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Some More Songs

This is the last update of songs for the current year. I'm going on vacation tomorrow! I'm looking forward to my break and spending time with my family. I hope you all have a very fun and safe holiday season. Now here are the songs I promised:
Brandy - BabyBrandy feat. MC Lyte, Yo Yo, and Queen Latifah - I Wanna Be Down Remix
Chantay Savage - I Will Survive
Kelis feat. Nas - Blindfold Me
Kut Klose - SurrenderMC Lyte - CappacinoMC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass
Queen Latifah - Better Than The Rest

Noteworthy Albums of '06!!!!!!!

2006 has basically come to an end. What a year it has been!! This year has been full of breakups, makeups, and scandals. I always wonder what the new year has in store for us as far as entertainment is concerned. Will Britney be back on top? Will Whitney have a successful comeback? Who will rule in 2007? Ashanti, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Mario, Usher are just some of the names dropping in 2007. Sounds hot doesn't it?? Now here are some noteworthy albums of 2006 in no particular order:
Kelis - Kelis Was Here
Monica - The Makings of MeRobin Thicke - The Evolution of Robin ThickeCiara - The EvolutionJanet - 20 Y.O.Fantasia - Fantasia

The Time Has Come


Look for that new batch of songs I promised later in the week preferably Tues. or Weds. night. Thanks!

Foxy Brown vs. ___________

Foxy Brown has a reputation for being difficult, rude, and being a bitch. Over the years Foxy has feuded with just about every other female rapper in the game. Here is a list of Foxy and her various run-ins with other female rappers:

Foxy Brown vs. Queen Latifah
The rumor goes that Queen Latifah hit on Foxy. She allegedly sent another woman to approach Foxy. Foxy shot down the come-on with a strictly-dickly retort. The rejection eventually led to an all out war on wax. Foxy issued "10% Dis" and "Talk To Me" both aimed at Queen Latifah. Queen Latifah issued some dis songs that I have not heard.

Foxy Brown vs. Lil' Kim
Perhaps one of rap's most known and longest running feuds of all time. This feud allegedly started somewhere around in mid 1998. The reason? Egos. Rumors.

Foxy Brown vs. Jacki-O
Foxy and Jacki supposedly came to blows in a Miami studio. Foxy denies the story. Jacki says it went down.

Foxy Brown vs. Eve
Foxy revealed on Wendy Williams' radio show …

Explicit R&B

What are your thoughts on it? Do you like R&B that contains explicit language, or does it not matter to you? It bothers me to an extent. I feel like you can't think of anything else to say about that. Then again maybe profanity was the best way to show how the particular singer/writer felt.

Here are some key albums:
Blu Cantrell - BittersweetFantasia - FantasiaJanet - All For You, Damita JoKelis - Tasty, Kelis Was HereMonica - The Makings of MePretty Ricky - BluestarsTruth Hurts - Ready Now

Hurry Up With That Damn Album Foxy Brown!

You are my favorite female rapper! I'm tired of waiting for this album. It has been nearly six years since you released an album. It would have been just three had the "Fever" been released. She has been relatively quiet lately, so that's a good thing. She needs to get herself together. Surprisingly people still seem to care. There are internet rumblings that Fox has jumped ship from Def Jam to Koch. It remains to be seen. Black Roses baby!!!

Coming Soon ---hopefully!

Beyonce --- an unfair target?

Beyonce is one of the biggest and most recognizable celebrities in the world. She's talented, beautiful, and very ambitious. She is this generation's Diana Ross. Beyonce can be seen this month playing a Diana Ross-like character in the new movie "Dreamgirls." The movie is actually loosely based on the life of The Supremes. Beyonce could definitely relate to the role considering her past experience in a very high profile group. During those infamous line-up changes that plagued the group, Beyonce was blamed. It is pretty common to blame the lead singer whenever there are inner squabbles in a group. It is didn't help that both of Beyonce's parents played a huge part in her career (and still does today).

Every five seconds a new rumor about Beyonce emerges. The latest rumors suggest that Beyonce is getting married this weekend to Jay-Z. The other rumor is that she is jealous of the attention her co-star is receiving for the movie. Beyonce has shot down the latter…


Look for a slew of new and old songs to surface sometime next week. In the meantime check back for my latest thoughts on Beyonce and Foxy Brown.

Nov. '06 - A Look Back

Here is a look back at the month of November and all the drama that plagued it.

Flava Flav welcomes seventh child.
Snoop's felony charge over possession of deadly weapon.
Boris and Nicole (Soul Food) welcome second child.
Kanye lashes out on the MTV EMA's.
Beanie Sigel hospitalized.
Britney files for divorce.
Ed Bradley dies.
Gerald Levert dies of heart attack.
Nas' baby mama makes headlines with tell-all book.
Wesley Snipes tax evasion.
O.J. Simpson murder mystery/book/tv special fiasco cancelled.
Michael Richards (from Seinfeld) uses racial slurs.
The Game arrested.
Foxy's disatrous radio interview with Egypt and Ashy Larry.

New Poll + Update

Please vote in the new poll I included. You will see it as you scroll down in the right margin. Remember I will be doing a massive upload of songs later in the month. I will be taking a leave of abscene in a few weeks. I will leave you all with plenty of music. Thanks again to everyone who visits and loves the site!

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