R. Kelly reveals new album title and Young Thug associate charged with tour bus shooting

So R. Kelly has revealed that his new album will be titled, "The Buffet". When I first read this to myself, I laughed on the inside. I wonder what mess was R. Kelly going to hit us with this time. Explaining the album's title, he says that he wants to give all his fans, young and old a variety of music he's done over the years; the raunchy songs, the dance step songs, etc. I guess it makes sense now that he explained because at first, I was thinking the title further cemented R. Kelly's perversion. What do you think of the new album title? On a more a serious note, do you all remember when Lil' Wayne's tour bus was shot up in Atlanta? Well they apprehended the suspect who is said to be Young Thug's road manager. Isn't that crazy? So it looks like Young Thug allegedly sent his road manager for Lil' Wayne, first over the whole "Carter" album title and then his overall obsession with Wayne. What do you think? But this certainly doesn't look good at all. Is Young Thug that threatened by Lil' Wayne? You ever hear the saying, "a scared man is a dangerous man"? Well there you go! I just started your Saturday for you with some delightful music news. Haha! Enjoy!
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