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Remy Ma Fat Joe/TS Diss

Remy Ma has dissed Fat Joe/TS for the 50th time. Remy Ma is like the Game of Terror Squad. Now that she has seperated from the group, she is still apparently very bitter towards Joe and the squad. One minute she is mad at them, next minute they patch things up. Make up your mind Remy. Remy Ma - Fuck Da WeathermanVivian Green - Can't Say It EnoughPatti Labelle - Feels Like Another OnePatti Labelle - Oh PeopleKimberly Scott - Tuck Me InMary J. Blige - My Love RemixFoxy Brown - Hood ScripturesAkon feat. Foxy Brown & Styles P - Locked Up (Co-Ed Mix)

News Tidbits

Usher is ready to whoop some ass! Radio DJ's that is! Next, will be us bloggers!

Aretha Franklin is joining Jenny Craig for the 50th time! She wants to slim down for her June wedding. My friend and I were convinced Aretha loved being fat. I think she did but she realizes she has to lose some of that "extra" weight to be healthy.

White American Idol winners and runner ups do better than the black ones. Agree or disagree?

I watched the Real World: Vegas reunion last night and was completely blown away. I had no idea that Arissa and Alton had something go down between them in Florida. It caused a strain in the relationship between Alton, Arissa, and Irulan(Alton's then gf). I'm leaning toward believing Arissa only because I know how Alton was on the show. I hope they can all patch things up!

For more details on the featured stories, check out:

News Tidbits

Mya has joined the list of artists who have become notorious for album pushbacks! Hi! Foxy Brown, Dr. Dre, The Fugees, etc. Mya's new album, "Liberation" has been pushed back from Aug. 14th to Sept. 18th! After hearing "Walka Not A Talka", I can see why it was pushed back!

Rihanna has the #1 song in the country with "Umbrella." The song and video are smoking hot! I can't say the same about the album. It sounds completely rushed in my opinion.

Like the Jennifer interview? I hope so. A new interview will be posted later in the week which will be the beginning of the "Myspace Profile Showcase."

News Tidbits

T Pain, one of the hottest singers out right now, but not in my opinion. His new cd, "Epiphany" will be in stores June 5th. In a recent interview he couldn't stop talking about Ray J's meat and his love for Courtney Love.

Game says his next cd will be his last. I guess this is a ploy to get people to buy the next one since not many of us bought the physical copy of "The Doctor's Advocate."

Fat Joe may of been a witness to a homicide. Police are seeking to question the rap star.

For more on these stories visit:

Foxy Brown, Jacki O, The Game

Hello all! I have some new exclusive songs from the likes of Foxy Brown, Jacki O, and Game. The Fox joints are worth checking out! The 1st song feat. Kurupt and Daz is from 1998. The 2nd song "All Nite" feat. Lady Saw and Skanks was recorded before Foxy's hearing loss. I was told it was recorded between '03-'05. Jacki's song is from an upcoming mixtape I believe or album. Game's songs are some songs that didn't make the final cut from "The Devil's Advocate" album! As always enjoy! Foxy Brown feat. Kurupt & Daz - Got To Get It Jacki O Jack Da Rippa game - wonderful life game - hold you down game - feels good foxy brown feat. lady saw and skanks - all nite


Kelly Kelly Kelly

Kelly Rowland is gearing up for the July 3rd release of her sophomore album, "Ms Kelly." She has been promoting overseas very heavily. She has been appearing on numerous magazine covers and her single, "Like This" is a top 20 hit on the R&B charts. Kelly appears on the new issue of King magazine. Check the link below to see the shoot and behind the scene photos:

Hear snippets of Kelly's new album on the link below:

There has been quite a bit of confusion on a few message boards I visit. The confusion in question is MTV airing VH1's "Charm School" episode days before it's initial premiere. Well to clear up some of the confusion, VH1, MTV, and BET are all owned by Viacom. I don't know MTV's exact intentions on airing the "Charm School" episodes earlier but I definitely didn't miss it! BET is airing…

News In A Nutshell

Hello all! I have a new poll and comment box now added to the page. They are both on the right hand margin in the "Credits" section.

MIMS better hope his ringtone sales can help him. He is being sued for 7.5 million dollars for failure to show up for a performance. A similiar situation occurred with TI awhile back.

50 Cent says his upcoming cd, "Curtis" will be his last! It just might be after it flops!

Quincy Jones is far too busy these days. He has over 900 products to concentrate on. Out of those 900 products, Michael Jackson is not considered one. The legendary mogul has refused to work with Mike on his upcoming album......or maybe he just doesn't want to!

Oprah's dad is not writing a tell-all book after all. It was merely a rumor. This goes to show you can't believe everything you hear let alone read.

For more news on these rumors discussed today, check out these links:

News In A Nutshell

Women if you want a life free of depression, have sex without condoms! In the meantime don't worry about catching a STD!

You ever wonder how the paparazzi tracks Beyonce and Jay Z down on vacation? An anonymous tip perhaps? You guessed right! Usually someone in their camp spills the beans. I mean how else would they know?

Nelly Furtado and Fergie desperately want more street cred, so they have decided to become the new Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown ...they have beef now! Why? I think these two ladies are trying to occupy the same spot. Supposedly there were also some subliminal shots mentioned in songs between the two most noticeably in "Fergalicious" and "Give It To Me," the latter featuring Timbaland and Justin Timberlake.

NORE is no longer with Def Jam. He is now independent! He joins the list of an ever growing list of artists now taking the independent route including Remy Ma, Foxy Brown, Tamia…

Brandy's Latest Hit

CSV favorite Brandy was hit with a 4th lawsuit stemming from a fatal car crash last December. I think I'll sue her next!

Brandy isn't the first nor last celeb to be involved in a vehicular accident. The list includes stars such as:
Halle Berry - "Perfect Stranger" HitRebecca Gayheart - "Felicity's" Hit & RunTracey Gold - "Growing Pains"In The Wrong Lane"Left Eye" Can't See SWV - Downtown TLC - Get It Up - one of my favorite songs from the group Blaque - 808 Remix 702 - U Don't Know Mix Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath Remix

And Happy Memorial Day to all! Hope you have an enjoyable holiday!

New Music Trina - Killin U
I read this is the first single from Trina's new album. I also read a few days ago on that Trina's first single was called "I'm Single Again." There could have been a change as they are always likely to happen. The first single was supposed to release this weekend and "Killin U" has popped up on Trina's myspace. Cherish - Keep It Fresh
This is supposedly Cherishs' first single off their upcoming album, I think. R. Kelly feat. Snoop - Double Up
R. Kelly samples Tweet on his title track for his album of the same name. The track sampled here is "Iceberg" which is a really good track by the way. I don't currently have the track for dl but I'll try to include it in a future post.

News In A Nutshell...And Then Some

Rosie O Donnell finally met her match in Elizabeth(co-host of The View). O'Donnell has quit the show! Roseanne is being considered a replacement. I love Roseanne. She's not obnoxious like Rosie but she is outspoken like Rosie. Ya'll still watch Roseanne when it comes on? I used to.

Trina will be releasing her new album, "Baddest Bitch 2" on Aug. 14th. The first single is supposed to leak this weekend. Trina was formerly on Atlantic Records but is now with Slip-N-Slide/EMI. EMI is a major label division that oversees Interscope and Capitol Records just to name a few. Trina's first single is entiteld "I'm Single Again" That she is. She is obviously celebrating her newfound freedom as a single woman. I wonder how this will sound. Her follow-up single is rumored to be "I Wish I Never Met You." I'm slowly starting to think this album should be called "Lil' Wayne, I Miss You Daddy."

Monica is working on a new album. She claim…

Didn't Cha Know

You think you know everything about the music industry? I mean everything. Some things are kept secret from us. Some things are later revealed down the line whether its from the artist or the media. Here are some well hidden secrets that have come to light. You may recognize some of them and some you may not.

Janet Jackson was once blind in both eyes.
Fantasia and Monica both recorded "No Stoppin" produced by Missy Elliott.
Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby (One More Time) was originally intended for TLC.
Rihanna's "Umbrella" was originally intended for Mary J. Blige.
Faith Evans' "I Love You" was originally for JLO which she co-wrote.
Lyfe was originally featured on Ciara's "My Love" from her Evolution album.
Lloyd's "Get It Shawty" was originally for Usher.
Brandy and Jennifer Lopez both recorded the song "Ryde or Die aka If I" which Brandy co-wrote.
Foxy Brown was really born in 1978 even though her bio lists 19…

New York Raises Hell

Special Preview of the June 3rd episode of Charm School with guest star, New York!

50 Not Quite Going "Straight To The Bank" Yet

50 Cent has pushed his album "Curtis" back to September 4th. He claims the album is not ready. Oh.....but a month ago it was ready. I think he pushed it back because neither "Straight To The Bank" or "Amusement Park" has yet to truly take off. It happens to best of 'em!

Jacki O is tired of being caught stealing. A girl has to get paid however way right? Well she will soon be appearing in Playboy magazine. She is also putting the finishing touches to her new album due whenever.

Jennifer Lopez feat. 50 Cent - I'm Gonna Be AlrightSole feat. Ginuwine - It Wasn't MeTorrey Carter feat. Missy - Take That

It's Pretty Late

Hello all! Caution: This is a long read but its also an informative one so you should read it. I have given an update on some things concerning the blog.

Why am I up this late? Well because I had fallen asleep earlier so now I'm up! For awhile longer I suppose. Sorry you all have to bear with me. My mind constantly changes regarding the blog. One minute I wanna do so and so thing then I don't. I mentioned how I wouldn't be putting songs on the server but I have decided too again. I only said that before because the problem with me putting up songs was not working and it was irking me. Look out for some more songs later. I hope you got a chance to read the interview with Quick. Make sure you check his page out! I will be putting up a new interview soon and I will change it up a bit. The format is pretty much the same but you'll see what I mean once you see it. I hope you all know you can click on the May 2007 archive and check out all the music that has been…

*UPDATED*Foxy Brown, Jill Scott Returns

Click here to read an exclusive interview with Foxy Brown for I'm really excited that my girl is back! It's been a long time coming!

I know I said I wasn't gonna put songs up on but I had a change of mind(once again). I have some new music for you all from Carl Thomas' new album and Foxy Brown's new song.

Carl Thomas - 2 PiecesCarl Thomas feat. Brandy - Something Bout YouCarl Thomas - So Much Better*NEW*Carl Thomas feat. E-40 - Rendevouz*NEW*Foxy Brown feat. Grafh & Prinz - How We Get Down*NEW*Young Jeezy feat. Keyshia Cole - DreaminVanessa Marquez - Good GirlJon B. feat. Babyface - Someone To Love *NEW* Jill Scott - Hate On Me^^This is the first single from Jill Scott's upcoming album. You can see her in the latest issue of XXL's Hip Hop Soul magazine. She talks about drama, Don Imus, and Amy Winehouse.Brian McKnight/Vanessa Williams - Love Is

News In A Nutshell

Crime Mobb's Princess or Diamond, one of those ho's has got arrested for aggravated assault. These chicks r straight up hood, so it doesn't surprise me! There was an altercation on a tour bus between two females. The altercation resulted in one of the chick's face getting sliced. It turns out that this was all over some dick! Not surprising at all! Dick will make you slap somebody!

Jay Z is being sued again! This whole 40/40 endeavor was a smart move but at the same time a bad move. Every two months Jay is sued for some incident or bad ________ associated with the 40/40 club.

Remember music can now be found on the Sound View Online site which can now be found in the Links list. I believe I will post music there from now on. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience for some but it shouldn't be. All you have to do is click on the Sound View Online link. How hard is that? I will be putting up some songs later today or tonight at the latest.

Billboards 2007's Upcoming Hottest Albums has published a list of upcoming albums set for release in 2007. The list contains every major release planned for 2007 including Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Brandy among others. Here is the list as follows:

1. Britney Spears
2. Michael Jackson
3. Jennifer Lopez (new English album)
4. Mariah Carey
5. Rihanna
6. Nicole Scherzinger (from The Pussycat Dolls)
7. The Pussycat Dolls
8. Nelly Furtado (new album in Spanish)
9. Madonna
10. Cindy Lauper
11. The Black Eyed Peas
12. Backstreet Boys
13. JC Chasez
14. Whitney Houston
15. Cher
16. Kylie Minogue
17. Kelly Clarkson
18. Maroon 5
19. Kelly Rowland (from Destiny's Child)
20. Alicia Keys
21. Kayne West
22. U2
23. 50 Cent
24. Green Day
25. Usher
26. Jennifer Hudson (from American Idol)
27. Carrie Underwood
28. M.I.A.
29. Dido
30. Guns'n'Roses
31. Lindsay Lohan
32. Hanson
33. Celine Dion
34. Silverchair (non-australian release)
35. Laura Pausini (new album in english)
36. Bon Jovi
37. Enrique Iglesias
38. Natalie Imbruglia
39. Cou…

News In A Nutshell

Oprah's dad, Vernon Winfrey is writing a tell all book about the legendary talk show host! The news came as a surprise for Winfrey. I bet! I wonder is this something he always wanted to do or is Oprah not taking care of her father.

Diddy has fired back at the claims made by Laurie Ann Gibson. Gibson claimed that Diddy, along with Mike Bivins roughed her up during recording up the upcoming "MTB" show. Diddy claims that Gibson is trying to slander his name and increase her fame. I don't know what to believe. It seems like every once in awhile Diddy is the center of some lawsuit. Oddly enough the majority of those lawsuits deal with some type of assault.

Schatar"Hottie"Taylor is one crazy broad. Anyone who watched FOL2/Charm School should know that. She recently wrote a letter to the producers at VH1. In the letter she proclaims her innocence after being expelled for allegedly stealing Leilene's picture. It turns out that Larissa and Shay were behind the sch…

News In A Nutshell

It looks like Terrance J and Rocsi of 106 and Park are being fired! Their replacements? Brandy and Ray J! Who saw this coming? I could see Ray J hosting. He has hosted a BET show before and he does anything for money anyway. Brandy has guest hosted before but she needs to be working on her new album. BET is not just changing the hosts. They are changing the whole format of the show. Each day will represent some type of them i.e. Throwback Thursdays. Videos will be aired for only one minute minimum. The show will increase half an hour in its time slot as well.

Foxy Brown is really coming out y'all, I promise! I'm a big Foxy Brown fan, and I have been waiting forever for her to drop a new album. I read that she has inked a management deal with Black Hand Entertainment. BHE has lent its name to countless rappers in the industry including Ja Rule and DMX. "Black Roses" has been about two years in the making. The release date is unknown but new music is on the horizon. The…

News In A Nutshell

As much as I love Paula Abdul, she is one clumsy broad. Last weekend or a few days ago, Paula broke her nose. Apparently the AI judge tripped over her dog and fell on her face. No word whether or not Paula was drunk. The media has painted Paula as this clumsy drunk who is always stumbling over herself and words.

Flavor Flav is being roasted by the folks at Comedy Central. Why? Because they love him. I guess thats good enough reason. I wonder if any of the Flavor of Love girls will attend the roast. You know these girls will be willing to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

Yolanda Adams has signed to Columbia Records. She will be putting out a holiday album followed by a full length album in 2008. Adams is collaborating with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis among others.

Comedy Central continues to milk the Dave Chappelle name for all its worth by releasing 25 of the greatest sketches from the show.

Laurie Ann aka Boom Boom Kat was fired from Making The Band. She, along with Diddy & Michael B…

Run's House Family

Having famous parents has its perks. I watch Run's House a lot. It is one of my favorite reality shows on TV. I notice how their older children are always taking advantage of every opportunity they can. They have clothing lines, shoe lines, magazine editors, and so on. The son JoJo is trying to be a rapper. Its so easy for children of famous people to get in the biz having that backing already. If it were that easy for everyone. I do like how the Simmons' family children are not spoiled acting like a lot of others. You know the sweet sixteen specials when the kids are so spoiled acting then again they don't always know any better.

Carl Thomas Resurfaces

I hope you all read the blog showcase interview with Quick! Check his blog out! Updates have been pretty slow on the music front. There is not much news. The only news right now is that a lot albums are just a leaking! First Rihanna, R. Kelly, and I read Carl Thomas....didn't even know Carl's album was on the horizon. Carl Thomas' album, "So Much Better" will be in stores June 5th. The first single is entitled, "2 Pieces." There are also collaborations with Brandy and E-40. Carl is no longer under the Bad Boy wing. He is signed to Umbrella Records, a record company started by Jheryl Bubsy(formerly of Motown Records). Their first major release was "The Gospel According to Patti LaBelle." Their roster includes the aforementioned Thomas and Labelle. Also Tweet and Ginuwine are with the label.

Carl Thomas' Myspace page

Link to songs by Donnell Jones, Mario, Lil' Kim, Lloyd, Ms. Jade, Jay Z, Pharrell, etc.

Shrek 3......and more music

As expected Shrek 3 debuted at #1 with $122 million dollars. With numbers like this the studio is probably already considering a part 4. Geesh Louise! Do they ever stop? I don't think so.

I have posted some songs to another server. They are songs primarily dug up from the archives. It only features maybe two additonal songs that were supposed to be added to list of current downloads here at this server. Due to having whatever problem they are having, I decided to put some songs there for everyone. To see those songs Click Here

I Decided

I'm still having problems with as far as posting song links. I have decided to post songs to another server. You can simply go there and get music from now up until this situation clears itself up. I will provide you all with a link to that server and the songs soon. Check back later! Meanwhile check out the interview with Quick from "Quick's Catch Up." Thank you all for your support and continued interest in CSV(Cigna's Sights & Sounds).

Lil' Kim Tidbit, Left Eye's Doc

Lil' Kim appears in the latest issue of Arena magazine. The rapper is found in an all white short set before a white background. A little writeup is featured on rapper with news of 200 new songs and her negotiating a new deal. Atlantic Records doesn't want to let Kim go, but she wants out of her contract. I think they should just let her go. I think this is ultimately keeping her from releasing new material. Meanwhile Kim is heavy on the mixtape scene with guest appearances on "Last Night Remix" and "We Takin Over Remix."

"The Last Days of Left Eye" aired on VH1 this weekend and I was able to catch it earlier today. It was a very emotional and revealing look into the life of the troubled star. The video was set in Honduras and filmed the days leading up to her shocking death. Watching the film allows viewers to really get to know Left Eye. It is a very interesting and intriguing look into the life of this great talent.

Here are some more songs for …

Bow Wow's Mystery Date

Bow Wow is bringing some arm candy to the BET Awards ceremony in June. The big question is who? I'm thinking some celeb at first. I'm thinking Rihanna, no! Then I'm like this fool ain't bringing no industry chick. He's bringing his moms! lol

I'm also trying some new things out. Only 10 posts appear on the front page now. It is an effort to make the page run smoothly for some who may be on 56K because there are still some of us who are. So if your looking for songs look in the archives. The links are still relevant. I will be posting songs later today. I'm making an effort to go back to posting songs regularly and giving some type of rant, rave, update whatever daily. If you notice I've been posting every day and sometimes more.

Film vs Music

I just saw Shrek 3 yesterday, and I thought it was a pretty good movie. Movie critics weren't too kind to the movie. That won't in anyway affect its box office performance which will be through the roof I'm sure. The movies that are usually trashed are the ones that top the box office. What does that mean? Movie critics influence over moviegoers is pretty much nonexistant.

Whereas with music critics, we tend to value their opinion more. Or we consider our friends judgement of a cd we're curious about. I think that's a pretty interesting observation.

T-Pain - Buy U A Drank Remix

T-Pain's "Buy U A Drank" is the #1 song in America. It is dominating both R&B/Pop radio. I have been asked many times if his album is out. The answer is NO! The album entitled "Epiphany" will be released on June 5th. The official remix for BUAD has leaked. It features Yung Joc, Kanye West, UGK, and Trey Songz! The remix is pretty good but not as good as the original. Everyone isn't a fan of this song. I can't say I was in the beginning. The song has finally grown on me. I however don't think T-Pain will be around in 10 years. I think he along with Akon are just "of the moment." I'm waiting to be proved wrong though. has leaked the tracklisting to T-Pain's album, check it out below:

1. Tallahassee Love
2. Church featuring Teddy Verseti
3. Tipsy
4. Show U How featuring Teddy Pain & Teddy Penderazdoun
5. I Got It
6. Suicide
7. Bartender featuring Akon
8. Backseat Action featuring Shawnna
9. Put It Down featuring Ray, Teddy P…

Major News Update

I'm having some problems with currently. I think it has to do with them undergoing all these changes. It's starting to irritate me now because I was in the process of changing the links and once I updated the links still weren't fixed.((Pulls the lil' hair I have on my head)) You might of read about some of these things I'm talking about. I decreased the font as far as it would go so it wouldn't take up much space. This is however is one of my longer entries so you've been warned.

R. Kelly's "Double Up" will be in stores May 29th. This mostly hip-hop affair sports a who's who pool of talent. I'm looking forward to Kels album(never thought I'd say that). Here is the tracklisting(listed below) courtesy of

1. The Champ featuring Swizz Beatz
2. Double Up featuring Snoop Dogg
3. Tryin' To Get A Number featuring Nelly
4. Get Dirty featuring Chamillionaire
5. Leave Your Name
6. Freaky In The Club
7. The Zoo
8. I'm A …

Late Nite Special*UPDATED*

Here are some more songs for the downloading obsessed. I fixed the messed up links. It was very late so that would be the reason for the mix up hence the title, Late Nite Special.

SWV - Weak
Lead vocalist Coko initially hated this song but was begged to record it. Good thing she did, the song was a hit!

Ciara - C.R.U.S.H.

Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross - The Best Things In Life Are Free
Superstar duet that went to #1 from the Mo' Money sdtrk.

Janet Jackson feat. Kanye West - My Baby
A collaboration from Janet's Damito Jo album

Janet Jackon feat. MC Lyte - You Want This

Christina Milian feat. Charli Baltimore - Spendin Time
Was Christina Milian the original Ashanti? And can't you imagine Ashanti singing this two? Anyway this is a track from Milian's first album unreleased here in the states.

Charli Baltimore feat. Queen Pen, Scarlett, Lady of Rage, Gangsta Boo, Da Brat - Thorough Bitches

Shanice - Saving Forever For You

Summer Music, Jacki O's Ludacris Rumor, JT

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled its list of summer's most wanted music! Among the list are:
Rihanna(Good Girl Gone Bad 6/5)
50 Cent(Curtis 6/26)
Kelly Clarkson(My December 6/26)
T.I.(T.I. vs TIP 7/3)
Kelly Rowland(Ms. Kelly 7/3)
Common(Finding Forever 7/31)
Nelly(Untitled 8/2)
Eve(Here I Am 8/7)
Mya(Liberation 8/14)

Ludacris is rumored to have paid a male stripper to service him and a male friend. You can't put anything past anyone these days especially when you got Mase picking up trannies and Lil' Cease stripping in front of men and women.

Jacki O's former makeup artist has revealed that the rapper is a transexual. She could pass for one though but who knows. The former makeup artist could just be bitter and have an axe to grind.

Justin Timberlake is currently touring promoting his "FutureSex/LoveSounds" album. He also stars in the new "Shrek 3" movie. He is also keeping actress Jessica Biel(Texas Chainsaw Massacre) close company. He will also be featured o…

Ciara Models, Bobby's Competition, 50's Diss

Great news! Rocawear(ladies) still exist! I had no idea it did. Pop princess Ciara is NOW the model for the 2007 campaign. Chase them checks C!!! Meanwhile look for Ciara to peform at this year's BET awards ceremony. Ciara's 3rd single is "My Love" and will go for adds on June 4th. There is even a rumored remix featuring Lyfe in the works.

Ciara - My Love

Bobby Valentino looks at Ne-Yo as competition. He doesn't want Ne-Yo writing for him. I can understand his feelings though. They both record for Def Jam. Their albums were also released a week apart.

Omarion, Marques Houston, Chris Brown, and Mario doesn't look at Ne-Yo as competition. He has penned songs for all the aforementioned. Mario did however speak out about a song Ne-Yo submitted for his album. He said the song didn't fit the direction he was going into. Someone obviously had a change of heart! The song entitled "What's It Gonna Be" is on the tracklisting. Here is the tracklisting as …

Satisfying Your Thirst

What happened? Why don't you post songs as much as you used to? What are y'all talking about? Lamar still posts songs! Don't believe me? You better check out the songs below:

Trina feat. Pharrell - Put It On Top
This track was originally meant to appear on Trina's "Glamorest Life" but failed to make the album. This track along with others were rejected once the album was revamped for release in late 2005.

Baby Bash feat. Frankie J - Suga Suga
A very catchy hit song that dominated Pop/Top 40 a few years ago.

Usher - I Heard A Rumor
CSV favorite Pharrell produced this unreleased gem for the reigning King of publicity!

Usher feat. Sean Paul(of Youngbloodz) - Ooh Shawty
This track is one of the many unreleased Usher tracks that have leaked in recent days, weeks, and years.

Foxy Brown feat. Jay Z - I'll Be
Hip-Hop's favorite bad girl hooks up with Jay Z to sample this Rene & Angela hit.

News In A Nutshell

My last favorite season of Real World: Las Vegas cast members will be reuniting, and it will air on May 30th. You can catch a sneak preview this weekend of the show. I'm interested in catching up with each and everyone of the cast members.

T-Pain's "Buy U A Drank" feat. Yung Joc is the #1 song in America on both the Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop charts! Congrats to him!

I'm sure you already heard about Nelly wanting Janet and Mariah on the same track. Maybe this will be the duet JD was tryna pull off for Janet's last album. I can't say I'm too excited about it though. But we'll see....

Beyonce leads the BET awards with 6 nominations. No surprise there. Congrats to her and the other multiple nominees. The BET awards air June 26th on you guessed it, BET!

CSV favorite Kelis is working on a new album with Polow Da Don. Polow is responsible for some of the hottest songs around now including Glamorous(Fergie), Promise(Ciara), and Throw Some D's(Rich Boy)

Another C…

News In A Nutshell.....and then some

Rapping is the new singing as Brandy is possibly rapping on her new cd. Look out Monica! Jacki O has signed to MSMG to back up her new album. MS stands for Michael Sterling who has worked with Blu Cantrell, Jodeci, and Mary J. Blige. MG stands for Management Group. Diana Ross is said to be honored at this years BET awards. Other perfomers(so far) include 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland, and Rihanna. The nominees for the BET awards will be announced tonight on 106 n Park. I never understood why BET waits so long before announcing their award nominations. The other award show nominations are announced two months in advance. But then again we are talking about BET here so what do you expect?! CW show "All Of Us" won't be returning to the 2007 fall lineup. The show has been on the outs for awhile but was fortunately brought back this past season. The show jumped the shark after the first season when Elise Neal left. "Girlfriends" is still holding on to dear life even withou…

News In A Nutshell

Janet Jackson may never marry again after her movie, "Why Did I Get Married?" opens November 16, 2007! Janet has already been married twice.........three times!

I know I'm late with this one but did Prince really call out Paris Hilton for not being able to sing? I can't believe this. Prince was known back in the day to sign women who couldn't sing. They were just pretty faces who sung about sex. Sheila E? Wendy & Lisa? Vanity 6? Nia Peeples? Etc.

People you can't believe everything you read! You just can't. I do believe there is truth to every rumor. A lot of what you read here is rumors, pure speculation, and commentary(from yours truly). I just felt like making that clear.

Here are some upcoming release dates:
Upcoming Release Dates
June 12 - Fabolous, T-Pain, DJ Khaled

June 26 - 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson

July 3 - Kelly Rowland, T.I.

Aug. 14 - Mya

News In A Nutshell

50 Cent's video for Amusement Park is banned by MTV! This must be Disco Inferno Part 2! It is very rare for MTV to decline videos let alone air them! I had no idea Lil' Cease used to work for Chippendales! A video has leaked of the rapper giving a private(naked)dance to men and women. [Wendy]How you doing?[/Williams] Mase((Pass-her))[pastor], did just that by hanging out on the local gay scene in ATL. In his spare time, he gets into car accidents. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Kelly's Shoes, JLO's Death, Bobby Sues

Kelly Rowland is going to be the new spokesperson for Payless Shoes. Cool right? But after Beyonce supposedly turned down the offer. Hey I didn't know Beyonce turned down money. Must not have been enough mula for her or maybe she feels she is above that.

Jennifer Lopez has received death threats! Who would want to harm ol Jenny From The Block? Animal activists! They have been terrorizing JLO for awhile now. In fact she has become their main target. JLO has beefed up security because there is no telling what these animal activists will do next!

Bobby Brown is suing Whitney Houston! I really didn't see this coming but I should of. Bobby claims he was broke and had nowhere to go after their divorce. So your manager(brother) or family didn't offer you a place to stay? It is a shame when your own family doesn't want to be bothered with you.

Random Download Word: Down

Whether you've been Up & Down, Down & Out.......or even if you had a Shake Down, How Can You Be Down? It is real simple. I compiled and uploaded(some of the) songs(from my music library) featuring the word "down." Enjoy!

Babyface - How Can You Be DownAkon - Shake DownPretty Ricky - Up & DownJacki O - Slow DownMya feat. Lil' Wayne - Lock U DownShanice - Turn Down The LightsYung Joc - It's Goin DownFat Al - I Came DownLoose Ends - Slow DownCheri Dennis - ShowdownCam'ron feat. Kanye West - Down & Out

What's Going On With Me, Kelly, Nelly, Usher, and New York?

For all those concerned.....I just finished up spring semester of college, and I did very well by the way. I can breathe a huge sigh of relief. If everything goes according to schedule, I'll be a college graduate by year's end! Yay! It has been a long road, and there is no better feeling than the feeling of accomplishment. I'm headed out of town to Racine,WI to spend a few weeks with my sister and family. There will be no shortage of music, news, rants and raves. I will still keep it coming. Thank you all to everyone who visits the page regularly. Thank you to my other bloggers (who have me in their link lists). I really enjoy this blogging experience. I definitely enjoy it more than myspace!

Did you all catch the ILNY2:You Cast It Special? What a crazy bunch of guys! I can't help but think a lot of these guys just want to be on TV. But then again I don't blame him. I notice how one of the dark skinned guys(who all the women liked) had a gold album plaque on his wal…

News In A Nutshell

Beyonce is the new face of Armani! And Gucci, Lagerfield, Calvin Klein, Reebok, and Adidas. Bow Wow & Omarion are doing a "Best Of Both Worlds Jr." album. Some artists will do anything and everything to make a buck. I'm not mad at them though! Kelly Rowland finds her album pushed back once again. The album will now be released a week later on July 3, 2007. I'm thinking with 50 Cent coming out on the same day is the reason for the pushback. Hopefully there will be no more pushbacks for her.

News In A Nutshell

50 Cent proves to be "Young & Restless" for his new soap star girlfriend, Victoria Rowell.

Trina disses 50 Cent in the "We Takin Over Remix."

Nick Cannon and Selita E. Banks are engaged. Best of luck to the both of them. Models and love don't match! I'll give them a year or two.

Usher is beefing with R. Kelly now. Apparently the two don't like each other. Tyrese was the original duet partner choice for the "Same Girl" song. The song was originally intended for the group Nephu who is now upset now due to the songs success. That was expected.

Listening to Tank's new album made me say "Please Don't Go" buy this album. I wasn't planning to anyway. Listening to Tank is like listening to Jamie Foxx. Their voices have the same texture and style. Tank also did a lot of Jamie's songs so that would explain the resemblance.

News In A Nutshell

Damage control is the name of the game as Akon apologizes. Apologizes for whawt? The actions of a 14 year old girl. Mariah is recording her new album in British Virgin Islands. According to, "The Emancipation of Mimi" has sold 5.8 million copies. Mariah is the the true comeback queen! Kelly Clarkson's album has not been scrapped. Her new album, "My December" will be released July 24, 2007. Lead single, "Never Again" is already a hit! Chris Brown was in trouble with Jive Records for leaking his song early. It is now the planned first single. His new album, "Exclusive" is due this September.

I Love New York 2: You Cast It Special

New York, our favorite reality TV vixen is back to shake things up.......fourth again. You get that? This will be New York's fourth time looking for love. Good luck to her! She will definitely need it. The woman is a handful but she deserves love like all of us. The guys certainly got their work cut out for them this time. Expect New York to be even crazier, raunchier, and funnier than ever.

Catch the premiere of "I Love New York 2: You Cast It Special" Thursday, May 10, 2007 @ 10/9 pm and 12:30/11:30 am(pm)

Ne-Yo #1, Janet's Island, Sanjaya Loves NY

Because Of You, Ne-Yo has the #1 cd in America debuting with 251k copies. This is Ne-Yo's 2nd #1 cd. Congrats to Ne-Yo and as I said before the cd is pretty good. "Do You" has been chosen as the 2nd single. It goes for adds on May 14th. To hear Ne-Yo's "Do You" click the link below.
Ne-Yo - Do You
Janet is headed to Island Records, recording home of Mariah Carey. Isn't that interesting? Two divas competing for attention at the same label. Interestingly enough Mariah signed to Virgin(Janet's then recording home) in 2001 and got bought out of her contract. Let's hope that Janet doesn't face a similar fate.

Sanjaya had egg on his face after leaving AI. Now in a bid to increase his 15 minues of fame, he is going to New York...the TV show that is! Supposedly anyway. A profile has been created by the AI loser or someone who looks a lot like him.

Female Rap Lives On

Like hip hop, female rap has been declared dead. Why? Femcees have been relatively quiet on the scene until recently. Eve, Remy Ma, and Charli Baltimore have new albums on the horizons. Hopefully these aforementioned ladies can bring hip hop back to its roots of course with some hot material and good marketing. We shall see! In the meantime enjoy some female rapper songs from my music library.

AZ feat. Foxy Brown - What Y'all WantFoxy Brown - Art Of WarFoxy Brown feat. Sizzla - Come Fly With MeBiggie feat. Foxy Brown, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg - Runnin' Yo MouthMC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha
Remy Ma - ConceitedRemy Ma - Fresh
Remy Ma feat. Ne Yo - Feels So GoodPapoose feat. Remy Ma - The InfluentialsTrina - What's BeefFat Joe feat. Trina & Lil' Wayne - Make It Rain RemixCharli Baltimore feat. Lil' Wayne - Test UsRasheeda - My Bubblegum
Salt N Pepa - ExpressionSalt N Pepa - Do You Want MeSalt N Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex

Usher Fires, Kelly's Cover, Kim Fields Baby Boy

Usher has fired his mother as manager! The rumors were rampant for awhile, and Usher finally admitted it was true. No word on who will take over managerial duties for the singer. Usher has dismissed his fiance, Tameka Foster as his new manager.

Ms. Kelly Rowland is gearing up for the release of her sophomore album, "Ms. Kelly." Rap.up com has revealed the album cover artwork. To see it Click Here

Kim Fields(Living Single, Facts of Live) gave birth to a baby boy on May 4, 2007. The baby weighed in at 6lbs. 2 oz. Kim and hubby had a problem free delivery and mother is currently resting.

Random Download Word: Still

Diplomatic Trouble For Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Amerie

I had a little downtime. My internet connection was being crazy. Thankfully we're back up and running. What's been going on with me? Well....I just finished exams last week. Now I'm currently awaiting my grades. I'm confident that I did good. I just can't wait to see my grades. Anyway I'm going out of town next week. Rest assured, I will still be updating and putting up music regularly.

It has been revealed that Jim Jones and Cam'ron haven't spoken in over a year. Who knew? The streets were buzzing, however that there was some beef in the air. Still the Diplomats have respect for each other and will continue their working relationship.

Amerie's "Because I Love It" has leaked. I have heard it, and it is just ok to me. I have to listen to things a few times before it sinks in. I do commend her on being an innovator. You can always expect Amerie to come with something different.

Usher Rants, Return of Fox Z, Car Owners Beware

Uppity Usher is at it again! He is calling out some R&B singers, but no one knows who. We can all assume though. We can say Omarion is probably not on that list. Icebox Remix anyone? Usher feels disrespected and not appreciated! Don't we all? No one is trying to be like Usher. If anything all male R&B singers are influenced by Michael Jackson and Prince, Usher included.

Foxy Brown is reportedly sampling Jay Z on her first single for her upcoming "Black Roses." album. What's new? T.I. did it with "Bring 'Em Out." It wouldn't hurt to have Jay present on the first single in some capacity. Sample wise or guest appearance wise. We all have to wait...another 6 years to see if this rumor is true or false. Foxy has been pretty quiet lately so hopefully that means she is working diligently on the album.

Attention all car owners! Be on the lookout! Actress/Singer Maia Campbell has to support her 10 cent a day drug habit. Who? Keep reading! Campbell was …

MTB, Janet Jams, Nas Racism Run-In

A new season of MTV's Making The Band will air this June on MTV. Expect at least 3 seasons of a bunch of guys competing to the next 112/Backstreet Boys. One of the guys appeared on the radio here. He was singing acappella, and he did not sound good. He said he was called back for auditions. I do not know why!

Janet Jackson just wrapped up filming the new Tyler Perry movie, "Why Did I Get Married." The movie co-stars Malik Yoba(Girlfriends) and Jill Scott. Janet plays an author/psychologist. She is also doing a mini tour in the Bahamas. From there she will be overseas in Europe and London. Janet is also rumored to have the lead single for the "Rush Hour 3 sdtrk."

Nas, Kelis and entourage were victims of racism during a performance at the San Diego House of Blues. Nas and crew were stunned by the handlers treatment which was described as "terrorists." It is sad that racism still exists today. When will it stop? Nas and crew handled the situation professio…

Random Thoughts

Isn't Rihanna everything Christina Milian was supposed to be? I mean really if you think about it.

Who has more run-ins with the law this year alone? Busta or Snoop? I gotta say their neck and neck.

Why my friends say I should try out for "I Love New York 2?" As if. I don't wanna embarrass myself on there. I told my friend he should go instead. But he also said he didn't want the exposure which surprised me. Cause truth be told he's the total opposite.

And lastly you ever get those 20,000 friend requests at a time on Myspace? I be like wtf.

Mya Pushback, NeYo Theory, Kels/Usher Duet

Mya has been pushed back once again. The new album, "Liberation" will now be released on Aug. 14, 2007. I'm pretty surprised by this but then again it should be expected. "Lock U Down" has yet to make any noise on radio. The video recently debuted, and it is just ok. The new single, "Ridin" as mentioned earlier will go for adds on June 26th and be the new lead single for the album.I have a little theory as to Ne-Yo putting out a second album so fast. The first album went platinum. It wasn't a flop but it wasn't a hit either. It was supposed to be much bigger. Ne-Yo had a huge buzz! A lot of his songs leaked before the albums release which eclipsed its success. Rush releasing a second album, in his case would cover up the minimum success of his first album and also help take care of any impending money he owes to Def Jam. Then again with Ne-Yo being a hit songwriter for other artists as well, he should have no prob paying off the record company…

Mya Rides, 3Sum Takes Over, R. Kelly, Cam'ron

Mya has nixed plans for her second single, "Walka Not A Talka feat. Snoop" in favor for "Ridin." Some of you may already be familar with the song. The song leaked online months ago. The song goes for adds June 26, 2007(same day as her album release).Mya - Ridin'
Trina, Jacki O, Remy Ma, and Lil' Mo have teamed up for yet another remake, "We Takin Over." You may be familiar with the song lead by DJ Khaled heating up airwaves as we speak. These ladies keep remaking material already out. Maybe there is a possible mixtape in the works.Trina, Jacki O, Remy Ma, and Lil' Mo - We Takin' Over
R. Kelly has released a song(no audio) dedicated to the families, friends of those involved in the Virginia Tech shootings. This adds on to an already long line of things Kels has done to take people's minds of his impending child pornography case.
Cam'ron and Tru-Life were involved in a fight on April 30th, but it supposedly never happened. Apparently T…

Artist Spotlight: Foxy Brown

Foxy brown debuted on the scene 12 years ago with "Ain't No N####" feat. Jay-Z. It set the stage for her 1996 debut, "Ill Na Na." Early on Foxy caught a lot of flack for her sexually explicit lyrics. She has developed a reputation for being wild, difficult, and outspoken. Foxy is putting the finishing touches on her long awaited, "Black Roses" album due sometime this year. Check out some songs from one of rap's finest spitting femcees.

Foxy Brown - Memory LaneFoxy Brown feat. Pharrell - MagneticMos Def feat. Foxy Brown - Dat's The Dude
Ludacris feat. Shawnna, Trina, and Foxy Brown - What's Your Fantasy RemixBeenie Man feat. Foxy Brown - Hmm Hmm RemixR. Kelly feat. Foxy Brown - Dollar Bill

Amerie's Nu Album, Ne-Yo Single(s), Kelly Hip-Hops

To Preview Amerie's "Because I Love It" Click Here

Ne-Yo's new single is between "Do You" and "Crazy feat. Jay-Z." His new album, "Because of You" is stores today. The reviews have been good for the album. I recently picked it back up myself after dismissing the album last month.

Kelly Rowland supports hip-hop! That's good to know! She feels that Don Imus should not have been fired. She feels that so many DJs are negative. Why fire one, fire them all! Stop the negativity. True words indeed.

April '07 - A Look Back

Hello all! A new month is upon us. It seems as each month outdoes another in terms of media events, headlines, gossip, and rumors.

Olivia dropped from G-Unit.Tony Yayo's mother house shot up.50 Cent calls out Young Buck, ordered to pay $15K in child support.Spider Loc(G-Unit) video set shot up.Beyonce's re-release pulled, fashion contract lawsuit settled.Chris Rock takes paternity test over claims of love child. Game skips court date, arrest warrant issued, falls off stage while performing.Scary Spice gives birth to girl, calls out Eddie Murphy. Jennifer Lopez wants to rid of her JLO moniker.Halle Berry admits to drug use at 18, goes bald for new film. Tori Spelling gives birth to baby boy.Field Mob rapper arrested.Jay-Z's rep denies secret child rumors.Usher scores colonge deal, drafts Jay-Z for new album. Cam'rons embarrassing appearance on 60 minutes, apologizes later for comments.Snoop Dogg charged in Burbank airport arrest.Christina Milian to star in sitcom with Ma…

Blog Showcase Interview - Part 2 - Jennifer's Music Boutique

Ever heard of a music boutique? Maybe...maybe not. Music is her drug of choice. She is a hardcore music junkie! She lives and breathes music. JMB(*CLICK*Jennifer's Music Boutique*HERE*) is perfect for all music lovers. Find a variety of genres. Find a variety of artists. Find rare albums. Classic albums. Exclusive downloads. Witty commentary. Album reviews. Personal diaries. Discographies. Rules of Engagement. Videos. It's all there. Your sure to become addicted just like she has. I recently had the chance to hook up with Jen and find out more about this lovely young lady.

Jennifer is 20 years old. She attends the University of North Texas. She is a journalism major. One day she hopes to write for Vibe and Rolling Stone magazine. Big tings a gwan! She is a huge San Antonio Spurs fan. She is a theatre nerd. She dabbles in writing supsense/mystery stories. She runs several other sites dedicated to Mariah Carey, her favorite singer!

Jen on her leading men:
Vin Diesel, Robin Thicke, …