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Omarion expecting second child and Drake and Lil' Wayne go head to head in chart battle

Congratulations are in order for Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl Jones. They are expecting their second child together. The pair revealed their news via social media earlier today. In other news, Drake has scored his 100th Hot 100 hit this week. The rapper saw multiple songs from his new album with Future debut on the Hot 100 chart this week. Lil' Wayne stands as the male artist with the most Hot 100 entries with 127. At the rate Drake is going he might be catching up pretty soon. But I'm sure Lil' Wayne will continue to dominate for awhile. He's always featured on someone's song and I'm sure he has a new album on the way in the future. The Game's still controversial interview on "The Breakfast Club" has all his nemesis taking action. Game mentioned he would break the jaw of DJ Star of Star & Buckwild fame. Star alleges that Game is upset because he wasn't allowed on his radio show. Anyway the threat was told to police and now Game is a w…

Young Thug claps back at The Game and Sisqo sues over royalties

The Game appeared on "The Breakfast Club" last week and said things between him and Young Thug were patched up. He said things got "real", though he didn't elaborate on what that meant. Young Thug soon shot back with a FaceTime video of The Game apologizing to him for coming at him in defense of Lil' Wayne. Young Thug also had some harsh words for The Game and "The Breakfast Club" host Charlemagne the God. Young Thug took things one step further by posting old pics of The Game when he was a stripper. It's funny because I forgot about Game being a stripper. Didn't you? Speaking of strippers, Sisqo is suing over royalties he has yet to receive for his hit song, "Thong Song" as well as other songs. He claims he is owed $600,000 dollars. I say pay the man his money because he's probably out here looking bummy. Maybe he should do "Dancing With The Stars" next season. That's of course if they ask him. Or maybe he'…

Video: "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Trailer

The trailer for the 8th season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" was just released earlier today. The show has some new additions and some old faces returning. The new season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" premieres on November 8 at 8 P.M. EST(Eastern Standard Time). Will you be watching?

The Game speaks on Kardashian clan and "Empire" premiere scores high ratings

The Game appeared on "Wendy" and spoke out about several rumors. First he said he didn't date Khloe Kardashian, he remained mum on a former relationship with Kim K. and he said he has no beef with Chris Brown. Brown called Game out after he liked a few pics of Brown's ex on Instagram. The new season of "Empire" premiered last night and 16 million viewers tuned in. Kylie Jenner reportedly was called out for her use of the "N" word on social media, though I haven't seen the exact post in which the slur stems from. And in much better news, Usher has tied the knot overseas with his longtime girlfriend Grace Miguel. This is the second marriage for Usher. Hopefully this once works out for him!

Azealia Banks gets into with flight attendant and 2 Pac believed to be alive

Azealia Banks was caught on tape cursing out a flight attendant who wouldn't let her off of a plane. Azealia could be heard screaming and yelling several obscenities to a flight attendant who retrieved her bag and wouldn't give it to her. Azealia defended herself via Twitter. There is a cop running around saying that he along with Suge Knight helped 2 Pac fake his death. Rumors about 2 Pac faking his death have run rampant since his death. Question is, what do you think? Do you think 2 Pac is still alive? I know many always wondered how 2 Pac managed to still release music. Sure, he had a lot of music in the vaults but with the amount of music being released at one time, it only added fuel to the rumors that 2 Pac was still alive.

Kylie Jenner's wig pulled at Chris Brown concert and Patti Labelle curses out unruly fan

Hey y'all! So here is what's going on in the world of entertainment and there is a lot to report so I will keep it short and sweet. Kylie Jenner's lime wig was snatched after leaving Chris Brown's concert. Patti Labelle cursed out a fan who she invited onstage who began to undress. Rihanna says she's waiting on Kanye West to help her finish her album. Louis Farrakhan says he wants Jay Z to tell Beyonce to cover up. Drake and Future will release their first single from their upcoming mixtape on iTunes today at 8 p.m. EST(Eastern Standard Time). Well that's all folks! Thanks for reading! :) 

Ne-Yo expecting child and Nicki Minaj's ex throws shade via social media

So Ne-Yo's girlfriend, Crystal has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant and posted the ultrasound to prove it. This was basically news a few weeks ago and everybody went in on Ne-Yo after making his ex-wife get her tubes tied. In other news, Mary J. Blige and Tamar Braxton are going on tour. Safaree, Nicki Minaj's ex has hooked up(pun intended) with K. Michelle. The two have collaborated for K.'s third album. He thanked the singer on social media and took a stab at Nicki by insinuating he ghostwrote her lyrics, a rumor that has been going on for quite awhile. If you recall K. Michelle had beef with Nicki Minaj because she stole her song with Meek Mill, which was title track for her album; "Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?". And Lil' Wayne and Christina Milian have reportedly broken up but did they ever really admit they were together. In the midst of their breakup, the two have released a collaboration titled "Do It". To be honest I'm surprised Chris…

Former Danity Kane members spill the tea on Dawn Richard and Ciara shuts down reality TV rumor

Former Danity Kane members Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex visited the infamous radio show, "The Breakfast Club" two days ago and they spilled a lot of tea. First they say Dawn was the main culprit for the group's split the second time. Aubrey alleges that back in the day, Dawn was responsible for creating rumors about certain members of Danity Kane and it was discovered on their fansite that the IP address of an user being rude was that of Dawn's. Aubrey also spoke about the time that Dawn came up to the studio to reconcile with Shannon and Aubrey over a mix up in tour dates which resulted in Dawn soccer punching Aubrey in the head. Aubrey also dished on her relationship with "Basketball Wives" star, Tami Roman, Diddy, Lupe Fiasco, and her boyfriend, singer Travis Garland. All in all, it was a very great interview and you should log on to YouTube to check it out if you haven't already. If that ain't enough for you, Ciara says that her and her new …

Young Thug goes at Plies and Rihanna has a new man

Young Thug is fuming after Plies used an image of his child for a meme online. Young Thug has insisted that Plies take the image down or else! How do we feel about that? Should children be off limits anyway? Plies has become more of an internet sensation these days than a recording artist. I believe he just put out a song or a mixtape a little while ago but I don't think anyone cared. I know I didn't. Did you? And the stars came out last night for Givenchy fashion show. In attendance were Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, and many others. Meanwhile it looks like The Game may of deleted his Instagram page? I mean what else is new? And Rihanna may or may not be dating Travis Scott who just released his album, "Rodeo". Speaking of Travis Scott, it was he who Amber Rose said was the "ghostwriter" of Kanye West. I don't recall Travis coming out and denying it. I knew Kanye wasn't going to commit on it. But hey! What do you all think of today's stories?…

Tamar Braxton, Janet Jackson releasing new albums on same day

Tamar Braxton is not only joining the new season of "Dancing With The Stars" but she will release her new album "Calling All Lovers" on October 2. The R&B diva will go head to head with another R&B diva, Janet Jackson who will release her long awaited album, "Unbreakable". Speaking of Janet, her single, "No Sleeep" featuring J. Cole spends a 3rd week at #1 on the Adult R&B Songs chart. And on top of that Janet just added more dates to her "Unbreakable World Tour". You can pre-order Janet's album now on iTunes.

Drake and Future to release mixtape and Tyga and Kylie Jenner called out

Drake and Future are releasing a mixtape that should be dropping at anytime now. The two most recently collaborated on "Where Ya At" from Future's "DS2" album. And Tyga's girlfriend Kylie Jenner has been put on blast by some guy named InkMonstarr. He put up a screenshot of a convo he had with Kylie via Instagram of Kylie saying she was going to "hit" InkMonstarr up. InkMonstarr took this whole thing one step further by putting out a dis song towards Kylie. He says in the song that he "came on her tits and her lips" and her vajayjay ain't smell that good! Ooh! I'm not sure where all the animosity came from. But if this indeed true, Kylie must of messed around or started talking to this guy when Tyga was being called out for his relations with several trans girls.

Music Feed: The Battle of the R&B Divas: Ashanti vs. Keyshia Cole

It's the battle of the R&B Divas. The Battle of the R&B Divas will basically profile two R&B Divas and the origin of their beef and where it stands today, if it's been resolved or what have you. Tonight I'm profiling Keyshia Cole & Ashanti. There were always rumors of a rift to between Keyshia Cole and Ashanti but it was very seldom brought up until years down the road. Keyshia Cole and Ashanti shocked fans when they did a duet for the title track for Keyshia Cole's album, "Woman To Woman". Of course everyone wanted to know how they hooked up and according to Ashanti, they were in the same studio working next door to one another. Ashanti says Keyshia came in and said "yo I got this record I want you to hear". And Ashanti said it was "dope" and she said a few weeks later, they were recording. When it came time for Ashanti to promote her album, "Braveheart" a year later after their duet, Ashanti says she was told by…

Chris Brown attacks Marques Houston and The Game in a series of online threats

Apparently Chris Brown's ex Karrueche(sp) is off limits to any and everyone except Nev from "Catfish". In recent weeks both Marques Houston and The Game were called out by Chris Brown and/or his cohorts. Marques Houston was outed last week liking one of Karruche's pictures. And The Game started following her on social media, making Karrueche the only person he follows on Instagram. Well the news got out to Chris Brown who made a statement regarding the matter somewhat calling The Game out. Well The Game responded with his own series of shade by posting a video poking fun of Chris Brown. The Game took things a step further by insinuating that one of Chris Brown's friends vandalized his car. The Game has been feverishly looking for the guy responsible. The accused, a friend of Chris' say that's not him in a video where The Game's car is being vandalized. But The Game warned the guy that he will pay the price for his dirty deed. This isn't even all o…

Future releasing another album and The Weeknd debuts at #1

Future says he's releasing another album before the year is out! Why? I don't know but personally I think he should wait. "DS2" is still doing moderately well right now so he should continue with the momentum of that. Releasing another album so soon in my opinion will dim the light that is on "DS2" but what do I know? I say, if you want to release something, release another mixtape, preferably "Beast Mode 2". Ha! Speaking of new albums, The Weeknd's new album, "Beauty Behind The Madness" has debuted at #1 this week. The album sold 412,000 copies. I'm sure next week the album will be Gold. Congrats to the Weeknd! He's been grinding for some years. I can't say I'm that big of a fan of his music now then I was in the past but I do like "The Hills" and "Earned It". Well until next time folks! I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday! Thanks for reading! :)

Teairra Mari charged with beating up driver and Kevin Gates charged for kicking fan

What's wrong with these celebrities? They just kicking and beating the shit out of people justs because or do they have anger issues? Who knows? But just in time for the premiere of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood", Teairra Mari has gotten charged with beating up a UBER driver and taking his phone charger after he wouldn't let her charge her phone. This altercation happened back in July. I wonder was the cameras rolling when this occurred? Who knows but Teairra is one crazy chick! Speaking of altercations, Kevin Gates is being charged for kicking a fan during a concert when she tugged at his shorts. It's been said that Kevin his self stated that he doesn't like to be touched but yet he likes to fuck his cousins. Odd! Anyway Kevin recently made a song about that fiasco that no one paid attention to. Well until next time folks! Enjoy your Holiday weekend! Thanks for reading! :)

Azealia Banks calls Nicki Minaj "basic" and Tamar Braxton joins "Dancing With The Stars"

Love her or hate her(love her!) Azealia Banks definitely speaks her mind and makes no apologies. Last night the controversial and outspoken rapper spoke out about the beef between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj citing that both were "basic" as well as Taylor Swift. She also went on to say that they all made "basic" music. Do you agree or disagree? I would definitely say Miley Cyrus is nothing special. Everything she does or says is for shock value. It's like she has this desire to shock all the time in hopes people will forget she played "Hannah Montana" 100 years ago. On a much lighter note, Teyana Taylor and her boyfriend, Iman Shumpert are expecting their first child together. The singer revealed the news via social media of course. Congrats to the couple! Tinashe has revealed that her new album will be titled, "Joyride" which is due in November. The album's first single is said to debut in a few weeks. You excited or nah? Tamar Braxton …

Ne-Yo engaged and expecting new baby and Janet debuts new song featuring Missy Elliott

Word is that Ne-Yo is reportedly getting married and having another child. This news caught many by surprise and at the same time upset many. If you caught the show "Atlanta Exes", Ne-Yo's ex-wife, Monyetta Shaw claimed that Ne-Yo wanted her to get her tubes tied. He says it was a mutual decision according to his Twitter but also denied that he was having a new baby. So who knows what's true at this point and really who cares? Well apparently a lot of people, just not me. Janet Jackson kicked off her "Unbreakable" World Tour in Vancouver last night and wowed the crowd with a medley of hits but also debuted three new songs, one with featured Missy Elliott who appeared on screen during the tour. There is still no release date for Janet's new album. Speaking of new albums, Young Jeezy just released his new single, "God" and his accompanying album will arrive in stores and online on November 13. Will you be copping it?