Throwback Video: The Isley Bros. Featuring JS - Busted

Since the inception of Ronald Isley's alter ego; Mr. Biggs back in the late 90s; R. Kelly has kept The Isley Bros. on top of the charts exposing them to a new generation and legions of new fans.

"Busted" is one of my favorite songs from The Isley Bros. and I like the call and response of the hook. The video and the song itself is quite laughable and comes courtesy of the genius R. Kelly.

Oh and JS were composed of The Johnson Sisters and I can't quite remember if they were twins or not. Their debut album "Ice Cream" was produced by R. Kelly as was the title track. If I'm not mistaken both sisters were romantically involved with Ronald Isley and R. Kelly. I believe one of the Johnson sisters married Ronald Isley.
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