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Chris Brown, Tyson Beckford spotted in Vegas again and Joe Budden is on the run

The iHeart radio pool party went down last night in Vegas and in attendance and performing were the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Shaggy, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Ironically Chris Brown's former foe, Tyson Beckford was also in attendance. Tyson even snapchatted while Chris was performing on stage. This probably wouldn't of even happened last week but glad the men put the beef behind them. Speaking of behind, Joe Budden is on the run from the law. After failing to appear in court there is a warrant out for his arrest. The reality TV star was set to appear in court after physically abusing his girlfriend after he found out she was cheating. Where art thou Joe Budden? Does anyone even care though? I know I don't. Well folks enjoy your Sunday! Until next time! Thanks for reading!

R. Kelly reveals new album title and Young Thug associate charged with tour bus shooting

So R. Kelly has revealed that his new album will be titled, "The Buffet". When I first read this to myself, I laughed on the inside. I wonder what mess was R. Kelly going to hit us with this time. Explaining the album's title, he says that he wants to give all his fans, young and old a variety of music he's done over the years; the raunchy songs, the dance step songs, etc. I guess it makes sense now that he explained because at first, I was thinking the title further cemented R. Kelly's perversion. What do you think of the new album title? On a more a serious note, do you all remember when Lil' Wayne's tour bus was shot up in Atlanta? Well they apprehended the suspect who is said to be Young Thug's road manager. Isn't that crazy? So it looks like Young Thug allegedly sent his road manager for Lil' Wayne, first over the whole "Carter" album title and then his overall obsession with Wayne. What do you think? But this certainly doesn…

Music Video: Lil' Mama - Sausage

I really don't post a lot of videos but seeing that so many people are talking about this song and video, I figure if you haven't seen it you should. Two days ago Lil' Mama premiered the video to her new single, "Sausage". My friend had tagged me showing me a brief clip and I noted that it looked promising. But now seeing the entire visual, I can say its a good video and the song is not bad. The video has been getting a lot of traction on the Internet. In the video Lil' Mama pays homage to a variety of artists including Slick Rick, Missy Elliott,TLC, and Madonna. Check it out!

Beyonce's music may be pulled from TIDAL and Iggy Azalea cancels tour

Beyonce's music may be yanked from TIDAL, the new streaming service that she co-owns. Sony, the label that Beyonce records for is threatening to yank their entire roster of music from the service if TIDAL doesn't pay up for the rights of the songs. It seems like TIDAL is requesting a huge sum of money. But the question is will they get it? They keep being greedy Beyonce will mess around and walk away from Sony. They need her more than she needs them. More on this story as it develops. Iggy Azalea has called off her "The Great Escape Tour". It's being reported that Iggy will instead tour in 2016. This whole tour has been a mess from the very beginning. Iggy was cancelling tour dates left and right earlier this year so now comes this year. I guess its not really surprising. Some are saying she wasn't really selling tickets like that but I haven't read that yet. I just think the poor girl is stressed out and needs a break! What do you think? America's ne…

Flasback Friday: Anita Baker - Same Ole Love

"Same Ole Love" was the third single released from Anita Baker's 5x Platinum album, "Rapture". The song peaked at #8 R&B and #44 Pop in 1987.

Lil' Kim's baby daddy threatens to lawyer up and Ashanti and Ja Rule to tour in Australia

It's Flashback Friday today as you can see evident on the picture I posted today! Ha! This has to be at least from 2008-09 but I digress. Lil' Kim's baby daddy, Mr. Papers revealed on social media that he is coming for his daughter, with lawyers in tow! What's funny is I didn't know this man still existed. I thought he faded into oblivion. But apparently not! If you missed it yesterday, I revealed Ashanti has her a new man but she is also embarking on an Australian tour with Ja Rule. The tour will feature the famed duo together on a few spot dates starting in July. Australian readers, will you be attending? Mariah Carey says she won't be returning to "American Idol" in its final season! She called the show "fake" and said the show pitted two females against each other. That is true! "Idol" used the beef between Mariah and Nicki Minaj to lure viewers in. Some people may feel that was the beginning of the end of "Idol" whil…

Ashanti has a new man and Janet Jackson spotted in the dance studio

Ashanti has a new man! The word is Ashanti is dating NFL player Darnell Dockett who plays for the San Francisco 49ers. Ashanti tweeted her new boo yesterday wishing him a Happy Birthday! What's crazy is that I seen this tweet but just thought it was one of her super fans she was tweeting. I had no idea! I am happy for Ashanti though! Aww baby! Speaking of happy, a lot of people, including myself is happy for the return of Janet Jackson. The reclusive star was spotted going into a dance studio in L.A. They say Janet is rehearsing for her new tour but also said recording some type of video. Of course everything is hush hush but Janet herself shared the article on her timeline, complete with pictures. There's still no word on when we can expect this new music but Janet is keeping everything under wraps. I actually admire the secrecy because it leaves a lot to the imagination. It makes you anticipate it more and we don't anticipate a lot of albums nowadays. And I'm anticip…

Throwback Video: Cheryl Lynn - Encore

Cheryl Lynn, known primarily in R&B circles released her hit song, "Encore" in 1983. In 1984(the year I was born :), the song peaked at #1 on the R&B charts becoming Lynn's second #1 R&B hit. On the Pop charts the song peaked at #69 and #6 on the Dance charts. The song was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and this marked their first #1 R&B hit as a duo.

Kylie Jenner not pregnant and Anita Baker blocks Cheryl Lynn on Twitter

Kylie Jenner says she's not pregnant! R&B singer Cheryl Lynn(song: "Encore") went in on Anita Baker via social media when she discovered Anita blocked her. Lynn went on to say that Baker is jealous of her singing skills and after she ranted enough offered a semi apology. What do you think about Anita blocking Cheryl? I'm sure there is more to the story but we only know one side right now. But this feud can be filed under "strange" right along with the recent feud between Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford which has since been resolved. I've read that Anita Baker can be a little coocoo so who knows what the problem really is. Speaking of feuds, fans of Nicki Minaj have signed a petition against Iggy Azalea saying her award at the Billboard awards for "Best Rap Song" should be revoked. They are upset not only because Nicki didn't win but they say they song was released outside of the eligibility time. My gosh! Just let the girl live! I'm…

Azealia Banks to star in new movie and Frank Ocean hints at new music

Azealia Banks is headed to the big screen in the feature film, "It Doesn't Have To Rhyme" previously known as "Coco". The film stars Banks as a up and coming rapper who enrolls in college and when she's not easily accepted by her peers, she discovers her love for slam poetry. Jill Scott costars as Azealia's teacher as well as Common who stars as a mentor. RZA directs the film which starts production this week. Me being an Azealia fan I'm already sold on this and will be looking forward to it when its released. Another release I'm looking forward to is the upcoming album from Frank Ocean titled "Boys Don't Cry Part 1: States". It turns out that Frank created a new Soundcloud account with the new album title but purposely left it empty though a tracklisting has been revealed. No word on when we will hear the new music but I'm guessing its pretty soon. Nowadays we are seeing more and more artists drop music unannounced choosing to…

Audio: Tamar Braxton - If I Don't Have You

Tamar Braxton unleashes her new single, "If I Don't Have You". The song is available on iTunes. Her new album, "Calling All Lovers" will be in stores and online July 31. When I read of the title, I immediately thought of Keyshia Cole who had a similar titled album, "Calling All Hearts". So let me know what you think about the new Tamar Braxton song and more importantly what do you think of her new album title?

Chis Brown has an epiphany and Meek Mill denies engagement to Nicki Minaj

So it looks like Chris Brown finally realized how pathetic he was looking in regards to his feud with Tyson Beckford. Chris tweeted that he was "in my feelings" and went to express his regret for acting out. Good riddance! And Meek Mill says he and Nicki Minaj are not engaged as it was previously reported or rumored should we say. It all started when Nicki posted a ring on her finger on social media and the world went haywire. Next thing you know Meek Mill was arguing with Floyd Mayweather's ex girlfriend and a bunch of other nonsense ensued. Speaking of nonsense A$AP Rocky has tongues wagging on a new track that's been leaked out. For the life of me I don't know the name of it but I wasn't really pressed to find out the title. Anyway he's said to be dissing some of the women he smashed came across since he's been in the game. Those women on the receiving end of the disses are Rita Ora(movie: "50 Shades of Grey"), Iggy Azalea, and Rihanna. I…

Ciara the new face of Roberto Cavalli and Tyson Beckford cozies up to Mariah Carey

Your looking at a throwback picture right here circa 2005. It was a picture taken at the first place I started working at which is the same place I still work at just in a different building. Funny how fast time flies. And while Ciara may not be cashing in on her record sales she is keeping busy by being the new face of Roberto Cavalli. It's funny because her sometimes rival Rihanna is the face of another big designer, Dior. Hmm..its funny because last week Wendy Williams suggested that Ciara try modeling and it looks like she got wind of the advice long before it was solicited. Speaking of modeling, Tyson Beckford took time away from canoodling Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's ex and has now set his sights on Mariah Carey. The two cuddled up for a picture last night I'm guessing. I read the picture was taken on Snapchat. Anyway people were saying is Nick Cannon going to come for Tyson now? :) I doubt it but you never know. TheShadeRoom was referring to Tyson as "Mr. Ste…

Chris Brown feuds with Tyson Beckford over Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown should of be ashamed of himself. This is just sad. Personally I think this is another cry out for help. He's hurting. And it doesn't help to have a group of nothing ass guys behind you pumping you up. Like why are you beefing with Tyson Beckford of all people? I mean Chris Brown once beefed with Frank Ocean of all people so I guess no one is off limits. Hey y'all! Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all are enjoying or have enjoyed your weekend festivities. I know I did! And while we were all cooking, drinking, dancing, laughing, etc. a feud has erupted between Chris Brown and model Tyson Beckford. And to be honest I'm still saying what the fuck? It is probably one of the most interesting and awkwardest feuds thus far of the year. It all started when Tyson and Chris' ex Karrueche Tran took a picture. And we all know Chris Brown being the person he is, felt some type of way about this and blasted Tyson. Chris got his chain gang in tow and headed to Vegas but …

50 Cent threatens to sue Rick Ross over sextape

Hey y'all! So I was reading that 50 Cent is threatening to sue Rick Ross. Why? Because 50 Cent leaked out his baby mama's sex tape awhile back. Have you seen it? The move caused Ross' baby mama emotional distress and worse, suicide. Now 50 Cent wants to sue Rick Ross if he loses the case citing that he wouldn't had possession of the tape if it weren't for Rick Ross. I don't know the rest of this story and frankly I'm not sure if you want to either. 50 is too messy for words! Let your Memorial Day weekend begin people! Mine began yesterday. If your bored and not doing much look back at some of my prior posts or you may never know I may pop up with an update or two over the weekend. Enjoy!

Nicki Minaj to collab with Jay Z and Ciara sets the record straight on her dating life

Hey ya'll! So I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Instagram and I seen Nicki Minaj say that she was releasing a collaboration with Jay Z in three days then deleted the tweet. Hmm will this be yet another TIDAL exclusive? I guess we shall see. Nicki previously collaborated with Jay Z on Kanye Wests' song "Monster". And yesterday I reported that Ciara and her new man Russell Wilson had broken up and I only said that because I heard it on "Wendy" but turns out even Ms. Wendy is wrong. Ciara reminded everyone via social media that she was very much still with her new man when she posted a picture. So there you go on that! And I read some nonsense about Flavor Flav getting arrested but what else is new?

Throwback Video: Me'lisa Morgan - Do Me Baby on "Soul Train"

For today's throwback video, I took it all the way back to the year 1985. I was only 1 years old at time and I would come to discover this song years down the road. Me'lisa Morgan released her single "Do Me Baby", a Prince cover in 1985. The single went to #1 R&B and #46 Pop in 1986. Check it out!

Diddy and Drake kiss and make up and Yung Joc is single and Ciara is too

Hey y'all! The news just keeps on coming as I've learned that Drake and Diddy have kissed and made up. Remember when Diddy punched Drake? Well the two have come to an agreement to work together in some sort of capacity. What capacity? I don't even care but maybe they'll do a song together. Who knows? Diddy was beefing with Drake over the song "0 to 100". The producer must of gave Diddy the same song and Diddy sat on it for awhile and when Drake released his version of the song and it blew up, Diddy felt some kind of way. So whenever Diddy and Drake had that run in at Liv nightclub, it went down. But its nice to know that the two men were able to put their differences aside. Speaking of Diddy, his former artist, Yung Joc who is now a reality star thanks to "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" has been bragging that he is single and ready to mingle now. Funny thing is after reading the comments to this, many of the women felt Joc was used good. The real tea i…

Mariah Carey new greatest hits album flops and Snoop Dogg shares smoking White House story

Hey y'all! It looks like Mariah Carey's new and former label boss L.A. Reid says the likelihood of Mariah scoring another #1 in the future is very unlikely. While the comment seems very shady, its a very true statement. L.A. Reid went on to say that being that Mariah is a veteran act, its harder to place songs on the radio for those artists. With that being said, Mariah told Jimmy Kimmel while on his show that she doesn't care to have another #1 hit or beat the current record holder, The Beatles. Personally I don't think Mariah will have trouble finding a hit as long as its the right song. J-Lo still manages to have hit singles though her album sales have tanked as have Mariah's. Mariah's recently released greatest hits album "#1 To Infinity" is said to debut with around 19K-21K(thousand) copies in its first full week of release. Speaking of Mariah, Snoop Dogg, who was recently on "Watch What Happens Live" revealed that Mariah was the most d…

Audio: Monica Featuring Lil' Wayne - Just Right For Me (Tagged)

Monica's new single that she's been gushing about for some time has leaked out ahead of its planned release, though we don't know exactly when it was planning to be released. There has been no word from Monica as far as I know on her reaction to the leak. The song is an obvious leak, so what your hearing is a radio rip complete with shout-outs, talking, screaming, and multiple playbacks. So it's a long listen but if your interested enough here it is. After you listen tell me what you think about it?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast told to stop fighting and camera crew on The Game's new show scared

Hey y'all! It seems that things over at VH1 are starting to tone down a bit. Their most popular show "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" has been told to cut down on the fighting or the cast can face termination. If that ain't enough advertisers are pulling out on the show deeming it too violent at times. Oddly enough this is the thing that makes the show so instead we'll be subjected to screaming matches. But those can be good too as long as the right amount of shade is being thrown out. Speaking of VH1 The Game's upcoming show "She's Got Game" was halted when it was revealed that the production company feared their lives when subjected to film in rough parts of California, Game's native. I mean after all what did you expect? I'm surprised this is the first time this happened giving the long relationship Game has had with VH1. He's had two shows with them in the past.

Audio: Tyga - Hollywood Niggaz

Tyga roars back at all the naysayers on his new track, "Hollywood Niggaz". Hear and track and let me know what you think of it!

Album Cover: Miguel - Wild Heart

Miguel unveils the cover for his new album "Wild Heart" which is due in June. The album features the new single "Coffee" featuring Wale. What do you think of Miguel's new album cover? In my opinion, the cover is giving me a Prince vibe. Do you agree?

Audio: Ray J featuring Lil' Wayne - Brown Sugar

Ray J is back this time with the assistance of Lil' Wayne on "Brown Sugar". Check out the song!

The BET Awards nominations revealed

The BET Awards nominations have been revealed and there's really no surprises. I just think its a bit bogus how they wait so late to release their nominees when the show is a month away, I guess that's black people for ya! Here is a list of some of the nominations below:

The BET AWARDS will air on Sunday June 28. Will you be watching?

French Montana mourns loss of friend and Jay Z reunites with Beanie Sigel

MUSIC BITS: French Montana affiliate and friend Chinx Drugz has passed away after being shot. R.I.P. Jay Z reunited with his Roc A Fella crew for one night! Beanie Sigel and Juelz Santana were just some of those in attendance and who graced the stage. Lil' Kim has announced that she will star in a new reality show documenting her return to music. In the preview clip released a few days ago, Kim says Diddy is back in her life, which alludes to the possibility of him helping her make a decent comeback. And Janet Jackson has announced on her birthday, yesterday that she is indeed returning with new music this year as well as a world tour. Happy Belated Birthday to Janet! And last but not least R.I.P to BB King who passed away a few days ago.

Music Feed: The 2015 Billboard Music Awards

The 2015 Billboard Music Awards went down tonight and they were okay but if you missed it I have a recap below, check it out!  Hosts: Chrissy Teigen and Ludacris Where: Las Vegas, MGM Grand Winners: Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX, John Legend, J. Cole Performers: Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Tori Kelly, Chris Brown, Pitbull, cast of "Empire", Estelle, Britney Spears Appearances/Presenters: J-Lo, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Celine Dion, Tariji P. Henson,  The big winners were Taylor Swift and Iggy Azalea and this is all on the top of my head. For a complete list of winners, check Thank you and have a good night!

Chris Brown's ex denies car repossession and Kenya Moore revealed boyfriend is married

Chris Brown's ex, Karrueche Tran has come out and denied reports that Chris Brown had her car repossessed. The story goes Brown bought Tran a new car in order to get back in her good graces. Why? Because duh it was discovered he fathered an infant child with some groupie girl. And since Tran hasn't taken Brown back yet, he reportedly wanted the car back, a Porsche to be exact! Speaking of exes, the infamous Kenya Moore of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" revealed on social media a day or so ago that the man she met on "Millionaire Matchmaker" and subsequently started dating is married and its not to her. Kenya claims to had learned of the news the same as we all did. But Kenya's onscreen arch nemesis Porsha Williams had the tea weeks ago. During last week's airing of Part 2 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion, Porsha revealed via Twitter that Kenya's new man was married. And I'm sure Kenya, at that point knew he was as well…

"American Idol" cancelled and NeYo, Alicia Keys, and Lenny Kravitz join new season of "Empire"

The big news today is that FOX has cancelled "American Idol" after 15 seasons. The show will air its finale on May 2016. Many were surprised by this news only because the cancellation of "American Idol" has been long overdue. Speaking of FOX, they had their Upfront today which is when the network announces their new shows, returning shows, and the stars of the various shows. FOX's #1 new show "Empire" was of course the talk of the town as the cast showed up minus Terrance Howard. I wonder why he wasn't in attendance? Anyway Brandy and Jennifer Hudson joined the cast. And with that being said its been announced that NeYo, Lenny Kravitz, and Alicia Keys will guest star on the new season of the show. There have been other names tossed around as well but I guess we will see when the show premieres. I'm not sure when the new season starts but I do hope its before January. I did read that the new season will feature 18 episodes. The first season con…

Monica reveals new single title and Janet Jackson said to have signed to Atlantic Records

Monica has revealed that her new single "Just Right For Me" will be released soon. The single was produced by Polow Da Don(worked with Ciara). It will likely appear on Monica's new album "Code Red" which currently doesn't have a release date. Monica has been teasing the album's title for awhile now complete with her new red do hence the album's title. Recently Monica released the street track "Do What You Like", which honestly I didn't really give a listen to. Honestly Monica's new album needs to be something in the vein of "Still Standing", her last successful album. While I wasn't the biggest fan of that album, I feel like that's the type of album she should make. What do you think? Are you looking forward to new music from Monica? And how could I forget to report that there is news that Janet Jackson has signed to Atlantic Records and will be releasing a new album in July! It was according to a paper that was r…

Young Thug apologizes to Game and Bow Wow back with Jermaine Dupri

THUG NASTY: So Young Thug realized what was good for him and apologized to Th e Game for calling him out in a video a few days ago.  The Game accepted the apology and issued one of his own by saying that hopefully Thug and Wayne can handle their differences. I guess we shall see. BOW WOW WOW: Something we did see was Bow Wow crying over the disillusion of his music career with Cash Money. Now the rapper slash actor is back with Jermaine  Dupri and Snoop Dogg. So Bow Wow is signed to Snoop Dogg? I didn't know Snoop had a label but maybe Snoop will be writing some of Bow's rhymes this time. What do you think? GHOST WRITER: Speaking of writing rhymes, a drunk Amber Rose, ex-girflriend of Kanye West said during a club appearance that Travis Scott(friend to Rihanna) ghost writes Kanye Wests'  rhymes. The next day Amber didn't exactly retract the statement but more so said it was the Coke and Crown Royal talking and it definitely was. Continue to serve us more hot tea Amber!…

The Game calls out Young Thug in defense of Lil' Wayne

The Game has snapped back at Young Thug in defense of Lil'Wayne. As we know Young Thug has been taking shots at Lil' Wayne after threatening to file a lawsuit against the rapper for attempting to use his album title,"Carter 6". Young Thug later retorted with a diss video and changed his album title to "Barter 6". The controversy helped since it helped Young Thug album become #1 on iTunes. Not because it was good but because people wanted to see if it was worth anything worth listening to on the album. Reviews were mixed. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, Young Thug has responded back to The Game so its safe to say its on. Then again The Game may be trying to garner up some publicity of his own for his new single "Ryda" featuring Dej Loaf and his upcoming reality show on VH1. But if I were Young Thug I wouldn't mess with The Game. Would you? Game is like 6 foot 5 and is quick to unleash on a dude if need be. Young Thug know what's up tho…

Kanye West changes new album title and Madonna calls out Drake

WEST WING: So Kanye West has revealed that his new album will be called "Swish". He did say its possible that he could change his album title again. Do we love the album title? Yes or no? SHADY PALM TREE: And some serious shade is being thrown by Madonna. If you recall it was a few weeks ago when we saw Madonna passionately and awkwardly kiss Drake. Well now Madonna is saying "I kissed a girl and I liked it" referring to Drake. Ouch! I'm not exactly sure where these two went wrong. But oddly enough Drake has a song called "Madonna" which was inspired by the Pop legend. I wonder does Drake have a little bit of regret there? Personally I think this is just publicity for both artists and they don't have a real problem. I think Madonna is drumming up controversy to help her new album sell. Do you agree? Yes or no? Until next time folks!

Audio: Jill Scott - Fools Gold

"Fool's Gold" is the newest single from Jill Scott. The song will appear on the new untitled Jill Scott album due this Summer on Atlantic Records. The song is a nice, smooth R&B track that is perfect for Summer. Get into it!

Chris Brown suspected of battery and NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams have a run in

BATTERIES INCLUDED: So its being reported that Chris Brown is suspected of misdemeanor battery after an altercation occurred during a basketball game. Chris just got off probation and now this! More as this story unfolds. EXPO-DITION: And apparently it went down this weekend between NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams during a Women's Expo in Atlanta. The two nemesis were set to speak back to back and apparently Wendy Williams' husband/manager was said to be all riled up backstage when NeNe took the stage. Not sure why. When NeNe was asked about the rumored rift, NeNe said she didn't speak to neither Wendy or her husband. Wendy and NeNe have a longstanding beef that dates back to 2012. NeNe was upset when Wendy criticized her HSN clothing line. NeNe went on to say that Wendy always puts down other black women. Do you agree? YOUR BODY'S CALLING: And last but certainly not least R. Kelly was also in Vegas this weekend performing when some fans got a little too close for comfo…

Celebrities show up for Mayweather vs. Pacquaio fight and Tyga's ex-landlord wants his money

VIVA LA VEGAS: I swear it seemed like every since I left  Vegas back in March, it  seems that every weekend a celebrity is there. The week I went,  that weekend Trina was going to be there and I love me some Trina. Speaking of Vegas the celebrities came out  for what  was  hailed as the "Fight of The Century"  though according to Jim Carrey, i t  was more like "Dancing With The Stars"  and I'd have to agree. Despite that, the fight between  Mayweather and Pacquaio brought  out Mary J. Blige, Nicki Minaj,  Meek Mill,  Diddy, Jay Z , Beyonce, Denzel Washington and a host of other celebrities. Jamie Foxx sung "The National Anthem" and Lil' Mo sent some shade on  social  media about his performance and got a lot of shade on her own .  Though I was in the bathroom when he was singing,  I didn't  really hear it and my friend said she didn't think he sounded all that good. What did you think for those who saw it?  PAY ME WHAT YOU OWE HIM: In othe…

Flashback Friday: Chuckii Booker - Turned Away (Music Video)

Do any of you remember Chuckii Booker? He has a few R&B hits under his belt from the late 80s and early 90s. His debut single and video for "Turned Away" went to #1 on the R&B charts and #42 on the Pop charts. I was familiar with this song before but I hadn't heard it in years until the beginning of this year when I was listening to iTunes radio. Anyway enjoy tonight's Flashback Friday video from 1989 when I was just five years old. :) Goodnight!