Future releasing another album and The Weeknd debuts at #1

Future says he's releasing another album before the year is out! Why? I don't know but personally I think he should wait. "DS2" is still doing moderately well right now so he should continue with the momentum of that. Releasing another album so soon in my opinion will dim the light that is on "DS2" but what do I know? I say, if you want to release something, release another mixtape, preferably "Beast Mode 2". Ha! Speaking of new albums, The Weeknd's new album, "Beauty Behind The Madness" has debuted at #1 this week. The album sold 412,000 copies. I'm sure next week the album will be Gold. Congrats to the Weeknd! He's been grinding for some years. I can't say I'm that big of a fan of his music now then I was in the past but I do like "The Hills" and "Earned It". Well until next time folks! I hope you all enjoyed your Holiday! Thanks for reading! :)
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