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Album Spotlight: Michael Jackson - Thriller

I'm sure you all have heard or read that "Thriller" is the most successful album of all time. I still have those memories of growing up on this album and how the video for "Thriller" still scares me to this day.

All the songs here charted on the charts except one, "Baby Be Mine" which is actually one of my favorites. Seven of the nine songs(from the album) reached the top 10 of the Pop charts. It is a feature that most artists have difficulty duplicating.

The album opens up with the funky "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" which is another favorite of mine. Virtually every song on here has been sampled. It just goes to show you how important this album is to music.

For its 25th anniversary the album was re-released with remixes featuring an array of different producers and what not.

With Michael Jackson's untimely death last year, the album still continues to sell and influence a new generation of people and musicians.

Now …

Throwback Video: Usher - U Make Me Wanna

Usher released his first single, "U Make Me Wanna" in 1997. It appeared on his triple platinum album, "My Way". I believe this was the beginning of the usage of "U" in a series of singles including, "U Remind Me" and "U Don't Have To Call".

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Kanye West Discusses New Album With Rolling Stone Magazine!

Kanye West is going about his promotion slightly different than most musicians. The rapper is holding a series of press conferences and listening previews to staffs at facebook and now magazine, Rolling Stone!

Kanye Wests' new album is supposed to be due in September. The formerly titled album, "Good Ass Job" has now been changed and Kanye will soon reveal the new title.

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Bun B Featuring Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti - Countin' Money Video

Bun B will release his new album, "Trill O.G." on August 3. Make sure you look out for that.

Cassidy - Face 2 Face Video

Lyfe Jennings Unveils New Album Cover Art!

Lyfe says his new album, "I Still Believe" which will be in stores August 31 is his last album. The singer wishes to dedicate more time to his family. We hear statements like this all the time and Lyfe may actually be serious. We will see in time. Meanwhile check out the tracklisting for the new album.

After that you can check out the new tracklisting for the new Trey Songz' album. has your first look at Lyfe’s tracklisting for his new release “I Still Believe,” the album features the hit controversial single “Statistics.” Lyfe also told that this will be his last album, so make sure you pick it up and check him out when he comes to a city near you on tour!

First Look: Official Tracklisting!
1 Statistics
2 Love
3 It Coulda Been Worse
4 Spotlight
5 Busy
6 Whatever She Wants
7 Mama
8 Hero
9 I Still Believe
10 Learn From This
11 Done Crying
12 If I Knew Then, What I Know Now
13 If Tomorrow Never Comes (Bonus Track)…

Nicki Minaj Speaks On Your Love Video Ending!

If you haven't seen Nicki Minaj's video for "Your Love", well what are you waiting for? Nicki speaks on the decision to not win in the video and if you haven't seen it yet, I won't spoil the surprise.

I do think some people were expecting the "typical video" for this but knowing Nicki she was going to do something with some meaning and that's cool.

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Keys - Go Off Video

Music Biz:
Jennifer Lopez To Be New Judge on American Idol!
Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Ellen DeGeneres' replacement as an American Idol judge will be none other than Jennifer Lopez. Deadline says talks have been ongoing with Lopez for the past month. Another name mentioned as a possible new Idol judge of late, Jessica Simpson, was specifically for DeGeneres' spot -- not Simon Cowell's, as assumed -- but ultimately Lopez got the gig,

A replacement for Cowell still needs to be named. Deadline says the producer's first pick, Elton John, is asking for too much money and that there are reports an offer has been made to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.

Ellen DeGeneres won't be returning for the next season of American Idol, Fox has announced. After serving as a full-time judge for the variety competition's ninth season, DeGeneres informed the producers that it didn't feel like the right fit for her.

"I told them I wouldn't leave them in a bind and that…

Throwback Video: Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait

How many of you have ever heard this song? It's from an obscure duo who scored a huge R&B hit with this song. Ask me how I know this song, I can't remember exactly. I have always liked it though.

When I was on YouTube I found through some comments that the song has been heard in several movies and TV show so this may indeed ring a bell to some.

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Artist Interview: Dave Raps

Hello all! It has been awhile since I conducted any type of interview. Rapper Dave Raps is the first of many upcoming interviews with up and coming artists you will see. Below you can read an exclusive interview with the man himself. Make sure you check it out! You will definitely be seeing and hearing more from Dave Raps.

Thank you Dave Raps for talking to Cigna's Sights & Views today! Tell everyone how you began rapping?

I began rapping after high school, and I was really trying to see what was going on with my life from then. I never knew I wanted to make music, but I wanted to do something. I saw that my brother was making music and he’s been making music, and I wanted to make music and just to be in that whole scene just because I didn’t see my life going anywhere besides in that direction. I went out and got a fifteen dollar mic from best buy and up until this point I never even rapped or freestyled before. I came home and I downloaded all of the Carter III instrumentals, …

Album Spotlight: Missy Elliott - Supa Dupa Fly

Missy Elliott released her debut album, "Supa Dupa Fly" in 1997. At the time Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim were ruling the airwaves and Missy was quite a contrast from the sexually charged Foxy and Kim.

"Supa Dupa Fly" is a really fun and enjoyable album. Missy is a very witty lyricist and not only does she rap, but she sings. The album opens up with the Lil' Kim assisted, "Hit Em With Da Hee" which is one of my favorite songs. "Sock It To Me" featuring Da Brat is also good song which was the album's second single. Missy lead this album with the first single, "The Rain" which featured a wacky video and guest appearances from everyone to Lil' Kim to 702.

Some of my favorite songs are "Best Friends", "Friendly Skies" featuring Ginuwine, "Izzy Izzy Ahh" and "Why You Hurt Me".

With all this talk about this album, I feel like playing it now.

Music Feed: When Basketball Players Become Rappers

I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that basketball players wish to be rappers and rappers wish to be basketball players. The saying is somewhat true. We've seen several famous basketball stars attempt to break into rap with unsuccessful results. There is one exception though.

Allen Iverson
My mind has gone completely blank to be honest. I know Allen Iverson was attempting a rap career but whatever came of it, its anyone's guess. Good thing he stuck with basketball.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaq defied the odds and became a successful rapper even if he didn't write his own rhymes. His debut album, "Shaq Diesel" went platinum. I remember being in elementary and in gym class, we would have free days. One of my classmates brought Shaq's album in and was able to play it while we worked out in gym.

Ron Artest
After winning the championship this year, Ron Artest announced that he would release a single. I forget the name of it now but I think some people need to kee…

Justin Timberlake Denies American Idol Gig!

The latest word in the never ending "American Idol" saga is that Justin Timberlake was replacing Simon Cowell. Justin Timberlake's publicist has come forward and denied the claims. Instead Timberlake is busy with his film career. I take it he's not working on any new music?

So many people have been mentioned to take over Simon's spot on "Idol" but I just heard yesterday on "Showbiz Tonight" that the entire judging panel may be replaced. Now that would be something! Anything to get those ratings back up huh? This Just In: Ellen Degeneres is leaving the show! I see she got smart and jumped ship before she got her walking papers. I preferred Ellen on her talk show anyway!

Rick Ross' new album, "Teflon Don" proved to be no match for Eminem's "Recovery" album. The new Rick Ross album debuts at #2 on the Billboard 200 this week with 178K units. It is his second hugest first week sales. All of Ross' prior three albums al…

Diddy & The Bad Boy Family Appear On New VIBE Magazine Cover!

Music Biz:
Usher Records New Song With Chris Brown!
Reggae Sumfest organizer Johnny Gourzong has expressed pleasure at having international R&B star Usher as the headline act on International Night II, Saturday, July 24 and agreed that Usher's performance would certainly go down as one of the best in the entire 18-year history of Reggae Sumfest.

"Despite the rain, Usher pulled out the crowd on Saturday night ... and he is so easy to work with," the Summerfest director disclosed.

"You know, there are some international acts who are just so difficult to host. They want to leave the island as soon as the show ends; well ...not Usher. He stayed on and he has had a great time in Jamaica. He likes ox-tail and jerk chicken and he was just enjoying the island."

According to Gourzong, Usher and headline act for International Night I, US singer Chris Brown, recorded a song together at a studio in Montego Bay last Saturday and on Sunday, Usher and his friends …

Foxy Brown Speaks On Rivalry With Nicki Minaj!

Foxy Brown has been in the news lately after her arrest and her recent concert at New York's B.B. Kings Bar & Grill. Foxy recently spoke to MTV about her concert and some comments she made that were mad towards Nicki Minaj. Read below to find out exactly what she had to say!

Foxy Brown insists there were no shots fired at Nicki Minaj. The Brooklyn veteran disputes claims she was dissing the Young Money MC during a recent show at Manhattan's B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. Brown says that, in fact, she thinks Minaj has been doing an exemplary job at navigating the music industry.

"What's funny, I actually applaud Nicki for it," said Foxy, who was accompanied by her manager earlier this week during a visit to the MTV News studio. "I think she's doing an incredible job of branding herself. When you're a boss bitch, you give it up. Send her a Chanel bag or something," she laughed. "If you're winning, you're wining. That's just h…

Album Spotlight: Ashanti - Ashanti

Ashanti released her self-titled debut album in April 2002. The album featured the first single, the #1, "Foolish". You could not go anywhere without hearing this song. I remember there was a great deal of hype behind Ashanti and this album. Rightfully so since Murder Inc. was really bubbling at the time. Many will say this is Ashanti's best album.

This album also housed two other singles, the fun and upbeat, "Happy" and the slow groove of "Baby". Ashanti would earn comparisons to Mary J. Blige for her use of Hip-Hop samples more than anything.

Some of my favorite songs on the album are "Call", "Over", "Rescue", and "Movies". If you noticed those are all one word titles and that was what the album was mostly comprised of; one word titles.

Ashanti won a lot of awards for this album and the album was certified triple platinum.

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Throwback Video: Jagged Edge - Put A Lil' Umph In It

Jagged Edge returned to the music scene in 2007 when they signed to Def Jam. This was their first single which featured Ashanti but for some reason she didn't appear in the video. Therefore her contribution to the song was omitted.

Recently Jagged Edge signed to Slip N Slide Records and will be releasing their album, "The Remedy" soon. It is nice to see Jagged Edge still going strong after all these years when other groups have broken up.

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Kanye West Performs New Song For Facebook Staff!

Kanye West is going about things a little differently as he starts to promote his new album which is now untitled. The album is no longer called, "Good Ass Job". The rapper is throwing around a few titles currently.

Here you can see the rapper performing the song "Mama's Boyfriend" in which Kanye raps about his disdain towards his mother's boyfriend when he was a child.

Kanye performs a snippet of the song "Sweat On My Face" to plenty of laughs and applause.

Keyshia Cole Is Working On A New Album!

I just read that Keyshia Cole is returning to music with her new album, "Keyshia". This will be her fourth album and her first since 2008's "A Different Me". I'm not sure when the album will be released so make sure you all be on the look out for that.

I remember when Keyshia Cole's first album came out and I bought it the day it came out. I was playing it so much that my sister got the album and became a big fan. Unfortunately for me as Keyshia's career progressed, I became less of a fan.

Usher has so many songs on radio right now, we're truly in Usher overkill. One of the latest songs to be released is a duet with Jay-Z entitled, "Hot Totty". The single originally featured Ciara but now she will not appear on the song. The single was produced by Polow Da Don. I have yet to hear it yet so hopefully it is better than the song he has with Pitbull though.

There's been such a shakeup with Faith Evans and her first single from her upcomin…

Trina Featuring Flo Rida & Git Fresh - White Girl Video

Trina releases the second video from her album, "Amazin'" in stores now. I never found out why there was no video for "Always" with Monica.

Music Biz:
Lloyd Prepares New Album!
R&B singer Lloyd is prepping for the release of his next album.

Titling the effort "King of Hearts," Lloyd hopes to have the album in stores by year's end, calling it his "masterpiece".

As previously reported, Lloyd's next album has been linked to producers The Runners, Jim Jonsin, Polow Da Don, Dr. Dre, and Rico Love.

"King of Hearts" follows Lloyd's 2008 album "Lessons in Love".Swizz Beats A Dead Beat Dad?
That baby moms over in is making some sensational allegation against Swizzy. Apparently that Russian Baby Moms he has is real and she's being vocal that he's not taking care of his daughter they have. Her name is Jahna Sebastian and here is the baby:

Apparently, Swizz was making some form of payment to the baby/baby's …

Producer Spotlight: Cool & Dre

Cool & Dre are producers from Miami, Florida. They have produced many Hip-Hop hits from some of Hip-Hop's brightest stars. Dre, would release a solo album and single. He also dated Christina Milan for a short while. Together the duo of Cool & Dre produced her 2006 album, "So Amazin'".

Check out the list of hits that Cool & Dre has produced over the years!

Told Y'all, Trina Take You Home, Angie MartinezNew York, Ja Rule feat. Jadakiss & Fat Joe Take Me Home, Terror SquadHate It Or Love It, The Game feat. 50 CentSay I, Christina Milian feat. Young JeezyRodeo, JuvenileBlow, Rick RossPhone Home, Lil' WayneMake The World Go Round, Nas feat. The Game & Chris BrownChillin', Wale feat. Lady GaGaIf It Ain't About Money, Fat Joe feat. Trey Songz

Music Feed: When Song Titles Are Modified

Unfortunately national radio won't play songs in their explicit versions. It is exactly why clean versions of the songs are issued. Sometimes the artist will rerecord a song with clean lyrics in place of the more raunchy ones. There is also the songs that just bleep out the dirty words, hence the clean version.

There is radio channels like Sirius where you can listen to songs explicitly. In an effort to conform to radio standards several songs over the years have titles modified. Some are just plain stupid and some are just questionable.

Hood Figga, Gorilla Zoe
Gorilla Zoe scored a club anthem with "Hood Figga" but that's not the title you would hear in the club. You would hear it in its original form, "Hood Nigga".

My Girl Got A Best Friend, Ray L
Many people thought Ray L or Ray Lavender was T-Pain when he released his single, "My Girl Got A Girl Friend". The song spoke of a bi-sexual lover and it is a subject that's too racy for radio so the so…

Throwback Video: Gorilla Zoe - Hood Figga

For radio purposes the song's titled was modified to "Hood Figga" when in actuality it was "Hood Nigga".

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Album Spotlight: Erykah Badu - Worldwide Underground

"Worldwide Underground" to some is considered Erykah Badu's third album but she insisted it wasn't. The album contained the first single, "Danger" which was everything we would expect from Erykah Badu. There was also the second single, "Back In The Day(Puff)" which sounded like a song that could of easily appeared on Erykah's "Baduizm" album.

Erykah Badu always goes left when everyone goes right. Case in point, Erykah's 10 minute song, "I Want You" which is full of spacey, acrobatic vocals that are all about Erykah.

My favorite song on the album is "Bump It" which is eight minutes long and its a slow groove. Other standout songs include "Woo" and "The Grind".

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Artist Spotlight: Foxy Brown

For over 15 years, Foxy Brown has been one of the most controversial female rappers of all time. She is known throughout for her numerous arrests and sometimes bad attitude. Foxy Brown is one of my favorite artists and she will always be.

Recently Foxy was arrested for interrupting a protective order. It was filed against a neighbor of hers who Foxy famously attacked with her BlackBerry in 2007. While Foxy was getting ready for her performance at New York's BB King Bar & Grill, Foxy's neighbor claimed that Foxy cussed her out and mooned her.

Certainly Foxy is no stranger to lewd behavior but she's managed to keep herself out of trouble over the last two years. Foxy rebounded from her arrest after her performance last night. She performed many of her singles over the years including "Candy", "Get Me Home", and "Stylin". Foxy also brought out rappers AZ, Cormega, Spragga Benz, and more. Foxy also promised us that her long awaited album, "…

Nicki Minaj Working With Will.I.Am For New Album!

Nicki Minaj is currently working on her debut album and everyone is wondering exactly how it will turn up. Nicki Minaj has revealed that she has worked with Will.I.Am on her new album but wouldn't elaborate beyond that. Nicki does speak more in detail about her new album choosing to tell a story that every girl can relate to.

Actor Bruce Willis has spoken out regarding the usage of his name in Nicki Minaj's "Your Love" saying he was "flattered" and he didn't truly understand the song. He did say he liked the song though. Nicki Minaj's debut album will be in stores November 23.

Eric Benet is returning to the music scene with a new album, "Lost In Time" which will be in stores this September. The debut single, "Everywhere I Go" recently leaked and will go be added to radio on July 27.

Kelly Price also has a new album in the works and its a self-titled affair. The album is slated for release next month. Though we all know that date wil…

Producer Spotlight: Jim Jonsin

One look at Jim Jonsin and you may be judging a book by its cover. He does bear the punk rock esque looks that most would probably associate him with. He is the man behind numerous R&B/Hip-Hop hits and if your not familiar with Jim Jonsin, you will be surprised at what songs he has actually produced.

Jim Jonsin hails from Florida and at one point he was a DJ by the name of DJ Jealous J.

Check out the list of songs that Jim Jonsin is responsible for bringing us.

Your Body, Pretty RickyStop Traffic, Trina feat. PitbullWhatever You Like, T.I.Sweet Dreams, Beyonce Cuddy Buddy, Mike JonesKiss Me Thru The Phone, Soulja BoiI Run, Slim Thug Show Stopper, Danity Kane feat. Yung JocLollipop, Lil' Wayne feat. Static MajorUnpredictable, Jamie Foxx feat. LudacrisGirl Tonite, Twista feat. Trey SongzThere Goes My Baby, UsherMirror, Monica

Music Feed: Tyrese Video Appearances

I was sitting here watching "106 & Park" and yes I still watch it. After all I a music blogger. Anyway they were showing Usher's "My Way" video which featured Tyrese. It made me think about how Tyrese has been in a lot of videos outside of his own. Of course there are more but only two more came to mind after the "My Way" video.

Find out about the other two videos he appeared in. Here I am just wishing I would remember the others but they aren't coming to mind fast enough.

My Way, Usher
Tyrese co-starred in Usher's "My Way" video as an opponent of Usher's who not only battled him dancing but for the affection of a girl.

Telephone, Lady GaGa feat. Beyonce
Who hasn't seen the "Telephone" video? It was like a really big thing when it was released. Tyrese starred as Beyonce's controlling boyfriend who sadly collapsed after he was injected with poison.

Angel Of Mine, Monica
Tyrese starred as the object of Monica's a…

Throwback Video: Amerie - Why Don't We Fall In Love

Album Spotlight: Amerie - All I Have

I still remember Amerie being on "106 & Park" and gushing about this album and if we bought it, we wouldn't be disappointed. Well I took her word for it and bought it and at $5.99, it was quite the steal.

Amerie's debut album, "All I Have" went gold and featured the first single, "Why Don't We Fall In Love". The album's second single was "Talkin' To Me". Both singles were very successful.

The album was produced by Rich Harrison and together, he and Amerie created a sound that would become quite universal and replicable.

There are some really decent songs on the album such as "Nothing Like Loving You", "Need You Tonight", "Show Me"(personal favorite), and "I Just Died".

Jazmine Sullivan Returns With New Album!

There was such a huge liking for Jazmine Sullivan's debut album, "Fearless" but I never really got into it. I did like the singles though. The album as a whole though didn't do it for me. Now Jazmine Sullivan is returning with a new album, "Love Me Back" which will be released on September 28. The album's first single, "Holdin' Me Down(Circles)" was produced by Missy Elliott.

Another album to look forward to this fall is from Faith Evans. Her album, "Somethin' About Faith" will be in stores October 5. There has been a bit of confusion regarding her album's first single. The originally planned first single, "Way U Move" featuring Snoop Dogg went to radio and was later nixed. Soon it was revealed that the Mike City produced song, "Party" would be the first single. Now it has been revealed that a ballad, "Real Things" may in fact be the first single. Once it finally does become legit, I will be l…

Artist Spotlight: GR King Louis

On his latest mixtape project, “Tha Bailout,” GR King Louis flows with a confidence that will leave the audience clamoring for his upcoming LP “The Biorhythm.” The combination of eclectic lyrical content with immaculate production by Jon E Quest gives a unique presentation that blurs the line between being boisterous and confident. The mixtape reflects GR King Louis' affluent lifestyle, while it is also a reflection of a man that is so complex, he could be labeled by many as a paradox. Although GR delivers his vocals with a swagger and confident manner that is his own, he writes on a multitude of different subject matters. “Tha Bailout” is a lyrical sandbox for GR to promote his upcoming album “Biorhythm.” It includes subject matters that not only reflect his lavish lifestyle as a headlining act in major clubs, but also describes everyday struggles with building and keeping relationships, and overcoming the challenge of taking care of major responsibilities while involved in an in…

Producer Spotlight: Mario Winans

Mario Winans was born Mario Brown and his mother is Vickie Winans; gospel legend. Mario's work with Diddy led to more high profile writing and production among other artists.

Many of the songs Mario would produce would also feature him as you will see in the list of songs below!

You Remind Me Of Something, R. KellyI Need A Girl, DiddyMr. Cool, Tamia feat. Mario WinansMillion Dollar Girl, Trina feat. Diddy & Keri HilsonEver Wonder, Faith Evan feat. Mario WinansDown 4 Me, Loon feat. Mario WinansCrush On You, Mr. Cheeks feat. Mario WinansHey Baby(After The Club), Ashanti feat. Mario WinansGet Away, Rick Ross feat. Mario WinansYou're The One, Guerilla Black feat. Mario WinansRock The Party, Benzino feat. Mario Winans

Kelly Rowland Changes Title Of New Album!

If changing her album release date weren't enough, Kelly Rowland has retitled her album to; "Commander In Chief". The album was simply going to be self titled but Ms. Kelly had a change of heart. The album will now be released on October 26. The album features the singles, "Commander" and "Grown Woman" which is racing up the R&B charts. The album features appearances from Ester Dean, Jim Jonsin, Akon, and many more. Be on the look out for that!

Dondria will release her debut album, "Dondria vs. Phatfffat" which will be released on August 17. Click here to get an exclusive preview of the album!

Eve has recently spoke about about her feud with Lil' Kim! The rapper said her and Kim attended a dinner and were able to talk things out and have since became friends. Eve hopes to do a collaboration with Kim in the future. Would you all like to see that?

I feel like at one time it would of been interesting to hear but if they do go through with …

Throwback Video: Beenie Man Featuring Janet Jackson - Feel It Boy

Janet Jackson has never been big on collaborations but the ones she has done have usually been with close friends, label mates, or artists under the same management. In this case Beenie Man was signed to Virgin Records as was Janet at the time which makes collaborations like this possible. The song was produced by The Neptunes and was a big hit at radio!

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Album Spotlight: Mase - Harlem World

Many years ago I used to own this album and whatever happened to it is anyone's guess. We all have had albums that we no longer have and we really don't know what happened to them. I think though I ended up giving a lot of album away over the years.

Anyway Mase hit the scene with his debut album, "Harlem World" in 1997. I'm sitting here trying to remember it and a few songs stick out in my head. One of the things I do remember is the introduction of The Mad Rapper who was Bad Boy producer Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie. He was pretty annoying to me. He also produced most of this album alongside Diddy and Jermaine Dupri.

The single "Feels So Good" and "What U Want" featuring Total were hits. There was the inclusion of DMX and The Lox on "24 Hours To Live". There is the gawd awful singing on "Jealous Guy"; the album's closing track. Lil' Kim appears on "Will They Die 4 U" which is one of the album's st…

Nicki Minaj - Your Love Video

Look out for Nicki Minaj's debut album to be released on November 23.

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Rah Digga - This Ain't No Lil' Kid Rap Video

Rah Digga is back on the scene with her new single and video. Her new album, "Classic" will be in stores September 14. Make sure you be on the look out for it.

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Music Feed: Blue Eyed Soul Artists

We are all usually caught off guard when we hear a new artist and our assumption is that they are black. After all its usually a R&B-tinged song so its safe to make such judgment. When we realize that the said artist is white and performing R&B so convincingly, we're usually won over pretty fast.

The artists below are all white artists who casually perform R&B music or its a full time gig for them. Check them out.

Christina Aguilera
I was blown away by Christina Aguilera's voice when I heard her debut single, "Genie In A Bottle". Little did I know she was this tiny white girl who would become the arch nemesis of Britney Spears.

Pink's debut single, "There You Go" was a R&B hit and written by Kandi, formerly of Xscape. She displayed a lot of sass and soul on her debut album, "Can't Take Me Home".

Jon B.
Many people found it hard to tell the difference between Babyface and Jon B., a budding soul singer.

Robin Thicke
I remember wh…

Throwback Video: Jon B. Featuring Babyface - Someone To Love

The combination of Jon B's vocals as well as Babyface's had many people unable to tell the singers apart. Of course you wouldn't know until you saw the video here.

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Album Spotlight: Various Artists - Romeo Must Die Soundtrack

The soundtrack for "Romeo Must Die" can almost be mistaken for an Aaliyah album with a handful of guest appearances. After all three singles were released from this album and they were all from Aaliyah. So not only was this her motion picture debut, she was also the center of this project.

Aaliyah hit #1 with the album's first single, "Try Again". For the album's second single Aaliyah hooked up with DMX for "Come Back In One Piece". The third single saw the release of the ballad, "I Don't Wanna".

I used to own this album and to be honest I can't really remember a lot of the songs like that. To be honest a lot of the songs here are pretty forgettable. I will say the first half of the album is a lot of stronger. The second half of the album contains a lot of forgettable tracks ranging from artists such as Chante Moore and Dave Hollister.

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T.I. Featuring Keri Hilson - Got Your Back Video

T.I.'s new album, "King Uncaged" will be in stores September 28. Make sure you check it out!

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Marques Houston Featuring Rick Ross - Pullin' On Her Hair Video

Marques Houston will release his new album, "Mattress Music" on September 21.

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Foxy Brown Arrest Footage Caught On Tape!

It's not news to see that Foxy Brown has been arrested. I mean she has quite the arrest record. I am kind of disappointed because she had been doing so good. I hope after this she will try and continue in the right direction.

If your aware of the full details, Foxy was arrested for violating a restraining order which stems from a 2007 BlackBerry beatdown against her neighbor. The victim claimed that Foxy cursed her and mooned her. Now the cursing part sounds like Foxy but mooning?

Music Biz:
Rihanna Planning New Album!
Rihanna is getting back to her roots with the lead single from her next album.

Confirmed by reps Wednesday, the as-yet-untitled album's next single will be the next piece of music to come from the "Rated R" star, who will not release a follow up to singles like "Rude Boy," "Te Amo" and "Rockstar 101".

"She loves her fans and is trying to make the best album possible," says her label SRP. "It will be a retu…

Throwback Video: Mariah Carey - You & I

Mariah Carey paid tribute to Stevie Wonder during BET's 8th annual "Walk Of Fame" series which has now been defunct.

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Producer Spotlight: Sean Garrett

Sean Garrett is not only a producer. He is a singer and songwriter. He holds the distinction for having 15 #1 hits on the Billboard Singles Charts. Over the years he has produced some of the hottest R&B/Hip-Hop songs around.

Sean Garrett was born in Atlanta, Georgia and his real name is Garrett Hamler. He released a solo debut album but the album wasn't released here in the states.

Below you can check out just a fraction of the hits Sean Garrett has been involved in.

Yeah, Usher feat. Ludacris & Lil' JonMassive Attack, Nicki Minaj feat. Sean GarrettGoodies, Ciara feat. Petey PabloWarm Bed, Jamie FoxxCheck On It, Beyonce feat. Slim ThugBreak Up, Mario feat. Sean Garrett & Gucci ManeMake Her Feel Good, Teairra Mari Toy Solider, Britney SpearsGrippin' On The Bed, Sean Garrett feat. LudacrisWhat Them Girls Like, Ludacris feat. Chris Brown & Sean GarrettMy Baby, Janet feat. Kanye WestLose My Breath, Destiny's Child Enough Cryin', Mary J. Blige -------------…

Faith Evans' Pushes New Album Back!

Faith Evans is the latest artist to push her album back. Her album, "Somethin' About Faith" was originally due September 14 and now it will be due October 5. The album's first single which was "Way U Move" featuring Snoop Dogg was pulled from radio. Now the first single will be "Party" released by Mike City.

Mike City is responsible for Brandy's single, "Full Moon" which is one of my favorites. I like Mike City's productions and I'm hoping this one is the song that Faith needs to jump start her album.

We seen Ray J adamantly working on his new album on this show, "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business". Now the singer is ready to release his debut single, "Celebration(Let's Pop Bottles)". The single is said to feature Ludacris but it hasn't yet been revealed. The single was produced by Rodney Jerkins.

You can also look forward to the second season of "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business" w…

Young Jeezy, Shyne Grace New Issue Of XXL Magazine!

As announced previously Young Jeezy will release his new album, "TM103" this September. The album's first single, "Jizzle" features Lil' Jon.

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Album Spotlight: Various Artists - Blue Streak Soundtrack

I remember the sole reason why I bought this album was because Foxy Brown was featured on it. She is featured on the song; "NaNa Be Like" which would appear on her "Broken Silence" album and later earn her a Grammy nomination.

The movie "Blue Streak" was a movie starring Martin Lawrence and to be honest I can't remember much about it. He did play a cop and when you think about it, Martin has played cops in many of his movies.

The album featured the first single, Jay-Z's "Girl's Best Friend". The second single was So Plush's "Damn(Should've Treated U Right) featuring Ja Rule. Both songs were hits on the R&B charts.

Elsewhere on the album there are cuts by Keith Sweat, Da Brat, Kelly Price, Tyrese, and more.

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Lil' Kim Vancouver Concert Interview

Lil' Kim is still on her promo tour and she recently performed to Vancouver, Canada. She talks about her memories of Biggie, being best friends with Mary J. Blige, and maintaining her career.

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Throwback Video: Ms. Jade Featuring Timbaland & Nelly Furtado - Ching Ching

Ciara's New Album Pushed Back To October!

There was word that Ciara's new album, "Basic Instinct" would get pushed back and now its been revealed that the new date is October 5. The album's first single, "Ride" is a hit and new single, "Gimme Dat" is supposed to be impacting radio this week.

I already spoke on how I feel about this. I feel her album should at least come out by September the latest, not October.

Foxy Brown is working on a new album and is currently accepting beats from producers as well as upcoming producers. If you have been waiting for a chance to get yourself out there. Here is your chance. Click here to submit your beats!

Young Jeezy will finally release his new album, "TM103" on September 28. The album is led by the first single, "Jizzle" featuring Lil' Jon. The album also features the hit single, "Lose My Mind" featuring Plies. Yo Gotti and Jay-Z also make appearances on the album. Make sure you be on the look out for that!


Waka Flaka Flame - Hard In Da Paint Video

Diamond Discusses Her New Label Situation!

Female rappers are really coming back and you can love them or hate them. Diamond of Crime Mob fame is gearing up for her own debut album release. Here she talks about her label situation, female rap unity, and female rap idol.

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Ms. Jade Behind The Scenes Of Photoshoot!

Ms. Jade is back and shooting for her upcoming mixtape, "Straight No Chaser". The Philly emcee blesses us with a fierce freestyle announcing her return to the game.

If you aren't familiar with Ms. Jade, she was brought by Timbaland he produced the songs "Big Head" and "Ching Ching" featuring Nelly Furtado. Her one and only album, "Girl Interrupted" was released seven years ago I believe.

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Music Feed: When Artists Shut Down Their Twitter Pages

Since Twitter has become popular, it has become synonymous with celebrities speaking out, arguing with fans, other celebs, and ultimately closing down their Twitter pages. Usually it is out of utter frustration and eventually they all reinstate their pages. The following artists below have closed their pages over and over, played jokes on us, and got upset from a backlash. Check the out!

Chris Brown
Chris Brown has suffered a lot of heat and backlash from his incident with Rihanna. Twitter was no exception. His followers started making comments towards him that were upsetting and led to him closing down his Twitter page. After Chris cooled down, he would open it again, close it down, and open it up again; exactly in that order.

Soulja Boi
Soulja Boi was the subject of a few Trending Topics on Twitter. #ifsouljaboiwerearapper was one of the Trending Topics were followers and Twitter users lamented on Soulja Boi's rap skills. The second Trending Topic was Soulja Boi's video for &quo…

Dondria Featuring Johnta Austin & Diamond - Shawty Wus Up Video

Dondria scored a hit single with "You're The One" and its possible she may have a chance with this one too. Dondria's album, "Dondria vs. Phafffatt" will be in stores this August. Make sure you be on the look out for that!

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Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster/Champagne Life Video

To simply put it the song and video are both atrocious.

Much better song and video here Ne-Yo. You should of hit us with this one out the gate.

50 Cent Scraps New Album!

50 Cent has been overseas touring and at the same time working on a new album titled, "Black Magic". Now that 50 has returned to the states, the rapper is having a change of heart. The newly written songs he's recorded don't fit into the concept of "Black Magic". The new album is said to be influenced by Marvin Gaye and features a more mature sound.

This sounds like a decent concept and all but we may not hear since he wants to change it now. Whatever he plans to do, he has to be smart about it. 50's last album, "Before I Self Destruct" only went gold.

Nick Cannon has denied that his wife Mariah Carey is pregnant! Many thought she was pregnant when she dropped out the newest Tyler Perry movie. Instead I believe the singer is firing up a new album with Jermaine Dupri. Every once in awhile we get a false alarm that Mariah is pregnant or Beyonce is pregnant or someone else is.

Alicia Keys has fired her manager but will retain her working relationshi…

Tony Yayo Featuring 50 Cent - Pass The Patron Video

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Artist Spotlight: Ashaya

Hello all! Up and coming artist Ashaya is the subject of today's Artist Spotlight. Check it out!

Singer/songwriter Ashaya is set to release her debut EP titled “Jukebox Remedy” September 2010. “Jukebox Remedy,” an eclectic, edgy, story-telling piece that showcases and displays Ashaya’s ability as a singer/songwriter embodies a broad range of musical styles and influences ranging from R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, and Jazz. Ashaya Robinson, native of Atlanta, Georgia, and recent alumnus of Howard University, executive produced, arranged, and wrote the entire album. The R&B singer describes her debut EP as “a rollercoaster, taking the listener through every emotion from the good, bad, and ugly.”
Ashaya first graced the music world in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia as a classically trained dancer/singer. Combined with her love of dance and singing, the young performer started her recording career at the age of fourteen. From recording, Ashaya performed on various sets in Atlanta and Was…