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Some More Downloads

For your downloading pleasure:

*NEW*/Unreleased - Mos Def feat. Foxy Brown - That's The Dude
Originally slated to appear on Mos Def's last album but didnt

Olivia - You Got The Damn Thing (I Like Remix)
Very hot remix which samples Guy's I Like

*NEW* Monica feat. Missy Elliott - Doin' Me Right
You've been warned LOL

*NEW* Monica feat. Swizz Beats - Raw
An OK song

*NEW*/Unreleased - Latrelle - The Wrong Girl
From her unreleased album Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl

Janet Jackson - Who
Hot bonus track on import version of All For You

Hope you the previous, current, and future downloads!

Eve is Smart!

I'm not really a big fan of Eve, but she is very smart. While her popularity as a rapper has faded signfiicantly, she hopes to reclaim that next year. She is releasing a new album by the top of the new year. A new single should surface before year's end. She's hooked up with Pharrell, Cool & Dre, Dr. Dre, and Swizz Beats among others.

Now there was recently an article published in Entertainment Weekly about female rappers. It spoke candidly about the fading popularity of female rappers. It profiled such female rappers as Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim, Missy Elliott, and Eve among others. The article blamed artists such as Nelly Furtado, Fergie, and Gwen Stefani for adopting a more hip-hopish sound and image. Thus going on to say that the only way for current and future female rappers to be successful is to follow these acts, experiment, or go outside the box. That brings me back to Eve. She said she is experimenting with this album. She's singing and doing reggae. Expect…

New & Old Downloads

Here are some new downloads for your downloading enjoyment:

*NEW* Monica - Gotta Move On
Produced by Missy

*NEW* Beenie Man feat. Foxy Brown - Hmm Hmm (Remix)
Foxy's return to the limelight courtesy of this wicked dancehall joint

*NEW* Shanice - That's Why I Love You
Produced by Mike City

*NEW* Ludacris feat. I-20 and Young Buck - Rob The Robbers
New Luda heat!!!!

*NEW* Bilal - Bring 2
Not sure where this is from

*NEW* Bone Thugs - Just Vibe
Something to smoke to

*NEW* Fat Joe feat. Lil' Wayne & Trina - Make It Rain (Remix)
By request

*NEW* Ludacris feat. Jadakiss - More, More, More
Pre-release Therapy Mixtape exclusive!

*NEW* Candace Jones - Diamond Ring
Hot song!


Here are the latest downloads for your downloading enjoyment:

*NEW* Ciara - Promise (HQ/Non AOL Rip)
1st single from her upcoming album Ciara: The Evolution - Dec. 5, 2006!

*NEW* Game - Strip Club (Let It Ride)
1st single from his upcoming album The Doctor's Advocate - Nov. 14th 2006!

Mariah Carey feat. Dem Franchise Boyz - Say Somethin' (JD Remix)
Hot Remix from the Queen of Remixes!

Trina - What's Beef (Khia and B.G. Diss)
Trina sounds off on the haters.......baddest bitch style!

Kelly Rowland feat. Young Texxas - Still In Love With My X (Remix)
Hot Remix from Kelly!

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes
Another one from Ms. Jackson!

JoJo - Use My Shoulder
Girl can sang!


20 Y.O Album Review Breakdown

Janet releases her ninth studio album, 20 Y.O this week. It's her first since 2004's Damita Jo. Janet plays it safe for the most part. The album is light, fun, and free of fluff. Many of Janet's past songs are reworked here into this album. You have to listen closely to notice which songs are incorporated. 20 Y.O is a very good album. Good job Janet!!! Here is my breakdown of each track:

Intro - typical Janet intro
Interludes - typical Janet interludes
So Excited - one of the album's many highlights and one of my favorites
Show Me - Janet gets her Gwen Stefani on in this call and response track
Get It Out Me - a dance track that recalls the days of Control and Rhythm Nation
Do It 2 Me - kanye west inspired produced by jd and gang (janet, jimmy and terry)
This Body - recalls Black Cat
With U - the "we belong together" of the album
Call On Me - y'all know this one
Daybreak - recalls Escapade
Enjoy - classic Janet
Take Care - typical Janet ballad but done with effecti…

More Downloads

Here are some more downloads for your downloading enjoyment:

*NEW* Cassidy - It Is What It Is
Produced by Swizz Beats

Bobby Valentino - Slow Down
Taken from his gold debut album Bobby Valentino

Brooke Valentine - Long As You Come Home
Taken from her debut album Chain Letter

Brooke Valentine - I Want You Dead
Taken from her debut album Chain Letter

Chili - Gameproof
Taken from her upcoming solo debut

Chris Brown - Say Goodbye
Taken from his self-titled platinum debut

Christina Milian - Wind You Up
Taken from her album So Amazin'

*NEW*Fat Joe - Clap & Revolve
From his upcoming untitled album

*NEW*Fat Joe feat. Lil' Wayne - Make It Rain
From Fat Joe's upcoming untitled album

Downloads/My Space Link

I added a link to my myspace page. It hasn't been updated lately. You can see more pictures of me and learn a little more about me..not much!

Here are the latest downloads for your downloading enjoyment:

Cheri Dennis - I Love You(W/O Rap)
Taken from the debut album Cheri Dennis

Jamie Foxx - Warm Bed
Taken from his double platinum album Unpredictable

Mario - Let Me Love You
#1 single taken from his platinum album Turning Point

Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis - Got Your Money
Remember this y'all?

Olivia - So Sexy
From her soon to be released album Behind Closed Doors

Pretty Ricky - Your Body
From their gold debut album Blue Stars

Pretty Ricky feat. Static - Juicy
From their gold debut album Blue Stars

Shawnna - Gettin' Some Head
Taken from the album Block Music

Brian McKnight - Find Myself In You
Taken from the soundtrack Madea's Family Reunion

Usher - Dot Com
Can't remember where this is from

Some Downloads

Fergie - All That I've Got (The Make Up Song) features will-i-am
From her new album The Dutchess - in stores now

Bilal - Hollywood
From his unreleased album Love For Sale

Bilal - Sweet Sour You
From his unreleased album Love For Sale

Angie Stone - I Wasn't Kidding
From her Best of compilation - in stores now

Bun B feat. Trey Songz, Mike Jones - Hold U Down
From the Bun B album Trill

Bun B feat. Pimp C and Young Jeezy - Get Throwed
Jay-Z is not featured on this version

"The Sit Your Ass Down Award" Goes to Foxy Brown

"The Sit Your Ass Down Award" goes to Foxy Brown
As much as I love Foxy Brown, she is deserving of this honor. We're all used to Foxy and her antics by now. Foxy has been a headline staple since her 1996 debut Ill Na Na. Every year (since her debut) has been filled with numerous headlines about her. The last year or so has been no exception. Foxy was diagnosed with severe hearing loss and was deaf for an entire year. To add insult to injury she was in and out of court for several lawsuits. One lawsuit stemmed from her run-in with two nail salon workers. They accused Foxy of beating them and not paying for a manicure. A few weeks ago Foxy was accused of stealing belts out of a store. Earlier this week Tanya Menderson won a lawsuit against Foxy. Tanya was charged with roughing up and stealing from Foxy in a night club. Tanya later won in court, and Foxy has been ordered to pay. Tanya and her lawyer insisted that Foxy may be broke! Foxy recently appeared on Hot 97 (New York …

Mya/Kelis & The Neptunes

Mya Mya:
In a recent interview Mya was asked about her relationship with 50 Cent. Apparently 50 Cent has made remarks stating that he once bedded Mya. Mya denies the claims. She also went on to name every other male celeb she had been linked with. She said she needed to see proof. Proof being anything like pictures or sex tapes. Perhaps the most shocking statement made was when Mya referred to Lloyd Banks as 50 Cent's fuck buddy. LOL

Kelis & The Neptunes
I was just thinking about whether or not Kelis would reunite with The Neptunes again. They are sorely missed on "Kelis Was Here." I know as an artist, you have to grow. I know she is trying to prove she can succeed without them. I know they had a huge falling out shortly after the release of Tasty. Kelis' disdain stemmed from Pharrell (being the CEO) of Star Trak was also an artist. It's a situation that many artists face. Once a CEO decides to be an artist, the other artists eventually suffer. The CEO is think…

People That Kept Us Talking Throughout 2006: Part 3

Janet Jackson was making headlines well before 2006 started. Leaked singles. False rumors. New album news. Janet began showing her new figure in the Spring of '06. Janet had lost 60lbs. 4 months gracing the cover of US Weekly. Speculation soon ensued on Janet's diet and exercise plan. MTV's continued blacklisting was in full effect. Numerous magazine covers. Future plans revealed. Wedding bells?!? A family?!?
*Janet's new album 20 Y.O. can be found and downloaded (for a limited time) by accessing the link "Janet Jackson" on the right margin.

Britney Spears remains a larger than life pop icon. Why? Because of the tabloids and media. Britney is indeed our generation's Madonna. With no album or project, Britney was able to overshadow rival Christina Aguilera.

Beyonce's name stayed in the headlines all throughout 2006. Lawsuits. Confrontations. Allegations. Petitons. Controversy. From PETA's frightening and surprising confrontation to rumors of diva-li…

Blog Showcase Interview - Part 1 - Quick's Catch Up

Blog Showcase Interview - Part 1 - Quick's Catch Up
This is Part 1 of 2 exclusive interviews conducted last week with two different bloggers. This is an opportunity for these fellow bloggers to promote their respective blogs. It is also a chance to get to know the individual behind the blogs. You will notice the date being slightly off because this interview is "Sticky!" It will be featured for a whole week's time and any other updates this week will appear directly under this interview. How well do I know Quick? Good enough I suppose. Good enough to know his real name is LaBrandon. Good enough to know he has a HUGE crush on Kelly Rowland. He hopes to be on CNN someday. He doesn't own any Nas cd's. He prefers snowboarding over horseback riding. He prefers pizza over tacos. Condos over duplexes(don't we all?) and Obama over Hilary Clinton. You don't say! He loves to talk so much that I eventually became the interviewee. I didn't mind at all. It made…

People That Kept Us Talking Throughout 2006: Part 2

A special thank you to Toya's World (look to right for link) for including my site in her list of blogs.

Christina Milian (insert picture)
Pop's Good Girl goes hard!

2006 has been quite a year for Christina Milian. Early 2006 saw the breakup of Christina and Nick Cannon. The couple had been together for over two years. They starred in the film, Love Don't Cost A Thing where they met and started dating. Nick was the envy of many men around the world for bagging Christina. Mid 2006 saw the nasty breakup between Christina and Nick. The story goes that Christina had been snooping around in Nick's sidekick. She discovered some phone numbers and text messages from an unknown female. Christina later stated in an interview that the said female was in the entertainment business but declined to reveal her identity. The one clue Christina provided was that the female was not that famous but known. How could you Nick? That was the question many wanted to ask. The whole breakup creat…

People That Kept Us Talking Throughout 2006 Part 1

Hello to all! I'll be profiling some artists who had us talking all throughout 2006. Our first artist to be profiled is none other than Ms. Kelly Rowland.

Kelly Rowland
One third of successful trio Destiny's Child.
Kelly appeared on the Tyra Banks show in early 2006 (I believe). There she spoke candidly about life, love and her upcoming album, My Story: Kelly Rowland. At the time her album was due in the summer (June 13, 2006) and the excitement in her voice was evident as she mentioned the new record. Fast forward a few months later, tracks from Kelly's album leaked. The tracks were met with such a mixed response, it prompted the delay of her album. The album has since been pushed back to 2007. This was just the tip of the iceberg! Out of nowhere here comes Beyonce with a new album and single. A Beyonce album wasn't scheduled 'til next year but we got it a lot sooner than we should of. Fresh off the heels of filming Dreamgirls, Beyonce made.....back to Kelly. Anywa…

2006: A Look Back (So Far)

I decided to keep a log of 2006 and it's many events by month. I would include every headline (that I could remember) from each month (of 2006) and include it in my log. The log contains much of the happenings for 2006. Those happenings include deaths, births, lawsuits, rumors, etc. I wasn't going to reveal this list until December but this will be a sneak preview. Here are the first six months:

Jan. 06
Lou Rawls died.
Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe split.
Several miners killed in accident.
Lindsay Lohan supposedly admited to doing drugs and bulimia in Vanity Fair.The claims are later denied.
Pink marries Carey Hart.
Angelie Jolie announces pregnancy with Brad Pitt. Baby due in the summer.
Shelley Winters dies at 85.
Coretta Scott King dies at 78.
Wilson Pickett dies.
Singer/Songwriter/Producer Gene McFadden died
Fayard Nicholas of the famed Nicholas Brothers also died.

Have you ever noticed there's a exceptionally high rate of deaths in the month of January?

Feb. 06
My birthday!!!

Blog/Downloads/Release Dates

I've been really bored with my current music collection lately. My music collection consists of singers like Monica, Faith Evans, Ashanti, Diana Ross, Fantasia among others. I do have the tendency to get tired of things very quickly. I just want some new music. I want something fresh and original. Something that I can play for the next few months at least. I'm hoping with Janet's upcoming album, she'll take me there. I'm looking forward to some new music from Brandy who is gonna be working with the Neptunes. That will be interesting to see how that turns out! I know Brandy is gonna bring it (as well as the Neptunes) as she always does. I'm including some more single downloads for your downloading enjoyment. I'm thinking twice about album downloads as I've heard record companies be cracking down on sites such as mine. I'm fairly new though, but that probably doesn't matter. Without further a due here are some more downloads:

Kelis - Fuck Them Bitc…

The Latest Downloads

Chingy feat. Tyrese - Pullin' Me Back
Currently #1 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Charts

Boyz II Men - Boo'd Up
From their upcoming album The Remedy

Cassie - Long Way 2 Go
The 2nd single from the Myspace Queen

Cassie - Ditto
Included on her self-titled debut

Cassie - Miss Your Touch
One of my personal favorites from Ms. Cassie

Cassie - Don't Go Too Slow
Not on album

Nelly Furtado - Glow
From her gold-selling album Loose

R. Kelly - Bump N Grind
Classic R. Kelly

Kelis - 80s Joint
From the Step Up sdtrk.

Busta Rhymes feat. Kelis & will-i-am - I Love My Bitch
Busta reunites with Kelis on the will-i-am produced single

Pharrell - Take It Off
Pharrell gets freaky on this intimate slow jam

Usher feat. Pharrell - Don't Take It Personal
Not sure where this is from but hot nonetheless

Shawnna feat. Pharrell, Ludacris, Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross, etc.
Shawnna gets help from some of rap's heavy hitters

Pharrell feat. Kanye West - Number 1
Skateboard P and the Louie Vuitton don

Method Man feat. Lau…

Song of The Summer

Recently I read a blog asking to name your favorite songs of the summer. I couldn't reply right away because no song registered right away. Now that I think of it Janet's "Call On Me" is the closest contender. A lot of people may respond with a frowned up expression. That's understandable to an extent. It may not scream 1st single, but it's hot nonetheless. I like Janet's verse, and I know it by heart. Still can't quite get Nelly's all the way yet! I know a lot of people were expecting Janet to come with an uptempo single to open her 20 Years Old album. Sometimes you just have to expect the unexpected. For those craving an uptempo single from Janet rest assure in the 2nd single, So Excited featuring Khia
Listen here + Download:
Janet featuring Khia - So Excited

"The Sit Your Ass Down Award" Goes to 50 Cent

The last week has been quite a week for rapper 50 Cent. Last week he was arrested for his reckless driving and numerous warrants. Before that there was a highly publicized beef with Diddy. The beef stemmed from Diddy not releasing Mase from Bad Boy. This move has kept Mase from having his G-Unit debut released. In other news it's been said that 50 Cent has taken a few shots at Jay-Z! Alright! Enough already! This is just getting out of control. Must he always have to beef with another rapper or celeb? I know that 50 is a gimmick. I know he thrives off of controversy. But this is getting ridiculous. With that said, 50 Cent please sit your ass down!


This is my post introducing myself to everyone. I'm a college student who works part-time. I'm really into music and movies. I started this blog after being inspired by countless others. This one won't be much different from other existing blogs. My personal commentary will be shared regarding news events, gossip, and other forms of media. Music will also be shared with everyone.