Music Feed: When Rappers Kiss & Tell

We know that some of our most famous rappers have big mouths. Not only do they brag about how money they bank but they also like to brag on their dicks. They like to entertain us with scandalous tales of sex with groupies but also famous women. When pushed to the limit, these men will speak out and break whatever code the rapper and said female may of had in the past. It's usually something, in my opinion that offsets the rapper causing them to run their mouth like a leaky faucet but it always makes for good gossip and stories like these. Check out my list of rappers who have famously or not so famously got it on with some of female R&B's elite.
  1. The Game, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, & Jay Z vs. Mya - The Game "dreamed of fucking a R&B bitch like Mya" and the rapper actually got his wish. Not only did Mya appear in the video but the two were said to have hooked up. Mya denied the claims but I'm pretty sure it went down. To add insult to injury, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks began speaking recklessly about Mya and to which she replied implying that she didn't smash Lloyd Banks but 50 Cent did. Ouch! Most recently Mya caught herself in another media storm. There were rumors suggesting that she had been carrying on a 10 year affair with Jay Z. Mya quickly denied the claims. Jay Z and Mya did collaborate back in the day and I always felt like something went down back then.
  2. Eminem vs. Mariah - Eminem claiming to have slept with Mariah back in the day is an industry legend. Now whether or not it went down or not remains a mystery but I believe it did. I think Mariah was just too ashamed to admit she slept with Eminem. Back when Mariah was having her meltdown her and Em were friends and were exchanging pleasantries on the phone and the like. Somewhere along the lines things took a turn for the worse. I'm guessing this is when Eminem released those voicemails of Mariah calling Eminem. That's when the dissing began between both musicians in a series of songs that's carried on throughout the years.
  3. Bow Wow vs. Ciara and Angela Simmons - Bow Wow aka Shad Moss was recently asked about who was better at oral sex, Ciara and Angela Simmons. The famed rapper and TV host confessed that both entertainers were equally good at serving up dome. While Ciara has remained mum, Angela has clapped back and she is not happy with Bow Wow. To add more insult to injury, Bow finds himself this week going back and forth at a bitter ex. Both claim to have been done wrong by the other. Bow has had his share of the famous groupie girls and he has famously beefed with them over the years including video girl Dolicia Bryant(I think that's her name).
  4. Nick Cannon vs. Christina Milian & Kim Kardashian - When Nick Cannon and Christina Milian dated back in the day, they were one of R&B/Hip Hop's cutest couples. After the couple split up, things got nasty in the press. The always outspoken Cannon took to radio to blast Christina saying he smashed on the first night. Milian denied the claims. On top of that it was revealed that Nick had dated Kim Kardashian back in the day pre-Kanye West.

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