You&qu…

CSV Throwback Video

En Vogue - Don't Go

I just got a thought in my head regarding the CSV Throwback Video and En Vogue came to mind. Now I have featured them before but immediately "Don't Go" came to my head. En Vogue's debut album, "Born To Sing" was a hit out of the box. It featured the hit singles "Hold On", "You Don't Have To Worry", Lies", and the aforementioned "Don't Go". As of April '08 all original 4 members of En Vogue have reunited and are currently touring with Boyz II Men if I'm correct.

Ashanti's Mother, Nelly's J's, Usher's Sex

Video: Ashanti - Mother [Snippet]

This video is taken from BET's Mother's Day special where Ashanti sang her new song "Mother" from her upcoming album, "The Declaration" in stores June 3. "Mother" was produced by Babyface. Ashanti is really killing with the vocals especially as of late. I'm really looking forward to the new album.

Audio: Nelly feat JD & Ciara - Stepped On My J's

A snippet of this song leaked out awhile ago but now the full version is out. The song is set to appear on Nelly's new album "Brass Knuckles" in stores June 24. The album is preceded by the first single "Party People" featuring Fergie.

Audio: Usher - This Ain't Sex

I really like this song! A lot of songs from Usher's "Here I Am" or songs intended for the album have been leaking left and right. I smell the album about to leak very soon. I remember "Confessions" leaked a whole month before its release and still manag…

Monica's Message, Ashanti Bodies Nelly

Audio: A Message From Monica

Singer Monica leaves a messages to fans regarding her music career, upcoming reality show, and more.

Ashanti has chosen "Body On Me" featuring Nelly & Akon as her album's 2nd official single. Ashanti's new album "The Declaration" will be in stores June 3. The album is preceded by the monster hit "The Way That I Love You" which is now the #2 R&B song in the country. The album sports collaborations from LT Hutton, Nelly, Akon, Robin Thicke, Pharrell, Babyface, and more. I was so hoping that "Girlfriend" was going to be the 2nd single. I really like that song and I think it would be a proper follow-up to "TWTILY". I'm thinking they might not want to follow-up a slow song with another slow song.

What troubled rapper was arrested for speeding and reckless driving? Click here to find out!

Cherishs' Bout With Amnesia, Usher Flashes

Video: Cherish - Amnesia

Cherish - Amnesia[NEW]
Uploaded by PeteRock The second single (video) from the famed group's 2nd album, "The Truth" in stores May 13.

Audio: Usher feat Pharrell - Flash

This new track from Usher recently hit the scene and has already caused quite a stir. Why? I guess because its a new Usher song and his album comes out later this month. As much as I like Pharrell, this isn't his best production. I read someone say that the instrumental sounds like Sonic The Hedgehog which it does mirror. I'm not sure if this song will appear on the new album or is it simply a leftover. I did put up an Usher "Here I Stand" album tracklisting a few days ago but I forgot to add that the tracklisting is only temporary and could change.

It was been quite the last few weeks for troubled star Amy Winehouse. The singer is in hot water again landing herself behind bars! The singer was arrested after voluntarily visiting the London police before she was arreste…

Mariah's Farewell, Ludacris Pays High Price

Video: Mariah Carey - Bye Bye

Mariah finally releases her new video with new boyfriend/husband Nick Cannon!

Audio: Ciara feat Ludacris - High Price [Snippet]

Ciara seems to be really challenging herself with this new project and that's definitely a good thing. "High Price" is the first single from Ciara's upcoming untitled album in stores late Summer/early Fall.

Audio: Ne-Yo - Jealous

I really like this song and definitely a lot more than current single, "Closer". I know the R&B artists are currently riding the wave of the new electro-pop craze that is going on.

Remember Bubba Spraxxx? He was the southern rapper down with Timbaland. His hits include "Ugly" and "Ms. New Booty". Well Bubba has signed to the infamous Koch Records. The rapper is diligently working on new material for an album to materialize this summer. The album's first single, "I Like It A Lot" is produced by Mr. Collipark (worked with Ying Yang Twins). Koch Re…

Lil' Mo Wins, Young Dro Restless, Lil Wayne

The results are in! According to 28% of the votes, Lil' Mo was favored in the "I Like Lil'..." poll. Here are how the others fared:
Lil' Wayne - 19%
Lil' Kim - 15%
(Lil') Bow Wow - 12%
Lil' Mama - 12%
Lil' X - 12%
Lil' Jon - 01%

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Rapper Young Dro who is dating R&B singer Fantasia has a new album coming out entitled, "The Young & The Restless". The album currently has no release date but the rapper hopes the album will be released this year.

Lil' Wayne wants to tour with Keyshia Cole after the release of his "The Carter 3" album. Originally a tour was planned with Wayne and G-Unit but I can see why that idea fell flat.

Usher "Here I Stand" Tracklisting

Usher will release his 5th album "Here I Stand" on May 27. The album is preceded by the #1 single "Love In This Club". You can view the tracklisting below:
1. Intro
2. Love In This Club featuring Young Jeezy
3. This Ain’t Sex
4. Trading Places
5. Moving Mountains
6. What’s Your Name featuring
7. Prayer For You Interlude
8. Something Special
9. Love You Gently
10. Best Thing featuring Jay Z
11. Before I Met You
12. His Mistakes
13. Appetite
14. What’s A Man To Do
15. Lifetime
16. Love In This Club Part II Usher featuring Beyoncé & Lil Wayne
17. Here I Stand

People That Had Us Talking - April 2008

"Don't worry when people talk about you, worry when they stop!" It's a quote I read awhile back. I can't even recall the source of the quote at this time. It is definitely a quote that goes a very long way particularly in blogging or journalism period. Continuing with my monthly retrospective, this time I take us readers back on the people who had us talking all throughout the month of April 2008. Listed below is each artist and a description of the many stories associated with that said person.
Mariah Carey
With her 7th #1 album ("E=MC2") and her 18th #1 single ("Touch My Body"), Mariah was definitely riding high and was one of the most talked about celebs of the month. Not to mention her continuing decline in live performances grew progressively worse as the singer had her own Ashlee Simpson moment. There was also the rumored engagement between her and boyfriend Nick Cannon which eventually led to marriage.

Madonna had fans in a ruckus …