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Keyshia Cole Blasts Diamond For Having Affair With Husband...Alicia Keys Expecting Child

BABY LOVE: Congratulations are in order for Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beats! The couple are expecting their second child together. Alicia showed off her baby bump in a photo shoot all the while the couple are celebrating their four year anniversary. WOMEN LIE, MEN LIE: Keyshia Cole appeared on The Breakfast Club yesterday(I have to post the video) and talked about her husband cheating with rapper Diamond. Diamond shot back saying Keyshia Cole is a lie! Keyshia's estranged sister jumped in on the drama and made Diamond her #WCW(Woman Crush Wednesday) on Instagram sparking more drama. Who do you believe? I skipped past the Breakfast Club interview with Keyshia Cole namely because it wasn't long that she was just on the radio show. That interview was somewhat depressing and this one looked somewhat the same. Now I think I may check it out! COUPLES THERAPY: The Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce rumors continue to escalate as its now being reported that the couple is nearing separatio…

Beyonce To Appear On Nicki Minaj Single..Ray J Regrets Kim K Sex Tape

BEYONCE & NICKI MINAJ COLLABO?: Remember when Nicki Minaj pushed back the single release of her new single, Anaconda? Well the single now due on August 4 is said to feature none other than Beyoncé. It's also being said that the two collaborated on a remix of Beyoncé's Flawless which is supposedly Beyoncé's new single. I guess we will just have to wait and see but personally I think the inclusion of Beyoncé on Anaconda(if it is indeed true) is a little random. RAY OF LIGHT: Ray J is now wishing he didn't fuck Kim Kardashian on camera and made a sex tape. He's probably still wallowing in the fact that her career has flourished and she's gone on to marry Kanye West. Ray J has really been feeling some kind of way ever since Kim Kardashian's career has taken off. Now it seems as if every song and every video he does is about her. I think its time Ray gets over Kim once and for all. You would of thought that to be the case when he started dating Teairra Mari…

R. Kelly Upsets Fans, Timbaland Talks New Missy Music

PISSED OFF: Fans of R. Kelly are upset with the singer after he bailed out of a Labor Day weekend performance in Columbus. The fans went as far as to call out the King of R&B for his lewd past including the rumors of his sexual dealings with minors. R. Kelly's publicist responded saying that Kellz would perform at a later date and time but fans weren't buying it. Turns out fans were really looking forward to seeing the Pied Piper of R&B piss on stage! I mean things like this happen all the time. Artists cancel tour dates or for whatever reason something happens with the promoters. I'm sure it wasn't nothing personal and only business. I don't think the fans or the people should of lashed out on him like that but then again what do I know? Besides his publicist even issued a statement saying he'd perform at a later date. Besides I feel like if and when he does reschedule his spot date there, the fans will come out in droves with their black panties read…

Ashanti Talks New Movie Roles, Aretha Franklin Upstaged in Restaurant

AWWW BABY: Ashanti greeted fans last night with a live feed of UStream. The singer discussed everything from her upcoming video for Early In The Morning, which she is vying to shoot this weekend. She also discussed briefly the movie she is working on now, Stuck, where she plays Eve, a woman stuck on a subway train with several other characters. She says the movie will be released next year. She is also starring in a movie on Syfy to be released in October. Ashanti also said she has another movie in the works that she will begin shooting in November. Hell! It truly sounded like Ashanti has abandoned music for movies. This is music to some people's ears I'm sure. But I like music Ashanti and I'm all for the movies, but the snail pace release of this Early In The Morning video is simply ridiculous. But her movie schedule has her pretty booked and she's only off on the weekends. Bummer! Guess we will just have to wait and see. BURGER QUEEN: Aretha Franklin, known for her …

Bobby Brown Returns to New Edition Tour..Janet Jackson's Father Pens Letter to Her

HE'S BACK: Bobby Brown is in better spirits these days. The singer is obviously feeling a lot better after having some unknown health conditions. He is now rejoining the group that made him famous, New Edition on their tour. It was a little over a month ago where Bobby took ill on stage and had to abandon the tour altogether. It's nice to hear that Bobby is back. Next we will see how Bobby is portrayed in the Lifetime movie of Whitney Houston airing soon. THE LETTER: Joe Jackson, father of Janet Jackson penned a surprising and thoughtful letter to his daughter Janet. The famed father spoke about how Janet took him to the premiere of The Nutty Professor 2 and he felt that Janet should of been the lead, or the one carrying the film. He says Janet wasn't too amused by his words but took the criticism and applied to her later starring roles. He went on to say how proud he is of Janet. Awww! How touching! And I think a lot of us, myself included felt Joe didn't have a hear…

Keyshia Cole Receives Divorce Papers..Lauryn Hill Tells Off Angry Fan

I been slipping y'all then again there is just a lot of news. Better late than never I guess anyway here goes some more music news you might of missed or already knew. DIVORCE WHO?: Keyshia Cole was on the receiving end of a nasty joke. The singer received divorce papers from someone pretending to be her husband Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. Daniel responded saying he believed in the sanctity of marriage and he doesn't plan on sending off any divorce papers. Enough said. Though I think its a pretty cruel joke to pull, someone went as far as to conjure up divorce papers believingly to fool the public and Keyshia. HILL STREET BLUES: Lauryn Hill threw a concert in Chicago and she had to tell a fan off. The fan was upset because Lauryn was an hour late. I'm not sure what Lauryn said to the angered fan but I'm sure it only upset the fan more and made them look a plum fool in the process. Though I can understand the fan's frustration but artists are always late when…

K. Michelle Reveals Premiere Date For VH1 Spinoff, Jeremih To Release New Mixtape

REALITY VIXEN: K. Michelle has landed her own spin off on VH1. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star will star in My Life which will premiere on November 3. The show had previously been titled No New Friends. "NOT" REALLY: Jeremih will release N.O.M.A.(Not On My Album) on August 4. The mixtape release will feature, you guessed it, songs that will not appear on his upcoming album Thumpy Johnson. The first release from the mixtape is She Know It. Meanwhile Don't Tell 'Em featuring YG is the first release from Jeremih's upcoming album.  

Album Cover: Keyshia Cole - Point of No Return

Keyshia Cole has unveiled the cover art for her new album Point Of No Return. The album currently has no release date but the album is said to be released this Summer. The album features the singles Rick James, Next Time, and She. Keyshia hasn't had a real hit single from this album yet. I'm not sure what her next plan of action is. Many are saying Keyshia is over and they aren't feeling her new batch of songs. PONR is reportedly Keyshia's last album for Interscope so she probably doesn't care how well it performs chartwise. I think I did read that this album will get the visual album treatment a la Beyoncé. We shall see. What do you all think of Keyshia Cole's new album cover? 

Mary J. Blige Reportedly Leaving Interscope Records For Capitol Records

Mary J. Blige has reportedly left Interscope Records for Capitol Records. Mary's last few albums have all been released under the Interscope label. Mary J. recently released the Think Like A Man Two soundtrack and previous to that she released her successful Christmas album last year. I definitely wasn't here for the Think Like A Man soundtrack. I wasn't feeling the Suitcase song nor any of the other songs. I never heard Mary's Christmas album but I know it sold decently in its initial run. I am however looking forward to a new Mary J. album, something more so along the lines of some of her best albums like My Life, Share My World, and The Breakthrough. I guess we will just have to wait and see what Mary J. does next.

Music Video: Tameka Tiny Harris - What You Gon Do? - Clean

Better late than never. I say that because I'm not sure how long this video has been out but I'm just now seeing it and I like it. It's the debut solo single from Tameka Tiny Harris that has everyone talking. The song is currently #1 on the iTunes R&B charts which is a really big deal. Check out the video!

Music Feed: When Rappers Kiss & Tell

We know that some of our most famous rappers have big mouths. Not only do they brag about how money they bank but they also like to brag on their dicks. They like to entertain us with scandalous tales of sex with groupies but also famous women. When pushed to the limit, these men will speak out and break whatever code the rapper and said female may of had in the past. It's usually something, in my opinion that offsets the rapper causing them to run their mouth like a leaky faucet but it always makes for good gossip and stories like these. Check out my list of rappers who have famously or not so famously got it on with some of female R&B's elite. The Game, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, & Jay Z vs. Mya - The Game "dreamed of fucking a R&B bitch like Mya" and the rapper actually got his wish. Not only did Mya appear in the video but the two were said to have hooked up. Mya denied the claims but I'm pretty sure it went down. To add insult to injury, 50 Cent and …

August Alsina Injures Groupie, Bow Wow Kisses & Tells on Ciara, Angela Simmons

GROUPIE CONFESSIONS: A groupie has come forward saying that after sleeping with August Alsina, he ruptured her cervix. The groupie girl was in the hospital for four days and now plans to sue the outspoken singer. The groupie girl purchased her own tickets to see August personally and he arranged for her to meet him and the rest is cervix history. When asked about the story, August didn't exactly deny the story but says he is not getting sued. So what do you think? Do you think August really ruptured her cervix or is it her brain ruptured with a tall tale? KISS & TELL: Ciara and Angela Simmons, two of Bow Wow Shad Moss' exes were recently mentioned when Shad spoke of his sexual past with both ladies. Ciara hasn't responded as far as I know but Angela did and she is not happy about Shad kissing and telling. Bow says it was just a joke. What do you think? It does seem to me that these rappers(Bow Wow, Nick Cannon, The Game, 50 Cent) likes to kiss and tell. Most of the ti…

Whitney Houston's Mother, Cissy Houston Speaks Out on New Movie

Cissy Houston, mother of the late Whitney Houston has spoken out against the movie that Lifetime plans to produce. Cissy says many people have come forward claiming to know Whitney and they really don't. Case in point, the people making this movie don't know Whitney nor her relationship with Bobby Brown. They are just going by speculation. The Whitney Houston movie will air on Lifetime later this year I believe. P.S. if you didn't know Deborah Cox will provide the vocals for the movie. An audio of Deborah Cox covering I Will Always Love You leaked out and the response had been pretty overwhelming. I haven't heard it yet but I'm sure she did it justice.

Lil' Mo's New Man Caught in Sexting Scandal

Lil' Mo's new beau is alleged to be a womanizer who was caught sexting another woman. The woman leaked out a series of texts that were sexual in nature complete with nude pictures. There were even some conversation that could possibly question Lil' Mo's beau's sexuality. Lil' Mo has responded and claims that the woman is simply doing this for a publicity stunt. Is that true or is Lil' Mo simply trying to save face? To me it seems like every time these women get on reality shows, they start parading their new men around. Little do they know that their new man is an opportunist. We have seen it on all our popular reality shows. These men see these women that have a little money and then they go in for the kill. These men have some of these women out here like fools. What do you think?

Live Performance: Tinashe - '2 On' on 'Wendy'

L.A. based singer Tinashe performs her hit single 2 On from her upcoming album Aquarius. Check it out!

Beyonce Previews '50 Shades of Grey'..Former Destiny's Child Singer Arrested

50 SHADES OF BEYONCE: Beyoncé has revealed a teaser of the upcoming movie 50 Shades of Grey and along with that she posted what sounds like her musical contribution to the soundtrack. 50 Shades of Grey is not due to be released until 2015. The trailer for the movie will be released in theaters on July 24. CHILD, PLEASE: Farrah Franklin formerly of Destiny's Child was arrested over the weekend for disorderly conduct. Alcohol is believed to have played a major part in the episode. I wonder what Farrah is doing musically these days if anything. 

Chaka Khan Reveals Post Rehab Stint, Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Tiny

WRATH OF KHAN: Chaka Khan appeared on Wendy Friday July 19 and she revealed that she just undergone a stint in rehab. The famed singer revealed she's had a battle with drugs over the years and this was her second time in rehab. During her rehab Chaka was roomies with Lindsay Lohan. BOXING TINY: Floyd Mayweather has proven to be one messy fellow. The controversial boxer revealed that he had sexual relations with Tiny, T.I.'s estranged wife. If you recall the two were hanging out and Tiny posted a picture which prompted a fight between T.I. and Floyd in Las Vegas. Now Floyd is backtracking on the statement he made regarding smashing Tiny. Whether it happened or not I feel that Floyd is simply just taunting T.I. because he know its easy to get a reaction out of him. Like we all know T.I. doesn't mind going back to jail. Hell he's been so many times before. 

Omarion In Jail..Christina Milian & Lil' Wayne Dating

JAIL BIRD: Omarion is in jail after being stopped by the police. After they ran his info it turns out he had a warrant for not appearing in court. Where is Bow Wow Shad Moss when you need him? BABY MOTHER'S CLUB: Are Christina Milian and Lil' Wayne dating? Well that's the word on the street. Christina is conveniently signed to Young Money and she will release her debut soon as well as a the precursor to the album, a mixtape titled Tina Turn Up, her alter ego. Lil' Wayne's other baby mother's and his daughter aren't feeling Christina. I guess its good to be Christina Milian right now because the amount of hate she is getting right now for being Wayne's new girl is sickening actually. Bitches stay hating!  

Wendy Williams To Produce New Aaliyah Movie..Nicole Scherzinger Signs To Epic Records

MORE THAN A BIOPIC: Wendy Williams has added executive producer to the upcoming Aaliyah biopic due to air on Lifetime. The movie has been doomed from the start with Zendaya Coleman dropping out. Let's see if Wendy can breathe life into this biopic. SECOND CHANCES: Nicole Scherzinger formerly of The Pussycat Dolls has signed to Epic Records. L.A. Reid recently revealed the news via Twitter.

Faith Lands New Record Deal, Kandi Takes Stage Play On Tour

KEEP THE FAITH: Faith Evans has inked a recording and publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis US Records. She will release her new album Incomparable this Fall through the label. The album will feature the first single I Deserve It featuring Missy Elliott & Sharaya J. KANDI KOATED: Kandi is taking her stage play loosely based on her life, A Mother's Love on the road starting in September and going all the way to December. Make sure you look to see when Kandi and crew is coming to your town.

Mila J Taps Iggy Azalea For New Single, Deborah Cox Singing in Whitney Biopic

MAIN CHICK: Mila J, hot on the heels of her single Smoke, Drink & Break Up is ready to release a new single. This time the L.A. based singer will release My Main featuring Iggy Azalea. The song is expected to be released next week. My Main will appear on Mila J's upcoming EP M.I.L.A. in stores and online this September. COX ROCKS: Deborah Cox will provide the vocals for the upcoming Whitney Houston movie airing on Lifetime. The movie directed by Angela Bassett will focus on Whitney's tumultuous relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown. 

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Fight Breaks Out, Romeo Wants Ashanti's Sister

FIGHT NIGHT: A massive fight occurred earlier today on the set of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion. Apparently Joseline tried to sneak hit Tammy Rivera(Waka Flacka's wife) and Tammy lunged out in a full attack that involved other cast members including Deb Atney(Tammy's Mother In Law), Althea, and Bambi. Now why Bambi jumped in is beyond me, probably in hopes that she'll get asked back next season and to extend her 15 minutes of fame. I know Joseline is known to pop off but I still love her though. I'm not a fan of Tammy, Deb, and Bambi and I'm not just saying that cause they allegedly whooped Joseline's ass. I just think their all boring and bring nothing to the show. ROMEO & SHIA?: Lil' Romeo was trying to shoot Ashanti's sister Shia down on Instagram last week. Ashanti's sister Shia politely turned Romeo down though. It turns out she has a man, Slow Bucks, the man who got his chain snatched by 50 Cent at this year's Summer Jam. Slo…

K. Michelle Defends Assets, Tamar Braxton Beefing with Toni Braxton's Assistant

Once again K. Michelle and Tamar are back to beefing and turning up on folks as normal. Do these ladies get enough? ASS REAL?: K. Michelle has clapped back at those who insist her ASS is not real. I'm sticking to my belief that her ass is fake. I mean if it is so what, who cares. A lot of women in Atlanta have fake asses. I remember when Memphitz(her ex) came out and said he paid for her ass, teeth, and all. I believe it! And I don't care what she says. WHAT'S BEEF?: Tamar Braxton is embroiled in a beef with sister Toni Braxton's assistant. Why? I don't know but then again I really don't care. Tamar is always getting into it with someone. Have a seat ma'am! ATTACK OF THE NEW GIRLFRIEND: Karreuche Tran says Rihanna's fans are giving her a hard time since she is with Chris Brown. You know the stans don't play and that's just how it is. I do think they should back off a little though. I think its safe to say Chris and Rihanna are done with each ot…

Bobby Brown Drops Out Of New Edition Tour, Chris Brown & Drake In The Studio

BROWN DOWN: Bobby Brown has abruptly left his tour with New Edition. The often troubled singer cited health problems as leaving the tour. Bobby apologized to fans for his departure. NO BEEF HERE: Drake and Chris Brown are in the studio! The once dueling artists have now come together to collaborate on new music. There is no word on when we can expect this new music.

Angie Stone Breaks Up With Manager/Boyfriend..Chili Reveals TLC Secrets

I been gone for a minute but I'm back with the jump off. STONE COLD: Angie Stone has dumped her manager/boyfriend Ashanti Graves after it was discovered he was having an affair. It turns out that Ashanti was having an affair with someone who worked on R&B Divas Atlanta. Ouch! Throughout the show's season three run, Angie probed Ashanti about marrying her but he always brushed it off. Now it all makes sense. CHILI CON QUESO: Chili of TLC revealed that former manager Pebbles, who had a lawsuit against TLC has found her lawsuit thrown out. She also revealed that 702's Where My Girls At was a song originally offered to the group but they turned it down. Also the group was offered but passed on Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time. Could you hear TLC singing those songs? 

Artist Interview: Ashanti Speaks On BET Awards, New Roles, New Video

The lovely Ashanti talks about the drama at the BET Awards, her upcoming movie roles, her charity involvement, and her new video for Early In The Morning.

Lil' Mo Mad At Prince, Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Split Up

PRINCE MO: Lil' Mo wasn't playing when it came to her having to pee during the Essence Fest festivities in New Orleans. The pint sized singer was asked to move to the side to accompany Prince as he made his way down the corridor. Lil' Mo wasn't having it and she took her frustration to Instagram. How befitting! Catch Lil' Mo on the new season of R&B Divas L.A. premiering on July 17. BROKEN UP: Chris Brown and his longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran have allegedly broken up. The same is being said for reality TV stars Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. In my heart of hearts I think both couples will be back together again very soon.

Elle Varner Speaks On K. Michelle Drama, Beyonce Sets New Record

NO MORE DRAMA: Elle Varner has finally spoken out over her fall out with K. Michelle. The singer simply said "I don't do drama" and I totally agree with her. K. Michelle is too dramatic and she should save those theatrics for when she was on Love & Hip Hop. DOUBLE PLATINUM: Beyoncé's self-titled album released back in December has officially crossed the two million mark. Beyoncé is Beyoncé's first multi-million selling album since 2008's I Am Sasha Fierce. In other Beyoncé news the singer switched up the lyrics to her Resentment song revealing that Jay Z cheated on her. 

Ciara Graces Cover of BRIDES Magazine

Ciara gives us blushing bride to be as she graces the cover of the new issue of BRIDES magazine. Unfortunately there have been rumors that Ciara and Future may not make it down the aisle. Ciara was reportedly seen not wearing her engagement ring when Future was out partying with her rival Rihanna. Unless they patched things up only time will tell if Ciara and Future will get married. Nearly two months ago Ciara gave birth to her first child Future Zahir Wilson.

Tiny Snubs Floyd Mayweather...Tank Mad At BET

I know I know! I'm a little LATE on some of this news though but better late than never I guess. So here it is: TINY DANCER: The BET Awards '14 were two nights ago but they are still the talk of the town. And there are still stories being reported about things that went down on the red carpet and beyond. One story that is being reported is that while on the red carpet, Tiny was being interviewed and Floyd Mayweather reached out to her and she rejected and walked away. Clearly Floyd was clearly kicking up dirt and being the asshole he's been portraying himself to be. Tiny & T.I. were seated together in the front row at the BET Awards of course so they could catch every action and reaction. The couple seemed all smiles but they walked the red carpet separately. MAD TANK: Tank is mad at the BET Awards for not receiving the coveted(ha!) Best Group award. Instead the award went to Young Money who some say aren't actually a group. I disagree. They are a group. They'…

Beyonce & Jay Z Divorce Rumors Ignite..Trey Songz New Album To Debut At #1

RUN AWAY: The rumors regarding the discord in the marriage between Jay Z and Beyoncé continue to ignite. Now reports are saying that the beloved couple are traveling separate and staying in separate hotels during their On The Run tour. I told you this tour is really the On The Run..from each other tour. But true to form Jay Z and Beyoncé remain the consummate professionals. Because from what I've seen via Instagram the chemistry between the married couple seems pretty still intact. PULL THE TRIGGA: Though his new album Trigga just dropped today, it appears that Trey Songzs' news album will debut at #1 next week. Sales are said to be estimated around the 85-95K mark. Trigga features the singles Na Na, Foreign, Smart Phones, and more.