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Female rappers speak out on Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma feud

The feud between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma has everyone talking and now several prominent female rappers have given their opinion on the hot topic. Da Brat says she's siding with Remy Ma being that she's from her era and she knows her personally. Foxy Brown has thrown some jabs at Remy on Instagram after Remy referenced Foxy on the "shEther" track as a "deaf bitch". Rah Digga says she's excited about the rap battle. Azealia Banks says she has nothing to do with it and speaking of Azealia, many feel Nicki's verse on "Make Love" was about Azealia and not Remy. Remy may feel otherwise. Lil' Kim says she wants to stay out of it and that her and Remy are "cool" and are talking a collaboration but not a dis. Good news for fans of 90s R&B! The famed Atlanta quartet Xscape(Kandi Burruss, Tiny Cottle, Latocha and Tameka Scott) have announced that they are reuniting. The group broke the news this morning via a radio station in Atlant…

Music Feed: Did You Know?

Those pesky baby rumors regarding Janet Jackson's alleged first child won't seem to go away. This is a rumor that has been floating around since the late 80s. This is also a rumor that has "legs" which basically means, its one of those rumors that refuses to go away. In the past Janet has denied having a secret child but her ex-Mother in Law; Mrs. DeBarge says she has DNA evidence that Janet had a child. She recalls that she told Janet she was pregnant and Janet never responded. The relatively quiet and private singer has been very open and forthcoming about her recent birth to a baby last month but why not one that allegedly exists 30 years ago? One may never know. One of the stories allege that the secret child lives with one of Janet's siblings and was raised as one of his/hers child. Most recently the show, "Growing Up In Hip Hop" features Janet's ex-husband; James DeBarge and his daughter Kristinia DeBarage. The story line last season played o…

Remy Ma comes for Nicki Minaj in new dis track, "shEther"

Hey guys! I will be the first to inform you that today's post is a lengthy one. I discuss in detail the new dis track from Remy Ma aimed at Nicki Minaj.
Remy Ma has everyone talking when she dropped the the 7 minute dis track, "shEther" aimed at Nicki Minaj. Social media was abuzz as one would imagine with various reactions, funny memes, and opinions. In the track, Remy talks bad about Nicki's plastic surgery, her alleged sexual relationship with the Young Money camp, her alleged use of drugs, sleeping with Trey Songz, etc. It was a very revealing and surprising vicious dis track. I sat in awe in the back of my friend's truck as we all listened. I don't know exactly what the final straw was for Remy but I'm guessing it was the subliminal tracks that Nicki Minaj was featured on where she was taking shots at Remy. The two ladies have been trading jabs for awhile but both had denied they were going at each other. It was pretty clear that when they were doi…

Beyonce cancels concert and Future drops new album

Hey all! There is a lot of music news and I'm going to try my best to cover everything in this one post.
So Beyoncé has officially dropped out of headlining Coachcella. In a statement, it was revealed that Beyoncé will instead headline in 2018. Let's just hope she's not pregnant with triplets by then. Future just released his second new album in a week,"Hendrxx". The album features Rihanna and The Weeknd. Just last week, Future released his self-titled album which is slated to be the #1 album next week. Omarion is allegedly the guy in a video that is making the rounds. The video features a male waving his genitals in a helicopter motion. Omarion has yet to speak on the video and if it is him or not. Nicki Minaj has everyone talking when she was featured on two recently released new singles. She is said to be taking shots at Remy Ma on "Swalla" a collaboration with Jason DeRulo and Ty Dolla Sign and "Make Love" with Gucci Mane. This comes in re…

Music Feed: Did You Know?

"Did You Know" is a new post I will be doing periodically which will reveal little known music facts that you might know or might not know.

Singers Aaliyah and Changing Faces both recorded the song "Come Over". Aaliyah's version of the song was recorded years ago and wasn't released until after her untimely death if my memory serves me correct. Changing Faces' version appeared on their 2000 album, '"Visit Me". The song was written and produced by Teddy Bishop and John'ta Austin. Have you heard both versions? 
Check back next time for little "Did You Know?" facts that you might know or might not know.

Chris Brown's ex girlfriend files restraining order against him

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I didn't realize a whole week had passed by since my last update.
Chris Brown's ex girlfriend has filed a restraining order against him. It is alleged that he has punched her in the stomach and threatened to kill her. Chris Brown has responded to the restraining order by calling it "bullshit". On a much lighter note, he just announced his "Party" tour and his pay per view fight with Soulja Boy has been cancelled.  In other news...
Keyshia Cole says she will not be joining "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood".Future's new album is slated to debut at #1 and he is also supposed to release another album this Friday.

Beyoncé called out by Carlos Santana

So..the Grammys were Sunday and I watched bits and pieces of the telecast. The Grammys were on the same time as "RHOA" so that had my attention. I did see Chance The Rapper win for Best New Artist. I saw the tail end of Beyoncé's performance which had everyone talking...of course. As for the winners, Beyoncé won for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Adele won in the major categories like Album Of the Year etc. I would say Rihanna was the best dressed and she gave 0 fucks in the audience as she was seen blowing kisses to Beyoncé and drinking from a flask. I do admire that about Rihanna that she is so badass and she give 0 fucks. Other winners included Drake for "Hotline Bling" and Solange for "Cranes In the Sky".Sunday saw the release of several of Prince's catalog released to several streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Princes' catalog was previously already available on Tidal music. I was glad to hear this because I could finally do…

Drake almost done with new album and has he and J-Lo called it quits?

Drake is reportedly 2 weeks away from finishing his new project, "More Life". On top of that he may be nominated for some Grammys but he has decided the ditch the ceremony airing tomorrow on CBS. Also its being reported that Drake's "fling" with J-Lo has sizzled. Personally I think it was just a publicity stunt between the two. Did the two hookup? I wouldn't put it past them.
Happy Birthdays are in order for singers Brandy and Kelly Rowland. Brandy used to be really good friends with Kelly but I'm not sure what their relationship status is these days. I do notice that Brandy is always falling out with someone. It makes me wonder is Brandy a "bitch"?
Today marks the 5th anniversary of the death of the legendary Whitney Houston. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? I was at a friends' house and I got a text and I screamed when I read it! I couldn't believe. Ironically Whitney was set to perform at Clive Davis' ann…

Beyoncé sued over "Formation" and Nicki Minaj reunites with Gucci Mane

Ever since Nicki Minaj left Meek Mill, she has been reuniting and mending fences with some of her adversaries. Nicki was recently seen flicked up with Gucci Mane and a week ago she reunited with Drake after a very public battle that involved Meek Mill. Now I'm wondering if Nicki Minaj is going to make up with Lil' Kim? I mean might as well. Their feud is so old now anyway and it seems like Lil' Kim is open to forgiving everyone but Foxy Brown. Beyoncé is being sued for $20 million dollars for using an authorized sample of a song from deceased artist, Messy Mya. The song in question is Beyoncé's huge hit, "Formation" which is now nominated for a Grammy. Speaking of the Grammy's, it has been announced that there will be a tribute for Prince and George Michael. Will you be watching?  In other news...
Christina Aguilera is putting the finishing touches on her new album. Soulja Boy claims he is going to be a father.Trey Songz has a new reality TV dating show on…

Beyoncé still set to perform concert after pregnancy announcement

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I've had a very busy social life. Now I'm back with some info you might of read about already or not. But here goes...
Days after announcing her pregnancy to the world, Beyoncé is still slated to perform at Coachcella this April in L.A. The word is that she will be having two special guests performing with her as well. One of those guests may very well be her husband, Jay Z. But who else could it be? Thoughts? Nicki Minaj has accused designer Gisueppe(sp) Zanotti of racism after she made claims online that he hasn't returned her calls after reaching out to him. She lamented about how the Zanotti used several references to Minaj without the proper credit or something to that effect. I was reading bits and pieces of the tweets as they made the blog rounds a few days ago and Nicki looks ridiculous in this whole thing. I would be worried about my mansion that just got robbed. And speaking of that, ex-boyfriend; Meek Mill was asked if he had …

Beyoncé reveals that she is expecting twins and Nicki Minaj reunites with Drake

Beyoncé broke the Internet today when she announced that she is pregnant with twins. This will be the second and third child for Beyoncé and husband Jay Z. The due date of the twins have no been revealed but judging from the picture Beyoncé seems to be a few months along. Beyoncé was all set to perform at this year's Coachcella festivities and I'm not sure how that is going to work out now. Now back to your regularly scheduled program! After he breakup with Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj as reunited with her and he ex's nemesis; Drake along with Lil' Wayne. The trio has been rumored to work on a project so maybe this will be what they have in the works. Stay tuned!