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50 Cent Calls Out Label, Jill Scott A Diva?

50 Cent has threatened his label; Interscope Records to "call him" or he will continue to release new music. I think there's a reason why your upcoming album hasn't been released. Each time I've read or heard anything about it; it was either pushed back or the supposed lead single wasn't performing well. Since the release of 50 Cent's latest mixtape; his YouTube views have increased as well prompting the famed rapper to call out his label.

Of course most mixtapes are received well especially being that they are free and artists typically put a lot into mixtapes as if they were full length studio albums.

Jill Scott a diva? It's not the first time I read about her supposed diva antics. Recently on the "VH1 Divas" telecast; Jill Scott didn't want to perform; "Sweet Love" with Anita Baker. One of the many things we look forward to on "Divas" besides the divas is the duets. While some of the duets or those who are partnered …

Throwback Video: Mya - Case Of The Ex

Mya scored one of her more popular hits with this #2 Pop peaking single from her platinum album; "Fear Of Flying" released back in 2000. It's crazy that its been this long.

Mya recently released her Japan released album; "K.I.S.S."(Keeping It Simple & Sexy) on iTunes awhile back. After Mya's "Liberation" album got shelved; Mya's career fell off here in the states. Though she is pretty popular overseas so I guess there may be plans to reintroduce herself to the American audiences.

Lil' Kim Working With 50 Cent On New Music

The news had been previously announced by myself and some other publications. Not much info has been revealed about Kim working with 50 Cent but you can check out this little excerpt below:

Lil’ Kim was the only female in the crew while kicking it with 50 Cent and the Money Team. The fellas, including boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr., enjoyed some down time over the Christmas vacation.

Earlier in the week, the Queen Bee hit the studio with her “Magic Stick” collaborator to record some new material. It’s unknown where their latest work will end up, but Kim is expected to drop her EP any day now and announce a new record deal at the top of the year.

Over the summer, Kim declared her loyalty to 50 and G-Unit while sharing the stage with G-Unit South signee Shawty Lo at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash 16 in Atlanta.

En Vogue, Pattil LaBelle Set To Perform At Super Bowl Event

Some of our favorite artists as well as some veteran artists will take part in several Super Bowl performances leading up to the actual Super Bowl. Read more below:

En Vogue, Patti LaBelle, and Bret Michaels are among the artists who will perform in free concerts during the week leading up to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

The Super Bowl Host Committee made the announcement Wednesday at a news conference at Lucas Oil Stadium, site of the Feb. 5 game.

The artists will perform on stages along Georgia Street beginning Jan. 27. 5. A specific schedule was not announced.

Other artists scheduled to appear include Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Corey Cox, Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley, Edwin McCain, Fitz & the Tantrums, Fuel, Here Come the Mummies, IU's Straight No Chaser, LMFAO, O.A.R, Railroad Earth, Sixpence None the Richer, Umphrey's McGee and Will Hoge. More artists are expected to be added.

Madonna will perform at halftime.

Artists Returning To The Music Scene In 2012 Part 1

A lot of artists are said to return to the music world in 2012. How many of them actually will and be successful at that is the question! Yes! We are excited to see some of our favorite and long forgotten stars to return to the limelight. Here is a list I compiled of some of the said artists said to be dropping sometime next year. As I think of more I may be compelled to do a follow up blog.

Lil' Kim
I will start with Lil' Kim since she is one of the first names that come to mind. Just a few days ago I seen a promo pic of her promoting her return in 2012. Her untitled album is said to be released sometime next year. An EP is also in the works and is said to drop anyday now. Kim has been pretty mum on her record label situation but it had been revealed that the rapper is now signed to Universal Republic Records; recording home to her rival Nicki Minaj. Interesting if this is indeed true.

Lil' Kim has either reportedly confirmed these said collaborations or reports have repor…

The Weight Loss Divas

Though my friend and fellow blogger Quick has beat me to the punch I'm still compelled to talk about the slew of weight loss driven commercials featuring some of our favorite divas.

First up is Jennifer Hudson..

We've seen her first Weight Watchers commercial to the point of exploitation. I literally got tired of seeing the commercial especially when I watched BET. They would show it every commercial break from any show or movie I was watching on the network. Yes! We are all proud of Jennifer but others digress. They feel the Oscar award winning actress has lost too much weight. I think she looks fine! I do feel that she doesn't need to lose any more weight. It's almost like she's disappearing in front of our very eyes.

Now Jennifer finally has a new Weight Watchers commercial featuring her old self during her run on FOX's "American Idol". It's a huge difference; pun intended when the new thin Jennifer comes out and sings alongside her old self to Wh…

Throwback Video: Ashanti - Good Good

Though the release of this video is only three years old; Ashanti's "Good Good" is a video I like for many reasons. In addition to how good Ashanti looks; I like the concept of the video which is an ode to the 50s housewife. Ashanti's boo(if he still is); Nelly appears in the video directed by Melina(who's directed a slew of videos over the years). I can't think of any of the videos Melina has directed other than this off top but if you look it up you will see.

While I'm on the subject of Ashanti and Nelly; I'm not sure if their still together or not. I definitely haven't seen them out together in awhile. Some have insinuated that her new song; "The Woman You Love" is a dis on Nelly.

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Throwback Video: The Isley Bros. Featuring JS - Busted

Since the inception of Ronald Isley's alter ego; Mr. Biggs back in the late 90s; R. Kelly has kept The Isley Bros. on top of the charts exposing them to a new generation and legions of new fans.

"Busted" is one of my favorite songs from The Isley Bros. and I like the call and response of the hook. The video and the song itself is quite laughable and comes courtesy of the genius R. Kelly.

Oh and JS were composed of The Johnson Sisters and I can't quite remember if they were twins or not. Their debut album "Ice Cream" was produced by R. Kelly as was the title track. If I'm not mistaken both sisters were romantically involved with Ronald Isley and R. Kelly. I believe one of the Johnson sisters married Ronald Isley.

2011: Favorites In Music...And Then Some

Favorite Video Of The Year: Kelly Rowland - Lay It On Me
Kelly Rowland teased us and teased us with the clip for this steamy hot video which was a follow up to her "Motivation" video. This video didn't get as much play nor did the single but Kelly had definitely discovered her inner sex goddess and I loved every minute of it. Kelly did catch some flack though when it was discovered that her video copied another video frame by frame in some scenes. Who's original these days anyway? Fortunately there were a few other videos that managed to get my attention and there listed below!
Faith Evans - Right Here
Teedra Moses - R U 4Real
Mary J. Blige Featuring Lil' Wayne & Diddy - Someone To Love Me(Naked)
Marsha Ambrosius - Far Away

Favorite Producer:(tie) Rich Harrison/Noah "40" Shebib
I had to look at song of the songs I really liked and think about who produced those songs. I thought of Rich Harrison because he produced two songs that I really liked this year; J…

Throwback Video: Nivea - Laundromat

"Laundromat" is one of the few hits Nivea managed to score while she was signed to Jive Records. The song was written and produced by R. Kelly who doesn't appear in the video. At the time of the release; R. Kelly was going through his child pornography ordeal. We all remember that right? In his place is Nick Cannon as the philandering lover but without the singing parts. Nick Cannon; at the time was Nivea and R. Kelly's labelmate so I'm sure it was easier on their part to feature him in the video.

Looking back at the video Nivea had this squeaky clean image and it seems once she got with Lil' Wayne; she became ghettofied or maybe she already was.

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2011: Favorites In Music Part 1

Favorite Guest Artist Of The Year: Nicki Minaj & J. Cole
Nicki Minaj continued her dominance in 2011 not only as a solo artist but a featured artist alongside Drake("Make Me Proud"), Lil' Wayne("Y U Mad?"), Birdman("Y U Mad?") and David Guetta("Turn Me On"). What was most amusing about Nicki Minaj's collaborations in 2011 were that most of her guest verses were jabs at Lil' Kim. To me it made the collaborations more exciting to hear upon first listen. It had me wondering what was Nicki gonna say about Kim this time.

J. Cole not only released his debut album; "Cole World: The Sideline Story" a few months ago but also found himself quite in demand as far as features go. He appeared alongside songs for Beyonce("Party"), Keri Hilson("Buyou"), Elle Varner("Only Wanna Give It To You") and Bei Maejor("Trouble").

Favorite Album Of The Year: Drake - Take Care
I had no idea that I would like D…

Ashanti Unveils Studio Footage Of Recording New Single

Ashanti takes viewers behind the scenes of the studio session involving the recording of her new single; "The Woman You Love" featuring Busta Rhymes(who's also in the video here).

Drake Featuring Tyga & Lil' Wayne - The Motto - Video

Game Featuring Tyler The Creator - Martians vs. Goblins - Video

Game finally releases the new video to current single; "Martians vs. Goblins" which also features Lil' Wayne who doesn't appear in the video. The song is one of my favorites from Game and his most recent album; "The R.E.D. Album".

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Lloyd Featuring Trey Songz & Young Jeezy - Be The One - Video

Lloyd is back with his new video for new single; "Be The One" which I believe was previously released some months back. I don't remember the song making that huge of a dent on the R&B charts but I guess the song is getting a second life. Lucky Lloyd!

Lloyd's most recent album; "King Of Hearts" came and went faster than most albums. The first two singles; "Lay It Down" and "Cupid" were successful but that didn't help the album any since it was released months after both singles peaked. The album was pretty star studded and it was unfortunate that even their star power couldn't help. I mean he had R. Kelly, Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, The Game, and various other people on the album. It just goes to show you that sometimes less is really more.

India.Arie Sued By Former Manager

For those wondering like myself where India.Arie has been here is your answer. She's been in a heated court battle with her former manager. Read more below:

According to a lawsuit filed earlier this year in federal court in Tennessee, Noreen Nalli served as India.Arie's manager from 2005-2009, when she claims Arie dumped her without notice.

The two are now involved in a she-said-she-said battle. Nalli claims India.Arie still owes her money from when they worked together and India.Arie counter-sued ... claiming she overpaid Nalli.

But here's the interesting part ... Nalli claims India.Arie constantly canceled shows, rejected offers to perform, and would be unavailable for weeks at a time ... which hurt record sales and therefore cost Nalli additional money.

A rep for India.Arie tells TMZ that "she remains hopeful that the matter will be resolved amicably."

Mario Previews New Songs From Upcoming Album

Mario has been posting videos of himself in the studio as he meticulously works on his upcoming solo album; "Restoration" due to be released February 7. Look for that release date to change. Here, the singer samples songs from his upcoming album and takes viewers around his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

I like Mario as a singer and all but the songs I've heard thus far aren't really clicking. I'm not using him this era. His current single; "The Walls" is cool but it got old really fast. I do like the leaked track; "My Bed" but I don't think no one else did.

Janet Jackson Debuts New Nutrisystem Commercial

The stories are true. Janet Jackson is the new spokesperson for weight loss program; Nutrisystem. In the commercial above; Janet talks about her personal weight issues and how to get a jump start on becoming healthier.

I think its pretty odd how rival Jenny Craig enlisted pop superstar Mariah Carey for their weight loss program. Not one to be outdone Nutrisystem enlisted yet another pop superstar; Janet Jackson.

Brooke Valentine - Insanity - Video

Brooke Valentine returns with a new single and video; "Insanity" via Subliminal Entertainment. I don't know what major label is distributing Subliminal Entertainment if any. I do believe I've heard of the label before.

You may recall Brooke Valentine's hit single; "Girlfight" featuring Big Boi. The single appeared on Brooke's debut album; "Chain Letter". Brooke's second album; "Physical Education" was never released commercially.

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Mary J. Blige - Mr. Wrong - Video

Mary J. Blige finally releases the video for her newest single; "Mr. Wrong". I'm not sure if this video will help save the album or not but I do like it. I still don't care for the song. The song does feature Drake but he doesn't appear in the video. I didn't even miss Drake on this version and I think this version without Drake is better. Nothing against Drake because I do like his "Take Care" album.

Mariah Carey Unveils New Single Cover

Every year Mariah Carey is putting a new spin on her now Christmas classic; "All I Want For Christmas Is You". This year we saw the diva duet the song with Justin Beiber and now a new single release of the single has been released. The single cover above notes that this version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is "Extra Festive". "Festive" is a word Mariah Carey loves to use and I can only imagine how "festive" this version is.

Throwback Video: Mariah Carey - I Still Believe

Before Mariah Carey broke big; she sang backup for singer; Brenda K. Starr. Many years later she would remake the hit that made Brenda K. Starr famous; "I Still Believe". The video pays homage to Marilyn Monroe; one of Mariah Carey's idols.

Mariah Carey is busy in the studio working on new music all the while displaying her newly trimmed body thanks to Jenny Craig. Another fellow diva is joining the dieting craze; Janet Jackson. She will be the new spokesperson for Nutrisystem.

2011: A Look Back

2011 is coming to an end and what a year it was. For every favorite album and favorite song; there was a lawsuit; arrest; birth; death; and various headlines that shocked us all. Here's a quick rewind of all the events that led to making 2011 an unforgettable year for pop culture!

Foxy Brown sued by former manager for $100,000 for studio fees.
Nas owes in back taxes.
Diddy sued for $900 billion dollars.
T.I. sued over dead body in reality show.
Game sued over nonpayment for jewelry.
Rihanna reduces restraining order on Chris Brown.
Lil' Wayne sued for 20 million over "Lollipop".
Young Buck sued by G-Unit for 11.5 million.
50 Cent victim of credit card fraud.
Beyonce sued for 100 million dollars for video game breach of contract.
Johnny Gill sued over twitter rant involving label boss.
Rick Ross sued over "Teflon Don" album title.
Patti LaBelle sued for throwing water on a Mother and her 18 month old child.
Trey Songz, reality TV star sue each other over catchph…

Throwback Video: Busta Rhymes Featuring Kelis - What It Is

Busta Rhymes has had many collaborations with The Neptunes or should I say songs produced by The Neptunes and "What It Is" is perhaps one of the more popular ones.

I'm scratching my head right now as I try and remember what album this is from. I think it was from a Violator(management team) compilation. This is definitely a throwback because Kelis was obviously still associated with The Neptunes. It's been eight years since Kelis last worked with The Neptunes. Funny how time flies!

Jon B. - Body Language - Video

Jon B. returns with his new single and video for "Body Language" off his upcoming album; "Comfortable Swagg" in stores and online February 14, 2012.

I see 2012 being the year we see a lot of artists return to the game that has been out of the game for awhile. I'm not sure how I feel about the new song though.

Ashanti Speaks On New Record Label Deal

The cat's finally out the bag even though I learned of the info yesterday. Ashanti speaks on her new record label deal and her excitement regarding having her own label. Read more below:

Ashanti is taking the independent route with her next album. A day after releasing her Busta Rhymes-assisted single, the R&B diva has officially announced her new record deal.

The Grammy-winning singer will release her fifth album, the follow-up to 2008’s The Declaration, through her own label Written Entertainment under a worldwide distribution and label services deal with eOne Music. She was previously signed to The Inc./Universal Motown.

The first single from the 2012 release, “The Woman You Love,” features Busta Rhymes and was produced by Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis (The Fugees, Mary J. Blige). It is available now on iTunes.

“eOne is proud to have a partnership with Ashanti and her label Written Entertainment,” said Alan Grunblatt, President of eOne Music. “Ashanti truly has the indepen…

Most Memorable Feuds of 2011 Part 3

Here's the last installment of "Most Memorable Feuds of 2011". There are a just a few here and their the most recent feuds that you're likely to have heard about. Starting things off is...

Mariah Carey vs. Kim Kardashian
After Mariah Carey's shocking weight loss; Mariah started making the rounds promoting her weight loss and new Christmas music. She appeared on "Rosie" and appeared countless times on HSN featuring her jewelry line. During one of her interviews Mariah made some remarks regarding Kim Kardashian and her quickie wedding to Kris Humphries. Mariah has always been shady so her jabs at Kim did catch the attention of a few major media outlets.

Ironically Kim Kardashian once dated Nick Cannon but then again who hasn't Kim Kardashian dated?

Ludacris vs. Drake & Big Sean
Whatever problem(s) Ludacris had with burgeoning emcees Big Sean and Drake threw me for a loop. Ludacris issued a diss record which was both parts seething and desperate. I rem…

Charli Baltimore To Release New Album

2012 is already looking like the year of comebacks for a slew of artists and Charli Baltimore is no exception. No! Charli's career has never quite fully popped off but she seems more determined than ever to break through. Through all the features and record deals she's had over the years; Charli has never actually released an album. Basically all her albums that were in the works or completed had been shelved.

Read more below about Charli Baltimore and her upcoming album:

Charli Baltimore took quite the hiatus from the rap game, but has recently announced a brand new album set to release on April 24th, 2012.

Chuck B. More is a name that many became familiar with over a decade ago when the now 37 year old rapper was doing her best to break through to the mainstream music scene. Charli Baltimore has been putting in work since 1995, and never quite got the breakthrough she was hoping for.

Back in 1999, the Notorious B.I.G. affiliated rapper was set to release her ‘Cold As Ice…

Ashanti Reveals New Single Cover

Ashanti has been telling us that she has new music coming out and she's been saying it for awhile. So it was quite a surprise when yesterday when her first single; "The Woman You Love" featuring Busta Rhymes leaked out. Now the single cover has been revealed and the song is available on iTunes.

Ashanti's upcoming untitled album is due next year. The album will be released on Ashanti's own Written Entertainment imprint as well as E1 Records formerly known as Koch Records. So now Ashanti is an indie artist which means even more money! Congrats to Ashanti and its nice to see and hear her again with new music.

Most Memorable Feuds of 2011 Part 2

The list of feuds continue.

Lil' Mo vs. Philip Bryant
Who's Philip Bryant you ask and if I wanted to be funny which I am; I could go out on a limb and say who is Lil' Mo? Anyway the singer/songwriter had a twitter war with her own husband over God knows what. My memory is failing me here. Help!

I said the feuds would get juicer and more shocking and here's one:

Lloyd vs. Miguel
This feud didn't happen all that long ago. Both singers were airing one another out over the radio and probably over twitter. I forget the origin of the beef but it was one of the more high profile feuds of 2011 since both singers had a number of chart topping R&B hits between them. My memory is still failing me. I think both singers were on tour together or someone made a comment about the other. I'm too young for this!

Moving on...

Game vs. Jay-Z, Kanye West
You know Game likes to conjure up controversy and feuds to sell records and gain attention. It usually works to his advantage. Short…

Mariah Carey Featuring John Legend - When Christmas Comes - Video

Most Memorable Feuds of 2011 Part 1

Since we are nearing the end of the year; many blogs; websites; journalists; and the like are compiling their year end lists of 2011. While most year end lists concentrate on favorite albums and favorite songs of the year; my year end lists are dedicated to all things in pop culture associated with music. Feuds; lawsuits; arrests; births; marriages; and everything in between.

Starting things off is a list I've been compiling since the top of the year and it features a bevy of feuds between celebrities. I warn you there are a couple of names you will see quite a bit and its really no shock there. Some of these feuds were pretty high profile while others may have slipped below the radar.

Chris Brown vs. Raz B
Chris Brown's twitter feud with former B2K band member; Raz B was just one of many twitter feuds Chris Brown was involved in. All I remember is the barrage of insults that were tweeted between both Chris and Raz B. Chris' insults got a little too personal for some when gay…

Mary J. Blige Speaks On Lil' Kim & Nicki Minaj Beef

Being that Mary J. Blige is good friends with Lil' Kim; its interesting to learn her take on the beef between Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj. It's like the topic that won't go away but as long as these ladies keep sending shots at each other; we will continue to talk about it.

Mary's new album; "My Life II: The Journey Continues(Act 1)" is in store and online now! Though her first week sales weren't as high as previous albums nor matched those of Rihanna's and the other high profile releases; Mary is currently outselling the competition. Funny how things work sometimes.
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Toni Braxton On Chelsea Lately

Toni Braxton checks in with E's resident late night diva; Chelsea Handler as she talks about "Braxton Family Values", dating white guys, and more. Check it out!

Mariah Carey To Be Honored By BET Honors

After over 21 years since the beginning of her unbelievable recording career, Mariah Carey will finally receive the recognition that she deserves from the African American community when she is presented with a special tribute at the 2012 BET Honors ceremony. In fact, the top-selling diva will be celebrated at the event alongside her idol, Stevie Wonder.

Other public figures who will receive tributes for their lifetime achievement at the 2012 BET Honors event in February include poet Maya Angelou, director Spike Lee, the Tuskegee Airmen and track coach Beverly Kearney. Among the past honorees at the show were Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Tyler Perry and Mary J. Blige.

Fantasia Said To Be In Labor?

Well that's the rumor and if it anything has been confirmed; I'm not sure. It shouldn't be a secret that Fantasia has been pregnant by her "married lover". Read more about Fantasia's special delivery! has exclusively learned that the former American Idol winner checked into the Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, around 1:30 p.m. PST on Monday and is currently in labor.

The 27-year-old got pregnant by her boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, who is currently still married to his estranged wife, Paula — who claims Fantasia and Antwaun began an affair together while she and her husband were trying to patch up their marriage.

As was first to report the baby was actually due on December 29, so Fantasia's baby is a couple of weeks early.

“They’re excited to be having the baby around the holidays,” an source close to the couple told

Fantasia has a daughter from a previous relationship, and this will be her first c…

Will.I.Am Featuring Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger - T.H.E.(The Hardest Ever) - Video

If you saw last month's telecast of the "American Music Awards"; Will.I.Am and co. performed this song.

Monica Wants Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly For New Album

Monica is hoping to get R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige included on her new album; "New Life" in stores and online February 21. The singer is reworking the album after "Anything(To Find You)" featuring Rick Ross failed to make that much of an impact. Current single; "Until It's Gone" is doing much better and has so far peaked at #22 on the R&B charts.

Monica spoke about her desire to work with R. Kelly years ago and I'm actually surprised they haven't already worked together. Monica is dear friends with Mary J. Blige and a duet between the two would work as long as Mary isn't overdoing it on the vocals(which she has been doing lately).

Tyrese will release "Nothing On You" as the next single from his recently released album; "Open Invitation" which debuted pretty high on the Pop and R&B charts last month. Tyrese recently released a remix of his current single; "Stay" featuring Faith Evans(who takes over the so…

Throwback Video: Mary J. Blige - Family Affair

Mary J. went all the way to #1 with this Dr. Dre(who makes a cameo in the video) produced first single from her triple platinum album; "No More Drama". As we know Mary likes to make statements with songs and this one certainly did as we got to see a sleek, lean, and fit Mary. The album's title cut was also a sizable hit.

The album; "No More Drama" would be re-released and featured another hit; "Rainy Dayz" with Ja Rule(who was very hot at the time). I think "No More Drama" is one of Mary's more underrated albums personally but its some nice cuts on it if you haven't checked it out.

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Blu Cantrell, Ruben Studdard To Return With New Albums

Well what do you know? Blu Cantrell has finally decided to return to the music scene with a new mixtape offering and album and single to follow. First up is the mixtape; "Blood, Sweat, and Years" which will be released soon; no release date available. Second; a single; "So Sick" featuring Missy Elliott(who collaborated with Blu on a song called; "Spank My Ass"). Third; a release of a new album titled; "Never Too Late".

While Blu has faded into obscurity; people online had been questioning her whereabouts and return to the game for awhile. The singer released two albums; 2001's "So Blu" and 2003's "Bittersweet". After her career taking over overseas; Blu resorted to the UK and was pretty much there all the time. After awhile rumors of bizarre behavior and drugs threatened to ruin Blu's career. Now the singer is back and hopefully ready to turn things around.

Ruben Studdard is returning with a new album; "Letters…

Diamond To Star In VH1 Hip Hop Spin Off

While her music career has definitely stalled; Diamond is getting into the next best thing; reality TV! Well of course that's the story! Read more to find out below:

Rapper Diamond may be one of the stars featured in a new “Love Hip Hop” spin-off series, based in Atlanta.

Industry insiders told Sister 2 Sister that the VH1 series has done so well that VH1 has decided to clone it, and that’s no surprise.

Although it’s not official yet, sources confirm that Diamond, ATL rapper Rasheeda and Yung Joc’s former assistant Rici have all been “tapped on the shoulder” to sign on for the show.

However, things are still in the beginning stages and Diamond has a few details to hash out before she’ll ink the deal. Apparently, the producers of the show want her to be 100 percent herself in front of the cameras, but her publicists would prefer to finesse things a little bit.

"Diamond would definitely be the Chrissy [Lampkin]" of the group, said the source.

Whether publicists and producers can…

Lil' Kim Talks New Album, Upcoming Projects

Lil' Kim recently stated that her new label deal will be announced in January though most of us have already gotten the news. Word is she is signed to Universal Republic Records. Interestingly the same record label her nemesis Nicki Minaj records for. I'm not sure if Kim knows the information about her record deal had been revealed or not but it seems like she would know. Some artists just be outta the loop totally and Kim is no exception. I never heard or saw her publicly come out either and denounce the rumors of her signing to Universal Republic either. Anyway enough of my rant and find out more about Lil' Kim's upcoming album and the upcoming projects she has in store!

During a recent visit to a nightclub in Rochester, Lil’ Kim updated her fans on her latest projects. She revealed plans for a college tour. “Just put in the request where you want us to come to,” the Queen Bee told 754 Media.

She also explained the reason behind the delay of her book The Price of L…

Brandy's New Album, 50 Cent Speaks On Lil' Wayne

Brandy will be joining the cast of BET's "The Game" which airs January 10. Brandy will play a "sassy bartender" by the name of Chardonnay who will play a love interest to Coby Bell's character; Jason. In addition to her role on "The Game", Brandy will deliver her long awaited debut on RCA records slated for early next year. Brandy worked with a bevy of producers and writers including Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Sean Garrett(who reportedly produced the first single), Rico Love(worked with Pleasure P), Timbaland, and Drake(rumored). Sounds interesting. I really hope Brandy brings the heat!

50 Cent has spoken out about former or current nemesis; Lil' Wayne and how his days on top are coming to an end. It was mentioned in a new cover story for rap magazine XXL. Of course like 50 Cent does; he is just conjuring up attention possibly to promote his own upcoming album which he is working on alongside Dr. Dre.

Of course Lil' Wayne won't be on top …

Pitbull Featuring Chris Brown - International Love - Video Preview

Friday you can get the whole video of "International Love"; the latest and newest video from Pitbull featuring Chris Brown.

I don't really keep up with Pitbull so I don't know what album this is from or if its from an upcoming or what.

Throwback Video: Mya Featuring Jay-Z - Best Of Me Remix

Jay-Z jumped on the remix to Mya's hit song; "Best Of Me" which originally features Jadakiss. Shortly after this song's release; people rumored that the two had a fling. Possibly so since Mya has always had a reputation for getting it in with a host of rappers and beyond.

I remember at one point there was a rumored tell all book to be released by Mya but somebody wasn't having it! Besides Superhead already did but I bet Mya has good stories to tell.

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Mario Unveils New Song Off Upcoming Album

Mario takes us behind the scenes as he crafts a new song; "Dodge The Bullet" from his upcoming album "Restoration". Judging from the video; Mario is very passionate about this upcoming album and the song featured here. Mario's "Restoration" is slated to be in stores this February.

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Young Jeezy Unveils New Album Tracklisting

Following a series of delays, Young Jeezy has revealed the final tracklisting for his fourth album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition.

The 14-track standard edition features heavy hitters such as Jay-Z and André 3000 (“I Do”), Jill Scott (“Trapped”), and T.I. on the lead single “F.A.M.E.,” with additional cameos from Jadakiss, Fabolous, Trick Daddy, Ne-Yo, and more. The deluxe version includes four bonus cuts, with appearances from Lil Wayne, Freddie Gibbs, and Plies.

Find out what you can expect come December 20.

Standard Edition

1. “Waiting”
2. “What I Do (Just Like That)”
3. “OJ” feat. Fabolous & Jadakiss
4. “Nothing”
5. “Way Too Gone” feat. Future
6. “SupaFreak” feat. 2 Chainz
7. “All We Do”
8. “Leave You Alone” feat. Ne-Yo
9. “Everythang”
10. “Trapped” feat. Jill Scott
11. “F.A.M.E.” feat. T.I.
12. “I Do” feat. Jay-Z & André 3000
13. “Higher Learning” feat. Snoop Dogg, Devin the Dude & Mitchelle’l
14. “This One’s for You” feat. Trick Daddy

Deluxe Edition

15. “.38″ feat. Freddi…

Mya To Release New Single With Trina

Mya hasn't really had much musical output here in the states for quite awhile. However overseas has been treated to a few Mya albums; most notably; "K.I.S.S."(Keeping It Simple & Sweet) which is now getting an US release. The album will be released to iTunes and Amazon MP3 on December 20. Today you can download the new single from the album; "Earthquake" featuring Trina. I heard the song before and its not the best but I guess its nice to hear something from Mya on the stateside of things.

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The Return Of The Girl Groups...Well Sorta

Gone are the days where R&B female girl groups ruled. SWV. Xscape. En Vogue. TLC. Recently some of these famed girl groups have reassembled and decided to pick up where they left off.

When SWV(Sisters With Voices) disbanded many years ago; lead singer; Coko embarked on a solo career which included a secular R&B album before dodging into full fledged gospel offerings. After a few years of soul searching on Coko's part; she along with Taj and LeLee have teamed back up to record a new album. While not much news is present; expect the group to make their coveted return in 2012(hopefully)!

With key member Left Eye having passed years ago; the group TLC which includes T-Boz and Chili is still going strong and then some. VH1 recently announced plans to do a biopic on the famed group. Chili and T-Boz have both done successful reality TV shows together and separately. T-Boz; unfortunately recently filed for bankruptcy for the second time.

No we won't see a full fledg…

Throwback Video: Faith Evans - Again

Faith Evans was back on track with her first single; "Again" from her gold album; "The First Lady" released in 2005. The video and song detailed the speculation and gossip involving Faith's life at the time. There were drug arrests; DUI's and more. It was all in this song!

I like Faith's music but she lost me on her last album; 2008's "Something About Faith". I hope she can redeem herself the next time she decides to put out music. Faith is notorious for taking long breaks in between albums.

Throwback Video: Changing Faces - Ladies Man

Remember the New York based duo; Changing Faces? Their most notable hits were all penned by R. Kelly including: "G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T", "Stroke You Up" and "Fooling Around". The single; "Ladies Man" was one of the few singles from the duo not produced by R. Kelly. Interestingly enough the song was co-written by Lil' Mo. Most people probably don't remember this song or even know it but its one I know and its a favorite of mine from the duo.

I remember hearing at one point Changing Faces was returning with new music or had a new song out. Well whatever the situation was; it disappeared pretty fast.

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Kelly Rowland Performs Live On X Factor UK

Kelly Rowland impresses as she performs a medley of her UK hits on the UK version of "X Factor" Live Results show. Looking good Ms. Kelly!

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T.I. Changes New Album Title, Bobby V. Releases New Mixtape

T.I. has changed his album title to "Troubled Man" which personally describes him to a tee. The title will definitely live up to his name since T.I. is always in trouble. It was funny watching T.I. along with wife; Tiny being interviewed on "The Wendy Williams Show". T.I. basically ignored or dismissed any questions regarding his stint in prison or any gun charges. I think he just wants a clean slate and also for the new TV show and upcoming album to speak for itself. No harm there!

Bobby V. will release a new mixtape; "Vitamin V" which will feature the single; "Naked". The mixtape will be released on December 20. An album is to follow in Summer 2012. Bobby V. may not sell many units like some of his other counterparts but he does grind; I will give him that.

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Trey Songz Featuring Fabolous - What I Be On - Video

The latest video from Trey Songz and his recently released mixtape, "Inevitable - Birthday Release EP".

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Alicia Keys Readies New Album, Miguel Mad At The Grammy's

Alicia Keys is back in the studio working on a new album. So far the diva has or plans to work with the likes of Miguel and Rodney Jerkins. Sounds interesting already! Alicia's last album; "The Element Of Freedom" contained the #1 R&B hit; "Unthinkable(I'm Ready)".

We all know upon the release of "Freedom"; Alicia Keys was getting a lot of unwanted publicity for her relationship and eventually marriage to producer Swizz Beats. Unfortunately that bad press played into the album's sales and made "Freedom" her lowest selling album to date.

I think its crazy when artists personal lives start to overshadow their music. Many times those things we are all so obsessed with are detailed in their music. I just think the whole ordeal just left a bad taste in every one's mouth and tarnished Alicia's goody good image.

Miguel is apparently upset as lot of artists who didn't get a Grammy nod this year. Well maybe next year! He did have…

TLC Biopic In The Works

Many of us are familiar with famed group TLC and the ups and downs the group experienced publicly and secretly. Now VH1 has greenlit a biopic that will tell the girl's stories with help from the surviving members; T-Boz and Chili. Read more below for more info!

Building off the success of the scripted movie “Single Ladies” and its follow-up hit series, VH1 is getting into the TV movie business with a series of scripted bio-pics featuring musicians and pop culture icons. The dramatic story behind the legendary ‘90s R&B/hip-hop/pop trio TLC will be featured in the first TV movie for VH1 in this series. The two surviving members of the group, Chilli and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, have signed on as consultants and executive producers for the movie. Acclaimed screenwriter Kate Lanier (“What’s Love Got To Do With It” and “Beauty Shop”) has signed on to pen the bio-pic.

The gifted trio TLC, which was comprised of Chilli, Watkins and the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, achieved insta…

Gangsta Boo Speaks On Her Top 5 Female Emcees

A name you don't hear or see very often is reclusive southern raptress; Gangsta Boo who is known primarily for her affiliation with Three 6 Mafia. Over the years she has worked with Mia X(another name you don't hear or see), Outkast, and Foxy Brown. Here Gangsta Boo dishes on her favorite emcees and the usual line of questioning female rappers get.

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Monica On New York Live

Monica is doing press rounds as you can see. She not only recently appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show" but "New York Life" pretty much discussing the usual topics; music; marriage; charity; love; and more.

Monica On The Wendy Williams Show

Monica stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" yesterday to speak about her marriage, new album, and the charity she's involved it. As Wendy would put it; Monica gives "good talk" and I love how well spoken Monica is.

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Justin Beiber Featuring Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You - Video

I could only stumble a minute and thirty two seconds of this. Once Justin Beiber started singing; it was a wrap. I just can't take him and his wanna be black boy/rapper routine.

I've said it once and I will say it again; how many times is Mariah gonna remake this song?

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The 2012 Grammy Nominees - R&B/Hip Hop Edition

Last night the 2012 Grammy nominees were revealed and there were a lot of surprises as always. Kanye West leads the nominations this year with seven awards. Nicki Minaj, Drake, Cee-Lo, and Rihanna collect four nominations. Since this is a R&B/Hip Hop themed blog; I will concentrated on the nominees in those field. Nominees for various awards include Marsha Ambrosius, Lil' Wayne, Chris Brown, Ledisi, and many more. Remember that the Grammy telecast will air on February 12. Here are some of the nominees below! Highlighted below is who I think will win. Check it out!

Best R&B Performance - Marsha Ambrosius; Far Away, Ledisi; Pieces Of Me, Kelly Price & Stokely; Not My Daddy, Is This Love; Corrine Bailey Rae, Charlie Wilson; You Are

I'm pretty impressed with the nominees this year and I would say Marsha Ambrosius has a sure shot of winning as does Kelly Price. Both records were really big on Urban radio this year.

Best R&B Song - Marsha Ambrosius; Far Away, Cee-Lo &am…

Throwback Video: J-LO - Get Right

"Get Right" was the first single from J-LO's album; "Get Right" which was released in 2005. Its from her "Rebirth" album which was really J-LO's last hit album. She has since struggled with her follow up albums but has still managed to churn hit singles here and there; most notably "On The Floor" with Pitbull. Her casting on "American Idol" as one of three judges help put J-LO back out there in the limelight after a few lackluster years. I think everyone pretty much knows this story though so I will stop here.

"Get Right" was produced by Rich Harrison who is known for his work with Amerie and Beyonce. The beat provided was also used by Usher on the song; "Ride" which was previously unreleased. Upon the release of J-LO's "Get Right"; Usher spoke out against J-LO stating the song belonged to his first and yadda yadda. You know Usher loves to create drama and publicity for the sake of it especially…