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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rihanna gets dissed on TV and Soulja Boy gets robbed

That "bitch"
  • Actor Charlie Sheen appeared on the TV show, "Watch What Happens Live" and when host Andy Cohen asked him about Rihanna, he referred to her as "that bitch!". Rihanna's fans heard the jab and went in on Charlie Sheen. Now I can only imagine the things they said about him considering all that you can say about Charlie Sheen. The jab stems back from Rihanna refusing to take a picture with Charlie Sheen and his girlfriend awhile back. Depending on when you can encounter Rihanna, she can be nice or she can be "that bitch". Depends. 
  • Soulja Boy's Hollywood home was robbed. Immediately when I read that headline, I figured Chris Brown and his henchmen had something to do with it or the goon squad he was showing on in front of on video awhile back. Who knows? 
  • Fans rejoiced when it was revealed that late singer, Aaliyah's "Ultimate Aaliyah" album was on Apple Music for streaming and purchasing. Many rushed to buy and here some of Aaliyah's greatest hits and hidden gems. 24 hours after the album appeared on Apple Music, it was quickly taken down because it was uploaded illegally by Craze Entertainment. The company is said to have also done this a few years before. Barry Hankerson, Aaliyah's manager and uncle has taken the album down.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ashanti going on tour with Joe and Kelly Price singing at Chris Brown boxing match

Aww baby!!!
There's a lot of little news stories going around, many of them not noteworthy at all but I'll mention some of them just because. So here goes...
  • Waka Flocka Flame is caught up in the groupie mess once again. Some chick is claiming he was cheating. But to be honest I really didn't follow the whole story but by the looks of it, its getting really messy.
  • Don't expect any new music from Ashanti anytime soon and I guess that's okay since she has plenty of hit songs to perform on tour. Ashanti, who is currently on tour with Ja Rule in Australia is about to hit Europe, this time with R&B singer; Joe. The trek stars February 22 in Paris and ends March 4 in Berlin. Get that money Ashanti! 
  • Kelly Price says she will be singing the National Anthem at the boxing fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. I still can't believe this is going to happen but I suppose. Speaking of Chris Brown, he was seen in the same club as his ex, Rihanna. Maybe he is trying to get her back now. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nicki Minaj is now a single woman and Chris Brown gets thrown out of a gym

Single again.
What's wrong with these celebrities? We're only 8 days into the new year and these celebrities are behaving more wilder than ever. It all makes for some very entertaining stories but also some very annoying moments. Sorry for the lack of updates. Sometimes I'm so busy doing nothing that I forget to provide you all with an update. Thanks for the support and continuing to visit and read my blog!
  • While Mariah Carey is still blaming everyone for her fiasco of a performance 9 days ago, Nicki Minaj is now a single woman. The rapper announced the news a few days ago on Twitter. Ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill wasted no time throwing shade at Nicki poking fun at a pair of shoes she wore back in Ciara's video a few years back. The shade was very stale! 
  • Chris Brown's crazy ass was thrown out of a gym after getting into a heated argument with the gym manager. While I thought he was in there training for his fake fight with Soulja Boy, he was actually with friends on the basketball court causing a ruckus. The gym manager intervened and asked Chris and his cohorts to leave. In typical Chris Brown fashion, he threw a fit and took to social media smoking a cigarette with racoon eyes and looking like Skeletor. :) 
  • After begging Jay Z to visit he and Beyoncé's compound, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and their children finally had the playdate Kanye has been wanting. The paparazzi caught Kanye and Kim pulling up to Jay and Beyoncé's compound. I can only imagine how that experience went. The streets are always saying that Beyoncé doesn't like Kim Kardashian but maybe that story is a little far fetched. What do you think? 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Music Feed: 2017 far

Where's the beef?
We're only 5 day into 2017 and already the entertainment world has been on fire with various feuds between celebrities, TV networks, and social media sites. Some feuds that erupted at the tail end of 2016 that were brought over into 2017 is also featured on the list.
  • Azealia Banks. vs. Facebook 
  • Facebook reportedly shut down Azealia Banks' Facebook page after she publicly criticized Brazilians. A similar thing happened last year but on Twitter when Banks' went on a racist and homophobic tirade towards singer Zayn Malik(I think that's his last name). Azealia has since rejoined Twitter under another pseudonym and has apologized publicly to Zayn. 
  • Mariah Carey vs. ABC
  • By now we have all heard about the disastrous Mariah Carey performance on ABC during the New Year's Eve festivities. After Mariah's flub, she took to social media stating that "shit happens" but has since blamed ABC for sabotage. ABC shot back and denied the claims. 
  • Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy 
  • I can't even remember how this idiotic feud began. At this point the whole feud is laughable at best. The two former stars are planning a boxing match for charity. 
  • Brandy vs. TC(songwriter)
  • At the end of last year, Brandy's songwriter; TC blasted the singer on social media. He alleged that Brandy got mad at him for taking a picture of Beyoncé and said she treated him like "shit". I'm not exactly sure what Brandy did to piss him off. Once the tweets made the blog rounds, Brandy quickly posted a video on her social media of herself and TC seemingly in better times with a well-timed caption making light of the fight and how they've since made up. Instead of leaving it at that, Brandy posted a picture of herself and Beyoncé in Barbie doll forms. She revealed in her caption that she has love for both Beyoncé and Solange and any person stating otherwise is a lie! 
  • Tiny Harris vs. T.I. 
  • Tiny Harris shocked everyone when she filed for divorce. T.I. tried to talk her out of the proceedings but I see Tiny went with her heart and let a sleeping dog lie. While things have been cordial between the two lately, things could go from good to worse any minute now. T.I. and Tiny are no stranger to airing out their dirty business via social media. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trina previews new single and Chris Brown and Soulja Boy to have boxing match

Damn Trina!
  • Trina released a snippet of her new single; "Damn" featuring Tory Lanez tonight on her social media sites. The single will be released on Friday, January 6. Trina shot the video to the single last month in Philadelphia. Based on what I heard of the :25 second snippet, Trina just might have a hit on her hands. It doesn't hurt that she has Tory Lanez on the song who is enjoying a lot of success. One of the reasons why Trina has remained so relevant over the years is not just because she releases music consistently. It is also because she works with a lot of different artists of all spectrums; new, old, and up and coming. She also keeps up with the ever changing trends in music and that doesn't hurt. 
  • So suddenly Chris Brown and Soulja Boy thinks that they are Floyd Mayweather and Pacquio. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are taking their feud to the boxing ring and 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather are said to have a hand in the match. Personally I think this whole stunt is ridiculous. Soulja Boy did go on social media and apologize for his buffoonery. Chris Brown, on the other hand has remained unapologetic and is coming off more and more like a sociopath. Will you watch a boxing match between these two washed up stars?
  • When I go to the explore option on my Instagram, I see all these videos fans have put up of Mariah Carey singing really good. In the process they are putting down J-Lo and Ariana Grande. I don't recall Ariana Grande ever saying anything about Mariah before so I'm not sure why she is part of the conversation. Anyway Mariah Carey is legend. We can't take that away from her but you have to admit her live performances are hit or miss. I'm really tired of hearing about Mariah Carey and her non-singing self but it is news. I just read that she's fired her creative director after her famous lip sync fail on ABC. I would tell Mariah to fire herself if she could. Jenny McCarthy(famed comedienne and radio show host) spoke out on her radio show and said that Mariah used a stand in during the sound check. She also said Mariah stood wayside with a gold microphone. Like I said Mariah just needs to scale down the notes she can't hit anymore and call it a day. 
  • Tiny Harris, T.I's wife is going ahead with her plans to divorce T.I and I'm glad. T.I. is annoying to me and a serial cheater. I think Tiny is making the right decision. She is asking for alimony and full custody of their 20 children.