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Music Video: Mila J - My Main ft. Ty Dolla $ign

I really don't post a lot of music videos only because there aren't really any that are interesting to me. That's not to say that this video for Mila J's single My Main is interesting but I just wanted to see if it were interesting. To be honest its not and the song is mediocre. The song features Ty Dolla $ign and was originally set to feature Iggy Azalea but for some unknown reason that didn't happen.

Usher Tour Tickets Not Selling Well..Chris Brown Calls TMZ 'Devil'

TOUR DE FORCE: Usher's upcoming tour The UR Experience is not selling well. The tour set to open in Quebec on November 1 will feature August Alsina, who recently collapsed on stage and found himself in a coma. The show will end up Tampa on December 14. Usher's new album has been pushed back until next year and rightfully so because the songs haven't been exactly noteworthy. DEVIL'S DUE: Someone who is not feeling exactly noteworthy right now is Chris Brown. He has labeled TMZ creator Harvey Levin(I think that's his name) as a "devil". This comes after TMZ ran a story about Chris Brown who pushed a woman away after she leaned in to kiss him as he was with his girlfriend. Chris was definitely in the right as it was some random wanting attention and he paid her dust. I don't think he's in the wrong for that. Sometimes TMZ just needs to juice up a story when they don't have any.

Artist Interview: Lil' Kim on The Breakfast Club

In this exclusive interview with New York's The Breakfast Club Lil' Kim opens up more about her beef with Nicki Minaj and her manager Fendi weighing in for good measure. Kim also talks about when she find out she was pregnant, Biggie, writing her own rhymes, and everything else in between. Check it out!

J-Lo Involved In Hit & Run..Ester Dean In Studio With Nicki Minaj & Rihanna

HIT & RUN: Jennifer Lopez was the victim of a hit and run accident. Luckily for the singer who was riding with her children, sister, and niece, everyone is okay and the driver who rear ended her was caught. It turns out he was driving under the influence. Rihanna has been in the studio churning out her new album with Ester Dean. The famed songwriter posted photos of studio time with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, who Ester worked with on her upcoming album The Pink Print due November 24. Ester is also responsible for Nicki's last hit Pills N Potions. As for Rihanna her new album still has no release date but it seems she's been working on it for an eternity. I think we're used to Rihanna churning out album after album in such a short span but she's really taking her time on this one. I think she's personally trying to top Good Girl Gone Bad, her highest selling album to date. What do you think? 

Artist Interview: Shawnna Speaks On Being Snubbed at BET Hip Hop Awards by Ludacris

Aside from going around claiming he's broke and he doesn't have enough money to pay his child support, Ludacris blocked his former protégé Shawnna from entering the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards. This story is ludicrous to be honest. It just goes to show that niggas are bitches too!

Ciara Gives Back Engagement Ring..K. Michelle Abuse Claims Questioned Again

PROMISE RING: Ciara has returned her engagement ring to Future. The ring was said to be worth $500,000 dollars. Back in August, it was revealed that Future was cheating around with his stylist. Future never confirmed or denied the claims. Ciara, who has been pretty quiet as of late has been seen out and about with her baby in tow and various fashion shows. Ciara is also currently working on a new album and something tells me Future won't be involved in this album. HIT & RUN: Remember when K. Michelle made those abuse claims towards Memphitz on season 1 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Well in a new deposition K. Michelle says her butt was the work of one of those street doctors. Remember when that woman got arrested for injecting people's behinds with that "Fix A Flat" stuff? Anyway also in the deposition some of what K. Michelle was claiming on TV didn't go down exactly as she's said. K does say she was dragged and hit with a water bottle. Her eyes wasn&#…

Vanessa Williams Engaged..Randy Jackson Divorce..Lil' Kim on 'The Breakfast Club'

ENGAGEMENT & DIVORCES: Vanessa L. Williams is engaged. To who? I don't know. I just saw a mention of it while scrolling Facebook. Anywho congratulations to her. Randy Jackson of American Idol fame is getting a divorce. His wife filed after 18 years of marriage. It's unfortunate because it seems like its been a lot of breakups lately. With those breakups there has been an equal amount of engagements as evident with the news of Vanessa Williams. We can't forget the surprise engagement between Bow Wow and Erica Mena, which is still a surprise in itself. FEMALE RAPPER ROUNDUP: In other news Lil' Kim is said to be appearing on New York's infamous radio show The Breakfast Club this Monday. She has appeared on the show in the past and for some reason this interview looks to be very interesting. Trina says her new album, her sixth will be available at the top of the year. Trina recently released her single Fuck Love which has been garnering a lot of attention. Trina r…

Music Feed: There's Something About Iggy

Earlier this week Rah Digga spoke out about Iggy Azalea when asked in a radio interview. She questioned Iggy's authenticity as a rapper and her connections to Hip Hop in general. This wouldn't be the first time Iggy's authenticity was questioned. Just a few months ago outspoken singer K. Michelle came out of the woodworks questioning why Iggy sounds the way she does. I can't remember Iggy ever responding to the question but she did comment on Rah Digga's comments shortly after the interview made the rounds. Azealia Banks called out Iggy Azalea as well when she noted that a lyric was deemed racist. Azealia also became upset when Iggy made XXL's coveted Freshman 14 list, where the magazine boasts the up and coming rappers to look out for. What's funny is that Azealia Banks' words struck a nerve with T.I. but apparently not with the other ladies who have said things. Of course Azealia took offense when T.I. became involved in the war of words between the …

Iggy Azalea Responds To Rah Digga's Comments About Her

A few days ago there was a story and video, which I didn't post sorry, I was being lazy I guess about Rah Digga sounding off on Iggy Azalea. Instead I just watched a portion of the video and posted the story. Anyway Rah Digga said she didn't agree with Iggy's authenticity when it came to Hip Hop. She's obviously not the first to say this but whatever Rah said hit a nerve with Iggy and she responded. She responded in a nice way simply addressing why people are so concerned with her music and her style. I understand but when you are a new (female) rapper on the scene you are picked apart like that. Rah responded back saying that she simply answered a question that was asked to her. She didn't come in just to shade Iggy but more so told her truth about how she feels. What do you think?

Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo Break Up, Danity Kane To Release New Album

BREAKUP TO MAKEUP: Another bites the dust. Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have broken up. The two have been dating for three years. Amber Rose has responded to rumors that she cheated on Wiz Khalifa saying "that's not true" and "we should know her better than that". Should we? While I'm on the subject of breaking up, Danity Kane, who has publicly broken up a time or two is still going ahead with plans to release their third album(due October 28) aptly titled DK3. It is unclear if Dawn Richard who exited the group will still appear on the song. The group recently released their new single Rhythm of Love. The group now consists of Shannon Bex and Audrey O'Day. Will you all still be supporting Danity Kane? LATE NIGHTS: Jeremih will release his new album Late Nights on October 14. The album features the hit single Don't Tell 'Em, his new single Planes featuring J. Cole and Nobody But U. Are you all ready for a new Jeremih album? 

Ciara Dating 50 Cent Again..Amber Rose Divorces Wiz Khalifa

BEST FRIEND: Ciara is said to be dating 50 Cent again. The news comes on the heels of Ciara attending 50 Cent's Grandmother's funeral. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are back together but maybe she was simply paying her respects. 50 and Ciara did date back in the day as we all know and maybe she had a bond with his Grandmother. And if that's not enough Ciara news for you, its being said that Ciara unfollowed Monica on Twitter and Instagram. She's also said to have released a series of tweets about being betrayed by a friend who many are saying is Monica. Whatever may of transpired between the two, if this is indeed true, we may never know. Both singers are relatively private people to be honest. I know Monica does keep it very real and may of said something to Ciara that she didn't like. Who knows! DIVORCE COURT: Speaking of falling out, Amber Rose has filed for divorce against Wiz Khalifa. The two have only been married for a year. The news comes on t…

Rah Digga Sounds Off on Iggy Azalea..Nicki Minaj Visits August Alsina In Hospital

MUSIC BITS: Nicki Minaj visited August Alsina in the hospital. The singer has been in the hospital ever since he collapsed at a concert. Rah Digga is questioning Iggy Azalea's authenticity like so many others have. Iggy just can't catch a break. The R&B Divas L.A. Reunion airs tonight on TV One at 10 PM EST. I'm excited for the reunion mainly because Wendy Williams is hosting. The season as a whole was pretty boring but I know Wendy will dig up some dirt as usual. Mary J. Blige recently visited The Breakfast Club radio show and talked about her new album The London Sessions due December 2. The album's first singles are Therapy and Whole Damn Year. She also opened up about the Burger King controversy which she says left her in a brief dark space due to the negative reaction. Azealia Banks has just released her new single Chasing Time. It's the latest single to be released from Azealia's long awaited album Broke With Expensive Taste. 

K. Michelle Sounds Off on Soulja Boy..Brandy Speaks On New Album

"BOY" WONDER: K. Michelle is at again! This time the singer has called out Soulja Boy. The two VH1 reality stars traded insults back and forth via Twitter last night I presume. The insults got pretty nasty as K referred to Soulja Boy as a "pussy", dating a transgender woman, and being broke. Soulja Boy clapped back saying K.'s pussy stank, her net worth is below his, and she's slept around the industry. Now I've never heard the stories about Soulja Boy and a transgender woman but I wouldn't put it past him. I do notice that K loves to throw gay insults at men but if their in Atlanta I can understand them sometimes. I just hope she doesn't slip up one day and say the wrong thing to the wrong person if you know what I mean. NEW ALBUM ALERT: Someone who is a lot more gay friendly is Brandy. She opened up about her new album saying that the new music she's singing on her new album, she is singing like its her last. We all know Brandy went throu…

Tyga Denies Kendall Jenner Fling..Bow Wow Engaged

YOUNG LOVE: Tyga continues to fight off rumors that he's dating Kendall Jenner, the sister of Kim Kardashian. The two were spotted at Universal Studios this weekend and the Twitter world went into a frenzy. Feeling the heat, Tyga responded saying that nothing is going on between the two but people are feeling different. Part of the problem is because Kendall is only 17 I believe and I'm not sure how old Tyga is but I would guess 24-ish? Anyway what do you all think? Do you think Tyga and Kendall Jenner are dating or are they just really good friends? I mean we all know the Kardashian-Jenner sisters love them some black men, well except for Kourtney! Ha! THE MARRYING MAN: Well a couple that is actually a couple are Bow Wow and Erica Mena(of Love & Hip Hop New York). The two are reportedly engaged! This news comes as a surprise to me because I knew they were quite cozy but I didn't think things were that serious. I figured they were smashing but damn! Engaged!?! Well con…

Keke Wyatt Pregnant..Mila J To Release New Video

BABY BUMP: Keke Wyatt is pregnant with her 8th child! Say huh? Yes! 8th child. I mean I knew Keke Wyatt had a few kids but I didn't know this was her 8th. I thought she had like five kids. I know in the past Keke has said she was unsure of returning to R&B Divas Atlanta but she may definitely have to with a new child on the way. I'm just saying! Anyway congratulations to her and her husband! MAIN SQUEEZE: Speaking of couples Mila J who is now dating Trey Songz is releasing the video for her new single My Main on September 30. The song will appear on her upcoming EP M.I.L.A.(Made In Los Angeles). I'm not sure of the release date though. 

Keyshia Cole Arrested..August Alsina Awaken From Coma

BAD GIRL: Wow! I was sitting at my nephew's football game when I decided to get on Facebook for a few minutes. Of course when I did I saw the headline that Keyshia Cole had been arrested. Now that is a shock in itself. It definitely says a lot about her current state of being in my opinion. Keyshia is definitely a woman scorned as evident on many of her songs. What's crazy here is that Keyshia Cole is reportedly dating Birdman! You all know Birdman from Cash Money. Anyway she showed up to his condo in the wee hours of Friday morning to find another woman laid up with the rap star. Keyshia went into crazy mode and scratched the woman's face up among other things. Keyshia was arrested for assault, disorderly conduct(I think) and reckless driving or whatever. She was released later on 46,000 bail. Keyshia then took to social media to air her frustrations about all that went down. UP AND AT 'EM: Speaking of going down August Alsina took a tumble on stage a few days ago. N…

Cher Being Sued By Black Choreographer..Ray J Speaks On Brandy

Cher is being sued by her black choreographer for racial discrimination. Now that already sounds like a crock of shit just because. Then again its been so many instances of racism lately you never know. I would hate to believe that Cher is racist. I like Cher. I've always admired her not give a fuck attitude and I like most of her movies. Anyway the choreographer claims that during tryouts for Cher's tour, the choreographer liked a girl and Cher made a remark to the affect of "there's already enough color on stage". Then to make matters worse, the choreographer and two or three other dancers were let go, I'm presuming they are black too because of budget cuts. He says that's a crock of shit because the tour has been very successful. What do you think? And do you even care? Ray J says that Brandy and he may have a new reality show in the works for VH1. I'm sure this attributes to the work brother and sister duo have done in the past and the fact that

Kandi Burruss 'A Mother's Love' Tour Cancelled..Mathew Knowles Fathers Another Child

MOTHER LOVE: Kandi Burruss' tour A Mother's Love has been abruptly cancelled. I'm hoping its not because of the lack of ticket sales. Anyway Kandi broke the news earlier today on social media. The show was set to open in Detroit this weekend. The tour was set to star Meelah of 702 fame, D. Woods of Danity Kane and Q of 112. DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL: A Mother's love isn't the only thing I'm talking about today. I'm also talking about a Father's love. Why? Because Mathew Knowles, father of Beyoncé and Solange has fathered yet another child. This time its a little 4 year old girl named Koi. The mother has come forward with a paternity test that tested with 99% accuracy. HIP HOP DIVA: Speaking of babies, new mother Christina Aguilera is said to be incorporating a new Hip Hop sound for new album. I'm not sure how it will go over but if its executed properly it could work. I'm just hoping she adds some R&B flavor. Now that would be the cat's m…

Aaliyah Movie Release Date Confirmed

Wendy Williams has confirmed that the Aaliyah biopic, Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B will air on Lifetime Saturday November 15. Wendy says the movie was filmed over the Summer in Toronto and is based off the book by Christopher Farley. Are you all ready for the Aaliyah movie airing this Fall? 

Trey Songz & Mila J Dating..R. Kelly Featured on New Rick Ross Single

HAPPY COUPLE: Trey Songz and Mila J are the newest couple of the scene. The two collaborated on Trey's new album Trigga on the song Disrespectful. The two are seen cuddling up together in pictures. What do you think about Trey Songz and Mila J. being a couple? Judging from the picture I've seen the two make a good couple. I just feel like Trey is a playboy and doesn't look like the type to settle down anytime soon but then again maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. MUSIC BITS: Rick Ross has hooked up with R. Kelly for his new single, Keep Doing That(Rich Girl) and will be released soon. Rick Ross' new album Hood Billionaire will be available this November. Jhene Aiko debuts at #3 on The Billboard 200 Album charts with her album Souled Out. The album sold 69,000 copies in its first week. Chris Brown's new album X is slated to debut at #2 next week with sales upwards of 135,000 to 200,000 units. 

Trina Dissing French Montana..Frank Ocean Working On New Album

LOVE NO LIMIT: Trina just released a new single Fuck Love exclusively on iTunes. On the song the fiery rap vixen spits fire at an unknown ex. Many are saying the song is about French Montana and Khloe Kardashian but Trina put a disclaimer out saying the song means otherwise. Have you heard the song? And if so what do you think? Honestly I think the song is hot and its just the song Trina needs to get back out there with. OCEAN'S DRIVE: Frank Ocean is working on a new album and he has enlisted Rodney Jerkins(interesting) and Hit-Boy for production duties. Frank has also switched management firms. There is no release date set for the new album. I was a big fan of Channel Orange and I'm hoping this new album is just as good as that if not better. I often feel like when I like an album from someone, I usually don't typically like the follow up for whatever reason. Hopefully Frank breaks the mold. MUSIC BITS: Rick Ross will release new album in November as will Whitney Houston…

Yung Berg Fires Back At Tamar Braxton..Beyonce & Jay Z Joint Album

SHOT DOWN: A day or so ago Tamar Braxton called out an unknown person who was going around saying they wrote for her. It turns out that Tamar was referring to Yung Berg who is appearing on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Yung Berg shot back with a video with Tamar saying that Yung Berg produced The One for her. After the video Tamar took down her Instagram message. I guess he told her! JOINT ALBUM: If you didn't enough of Beyoncé & Jay Z on their On The Run tour the couple is rumored to be doing a joint album together. The album would likely be released this Fall or early 2015. I'm hoping its 2015 just because. I could so see this happening though and I think the album would actually be good but they need to let some time pass before they put it out in my opinion. 

Robin Thicke Admits To Drug Use..August Alsina Faints at Concert

THICKE HEAD: Robin Thicke has revealed that the REAL reason why his wife, actress Paula Patton left him was because of his drug use and drinking. The singer says he'd take Vicodin and fill a water bottle full of Vodka and sip on it all throughout the day. If that's not enough the singer confessed that he did not write his hit single Blurred Lines, stating that Pharrell did. I mean that was pretty obvious. Blurred Lines sounds like something Pharrell would write. Robin did go on to say that he wish he did have a hand in the song and attempted to have some input once the song became a hit, like him getting writing credits for the song. Now whether or not he earned writing credits for Blurred Lines, I'm not sure. One would have to check the linear notes for that and I'm not all that interested to do that. FALL OUT BOY: August Alsina fainted while performing at a concert. The singer was in full performance mode when he suddenly fainted and fell off the stage. Security rus…

Kandi Burruss-Tucker May Be Pregnant..Gladys Knight Wants Kelly Rowland To Play Her

BABY MAMA: Is Kandi Burruss-Tucker of The Real Housewives of Atlanta pregnant? Well that's the word on the street. The reality TV star posted a picture on her Instagram of her and husband Todd shopping for baby shoes. It's being said that Kandi is waiting to November when RHOA returns to announce the news. Stay tuned! Meanwhile you can catch Kandi on tour on A Mother's Love coming to a city near you. GLADYS NICE: Gladys Knight has revealed that she would like Kelly Rowland to play her in a story about her life. I think Kelly would be a good choice to play Gladys. I feel like Kelly looks a lot like Gladys when she was younger anyway. What do you think? HOLLYWOOD SWINGING: The first episode of VH1's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood aired earlier tonight. The show stars Teairra Mari, Ray J, Fizz(of B2K), Omarion, and Soulja Boy. (SPOILER ALERT)The show opened up with Teiarra Mari who detailed her eight year long relationship with Ray J which she describes was off and on. She…

Kanye West Alienates Fans In Australia..Aaliyah Biopic Update

WILD WILD WEST: Kanye West is back up to his old tricks again. This time the controversial rapper is under fire for his behavior at a recent Sydney, Australia concert. When Kanye urged fans to stand up he noticed that two fans weren't standing. One was confirmed to have a prosthetic leg and couldn't stand. Kanye went on with the show. Then he noticed someone else in a wheelchair who was not standing and had his security check to see if the person was really disabled. It turns out they were. Prior to this Kanye chastised the audience and complained about how long its taking for him to perform his songs. A typical asshole if you ask me! What do you all think about Kanye's latest performance? BIO-PIC: Wendy Williams just confirmed that the Aaliyah biopic which is airing on Lifetime will be released in February. Wendy visited the set over the Summer and revealed that the song is based on a book about Aaliyah's life written by Christopher Farley. You all ready to see the A…

Artist Interview: Lil Kim Talks New Mixtape & Motherhood

Lil' Kim sits down with Revolt TV, the channel spearheaded by former mentor and friend P. Diddy to talk about her new mixtape, motherhood, and Iggy Azalea. Check it out and if you haven't checked out Kim's new mixtape you should. I like as you can probably see since I redesigned the blog with her mixtape cover.

Beyonce Pregnant..Big Sean Joins Roc Nation

BABY LOVE: Now that the divorce rumors have somewhat settled regarding Beyoncé and Jay Z, the new rumor is that the couple is expecting. So with that being said is Beyoncé going to hide this pregnancy like she did the last one, complete with prosthetics to throw people off or what remains a question. If the rumor is indeed true congrats to the couple. I remember reading a column saying the couple was wanting to have a baby in the hopes that maybe it would bring the couple closer together. But who knows? ROC WITH YOU: Big Sean is the newest member of Roc Nation. As we all know Big Sean was signed to G.O.O.D Music in the past. Big Sean's albums on G.O.O.D Music didn't establish him as an albums artist. He's always been more of a singles driven artist in my opinion anyway but maybe Roc Nation will change that. Big Sean recently released four songs and one aimed at his ex, Naya Rivera titled I Don't Fuck With You featuring E-40. 

Iggy Azalea Has a Sextape..Nicki Minaj Denied At Old High School

Let's call this post the female rappers edition! There are stories on two of the most popular female rappers out and then there's some news on Lil' Kim as well. SEX YOU UP: Iggy Azalea is said to be the latest star who is subject to a sex tape that is being shopped around. Allegedly the sex tape was taped some years ago before Iggy rose to fame. She is said to be underage in the film but Iggy has denied being in the tape. Then she later claimed that there may be a tape in existence from when she was younger. If you are interested in seeing it, which would basically be like seeing child pornography, I'm sure you can find it online somewhere. Speaking of Iggy Azalea, her upcoming collaboration with Lil' Kim is closer to happening. The two are said to be collaborating alongside T.I. but there is no word on where the collab will end up, hopefully on Kim's new album. Anyway after her website crashed last night, Lil' Kim finally delivered her mixtape Hardcore 2K…

Kanye Hospitalized..Lil' Kim's New Mixtape Causes Website Crash

Kanye West was rushed to an Australian hospital due to migraine pains. I'm not sure what condition he is in now but hopefully he will have a speedy recovery. Lil' Kim's new mixtape Hardcore 2K14 was due to be released at 9:11 P.M. ET time but due to the high capacity at the website, the download link is down. Earlier today Lil' Kim released a new song Real Slick featuring Jadakiss and The Notorious B.I.G. The song sounds very hot I must say! Kim really stepped it up! I'm excited to hear the mixtape and I do hope that it is good. 

Mariah Carey Going to Rehab

With the recent talk of divorce between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, now people are questioning Mariah's mental stability. This wouldn't be the first time though. Many are saying she is taking the break up pretty hard, as she should though. I mean she has been with the man for some years. Reports are saying Mariah needs to be in rehab to deal with her problems. Instead of doing that though the diva is throwing herself into work by writing new music and putting together an overseas tour. I do hope Mimi is okay though and at the end of the day, we love you for all your kookiness and good music that you occasionally make. Stay up sister! 

Kanye West Mad At Comic..Khloe Kardashian & French Montana Break Up

Did you know that Kanye West was upset when comedian Jay Pharoah poked fun at him on the MTV Video Music Awards? Kanye's response was something along the lines of "how dare they make fun of what I've worked so hard for". I mean people talk about Kanye all the time. I think we've heard worse things said about Kanye than what Jay Pharoah said, which to be honest, I can't even remember what he was saying. Whatever he was saying Kim Kardashian, who was in the audience didn't seemed to be too phased by his corny jokes. While I'm on the subject of Kardashians, Khloe and French Montana have broken up. The two were dating for all the wrong reasons if you ask me. Khloe was looking for a rebound and French was looking for more exposure. I think both got what they wanted in the end though. The matriarch and pimp of the family, Kris Jenner found her hotel raided after receiving a series of death threats. Like really? Is it that serious people? I think she should…

Lil' Kim To Release Mixtape..Nas Reveals New Album, Single

MUSIC NEWS: Lil' Kim will release her new mixtape Hardcore 2K14 on September 11 at 9:11 P.M. The mixtape has been in the works for over a year and is now finally seeing a release. I'm just hoping its free and we don't have to go through three different sites to hear it. Nas has revealed that his new album is done(his last for Def Jam), his new single is coming, and his bachelor lifestyle all on the remix to Schoolboy Q's hit song Studio. Check Nas out! Jeezy's new album has debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts with 121,000 units. Congrats to him! 

Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige Reveal New Album Release Dates

MUSIC NEWS: Nicki Minaj has revealed that her new album The Pink Print will be available on November 24. The album contains the hit single Anaconda. Mary J. Blige will release her new album The London Sessions on December 2. The album's first single is titled Therapy and will be available on iTunes on September 23. If you know Mary, you know its typical for her to release her albums in December. 

Tyga Says He's Not Dating Jenner Sisters..Azealia Banks Chooses Next Single

Tyga says he's not dating Kendall or Kylie Jenner but their just friends. We all know the Kardashian-Jenner family loves them some black men with the exception of Courtney. Azealia Banks says she will release Chasing Time as her next single and she's met with some labels for her next label venture. Hopefully its not a major label though because we all see what happened the last time. 

Beyonce & Jay Z Crash Wedding..Paris Jackson Pregnant..Usher Scraps Album

Lots of news today for you all to indulge in so with that being said, dive in! WEDDING CRASHERS: Beyoncé and Jay Z are currently vacationing in Italy leaving little doubt that their marriage is in shambles. The famed coupled decided to crash a wedding by walking in the church. What would you do if Beyoncé crashed your wedding? DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL: There are rumors going around that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson, 16 may be pregnant. They say the teen looks like she may have a baby bump then again it could be weight gain. I guess we will have to wait and see. SCRAPPED: Usher has scrapped his upcoming album UR. UR which is Usher's initials, didn't have a set release date but likely due to the reception of his last two singles, Usher had a change of heart. I personally liked Good Kisser. I think its one of the best songs he's put out in awhile. She Came To Give It To You featuring Nicki Minaj, he could of kept that one. That was just plain bad. Nicki couldn…

Usher Wants Ex-Wife To Drop Last Name..Justin Timberlake Dating Background Singer

Usher wants his ex-wife Tameka Raymond to drop his last name. Especially if and when he remarries. The ex-wife of Usher is currently starring on VH1's Atlanta Exes and when asked about the show, Usher says he hasn't seen it and doesn't plan on it. As we can see Tameka is a wack job with bad makeup. Meanwhile Usher is said to be releasing a new album sometime in the near future. But only if he can get one of his songs to do moderately well will we get that album. So is Justin Timberlake's background singer his mistress? Well that's the word on the street. The two are rumored to be awfully close. 

Chris Brown Graces Billboard Magazine, Talks Rihanna

Chris Brown is the cover guy for the latest issue of Billboard magazine. In the article he talks about his recent out of control behavior, and Rihanna among other things. I am interested to see what he has to say about Rihanna. I do remember when I used to do subscribe to Billboard magazine just so I can see the full album and singles charts. That was when I was obsessed with them then, not so much now anyway. Anyway back to Chris though, I feel like whenever he dyes his hair blond is when he gets into the most trouble. That's when he's running people over, spray painting people's houses, and doing God knows what else. On a much brighter note I am feeling New Flame though! When does Chris' new album come out again? 

Tameka "Tiny" Harris Reveals 'Housewives' Tidbit..50 Cent Tells On Missy & Olivia

We all love a little salacious gossip right? Well I got it right here. 'TINY' HOUSEWIFE: Tameka "Tiny" Cottle Harris has revealed that she was originally asked to appear on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The star passed and recommended they use her friend, Kandi Burruss and the rest is history. While this may be news to some of you, I have heard this before. But its making news on some of the other blogs so I thought I'd share that little tidbit with you all. LADIES FIRST: Speaking of tidbits, 50 Cent continues his smear campaign when he revealed that former G-Unit artist Olivia was sleeping with Missy Elliott. The two were in the studio working on Olivia's album that never came out. I guess back in the day 50 had a problem with Olivia working with Missy. I don't think it was because of the business but that business became personal. This is not the first time Missy has been linked to another female in the industry. Many eons ago Trick Daddy…

Ciara & Future Back Together..Mariah Carey To Proceed With Divorce

TAKE HIM BACK: Ciara has taken Future's ass back after he allegedly cheated on her. She wants their son to have both parents in his life. I understand that but if your not meant to be together, your not meant to be. CANNON BALL RUN: While reports say that Nick Cannon wants a reconciliation with wife Mariah Carey, she on the other hand is proceeding with a divorce. If this is exactly true or not it remains to be seen but Nick Cannon did speak and say a lot of the rumors we've been hearing(maybe including this one) is simply not true. Well you guys are separated right or nah? 

Alicia Keys Reveals Due Date..Blu Cantrell Hospitalized..Jill Scott Nude Pics Leak

DECEMBER BABY: Alicia Keys has revealed that she will give birth in December. When asked about the sex of the baby she remained coy. As for her new album which she is still working on, you can expect Pharrell Williams on production duties. He described the album as "next level". We will have to wait and hear. I like Alicia Keys but her albums put me to sleep. SO BLU: Blu Cantrell is said to be undergoing physical evaluation. The Hit Em Up Style(Oops) singer was said to be screaming that someone was trying to kill her with a "poisonous gas". Someone called the police and Blu was taken in. Poor Blu! I am a fan but I always thought Blu was a little nutty and this story, if true proves it. Good luck to her. NAKED AMBITION: Jill Scott is one of the many celebs in recent days to find her nude pictures leaked online. The pictures(which I'm not posting on here) find the singer posing straight in front of a mirror with her breast out and also revealing her valley low. …

Video Preview: Faith Evans F/ Missy Elliott & Sharaya J - I Deserve It

Faith Evans teases fans with a visual of her new single and video for I Deserve It. The single is now available on iTunes. The song features Missy Elliott and newcomer Sharaya J. Faith Evans' upcoming album Incomparable is due in October or November. I've said this before but I'm not impressed with Faith's music ever since she's been an indie artist. I feel like the quality of her music has been taken a step down.