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Give These Women A "Second Chance"

Second Chance
Teairra Mari (song "Make A Girl Feel Good") is returning with her 2nd album rumored to be called, "Second Chance". Like her first album, it contains a chock-full of A-list producers. Let's hope this time the overabudance of hit producers make for good music. I think that explains for the albums title. Production includes Polow Da Don, The Cluth ( production for Fantasia, Omarion), Scott Storch, Tim & Bob (producer, Monica "With You"), Danja (producer, Britney Spears, "Gimme More") and Timbaland.

Leave Britney Alone
While it looked like Rihanna was making fun of Britney Spears at the VMA's, she has actually come to the stars defense. Basically every artist has bad performances and that was Britney's. End of story! Next...

Album Updates:
Bow Wow & Omarion are releasing their "Face Off" album on Dec 11th. The first single is entitled, "Hood Star". The original release date was Dec 4th.

News Tidbits:

Fergie Is "Clumsy", Irv Gotti Blocks Ashanti

The Glamorous Life
I don't usually comment on Fergie Ferg but for those interested, she is releasing a new album as early as December. This will be her 2nd album in less than a year. Her first album, "The Dutchess" is still in top echelon of the US charts a year after its release. She recently shot a video for her 5th single, "Clumsy". Fergie Ferg is definitely living the "Glamorous" Life.

Cruel Intentions
Wonder why Ashanti didn't appear in the Jagged Edge video for "Put A Lil' Umph In It"? Well turns out Murder Inc. boss Irv Gotti had some issues with Jermaine Dupri. I know Irv runs the Inc and all but isn't Ashanti her own woman. She still should of been in the video. Oh well!

News Tidbits:
Michael Jackson is not married. According a bunch of internet rumors, Jackson got married but it is untrue (at presstime anyway).

I Have A Huge News Update For U All

Clash Of The Titans
According to a host of internet rumors a battle is brewing between LL Cool J and Jay Z. The war of words is being document in 50 Cent's wack "I Get Money" remix where Jay Z proclaims he is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time), a title that LL has proclaimed years ago. Jay insists that he is the G.O.A.T. and that statement can be debated for hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. Jay has downplayed the feud but did however speak to Angie Martinez regarding LL's disdain for Jay after the handling of his last album (which I can't remember the title). Jay Z is good business man and then again he is not. He does big things for himself but for his artists he don't. I had to tell it like it is.

Dream Big
The Dream (who is responsible for Rihanna's "Umbrella") is fastly becoming the new NeYo. He is releasing his solo debut, "Love Me All Summer, Hate Me All Winner" on Dec 11th. His single, "Shawty Is The Shh (10)"…

The Sit Your Ass Down Award Goes To...

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans
I just read that the video vixen known as "Superhead" no longer likes to be called by her infamous nickname. Is she turning over a new leaf? I think not. Super...Karrine has traded in her felatio skills (I think) for the wonderful world of literacy. She penned the best selling book, "Confessions Of A Video Vixen". The book had everybody talking as she detailed her sexual escapades with everyone from Ray J to Kool G. Rap. I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't read the book though I heard it is a good read. Fast forward a few years later and Karrine is back with yet another book, "The Vixen Diaries". The book continues to further expand on some of the first book's content and some new content (affair with Lil' Wayne). Since Karrine has actually been with the majority of R&B/Hip-hop royalty (and it has been proven), do we tend to believe everything this chick says afterward? I feel like …

"Here I Am" I'm "Just Fine" 2 "Give It 2 U"

The Fight Club
Yung Joc and T-Pain were involved in a brawl in a London club while celebrating Joc's birthday. Rowdy and jealous fans alike lined up to see Joc's "Hustlenomics H" pendant. The fight ensued after a big football player dude started talking reckless to T-Pain after a lady was seen nearby. Pandemonium struck from here on out. Pain's friend was struck in the head with a bottle, Joc hit some dudes with a bottle, etc. This is one of the reasons why I don't go out to clubs. People are always out being wild and crazy.

Change Of Plans
I reported that Trey Songz next single was called, "Hi Definition" but that song is not in the final pressings of the album. Once I do find out what the next single is, I will report it.

Oh No...Not Again
I'm reading this recurring rumor about Eve's "Here I Am" album being pushed back to February. Her latest single with Sean Paul, "Give It To U" stalled. She should of released her album b…

Trey Songz, Trina Spring A "Leak"

The Leak
You can hear Trey Songz before it (really) leaks courtesy of MTV's The Leak. Not much has been said about the album. Record companies just don't promote albums the way they used to. No wonder why they are all losing money. It almost seems like no one cares Trey is releasing an album but I care. I'm actually looking forward to hearing the album. I'm about to listen to "The Leak" myself.

Album Update:
Trina's "Baddest Chick 2" has been pushed back to February 12, 2008. I just knew her album wasn't coming out on Sept 25th. The new single, "Single Again" has leaked out. Reportedly (like all other songs) the song was stolen and leaked online. Yeah right!

News Tidbits:
J. Holiday's "Bed" is #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-hop Tracks ChartsSoulja Boy's "Tell 'Em Crank That" is the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100Mariah Carey wins in court after woman claims, "It's Like That" copied her song, &…

"Liberation" Has Never Been This Difficult

Times Are Hard
Mya hasn't gotten more press (good and bad) for her "Liberation" album that any other album she recorded previously. While, "Ridin" languishes somewhere on the charts, Mya is keeping it moving. She appeared today on "The Star Jones Show" where she spoke about VH1's "Save The Music" program. "Liberation" is still scheduled for Oct 16th...I think.

News Tidbits:
J. Holiday's debut, "Bac Of My Lac" leaked but you won't find it hereUsher announces he and wife are having a baby boyNew Gnarls Barkley album on the way according to Cee-Lo and MTV

"Curtis","Graduation" Made Me "As I Am"

Do It Again
Usher is "just about finished" with his new album according to MTV. Coming from a tumultuous year worthy of an album full of material, Usher has plenty to talk about on this new album. I can't say I'm really looking forward to it right now. When I hear a first single, then I can decide. Usher's last album, "Confessions" sold close to 10 million copies here in the US alone. Think he can do it again? "Yeah!"

The Battle Continues
According to HitsDailyDouble, Kanye West, "Graduation" slides to #2 dropping 77% to 229K and 50 Cent, "Curtis" drops 80% to 128K. The official numbers will be posted on Billboard on Wednesday.

Album Update:
Alicia Keys has pushed up her upcoming album, "As I Am" to Nov 6th going head to head with Jay Z in the continued Kanye v. 50 battle of the big named stars. This just might be a new thing. It may prove to be something to help give artists that push they need to make quality music…

Artist Spotlight

LeToyaFormer Destiny's Child member, LeToya has made a name all her own in the world of R&B. Her hit single, "Torn" went to #1 on the R&B charts. Her debut album, "LeToya" went platinum and debuted at #1 on both the R&B/Pop charts. On the heels of an upcoming album, LeToya unleashes an unreleased track called, "Keep It So Real" which was produced and features Jazze Pha. You can hear/download the single below! Get it while you can because this link might disappear soon depending on who's watching the site.*NEW* - LeToya feat Jazze Pha - Keep It So Real

"I Get Money" So I Just "Shake It Off"

A Bit Of Confusion
There are a lot of rumors going around about Mariah Carey's new album. A recent article regarding Mariah's appearance at the VH1"Save The Music" gala revealed that her upcoming album is untitled at presstime. It has been widely reported that the album title is called, "Sweet Soul Odyssey" but looks like the title is still up in the air. Mariah and these darn album titles. She better "Shake It Off"!

News Tidbits:
Lil' Wayne appears on new Vibe magazine cover and announces Hot Boyz reunionDiddy denies dissing Mase on "I Get Money" remix and fighting with Elephant Man50 Cent revamps his canceled European tour

You Like Your Music In "Hi Definition"?

Trey Day Is Upon Us
Trey Songz next single will be called, "Hi Definition". His current single, "Can't Help But Wait" is climbing up the charts. Trey's "Trey Day" is in stores Oct 2nd, and I'm really looking forward to it.

One More Try
Twista's "Give It Up" produced by Pharrell hasn't caught on, so Twista is releasing another single. The song was wack to me. I love The Neptunes but they didn't hit it with this one. Try again ...

No Place Like Home
Ciara is forging ahead with her new album despite her current one, "Evolution" still being on the charts and having hit singles. Ciara is reuniting with Jazze Pha, the man responsible for putting her on the map in some ways. I read there was some type of falling out at one point. I don't quite remember that but did he not produce "Get Up"? Ironically the last song Jazze produced was her last biggest hit to date. The other songs on "Evolution" have b…

Mariah Takes Us On A "Sweet Soul Odyssey"

One More Time
Former Destiny's Child member, LeToya is recording the follow-up to her #1 platinum debut. Some of the producers featured on the new album include Pharrell Williams, Dream, Raphael Saadiq, Bryan Michael Cox, and Walter Milsap (Brandy, Marques Houston). LeToya's manager, Terry confirmed this news to the LeToya fansite. He also went onto say that 25 songs have been recorded and 8 of those will definitely be on the album. I'm looking forward to LeToya's new album. I really like who she is as a person. Her debut was really good but I got tired of it real quick. Like Mario and many other artists, her songs leaked nearly a year before her album's actual release. Look out soon for a buzz single called, "Get Your Swagger Up" to surface very soon.

Sweet Soul Mama
Mariah Carey's "Sweet Soul Odyssey" features an all-star cast of producers including Swizz Beats, Will-I-Am, Jermaine Dupri, Stargate, Bryan Michael Cox, and Johnta Austin. The a…

"Resident Evil" Has Da "Baddest Chick 2"

Bad Girl
Trina's MySpace page says her album, "Baddest Chick 2" is being released on Sept 25th. There has been no promo or single news for the album. I know this album couldn't possibly be coming out this Tuesday. I wonder is that the date of the mixtape she has coming out. I did read "Baddest Chick 2" was being released in February 2008. I also keep reading about a single, "I'm Single Again" featuring Christina Milian. Some people have claimed to have heard it and said it's hot! Still no leak though? You would think she would of made some type of announcement especially if she is constantly updating her MySpace page. I don't know. I'm pretty confused though.

News Tidbits:
Resident Evil's "Extinction" co-starring Ashanti debuted at the North American Box Office at #1 with $24 million dollars. The movie looks very good and action packed. I might have to check it out one of these days. It's certainly been awhile since…

A "Lil' Kim" Can Go A Long Way

Kimdom Come
Lil' Kim will be releasing a new album in February 2008. Kim was originally scheduled to release an album in December but albums get pushed back all the time (as you all know). Kim is still with Atlantic Records contrary to popular belief she signed with Interscope Records. There is no word on what producers or guests will appear on the forthcoming album. I do wonder if Ray J will be featured on the album. You ready for a new Lil' Kim album?

"Brooklyn Don Diva" Has The "Cops Up"

Keep In Touch
Foxy may be down and out in jail but she is still releasing her "Brooklyn Don Diva" album in Nov. Her team, Blackhand is currently putting together the finishing touches for the album. Foxy's manager, Chaz Williams insists that when Fox is released she will return to the studio and go back on tour. You can also write to Foxy, and she will respond. I will be writing her later this weekend. Here is the address as follows:

Inga Marchand #3470701776
Rose M. Singer Women's Facility
19-19 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Site Update:
You may or may not have noticed I changed the blog up a bit. I included some more personal info about myself as far as what I like. I hope you all like the new look. Thanks for the support, comments, and e-mails!

Album Update:
Lyfe Jennings returns with his upcoming album, "Change" due February 2008. The first single is called, "Cops Up".

Diddy Says The Dumbest Things

Lovers Can Be Friends
\\\Diddy feels that his cheating ways doesn't affect his former relationships in any way, shape, or form. During a recent press junket for his "Unforgivable" colonge, Dids took time to speak about his past relationships. The nerve of him to insist JLO make Dids the godfather of her unborn child. I think not! He also spoke about getting back with Kim Porter. Her dumb ass probably will take him back. He probably has to spend some more money before she comes back though.

The Doctor Is In
\\\Dr. Dre swears his long awaited, "Detox" album will be his last album when released next year. "Detox" has been in the works since 2005. It's like the male rapper version of Foxy Brown's, "Black Roses", two albums that have been talked about for years but have yet to see a release.

Album Update:
\\\Mariah Carey is releasing her new album on Dec 4th. While not much is being revealed about the project, it is currently untitled. Def J…

Just Like You Or Something Like It

\\\Keyshia Cole is wasting no time dishing out singles for her new album, "Just Like You". As of 9/19, Keyshia has shot the video for the new single, "Shoulda Let You Go". While the song is not my favorite, the album overall is pretty solid.

Trouble Man
\\\Snoop Dogg has pleaded guilty to weapon charges that stem from a Sept 2006 arrest. The trouble prone rapper was stopped after it was discovered a collapsible weapon was dangerous. Snoop insisted the gun was a prop for a role. Yea? A role for any of his ghetto, gangsta straight to DVD movies. Anyway Snoop was sentenced to 3 years probation and 160 hours of community services. "That's That Shhh"!

Michael Jackson Plans A "Thriller" Album

Don't Count Him Out
\\\Michael Jackson is working on a new album! Excited? Me? Not really! Not until I hear something anyway.

More Drama Please
\\\Mary J. Blige's first single is called "Here We Go Again"! I wonder is that an expression for her bringing back the more dramatic elements to her music? The song is produced by Bryan Michael Cox. "Growing Pains" - the new album is due Nov. 20th.

Please Release My Album
\\\Diddy has promised Cheri Dennis to release her new album, "Finally Made It" in January.

Secret Lovers
\\\Ludacris and Gabrielle Union dating? No! The only other woman I heard Luda linked to in the past was Trina. I'm sure that isn't too far from the truth if you know what I mean. ;-)

Album Updates:
\\\Jay Z can't leave the game alone! His new album, "American Gangster" (movie starring Denzel Washington) is being released Nov 6th. Pharrell produced the albums first single.

News Tidbits:
\\\Rappers Saigon and Prodigy (of M…

The Sit Your Ass Down Award Goes To...

Shar Jackson
We remember her as Niecy on UPN's "Moesha" starring Brandy. Shar has become more well known over the years for all the wrong reasons. She mothered a couple of kids by Kevin Federline (Britney Spears ex husband) and was more importantly dumped by the former back up dancer for Spears. Anyway I feel like Shar tries to get attention off Britney's name. I just saw a picture of her wearing a shirt saying "It's Shar Jackson bitch" in reference to Spears' "Gimme More" song where she states in the intro, "It's Britney bitch!". Get off her nutts! I've been tired of Shar Jackson and her D-list ass. With that said, Shar Jackson, please "sit your ass down"!

Our Favorite Retiree Gives It One More Go?

Ho-Vah Here
Jay Z is rumored to be working on a new album titled, "Boss Hova". The album is supposed to remind fans of the "Golden Era of Roc-a-fella". I didn't know such a thing existed. Well anyway Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek are rumored to be on a cut as well. I wouldn't be surprised if Jay is working on an album. He usually goes about his business privately but its not long before the cat is let out the bag.

Jo-E Crack
Fat Joe is working on a new album called, "The Elephant In The Room". Come again? Whatever that means. Anyway Joe is working with Scott Storch (producer, Beyonce's "Baby Boy"), Diddy, Fabolous, and Rick Ross just to name a few. The album is due in 2008.

News Tidbits:
Kanye West has #1 album ("Graduation") and single ("Stronger"). "Graduation" opens up with 957K units as "Curtis" settles for #2 with 691K units. New Missy Elliott "Countdown" album set for release in Sp…

Mary Plans To Outdrama Keyshia Cole

Bring The Pain
Mary J. Blige's first single from her upcoming "Growing Pains" album is called, "Just Fine". The song is produced by Tricky Stewart (producer, Rihanna, "Umbrella") and Jazze Pha. The song is said to be upbeat and "Family Affair" esque. Look for the song to hit within' two weeks. Two weeks? It sounds like the song might launch in October. If that is the case, the album might be pushed to December. There is already talk of Mary J. going head to head with Mariah Carey for a Kanye v. 50 Cent like sales showdown. It would be interesting if it happens. You know what Mary might say though right? "No More Drama". Please!

Let The Inc Dry
Ashanti appeared on yesterday's episode of 106 and Park where she talked about her new movie, "Resident Evil: Extinction". I have never seen any of the "Resident Evil" movies but the new one looks pretty good. Shani also talked about her upcoming "The Declaration…

Just One Of Those Days

The Voice Within'
It is one of those slow news day. I did, however, find something worth hearing. I was on Foxboogie and someone posted a vocal demo conducted by Mariah Carey. Supposedly the audio is circa 2003 (during the release of her "Charmbracelet" album). Here Mariah demonstrates her astounding vocal ability. She goes from high to a very low. I warn you the low sounds kind of scary but it is all the more amusing. You can hear/download Mariah's vocal demo below! Enjoy!

Mariah Carey Vocal Demo

"Bartender"...I'm gon "Buy U A Drank"

(T) Pain In The Ass
T-Pain's bank account continues to grow as he has become more in demand than partner Akon. T-Pain's latest collaboration is with Jennifer Hudson on her upcoming Arista debut due 2008. T-Pain talked exclusively to MTV about his first ever duet with the Oscar winning star. He described the duet as an "old school male/female duet". Will T-Pain actually be singing or using his toybox...I mean voicebox? Only time will tell.

All Hail The (Original) Queen
Queen Latifah is planning another rap album! Can you believe it? I never thought I'd see the
day. You all remember "Ladies First" right? It is one of Latifah's biggest rap hits. Anyway Latifah is currently promoting her new album, "Trav'lin Light". Latifah feels people her age still enjoy rap and just need the right music. Agree? She also feels her place hasn't been filled. Ok Tifah! Get 'em!

Ashanti Luvs Da Word "Baby" N Her Songs

Baby Baby Baby
Ashanti's new single, "Hey Baby (After The Club)" has finally leaked. The song is produced by Mario Winans (producer, Diddy's "Last Night). The song also sounds very simliar to "Last Night". When you
think about it though, both songs borrow from early 80s Prince. It just goes to show how influential Prince still is these days. Anyway back to the song, it is very radio friendly and hopefully this song
takes off so we won't have to wait any longer for that album, "The Declaration" in stores Dec. 4th.You can hear/download the song at the link provided below:

*NEW* - Ashanti - Hey Baby (After The Club)

News Tidbits:
I just read that Kelly Price is releasing a R&B album next year through Atlantic Records. I'm glad to have read that. I didn't think Kelly would be returning after her last secular album bombed.50 Cent's tour of the 5 boroughs brought out Remy Ma who joined him on "Lean Back" and LL Cool J. The …

JLO "Brave" Enuff 2 Preview Album Early

Down & Out
Pussycat Doll alum Nicole Scherzinger (can you say it?) will now be releasing her new single, "Baby Love" produced by Will-I-Am. Originally Nicole released, "Whatever U Like" featuring T.I. and as the song suggested, it was not what people liked. I know I never cared for it personally. Anyway Nicole's debut, "Her Name Is Nicole" will be in stores Nov. 6th. Man, Nov and Dec are going to be full of new releases! It is a typical time to release new music (look: Future CD Releases) just in time for the holidays! Remember you can always buy or download the album (when it becomes available). "Whatever U Like".

A Brave New World
Jennifer Lopez' "Brave" is not out until Oct 9th but you can get a sneak preview at the link below. You have to scroll down just a little to find the samples. Is it me or does JLO look a little thick in the "Do It Well" video? Could she finally be expecting?
Preview JLO's Nu Album

The Bad Girls Of R&B

Bad As Hell
Donna Summer, Usher, and Jon B made songs about them. There was even a reality show made about them. Most reality shows isn't complete without one or two. What am I talking about? Two words. Bad Girls. It is something about bad girls that pique our curiosity. We always await their next move. We know they are going to turn up the heat in a cold room. So who comes to mind when you think of "Bad Girls of R&B"? Hmmm. Well check out this list I compiled of the "Bad Girls of R&B"! Did you like "The Bad Boys of R&B" list? Well it was only right that I did one for the ladies. Right?

Whitney Houston - She was the only reason why we watched "Being Bobby Brown". We were shocked when she cussed Wendy Williams out. And even more shocked when she said "Crack Is Wack" even thought it is. "I Will Always Love You" long as you love me.

Amy Winehouse - Drugs can be such a hard habit to kick. Check her hit in "Reh…

I Wanna Be Just Like Mary When I Grow Up

The Way It Is....Again
Keyshia Cole's, "Just Like You" has leaked. You won't find it here though. I was just thinking about Keyshia, and how I wasn't feeling her this time around. The Mary J. comparisons are running more rampant than ever. Is it safe to say Keyshia Cole is the new Faith? You never know. It could be "The Way It Is".

On The Come Up
I'm feeling Chris Brown's new music! With that said, I'm looking forward to his new album,"Exclusive" in stores Nov. 6th. Chris really put it down on the MTV VMA's! Hands down he was the best performance. I was thoroughly impressed. Before I really didn't give two damns about Chris though I liked some songs here and there. He has won a new fan in me. Interestingly enough a lot of people haven't been feeling the new music. Oh well. His first album was very successful. I guess the question is "can he do it again?" The writings are on the "Wall (To Wall".)

The New …

CSV Interview Showcase

*Ryan VanWilliams*

Interview Date: 9/9/07

Ryan VanWilliams is a man of many talents. Two of his main talents happen to be photography and graphic arts. He has so much going on in his life that he can hardly sleep. Ironically he hails from the city that never sleeps, New York, Queens to be exact. With his life in a complete whirlwind, Ryan found time to speak to yours truly and gush about his exciting life. Read Ryan's interview, and after the jump; check out his website.

Ryan, thank you for taking time to speak with me! I know you are very busy. Tell me what is going on with you at this present moment? Where are you? What are you doing?
Yea, I am very busy Lamar. 1000 things going on at once! Currently I am pursuing my Associates Degree in Digital Photography attending CUNY's LaGuardia Community College. I am also working part-time with the MTA at various locations all over New York City.

I was surprised when you hit up the blog. When I asked you about an interview, were you surpri…

Beyonce Will B Here 'Til Da End Of Time

A Good Move
There are rumors that Beyonce will be on the remix to Justin Timberlake's, "Until The End Of Time" which is doing really well on urban radio. According to Billboard, Chicago radio station started playing the song which encouraged Jive Records to promote the song to urban radio. The song is now in the top 10 and has a shot of reaching the top 5 or even #1. Go Justin.

Fall Out Friends
I just read that Lil' Kim sued Lil' Cease (who I forgot to include in my "It's A Lil' Thing" post) for $6 million dollars. Apparently Kim was upset at how Cease slandered her name to promote his Junior Mafia DVD (which included a guest spot on Wendy William's radio show). Cease doesn't even have $6 mill and it would be something that wouldn't be paid all upfront anyway, if she wins. With stuff like this happening, the Junior Mafia (what's left of it) saga lives on.

A Change Is Gonna Come
Toni Braxton is working on a new album that will be rele…

Hurricane Chris Touches Down On Mario

Uncertain Circumstances
Don't it seem like Hurricane Chris (Ay Bay Bay) album should be out by now? Well it doesn't come out until Oct 16th. Flop. Mario's new album, "Go" has been pushed back for the umptenth time. The new release date is Oct 30th. I just saw the tracklisting to the 12 track album and I (as well as many others) have basically heard the whole album. Well I guess that ruins the listening experience for me. I have liked all the leaked songs with one exception. I don't know what Mario's next single is, and I'm sure he doesn't either. Poor Mario.

A Breast Of Things
A woman got kicked out the mall here for breast feeding her baby. It was on the news yesterday. I didn't hear the full story but it is shocking. I know my friend who works at the Toledo Zoo says they permit breast feeding. The woman just has to have a blanket covering her. I take it the woman at the mall did not and she was exposed to children and passerby's. They do h…

New Foxy Brown Music

She Got Next
I just got a new exclusive Foxy Brown song called, "Hey DJ". The song features an unknown vocalist but I'm reading it may be Barrington Levy (guest artist, Shyne "Bad Boys"). Levy is really good friends with Foxy and appears on the title track, "Black Roses" from the album of the same name. This song was recorded some years back as it was listed in ASCAP's listing for awhile. Fox's first verse sounds similar to Shyne. I'm not sure if this song is going to be on the upcoming album, "Brooklyn Don Diva" or not. Get it or hear it while you can before it disappears. You can also hear this song and others on Foxy's MySpace page. The address to that site is listed below. Enjoy!

Foxy Brown - Mr. DJ

Foxy Brown MySpace Page

It's A Lil' Thing

Lil' Things Mean A Lot
Being "big" went out the window years ago. It is cool to be "Lil". Lil' Kim. Lil' Scrappy. Lil' Jon. They are all artists who have the moniker "Lil" in their stage names. These artists have all been very successful in their own right. If you notice every artist featured records for Hip-hop/R&B genres. It is an urban thing. These are urban artists. Each artist is compiled by their popularity among consumers and
music lovers. Find out why it can take only a "lil" to make it.

Lil' Kim - She is one of the most successful female rappers of all-time. Kim, got her start rhyming alongside the late great Notorious B.I.G. He helped mold her into the platinum star she is today. He had the "Magic Stick".

Lil' Jon - Perhaps he is one of the most popular producers of the new millienium with a catchphrase that became a national phenomenon. Okkaaay! He's worked his magic on songs by Amerie, Ciara, and…

50 Cent, New York, Mary J. Blige, Mariah

I Add My 50 Cent(s)
I think this will be my last gripe or mention about the 50 Cent v. Kanye debacle until the official numbers come out next Tuesday. I just wanted to say how much I like 50's album. I know many people are liking Kanye's album but I already stated how I feel about it (at presstime). I just like 50's singles better and the album is good. I always go for the underdog. In this case, strangely enough, he is the underdog. I guess 50 is going to retire now since Kanye beat him in sales (so far). 50 went on radio, I read, and said Interscope undershipped his album. Now must we resort to this excuse everytime an album underperforms. I just feel like he should wait for the official numbers on Wednesday to say if they really undershipped his album. I don't think Interscope would do that though. I'm sure they had expectations for the album unlike Motown with Swizz Beats. I keep saying this but the ultimate test will be who's album is gonna have the longer …

Missy Elliott, JLO, J.Holiday, Lindsay Lohan

She Got That Comeback
Missy Elliott is returning to the music scene with "The Countdown" due this winter. Timbaland and Nate "Danja" Hill (producer, Britney Spears, "Gimme More") are producing while the ever present T-Pain makes a guest appearance. Missy is riding high with Keyshia Cole's hit single, "Let It Go". Go Missy!

Time Will Tell
Jennifer Lopez's music career is starting to look like Paula Abdul's. I just don't see this new album doing well. I do like the "Hold It Don't Drop It" song but I'm not interested in the new album at all. If this album doesn't do what it should do, she should hang it up. I know Jennifer is a hit or miss in movies so she can always stick to that or executive producing movies and TV shows. JLO's new album, "Brave" will be in stores Oct 9th.

News Tidbits:
J. Holiday's, "Bed" is #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-hop Tracks Chart"Crank That Soulja Boy" …

Happy Anniversary To CSV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary
I been so busy today with work, school, and socializing. I just remembered today is the 1st year anniversary of Cigna's Sights & Views. I'm excited to still be doing this after a year. I want to personally thank everyone who visits the blog. Thank you much!

The Comeback Queen
Were you one of the many people who thought Ashanti's "Switch" featuring Nelly was her first single? Say I. I did. I think the song got such a poor response they dropped it altogether. I thought it was a cool song. It was very different from her. I just read from a very reliable Ashanti fan that Ashanti's new 1st single is called, "Hey Baby" (After The Club). I'm eager to hear how this will sound. Bryan Michael Cox (producer, Mary J. Blige "Be Without You) has been added to the list producers on Ashanti's "The Declaration". The album is scheduled to be released Dec 4th. Aww baby!

A Winner In You
You tired of hearing and reading about Ka…

The Sit Yo Ass Down Award Goes To...

Kanye West
Again, Kanye showed his ass at another award show. I wouldn't invite this man to an award telecast. Especially if I knew he wasn't going to win for that category. Kanye does this everytime. It was shocking at first but now it's old! I don't even want to start on his backstage meltdown. It was a travesty. Now Kanye is anti-MTV! I wonder what that really means. Will they even bother to nominate Kanye next year? Will he bitch about it if doesn't get nominated next year? Yes. Kanye is Kanye. I realize that. I just think this cattiness needs to stop. It's old news. Stop playing. With that said, Kanye West, "Sit Yo Ass Down".

Jim Jones, Cam'ron, 112's Daron Jones

Where Could He Be?
Still surprised over Jim Jones and Cam'ron's fall out? It can happen even to the best of friends. Jim (claims) to have not heard or seen his former buddy Cam'ron in awhile. Cam has been M.I.A. ever since his beef with 50 blew over and the infamous "Stop Snitching" segment on 60 Minutes. I just started getting into Cam recently. I always thought of him as a corny rapper though because of his rhymes. He is good with me though. I figure he's working on some new music for future public

News Tidbits:
112's Daron Jones tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend. Congratulations!

Kanye, 50, Nas, Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Janet

The Stakes Are High
According to Hitsdailydouble, Kanye West is on track to do 700K in his first week with a shot at 800K easily making him #1 next week. 50 Cent is in second place with 550K with a shot at 650K. It is really too soon to call but that's how the numbers are looking right now. Hits is known for their first week record sales predictions more than anything else. It is an actual site with music related articles, radio airplay, upcoming music releases, etc. They are usually pretty dead on with their predictions. They predicted Usher's, "Confessions" would break a million copies in its first week. How are they able to predict this info? They have a direct tie with the music retail giants like Best Buy etc.

...Back So Soon?
It is not very often when artists put out a two albums in two years. Well Nas is releasing a new album this December! The new album is untitled but a new single should surface this October. Last I heard, Nas was releasing a greatest hits al…

The Bad Boys Of R&B

Bad To The Bone
They are the baddest of the bad. What constitutes being a bad boy? There is a variety of reasons. What is it that women find so hard to resist about bad boys? Is it rebellion? Looks? Charm? Style? Swagger? It could be one of those qualities or all of the above. These bad boys are known throughout the world of R&B/Hip-hop/Pop. Sometimes their own personal lives overshadow their music. From infamous sex tapes to womanizing freaks, these are "The Bad Boys Of R&B" You've been warned.

R Kelly - Kelly has always lived a life shrouded in mystery until a few years ago. His marriage to a 15 year old Aaliyah was revealed and his controversial sex tapes leaked. He has a knack for writing songs about sex unlike any other musician known to man. He is a "Bad Man" indeed.

Bobby Brown - An O.G. (original gangsta) on the list has had a stormy 15 year relationship (that he still has) with Whitney Houston. He has personally battled just about every demon in …

Kanye, 50, Tony Yayo, Foxy Brown, Eve

It's Going Down
The big day is here. Kanye West and 50 Cent's new albums are in stores. Oh yea..and Kenny Chesney's is too! Who are you buying? Who are you skipping out on? Have you placed your bets yet? Kanye and 50 will have a live showdown on BET's 106 and Park. This will be interesting. I have to make sure I watch. I can't say I'm excited about it though. I know it won't be nothing more than a bunch of sh!t talking between the two. In celebration of this big over hyped event, I present to you a fanmade 50 Cent song feat. Foxy Brown & Tony Yayo called, "Touch The Sky". The beat featured here are separate songs by both 50 and Foxy. The verses were simply combined for one song so check it out.

50 Cent feat. Foxy Brown & Tony Yayo - Touch The Sky

Years Gone By
Today is also the sixth anniversary of the tragedy that struck New York known as 9/11. My well wishes to everyone in New York and the families affected from this tragedy.

Birthday Boy

Mariah Carey Breakdown Alert

50 Cent
You think women are the only ones who can have breakdowns? Think again. Men are subject to them as well. My vote for 50 Cent may raise a few eyebrows but I have my reasons. I really think 50 overworks himself especially as of lately. I know he is going hard to promote his new album. We don't know how his latest album will be received. If it fails, he is going to really have that breakdown. 50 is tough as nails but how is he under pressue? Will he crack? It remains to be seen but we shall find out soon.

Kanye West, Kelly Rowland, T-Boz, Dru Hill

The Tears Of A Clown
Kanye West showed his ass (again) at the VMA's. The rapper told the press (after the show's end) that he would never return to MTV. He is upset that he didn't win in any of the five categories he was nominated for. Kanye insisted he's worked hard and deserves the credit. All in all, Kanye is just a sore loser. You win some, you lose some. Big deal!

Try Again
Kelly Rowland has gotten the green light for a re-release for her "Ms Kelly" album. The album is likely to be re-released this fall. Meanwhile Kelly's "Ghetto" will premiere Sept 10th on BET's "Access Granted".

Solo Star
T-Boz of TLC is working on a solo album. She has recorded 17 songs in 3 weeks! Does that beat Beyonce's record? Anyway she expressed interest in working with Pharrell, Timbaland, and Polow Da Don. She has worked with Dallas Austin (producer, Madonna's "Secret") who is responsible for the early TLC hits. I did a poll awhile ago …

MTV VMA's (Pre) Show Rundown

I was watching my DVD of The Jeffersons, and I realized eight o'clock was coming. I stopped my DVD to tune into the MTV VMA's Pre-show. All the hottest stars in all genres of music were present. Everyone from Ludacris to Jennifer Hudson to 50 Cent to Nelly Furtado were in attendance. Of course the big story on everyone's mind was Britney Spears opening performance. I'm still watching the show as I type this. Right now I'm providing you all with a rundown of the show (so far) for those interested. I heard they aren't going to repeat the show (right away) so....

Nicole Scherzinger was the first official performance of the night (despite it being the pre-show). She performed her debut solo single, "Whatever U Like" featuring Lil' Wayne. T.I. (who is originally featured on the song didn't perform with her because of he didn't know whether he was T.I. or T.I.P.) was there on the red carpet so go figure. Lil' Wayne looked like he been hitting…

Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Erykah Badu

Showdown In Las Vegas
Ready to see Britney shake it up at the VMA's? I'm watching the America's Next Top Model marathon on MTV. Every commercial break is filled with some senseless tribute to the VMA's . I'm really just interested in seeing Britney's performance and that is it.

My Little Theory
I picked up the new Vibe magazine with Chris Brown on the cover. I didn't pick up so much for him being on the cover but the headlines. In the Oct issue, female rappers troubles, the Debarge family, and the music industry is profiled. Vibe was talking about the industry and how music sales have gone down (particularly in cd's). Cd's will unfortunately be a thing of the past. They will become very much like vinyl (which you can still actually buy today). I think the music industry just needs to refresh things. I think CD's should be introduced in a DVD format. What I mean by that is the CD's will come in the oblong box DVD's come in and contain the s…