*UPDATED* Music Feed: Janet Jackson's Most Sexualized Songs: REVISITED

You all, my readers, my visitors; my supporters; you have made this post one of the most successful posts on my blog. I kept wondering what it was about this post, that made it so successful; one word: JANET! The fact that Janet has new music on the way makes this post even more of a hot topic. As its been said before, no one sings about sex quite like Janet Jackson. Her songs, ooze with the right amount of sexuality perfect for a night of steamy sex. Take a look back at a number of songs Janet is responsible for delivering her in trademark breathy delivery. I took the liberty of adding a few other songs that didn't make the list before. 

This song begins with echos of Janet saying "...in my mouth". By then you should already know what this song is about. Janet sings about the "warmth" of her mouth and how she pleases her lover; Jermaine Dupri at the time. This is a very sensual song and it is one of the most explicit Janet has ever recorded in my opinion.

"You make it so "moist" is what Janet says on this song about the female orgasm.  

"Anytime Anyplace"

I remember how steamy this video was when it came out, as if the song wasn't steamy enough. After all the steaminess of the song needed to be duplicated in the video. I can't believe that I was only 9 years old when this released but I definitely remember it. How could I not? The Pied Piper of R&B R. Kelly provided us with a remix to this song.

"Would You Mind"
When the "All For You" album was released, "Would You Mind" was one of the most talked about songs on that album. I remember we had discussion in my 11th grade English class about it with our teacher. I even remember my Mother telling her boyfriend at time, how her co-worker brought the album and how nasty it was. Many were shocked by the lyrics on "All For You" because the first pressings of the album didn't feature a parental advisory sticker. Due to some of the outrage of the more explicit material, Virgin Records added a parental advisory sticker to future pressings of the album. Did you mind? 


People were all up in arms(except the fans) when people heard the title track to Janet's last album. The song penned by Ne-Yo featured Janet in all her sexual glory. Who could forget the S&M bondage artwork the album featured? Talk about being disciplined. 

"Rope Burn"

"Rope Burn" is one of my favorite songs from "The Velvet Rope". Janet sings "tie me up, tie me down/make me moan real loud". 

"Love Scene"

I love Janet's vocals on this song and the whole sensual feel of the song. Janet's moans and groans can be heard throughout.  

"Let's Wait Awhile"
While "Let's Wait Awhile" is tame compared to the other songs on this list, it takes us back to back in the day where people actually courted one another and didn't rush into sex. My how things have changed. Wouldn't you agree? 

"Take Care" 
"Take Care" is a little tame as well compared to some of Janet's other offerings but it still manages to get you in the mood if you aren't already from reading this! :) 

"Love 2 Love"
Another album highlight from Janet's "20 Y.O." finds Janet channeling her inner sex kitten once again to fine effect. 

Do we think Janet will have some sexual songs on her new project or do you think she will give them up in favor of otherworldly topics? I guess we shall wait and see..and hear! :)
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