Usher Bad, Ludacris' Wish, Yung Berg

Audio: Usher - Bad Mutha
A newly leaked Usher track has leaked out. This comes on the heels of his recent firing of his manager and publicist. Can we say re-release?

This song is not bad. I think it would of been a perfect inclusion on the "Here I Stand" album as it would of mixed things up a little. The album in my opinion was very bland and didn't offer much in variety.

Audio: Ludacris feat T.I. - Wish You Would
Former rivals hook up for newly leaked track set to appear on Luda's upcoming "Theater Of The Mind" album in stores this fall.

I just felt like this song should of been harder. Ludacris is a wizard with words but his latest leaked material hasn't impressed me.

Music News:
Yung Berg has let fame get to his head.......already! The rapper was arrested early Saturday morning for which began as a scuffle in a limo. You can read an excerpt below.
The driver reported a dispute with five passengers, and when police investigated the complaint, they arrested Berg and an associate. Berg was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of marijuana, and menacing.
Yung Berg really annoys me. I feel like he just says and does things for attention. What's worse is that he always ends up looking like an ass.
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