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Karyn White sounds off on Soul Train Music Awards snub

I missed the Soul Train Awards last night because I wanted to catch the fight on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" but in true "Housewives" fashion, they delayed the fight until the next episode, with the infamous "to be continued" tagline they've been throwing around. Anyway noticeably absent during the Babyface tribute was Karyn White, who took to social media to explain her absence. In place of Karyn White was Fantasia who sang White's hit "Superwoman". White claims that she wasn't contacted by Babyface, BET, Centric, or the Soul Train Awards committee. Hmm sounds very shady if you ask me. White went on to say that she is still singing and she has a new album out and that she is currently on tour with Cece Penison(song: "Finally"). So what do you think? Do you think BET was wrong for snubbing Karyn White? Or did they?

Ice T and Coco welcome baby girl and Adele's new album '25' shatters records

Congratulations are in order for Ice T and Coco. His wife just delivered a baby girl, Chanel who was 5lbs. The couple recently shared pics of their bundle of joy online. In other music news...Adele is #1 on the charts as expected as her new album, "25" debuted with sales of over 3.3 million copies. "25" marks the largest first week sales ever of a single album since Nielsen began tracking record sales in 1991. The previous title for the largest first week album sales was by N'Sync or was it Backstreet Boys? I can't remember. Anyway whichever group it was sold 2.4 million in their first week with their accompanying album. How was everyone's Holiday? Mine's was great! I was out of town so that is why there were no updates for the last few dates. My sincere apologies! I do thank you all; my readers, supporters, followers, for continuing to visit and ready my blog! I still do enjoy it even though I don't get to update as much as I want. Hopefully ve…

Kandi Burruss-Tucker feuds with Porsha Williams over social media and Mariah Carey addresses J-LO feud

Mariah Carey has finally responded to a shady comment she made many eons ago in response to Jennifer Lopez. When asked if she knew Jennifer Lopez, Mariah responded with "I don't know her!" and Mariah said she never said it to be intentionally funny but fans ran with it and it fueled the feud between her and Lopez. What do you think? I so remember the video and interview and it was very shady and very funny. It's actually one of my favorite Mariah Carey moments. Chris Brown is releasing his new album "Royalty" on December 18. The album features the singles "Zero", "Back To Sleep", and "Liquor". Will you be copping the new Chris Brown album? I will say Chris puts these albums out like clockwork. He definitely doesn't waste time or keeps his fans waiting 14 years or more for an album. And Erykah Badu appeared on "The Breakfast Club" this morning and she talked about her relationship with Common among others noting th…

A brief American Music Awards recap and then some

Nicki Minaj was seen last night during the American Music Awards throwing major shade towards Jennifer Lopez as she danced to Minaj's hit single, "Anaconda". Nicki says her looks weren't meant to be shady but instead it was her looking at her own reflection over the monitors. What do you think? Was Nicki being shady? And speaking of shady Nicki's ex Safaree took to social media to congratulate himself for winning several awards last night that were won by Nicki Minaj. If you recall Safaree is suing Nicki over what he claims is credit for his work on all three of her albums. Speaking of American Music Awards, I didn't watch the whole telecast and that's why you don't see a recap. I usually watch the awards shows but this one was rather boring so I was turning my TV a lot. I did see The Weeknd collect a few awards. Rihanna won. Celine Dion performed. Demi Levato performed. What else happened? Apparently Tank was feeling some kind of way! He went on soci…

Nicki Minaj ex sues and Monica says she's not dissing Ciara is new song

Angie Stone says Idris Elba tried to get with her but she turned it down. Angie is known for attracting much younger men like D'Angelo who she has a child with. Would you have turned down Idris Elba? I'm sure Angie is regretting it now. Speaking of couples, there were news reports that Kylie Jenner had broken up with Tyga. Now its being r eported that they are back together. This came on the heels of news and pictures of Kylie Jenner spotted out with A$AP Rocky. In other music news, "Empire" has only two more episodes left until its Fall finale. After that the show will return in March. Last Wednesday's episode was really good and the ratings were up for the first time in a long time. Beyonce' and Jay Z were spotted in Vegas at Britney Spears' show. Monica says she is not dissing Ciara in the leaked title track for her new album, "Code Red" though I thought the same thing. Nicki Minaj's ex Safaree Samuels is suing her for his work on all thr…

Alicia Keys announces "Empire" debut and Monica taps Missy Elliott for new album

Alicia Keys will guest star on the November 25th episode of "Empire". The singer shared the news today via social media. Vivica A. Fox is starring in tonight's episode as Cookie's big sister. Have you all been watching "Empire" or have you tuned out? I've really considered tuning out. I have been following the show each week and each week, the show continues to drag and has lost my interest. Someone who does have my interest is Monica. For the singer's new album, she worked with Polow Da Don, Akon, Timbaland, and Missy Elliott just to name a few. Monica's new album, "Code Red" will be in stores on December 18. Will you be copping it? In other news, Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV Positive. The actor claims to have had the disease for the last four years. Nene Leakes dissed the women over at "The View" saying they were "mean girls" shortly after her appearance on the show. In typical Nene fashion, she later del…

R. Kelly reveals new album guests and Lil' Wayne pairs up with 2 Chainz for mixtape

Fresh from joining a few fans in the sauna, R. Kelly has unveiled the album cover and tracklisting, as well as guest appearances from his new album, "The Buffet". The album, to be released on December 11 features Jhene Aiko, Lil' Wayne, Tinashe, Jeremih, and more. The album comes in Standard and Deluxe versions. Will you be copping the new R. Kelly album? Speaking of Lil' Wayne, in addition to his "No Ceilings 2" mixtape, Wayne has paired up with 2 Chainz for "Colligrove". The mixtape is currently in the works and should be out to us very soon. Keep a look out on that. And continuing on news regarding Lil' Wayne, his ex boo, Christina Milian was in tears on her reality show last night on E! detailing the breakup of her and Wayne. Apparently she saw or caught some woman with her pants down in Wayne's house and Wayne couldn't deny it. I don't know. I really don't care either! Do you? Well until next folks! Thanks for reading! :)

R. Kelly surprises fan in sauna and Tamar Braxton quits "Dancing With The Stars"

Tamar Braxton had to quit "Dancing With The Stars" after the singer thought she was battling pneumonia. Turns out that the singer is battling something more serious, blood clots around her liver. The singer posted the unfortunate news today. Get well Tamar! I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard about the video circulating around of R. Kelly in the sauna singing "Bump N Grind". Apparently a fan was in the sauna and asked if he was R. Kelly and the singer nodded yes and the rest is history. It is a little weird though that R. Kelly would sing "Bump N Grind" in a sauna with another man. :) Funny thing is, I saw the video but never watched it. I just skipped right past it! :( In entertainment news, it looks like Bravo will be adding some more "Housewives" to our small screens next year. First up is the long rumored, "Real Housewives of Dallas" followed by "Real Housewives of Potomac" which features a mostly ethnic…

Audio: Erykah Badu - Phone Down

Erykah Badu is back with her new single, "Phone Down". It appears on her upcoming mixtape, "But You Cain't Use My Phone". The mixtape comes hot off the heels of Badu's recent remix of Drake's "Hotline Bling". Ironically enough "Phone Down" is dedicated to Drake. Check out my favorite new song of the moment!

Azealia Banks may face jail time and 50 Cent goes in on Vivica Fox after gay dig

Azealia Banks may be headed to jail after surveillance video shows that outspoken rapper fighting a security guard. More details as they become available. And Young Thug is beefing with Future's producer MetroBoomin. Metro claims that many people are jocking Future's style and Young Thug took offense and took to Twitter. 50 Cent was on the receiving end of some hot gossip courtesy of ex-girlfriend, actress Vivica A. Fox. When asked what she thought about 50 Cent saying "Empire" was facing a ratings decline because of its gay storylines, she insinuated that 50 Cent was gay by calling him a "booty snatcher". Vivica made reference to a XXL magazine cover that 50 Cent appeared on with Soulja Boy. In typical 50 Cent fashion, he clapped back at his ex and said that she ate his booty, even though he didn't want her too and she had him tied down "50 Shades of Grey" style. That wasn't it. 50 then went to bash Vivica about her looks and her dissing …

TLC says album is still on the way and 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef lives on

Trina will release her new single, "Fuck Boy" on November 13 on iTunes, the same day as friend, Missy Elliott who will release her new single, "WTF" featuring Pharrell Williams. Are you looking forward to music from these two? Going back to Trina though, the song title alone, leads me to believe that she is referring to French Montana. Then again it could be any guy who has wronged Trina since she's been in some pretty high profile relationships over the years. What do you think? And what do you think about TLC saying they did not dupe fans and their Kickstarted funded album is still on its way. A fan asked about the status of the album which led many to believe that TLC duped fans. But T-Boz called into "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" and assured that no show thing happened, as far as the fans being duped. And Rick Ross' beef, or should I say 50 Cent's beef with Rick Ross rages on. This morning, over social media, the two have traded insults…

Throwback Video: Total - Do You Think About Us

Remember Total? The Bad Boy trio released their self-titled debut album in January of 1996. "Do You Think About Us" was released as the album's fourth single and it was produced by Raphael Saadiq of Toni Tony Tone fame. Check it out!

Ashanti to make announcement and Lil' Wayne's properties seized

Ashanti is expected to share some big news tomorrow and many are thinking its regarding new music. Stay tuned for more details! Lil' Wayne's mansion was raided and his possessions seized after failing to pay $2 million dollars to a private jet leasing company. Meanwhile Lil' Wayne will release his new mixtape "No Ceilings 2" on Thanksgiving day. Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend are expecting a child together. This makes Eddie's 9th child! Happy Birthday to Diddy! The rapper/producer/businessman turns 46! Well until next time folks! Thanks for reading! :)

K. Michelle to reduce the size of her butt and Rick Ross calls of engagement

So K. Michelle says she is reducing the size of her butt to be respected by those in the industry. She says she'd rather men look at her instead of her butt when striking deals. Well I can certainly respect her for her decision, her assets has earned her a lot of the deals she currently has. Wouldn't you say? In other music news, Rick Ross has called it off with his girlfriend Lira Galore who was was said to marry. Blame the media scrutiny both received when it was revealed that Galore once dated Meek Mill, who is a member of Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. Perhaps to scrutiny was too much bare and I can't say I blame Rick Ross for calling it off, if indeed he is the one who called it off. So what do you think of today's stories? I hope you enjoyed reading! Until next time folks! Thanks for reading! :)

Monica reveals "Code Red' release date and Lil' Wayne plans to release "No Ceilings 2"

Monica has revealed via her Facebook account that her long awaited album, "Code Red" will be released on Decembed 18. The album features the hit single, "Just Right For Me" featuring Lil' Wayne. I'm actually looking forward to Monica's album. I think it will be really good. Speaking of Lil' Wayne, the rapper revealed that he will release his "No Ceilings 2" mixtape on December 4. Lil' Wayne's label mate Nicki Minaj got into a Twitter spar with Perez Hilton, after accusing Nicki of making fun of a person in a wheelchair. Nicki says the person in question was her friend and not some random person. Nicki got Perez together very quickly I might add. And it looks like Jesus fixed it for "RHOA" alums Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes. The two were seen photographed together on the set of "RHOA" in a group photo and together fueling rumors that the two are buddies again. Nene recently made headlines when she made a surpri…