Saturday, April 30, 2016

Drake headed for #1 with new album and Khia drags Beyoncé and Beyhive claps back

Drake sells 600K+ copies in the first day of his new album,"Views". "Views" is an iTunes exclusive for an entire week before it lands in stores and other streaming apps. Upon its release on April 29, the album and its song titles were all trending on Twitter. Drake samples Brandy on "Fire & Desire" and Mary J. Blige throughout the 20 track. Drake touches on his relationship with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. Rihanna, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Future, Pimp C, and OVO artists round out the guest artists. Have you all heard the new Drake album and what do you think of it? In my opinion the album is not bad. I think it takes a couple of listens to fully get into it but reviews for the album have been mixed. But those sales are throughout the roof. In other music news, Khia dragged Beyoncé and Serena Williams on social media over her video for "Sorry" and the Beyhive came back and dragged Khia in return. Even the Game clapped back at Khia for her comments. Why? I don't know but we all know how Game is anyway. I do think everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is not going to be a fan of Beyoncé but tell that to the Beyhive. In case you missed it, a few days ago Usher released a semi nude photo on his Snapchat, which I just started following! :) After he received some flack for the picture Usher decided to clap back citing he is not one of these "thick thigh big booty niggas". Ha! Say it like you mean it Ursher! Isn't it time for a new Usher album btw? I wonder is he working on one? Usher's Snapchat is very interesting I will say. He shows us his every move throughout the day as he goes to get shakes, takes his son to his basketball game, at events, etc. Do you all follow any artists on Snapchat? Well until next time folks! Thanks for reading! :) For more music news, gossip, rumors, and my personal commentary check back again! :) D

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beyoncé's fathers reveals who Becky is and Tank has a shocking confession

More Beyoncé news: Tonight is the opening night of the Formation tour in Miami. Opener DJ Khaled brought out Future, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and more. Jay Z was also seen backstage. Are you going to see Beyoncé this go round? And as far as the ongoing rumors of who the "Becky" is in question on Beyoncé's song, her father Mathew Knowles knows all! He said Beyoncé is referring to him and not Jay Z. Oddly enough some people did consider Beyoncé might of been referring to her father in some aspects but I think she is referring to Jay in some songs too. Things that make you go hmmm! Meanwhile Beyoncé is laughing all the way to the bank! In other music news, Tank basically admitted to being bisexual depending on how you take it. He posted a video of him saying, "I like what I like. I'm a nasty motherfucker!". This comes on the heels of a report published by an online blog that Tank was messaging a transgender girl. Tank is currently with Zena Foster. I'm not sure what her occupation is or if their married or not. Does anyone know and what do you think about Tank's admission to being a "freak"? Beyoncé may have some competition as Drake's "Views From The 6" drops on April 29. The rapper just released the tracklisting to the album which features 20 songs. Big Sean's "Dark Sky Paradise" album has been certified Platinum and Bryson Tiller's album, "T R A P S O U L" has been certified Gold. Congrats guys! For more music news, gossip, rumors, and my personal commentary check back again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Ha! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beyoncé dominates iTunes singles charts and Rita Ora is rumored to be "Becky"

More Beyoncé news: "Lemonade", the physical album and DVD package will be available in Target on May 6!!! "Lemonade" is on track to sale 600 thousand copies in its full first week which will give it the coveted #1 spot on Billboard. "Lemonade" will mark Beyoncé's 6th #1 album on the Billboard 200 Album chart. First single, "Formation" is the #1 song on iTunes! In the wake of the "Becky-gate", Rita Ora has came out and denied any wrong doing when it comes to Beyoncé and Jay-Z's relationship. But it looks like Rita Ora is taunting Bey as well. She has been seen on social media adorning the same dresses that Bey has wore and even bras with lemonades on it. Many think this is simply a marketing scheme and everyone's in on it. Rachel Roy, who was said to be the original Becky denies being Becky. On a much lighter note, "Full House" alum actress, Lori Loughlin who plays "Becky" said she's not Becky either! :) Ha! What do you all think of this mess? My, why do I feel like everything I just typed was what I typed a two days ago! :(  In other music news, Fantasia will release her new album, "The Definition of..." on June 1. Jennifer Hudson will star in NBC's live production of "Hairspray". Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are rumored to be having a baby! Say what now? For more music news, rumors, gossip, and my personal thoughts check back tomorrow or the next day! :) Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beyoncé fans attack fashion designer who they think Jay Z cheated with

Shortly after "Lemonade" aired, people began to speculate who exactly Beyoncé was referring to when she sung "Becky with the good hair". Well everyone didn't have to wonder for long because Damon Dash's ex-wife, Rachel Roy started shading Beyoncé with the song reference which led many to believe she was the woman responsible for Jay-Z's infidelity. Soon the #Beyhive began attacking Rachel Roy and her daughter on social media. Rachel issued a statement saying that she respects marriage and wouldn't do such a thing to ruin the union of a marriage. Apparently the #Beyhive was not buying this and soon Rachel Roy deleted her social media page altogether after making it private briefly. Not content on resting, the #Beyhive formed together and came up with the fact that "Becky" may indeed be former Roc Nation artist, Rita Ora(l), which wouldn't surprise me if it were true. Rita has been around in the industry but has she banged Jay-Z? Who knows! Jay-Z's stylist June Ambrose got on social media and said Rachel Roy was not involved with Jay Z in anyway. Okay, well that takes Rachel out of the running so is it Rita Ora(l)? At one point last night, when I was on Twitter, all the trending topics were related to Beyoncé including "#LEMONADE", "Becky with the good hair", "Hold Up" and more. Whew! The power of Beyonce!

Beyoncé debuts album film and new album of the same name shortly after

As expected Beyoncé debuted her album film, "Lemonade" on HBO on Saturday and it immediately began trending on Twitter. The "Lemonade" movie which also serves as the title as Beyoncé's new album was inspired by the quote, "I was served lemons, but I made Lemonade" hence the title. The project revolves around Jay-Z's rumored infidelity which is told in equal parts songs and poetry. There is images of Beyoncé's own family including her Mother, Father, and daughter. There were special appearances from Zendaya and Serena Williams among others. Each song in the film is a song that appears on the album which appears in chronological order to the album sequence. I just actually finished watching the film and I thought it was really good. I really feel like it was some next level shit! I liked all the songs as well. Guests on the album include The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar. Production comes in the form of The-Dream, Mike Will Made It, and more. Immediately after the premiere of "Lemonade", the album became available on Tidal. It is now being reported that "Lemonade" will be available on iTunes(not Apple Music) at midnight! A physical release is expected in the coming days or weeks. I'm just wondering what song is going to serve as the official first single. The songs that I took to immediately was "Hold Up"(which features Beyoncé damaging cars and windows). "Don't Hurt Yourself" is also a nice highlight. The lyrics are something that should be noted as well as they are brutally honest. It was like Beyoncé left nothing to the imagination. She let it out all and that's what music is for. I always say the best way to get to know a musician is to listen to their music.