Friday, October 24, 2014

Music Feed: When Relationships Go Sour

Tyga & Blac Chyna - I don't know the story on what went down between these two but when they were together you couldn't see one without the other. Somewhere along the line things took a turn for the worse after the birth of their child. Now Tyga is allegedly dating Kendall Jenner who is seven years his junior. It looks like Tyga didn't waste any time moving on.
Ashanti & Nelly - These lovebirds who were said to be together off and on for the last 10 years finally called their relationship quits early this year. The strained relationship was documented on Ashanti's Braveheart album release.
Beyoncé & Jay Z - Hip Hop's most powerful couple set the gossip blogs on fire this Summer when it was reported that their marriage was on the rocks. And we couldn't forget the infamous elevator video that went down when there's a billion dollars in the elevator.
Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose - Not long after tying the knot and giving birth to a child, Ambs and Wiz Khalifa called it quits which was a shock to everyone. Both had no problem moving on though they occasionally show sentiments towards another in the press and on social media. Amber is rumored to be dating Nick Cannon and Wiz Khalifa is running around Vegas with hookers!
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon - A few months ago Nick Cannon revealed that he and his wife Mariah were living in separate quarters and a divorce was imminent. The two who have been apart for a few months are said to be rejoining each other for the Holidays and maybe for some make up sex.
Jason Derulo & Jordin Sparks - One of Pop's cutest couples surprised everyone with the surprise news of their breakup. I think Jason was too busy trying to make other women "wiggle with it". What do you think?
Soulja Boy & Nia Riley - Now that these two even deserve a mention but just because they came to mind. The two currently star on VH1's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Soulja Boy is blaming Ray J's assistant Morgan for the breakup. Though I stopped watching the train wreck of a show based on a lot of media reports I've read, Morgan seems to be a huge instigator.
Nicki Minaj & Safaree Samuels - I never knew the extent of Nicki's relationship with Safaree. I mean it was always shrouded in mystery to be honest. I thought he was everything from her gay friend to her hype man. Personally I think he was all of them and more. I just read that Safaree has grown tired of Nicki and her increasing fame. I mean I'm sure she is breaking him off with something. I mean you are traveling around the world and doing things you wouldn't probably be doing had your ex-girlfriend wasn't making money. But something tells me Safaree wishes that he were the star since he is a wannabe rapper.

Nicki Minaj & Boyfriend Break Up...Nick Cannon Back With Mariah For Christmas

BAD MAN: Nicki Minaj's boyfriend Safaree Samuels has reportedly broken up with her. The wannabe rapper and hype man for Nicki was said to be growing increasingly jealous of Nicki Minaj's success. You know how the story goes. Most men can't handle being in a relationship where the woman is more successful or course unless your Jay Z. Now he can handle it! Safaree was wack to me anyway. I never heard him rap but I heard he had a song. Personally I always thought he was gay. I read that he got his Nicki Minaj tattoo removed too. That was news to me because I didn't know he had one. You wanna know something funny? There's this guy, a student that attends the university I work with that looks exactly like Safaree. I would definitely say their from the same tribe. HOME FOR CHRISTMAS: Speaking of break ups Nick Cannon has reportedly said he will be spending the holidays with Mariah Carey and the kids. That's definitely news to everyone. Next thing you know they'll be back together. I'll keep my fingers crossed I think. There have been so many breakups lately its unfortunate. Nick Cannon's client, Amber Rose, who he manages spoke out saying she still loves her husband Wiz Khalifa despite their divorce. Wiz recently wished Amber a Happy Birthday on Twitter. TAYLOR GANGED: Teyana Taylor had a listening party for her album a few days ago and the turn up featured a whose who in Hip Hop & R&B featuring the likes of Chris Brown, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Karrueche Tran, Tank, Keith Sweat, Ashanti, Baby Bash, Blu Cantrell, Missy Elliott..LOL! Okay I'm just pulling you all by the leg with the last few names I mentioned. Anyway there is a story circulating saying that Kim K didn't wanna take a picture with Karreuche Tran because she thinks she's "lowbrow" which doesn't make sense. If anything Kim should embrace her since it wasn't many years ago when Kim K. was "lowbrow". And with that being said I'm about to take my lowbrow butt to bed. I have work in the morning! Good night my people! 

Iggy Azalea To Appear on SNL...Ray J Blasts Tyrese & Tyga

SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL: Iggy Azalea will premiere her new song Beg For It, which just leaked on SNL this weekend on NBC. Check your local listings. Iggy SZN, another cut from her upcoming album Reclassified also leaked. You guys will have to go whatever media player to hear those songs though. Sorry! RAY OF HOPE: Someone who rarely apologizes for the fucked up things they say and do is Ray J. Apparently the VH1 reality star made some not so nice tweets directed at Tyga and Tyrese saying "Fuck Tyrese & Tyga" but has since deleted the tweets. We see in the social media world, stars do stuff like this and once it hits the blogs they go back and delete it. If your a man of your word stand by it then. I mean I'm not a big fan of Tyrese so I agree with Ray J. Tyga is cool in my book. Ray was just probably letting off some steam but what has Tyrese and Tyga ever done to you? BILLBOARD BOUND: You can catch Usher on the newest issue of Billboard magazine discussing his sagging album sales, his upcoming tour, and how he plans to get his crown back. Personally I think your first step would be to lose a little of the edge aka cockiness. I think that's one thing I've always disliked about Usher. He's too cocky and his music hasn't been the best in the last few years in my opinion but I did like Good Kisser. The newest song with Nicki wasn't the business. He could of kept that but no he decided to release namely because Nicki was on it. I noticed Usher was trying to recreate that magic he had with Nicki on Lil' Freak but that was a totally different time and that song was much hotter. Pharrell couldn't even save the song and I'm a fan of Pharell's production 9 times out of 10. Trey Songz has also used Nicki for two of his songs but both are hits. I think Usher is too busy chasing trends instead of trying to create them. I think he also needs Jermaine Dupri back in the studio and whatever hottest producer out now maybe Drake's producer. Hey! I'm just saying! What do you all think about today's stories? That's okay let me do the thinking for you and say you enjoyed it and you'll be back for more! Ha! Have a good one guys! 


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