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Who's Song Is It? - Find Out Who

Keep Singing My Song

A female rapper by the name of Jha Jha (of Dipset) has spoken out against Koch Records and Foxy Brown who she claims have stole her song! The song in question is Foxy Brown's new single, "Lights Go Out". It turns out that Jha Jha recorded the song (complete with the same hook and melody) in March of '07. According to the rapper the song was passed off after it didn't make the tracklisting for a Dipset album. The song was eventually offered to Brown with new lyrics and featuring the same singer (new artist Kiara). Jha Jha has reached out to VP of Koch Records Bob Perry but he has been unresponsive so far. I don't know what will become of this situation but it is a situation the occurs more than we are all aware of. For instance earlier this year, Foxy cried foul against the Clipse and The Neptunes when they gave her song (Wamp Wamp feat Slim Thug) to the Clipse. The matter was later resolved before it could turn ugly. So who do we blame? Th…

Foxy's Cover, Mary's Cover, Ja Pushed Back

Mommy's Home!

Check out the sizzling hot cover for Foxy Brown's upcoming album, "Brooklyn's Don Diva" in stores Dec. 11th. The first single is called "Lights Go Out". The album features appearances by Lil' Mo, Barrington Levy, Movado, and Grafh to name a few.

Queen Of Pain
Mary J. Blige is "Just Fine" as her new single indicates which is rapidly climbing the charts. Get your first look at the new album cover and track listing below.
Click here to see Mary J. Blige's new album cover and track listing

Hot Chili Bag
TLC's Chili has gone to being apart of one of the biggest selling R&B/Pop groups in the world to selling bags! Bags of what?
Click here to find out what

Smoke & Mirrors
Ja Rule's upcoming album, "Mirror" originally slated for release on Nov 13th has been pushed back to sometime in 2008. I wasn't at all surprised by this given his singles he's released so far haven't taken off. It looks like its g…

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween
Hello all! I want to wish you all a Happy Halloween. What are you all doing? Trick-or-treating? Taking the kids out? Going to a party? or Renting scary movies?If you answered yes to the last question, I have helped compiled a list of some of my favorite scary movies (and some just worth checking out). Hurry though and check these movies out. They might not be in stock due to their increased high demand at this time of the year. These movies listed below will give you some chills and thrills. Here is the list as follows:

The Evil DeadCujoThe Fog (1980)Terror TrainProm NightHalloween/Halloween 2/Halloween: H20The Hunger(my mind is going blank as I type this)The HowlingPulseThe Amityville HorrorWhen A Stranger Calls (1979)The Exorcist CandymanHouse Of WaxDef By TemptationBlaculaScream Blacula ScreamSalem's LotMonkey Shines
You can check out more info on these movies and more by logging on to:

All Movie Guide

R U "Brave" Enuff 2 Deal Wit A "Blackout"?

Drop The Ball
JLO to get dropped from Epic/Sony? That's the word on the street thanks to dismal sales of her latest LP, "Brave". Epic states "They love Jennifer"! Do they love her enough to not drop her though? That is the question. Like I said many times before, JLO's time as a singer is up. She was only bound to have a few hit albums anyway. I love JLO don't get me wrong. I'm just calling it like I see it.

Picture Perfect
People are making such a big deal about Britney's album insert to "Blackout" with the pictures of her and the priest. It is simply a picture, a prop. It is just like something Madonna would of done 20 years ago and today. Move on people!

Someone asked me where they could write to Foxy Brown. Here is a link to her website. Simply go to "Write Foxy" and you can find the address there.
Foxy Brown's Official Site

Chris Brown Leaks, Keyshia's Vibe, 2Pac

You can hear Chris Brown's "Exclusive" before it hits the stores and the internet with a "Leak" provided by MTV. Sounds very good so far!
Hear Chris Brown's new album

News Tidbits:
Keyshia Cole appears on the newest cover of Vibe magazine.

Producers Tim & Bob (Bobby Valentino, "Slow Down") is working on Brandy's upcoming untitled album due sometime next year.

Shanice is releasing a new album in 2008. She released her album, "Every Woman Dreams" back in February of this year.

1/4 of the group Dem Franchise Boyz was arrested driving drunk and speeding.

Album Updates:
Keith Sweat is releasing "A Christmas Of Love" on Nov 7th.

2 Pac is releasing "The Best Of" on Dec 4th. The album will include some of his biggest hits and best songs.

Chingy will release his new album, "Hate It Or Love It" on Dec.11th. It is his first album on Def Jam. It is preceded by the first single, "Fly Like Me" featuring Amerie.

Foxy's Letter, Kanye's Single, Naomi Flips

The Letter
I received my letter today from Foxy Brown. I wrote her awhile back, and I was starting to wonder "where my damn letter was". But I got it today and I was screaming like a little girl. She basically thanked me for the support and said her current situation is only temporary. You can't hold the Ill Na Na down. True words indeed.

News Tidbits:
Kanye West 4th single off his 2x platinum, "Graduation" is "Flashing Lights". The song goes for adds 12/13. Kanye is following in rival 50 Cent's footsteps by releasing a book this January called, "Thank You & Your Welcome". The book is full of Kanye-isms and so forth!

Naomi Campbell threw a fit in the airport when she missed her flight. Nothing new there huh?

Justin Timberlake, Timberlake, and Eminem are some of the guest on Lil' Wayne's upcoming "The Carter 3" album in stores this February. Meanwhile Wayne will treat fans to a special edition of the his new album called,…

New York Busy, Missy Without Tim, Saw IV

Femme Fatale
VH1's resident diva Ms. New York is keeping busy with a role in the upcoming movie, "First Sunday" starring Ice Cube and Regina Hall (love her). She also has a single coming out called "I Ain't No Lova Girl". You can currently catch New York on "I Love New York 2" Monday nights on VH1.

Band Apart
I was listening to Ryan Seacrest on the radio and I heard him say something about Missy and Timbaland not working together. He said Timbaland said "this may be the first album (of Missy's) where he doesn't produce". Well he only produced like 2 songs on the last one and we all know what happened with that. I don't know the whole story but as I learn more I will let you all know. Missy with no Timbaland is like Kelis with no Neptunes though Kelis pulled it off on "Kelis Was Here" in my opinion.

Fickle Fans
People, people you must'nt worry these artists on MySpace. I was reading a blog from J. Holiday and it tu…

Mya Gets Another Chance...So I Think

Mya Mya Mya
Mya joins Mary J. Blige, Wu-Tang, Beanie Sigel, Nas, and Foxy Brown on Dec 11 as they are all releasing new albums on that day. Super Tuesday anyone? Mya's long awaited, oft-delayed, "Liberation" is finally getting a release I hope. It's been a long time coming!

Kelis Dropped, Van Hunt, Mary's Pain

Kelis has been dropped from Jive Records! While it is certainly nothing to celebrate, Kelis is obviously well off. Kelis expressed her disdain with Jive eons ago. Kelis released one album, "Kelis Was Here" under Jive Records which produced the hit, "Bossy". Oddly enough each of Kelis' 3 albums have been released on all different labels (Virgin, Arista, and Jive). Overseas though Kelis has remained under the Virgin wing for over 8 years. In the meantime Kelis is working on a new album with Cee-Lo and Guy Chambers (whoever that is). She is also being courted for a VH1 reality show similar to Project Runway and auditioning for film and TV roles. "Bossy" indeed!

Album Updates:
I don't know how many of you are all familiar with Van Hunt. He is signed to Capitol Records and is managed by American Idol's own, Randy Jackson. Anyway he is releasing a new album called, "Popular" on January 15, 2008. My favorite song from him is called &…

Alicia Offers Preview, Mariah In Too Deep

News Tidbits:
Alicia Keys' upcoming "As I Am" album will be in stores Nov 6th. I can imagine the anticipation mounting for this album as "No One" takes off on radio. You can go to the #1 Alicia Keys sites and get a taste of things to come on the upcoming album. Enjoy!
Click here to preview tracks from "As I Am"

Mariah Carey's 1st single is rumored to be a collaboration with T-Pain called, "In Too Deep" and it is produced by Jermaine Dupri. All I can say is wow! The wow factor being T-Pain here. T-Pain is truly the man to go to for a hit. Just ask Chris Brown. While "Wall 2 Wall" failed at radio, "Kiss Kiss" featuring T-Pain is now the #2 song in America and has a shot of being #1 next week.

T.I. set free on $3 million dollar bond and placed on house arrest.

The Clipse have signed to Columbia Records under the guidance of the legendary Rick Rubin.The Clipse were previously signed to Jive where they had a rough falling out …

Nas Forced To Change Title, 50's New Beef

News Tidbits:
A stage set being made for Akon collapsed injuring 3 workers.

Britney Spears is being blamed for some of her dancers not being paid for her controversial, "Gimme More" performance for the VMA's. Pay up! Meanwhile the reviews for Britney's "Blackout" are pouring in and I have yet to read a bad review. Good job Brit!

Universal is being told to change the title of Nas' "Nigga" album or lose $84 million dollars in investments. Def Jam has stood behind the title so far so I wonder what will happen. Will they take the risk or back down? Wait and see. Punch 'em Nas!

KeKe Wyatt's "Ghetto Rose" album has been pushed back to the top of next year. Wyatt became known for her duet with Avant, "Nothing In This World" and for reportedly stabbing her husband a few Christmases ago with a steak knife.

Nas appears on Jay Z's upcoming "American Gangster" album on a track called "Success". It seems like …

Diddy Goes On Record, Ellen Breaks Down

Damage Control
Diddy has denied the whole rumored fight he had with Steve Acevedo in the club two weeks ago. It seems like Dids always gets hisself in a situation (whether it be true or not) and always goes on record to deny it. I feel like (for the most part) there is always some truth to a rumor. I would say the majority of the time the real deal is exaggerated and made more interesting for public consumption and gullibility (not sure if that's a word). I seriously think Diddy has some anger issues though, and he might want to consider anger for real!

Cry A River
Has it become Ellen's new thing to cry on every show now? I don't watch Ellen's show or anything but while watching E! they make it seem like it of course. They claim this time she was crying over a breakup with her girlfriend Portia De Rossi. I don't know how true that is. Enough crying already!

Trey Songz Blasts MySpace Friends & More

Moment Of Truth
Dead @ Trey Songz calling out his MySpace friends all 556,000 of them and only 130, 000 or so has copped the far. He has to realize the age we're living in and people do download albums. I know his "Can't Help But Wait" single is doing well right now so maybe that will or won't help. In my opinion the labels don't do a good job promoting the artists. You can have all the MySpace friends in the world and still flop, take Cassie for instance. She was the hottest artist on MySpace and her album sales were disappointing. She simply didn't deliver in more ways than one. Trey, on the other hand is very talented but somewhat underrated. Just because you have 556,000 MySpace friends doesn't equal 556,000 units sold. People like Trey for different reasons. Some people might of added him to their list because of his music or simply his looks and nothing else.

Worthless Stars
I notice how it is easy for children of famous people to get ah…

Soulja Boy Cranks It, Alicia is #1, Prince Rules

News Tidbits:
Soulja Boy's "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the 7th non-consecutive week.Alicia Keys "No One" is #1 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for 2 weeks!Angie Stone's "The Art Of Love & War" is the #1 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Albums!Vanity Fair magazine has named Prince's "Purple Rain" album as the best movie soundtrack album. Hmm! Lil' Wayne has been sued by his jeweler for an unpaid bill on some ice. The jeweler is surprised because Wayne is always good about paying him but not this time. What's up with that?Terror Squad signs to Koch Records (Foxy Brown) for 2 album deal minus Remy Ma and a new member to the clique. Lean Back!
Album Updates:
I just read that Mary J. Blige has pushed her "Growing Pains" cd back to Dec 18th! Okay Mary make up your mind!

Mary's Nu Vid, Diddy's Deal, Cherish Sites

News Tidbits:
Starting today you can see Mary J. Blige's new video, "Just Fine" on BET, VH1, MTV and all their affiliates all throughout the day.As many lawsuits as Diddy is faced with, he is still making and acquiring deals left and right. His latest endeavor is with developing a Vodka brand with Ciroc.Check out girl group Cherish site where you can hear their new single, "Killa" featuring Yung Joc and get an exclusive promo pic.Click here for the site
Album Updates:
Freeway will release his new album, "Free At Last" on Nov 20th. The album is preceded by the single "Rocafella Billionaires" featuring Jay Z. The album features guests and production by RIck Ross, Scarface, Lil' Wayne, Jadakiss, Paul Wall and Busta Rhymes. Sounds like it might be worth checking out for all you true hip-hop heads.

Mario's Show, Jay's Club, 2Pac Staute, Trina

Mario Theory
What's the hold up with Mario's "Go" album? Why has the album yet to be released? For starters, the majority of songs have hit the net over a year ago. To top it off the album leaked a few weeks ago. Adding insult to injury, Mario's recent MTV docudrama, "I Won't Love You To Death" revealed his personal family problems. Perhaps that plays a part in it as well. Probably most importantly though Mario hasn't had a real hit single off this album yet and I think that's how labels have been basing the releases as of lately. Have you all noticed the huge number of pushbacks lately?

News Tidbits:
Beyonce & Jay-Z are planning a New Years Eve celebration in conjuction with the opening of a new 40/40 club...Jay's club by the way. A-list celebs will be joining the festivities including Shaquille O' Neal, Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey just to name a few. Sounds like fun!Juvenile's agent is accused of raping so…

Brit's Latest Run, 50 Books Us, Jay Z 2 Tour

December Rules
The 4th quarter of the music industry is usually pretty exciting (for the most part). You notice the overabundance of albums being released as prospective labels cash in on artists for the holiday season. More and more artists are releasing albums in December. With that said, you can always check out the latest album updates as I receive them. Here are some as follows:

Album Updates:
Roc-a-fella alum Beanie Sigel will release his new album, "The Solution" on Dec 11th. R. Kelly guests on first single, "All Of The Above". Meanwhile appearances from Raheem DeVaugn (song, "You"), Scarface, and Styles P.

Styles P will release his new album, 'Super Gangsta, Extraordinary Gentleman" on Dec 4th. Swizz Beats produced first single, "Blow Ya Mind Up". Akon, Ray J, and Ghostface Killah are just some of the guests making appearances on the album.

News Tidbits:
Britney Spears runs over paparazzi with her car but pap admits its his fault. Bri…

50 Cent Speaks, T-Pain Overkill, Foxy Jailed

Mended Fences
50 Cent spoke to MTV about his beef with Lil' Kim that has since been mended. He acknowledges that the two really didn't have beef but it was beef with Kim's ex-boyfriend in which the beef (between the two rappers) escalated. 50 spoke candidly while on the set of his next single, "I'll Still Kill" featuring Akon. For television purposes the single's title will be modified to "I Still Will". Makes sense right? 50 also dished about G-Unit's upcoming album which includes songs produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beats. 50 also plans to release a follow up to "Curtis" entitled, "Before I Self Destruct" (which was rumored to be the name of the "Curtis" album) in the spring. G-Unniiiit!

News Tidbits:
Tired of T-Pain? Lord knows I am. Nonetheless he is keeping busy in 2008 producing or featuring on albums from Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Omarion, and Rick Ross.

Mariah is "in love" with her new album…

Wu-Tang Slides Back, Nas Plans 1st Single

Album Updates:
Wu-Tang Clan's "8 Diagrams" will be released on Dec 11th now instead of Dec 4th to make way for member Ghostface's cd, "The Big Dough Rehab".

News Tidbits:
Nas has two more weeks to go on upcoming album, "Nigger" and is working with Jermaine Dupri. Nas hopes to release the new single two days after his "Greatest Hits" album is released.

Jermaine Durpi blasts Justin Timberlake in new book, "Young, Rich, and Dangerous" speaking on his looks and career. He says Justin is "ordinary looking" and "you can go to any mall and get a Justin". You sure can! Diddy got one when gave Donnie (from Making The Band 4) a solo deal. Now JD can get him one!

Destiny's Child alum Michelle Williams assures fans that she has not vanished. Instead she is extending her run on "The Color Purple" and releasing her new album in May 2008.

Britney Spears' "Blackout" album has leaked but you won'…

Mario Comes Clean, Brandy Talks Nu Album

Troubled Times
I watched Mario's MTV documentary, "I Won't Love You To Death" which detailed his troubled relationship with his mother. I do think it is very brave (of him) put his personal business on front street like that especially on camera. Mario also has a song about the ordeal on "Do Right" off his upcoming "Go" album which is one of my favorites. I believe that song was produced by Akon. It is one of his better productions I might add.

News Tidbits:
Brandy is working diligently on her new album. She recently spoke to People magazine about the progress she has made while recording this untitled album due in 2008. Can't wait!

Artist Spotlight - Medina

While he is better known as Medina, you will learn that he is known as the "Six Million Dollar Man". With such a powerful title, he is bound to give you six million reasons to love him or hate him. His game plan is one all his own. It is one that many will soon follow and base their careers upon. He hails from Newark, New Jersey, and he is a shaping up to be a hot commodity among several major labels. He has worked with such big name producers as Timbaland, Polow Da Don, and Dr. Dre (just to name a few). His upcoming mixtapes, "Flatbush to Simpson Rd" and "Block 2 Boardroom" will introduce you to what's to come from this future star.

I have included some songs from Medina for your listening and downloading pleasure. You can also check out and add him as a friend on MySpace after the jump. Enjoy! Leave comments please!

Medina - Number Man - Produced by Timbaland

Medina - The Best (World's Greatest) - Produced by Chyna Black

Medina - Let's G…

Cheri Dennis' "Portrait", Britney Blacks Out

Let Her Go
It looks like Diddy (may of) finally given Cheri Dennis the green light for her long-awaited, oft-delayed debut album, "Finally Made It". The new version of "Portrait Of Love" featuring Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe has leaked though I have yet to hear it. "Portrait" (for those who have heard the original version with Joc) is a very cool, breezy, mid-tempo jam that would be (even more) perfect if released during the Spring/Summer months but we'll take it either way. Cheri is filming a video for the "Portrait" so that's good but then again she shot a vid for "I Love You" and her album didn't come out then either. Cheri's album has to be damn near perfect. She has been working on it forever. A future classic perhaps? We shall see!

Britney Spears' "Blackout" album is in stores Oct 30th
Click here to sample it before it hits stores

I just read that Yolanda "LaLa" Brown, singer featured on Lyfe&#…

Mary Is Just Fine, Mya Set Free, Thriller 25

Mary's Nu Vid
Click here to get a brief sneak peek...and I mean brief

News & Then Some
Mya is finally dropping "Liberation" on Dec 11th, and I'm dropping my album in January!

Michael Jackson will add some remixes to his "Thriller 25" album to be released soon. Kanye West, Will-I-Am, and Akon are some of the producers behind remixed tracks of "Billie Jean" and "Wanna Be Starting Something" among others. Unfortunately no label wishes to sign Mike. I wonder how that makes him feel. I think labels just don't want to deal with the headache of Mike's overbearing ego.

Amy Winehouse arrested for drug possession. What's new?

Halle Berry blames paparazzi for fender bender and not herself. I'm not saying the paparazzo can't be responsible for her accident. It just so happens that Halle has a history of crashing her car. You be the judge!

Prince sued over hard drives.....yes those "hard drives"!

Damon Wayans is in the begi…

Nas Confirms Rumors, Tiny Tells All

I'll Be Damned
Nas' new album is called, "Nigger", and it will be in stores Dec 11th. The album is not yet complete and it's coming out in December! He has to really be pushing it then! He hopes to get some studio time in with Diddy and Jermaine Durpri among others. Nas collaborated with Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse) who did the bulk of the production on the album. I'm looking forward to this new album. I liked the last album much and Nas is one of my favorites. This will be the 2nd of 2 albums released by Nas this year. Next month, Nas will releases "Greatest Hits" which will detail Nas' years at Sony Records.

Secret Lovers
Tamika "Tiny" Cottle formerly of Xscape/T.I.'s baby mama/on and off again girlfriend recently responded to accusations made by Jermaine Durpri in his new book, "Young Rich, and Dangerous" regarding group Xscape. Reportedly JD blames the group for its own demise, but Tiny insists that JD and Kandi were slee…

Birdman Flys In, Busta Back, Kelly Cancels

Set Of Wings
Birdman is set to release his new album now titled, "5* Stunna". The first single, "Poppin Bottles" features (surprise!) Lil' Wayne. The album features guest appearances from Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, and new Cash Money member Brisco. Look for the album to drop sometime this winter.

Album Updates:
Busta Rhymes is returning with a new album called, "Back On My BS" which will be due Dec 4th. I remember watching the BET Hip Hop awards and seeing Busta perform some song, so I assume whatever song that is, is the new single. Linkin Park is making a guest appearance on a song called, "It Looks Like We Made It".

News Tidbits:
Kelly Rowland's planned tour has been cancelled. No surprise there!

Mariah Held Up, Lil' Kim Joins G-Unit

Hold Up
As expected, Mariah Carey has postponed her new album until February. It was becoming very obviously that her new album was not ready. Here it is October, and no new single has been heard from Mariah. For those who are unfamiliar with how things work in the music industry, a debut single arrives two months before an albums release.

Hard To Kill
Kanye West may have won the initial Super Tuesday match between hisself and 50 but 50 is one to be outdone. 50 and G-Unit will issue their new album, "Shoot To Kill" on Dec 18th. The first single "Wanna Lick" is rumored to feature Lil' Kim. Now what's wrong with this picture? First of all, when did 50 and Kim patch up their beef? One can only wonder but not long ago Kim was seen grinding on Young Buck at a concert earlier this year. G-Unnnnit!

Pain Is Love
The list of guests for Mary J. Blige's "Growing Pains" album continues to grow as NeYo told MTV that he recorded a duet with the singer called, &q…

Oprah's Gain, NeYo Caught Up, Jaheim Back

Daily Roundup
Oprah put on weight! I wouldn't of noticed. She always looks the same to me.
Click here to find out about the unexpected weight gain
NeYo caught in the act!
Click here to see how
What rapper has come out of hiding?
Click here to find out
Album Updates:
Jaheim will be releasing a new album on Dec 18th. While the album is currently untitled, it will be his first for Atlantic Records. Keyshia Cole is the only guest star so far and the first single is called, "Never" which you may of heard by now since it leaked eons ago.

I just read that Ashanti has went back in the lab to rehash some of her upcoming cd. The album is now slated for a February 2008 release.

Mario Doesn't Read Blogs, Nas & Kelis Done

Talk Show Shh
While I was on my way to work this morning, I usually listen to see what's on the radio before I plug in my mp3 player or CD player. Low and behold, pushback king Mario was being interviewed on the local radio station. He was talking about his upcoming MTV Diary-esque program that details his troubled life. A few excerpts from the interview included Mario talking about his cocaine-addicted mother and how he doesn't read blogs. I only heard that portion of the interview. Mario's new album, "Go" will be released Nov 27th.......hopefully. A lot of people are getting pushed back these days, and Mario is certainly no stranger to that.

Sad Reality
I had just posed the question regarding Nas & Kelis' upcoming MTV reality show, "Mr. & Mrs.Jones" on a message board awhile back. Well it looks like I finally got my answer regarding the fate of the show. Apparently the show is a no-go meaning it won't happen because it didn't transla…

Janet Gets Apology, Ashanti Pushed Back

Chances Are
The news station that insulted Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry during the "Why Did I Get Married" press junket has apologized for statements made last week. Apparently the station got a bevy of calls and emails regarding the distasteful behavior exhibited that morning. If you hadn't heard of the story, one of the reporters asked Janet some questions regarding the Superbowl. While the questions were meant to be taken as a joke, no one was laughing.

Push It Back
Ashanti called Doug Banks Morning Show and confirmed some rumors. The video for "Hey Baby(After The Club) has not been shot yet, and the album has been pushed back. The album should arrive "at the top of next year" according to Ashanti. Awww Baby!

Trina wants more female unity! Don't we all? Apparently her and good friend Missy Elliott are trying to get all the (popular) female rappers...Remy included to partake in a song together. Good luck! Trina also responded to the long-sta…

Have We Been Misled by Nas?

Hello all! I'm actually on my way to work but I thought I'd drop you guys a little news.

Nann N*gga
Def Jam has shot down Nas' claim that his new album is titled, "N*gga". Nas recently made the announcement at a concert. The announcement, of course sent shock waves through the online community (as expected). Whether or not the upcoming album will be titled, "N*gga" remains a mystery. This could very well be a marketing ploy (for Nas) to get people talking like he did with "Hip Hop Is Dead". A Def Jam source has even said there is no new album from Nas on the release schedule. Was Nas drunk or high at the concert (when he blurted out all this info)? One can only assume. I know Nas wonders how things would be "If I Ruled The World".

Foxy's Day In Court, Lindsay's Money Woes

Order In The Court
Foxy Brown pleaded not guilty in court yesterday stemming from charges of her going Naomi Campbell (throwing a cell phone) on a bitch. Apparently Foxy had her music too loud and altercation ensued where Brown reportedly hit the victim with a Blackberry. Foxy was arrested back in August and is currently serving a one year jail sentence.

Meanwhile Foxy's "Brooklyn's Don Diva" will be NOW be released on Dec 11th. Two singles will be simultaneously released and they are called, "We're On Fire" and "When The Lights Go Out".

Broke Out
Rehab princess Lindsay Lohan is reportedly broke. You can blame her wild partying and excessive spending for the sad ordeal. Meanwhile Lindsay's rep denies the allegations stating it's "typical of the tabloids" to write such a story. Lindsay is about to start working on a new movie, and by the time it releases she will probably be in rehab again.

News Tidbits:
If you haven't read al…

Ashanti A Side Chick?, Cassidy Conceited?

Daily Roundup
What former broke reality TV star blasted Ashanti and Nelly?
Click here and scroll down to find out who
Cassidy is dropping his new album, "B.A.R.S." on Nov 6th. He is not the only one releasing an album that day. Cass feels a certain someone shouldn't drop on the same day as he.Click here to find out who and why
News Tidbits:
There are rumors that Lauryn Hill may be pregnant. If so, this will be her 5th child and 7th child with on again/off again boyfriend, Rohan Marley.

Some people just won't let the whole Nipplegate Superbowl fiasco go. While making rounds to promote, "Why Did I Get Married", Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry were caught off guard when asked about the Superbowl. Perry being the true professional he is intervined and threw off the reporters several times. He made it clear he was there to promote the movie and nothing else. He also made a valid point on a blog entry he posted, he said "No one is asking Justin about the Superbowl&q…

Dids A Bad Boy, Michael Jackson 2 Pay Up

Knock Out
Diddy just can't keep hisself out of trouble. Aside from cheating singers out of record deals, he is knocking people out left and right. Say what you want about Diddy but he packs a mean punch apparently. Dids is expected to turn hisself in after striking Steve Acevedo in a club Saturday morning. Dids you might need some anger management classes. Diddy may very well be living up to his name though. "Bad Boy 4 Life" indeed!

News Tidbits:
Michael Jackson ordered to pay law firm $175,000. Poor Mike is always owing someone money. Britney Spears turns herself in after hit-and-run. Celebs get into more and more trouble everyday it seems.

Justin Gives Us More, Cheri Dennis Ready?

Smart Move
Move over Robin Thicke! Justin Timberlake is becoming the favorite blue-eyed soul singer (again) with "Until The End of Time" being a big hit on the Urban charts. While I still prefer Robin over Justin, "FutureSex/LoveSounds" isn't a bad album. The album has sold over 3 million copies in the US alone. I hope you don't think Justin is settling on just that. A year after its release, Justin is re-releasing "FutureSex/LoveSounds" on Nov 27th. The special deluxe edition will feature the god awful "Until The End Of Time Remix" with Beyonce, several other guest appearances, and a DVD.
Album Updates:
I'm adding Cheri Dennis' debut album, "Finally Made It" to the Future CD Releases section. The long awaited album is being released on February 26, 2008. The first single is "Portrait Of Love" featuring Diddy.
News Tidbits
Jay Z appears on the December cover of XXL magazine

Nas Gets Nasty, Mary J. Needs Some Faith

Rap Kingpin
Al Sharpton is about to have a heart attack and Bill O' Reilly will have more reasons to talk about Nas. In the tradition of controversial album titles such as "Hip Hop Is Dead", Nas is naming his next album, "N*gga". Ironicially this was the original title for "HHID" but was changed. "N" will follow-up Nas'"Greatest Hits" album due out Nov 6th. All he needs is "One Mic" to make a statements like this.

No More Pain
Mary J. Blige needs a little faith.......Faith Evans that is. The rumor is these former rivals are collaborating on a track called, "Wishful Thinking" on Mary's new "Growing Pains" album. The song is said to also feature Missy Elliott. We will learn soon enough if this is true as Mary's new album will hit stores on Nov 27th. I'm reading it is going to be a real "Family Affair"!

Mended Fences
Ginuwine proves to be just what his name ensures. He has remained g…

T.I. In Trouble, Tyler Perry Celebrates

Machine Gun Funk
T.I. arrested on Saturday for picking up machine guns and silencers he had his bodyguards buy. Therefore T.I. was a big winner at the BET Hip-hop Awards but was unable to attend the ceremonies. Now "Why U Wanna" go and do that...and do that!

News Tidbits:
Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" tops the North American Box office at #1 (with an estimation) of $21 million dollars. Congrats to Tyler, Lions Gate, and the cast of the "WDIGM".

The Sit Your Ass Down Award Goes To...

I'm sorry because I know there are a lot of Beyonce fans. I just think the last few months (and years for that matter) have been Beyonce overkill. The new album, countless endorsements, and wedding rumors have been all the rage lately in Beyonce world. I just think she really needs to sit down and take a break. I know I nominated Beyonce for this award before. I could go on and say what I said the last time but I will refrain from doing. With that said, Beyonce please "Sit Your Ass Down". Thank you!

Will U B "Alright" Wit A Lil' "Deja Vu"?

Timbaland is producing the next Beyonce record. Look out for that summer of '08. Its going to be "Deja Vu" all over again.

Last Shot
JD says Janet's new album is 45% done and look for duets and collaborations with Maroon 5's Adam Levine, Rodney Jerkins, and The Dream. The album is slated to be released in February, March or the latest summer. I think they will want to reconsider that summer release with Beyonce coming out. Janet know she has to really come back hard this time. This is her last shot! I think she will be "Alright" though.

Foxy Brown Caught In A Real Def Jam

Big Bad Mama
Here is an interesting video featuring the infamous Foxy Brown recorded by some fellow New Yorkers. During the New York blackout, chaos unfurled when an unknown assailant struck Foxy's vehicle with a can or some sort of object. I will let you watch the video to find out what happens next. They don't say she's "730" for no reason. "730" is slang for the way.

Beat Down
In less than a week, Diddy finds his self sued again. This time a club promoter is suing Diddy for having three bodyguards beat his ass. The concert promoter was promoting a group that night and asked Diddy to stay. Supposedly Diddy signaled the bodyguards to remove the guy from his sight. The bodyguards beat the shit out of the guy and he was left with all the typical injuries of a beat down. Oh yea...he is suing Diddy for $5 million dollars. "Mo Money, Mo Problems" indeed.

News Tidbits:
Joe Budden dropped from Def Jam! Snoop ordered to pick up trash and perfor…

News On Chris Brown, Lil' Mo, Foxy Brown

Grown Man Ish
Chris Brown is in hot water! A 33 year old woman is claiming he is the father of her unborn child. The woman claims the two met backstage and soon had a steamy one night stand. The woman also alleges no condom was used after other condoms broke. I don't know how true this is so take it with a grain of salt. I guess Chris wasn't lying when he said the ladies be "Wall 2 Wall" especially when it comes to him.

News Tidbits:
Lil' Mo, Barrington Levy, Movado, and Grafh are some of the guests appearing on Foxy Brown's, "Brooklyn's Don Diva" due in stores Nov 20th. I can't wait! Rihanna's next single is "Breaking Dishes" which is one of my favorite songs from her album. J. Holiday's "Bed" is #1 for a fifth week on the Hot R&B/Hip-hop Songs Chart and #1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop albumsSoulja Boy spends a 5th week at #1 with "Crank That Soulja Boy" on the Billboard Hot 100

Wit A Little "Confessions" I'll Be "Just Fine"

Mary Me
While on the set of filming her new video, "Just Fine", Mary J. spoke about her new album, "Growing Pains" in stores Dec 11th. The album basically finds Mary where she is now which is spiritually in a good place (for the most part). I'm sure the album will have some drama here and there. NeYo, Stargate(producer, NeYo "Because Of You"), Dre & Vidal(producer, Michael Jackson "Butterflies"), and Timbaland are producers featuring on Mary's new album. The rumored 2nd single is called, "Work In Progress" which was written by NeYo. Mary's album is shaping up to be something serious, I think. I'm not too sold on the first single, and I'm not the biggest Mary fan I used to be. I think Mary and I will be "Just Fine".

Trying Times
OMG! Mario's "Go" album has been pushed back to Nov 27th! I can't believe it. This album has seriously had more pushbacks than Mya's. I think the album might …

News & Thoughts On Tyler Perry, JLO, More

The Final Straw
I was watching "The Tyler Perry Show" (did you know he had a show) on BET last night. I remember reading about the show airing on BET and TVOne but I wasn't sure when. Well anyway I caught the show and it was dedicated to the "Why Did I Get Married?" movie. They have really been promoting this movie. Hopefully all this promo and positive word of mouth will help the movie perform well at the box office. I don't care much to see the movie myself. The only reason why I would see it would be just to see Janet. I prefer Tyler's "Madea" roles. The "Madea" movies are actually more popular anyway. Tyler's last movie, "Daddy's Little Girl" performed well but not like the Madea themed movies. Good luck with the new movie Tyler.

JLO's Glitter
According to Hitsdailydouble (who keeps track of the record sales) has predicted that JLO's new album, "Brave" will sell about 60K units give or take. This …

News & Thoughts On Pleasure and Kelly R.

Pain & Pleasure
Pleasure of Pretty Ricky reportedly left Pretty Ricky. He has even typed a message up on his MySpace letting fans know about his departure. He assures everyone that there is no beef but it is time he goes solo. I think a lot of people will agree he was the only talented one out of the group anyway. I know some of my close friends are crazy about Pretty Ricky especially Pleasure. Wait until they find out about this one. They will be "On The Hotline".

Ball Of Confusion
I read that Kelly Rowland's 3rd single is "Still In Love With My Ex" from her "Ms Kelly" album. I remember reading that the album was being re-released. I'm not sure if that is still true at this point. I know at a re-release standpoint, a new song would be introduced as the lead single, not the old one. I'm not sure if its "Like This" or not.

Mario Takes A Leak, Vote For The AMA's

Suffering Artists
Mario's new album, "Go" has leaked but you won't find it here. Mario has a solid set of songs but he suffers from bad promotion. You know Sony BMG doesn't promote their urban artists.
Your Vote Counts
The nominees for the American Music Awards have been announced. I have took the liberty of showing you the urban categories. For the first time in the shows 35 years, fans will be able to ultimately decide who wins by voting. Your vote counts so you better vote.Soul/Rhythm & Blues

Favorite Male Artist:

Favorite Female Artist:

Favorite Album:
R. Kelly/Double Up
Justin Timberlake/FutureSex/LoveSounds


Favorite Band, Duo or Group:
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Pretty Ricky
Shop Boyz

Favorite Male Artist:
Young Jeezy

Favorite Album:
Bones Thugs-N-Harmony/Strength & Loyalty
T.I./T.I. vs. T.I.P.
Young Jeezy/The Inspiration

For the complete list click here.

News & Thoughts on Janet, Mariah, Beyonce

Something New
I thought I would try something new and bring the polls back to the blog. Every once in awhile, I'll ask your opinion regarding whatever situation and you can place your vote, given you care to. You are allowed to vote multiple times a day, I believe. This is always the part I get mixed up while I'm conducting these polls. Anyway during two totally separate interviews Mariah and Beyonce have added themselves to the list of the dumbest things celebrities say. Vote on which statement was worse!
What's worse?Mariah wishing she was a genieBeyonce wishing she was free pollsBand Apart
The two men many feel are resposible for Janet Jackson's succes, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis won't be appearing on Janet's new album, "as of now" according to the singer. I feel like L.A. Reid (who is executive producing the album) is trying to bring back Janet sorta like how Tina Turner came back with "Private Dancer". The similarities …

"My Dear" Don't U Know "It's Me Again"?

Guess Who's Back
Tweet (song, "Oops (Oh My)"), if you can remember was part of the VH1 Hip Hop Honors festivities (honoring Missy Elliott) airing tonight on VH1. The Tweet-ster is working on a new album called, "Love, Tweet" and the first single is called, "My Dear" featuring T.I. The album is the follow up to her "It's Me Again" album. I am glad to see Tweet come back. I liked both of her previous albums. Set the mood and "Turn The Lights Off" to Tweet.

Book Of Weight
Janet Jackson to write a book about her weight loss. I remember when she spoke about this during the 20 Y.O. era. It turns out that the book will eventually happen after all. The news of the book comes on the heels of the recent news of her upcoming album dropping early next year.

Super Tuesdays
February is looking to be a big month for music. Upcoming releases from Chante Moore, Lyfe, LeToya, Lil' Kim, Trina, Cherish and Janet Jackson are all slated for a Februar…

Diddy Sued, Lil' Wayne Speaks, Rock #1

Money's No Object
Diddy Sued Over B.I.G. Music Rights. Former Bad Boy consultant says Dids owes him 19 million dollars. I guess this is a simple case of "Mo Money, Mo Problems".Click here to read more on that story

10% Dis
Lil' Wayne is not busy thinking about 50 Cent's diss towards him on his "Part Time Lover" song where 50 states, "you make me wanna kiss you like Baby kiss Wayne". I love the song by the way. Anyway Wayne downplays the feud by simply saying what I've been saying. 50 is a character! He went onto say something along the lines of him being from the South and he kills! Look out 50. Wayne is a "Soldier" indeed.

News Tidbits:
The Rock's "The Game Plan" leads the North American Box Office for the second week in a row with an estimated $16 million dollars gross. To date the movie has grossed $42.8 million dollars.
With the recent lawsuits filed against Diddy and Beyonce, I am requesting your vote. Who gets more …

Will I Ask Myself "Why Did I Get Married?"

Planet Janet
While at the premiere for her new movie, "Why Did I Get Married?", Janet was asked about her new album, her first for Island Def Jam. She looked over at L.A. Reid (executive producer/president of Def Jam) and said "the top of next year" and his reply was the same. Yay! I want some new Janet. Even though it hasn't been long since the last one. I'm "So Excited".

Carey On
You ever notice how no one has ever covered a Mariah Carey song? I know there aren't many "real" singers out there capable of redoing a Mariah song. Mariah always covers and samples other peoples songs though. I know something had been said about this a long time ago. It was something where Mariah songs couldn't be performed at American Idol auditions. I know most contestants would probably butcher the songs like they do Whitney's but come on. Mariah, I think its time you let some people cover your songs. You been in this business long enough and you …

If U Ain't "Movin' On" I Will "Lock U Down"

Jail Bird
Lil' Wayne has been arrested after an Idaho concert for what authorities labeled possession of a controlled substance. I admit when I first saw this headline I thought Lil' Wayne had been arrested for (once again) causing pandemonium at a concert. Lil' Wayne and these concerts. He seems to get in more and more trouble with every concert. The rapper was charged and no bail was set. Because of this Saturday's night concert wouldn't happen and the police station received a bevy of calls from fans and concert promoters. I know he hates it when they "Lock U Down".

Unhappy Ending
"Liberation" won't be what its title insist nor will Mya for that matter. I'm reading that "Liberation" has been shelved (not being released) indefinitely. This news comes after several pushbacks. Despite all this negativity surrounding the album, Mya has kept herself busy partying and promoting herself on several media outlets. It is best she be &quo…

The Sit Your Ass Down Award Goes To...

KimoraLee Simmons

I never liked Kimora Lee Simmons. I think she is stuck up. She looks just like the type to look down on someone. I have seen her on various shows and her attitude stinks. I know she was a model back in the day. If it weren't for you being swept off your feet by Russell Simmons, you'd be exactly where Veronica Webb is. Who? My thoughts exactly. I saw that her show is coming to E! and boy was I irked. With that said, Kimora Lee Simmons, "Sit Yo Ass Down"! Thank you!

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It's October and Halloween is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate the month of October by watching some horror movies. AMC is dedicating ten days in October to all kinds of horror movies. You will find popular movies like "Halloween" and "Scream 3" and lesser known movies like "The Fog" (one of my favorites) and "Magic" (starring Anthony Hopkins). Check out AMC's website for complete listings and showtimes of horror's scariest and thrilling movies.


Set Me Free
Foxy Brown is releasing her new album, "Brooklyn's Don Diva" on Nov 20th. I can't wait! Foxy is my favorite female rapper despite her many troubles. I have stood by her through all her drama, and I'm really excited about this new album. Anyway a new site dedicated to all things Foxy Brown is up and running. You can keep up with the latest going-ons with Foxy. Check out the site below:

Free Foxy Brown

News Tidbits:

News On Juelz Santana, Ashanti, Mary J.

New Horizons
Juelz Santana's new album, "The Reagan Era" is coming soon. It will be his third album for Def Jam. I remember seeing Juelz's house on MTV's "Cribs" and boy was it nice. I was very jealous. I wondered how he had such a nice house with very little fame. My friend tipped me off that he and the Dipset crew were heavy into real estate. He better "Run It".

Another One Bites The Dust
Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks split; Nick just doesn't know how to keep him.

She Declares
Ashanti is shooting the new video for her single, "Hey Baby (After The Club)" by world famous director Hype Williams. I'm loving the new song. Very radio friendly. Ashanti makes "The Declaration" on Dec 11th. Production comes from Babyface, Jermaine Dupri, The Neptunes, and Mario Winans (produced 1st single). You'd be "Foolish" to miss out on this release.

Pain Is Pleasure
Mary J. Blige is shooting the video for her new single, "…