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Throwback Video: Teena Marie Featuring Gerald Levert - A Rose By Any Other Name

In loving memory of Teena Marie and the musical legacy she lives behind as well as Gerald Levert. Enjoy!

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Keyshia Cole Visits Chelsea Lately!

You know anytime anyone visits Chelsea Lately we are in for a good interview and this one is certainly no exception. Keyshia talks about her new baby and her romance with her fiance. Check it out!

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Raz B's Brother Has A Message For Chris Brown!

Raz B's brother Ricky Romance confronts Chris Brown for his twitter argument with Raz B. I just had a weird case of deja vu probably because I feel like I've seen this and heard this all before but maybe because this deals with Raz B.

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Kanye West Featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Nicki Minaj - Monster - Video

Here's a rough copy of the new "Monster" video. The high quality video will probably be released shortly and at this rate; this leaked version probably won't be up long nor will this post. Enjoy while you can!

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Foxy Brown New Lil' Kim Dis Record Cancelled?

Foxy Brown was supposed to drop a new dis record aimed at Lil' Kim; "Christmas Massacre" but the song has yet to leak. Production company Platinum Camp claims to be in possession of the song. The song was set to leak out on Christmas Eve during a planned Foxy performance but it never happened.

Foxy took her twitter account and personally apologized to the fans for the concert ruckus. She also shared her love for all her fans and spoke of an appearance on New York's Hot97 next week. Well that remains to be seen and "Christmas Massacre" remains to be heard.

Monica is wasting no time following up her gold album, "Still Standing" by releasing a new album next year entitled, "New Life". The singer is working with Tank among others. I don't know much else info on the album as of now but I do like the title.

Clearly Monica and J Records have moved on from the Grammy nominated; "Still Standing" album but I felt the album had at least …

Waka Flocka Flame Cuts Guy's Hair!

Waka Flocka already conquered the rap world so why not conquer the art of cutting hair. Seems pretty easy right? Well check it out to see how it turned out!

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Throwback Video: Junior Mafia - Get Money

Before Young Money, there was Junior Mafia. I'm not sure if that's a fair comparison but I say that for obvious reasons being that Kim was apart of Junior Mafia. After Biggie's death; Kim had a huge falling out with the Junior Mafia click which resulted in her going to jail for perjury.

"Get Money" was one of the few hits from Junior Mafia who released their first and only album; "Conspiracy" in 1995.

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Keri Hilson Speaks On Ciara's Album Sales, New Album!

The numbers are in for Ciara's latest album, "Basic Instinct" and they weren't flattering at all. I don't think many people expected the numbers to be very high anyway. Former nemesis Keri Hilson sounds off on Ciara's album sales and talks about her new album, "No Boys Allowed" in stores and online this week.

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Music Feed: 2010 Album Covers Revisited

Check out some of my favorite album covers this year and some of the more talked about ones.


I remember when I first saw the cover for Tank's recently released album, "Now Or Never" and I figured how weird is that? Others liked it but it was still puzzling to me. I will say it reminds me of an album cover from the 70s and probably because its so intimate and up close and personal.


I didn't like the music on Faith's album but I had a thing for the cover.


Trina went totally left with this album cover cause now she doesn't even look like a female rapper anymore but that's not a bad thing. She looked more like a Beyonce or Rihanna.


Everyone was curious to see what Nicki Minaj's album cover what look like and just as everyone expected; it was completely different from what's expected of a female rapper album cover.


Kanye West released a few alternate covers of "My Beautiful..." album but the one above was the standard one. The r…

Ashanti Peforms For Nelly!

Ashanti performs "Girlfriend" for her boyfriend; Nelly. Check it out!

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Diddy-Dirty Money Visit Chelsea Lately!

Diddy-Dirty Money visit "Chelsea Lately" to promote their recently released album, "Last Train To Paris". Check it out!

Music Biz:
G-Dep Confesses To Murder!
Former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep is being held without bail in a New York jail, after admitting to murdering a man during a robbery attempt in October of 1993.

The extraordinary tale began on Wednesday (December 15th), when G-Dep, born Trevell Coleman, walked into the 25th Precinct and admitted to killing a man named John Henkel in the James Weldon Johnson housing projects in Queens.

According to the New York Post, G-Dep walked in and confessed to the murder after 17-years of living with the burred. He told police officers he rolled up on Henkel on Park Ave and 114th street and announced a robbery.

When Henkel resisted, G-Dep shot the man three times in the chest and throw his gun into the East River.

G-Dep, 36, had been arrested over 25 times for a variety of charges, including drugs, burglary and now, murder.


Album Review: Kandi - Kandi Koated


Kandi opens up her second solo album up with an intro dedicated to displaying her beautiful harmonies if I must say so myself. I will say I was pleasantly surprised with this album overall. Upon first listen, I wasn't very impressed but I took a second listen and here we have the review for the latest album from "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" star Kandi.

Second track, "I Want You" starts things off properly and puts the album in a good direction. The songs is instantly catchy and you will find yourself bobbing your head to it sorta like I do now when I listen to it. "The More I Try" is one of the album's many ballads and one of the better ballads of the album. "I Just Know" was first heard on "Housewives" and immediately stood out to me and shows the growth in Kandi's vocals.

Second single; "Me & U" features Ne-Yo on backing vocals and is easily one of the album's highlights. As of this week the song de…

Music Feed: 2010: A Look Back Part 3

These celebrities kept us talking all throughout the year 2010. Check them out!

Swizz Beats:
While we were still gagging over his relationship with Alicia Keys; the couple gave birth to a baby boy; Egypt. In addition to that Swizz Beats' ex claimed that the producer was a deadbeat dad. On the music front Swizz Beats produced one of the more memorable songs of 2010; Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge" featuring Eminem.

Jennifer Lopez:
Jennifer Lopez reemerged in 2010 with her movie; "The Back Up Plan". She released a few songs that didn't quite take off and signed to Def Jam. More importantly she became the new judge on "American Idol" after much speculation.

Kelly Rowland:
Kelly Rowland was supposed to release her new album this year but after many setbacks; it was pushed back. The singer did make some appearance on best friend Brandy's show; "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business". She constantly shot down rumors of a Destiny's Ch…

Music Feed: 2010: A Look Back Part 2

All the juicy, headline grabbing news stories are here and the celebrities that stayed in the news all year round. Check it out!

Erykah Badu fined for appearing naked in video for "Window Seat".Kelis collects spousal support from Nas after divorce.T-Pain sued over not giving songwriting credit.Method Man pleads guilty for tax evasion.Drake sued by Playboy over "Best I Ever Had".Fantasia is sued by married lover's wife!Brandy sued by DJ.Foxy Brown skips out on club performance.Kelly Rowland owes back taxes.Fantasia:
2010 was another unforgettable year for the former American Idol winner. Aside from releasing new music; she found herself in the center of a lawsuit against the wife of her married lover. In addition to that; Fantasia attempted suicide and was briefly hospitalized. She also admitted to becoming pregnant but aborting the child. Much of this drama would play out before our eyes on her VH1 reality TV show; "Fantasia: For Real".


2010: A Look Back Part 1

Part 1 of the most talked about headlines, stories, and celebrities.

It seems like with each passing year, the number of celebrities double; everything from violating probation to getting caught in prostitution stings. Celebs are not perfect! Are they?

Lloyd Banks arrested for robbery and assault.D'Angelo arrested for solicitation.Flesh-N-Bone of Bone Thugs arrested.Foxy Brown arrested for violation of order protection.Lyfe Jennings sentenced to three years in jail.Foxy Brown skips out on club performance.Ja Rule arrested for gun possession.Gucci Mane arrested for involvement in drug sting.T.I. arrested again...and I forget why!DMX arrested for violating probation.Pregnancies:
Mariah Carey announced her pregnancy and was pretty mum about it. During her Christmas performance for the President and First Lady, she revealed that she was pregnant with twins. Husband Nick Cannon confirmed the news as well.

Alicia Keys didn't let her surprising pregnancy stop her from performing…

Lil' Kim Speaks On Nicki Minaj Beef!

At this point what can really be said about the beef between Lil' Kim & Nicki Minaj. To be honest I'm pretty tired of hearing and reading about it. Lil' Kim recently appeared on the radio speaking to Angie Martinez. Angie; ironically interviewed Nicki just weeks ago invited Kim to share her side of the story.

Having not spoken to each other in some time, there was a lot to be said. Kim didn't exactly reveal anything new(to me) being that I heard a similar interview with MissJones. She did say a new album will surface at the top of next year. She also mentioned a video for her Nicki Minaj dis "Black Friday" will be released.

In other Nicki Minaj news, her ex-manager doesn't like her debut album, "Pink Friday". If you were unaware her ex-manager is Waka Flaka Flame's mother. Whether she likes it or not is one thing but I like and so do a lot of other people. "Pink Friday" just crossed the coveted 500,000 mark signaling a gold certi…

Chrisette Michele - Goodbye Game - Video

Chrisette Michele releases the second video and single from her recently released album, "Let Freedom Reign".

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Ciara Speaks On New Album!

Ciara lights up when she talks about her new album, "Basic Instinct" in stores and online now.

Music Biz:
DMX Arrested...Again!
The Maricopa County Superior Court revoked the rap star’s probation from 2009, stemming from a conviction on fraud charges, identity theft, assault and a variety of other misdemeanor charges. DMX, born Earl Simmons, will be sent back to prison for a full year, after he was arrested on November 18th by officers who arrested the rapper for failing to check in with probation officers and abusing prescription drugs without a prescription.

DMX tested positive for cocaine and oxycontin and admitted to using drinking alcohol, another violating of the terms of his probation. DMX will spend his time in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s infamous Tent City jail, where inmates are forced to wear pink, stripped jail suits.
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Mariah Carey Pregnant With Twins!

As Mariah Carey nears her due date(whatever day that is) we continue to learn more and more details about her pregnancy. Apparently Mariah Carey let it slip to the President and First Lady when inquired about her pregnancy that she was pregnant with twins. Husband Nick Cannon confirmed the rumors. Congrats to the couple!

Just when you thought the beef between Ja Rule & 50 Cent was over, its not. Due to Ja Rule's recent indictment, 50 Cent got on twitter and ridiculed his nemesis. The insults just lead to a back and forth taunt between the two emcees. Grow up guys!

I just read that Kanye West and Cam'ron has patched up their beef. I remember reading they had a beef but I was never sure of the origin. Anyway its good to know they patched it up because most beef between rappers is usually pretty senseless anyway.

Besides Kanye and Cam'ron make good music together particularly "Down & Out" which Kanye produced by Cam for his "Purple Haze" album.


Music Feed: Who's That Girl?

All the song titles below feature names of women. Check out the list!

Sara Smile, Hall & Oates
This is just one of the many hits from the famed blue eyed soul duo. The song has been covered by the trio After 7.

Darling Nikki, Prince
I can't say I ever heard this song but I have heard of the outrage behind it. Its salacious lyrics can be heard on Prince's 1984 album, "Purple Rain".

Dirty Diana, Michael Jackson
This is one of my favorite videos from Michael Jackson and I also thought the song was about Diana Ross but Michael cleared up that rumor eons ago.

Billie Jean, Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's ode to a groupie was one of the many hits from his classic album, "Thriller".

Sally, Sam Sparro
Australia's own Sam Sparro penned an ode to a stripper who gyrates hard for her money. The song just happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time too.

Kimberly, Marques Houston
Marques Houston sang about a girl named Kimberly and at one point people thought it…

Nelly Talks About New Album!

Nelly is back with new album, "5.0" in stores and online now. The album features the singles, "Just A Dream" and "Move That Body" featuring Akon and T-Pain.

Music Biz:
Beanie Sigel Sounds Off On Damon Dash!
Earlier this week Philly rapper Beanie Sigel and radio personality Star put their personal differences aside to talk music, Kanye West, Damon Dash, and more on the Star & Bucwild Show on Philadelphia’s Power 100.3.

Shortly after Star mentioned Beanie’s loyalty to Damon Dash the rapper revealed that he has no loyalty to Dash and that he’s owed millions of dollars by him.

“I ain’t loyal to Dame. Dame owe me some money,”Beanie explained. “My own lawyer found about 11-million that Dame stole from me…He filing bankruptcy. I’ll spend a million dollars just to say a person owe me? I have a piece of paper that say he owe me some money. Who wants to go through that?”

Beanie also referred to Dash’s support during his legal problems as a “façade” and nothing …

Chrisette Michele Performs On Lopez Tonight!

Chrisette Michele performs her newest single, "Goodbye Game" from her recently released album, "Let Freedom Reign". Check it out!

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Throwback Video: Mya Featuring Sisqo - It's All About Me

I still remember when this first came out and how hot it was then and how hot it still is to this day. "It's All About Me" was the debut single from Mya's self-titled debut album released in 1998.

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Ciara Visits Chelsea Lately!

Chelsea Lately is becoming quite the platform for our Urban acts and its nice to see them represented. Ciara's new album, "Basic Instinct" is in stores and online now. Get your copy!

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Ciara Performs On The Ellen Show!

Ciara performs her latest single, "Gimme Dat". Ciara's new album, "Basic Instinct" album is in stores and online now. Projections for the new Ciara according to HitsDailyDouble are at 35-40K. Ouch!

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Mariah Carey - Auld Lang Syne (The New Year's Anthem, Fireworks Version) - Video

Check out Mariah's latest video for Christmas album, "Merry Christmas II You" in stores and online now.

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Nicki Minaj Visits Chelsea Lately!

No question is off limits anytime any guest visits Chelsea Lately. Nicki talks about her ass, her alter egos, and a whole lot more. Check it out!

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Keyshia Cole Performs On Wendy Williams Show!

Keyshia Cole performs her latest single, "Long Way Down" from her upcoming album, "Calling All Hearts" in stores and online December 21. The album features guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, Tank, and Faith Evans.

Music Feed: 2010 Music Videos Revisited

There aren't many videos released nowadays that manage to keep my attention not even for the four or so minutes their allotted. However their always manages to be a handful of videos that do catch my attention for whatever reason. The videos listed below are some of my favorite videos of the year or some videos that was a big deal in 2010. Check it out!

She's Single, Raheem DeVaughn
This was one of the few videos I remember being a Trending Topic on twitter. The video features Raheem and his cheating lover sneaking to a hotel and getting it on. The video was very explicit and featured a lot of too hot for TV type action.

Ride, Ciara featuring Ludacris
Ciara's video for "Ride" was so racy that BET banned it and that decision in itself caused outrage. However that decision made people want to see the video more and they did via YouTube, VEVO, and other media outlets.

Window Seat, Erykah Badu
When I first saw Erykah Badu's video for "Window Seat", I had no i…

Diddy Speaks On Lil' Kim, Nicki Minaj Beef!

The ongoing feud between Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj is one of the most discussed topics of 2010. Now listen as Diddy speaks on the situation.

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Music Feed: 2010 Songs Revisited

There were plenty of songs released in 2010, and their still songs being released as the year wraps up. So what songs impacted me in 2010? Well there were a few and I won't go into details about every one of them. For the last 11 months though I did keep track of every song that stood out to me and was an instant favorite of mine. Check that list out!

Shakin' It For Daddy; Robin Thicke featuring Nicki Minaj
I think this was one of the first songs of the year that I really liked. This was also one of Nicki Minaj's first big feature and her guest verses(as always) were very memorable, catchy, and funny.

I can still remember when Robin Thicke premiered this song on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" and said this was his first single; though it ended up being "Sex Therapy". When he played the song it was a little different from the version we hear today but its still easily one of my favorite songs this year.

Making Love (Into The Night); Usher
This song was at …

Fabolous - You Be Killin' Em - Video

Fabolous' well publicized relationship with Kanye Wests' ex, Amber Rose is featured here. Amber Rose plays a femme fatale who is the object of Fabolous' affection. It's a cool video and definitely one of the better videos that I've seen this year.

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Diddy-Dirty Money Featuring Swizz Beats - Ass On The Floor - Video

Diddy-Dirty Money releases their latest video, "Ass On The Floor" which features Swizz Beats and its from their debut album, "Last Train To Paris" which will arrive in stores and online December 14.

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Artist Spotlight: Angelica

Featuring lush orchestration, pop sensibilities and a flawless voice with a nearly unheard-of five-octave range, Angelica’s Remember Who You Are brims with a confidence rarely found in a debut release.

The album’s nine original tracks – including the new single & video You’re My Reflection ( – are written and produced by Angelica; a welcome anomaly for a genre where outside songwriters and producers are often the norm.

In a truly unique innovation, accompanying the CD is Remember Who You Are – The Story Behind the Song, a beautiful 130-page book that provides an in-depth narrative background on each of the songs and the life experiences that formed them.

The book also serves as a heart wrenching autobiography. Angelica’s personal back-story is in stark contrast to the diva lifestyle often associated with female pop-classical singers. Born and raised in communist Romania, her family lived in extremely modest conditions, under constant threat of government persecution…

Music Feed: 2010 Albums Revisited

Summing up 2010 musically, I would say it was a decent year for music. I always feel like each year should get better but it doesn't always work that way. As I have said before; the last year that I really felt there was an overwhelming amount of good music was in 2001. I've yet to see a single calender year top 2001 in terms of good music.

While in my opinion 2010 wasn't full of overwhelmingly good music there was some that existed. I mention those albums below. Check it out!

Raymond vs. Raymond; Usher
Usher's Raymond vs. Raymond was one of the first major releases in 2010 and there was a lot of anticipation around this album as expected. The album was pretty cohesive in my opinion. The songs flowed well and there were multiple hit singles that were spun from this album.

Usher somewhat released "Raymond vs. Raymond" but with a shorter version titled, "Versus" which spunned even more hits that weren't included on the original album.

Passsion Pain &am…

Throwback Video: Fantasia - Free Yourself

"Free Yourself" was the title track and 2004 debut from American Idol winner Fantasia. "Free Yourself" was the album's second single and went to #2 on the R&B charts. Its one of my favorite songs by her and it was produced by Missy Elliott.

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Jazzy Takes On Jamie Foxx's Newest Single!

Jazzy is back with her take on Jamie Foxx's latest single, "Fall For Your Type" which features Drake. Below you can get an exclusive download of the song. Also look for Jazzy's new album, "Letters To A King" in January 2011. Also make sure to check Jazzy out at the various links listed below.

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Music Feed: 2010 Feuds

Why can't we all just get along? Maybe in a perfect world but not even. Take a look at the list of feuds that dominated 2010.

I apologize in advance because some of the origins of the beef has faded from my memory. See I kept a log all year long of each feud as they took place. I guess I should of included more than just the names associated with the feud.

Shyne vs. 50 Cent
Who hasn't 50 Cent beefed with at this point? 50 Cent was taunting Shyne by parodying him and calling him during a video conference that was featured all over the Internet. Some other stuff went down but I can't remember what. I mean this wasn't the most memorable feud but probably one of the more entertaining ones if you followed along.

Nicki Minaj vs. Keys
Keys took a chance by recording a Nicki Minaj dis and uploading it to YouTube. 1,000,000 hits later; Keys briefly becomes one of the most talked about female rappers in awhile probably since...Nicki Minaj.

Fabolous vs. Jim Jones
Hey! I can't even r…

Game Wants Refund For Lloyd Banks Album Purchase!

Game is still taunting Lloyd Banks and now he wants his money back for his purchase of Lloyd's Bank recent album, "The Hunger For More 2". I take it Game is just building anticipation for his upcoming album which may or may not see the light of day. I'm not hating cause I'm a fan of Game but not a fan of his antics.

Drake says his label; UniversalMotown/Cash Money doesn't want him recording more than 14 songs for his upcoming album; the follow-up to his "Thank Me Later" album. Drake wants more tracks on the album including interludes, preludes, and things of that matter.

I don't see why its a problem for him to do that. He's a proven artist who has proven himself. All his songs are hits but I thought about it and I realized who his boss is; Sylvia Rhone. She's always trying to mess artists over; just my opinion though.

Wale is in talks to join or has already joined Rick Ross' Maybach Music imprint. So look out for some possible collabor…

Throwback Video: Ja Rule Featuring Ashanti - Mesmerize

By this time the duo of Ja Rule & Ashanti was simply unstoppable and possibly at their peak. One of their many hits together, "Mesmerize" featured a video that payed homage to the movie "Grease".

Diddy-Dirty Money Goes Behind The Scenes Of New Album!

Diddy goes behind the scenes as he puts the finishing touches on his album, "Last Train To Paris" in stores and online December 14.

Trey Songz Performs On The View!

Trey Songz performs his #1 R&B hit, "Can't Be Friends" which is one of my favorite songs this year. Look out for a list of my favorite songs of 2010 very soon.

Trey Songz' recent album, "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" recently went gold and its his second consecutive gold album; the first being "Ready" which was released last year.

In other Trey Songz news the singer wishes to collaborate with Beyonce and has even reached out to her and husband, Jay-Z. Now that would be interesting I think if it happens.

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Throwback Video: Brandy - U Don't Know Me(Like U Used To)

Brandy's monster hit album, "Never Say Never" delivered a number of hits and "U Don't Know Me(Like U Used To)" was one of the last singles released from the album and probably the least successful; still it is one of my favorite songs from that album. It's funny because afterward I had to listen to "Never Say Never", the title track that comes directly after this song on the album.

You can catch Brandy on her reality TV show, "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business" on VH1 Sunday nights!

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Keri Hilson Visits Chelsea Lately!

Keri Hilson visits "Chelsea Lately" and talks about her sexy image, not dating rappers, her extended family, and her battle with R. Kelly. Her new album, "No Boys Allowed" will be in stores and online December 21.

A little info for those concerned, Keri originally titled her newest album, "No Bullshit Allowed" but changed the album title. I like that title as I do the current one and I also like "Breaking Point" for an album title.

Music Biz:
Lil' Wayne Drops New Single!
Ready for that new Weezy? Barely a month after getting out of jail, Lil Wayne is ending the year on a high note by breaking his silence with the first single off the long-awaited Tha Carter IV. Young Money president Mack Maine has revealed the name of the highly-anticipated track.

The song, titled “6’7”,” will arrive before the year’s end, according to Maine. “We definitely dropping it before the end of the year,” he told MTV News. “We ready to go now; we getting it mixed.”

Music Feed: 2010 Was All About...

As 2010 comes to an end, you will see me looking back on the year that was. This time I profile the artists that dominated 2010 in my opinion. Whether it was their music, the headlines, or the drama; they are the reason 2010 was the way it was; musically speaking anyway. Check out my list!

Raz B
Ever since the departure of B2K, Raz B has been looking for a way to reestablish his self from the group. Well he has found a way to reestablish his self and it may not be in the best light but it kept us entertained all year round.

2010 saw Raz B coming clean about several allegations against his former associates including Ray J, Marques Houston, Chris Stokes, and many more. Given that some of those rumors have always ran rampant, it wasn't hard to dismiss them. Though as you would guess many of those accused of such acts came out swinging and denying everything. If anything Raz B kept us entertained and gagging at his stories, no matter how believable they are or not. Who can forget his ta…

Ray J Speaks On Raz B, Lil' Kim!

Remember that video of Raz-B taping his conversation with Ray J? Well hear what Ray J has to say about it as well as his feelings for Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj.

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Young Jeezy Arrested!

Young Jeezy has went and got his self arrested. Nothing new in the world of Rap right? Whatever happened to Jeezy's album? He better get it together cause to me he is falling off rather fast. Then the beef with Rick Ross! Read below for more details on his arrest as well as stories on Beyonce's gift to Jay-Z and Keyshia Cole's new album!

The Atlanta based emcee gets arrested and released before a highly anticipated show in the Bahamas.

This weekend, Young Jeezy was arrested in the Bahamas. It seems the emcee was arrested on Saturday, December 4, after an incident that occurred before a concert in New Providence. The emcee was released before this show in the Bahamas and was able to hit the stage.

"He was here with us a short while, he passed through the station briefly on Saturday," Superintendent Ashton Greenslade, the officer-in-charge of the Wulff Road Station told The Tribune. "He was booked in here and taken to CDU (Central Detective Unit)."

No addi…

Music Feed: The Year Of Nicki Minaj

As we near the end of 2010, you will see me looking back on the year that was. One of the biggest things to come out of 2010 was Nicki Minaj. She started out simply as a mixtape artist that grew with each subsequent mixtape release. Shortly thereafter her affiliation with Lil' Wayne's Young Money crew set the stage for future guest appearances for the likes of Mariah Carey, Usher, Robin Thicke, and more.

There was no escaping Nicki Minaj in 2010. Each guest appearance was memorable in their own right and there were plenty of them. Below you will see some of her memorable guest appearances throughout the year.

Lil' Freak, Usher Featuring Nicki Minaj
Who can deny the funky bassline featured in this song? More importantly what about the unforgettable verse from Nicki Minaj that was downright slick, trashy, and everything a guest appearance from a female rapper should be.

Shakin' It For Daddy, Robin Thicke Featuring Nicki Minaj
This was billed as Nicki Minaj's first huge f…

Throwback Video: TLC - Sleigh Ride

Just in time for the holidays is the video for TLC's "Sleigh Ride" which is one of my personal favorite Christmas songs. Whenever I hear or see this song/video, it truly puts me in that Christmas mood.

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Keri Hilson Performs On Lopez Tonight!

Hopefully this video is still up by the time you all are reading and viewing this. Keri Hilson performs her hit single, "Pretty Girl Rock" on "Lopez Tonight" which aired Tuesday night. It is the second single from her upcoming album, "No Boys Allowed" in stores and online December 21.

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Nicki Minaj NY Times Interview!

Get a behind the scenes preview as Nicki Minaj gets personal about her style and inspiration.

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Melanie Fiona Planning New Album!

I think its safe to say her debut album, "The Bridge" was pretty slept on for the most part. I never really gave it a chance though. Her single, "It Kills Me" went to #1 on the R&B charts and the singer found herself with a Grammy nomination and Soul Train Award nomination. Now the singer is working on a new album, "The MF Life" due sometime next year. Make sure you all look out for that!

Christina Milian is working on a new album hopefully due next year. Her album, "Elope" which she was working with alongside The-Dream is being reworked. The singer appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show" Monday and talked about the rumors that she had a gag order and huge payout which she said was untrue. Christina Milian was looking mighty nice I might add. I look forward to new music from her.

I was just reading how Def Jam group Brutha may be cut down to a trio now. Apparently the two other brothers are no longer with the group. A recent picture of…

Lloyd Featuring 50 Cent - Let's Get It In

I was just thinking. Did Lloyd join G-Unit? In addition to this collaboration with 50 Cent, Lloyd recently collaborated with Lloyd Banks on "Any Girl". I think this song is okay. It is nowhere near as good as "Lay It Down" but I'm looking forward to Lloyd's new album, "King Of Hearts" in stores February 2011.

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