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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Azealia Banks pens apology letter and Kanye West to boycott Grammy awards

Apologetic Azealia
  • I know we all are tired of hearing about Azealia Banks especially when it has nothing to do with music. But after all the drama, it seems as if Azealia is taking a step in the right direction. A few days ago the controversial rapper shared a letter she penned to Zayk Malik of One Direction fame. Months ago Azealia went on a big rant towards the singer when Azealia mistook something he said to be towards her. It seems like that always happens with Azealia but its good she is moving forward and being positive. Now whether or not Zayk has accepted the apology is unknown.
  • Kanye West says he will not attend Grammys if Frank Ocean is not nominated for his album, "Blond". Kanye must of missed the memo that Frank forgot or didn't submit his album for Grammy consideration before the deadline. In more Kanye West news, it seems as if his relationship with Jay-Z is rocky as Kanye has stated there won't be a "Watch The Throne 2" but I could care either way if there is or not. I have read reports that Jay-Z considers Kanye a "nutcase", which he is. More as this drama unfolds.
  • I was reading that the drama between singer Jaheim and radio host, Charlamagne The God is a lot deeper. If you recall Jaheim was upset about the overall reaction he got to his new hairstyle. He took Charlamagne's insults in particular pretty personal. Now its been said that Charlamagne reported that Jaheim had a sexual relationship with rapper Joe Budden. I must of missed when that was said. Now that's piping hot tea if that's true!  Now Jaheim wants to fight Charlamagne! Who do we think will win this match?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Remy Ma speaks starts work on new solo album and Jaheim upset about new hairstyle comments

Remy Ma speaks on new album
How is everyone on this Friday night? To be honest, I'm sleepy as hell. I went to the bar earlier and had three beers and now I feel like crawling into the bed. I actually might turn in early tonight. But before I do that, I thought I'd be nice and provide a little music update since there seems to be a lot going on in the entertainment world.
  • Remy Ma confirmed that she just started working on her first solo album in 10 years. Tentatively titled, "Seven Summers & Six Winters", Remy will first release her joint album with Fat Joe before year's end. I would say the name of that album but I can't remember it off top and I don't feel like looking it up.
  • R&B singer Jaheim has everyone talking about his new hairstyle after a performance at a concert. I'm sitting here trying to think how Jaheim's hair used to look but I do know when he first debuted on the scene, his hair was in braids. Anyway Jaheim's new hairstyle has inspired a number of not so kind memes and Jaheim is not taking the criticism lightly. Jaheim threatened New York radio show host Charlamagne the God after being publicly roasted on the syndicated show, "The Breakfast Club". Jaheim also clapped back at Rihanna and I'm trying to see what Rihanna said because I only saw what Jaheim said to her. He called her a "rat". Rihanna is known to get people together so I'm wondering will she respond back? 
  • Ciara is rumored to be pregnant with her second child. The rumors started after Ciara performed a cover of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" during her Revlon cosmetics event. If you missed the performance, don't worry; it was horrid! Ciara performed in a oversized suit jacket which is a big giveaway to a singer hiding a pregnancy. I hope she doesn't start dodging the pregnancy questions like Angela Simmons did on "Growing Up Hip Hop". In other Ciara news, she also dropped her $15 million lawsuit against Future. Thank goodness! This back and forth shenanigans between Ciara(mostly Ciara) and Future is ridiculous anyway. 
  • NBA star Scottie Pippen just filed for divorce from his wife. I'm not sure how long they were married but for some reason every time I see Scottie Pippen, he is always looking a little zesty to me. You don't know what "zesty" means? Well look it up on Urban Dictionary and you will get my drift. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kanye West mad at Jay Z and RZA speaks out on Azealia Banks debacle

An old banner.
Good evening everyone!
  • Kanye West is mad at Jay-Z for not visiting his home after Kim Kardashian was robbed. Kanye blasted Jay during a recent concert and of course the video footage made the rounds on social media. If Jay couldn't visit Kanye and Kim, he could of called at least, right? Well we know Jay isn't going to respond to this and if he does maybe he will via a song or a guest appearance on a song. 
  • RZA has FINALLY spoken out after the whole Azealia Banks and Russell Crow debacle. RZA says Azealia was "choked" but not called the "N word". He also states that Azealia was "drunk" and "violent" and threatened to cut a woman with a glass. RZA also details how he came to Azealia's defense when he went to bat for her for his feature film, "Coco". He also talked about how he got Azealia a record deal, flew her out to L.A. and yadda yadda. In typical Azealia Banks fashion, she has since responded and vowed to put this whole mess behind her and still plan to press charges against Russell Crow. She went on to say that she will release some new music, blasted RZA by calling him a "crackhead" and Russell a "holiday ham". It's lot more where this came from. 
  • Mary J. Blige's ex-husband Kendu Issacs is asking for spousal support to the tune of $125,000 dollars a month! Say what? I'm sitting here wondering though, did I report this already? Anyway I think that is crazy though! Meanwhile Mary J. has released her new single, "Thick of It" from her upcoming album, "Strength of A Woman". I'm not really a big fan of the song but I am looking forward to hearing the album.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Azealia Banks backs out of deal with RZA and "Basketball Wives L.A." star gets called out by estranged daughter

Be nice to Azealia Banks
Good evening everyone! I'm just sitting here listening to Apple Music; The Neptunes: R&B Productions and it just so happens that The Neptunes are one of my favorite production duos and I like 99% of the songs they've produced over the years. On top of that I have my TV on that I'm not watching. I forgot "Empire" wasn't on tonight so I guess I'll get ready to watch "American Horror Story". So I have a little music news for you all. There is more news on the Azealia Banks debacle(enough already but hey its news) and more.

  • So there is a TMZ video of Azealia Banks telling her side of what went down that horrid night between her and Russell Crowe. The interviewer asked her if RZA did anything when she was choked and spat on and Azealia replied "no" and that RZA is a "chump". After this whole incident Azealia has decided not to sign with RZA's record label rightfully so. Rusxell Crowe's guests(who no one knows) contends his innocence and maintains Azealia's "belligerence" as a leading factor for her being removed that night from the party. RZA's people have called Azealia "full of it" but yet they were asking her to still sign to their label. What's more interesting is Azealia stars in the movie, "Coco" that was directed by RZA. I can imagine that red carpet premiere will be VERY awkward. Azealia has since declared that she is free of negativity and she wants to concentrate solely on selfies, music, videos, fashion, and love. Can you blame the girl? Azealia also mentioned that she will be releasing a new freestyle of over Jay Z's "So Ghetto" beat and my body is ready. C'mon Zee! Speak!
  • I'm sitting here thinking about what else is going on in the entertainment news realm and I just thought about "Basketball Wives L.A." star Jackie Christie. The reality TV star's estranged daughter has started a Go Fund Me for her son that was burned at a daycare. Apparently the surgery cost $3.000 and Jackie's daughter blasted her for not coming to her aid during her time of need. Of course social media had a field day with Jackie Christie dodging questions left and right and blocking everyone on Twitter. Jackie has since made a statement through TMZ saying that her daughter cut her out of life. Of course the gossip blogs pulled up video from a couple of seasons ago when Jackie's other daughter, Chantel was talking to Laura Govan(a former star of "Basketball Wives L.A.") about how Jackie disowned her daughter because she was dark skin and how she was homeless and Jackie wouldn't help her out. That doesn't sound like the Jackie Christie we see on reality TV who is very nurturing(and very "messy") on "Basketball Wives L.A.", then again maybe it does. I'm sure this drama with Jackie and her daughter will be a focal point for the new season of the show if and when it gets renewed. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More details on Azealia Banks hotel drama and Janet Jackson nominated for prestigious award

Heavy metal and reflective.
Hello all! I hope all is well. I missed you all and now I'm back with a few updates for the music news obsessed.
  • Azealia Banks contends that she was spat on, choked and called the "N word" by actor Russell Crowe. According to several media outlets, guests at the party say that Banks was the antagonist at the gathering making lewd comments citing that Russell and his friends were "boring white men" and she even laughed at his taste of music(Russell once tweeted a song of Azealia's). This all sounds very believable because Azealia is known to speak out of line a lot. I do believe Azealia when she say she was assaulted but was it brought on by her antics? Azealia says there's camera footage and its being withheld to make her look like the bad guy. She also says that she feels someone of Russell Crowe's stature could potentially cause harm to her livelihood. I feel embarrassed and sad for Azealia Banks. It seems as if she always finds herself in some mess. I thought she was doing really good by not engaging in social media spats and keeping most of her opinions to herself when she knows it would get her in trouble. I should of known it would be a matter of time before Azealia was at it again with someone. I do wonder how this situation has affected her relationship with RZA. He invited her to the shindig and she recently shared that she signed to his label. RZA says Azealia was not called the "N word". Azealia says she felt "mishandled" and I'm not sure if that was directed at Russell, RZA, or everyone in general. I did read that a police report was also filed so this is a very serious matter. In the meantime you all be nice to Azealia Banks! :)
  • Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan and 2 Pac were just a few of the names that have been nominated for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I think this is the second or so time Janet has been nominated. I think the votes are determined by the fans but I'm not totally sure. Congrats to the nominees!
  • Michel'le's Lifetime biopic, "Surviving Compton" was watched by 9.4 million people! I caught some of the movie and I fell asleep on it. I'm not saying that to say it was boring but when I was watching, I was already pretty tired and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I woke up in the middle of the night and the movie was on where I left off. From what I've seen so far, Dr. Dre was really abusive towards Michel'le and I got to see how Suge Knight became prominent in Michel'le's life as well.