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Preview Beyonce's B'day Videology

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Check out this exclusive preview (courtesy of TRL) of every video Beyonce did for B'Day. The songs featured in this clip include Freekum Dress, Green Light, Kitty Kat, etc. The videos are definitely looking hot. I definitely want to buy this. I don't mind seeing Beyonce shaking a tailfeather! The DVD will be in stores April 3rd along with the rerelease of B'day.

Lil' Wayne continues his dominance

Lil' Wayne continues his dominance in 2007. He is featured on two new collaborations with Kelly Rowland and Charli Baltimore. The following list compiles some of Lil' Wayne's many collaborations. You can download and listen to the highlighted songs below. Enjoy!
Charli Baltimore feat. Lil' Wayne - Test UsKelly Rowland feat. Lil' Wayne - All On UMya feat. Lil' Wayne - Lock U DownLloyd feat. Lil' Wayne - YouRick Ross feat. Lil' Wayne & Brisco - I'm A GDestiny's Child feat. Lil' Wayne & T.I. - SoldierPaula DeAnda feat. Lil' Wayne - EasyTwista feat. Lil' Wayne - Whip GameFat Joe feat. Lil' Wayne - Make It Rain
Fat Joe feat. Lil' Wayne & Trina - Make It Rain RemixFat Joe feat. Lil' Wayne, T.I., Rick Ross, R.Kelly, & Baby - Make It Rain Remix
Shawnna feat. Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, Pharrell, Too Short, Pimp C & Ludacris - Gettin' Some Head RemixChris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne - Poppin RemixJim Jones feat.…

*UPDATED* I'm about to be ..

In With The Old Out With The New

Beyonce is re-releasing B'day on April 3rd. And again before the end of the year lol. B'day currently sits at a lil' over 2 million sold. Dangerously In Love went on to sell over 4 million copies here in the U.S. Beyonce is obviously looking to duplicate that same success with B'day by milking the album for all it's worth. And I'm not mad at her for that. I am tired of her though. She is really becoming oversaturated. I hope she takes a long break after this B'day era is over. But I don't see it happening for some reason. Jennifer Hudson's album is coming out in the near future. Beyonce will have to make sure she has something out by then. Beyonce has halted the release of two upcoming albums, Amerie's Because I Love It and Kelly Rowland's Miss Kelly. Both albums have been pushed back to the summer. Clearly all the R&B chicks are running for cover. Ashanti is coming this summer. Keyshia Cole. Mya even pushed her album back to June. I tru…

Janet's Tour A No-Go?, Kelly Strikes Back "Like This"

Rumors are circulating that Janet Jackson's 20 Y.O. tour is being cancelled. The reason? Promoters are giving the legendary star the runaround. Apparently they feel Janet can't sell concert tickets anymore. No official word has come from Janet or her camp. There will be more on this as this story unfolds.

A new Kelly Rowland single has leaked. It is entitled "Bump Like This." The song features Eve. The song sounds very good. I was starting to worry about Kelly. There had been rumors about the album being pushed back again. The album is scheduled for an April release. Ironically Beyonce is re-releasing "B'Day" in April as well. Kelly might be pushed back (again) to make way for Beyonce (again). Here is a radio-rip of the new single:
*NEW* Kelly Rowland feat. Eve - Bump Like This (Radio Rip)*NEW* Babs Bunny - Throw It Up
*NEW* Chili feat. Missy Elliott - Straight Jack 'Em
*NEW* Choppa City Boyz - Goin' On
*NEW* C-Murder - Posted On The BlockUsher - …

I seriously

had my days mixed up yesterday. I was thinking yesterday was Sunday. Here in the Midwest we got hit with a major snowstorm. I have been in the house for the last two days. We were on a level three emergency. Basically that means we are not allowed to go out. If we do we could face possible arrest. Crazy huh? Only police, medical, or news crews could be out. Businesses and schools were shut down. It was really crazy. We got about 10" of snow total. And the bad thing is more is on the way this weekend. But I'm glad I can finally get out today cause I hated being stuck in the house.


R&Beef profiles the details of various highly publicized, infamous, and rumored beefs among R&B's most elite. Some of these beefs may be familiar to you, some may not. Here is the list and details of R&Beefs in no particular order:
Brandy vs. Monica - The Boy Is Mine! Whose? Yours? No, he's mine!Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez - Mariah's ex, Tommy Mottola had an axe to grind. He reportedly had several producers give tracks (intended for Carey) to Lopez. Lopez started her singing career immediately drawing comparisons to Carey. Soon fans and critics started pitting the two stars against each other.
Mariah Carey vs. Whitney Houston - Mariah was branded a Whitney knockoff at the beginning of her career. Why? Because both divas had worked with the same producers. Both divas insist a beef was never relevant. Both divas proved there was no beef by collaborating in 1998.
Ashanti vs. Tweet - Like Beyonce, Ashanti was also in a battle with Tweet. Ashanti and Tweet released…

*UPDATED* A (Grammy) Night 2 Download!

Tonight is Grammy night! Mary J. Blige is up for 8 awards! I'm hoping she does take some home. There was a Grammy upset a few years back. India Arie was nominated for 7 awards and went home empty handed. Let's hope Mary doesn't face the same fate. I also hope all the R&B categories aren't televised beforehand.(as they often are) The majority of artists (in recent years) who are nominated are R&B/Hip-Hop artists. It would be nice to see some of those artists get public recogniton. I know it's not possible for all the categories to be presented, but still.

I want to take the time to personally thank all of you who visit here. I hope you do find my commentary interesting. I will be doing big things this summer, and you all will be apart of it. I will give more details on that at a later date. Here are some songs for your downloading enjoyment:

Ray J - Blue High Heels
Ray J - What I NeedRay J - Exotic
Toni Braxton - How Could An Angel Break My HeartToni Braxton …

Just Like Her

It's 3:45 a.m. and I can't sleep. I go to work in the morning. I usually get up around 8:30 a.m. and is out the house an hour later. I fell asleep earlier watching The Grudge, and now I'm not sleepy right now. I decided to continue with my Beyonce rant this week. This time I decided to profile female R&B singers who are always compared to Beyonce.

Christina Milian - A sexy makeover (including blond hair and a sexy video) turned Milian into an overnight sex symbol. Milian has stated in the past that she has not set out to mimic Beyonce. Maybe it is just the people around her. It doesn't help when every female R&B singer uses the same hair, make-up, and stylist. No wonder why so many of them are so similar.
Amerie - Producer Rich Harrison has worked extensively with both Amerie and Beyonce. At times both women seem to mimic each other in some fashion. Beyonce can often sound like Amerie on songs. Amerie can prance around scantily clad in videos a la Beyonce.
Mary …

Where R They Now - Female Rap Version

Nas has been making noise with his "Where R They Now" joint. He has also recorded several versions of the song. Different versions concentrate on rappers from all coasts of the world. I figured this would be an opportune time to present to you, "WHERE R THEY NOW - THE FEMALE RAP VERSION!"

Rah Digga - Flipmode's 1st lady is selling music online and keeping in touch with fans via live journal. Sole' - The Indian raptress has settled down into married life with Ginuwine. Her second album was shelved. There have been no rumors of an upcoming album.Mia-X - The self-proclaimed mouth of the south has been laying low in recent years. She has suffered a pair of family tradegies over the years. I remember seeing a myspace page up awihle back. New musc is "possibly" on the way.Amil - The Roc's 1st lady was dropped due to poor sales and label politics. Amil has recorded some new material. Whether or not she has a new label is unclear at this time. She was …

I Got A (Jim) Jones ...

Well not really. My friend and I was talking about Jim recently. Jim is one of the hottest rappers out right now. Love him or hate him. He's on songs with Tamia, Ashanti, Jimmy Cozier, Omarion, etc. Jim's recent album "P.O.M.E" is headed towards gold status in part to his "We Fly High (Ballin)" single. You will find a new song from former J Records artist Jimmy Cozier. He has teamed up with Jim Jones on his new single. I'm actually feeling the song. So check that out and the other songs.
*NEW* Howard Hewett - Enough*NEW* Jimmy Cozier feat. Jim Jones - U Got Them Goods
Tracie Spencer - I Like That
Aaliyah - Try Again
Freddie Jackson - More Than Friends
The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23
Jacki-O feat. Jazze Pha - Break U OffJacki-O - Slow Down
Jibbs feat. Chamillionaire - King KongLil' Wayne - Go DJLoose Ends - Slow DownMIMS - This Is Why I'm Hot
Ol Skool feat. Xscape & Keith Sweat - Am I DreamingRick Ross feat. Young Jeezy & Jay-Z …

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I have a new poll in the left margin. I would like you all to vote! There will be some new songs soon. So stay tuned.


Beyonce. We love to love her. And we love to hate her. Beyonce is here to stay. No matter how much we want her to disappear. I wish she would simply take a break. Make us miss you for awhile. She simply wants to keep the ball rolling. She is destined for a Mariah-like breakdown at her rate. It's not easy being Beyonce. She has set the standard of what is expected from any upcoming (and current) R&B/Pop diva. Her look and style is heavily imitated. Beyonce is the "it" girl of R&B/Pop. Times definitely change. Female artists used to be compared to Mary J. Blige. Now it's Beyonce. Witness Beyonce in all her Dreamgirl diva glory. R&Beyonce details beef that has plagued Beyonce's career. There is no true evidence of these beefs. But this is the truth as I know it to be.
Beyonce vs. Amerie - Amerie, like many others have been compared to Beyonce. Amerie released a mixtape in late 2006. The mixtape featured a song supposedly aimed at Beyonce. Amerie sings abo…

Jan. '07 - A Look Back

January is relatively a slow month for music. However it did prove to be a month full of rumors that set the internet world into a frenzy. From Brandy's fatal car crash to James Brown's body not being buried (a month after his death), 2007 is looking to be quite an interesting and revealing year. Here is the most complete list of news, rumors, and events that took place during the month of January 2007:

Beyonce's Oscar snub.Dreamgirls leads with 8 Oscar nominations.Benzino leaks sex tape. Nelly & Ashanti deny marriage rumor. Kelis reveals Ashanti as her best friend. Tyrese beats up girlfriend.Oprah opens up school in Africa. Oprah sued and blackmailed. Busta Rhymes faces assault charges.Tiger Woods to be a father.Snoop faces lawsuit over reality show. Snoop pleads not guilty to weapons charge.Whitney's belongings sold off at auction.Whitney and Ray J are dating. James Brown not buried yet. Kanye West gets reality show on HBO.Toni Braxton leaves label and sues ex-m…