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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Drake's "Views" hits milestone and Adele sets new record

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  • Kevin Hart is now the highest paid comedian beating out Jerry Seinfield.
  • The trailer for "RHOA" was released and it looks very good. Google it!
  • Adele becomes the second female artist next to Britney Spears to score two Diamond(10 million) selling albums. Congrats!
  • Drake's "Views" has been streamed a billion times. I can believe it! 
  • Fetty Wap is being sued over the beat for his monster hit, "Trap Queen". 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Solange reveals new album tracklsting and Ciara files an injunction on Future

Trina down with the sluts.
  • Trina will be performing at Amber Rose's annual "SlutWalk". This is the second year for the event. 
  • Solange has posted the tracklisting for her new album, "A Seat At The Table" which will be released digitally on September 30 through Columbia Records. Solange was previously signed back to Columbia Records back in the day so its nice to see her get a major release. The tracklisting features a star studded affair of artists including Tweet, Lil' Wayne, Kelly Rowland, and The-Dream. I'm really excited to hear the new album. I've been waiting for a new album from Solange for awhile anyway. 
  • Ciara has filed an injunction towards Future to ensure he stops badmouthing her. She feels that Future talking reckless in songs is hurting her brand. Personally I feel she is hurting her own brand. She should be so lucky people even still care about her. She's a pretty girl but I'm not feeling her personally.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Faith Evans flashes audience at concert and Beanie Sigel beat up

A very old pic of me.
  • Faith Evans was caught flashing the audience during the Bad Boy reunion tour. The singer was performing her hit single, "You Used To Love Me" when she started flinging her dress around flashing her vagina. While I don't feel this was intentional, Faith has yet to say anything regarding the mishap. I'm sure this wasn't done purposely because Faith has always been a class act. 
  • Beanie Sigel was caught on tape being beat up by one of his Philly associates. Beanie recently revealed that he helped Meek Mill write a dis song to The Game. 
  • Omarion is being sued over his hit song, "Post To Be". Apparently the song was ripped from another song titled, "Came To Do" and the person or people responsible is asking for $300,000 dollars. I'm surprised its not more considering how huge the song was. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Game creates more drama and Stevie J. back in jail

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  • The Game has Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian in a huge argument. Rob Kardashian, who was friends with the Game is upset and feels betrayed by he and Blac Chyna for not telling him of their affair even though it was before him. The Game is a savage! He's had sex with a pair of sisters(Kim and Khloe Kardashian) and what's funny is he was or is also friends with Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian's husband. I guess no one is off limits when it comes to who Game hooks up with. I'm sure those pictures of him in his boxer briefs definitely lit his DM(Direct Message) box on Instagram. 
  • Pharrell Williams and his wife just announced that he and his wife are expecting their second child. Congrats to the couple! In other baby news, Tatyana Ali(show: "Fresh Prince") and Angela Simmons(show: "Run's House") both just welcomed babies into the world. Next up is "Cosby" star Keshia Knight-Pulliam. Which celebrity do you think will get pregnant next?
  • Remember I reported that Kid Cudi's baby mother filed a restraining order against him? Well it looks like a judge ruled that Cudi cease contact with his baby mother until August of 2017. Wow! 
  • "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Stevie J is back in jail for violating his probation or something to that effect, or was he caught with drugs? Anyway he was also caught with his pants down having sex with a groupie girl. Stevie J. is currently dating Faith Evans but you couldn't tell. I'm surprised Faith is even dating someone like Stevie who is constantly in trouble and battles with drugs. I hope he doesn't have her back on drugs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo dies and Kid Cudi's baby mother files restraining order against him

Release your inner music freak
  • Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo has passed away today at the age 40. The streets of Atlanta were filled with people paying their respects for the rapper. Shawty Lo perished in a car accident. He leaves behind numerous children and was once set to have a reality show on the WE network but it was later rejected. R.I.P. 
  • The Weeknd has unveiled a sleek new look for his upcoming album titled, "Starboy". The singer just shed his signature dreads for a sleek high top fade. I'm wondering if the new album title has anything to do with his newfound success into mainstream music. If you were previously familiar with The Weekend prior to his mainstream success, you might recall he had a huge Internet following and several highly acclaimed mixtapes which end up making up his debut album, "Trilogy". 
  • Kid Cudi recently made headlines for calling out Drake and Kanye West and now his baby mother has filed a restraining order against him. The baby mother claims that Kid Cudi has threatened her. Oddly enough I can see him doing that. I mean Kid Cudi is a very troubled artist with a host of demons like most artists, some just hide them better than others.