Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rihanna to guest star on "Bates Motel" and The Game speaks on infamous dick print pics

Rihanna will be starring in the last season of "Bates Motel" as Marion Crane. If your familiar with the character of Marion Crane, she is the guest at the Bates Motel on the run after taking off with a boatload of money. She meets Norman Bates who speaks of his ill mother. It's Marion Crane who suggests she be put in an asylum much to the dismay of Norman Bates. Of course this all from the movie "Psycho" which Bates Motel is based on. Are you ready to see RiRi on your TV? Speaking of TV, The Game was the guest last night on "The Amber Rose Show" where he admitted that he's slept with some of those who has sent him messages in his DM(Direct Message) on Instagram. This is in response to Amber asking Game about his infamous dick print pictures. He says the pictures are not photo shopped and if you want to see, come over! Ha! So there you have it peeps! Game's dick print pictures are real! Speaking of dick(I do apologize to some of my readers for the crass language lately) but I read a story that T.I. might of gotten caught cheating with one of the escorts from Taz Angels. Apparently one of the Taz Angels girls was in NYC the same time as T.I. who was hosting "The View". They say T.I. was checked in at a hotel and had a woman's name listed on his behalf who had access to the room and it wasn't his wife Tiny. Now as always we know you can't believe everything you read let alone hear. But I do believe this story has some truth to it. Celebrities are getting sloppy these days when it comes to covering their tracks. Plus they keep upsetting the groupies or escorts in this case and then they go to the blogs and blast the said celebrity.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Drake disses Joe Budden & Tory Lanez and Brandy gets blasted by label

Drake opened up his Summer Sixteen tour in Dallas by taking some shots at his adversaries; Joe Budden, Tyga, and Tory Lanez. Drake jokingly informed concert goers that he should of brought Joe Budden out to perform "Pump It Up". Drake also made a reference to the many artists(Tyga and Tory Lanez) that remade or ripped off his song, "Controlla". To say Drake's concert was interesting is an understatement. Personally I don't think Drake should waste his time on Joe Budden or even Meek Mill for that matter but that's just me. Brandy's record label, Chamelon Entertainment(or I think its a production company) she's with that helped her land a record deal with RCA has blasted her! After Brandy publicly complained about her label likening their business practices to slavery the label shot back saying they were reluctant to sign Brandy being that she hasn't had a hit record since the 2000's. Ouch! VH1's new season of "Basketball Wives" premiered last Sunday and they say ratings were down compared to last year and they think its because Draya isn't on there anymore. I can't really say how true that is cause I haven't watched in awhile. I know a lot of people who watched the season premiere and they liked it. Did you watch?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Monica speaks out husband's alleged affair and feud ignites between Waka Flocka and The Game

So yesterday I reported a story regarding Monica and her husband Shannon Brown. Well the blog that originally reported the story did a retraction today. It turns out the woman that sold the story with dick pics, baby pics, and text messages was lying all along. It's said that the woman in question is a psycho bitch to put it nice and plainly! The blog says they did all their homework before they went full blast with the story but turns out it wasn't true. Twitter was on fire this morning as news spread about the alleged affair between this mystery woman and Shannon Brown. Monica finally spoke out and apologized to the family of the baby pics that were used saying no child deserves to be placed in this mess or lie for that matter. A beef is heating up between rappers The Game and Waka Flocka. I was just scrolling down my feed on Instagram when I saw a video from Waka Flocka dissing an unnamed rapper(s) saying one minute their a garbage man, the next a shoe salesman! haha then he went on to say the unnamed rapper was showing dick pics and acting as if he were a model and overall sending the wrong message to people. Whoever could he be talking about? I didn't know so I kept scrolling then I came across a video on Game's Instagram account talking in a Jamaican patois and a lengthy caption underneath. Apparently The Game was answering back to Waka's video. I was like damn! Game made a few statements of his own saying Waka is upset because he lost his bitch(Tammy) and how Game is about peace but will bring it if necessary. He also made a comment about herpes in his caption, so I'm not sure what that was in response to or was he insinuating that Waka has herpes. Who knows? Game's response, in typical Game fashion was funny and very interesting. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Monica's husband caught in another cheating scandal and Kanye & Kim escape lawsuit

Monica's husband, Shannon Brown is said to be caught in yet another cheating scandal. A woman claims that her and Brown share a 2 year old child. The woman has released pictures, text messages, etc. The proof is all there. You know what they say about athletes though, their known to cheat! More as this story unfolds. In the continuing saga that is The West's vs. Taylor Swift, The West's are exempt from a lawsuit. According to California law, it is not against the law the record a phone conversation unless it was said to be private. Taylor knew she was on speakerphone with Kanye cause producer Rick Rubin chimed in the conversation between Kanye and Taylor. I think its ridiculous that Taylor even considered filing a lawsuit. I personally think that is a bitch move in this type of situation. I think it only intensified her wishes to file a lawsuit because she got such a backlash on Twitter. Taylor Swift should be lucky John Mayer, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, or the other 18 men haven't filed a lawsuit on her for writing all those songs about them which to me is a form of defamation. Then again I'm just throwing some shade.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Kelly Price under fire for "inappropriate" performance and Young Thug blasts his baby mother

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What's wrong with these folks or should I say celebrities? Kelly Price has everyone talking after a performance at a Gospel Expo was deemed "inappropriate". The singer performed her hit song, "As We Lay" which is a song that was also performed by Shirley Murdock back in the day. Kelly posted a video via social media stating that she was upset and that she was asked to perform her music. Why she didn't perform one of her gospel numbers is beyond me. But after seeing Kelly on "R&B Divas" we know she is quite the diva and performing "As We Lay" is an odd choice of a song to perform at a Gospel expo. Kelly went on to say in the video that the church is filled with "bigotry" and that's why people don't attend church. If I were Kelly I'd be somewhat embarrassed at the mishap but then again she chose to sing that selection. I'm wondering did she do that to purposely get attention cause you have to know that singing a song about adultery is not appropriate for church. I'm giving Ms. Kelly the side eye. In other music news, Young Thug has been on social media airing out his baby mom. He tweeted that his baby mom claims she was independent for a number of years but he was taking care of her financially. He also went on to say that her house smelled like piss and her 23 year old sister still wets the bed! haha!!! Wow! Don't mess with Thugger!