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*UPDATED* Fabo, Kelis, Lil' Flip, Lloyd, Mya, Nelly Furtado

"Lil" Wayne "Downloads"

Janet Jackson's "Hustle" 2 Downloads!

How many of you are familiar with this? I first heard about it this past summer. I'm not heavy into the club scene, so it went pretty much over my head. A few months later I was invited to a birthday party. The party took place this past Friday. My friend who went with me mentioned she "wished they would play the Janet Jackson hustle." Moments after she mentioned this sure enough they did. She immediately ran to the dance floor and lead the way. The song that came on was "Feels So Right." This is a track from her 2001 All For You album. Apparently a lot of people didn't know that. Well you do now! I included the song for those who have never heard it. It is indeed a good song perfectly in tempo to hustle to. Enjoy!

Janet Jackson - Feels So Right
Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Me
Bobby Brown - Don't Be CruelFrankie Beverly & Maze - Joy & Pain
George Benson - On BroadwayMinnie Riperton - Inside My Love - can be heard in one of my fav mov…

Y'all need to show some love

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the name of this blog? "Cigna" is just a name I saw. I can't remember where exactly. I thought it was definitely different. "Sights" was mainly because I was gonna include pics. You know how many blogs there are online now? And the majority of them all feature the same info and pics. There is no need for me to do that. "Sounds" obviously comes from the music. I just thought I'd share that with you all.

Toni Braxton, I Love New York

Toni Braxton is no stranger to legal rumblings with her label. I know we're all familiar with her dispute with LaFace/Arista. The dispute was the result of Toni going bankrupt. Skip to a few years later and history has repeated itself. Toni, unhappy with management has sued for 10 million dollars. She has also left Blackground/Universal Records. This is hot on the heels of Toni's successful gig at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

How many of us are tuning in to "I Love New York"? Who do you think will win? Mr. Boston? Chance? It's been brought to my attention that brothers Chance and Real might have appeared on the 1st season of American Idol. This wouldn't surprise me if it's true. The majority of the guys, if not all has done some type of work prior to the show.

Faith Evans Pregnant!

It has been confirmed that Faith Evans is with child. Faith has been urged by her doctor for bed rest. The sudden news has prompted Faith to cancel her upcoming performance on the BET Gospel Celebration. I'm happy for Faith, and I wish her a happy delivery. Faith is one of my favorite singers. Her last album was very good and underrated. I guess us Faith fans will have to wait longer on an upcoming album, but that's ok. Faith always takes her time ensuring she puts out the best album possible. Anyway I have a new poll up I'd like you all to vote on. Please do that! Thanks!

A New Hollywood Couple?

Whitney Houston and Ray J are now a couple. Hot off the heels of his rumored sex tape, Ray J has scooped newly single Houston. The two have been seen canoodling around town. There is even a video circulating around with the two at the store and at a restaurant. A lot of eyebrows has been raised at this unlikely hookup. Many are saying that Whitney is getting her Demi Moore (Ashton Kutcher) on. Go Whitney! I hope this works out. In a strange twist of irony, Ray J's sister, Brandy idolizes Houston. Could Houston be Brandy's future sister-in-law? Ok..maybe I'm going too far. Stay tuned for more developments as this romance unfolds.

Old School/New School

You'll find a bit of everything in this post. You'll find some old school such as Freddie Jackson and The Commodores and also some new school from Ciara and Monica. I have now decided to keep using zshare. In the past other uploading programs wouldn't upload every song. Also you can preview these songs before you download them. You could do that prior but if your familiar with the blogging experience, zshare is the preferred uploading software for most bloggers.

112 - Only You
Average White Band - A Love Of Our OwnCiara - Next To You*NEW* Ciara feat. R. Kelly - Promise - Kells lets his freak thang hang out!
Destiny's Child - EmotionsEarth, Wind, & Fire - That's The Way of The WorldFaze-O - Riding High - you can hear this is a number of movies. Listen close to see which movies you heard this in.Foxy Brown - Memory Lane - one of my favs from her unreleased "Ill Na Na 2: The Fever" album.
Foxy Brown feat. Pharrell - Magnetic - another fav from the INN2 albu…

This Time Last Year - A Look Back (Jan. '06)

Here is a list of news that I compiled from the following year.

Lou Rawls died.
Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe split.
Several miners killed in accident.
Lindsay Lohan supposedly admited to doing drugs and bulimia in Vanity Fair.The claims are later denied.
Pink marries Carey Hart.
Angelie Jolie announces pregnancy with Brad Pitt. Baby due in the summer.
Shelley Winters dies at 85.
Coretta Scott King dies at 78.
Wilson Pickett dies.
Singer/Songwriter/Producer Gene McFadden died
Fayard Nicholas of the famed Nicholas Brothers also died.

Have you noticed there is an exceptionally high rate of deaths in the month of January?

Chris Brown & Kanye West "Graduate"

2007 is a year to celebrate as Chris Brown and Kanye West release albums entitled "Graduation." Interesting huh? Kanye West previously named his first three albums (Graduation included) prior to his debut's release. Chris Brown recently stated that his new album is entitled "Graduation." I can't wait to see how this plays out. I think Chris Brown will be prompted to change his album title. I'm not sure if Kanye's camp has received word on Chris' album title. I think he better change it quick! If not he will have to deal with Hurricane Kanye. Hurricane Kanye will hit very soon believe me. It is no secret that Kanye can be loud, rude, and arrogant. He will definitely claim the album title first because indeed he did have it first. Then again Chris should keep the album title. Maybe it will stir up some controversy (and album sales) for both artists. Remember Kanye's rant at the EMA's when he upstaged the winners for Best Video. Kanye visib…

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is all the rage for 2007. Amy was recently featured in the latest Blender magazine. She was noted for being one of the artists to watch in 2007. Internet mongers are running rampant over this future diva's unique style. She is Billie Holiday meets Macy Gray. I decided to give her songs a listen for myself. I was pleasantly surprised. Her music is definitely throwback. Her songs recall the youth of Young America circa 1960. On "Tears Dry" she samples "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", made famous by Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross. I won't post any of her songs here since of my fellow Bloggers, Hip & Pop has a write up on her as well with featured music. For more on Amy check out her myspace page @
Here are some more songs for your downloading enjoyment. Note: I'm temporarily using another server to upload music as my primary server (Store N Serve) is playing up!
Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole, T.I. and Pharrell - Last…

Kelis - Kelis Was Here

The album I've been playing the most lately has been Kelis Was Here. While surfing on Monica's Blog (which appears in my Bloggers link), I was inspired to write my own little write up regarding Kelis. Kelis' Kelis Was Here is her version of Sign 'O' The Times. Sounds unfamiliar? Could be. SOTT is the title of Prince's 1987 double album. It's formatted very much like Kelis Was Here. Both albums are messy and all over the place. Each album also explores various genres of music. While Prince has always experimented with different genre's of music, this is a first for Kelis. This is also the first album Kelis didn't work with The Neptunes. Her not working with The Neptunes led to much speculation about their impending relationship. Did they fall out? In a 2003 King Magazine interview, Kelis expressed her disdain for The Neptunes. She accused the producers of not giving her project the proper attention. She even went on to say that the producers hated he…

It's About That Time

Mumbo Jumbo

I'm back!!! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season. I sure did. It was good to get away, but it's good to be back home. I will resume to what you all love best (downloads) in a day or so. Please enjoy my latest commentary entitled "Mumbo Jumbo."

Controversial Fantasia

Controversy seems to follow Fantasia wherever she goes. Fantasia is perhaps the most controversial artists to come from the A.I. brand. Here is a rundown of the attention grabbing controversy Fantasia has garnered.

- being an unwed mother and not looked as a proper role model.
- revealing her illiteracy
- her racy tell all book which became a #1 best seller
- her highly rated Lifetime movie that drew criticism with A.I. reps and her family.

This woman has turned a lot of negative into positive. She is at the top of modern soul singers of the 21st century. This woman continues to keep us talking!

Mundane Mariah
You ever notice no one cover a Mariah Carey song? Mariah has been in this biz for nearly 20 years. …