Remy Ma comes for Nicki Minaj in new dis track, "shEther"

Hey guys! I will be the first to inform you that today's post is a lengthy one. I discuss in detail the new dis track from Remy Ma aimed at Nicki Minaj.
Remy Ma has everyone talking when she dropped the the 7 minute dis track, "shEther" aimed at Nicki Minaj. Social media was abuzz as one would imagine with various reactions, funny memes, and opinions. In the track, Remy talks bad about Nicki's plastic surgery, her alleged sexual relationship with the Young Money camp, her alleged use of drugs, sleeping with Trey Songz, etc. It was a very revealing and surprising vicious dis track. I sat in awe in the back of my friend's truck as we all listened. I don't know exactly what the final straw was for Remy but I'm guessing it was the subliminal tracks that Nicki Minaj was featured on where she was taking shots at Remy. The two ladies have been trading jabs for awhile but both had denied they were going at each other. It was pretty clear that when they were doing these songs or collabos with other artists they had one person in mind the whole time. Remy said when asked about Nicki prior to this dis track was that if she has a problem with you, she would name you by name and that she did in this "shEther" track. After the song debuted, Nicki posted up an article on the disappointing sales of Remy Ma's collaboration album, "Plata O Plomo"(sp) which only sold $11,000 copies in its first week. But those sales are good for Remy since is an independent artist. Now if she were on a major, that would be horrid. But to some people the sales are horrid either way.
Trey Songz spoke out and denied ever having a sexual relationship with Nicki Minaj and I believe it. Now as far as the other things that were alleged, we have no concrete evidence. Nicki took time to call out Trey Songz for not immediately denying the rumor but he told Nicki she was just "mad" and he still loves her. It seemed like Nicki was getting mad at everyone but the person that just dissed the shit out of her. The true low blow in this whole epic rap dis was when Remy made light of the fact that Nicki's brother is a pedophile which he recently was arrested for. Now if Nicki does come back and make a dis track and if she mentions Remy's recent miscarriage, Remy can't be too mad about that cause you came for her brother. But Remy has no chill when it comes to dissing her adversaries. She's always made light of Foxy Brown's hearing problem which is a disability. We also know that Remy is about this life. She allegedly shot her friend in the stomach over some money and served 7 or 8 years in the pen. Nicki might want to be careful when she attacks back if she does.
I wonder can we expect something in the vein of "Roman's Revenge", a song aimed at Lil' Kim. It's funny because when that song was released, Remy was in jail and didn't have the best relationship with Remy but now Remy and Kim are cool. Kim and Nicki have never made up to this day and Kim had spent the last few years throwing jabs at Nicki and Nicki was doing the same. Well now has Nicki met her match in Remy Ma? Will Nicki respond back? That's the real question.
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