Kandi Burruss-Tucker May Be Pregnant..Gladys Knight Wants Kelly Rowland To Play Her

BABY MAMA: Is Kandi Burruss-Tucker of The Real Housewives of Atlanta pregnant? Well that's the word on the street. The reality TV star posted a picture on her Instagram of her and husband Todd shopping for baby shoes. It's being said that Kandi is waiting to November when RHOA returns to announce the news. Stay tuned! Meanwhile you can catch Kandi on tour on A Mother's Love coming to a city near you. GLADYS NICE: Gladys Knight has revealed that she would like Kelly Rowland to play her in a story about her life. I think Kelly would be a good choice to play Gladys. I feel like Kelly looks a lot like Gladys when she was younger anyway. What do you think? HOLLYWOOD SWINGING: The first episode of VH1's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood aired earlier tonight. The show stars Teairra Mari, Ray J, Fizz(of B2K), Omarion, and Soulja Boy. (SPOILER ALERT)The show opened up with Teiarra Mari who detailed her eight year long relationship with Ray J which she describes was off and on. She says that Ray J left her for a stripper and she is still pretty upset with him. Ray J is in the midst of having a RayJ.com party and invites Teairra and she acts a damn fool. Fizz and Omarion meet up at a barber shop to discuss their past in B2K. I had no idea they were still cool. Soulja Boy is dating Teddy Riley's daughter but I thought he was dating Diamond. Omarion's pregnant girlfriend, Apryl doesn't get along with Omarion's Mother because she thinks Apryl has influenced Omarion to stop talking and taking care of her. Wow! There's definitely a lot going on and more to come. Did you watch and will you be watching if you haven't already? 
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