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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mariah Carey has a new man and Jeremih abruptly ends show

Mariah's got a new man
  • Mariah Carey has not wasted time moving on from billionaire ex-boyfriend, James Packer. She is now dating one of her backup dancers. The two were seen getting cozy on a beach somewhere. There was a blind item report that I read awhile ago about an A-list singer caught with her dress down while sitting on her backup dancer's lap. When caught said singer tried to jump up quickly but couldn't because she was drunk! Sounds like Mariah to me! 
  • Singer Jeremih has upset fans in Chicago when he abruptly left the stage during a concert after only performing 2 songs. Jeremih was alleged to say "fuck y'all" and many fans took to social media to air out the singer. Jeremih has since replied claiming that his band screwed him up by cutting off the sound in his headphones. I guess...
  • Kanye West is finally out of the hospital after a week long stay. Kanye's brother has come and said Kanye was reeling from Kim Kardashian's robbery. First of all, I don't think I knew that Kanye had a brother. Hopefully Kanye is in better spirits. I still think he needs to get some professional help. I think there is more to this hospitalization thing. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Brandy shades Monica and T.I. and Floyd Mayweather spar over video

Prayers and thoughts to those affected by the shooting at Ohio State University.
  • Brandy was honored last night during the Soul Train Music Awards. During her performance of her hit single, "Talk About Our Love", Brandy changed the lyrics in which many interpreted to be shade towards Monica and her fans for a feud they started months ago. Monica responded by saying that Brandy was a "legend" and deserving of the award. Not one to be outdone, Brandy also posted a loving tribute to Whitney Houston after Monica appeared on "Where Are They Know?" detailing her close relationship with Whitney. We know both ladies had a close relationship with Whitney so I don't understand the reasoning behind who Whitney was the closest to. I do think Brandy is being very petty right now and its not a good look in my opinion. I always looked at Brandy as classy but right now my feelings are changing about her. Just stick to making music. The Monica fans; no offense is not worth all the shade. Do you ma! 
  • Tamar Braxton is mad at Monica so it was revealed that Tamar started following Brandy on Instagram and agreed with Brandy's post shading Monica. Tamar is also mad at Tiny Harris for an unspecified reason but no one is more petty than Tamar. Then again we don't know the real reasoning for her upset so we can only speculate.
  • The feud between rapper T.I., his wife, Tiny, and boxer; Floyd Mayweather continues. T.I. posted a video of Kevin Hart cracking jokes towards Floyd Mayweather. Floyd caught wind of the video and posted his own video of T.I.'s wife, Tiny dancing up on Floyd during Mariah Carey's Halloween party. If you recall there was a picture that surfaced of Tiny and Floyd Mayweather along with Mariah Carey. When the picture hit the blogs, Tiny chalked up the shocking picture to Mariah simply wanting her to partake in the picture. If you ask me, Mariah was being very messy. She had to be aware of their sordid past. Besides Tiny could of simply moved to the other end if she didn't want to be pictured next to Floyd. But from what the video shows, Tiny was pretty close with Floyd during the festivities. No word from T.I. yet but maybe they can make a Pay Per View event where they get in the ring and fight it out. We already know what Floyd is capable of in the ring and we all know T.I. is a gangster. He carries guns and all his concerts get shot up! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monica said to be pregnant and Kanye West still hospitalized

Monica may be with child.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I went out of town for the Holiday but now I am back.
  • There are rumors swirling around that Monica may be with child. The singer has yet to confirm these rumors but it wouldn't surprise me. Last night Monica appeared on "Where Are They Now?" which appears on the OWN network. Personally if I were Monica I would of been insulted if they asked me to appear on the show. I say this because Monica is still in the spotlight. Just this year she released an album and while it didn't perform that spectacularly, we know Monica is still around. I could understand them doing a story on someone like Sisqo because no one knows what happened to him. But hey you know what they say, "there is no such thing as bad publicity". What do you think?
  • Kanye West is still hospitalized and is now said to be suffering from "paranoia" and "depression" among other things. My intentions are not to sound insensitive but Kanye should be in the same rehab as Kid Cudi.
  • Tamar Braxton and her husband, Vince Herbert just celebrated their 8th anniversary. Congrats to the couple! For some reason though, I figured they've been together longer. 
  • VH1 reality TV star, Joseline Hernandez is said to be giving birth in January and she is already placing rumored father to be, Stevie J on child support. Stevie J, meanwhile wants a paternity test. Did you know that Stevie J is now dating Faith Evans? I mean how random is that. Looking back on those episodes when Faith was "Love & Hip Hop", I noticed the way she looked at Stevie and it was lust in her eyes. Haha! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Azealia Banks inks secret deal and Nicki Minaj calls out Verizon

Azealia's got a new deal
  • Azealia Banks has revealed that she has a new record deal and she is keeping mum about it. She even revealed that she "can't mess this up". She claims to be deleting all her social media sites as well. I can't count how many times we've heard that but I wish her luck. She will need it. 
  • Nicki Minaj is currently the spokesperson for T-Mobile cellular network and she's recently starred in a commercial for the company. Competitor, Verizon caught a snapshot of Nicki on a phone that said Verizon and quickly blasted the rapper. The rapper shot back claiming that the phone in question was that of her camera man and that she is a T-Mobile subscriber and will remain indebted to the company. I bet if Verizon were to offer her the right price, she'll be working for them next. What do you think? 
  • Just yesterday it was reported that Kanye West was hospitalized. Now more information has become available. It is being reported that Kanye tried to assault a gym worker and he is currently being held at the hospital for what is being described as a "temporary psychosis"; whatever that means. Many celebrities including Tameka Foster(Usher's ex-wife), rapper and friend Twista, rapper Chance the Rapper, and Kid Cudi have all sent their support to Kanye during this tough time. We all hope Kanye gets the help he needs. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Kanye West hospitalized and Ray J disses Kim K. in new song

The tea is hot!
  • Days after his rant and meltdown during his St. Pablo Tour, Kanye West has abruptly cancelled his tour and is now hospitalized. Reports are describing the hospitalization as a "health and safety concern". Many are saying that Kanye is dealing with a lot personally and professionally. He called out friends; Beyoncé and Jay Z for being disloyal and claiming that Beyoncé informed MTV that she would not perform if they didn't award her Video of the Year. He has also been dealing with the fallout from his wife; Kim K. who suffered from her robbery overseas. Many shunned Kanye after abruptly ending his concert mid set and after he made claims that he would've voted for Donald Trump. Hopefully Kanye gets the rest and help he needs. He is certainly going through a lot and I can imagine its not easy especially being someone in the spotlight. 
  • Speaking of Kanye West, Ray J still has some things to get off his chest as he's released a new song dissing Kim K. Why? This whole fiasco is so old but Ray J is likely responding after Kanye called out Ray J in his song, "Famous". I get Ray's needing to respond but Ray comes off as jealous, bitter, and immature. Let it go Ray. You are a married man now. Kim K. would be the least of my concerns. I don't even know the name of this song but I have no interest in hearing it. Do you?