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Queen Pen Speaks, Keri Hilson's Favor

Video: Queen Pen dissing Rocsi
I must of missed this vid. I read that this was from last week but anywho. Female rapper Queen Pen responsible for hits such as "All My Love" and "Party Ain't A Party" sounds off on her beef with BET's Rocsi. Check it out!

Wow! I'm surprised at how much beef Rocsi has accumulated within the industry. That is not a good look for her or BET for that matter. I remember how awkward it was when she had to interview G-Unit after they dogged her out.

Audio: Keri Hilson feat Timbaland - Return The Favor
I know I haven't posted any audio lately so here you all go. It is the newest leaked song from Keri Hilson. Check it out!

I'm not really feeling this song. I know Keri has a huge following online but I'm still not quite sold on her. I will admit the fact that she is a bomb ass songwriter.

Music Feed: 50 Cent's Most Famous Beefs

No one can stir up controversy quite like 50 Cent. This has worked to his advantage and disadvantage. One, he always has people talking. Secondly a lot of the talk has turned people off in recent years. Despite the negative tones 50 is often associated with, he is still a huge money maker. Forbes magazine recently crowned the rapper as 2007's hugest money maker with a net worth of $150 million dollars. Obviously 50 is doing something right. In response to my recent R&Beef music feed, I turn my attention to 50 Cent and his most famous beefs. It is hard to imagine an artist 50 has not spoken out against. While I could sit here and type endlessly about his beefs I decided to profile only his most well known ones hence the title; 50 Cent's Most Famous Beefs!

vs. Mya
50 Cent claimed that he slept with Mya. When word got back to Mya, she casually denied the rumors. However, her response got her major kudos. The singer claimed that 50 got her mixed up with Lloyd Banks. It was an in…

Throwback Video: Nivea - Laundromat

This is one of my favorite videos. I always liked this song and of course no one can write a ghetto love anthem quite like R. Kelly. Just ask Truth Hurts, Sparkle, Mary J. Blige and countless other female artists. This was released at the beginning of R. Kelly's child molestation charges. Luckily for Kelly and Nivea this song managed to peak at #20 on the R&B charts and #52 on the Pop charts!

You will notice R Kelly isn't in the video due to his child molestation charges so former labelmate Nick Cannon stepped in as the wayward lover.

Akon, T-Pain Spoofed, Danity Kane Turmoil

Video: Akon & T-Pain Phone Conversation
Someone decided to poke fun at Akon and T-Pain by spoofing a phone conversation between the two using several of their hits. Watch the video to see what other rapper joins the fun!

Music News:
With the new season of "Making The Band" Danity Kane finds themselves in the headlines again. This time more rumors of the groups demise remain persistent. First there were whispers that Aubrey O'Day would leave the group. Now it is speculated that Dawn Richards will leave the group. This comes in response to several solo songs that has leaked from the DK member. Most of these songs are not new and were before she joined Danity Kane. Atlantic Records and Diddy have issued statements siting that the rumors are untrue. I think this is nothing more than a publicity ploy. When we see the girls of DK on "Making The Band" they get along fine. Its always Day26 who never gets along. It seems when the cameras aren't rolling we hear that…

Ne-Yo "Year Of The Gentleman" Tracklisting

After a few pushbacks, Ne-Yo is ready to release his 3rd album in 2 years, "Year Of The Gentleman". The album contains the top 10 hit single, "Closer". Ne-Yo just released his new single/video, "Miss Independent". Below you can check out the tracklisting and production notes!

1. “Closer” (Stargate & Ne-Yo)
2. “Nobody” (Kirven Arrington)
3. “Single” (Polow Da Don)
4. “Mad” (Stargate & Ne-Yo)
5. “Miss Independent” (Stargate & Ne-Yo)
6. “Why Does She Stay” (Stereotypes)
7. “Fade Into the Background” (Shomari “Sho” Wilson)
8. “So You Can Cry” (Syience)
9. “Part of the List” (Chuck Harmony)
10. “Back to What You Know” (Stargate & Ne-Yo)
11. “Lie to Me” (Shea Taylor)
12. “Stop This World” (Chuck Harmony)

Music News:
Singer Avant returns with his Capitol debut simply titled, "Avant" which will be in stores October 28. The album is led by first single, "When It Hurts". For the new album Avant collaborated with Trackmasters, Antonio Dixon &a…

Music Feed: R&Beef Revisited

Beef is a slang that has become associated with feuds between musicians. The word was very synonymous in Hip Hop circles at one time. Nowadays the "B" in R&B now means "beef" and not "blues". Well in some cases but not many. Anyway I did a post like this awhile ago. This new list I conjured up takes a look at recent beefs in recent years. All the info is to the best of my knowledge. Check it out!

Joe vs. R. Kelly
While promoting new album, "New Man", Joe claimed that R Kelly stifled his once budding career. Joe has never been a huge seller like R. Kelly but his former labelmate was out to get him. Ironically R Kelly produced Joe's hit single, "More & More".

Keyshia Cole vs. Mya
Mya was allegedly upset when Keyshia Cole(who was close friends with Mya) was a guest vocalist on Game's "Hold You Down" song. In the song Game pokes fun(or truthfully speaks) on his sexual relationship with Mya. If you recall Game mentione…

Jennifer Performs, Trina Uncut, Mariah's Chick

Video: Jennifer Hudson Performs National Anthem
As part of the National Democratic Convention. Check it out!

Personally I'll be glad when this whole Presidential thing is over. I'm tired of hearing about it!

Video: Trina feat Killer Mike - Look Back At Me
Check out this uncut version of the video you won't see on BET or MTV for that matter!

Music News:
Mariah Carey has chosen "That Chick" as her 4th single from her "E=MC2" album. "That Chick" has already been getting substantial play on Urban AC radio so its no surprise this was chosen. I know many will agree that Mariah and her camp went wrong with the single choices this go round. "Bye Bye" and "I'll Be Loving You Long Time" stalled and didn't do as well as Mariah and fans would of hoped I'm sure. Good luck with the new single.

Robin Thicke is "too white" to appear on the cover of Vibe magazine. When the singer did a recent story for the mag, they shot him…

T.I.'s Paper Trail, Kelly Rowland's Nike Ad

You've seen the album cover for T.I.'s new album, "Paper Trail" in stores September 30. Now after a few pushbacks and leaks, the official tracklisting has been released. You can check it out below! T.I. currently has the #1 single in the country with "Whatever You Like".

01. 56 Bars (Intro)
02. I'm Illi
03. Ready For Whatever
04. On Top Of The World (Feat. Ludacris and B.o.B)
05. Live Your Life (Feat. Rihanna)
06. Whatever You Like
07. Like I Do (Feat. The-Dream)
08. No Matter What
09. My Life Your Entertainment (Feat. Usher)
10. Porn Star
11. Swing Ya Rag (Feat. Swizz Beatz)
12. What Up, What's Happnin'
13. Every Chance I Get
14. Swagger Like Us (Feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z, & Lil Wayne)
15. Slide Show (feat. John Legend)
16. You Ain't Missin' Nothing
17. Dead And Gone (feat. Justin Timberlake)
18. Fell Off (Feat. Tiny) *[HIDDEN BONUS TRACK]

Video: Kelly Rowland Nike Ad

Kelly Rowland Nike+ Human Race
Uploaded by Sexy-Sport

Mariah's Video, Solange Speaks, Monica

First and foremost, I post these videos for your enjoyment. Secondly this is a music blog so what do you expect. Anyway due to my lousy computer playing up, I can't always hear the audio/video I post up. So I can't always give you an accurate description. If you really want to know what the video is about, I suggest you just watch it. So I'm simply saying this because I won't always give descriptions as to what the video contains. The heading will indicate what it is about to the best of my knowledge and what was shared with me. Thanks!

Video: The Best of Mariah Carey
Since I was actually able to hear this video, check out Mariah in some of her most zany and embarrassing moments on air. It is a fanmade video and it was done by a fan so its not intended to necessarily put her down in anyway! Enjoy!

Video: Solange Sets The Record Straight
While during press this week for her new album, Solange told off some nasty reporters. Well here is Solange once again clearing the air on…

Ace Hood Album Cover, Kanye's Graduation

Check out the album cover from Florida rapper Ace Hood. His debut album, "Gutta" featuring first single, "Cashflow" featuring Rick Ross & T-Pain will be in stores September 23.

Video: Kanye West - Good Morning
In a minute Kanye West will have filmed a video for every song off his "Graduation" album.

Music News:
Brandy will record a duet with John Legend for her upcoming album, "Human" in stores November 11. The singer has kept fans up-to-date with the various going-ons in her life. Her video for debut single, "Right Here(Departed)" will premiere September 2 on BET's "Access Granted". Go Bran!

T.I.'s newest single, "Whatever You Like" is the #1 song in the country! Meanwhile Jazmine Sullivan's "Need U Bad" feat Missy Elliott is #1 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts.

Game Surprises, DMX Flips Out Again

Video: Game Performs
Game is on a roll right now! In this particular video, Game brings out some former nemesis. Check it out!

Video: DMX Goes Off In Court
Its no longer a surprise to learn that DMX is in more trouble. Well...maybe just a little. Here the troubled rapper lashes out on a judge! Check it out!

Game, Young Jeezy Perform, Shanice

Hello all! Thank you for your continued support each day! These first two videos featured contain special guests. So even if you don't care to exactly watch maybe the special guests will be enough to convince you otherwise.

Video: Game Performs
With his new release "L.A.X." in stores now, Game has been hitting the tour circuit and this time he buries the hatchet with an old nemesis. Check out the clip to see who it is! *Hint* It's not 50 Cent!

Video: Young Jeezy Performs
Watch to see what special guest Jeezy brings out. Jeezy's upcoming album, "The Recession" will be in stores September 2. I also heard the album recently leaked.

Video: B Scott Interviews Shanice
Known for hits such as "I Love Your Smile" and "Saving Forever For You", Shanice sits down with the one and only B Scott. Check it out!

I have always liked Shanice. Her "21 Ways To Grow" album is one of my favorites from her catalog.

K-Ci & Jo Jo Fall Flat, Solange's Disco

Video: K-Ci & Jo Jo Fall Out
Here we go again. Another infamous video of the moment. This time former band Jodeci now reduced to K-Ci & Jo Jo performs "All My Life" when Jo Jo suddenly falls out! Check it out!

Wow! What an extreme fall from grace. Ever since Jodeci broke up, all the members of Jodeci have went downhill. K-Ci & Jo Jo had a good thing going for a moment as a duo now they all look cracked out. Shame!

Video: Solange - Sandcastle Disco[live]
Solange stops by David Letterman to perform her latest single. Check it out!

T-Pain Believes, Keri Slow Dances

Video: T-Pain feat Lil' Wayne - Can't Believe It
The first single/video from T-Pain's upcoming "Thr33 Ringz" album in stores September 30.

Audio: Keri Hilson - Slow Dance
Here is the newest leaked song from Keri Hilson. Not being really sold on Keri as a solo artist, this is truly the first song I really like from her. Check it out!

Nelly Grilled, T.I.'s Life, Dr. Dre's Son Dead

Video: Nelly Interview
Nelly gets grilled over his controversial video "Tip Drill" and more. Check it out!

Audio: T.I. feat. Rihanna - Living My LIfe
Yet another song has leaked from T.I.'s upcoming, "Paper Trail" album. Check it out!

Music News:
Dr. Dre's son found dead! Read the excerpt below for more info!
The Los Angeles County Coroner reported today that the son of hip hop record producer and rapper Dr. Dre has died. Andre Young Jr. was found dead at his home in Woodland Hills on Saturday morning.

Young was out the previous night and returned home around 5:30 A.M., according to Assistant Chief Ed Winter. His mother went to check on him in his bedroom around 10 A.M., found him unresponsive, and called 911. He was 20 years of age.

The cause of death is pending completion of a toxicology report.American Idol just got more interesting! The hit reality show just added a fourth judge. Read below for more details!
Grammy-Nominated songwriter Kara DioGuardi has joined …

New Audio from Frankie J & Jon B.

Audio: Frankie J - Runaway
Perhaps best known for his feature on Baby Bash's "Sugar Sugar", R&B/Pop singer Frankie J hits us with his latest song. Check it out!

Audio: Jon B. - So Sexy
Before Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake, Jon B. ruled the R&B radio airwaves with his smooth tenor. Now back on the scene with an upcoming album, Jon B. unleashes this cut! Check it out!

New Album Covers from Joe & Maino

Check out the new album cover from Joe! His new album, "A New Man" will be in stores September 23. The album is preceded by the singles, "E.R." and "A New Man". Joe recently spoke out against R. Kelly. The singer claimed his former labelmate stifled his career. Now signed with Kedar Entertainment, the singer is anxious to start a new beginning hence the title, "New Man". I'm not the biggest Joe fan but I do love songs from him such as "Stutter", "Good Girls", and "More & More"(produced by R Kelly...strangely enough)!

He was long rumored to be a ghostwriter for Lil' Kim. Whether or not its true I don't know much about Maino. I do know the NY MC had beef with Foxy Brown and some other rappers. His single, "Hi Hater" has become somewhat of an anthem for obvious reasons. Originally scheduled for release September 30, the album will now be released December 30. Just recently a friend of mine told…

New Audio from Trey Songz, T.I., Michelle

Audio: Trey Songz - Hold It
Like many artists Trey Songz always keeps a song out in the streets. Trey is scheduled to release his new album, "Ready" this December. Check this out!

Audio: T.I. - Let My Beat Pound
Songs from T.I.'s upcoming "Paper Trail" album keep leaking everyday. Here is the latest! Check it out!

Video: Michelle Williams - Lose My Breath Medley/Hungover
The spunky Ms. Michelle Williams takes us back with a medley of "Lose My Breath" by Destiny's Child followed by new joint, "Hungover". Check it out!

New Audio from Beyonce, Cassie Is Official

Audio: Various Artists - Just Stand Up
Beyonce, Rihanna, Ashanti, and Mariah Carey are just some of the artists who contribute to this song.

Video: Cassie feat Lil' Wayne - Official Girl
Friday night Cassie premiered this video on MTV's "FNMTV". Check it out!

New Audio from T.I., Rihanna's Rehab

Audio: T.I. feat Usher - My Life Your Entertainment
This song is pretty bland. I was expecting more with someone like Usher being featured. Still I am actually looking forward to hearing T.I.'s album.

Audio: T.I. feat. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, and Jay-Z - Swagger Like Us

Music News:
Def Jam continues to milk Rihanna for all she is worth. The label plans to release "Rehab" as Rihanna's next single. This album, "Good Girl Gone Bad" has had so many singles I have lost count. I'm not mad at them though. I think you should promote an album to its full extent.

Video: Angie Martinez Interviews Nelly

Usher's Traffic, Ne-Yo's Miss, John's Light

Audio: Usher - Traffic
Check out this newly leaked song from Usher. I have no idea where this is from.

Video: Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

Video: John Legend - Green Light

Music News:
Da Brat has been sentenced to 3 years in prison! Read below for more info:
Shawntae “Da Brat” Harris, 34, has been sentenced to 3 years in prison, Friday, as a result of hitting and slashing a women in the face with a bottle of rum last Halloween. TMZ is reporting that Da Brat will also receive 7 years probation.

About six members of Harris’ family wept when a sheriff’s deputy took her into custody. “I love y’all,” Da Brat said as she was led out of the courtroom. “We love you, too,” the relatives replied in unison.Robin Thicke & Mary J. Blige will be going on tour together! Read below for more info:
Mary J. Blige and Robin Thicke will hit the road together in North America this fall, beginning Sept. 13 in Charleston, S.C. The R&B stars have dates on tap through Oct. 19 in Los Angeles.

Blige will out behind …

Terrance's Sanctuary, Bow Wow's Marco

Video: Terrance Howard - Sanctuary

T Howard
Uploaded by ch1c

Video: Bow Wow feat Soulja Boi - Fresh Azimiz/Marco Polo
Taken from BET's "106 & Park" 2000th episode!

Music News:
Raven-Symone plans to work with Sean Garrett and The Clutch on a new album on a new label in the near future. Symone recently left[or got dropped]from Hollywood Records after dismal sales of her latest album, "Raven-Symone". I love Raven. I think she is a very positive role model for young women. Her music on the hand is a whole different story. Much success to her though. I think she should go back to TV honestly.

Omarion is working with Timbaland and Pharrell Williams on his next album. Omarion was recently released from Sony Records. There is no word on what recording label he is on now. Omarion recently cut his hair off too. I guess that is the thing to do nowadays. I liked Omarion's last album, "21" but for some reason after "Ice Box" the label pulled the plug.


Chante Moore, Nicki Minaj Video Interviews

Video: Chante Moore Interview
The lovely Chante Moore talks candidly about life, her career, and what song was stolen from her. Check it out!

I have always liked Chante Moore. I tend to like underrated singers like her the most.

Video: Nicki Minaj Interview
The saucy Ms. Nicki Minaj talks about her upcoming album, her tongue, and more. Check it out!

Queen Latifah's Bees, Maxwell's Woman

Video: The Secret Life of Bees Trailer
Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Hudson star. Check out the trailer below!

Video: Maxwell - This Woman's Work[live]
The reclusive Maxwell made a special appearance to perform one of his well known songs, "This Woman's Work" originally recorded by Kate Bush[google her]. Check it out!

I recently profiled Maxwell on my Top 5 list of artists who take long breaks in between albums.

Music News:
Former Destiny's Child member LeToya has been missing in action. Well have no fear the singer is working on a new album. The untitled album features production from Babyface, Rodney Jerkins, and Tricky Stewart just to name a few. I liked LeToya's last album and I'm eager to hear the new one.

Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Ashanti, and Beyonce all on the same track? Can you believe it? Click here to read the full story!

LL's Exit 13, Estelle's Pretty, Ciara's T-Pain

1. It’s Time For War
2. Old School New School
3. Feel My Heart Beat (Feat. 50 Cent)
4. Get Over Here (Feat. It’s Ya Girl Nicolette, Jiz, Lyrikal & Ticky Diamondz)
5. Baby (Feat. The-Dream)
6. You Better Watch Me
7. Cry (Feat. Lil’ Mo)
8. Baby (Rock Remix) (Feat. Richie Sambora)
9. Rocking With The G.O.A.T.
10. This Is Ring Tone M… (Feat. Grandmaster Caz)
11. Like A Radio (Feat. Ryan Leslie)
12. I Fall In Love (Feat. Elan of The DEY)
13. Ur Only A Customer
14. Mr. President (Feat. Wyclef Jean)
15. American Girl
16. Speedin On Da Highway / Exit 13 (Feat. Funkmaster Flex)
17. Come And Party With Me (Feat. Fat Joe & Sheek Louch)
18. We Rollin’
19. Dear Hip Hop

Video: Estelle - Pretty Please

Music News:
It has been revealed that Ciara's lead single for her upcoming "Fantasy Ride" album is titled, "Go Girl" featuring T-Pain. The original lead single, "High Price" featuring Ludacris was pulled due to it leaking early. Ciara's "Fantasy Ride" is now set to b…

JD Gives Sneak Peek, Ne-Yo's Independent

Video: JD Goes To Janet's Rehearsal
Not only is Jermaine Dupri one of the richest men in Hip Hop, he dates Janet Jackson. One of the perks of dating Janet Jackson is videos like this. Check out an exclusive clip behind the scenes as Janet and crew prepare for her upcoming "Rock With U" tour.

If Janet wasn't with JD I don't think we'd get the intimate videos we have gottten of her in the past. That is one good thing he has done for Janet. I know fans are mixed about what he brings to her musically but creatively you got to give him a little credit.

Video: Ne-Yo - Miss Independent Teaser

Music News:
Labelmates Jennifer Hudson and Jazmine Sullivan will appear together on a track titled, "I'm His Only Woman". The song is set to appear on Jennifer Hudson's debut album. The song was written and produced by Missy Elliott. I'm not sure if the track appears on Jazmine's album because her tracklisting came out already and the title doesn't app…

Top 5 Artists Who Take Long Breaks Between Albums

Here I go again with another Top 5 list. These lists are created solely by me. Today I decided to take a look at artists who make us wait forever in between albums. You know those waits can be excruciating. I mean anyone should appreciate an artist taking their time on their record. Sometimes though personal hardships, numerous setbacks, and perfection takes precedence over everything. If you are wondering how this list was put together, let me explain. I took a look at artists who take long breaks in between full-length[new material]records. I excluded any type of compilations such as "best of" or "live" recordings. Check out the list below!

1. Lauryn Hill
There have been rumors over the last decade that Lauryn has been recording a new album. While she has been a fixture on the tour circuit, a new album has yet to materialize.
Time between albums: 10 years and counting

2. D'Angelo
His personal problems[weight gain, alcoholism]have taken precedence over his music …

Forbes 2008 List of Top Hip Hop Earners

50 Cent may not move[album]units like he used to but that has not stopped his cash flow. The controversial rapper tops Forbes annual list of the Top Hip Hop Earners for 2008. Check the list out below. There are a few surprises on here[to me].

1. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson: $150 million
2. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter: $82 million
3. Sean “Diddy” Combs: $35 million
4. Kanye West: $30 million
5. Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley: $22 million
6. Pharrell Williams: $20 million
7. Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean: $17 million
8. Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus: $16 million
9. André “Dr. Dre” Young: $15 million
10. Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges: $14 million
11. Clifford “T.I.” Harris: $13 million (tie)
11. Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter: $13 million (tie)
12. Marshall “Eminem” Mathers: $12 million (tie)
12. Lonnie “Common” Lynn Jr.: $12 million (tie)
12. Aliaune “Akon” Thiam: $12 million (tie)
13. Jermaine Dupri: $11 million (tie)
13. Jonathan “Lil Jon” Smith: $11 million (tie)
14. OutKast: $10 million (tie)
14. Hakeem “Chamillionaire” Ser…

LL Cool J, Nas Cover The Source

Check out LL Cool J and Nas on the latest issues of Source Magazine. Wow! I can't remember the last time I picked up let alone read Source magazine. I only buy magazines if someone I really like appears on the cover.

Video: Brandy Behind The Scenes

With her new album, "Human" on the horizon, Brandy takes viewers behind the scenes for the upcoming video for "Right Here(Departed)". Check it out!

The Top 5 Trouble Prone Artists

Trouble seems to follow them wherever they go. You would think that trouble was their middle name. I take a look at artists who are always in trouble with the law. Check it out!

1. DMX - Recently crowned the bad boy of Hip-Hop, DMX has been arrested numerous times in the past month. Everything from theft to failing to appear in court has tarnished this rapper's reputation.

2. Amy Winehouse - No tabloid magazine is complete without Winehouse. Whether she is giving paparazzi the middle finger or being caught with a crack pipe, there is no shame in her game.

3. Foxy Brown - She has cleaned her act up in recent months. Before that Foxy was always into some type of altercation whether it be cell phone attacks or spitting on people. Luckily for her she is finally working on her temper.

4. T.I. - As cool and laid-back as T.I. is you would never suspect him to be caught up in so much drama. Well it just goes to show his lyrics are really true to form.

5. Snoop Dogg - He just can't catch a …

Solange's Valentine, PCD, Michelle Williams

Audio: Solange - Valentine's Day
With all these Solange album track leaks, you know what the means. The full retail leak is on the horizon. Check this cut out now!

Of couse its obvious to compare Solange to big sis, Beyonce. Solange is starting to remind me more of Amy Winehouse wise that is.

Music News:
Another one bites the dust. The Pussycat Dolls find their upcoming album, "Doll Domination" pushed back a week to September 23. The album is preceded by lead single, "When I Grow Up". The album sports collaborations from Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett, Rodney Jerkins, and R. Kelly[I think]. September is shaping up to be a big month for music as numerous releases are set to debut. Check the "Coming Soon" section for a complete list.

Another one bites the dust. Michelle Williams' upcoming album, "Unexpected" has leaked! The album which was recently pushed back to October 7 features the hit, "We Break The Dawn". I'm not too bi…

Jazmine Sullivan "Fearless" Album Cover/Tracklisting

Check out the album cover for newbie Jazmine Sullivan. Her debut album, "Fearless" will be released on September 23. It features the hit single, "Need U Bad" featuring Missy Elliott. I actually saw this album cover a few days ago. I was told that it was not official but Amazon has it up. If Amazon has it up, its official until otherwise noted. I recently posted the tracklising but you can check it out[again]if you missed it.

1. Bust Your Windows
2. Dream Big
3. Need U Bad
4. Foolish Heart
5. Lions, Tigers, and Bears
6. After the Hurricane
7. Call Me Guilty
8. One Night Stand
9. Best of Me
10. Switch!
11. Fear
12. In Love With Another Man

Raphael Saadiq "The Way I See It" Album Cover/Tracklisting

Check out the new album cover from producer/singer/songwrinter Raphael Saadiq. The former frontman of Tony Toni Tone has produced hits for TLC, Joss Stone, and Kelis just to name a few. The album is preceded by first single, "Love That Girl". The album will be in stores September 16. Check out the tracklisting below!

1. Sure Hope You Mean It
2. 100 Yard Dash
3. Keep Marchin'
4. Big Easy - (featuring The Infamous Young Spodie/Rebirth Brass Band)
5. Just One Kiss - (featuring Joss Stone)
6. Love That Girl
7. Calling
8. Staying In Love
9. Oh Girl
10. Let's Take A Walk
11. Never Give You Up - (featuring Stevie Wonder/CJ)
12. Sometimes
13. Oh Girl [Remix] - (remix, featuring Jay-Z)

Video: Solange - Sandcastle Disco

Check out the new video from Solange. It is from her upcoming album, "Sol-Angel & Hadley Street Dreams" in stores August 26.

This is a cool video. It kinda reminds me of "I Decided" though. I'm really looking forward to hearing Solange's album in full. A lot of the songs have leaked in full or in snippet form. I have been impressed with everything so far.

Joe's Friends, Brandy's Human, Keri Hilson

Video: Joe - Why Just Be Friends

Music News:
Brandy will release her new album, "Human" on November 11. The album is preceded by first single, "Right Here(Departed)" produced by Rodney Jerkins. The album sports collaborations with Brian Kennedy[worked with Rihanna], RedOne[worked with Kat DeLuna], and James Fauntleroy[worked with Jordin Sparks]. Confirmed songs include: Torn Down, Long Distance, Piano Man, and Fall. Wow! I can't believe it! Brandy is actually releasing a new album.

Another one bites the dust. Keri Hilson who is riding high with hit single, "Energy" has pushed back her album, "In A Perfect World" to October 7. The album was originally scheduled to be released on September 23. I don't know why they are pushing her album back. Her single is climbing the charts every week and her original release date was still a month away. Well its no longer a surprise when albums get pushed back.

Butta Creme's Sugar, Musiq's Radio, Brandy

Video: Butta Creme - Sugar Daddy
This Pretty Ricky protege which appears on their first single, "Cuddle Up" releases their first video.

It's always nice to see a new girl group hit the scene. In the back of my mind though I always wonder how long they will be around. Judging by the look and sound of this group, they may manage one hit. Then again you never know that can become bigger than Destiny's Child......................NOT!

Video: Musiq - Radio
Debut video from upcoming album in stores this September.

I see Musiq is still donning the shades. I guess that has become his trademark. We all know why he truly wears them right? Well I think its time he got that problem fixed especially if he has the money. I know I would but that's just me!

Music News:
As expected Ms. Brandy has returned to the music scene with her new single, "Right Here (Departed)" produced by longtime collaborator Rodney Jerkins. Click here to listen to the new tune! I am a fan of Brandy bu…

Bow Wow, G-Unit Speak Out, Jazmine Sullivan

Video: Bow Wow Interview
Nothing is off limits as Bow Wow speaks on a number of rumors and various celebs he's been affiliated with. Check it out!

Video: Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Speak
Apparently these G-Unit comrades take the time to list all their adversaries and who's careers they've ended. Unfortunately they failed to mention that in the process, they ended their own careers. Check it out!

Music News:
Jazmine Sullivan will release her debut album, "Fearless" on September 16[or 23]. The album is lead by hit single, "Need U Bad" featuring Missy Elliott. I recently conducted a poll asking everyone who they preferred more, Sullivan or labelmate Jennifer Hudson. Below you can check out the tracklisting to her album:
1. Bust Your Windows
2. Dream Big
3. Need U Bad
4. Foolish Heart
5. Lions, Tigers, and Bears
6. After the Hurricane
7. Call Me Guilty
8. One Night Stand
9. Best of Me
10. Switch!
11. Fear
12. In Love With Another Man

The "VH1 Hip Hop Honors" are…

Syleena's Pain, Rihanna Disturbs, Britney

Check out the new album cover from Syleena Johnson. Johnson is responsible for hits such as "Guess What" and "Hypnotic". Known primarily for her work with R. Kelly, Syleena was formely signed to Jive Records where she released three albums. Now with Federal/Universal Records she is releasing "Chapter 4: Labor Pains" on September 2. The album is preceded by first single, "Shoo Fly" produced by Traxster[worked with Mariah Carey].

While Syleena certainly has an astounding and soulful voice, she has never quite been my cup of tea.

Music News:
Rihanna who is currently riding high with the re-release of her "Good Girl Gone Bad" album has reached #1 with her latest single, "Disturbia". Just weeks ago Rihanna topped the list with "Take A Bow" and now this. Though this was bound to happen. Rihanna is reported to be releasing a "Greatest Hits" album this Christmas. So soon? Well it is but she does have tons of hits tho…

Omarion Cuts, Michelle Breaks The Dawn

Video: Omarion Cuts His Hair
Like every other singer with braids, Omarion has decided to chop off his signature braids. Go behind the scenes for this monumental event! Check it out!

Video: Michelle Williams Performs on Wendy Williams/Interview
Check out Part 1 with Performance and Part 2[after this]for the interview.

Video: Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane on Wendy Williams

Perhaps the most controversial member of Danity Kane, Aubrey O' Day stops by Wendy to talk about her Broadway debut, Diddy, and the future of Danity Kane. Check it out!

Ne-Yo's Album Tracklisting, Sean Paul

Check out the tracklisting for the upcoming Ne-Yo album, "Year of The Gentleman" in stores September 16. The album is preceded by the singles, "Closer" and "Miss Independent".

It's You
Don't Go
Miss Independent
Let's Just Be Friends
Know What I'm Talking About (featuring Nas & Jay-Z)
In Luv
Breakin' Up
Stop This World
So You Can Cry
Not Perfect
What's the Matter
Feels Better (featuring Talib Kweli)
Somebody Dumb
What I Feel

Music News:
After being ditched by the producers for the upcoming James Bond "Quantam Of Solace" theme, Amy Winehouse has shot back! The troubled singer plans to release her version, possibly even on the same day as Alicia's version. Amy also believes that her song would be a bigger hit had it been initially chosen. Blame Winehouse's recent troubles and spats with the producers for holding on the gig. Well better luck next time. Meanwhile Amy needs to be in the studio banging out a new album.


Kanye's Champion, PCD Clubs, Lil' Wayne

Video: Kanye West - Champion
Here is the 6th single/video from Kanye West's double platinum, "Graduation" album. Check it out!

This song was actually one of my favorites and I think the video is pretty cool.

Audio: Pussycat Dolls feat R. Kelly - Out Of This Club
The Pied Piper of R&B hooks up with the lovely ladies of PCD. Check it out!

I'm not sure if this appears on PCD's upcoming "Doll Domination" album or not. I guess once the track listing is released, we'll know for sure.

Music News:
Rumors going around that Lil' Wayne's daughter was killed in a car accident are not true. I got a few text messages yesterday about it and I read messages on message boards I check. Well I am glad it is not true. With the recent deaths of Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, we all don't need to be hit with more news of a death. Even though Lil' Wayne's daughter is not famous[yet]it would still be a tragic situation had it been true.

Recently I profiled T-P…

Video: Ashanti Interview

Blogger B Scott goes backstage with Ashanti after an performance to talk about her "Good Good", Nelly, and the haters. Check it out!

Joe Budden Touch & Go, Ne-Yo's Cry

Video: Joe Budden - Touch & Go[behind the scenes]
Check out the behind the scenes for the video which will air in September.

Joe Budden will release his oft-delayed album, "Padded Room" on October 28. The album is preceded by first single, "Touch & Go".

Audio: Ne-Yo - So You Can Cry
Newly leaked track from Ne-Yo's upcoming album, "Year of the Gentleman" in stores September 16.

Usher Bad, Ludacris' Wish, Yung Berg

Audio: Usher - Bad Mutha
A newly leaked Usher track has leaked out. This comes on the heels of his recent firing of his manager and publicist. Can we say re-release?

This song is not bad. I think it would of been a perfect inclusion on the "Here I Stand" album as it would of mixed things up a little. The album in my opinion was very bland and didn't offer much in variety.

Audio: Ludacris feat T.I. - Wish You Would
Former rivals hook up for newly leaked track set to appear on Luda's upcoming "Theater Of The Mind" album in stores this fall.

I just felt like this song should of been harder. Ludacris is a wizard with words but his latest leaked material hasn't impressed me.

Music News:
Yung Berg has let fame get to his head.......already! The rapper was arrested early Saturday morning for which began as a scuffle in a limo. You can read an excerpt below.
The driver reported a dispute with five passengers, and when police investigated the complaint, they arrested Be…

Keyshia's Heaven, Robin's Magic, Monica

Audio: Keyshia Cole feat Mario - Heaven Sent Remix
Keyshia remixes her latest and possibly biggest hit of her career thus far[9 weeks at #1 on the R&B charts]with singer Mario.

Audio: Robin Thicke feat Mary J. Blige - Magic Remix
Robin and Mary hook up again after their debut, "Ask Myself". Check it out!

Robin Thicke is said to be the opening act on Mary J Blige's upcoming fall tour. I didn't even know Mary was touring. I thought she was pretty much done with the "Growing Pains" album but apparently not.

Music News:
Thank goodness! Monica's first single off her upcoming album, "Still Standing" won't be the title track after all. Instead the singer has logged in more studio time with fiance Rocko, Keyshia Cole, R. Kelly, Polow Da Don, Babyface, and Missy Elliott. Look for Monica's new album in stores this winter.

After stealing the show at the BET awards En Vogue will reunite[again]and record a new album set for release in 2009. An upcomi…

Video: Eric Benet - You're The Only One

Perhaps best known as Halle Berry's ex husband, Eric Benet will release his new album, "Love & Life" on September 9.

Jennifer's Spotlight, Ciara's Fantasy, Missy

Music News:
Jennifer Hudson will release her self-titled debut album on September 30. The album sports collaborations from Ludacris, Timbaland, Robin Thicke, The Clutch, The Underdogs, Ne-Yo, and Stargate. First single, "Spotlight" is taking off and currently sits at #14 on the R&B charts. The second single is being touted as "Pocketbook" featuring Ludacris and it was written/produced by The Clutch and Timbaland. I am looking forward to Jen's album. If you would of asked me awhile back, I would of said no. J Records seems to really be pulling all the stops out for Jen. I just hope they don't drop the ball on her after her second album like they do with all their other urban acts.

Ciara may of had a few false starts as far as her first single is concerned. It has been rumored that "Work" may be in contention for her first single. Ciara's triple album, "Fantasy Ride" will be released this November. The album sports collaborations fro…

Pussycat Dolls "Doll Domination" Album Cover

This is definitely the year of the "Doll"s. First Danity Kane ruled with their "Welcome To The Dollhouse", now here comes PCD with "Doll Domination".

Poll: Jennifer Hudson or Jazmine Sullivan

For the month of September J Records will release debut recordings from Jennifer Hudson and Jazmine Sullivan. Both singers are scoring high with their respective singles, "Spotlight" and "Need U Bad" featuring Missy Elliott. With both singers albums on the horizon, who are you looking forward to more? Who do you like better? Sound off in the poll below!

Mariah's Love, Monica Standing, Amerie

Audio: Mariah Carey feat LL Cool J - I'll Be Loving U Long Time Remix
No one does a remix quite like Mariah Carey. This is a pretty pleasant remix but her remixes as of late don't compare to her 90s heyday. Enjoy!

Audio: Monica feat Ludacris - Still Standing[snippet]
Supposedly this is the lead single from Monica's upcoming album. Personally I think she needs to try again or she will have another "Everytime The Beat Drops" on her hand.

This saddens me because I am looking forward to Monica's new album but I don't like this.

Music News:
Amerie is making sure her Def Jam debut album will be a success. The singer has enlisted Will.I.Am, Bryan Michael Cox, The Neptunes, No I.D., and Bangladesh[worked with Kelis]. I am an Amerie fan so I am looking forward to her new album when its released.

Bobby Valentino has snagged a distribution deal through EMI which will release his new album, "The Rebirth" due later this year. Times are not only hard in regular ever…

T.I. Likes, Mary J. Sued, R. Kelly Jealous

Video: T.I. - Whatever You Like
This is the 2nd or[1st]single from T.I.'s new album, "Paper Trail" in stores September 30. Get into it!

After stalling with "No Matter What", this may be the song that will help this album take off as "WUL" has already placed high on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

Music News:
Mary J Blige is being sued for $2 million dollars! Mary's last hit, "Just Fine" was apparently stolen and used without permission. The song was created while producer Ron "Neef-U" Feemster[worked with Ashanti]was under contract with a production company. Basically the production company never gave anyone permission to use the song. I'm not surprised by this. The song was a huge hit for Mary and was in commercials. Had this song came out and flopped, I doubt there would be a lawsuit. But if someone is claiming you stole their music, to go court you go!

It looks like R. Kelly can't handle a little healty competition. Former la…

Usher Rehires, Toni Dances, Deborah Cox

After stalling with his new album, "Here I Stand" Usher has rehired his mother after letting her go. While "Love In This Club" was a #1 single, follow up single, "Moving Mountains" failed at radio. Usher's new single, "What's Your Name" impacts soon. Usher's album is pretty much platinum now if it hasn't reached it yet. Of course this album is looked at as a flop especially when your last album sold close to 10 million copies in the states alone.

Toni Braxton hasn't had the best year with her recent health scares. Despite those minor setbacks the artist is set to join ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" show set to air this September. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is also set to join. The full cast will be revealed later this month. I have never really watched "Dancing With The Stars". It just never really interested me but more power to Toni!

Deborah Cox will release "The Promise" on November 11. …

Young Jeezy Crazy, Cassie's House, Plies

Audio: Young Jeezy - Crazy World
Check out the 2nd single from Young Jeezy's upcoming "The Recession" album in stores September 2.

Audio: Cassie - My House
Here is a newly leaked track from Cassie's upcoming album due in 2009. Check it out!

Music News:
Plies who is currently riding high with a hit album["Definition Of Real"] a pair of hit singles["Bust It Baby", "Please Excuse My Hands"]has chosen "#1 Fan" featuring Keyshia Cole & J. Holiday as his third single.

Another one bites the dust. Robin Thicke finds his upcoming album, "Something Else" pushed back to September 30. The album is led by the single, "Magic" which is already a top 10 R&B hit!

Terrance Howard's Album Cover, Yung Berg

Check out the debut album cover for actor turned musician Terrance Howard. The album will be in stores on September 2.

Audio: Yung Berg feat Amerie - Get Your Number
Check out this newly leaked track from Yung Berg's "Look What You Made Me" album in stores August 12.

Audio: Sammie - One Way Street
This is the first single from Sammie's upcoming album due very soon. Check it out!

Music News:
Another one bites the dust. Cassie's upcoming album has been pushed back to 2009. Everything was set to roll with the release of her "Official Girl" single featuring Lil' Wayne. Apparently Lil' Wayne couldn't save Cassie so its back to the drawing board. Despite the pushback Cassie's "Official Girl" video will premiere August 22 on "FNMTV".

Danity Kane Is Yours, Mario's Green Light

Audio: Danity Kane - It's Yours
The fabulous ladies of Danity Kane hits us with this newly leaked track. I'm not sure where it is from but check it out!

Audio: Mario - Green Light
Here is yet another leaked track from Mario. Check it out!

For some reason Mario just can't keep his songs secure. They leak out by the dozen. See that was the problem with his last album, "Go". All the songs kept leaking. When the album finally came out, it was no longer fresh to me. I think they could of switched it up a bit but oh well. Mario is currently working on his 3rd album. At this rate the release date[whatever it may be]won't be anytime soon with all these leaks.

Video: Karina - Can't Find The Words

Singer/songwriter Karina hits us with her latest video/single which was produced by Ryan Leslie. Check it out!

Solange Live, LL Cool J Pushed Back

Video: Solange - T.O.N.Y.[live]
I posted this awhile back. I am posting it again for another blogger who was looking for it. If you haven't checked this out the first time, here is your chance. The video also features Estelle & Ledisi.

Music News:
Another one bites the dust. LL Cool J finds his upcoming album, "Exit 13" pushed back to September 9. The album is led by hit single, "Baby" featuring The-Dream.

Audio: Amerie - Just What I Needed (To See U)

On the heels of her recent signing to Def Jam Records, a new Amerie cut leaks out which is reportedly from her Def Jam debut.

Listening to this song makes me feel like this song could of easily come from her "All I Have" album. I wonder is she taking it back to that sound. I know a lot of people want her to. Either way I digs Amerie. She is truly an innovator though she does go unnoticed the majority of the time.

Video: Maino Fights In The Club

New York rapper Maino is riding high with his single, "Hi Hater". During a recent performance, the crowd and onstage gatherers soon turned violent after a war of words between Maino and a concert goer. Check it out!

Audio: Solange - T.O.N.Y.

Ms. Solange is on a roll as she gets nearer to unveiling her new album, "Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams" in stores August 26. First the live version of this song leaked, now check out the studio version!

Mary J Covers Ciara, Monica Standing Tall

Audio: Mary J. Blige - Supernatural
Mary J. Blige covers this Ne-Yo produced song which originally leaked as a track by Ciara. Check it out!

Music News:
Monica has changed the title of her upcoming album, "Lessons Learned" to "Still Standing". The new title is also the lead track from her upcoming album due this fall. You can catch Monica on Peachtree TV when her show, "The Single: Monica" debuts August 5. Out of all the new releases scheduled this fall, I'm looking forward to Mo most.

While her latest album, "The Declaration" has exactly set the charts on fire, Ashanti has began working on a new album. The album is in its early stages so not more info is available. Regardless of how "The Declaration" fared it is one of my favorite albums this year. Check it out if you haven't already!

Another one bites the dust. Ne-Yo's upcoming album, "Year Of The Gentleman" has been pushed back to September 16. The album is led by s…

Music Feed: Producer Extraordinaires

Follow these brief introductions:
Turn on your radio
What song do you hear?
Chances are it was produced by one of the producers below.

In-demand they are. No big budget superstar release is complete without them. Their songs; MEMORABLE. Their hits; COUNTLESS. Their sound; RECOGNIZABLE.

Check out the list of producers who have produced some of your favorite songs.

Rodney Jerkins
Perhaps he is best known for his work with Brandy. It was his work with Brandy that catapulted Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins into a hit producer.
Most popular hit: Brandy & Monica - "The Boy Is Mine"

We have to thank Missy Elliott for introducing Timbaland into our musical soundscape. He, along with Missy Elliott would later develop a sound that other producers would mimic.
Most popular hit: Justin Timberlake - "Sexyback"

Polow Da Don
His sound is all his own. At the same time his sound is so indistinguishable. We are often surprised at his hits. He is one of the few producers to h…