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Amerie "Gotta Work" Hard..Real Hard

Amerie's new album, "Because I Love It" is a hit overseas but has yet to be released here. A release date has yet to be determined. Meanwhile she has released a 2nd video, "Gotta Work" which is said to be the 2nd single overseas. Click here to see the new video. The 2nd single in the US is rumored to be "That's What U R". You can hear and/or download that song here.
Amerie - That's What U R - 2nd single from upcoming album here in the statesI have a new poll up which can be accessed underneath the credit section with the comment box, credits, etc. I also have a bunch of songs coming up so be on the lookout for that.

This Just In

It has been revealed that Kelly Rowland's 2nd single has been decided. (((drums))) "Comeback" has been chosen as the 2nd single from Kelly's upcoming album, "Ms Kelly" in stores July 3rd. Yay or Nay? If you haven't heard the song or want to download it you can in the link below.
Kelly Rowland - Comeback - 2nd single

The Votes Are In

Out of 62 votes, 84% of you voted for Chili to have the most successful album between her and T-Boz

Stay tuned for yet another poll!

Hot off the heels of her performance at the BET awards, Beyonce remixes her latest hit single, "Get Me Bodied". The remix features Fabolous and was produced by Timbaland.
*NEW* - Beyonce feat Fabolous - Get Me Bodied Remix

Alicia Keys Returns, More Teedra, Nelly

Let's see what is going on in the world of entertainment worth reporting....

It is a rather slow news day but if you haven't heard already Alicia Keys will be releasing her new album entitled, "As I Am" to be released this October. The first single will debut in August. I know a lot of people have been anticipating her return.

I hope you are all enjoying the Teedra Moses songs. I decided to profile a younger, more current artist since the older artists(Patti LaBelle) wasn't getting much love. Interestingly enough I received Teedra's newest song entitled, "Love's Gonna Be" which is the lead single from her "The Young Lioness" album coming later in the summer. The song features an "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" sample and features an unknown male vocalist. I remember reading originally Trey Songz was on this track but it doesn't sound like him to me. I hope you enjoy the song as well as the others. Look out for more song…

Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight - Teedra Moses

Teedra Moses is a singer/songwriter who hails from New Orleans, LA. She is the mother of twins and her baby daddy is Rass Kass. Teedra released her debut, "Complex Simplicity" in 2004 with little fanfare. Eventually she would develop a fanbase and identity in music. She is responsible for working with a number or artists including Macy Gray, Christina Milian, Trina, and Nivea. Here is an interesting fact you may or may not know. She can be heard on the original version of Trina's "Here We Go".
Doin YouYou'll Never Find (A Better Woman) feat JadakissCautionBackstrokeNo More TearsTake Me feat Raphael SaadiqComplex Simplicity

Wendy's Greatest Hits

Wendy Williams is the queen of shock jock radio. She is known for her over the top interviews with everyone from Kelly Rowland to Whitney Houston. She asks the questions we all want to know. Thanks to Foxboogie I have compiled some of Wendy's most memorable interviews with a bevy of celebrities.
SuperheadFaith EvansTruth Hurts
Mariah CareyKelly RowlandWhitney Houston Part 1Whitney Houston Part 2
Sheryl Lee RalphLil' CeaseSheryl UnderwoodSunshine AndersonErykah BaduChristina MilianBrian McKnight's Tranny Ex-Lover
^^^My meds must finally be kicking in as I'm feeling a lot better compared to how I was a few hours ago. I decided to give you a little update.

Ashanti Makes A "Switch", Teedra Moses, Ja

Just yesterday I reported new Ashanti music was on its way and it couldn't come any sooner. Ashanti has hooked up with main boo, Nelly and JD for "Switch". Check that out and a slew of other new and recent songs.
*NEW* - Ashanti feat Nelly - SwitchTeedra Moses - Outta My Head
*NEW* Freeway feat Jay Z - Big Spender*NEW* Ja Rule feat Lil Wayne - Uh Oh

Usher Celebrates, Ashanti Declares, Jay Z

Not only has Usher been working on his new album he has been busy making babies as his fiance, Tameka Spears or whatever her name is, is pregnant. Usher's album, fragrance, and baby are all due this fall.

Ashanti has renamed her album, "The Declaration" expressing her newfound freedom as an artist. The album was originally titled, "Incredible." The first single has been picked as the album will debut in Oct. Production includes Polow Da Don, Babyface, LT Hutton, The Neptunes, etc.

Larry Johnson, male lead in Fantasia's "When I C U" vid, claims Jay Z cussed him out after appearing in Fanny's video. Why? Because he thought it wasn't a good look given Fanny's reputation as being a "hood diva" should I say. She has previously came off the "Hood Boy" single but my thing is Larry shouldn't let Jay block his cream. Hell I woulda cussed Jay's ass back out!

BET Awards

I just finished watching the BET awards and its aftershow festivities. All in all I was disappointed for the second time. I get so hyped up only to get let down. I feel like if I decide not to watch one year, it will be good. Some interesting highlights were 50 Cent forgetting the words to "Amusement Park" and running through the audience baffled not only me but everyone involved. Lil' Kim made a surprise appearance on Diddy/Keyshia Cole's "Last Night" performance. The show opened with a duet from Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson. The duet was rumored to be one of the surprises and indeed it was but shouldn't have started the show off. What else am I missing? Anyway here are a few songs for the download obsessed:
Sade - Your Love Is KingPretty Willie - FallingChapter 4 feat Fabolous - Lights OnChapter 4 - Waiting On My Baby

MTV, Lauryn Hill, Fantasia, BET Awards

Remember when people were complaining about how MTV barely showed videos when the very name of the network had "music" in its title. By that time MTV had succumb to overproduced silly reality shows. It was truly safe to say at that time that MTV had fallen off. In keeping tradition of its denouncement, MTV has upgraded its lineup with a host of popular reality shows, none of which originally appeared on the network. The lineup includes "I Love New York, "Flavor Of Love 1 +2", "Charm School", "College Hill", and "America's Next Top Model." Coming Soon: 106 and Park

Lauryn Hill is said to be working on a new album as she has been for the past several years. I will believe it when I see it.

I just read that Fantasia originally recorded "Let It Go" by Keyshia Cole which is the lead single from her upcoming album, "Just Like You" in stores Sept. 18th.

Are you ready for the BET awards? I am. Catch red carpet footag…

I'm Sick :-(

For over the last month I've been sick! When I went out of town, I had a sore throat. A few weeks later I had developed a dry cough which followed me all the way home. Just when I thought the cough was clearing up, it got worse. I went to the doctor and found out I had bronchitis. My doctor gave me the prescribed medication and just when I was getting over that, I get strep throat, which is what I have right now. I'm so tired of being sick! Please keep me in your prayers for a speedy recovery. This is possibly the only update you will get today. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel a lot better being that tomorrow will be my third day taking the medication. With that said updates and music might be a little slow(for the time being) because I've been sleeping a lot and not having had much energy. Thanks for reading and understanding!

Luda & TI: Fight, Xtina Preggers, Foxy Robbed

Ludacris and TI got into a fight at the BET luncheon. All that tension they have towards one another finally boiled over. Remember TI felt he deserved the Grammy over Luda.

Christina Aguilera is supposedly 3 months pregnant! That's what I'm hearing. Congrats!

If you haven't heard already, Foxy Brown was supposedly robbed around 4 a.m. two nights ago by three women. The women took Foxy's purse, her hearing aid, and tore out a chunk of her weave. Foxy is denying the story but officials claim the story is indeed true. This incident joins an already long line of run-ins dealing with rapper.

A Special Message

Beyonce "Checks" Kelly 4 BET Awards, Cassie

Kelly Rowland was a guest (yesterday) on "The Wendy Williams Experience" and there was no shortage of questions regarding Beyonce. During the 2nd part of the interview I believe, an audio was played featuring Kelly speaking and Beyonce cutting her off. Kelly defended Beyonce's actions. Here is the video that has gained notoriety for showcasing Beyonce as the bloodsucking diva she is! hahahah Enjoy!

In other Kelly Rowland news, she is now added to the performance lineup of the main show of the BET awards. I got this from another site so take it with a grain of salt. If you don't see her on the preshow then she's on the main show. Got it?

Cassie is still with Bad Boy according to Diddy. She is performing sexual favors for Pharrell, Dids, and a host of other producers for tracks! Nah but expect new music from her in the near future and a cameo in Kanye's new video for "Stronger".

NeYo Works Janet, Fanny Goes Gold, Oprah

NeYo has been added to the growing list of collaboraters scheduled to work on the upcoming Janet album. Janet is obviously not playing around this time! I hope she brings the heat this time!

Congrats to Fantasia for her "Fantasia" album being certified gold. "When I C U" is #2 this week on the R&B charts and has a shot at being #1. No word yet on a 3rd single.

I was watching Oprah and they had on that town meeting about Don Imus. I had heard about it before but didn't watch the first time. It really irritated me because I feel like rap is blamed for everything. It has become very convenient to blame rap for everything. I think a lot of blame should be placed on parents. Parents should be more responsible for their children. They need to let their children know what is right and wrong, what's appropriate, and what not. If you let you chlid listen to rap is one thing but if you don't, you don't. Start taking responsibility and stop fingerpointing!

I …

Artist Spotlight - Patti Labelle

Patti Labelle is perhaps one of the greatest vocalists in the history of music. For over 5 decades she has redefined music with her ability to adapt to the everchanging musical landscape. She has done it all. Girl groups, disco, blues, soul, R&B, pop, jazz, and much more. Take a trip down memory lane and discover some of Patti's gems as a solo artist and duet partner. If you are just discovering Patti let these songs be an introduction to her outstanding catalogue of music.
Feels Like Another OneOh PeopleOn My Own featuring Michael McDonaldSomebody Loves You BabyYo Mister featuring PrinceLady MarmaladeLove Need Want

Bobby V Single, Tyrese Engaged, Salt N Pepa

Bobby Valentino won't get another single from his "Special Occassion" album! It is no surprise since his two singles failed at radio. Your only allowed two singles and if they both fail, the album is wrap. In other news DTP is looking to leave the Def Jam wing.

Brandy & Tyrese getting married? Not even. This is a rumor that refuses to die. The rumor surfaced earlier in the year but has been brought back to life thanks to a few message boards. Tyrese is engaged but not to Brandy.

Salt N Pepa will have an untitled show debuting this fall on VH1. The show will chronicle the rap pioneers career as they reunite and deal with unresolved issues including their breakup.

Ciara's "Can't Leave 'Em Alone" video will premiere on Yahoo on June 25th. Be sure to check it out!

MySpace Profile Showcase - Interview - Seanmichael Rodgers

Seanmichael Rodgers has his hands full literally. In between being a CEO of a very successful university and managing an up and coming group, ****(4 Stars), Seanmichael Rodgers found time in his busy schedule to talk exclusively with Cigna's Sounds & Views. It is a very candid look into Seanmichael's life as we know it and then some. You ready?

Interview Date: 5/30/07

1. Tell everyone what is the inspiration behind Harlem Boy University?
The trend of artist coming and going at such a rapid pace.

2. Harlem Boy University sounds like a college, what is the meaning behind the name?
We are a team of professors, and the artists that enroll are students. We are based in Harlem.

3. So you say your a CEO? Explain to us all what a CEO is and what role does a CEO serve?
I execute the daily duties of visionary, take no for an answer from everyone, oversee the financial obligations of the coursework, solicit sponsorships, recruit the best team possible, assess the potential, and progression …

Kelly Leaks, Pharrell Stargates Janet, NeYo

Kelly Rowland's new album, "Ms Kelly" has finally leaked like I knew it would. You won't find it here but you can get it here. Meanwhile I decided to put up my favorite song from the album thus far and it is entitled, "Ghetto" featuring Snoop. It was the initial 2nd single but its up in the air right now.
*NEW* - Kelly Rowland feat Snoop - GhettoPharrell and Stargate(NeYo, Trey Songz) have been added to the lineup of producers slated to work on the upcoming Janet album. If you recall I reported that Janet is back in the studio working on the follow up to "20 Y.O."

NeYo will work his magic on Fantasia as he is slated to work on her 3rd album. Fanny's current album, "Fantasia" currently sits at #97 this week on the BB200 and has sold around 400K units to date. The current single, "When I C U" is #3 this week on the R&B charts. Look for those #'s and figures to change tomorrow as the new Billboard positions are revealed.

Lil' Mo Hits Sumtimes, Olivia Pops Her Cherry

I have an exclusive new song from Lil' Mo entitled, "Sumtimes I" featuring Jim Jones. It is the official first single for her upcoming album, "Pain & Paper" in stores Aug. 28th. Lil' Mo is signed with Mike Jones' Ice Age Entertainment last I heard. Enjoy!
*NEW* - Lil' Mo feat Jim Jones - Sumtimes IThanks to Brandy's Horizons once again for this link.

Missy has claimed her latest victim in Olivia. The result is entitled, "Cherry Pop". The song is more than likely from Olivia's unreleased, "Behind Closed Doors" album. Enjoy!
*NEW* Olivia feat Missy Elliott - Cherry Pop
Thanks to The Ashanti Forum for this link.

Mike Jones is Clyde 2 LeToya's Bonnie

I have an exclusive new Mike Jones song featuring LeToya. The song is entiteld, "Bonnie & Clyde". As if we don't have enough songs with that title but another one certainly doesn't hurt. Thanks to the Brandy's Horizons for this link.
*NEW* - Mike Jones feat LeToya - Bonnie & Clyde
Remy Ma has gone the indie route for her upcoming album like she had any other choice. I feel like you gotta do what you gotta do these days if your really passionate about getting your music released. Click here to read more about her upcoming album.

Click here if you still haven't heard or previewed songs from Kelly's upcoming, "Ms Kelly" album which is sure to leak anyday now. In other Kelly Rowland news, Kelly along with Eve will open up the BET Awards pre-show to be aired June 26th on BET.

Mariah's Fragrance, Blackstreet, Missy, Juvy

Mariah Carey is the latest celeb to venture into the fragrance world with her upcoming scent entitled, "M" and it is by Elizabeth Arden. We can look for the fragrance sometime this fall or early next year. Mariah is working diligently on the follow-up to the "The Emancipation of Mimi" due this fall.

As always I have some new exclusive music for the download obsessed. Enjoy!
Blackstreet - Before I Let You GoMissy Elliott - Pussycat
*NEW* - Juvenile feat T Pain - Everything*NEW* - Juvenile feat Mannie Fresh - Who Can I Run To*NEW* - NeYo feat Mary J Blige - Do You Remix*NEW* - Chamillionaire feat Slick Rick - Hip Hop Police - official 1st single/clean version*NEW* - Trey Songz - Missing You*NEW* - Trey Songz - Can't Help But Wait

Janet's Nu Album, Keyshia Cole vs. Mya

Janet Jackson is recording the follow up to her platinum, "20 Y.O." in Miami. She was accompanied by Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid. This confirms the rumors that Janet is now apart of the Island Def Jam wing. Interestingly enough Jan's pal Mariah Carey is also on the label making this the second time both divas have been attached to the same label.

There is a beef brewing between Keyshia Cole and Mya. Mya is reportedly upset in Keyshia's contribution to a song by Game where he insists "after he fucked Mya". Getting back at Cole, Mya hosted 106 N Park and failed to mention Keyshia's name when announcing her video with Young Jeezy. It was also revealed that Mya was originally slated to appear on Keyshia's debut, "The Way It Is" but didn't for whatever reason.
Eric Sermon feat Marvin Gaye - MusicDestiny's Child - Stand Up For LoveDeborah Cox - Nobody's Supposed To Be HereDave Hollister - One Man WomanAmel Larrieux - For RealWyclef Jean - Go…

A Few Changes

If you noticed I changed the blog up just a little. I added the music notes background, and I added a Janet banner. I have been in a Janet mode lately. I was watching her "Live In Hawaii" DVD and just reminiscing on some of her past hits. I have a few more songs for you as I'm constantly putting up songs now if you notice. I try not to say too much but sometimes I can't help it. I don't know how many of you actually read what I say but I'm sure plenty of you do. Do me a favor and check out my boy Rudo's interview. I know it is a bit lengthy but if you come to CSV regularly you can read the interview in parts. Now for the music:
Drunken Masters feat Lola Damone - 50 Niggaz Deep - from the FUBU sdtrk member them?
Dru Hill - Beauty - one of my favs from Dru Hill
Groove Theory - Tell Me - comprised of Amel Larrieux and Bryce Wilson(Beyonce, Amerie)
Midnight Star - Curious - remade by LSG(Levert/Sweat/Gill)

JLO Is Back, Trina & Lil Wayne, Brandy on E!

I have a new exclusive Swizz Beats joint entitled, "Top Down". It appears courtesy of his upcoming album, "One Man Band" in stores August 21st. I also have the latest from Amanda Perez entitled, "Candy Kisses" and more.
*NEW* - Swizz Beats - Top Down*NEW* - Amanda Perez - Candy KissesCam'ron feat Mase - Horse & CarriageBeBe & CeCe Winanas - Addictive Love
Jennifer Lopez is returning to the English music scene with her upcoming untitled album due this fall. The first single is produced by Midi Mafia(Fantasia, When I C U). The production team revealed the news courtesy of MySpace.

Trina and Lil' Wayne are back together again! Their on again and off again antics recall the days of Bobby & Whitney. They are slowly becoming the Bobby & Whitney of Rap.

Brandy will be the subject of an upcoming E! True Hollywood Story set to premiere June 23rd. Former Moesha castmates chime in on Brandy's success and personal tragedies throughout her 14 …

Eminem's Obsession, Eddie: The Baby Daddy?

Eminem's obsession with Mariah Carey continues! She will be the subject of some of his material on his upcoming album. If you recall the two supposedly had a fling which Mariah has denied. My advice to these singers is stop dating these big mouth rappers who will put your biz in the streets.

Eddie Murphy: YOU ARE THE FATHER!(((applause))) This might be an upcoming headline once it comes out whether or not Eddie fathered Mel B's baby. Eddie recently went to court to take a paternity test. Why is this taking so long?

Lloyd has revealed his next single is "Player's Prayer". I would of opted for "One For Me" or "I Don't Mind" but whatever.

I uploaded some songs from my library and although they are not new they are good. Some you may recognize and some you may not. I urge you to give them a listen and download if you like them enough. I do put up the new exclusives but also older songs so y'all better download them or I will have to put a lim…

Myspace Profile Showcase - Interview - Rudo

It is time for yet another "Myspace Profile Showcase". I really hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about these individuals. I have decided to profile another singer who hails from Fort Lauderdale, FL by way of Brooklyn, NY. Comments are welcome following the interview or in the comment box.

Interview date: 5/28/07

When I approached Rudo about an interview, he was a bit skeptical. He was immediately down for an interview but had his own set of questions. Once I gave him more detail regarding the interview he was ready to roll. I booted up and thought of some questions to ask Rudo, which means "love". Rudo is a singer's singer. He is set to carve his own niche in a world of Chris Brown's, Omarion's, and Marques Houston's. His voice is very delicate and easy on the ears. Not once does he oversing or strain. He doesn't bare his soul a la Al Green but more like a young Luther Vandross. Like many up and coming singers, he is very passi…

Artist Spotlight - Angie Stone

She has been called the "high priestess of soul" I think. I know my mother is an Angie Stone fan. I remember when my mother bought her first solo album, "Black Diamond" in 1999, I hated it. The more she played it, I found myself liking some of the songs and even knowing the words to some. Stone has worked with everyone from Eve to Anthony Hamilton. She has a son with singer D'Angelo. She even has a reputation for being a cradle robber in the industry! I compiled some of Angie's biggest solo hits and some of my favorites. If your just now discovering Angie these songs would be a great start to her collection. She has released 3 solo cds, the aforementioned, "Black Diamond" went platinum and in 2001 "Mahogany Soul" went gold. 2003 saw the release of "Stone Love". Enjoy! No More Rain (In This Cloud)Wish I Didn't Miss You - produced by Swizz BeatsBrotha - produced by Raphael SaadiqI Wasn't KiddinI Wanna Thank Ya - produced …

T Pain Is #1, Mario Can't "GO", Nu Musik

T Pain has the #1 album in the country with his latest, "Epiphany". Congrats to him!

Mario's oft-delayed, "Go" album has been pushed back to August 21st. I wish they would stop pushing this album back. I have been waiting for it for awhile now.

Congrats to Miguel who's "Myspace Profile Showcase" Interview was featured the week of June 7-14th! He is now a high school graduate! Graduating from high school is one of the biggest accomplishments in life next to graduating from college.

I have some new music kiddies. All the songs except 1 or 2 are least their new to me.
*NEW* - 3 AM - Let's Go*NEW* - Trey Songz - Choices*NEW* - Trey Songz feat R Kelly - Grub On(live version sans Kelly)*NEW* - Lloyd Banks - I Don't Break(Freestyle)*NEW* - Ryan Leslie feat Jovan Dais - Can't Wait*NEW* - Nephu - Weatherman*MILK CARTON CERTIFIED* J Kwon - Hood Hop

Nelly 2 "Do It", Jay Cra Z, Diddy Won't Stop

Nelly Furtado is still releasing singles from her platinum, "Loose" album nearly a year after its release. The next US single will be "Do It". The single will be remixed for radio and video outlets. The song itself received a bit of controversy earlier this year when it was discovered that Timbo beat jacked the beat from another guy. The song is one of my favorites on the album. You can hear and/or download the song if you never heard it, wanna hear it, or whatver.
*NEW SINGLE ALERT* - Nelly Furtado - Do It
TI says he had the ONLY platinum rap album last year! WRONG! There were three platinum rap albums in total. The other two were Chamillionare and Jay Z. Looks like Mr. TI needs to do his homework.

Chopper aka Young City from Making The Band 2 has left Bad Boy for Cash Money. He sites his discontent with Bad Boy for his move. Need I say more?

Jay Z continues to add fuel to the fire of rumors concerning his relationship Rihanna. Rihanna has been telling the media Jay …

Timbo "Cant' Leave 'Em Alone" At Da Club

Timbaland put the smack down on a guy in Germany for calling him a nigga! Apparently Timbo was spitting mad game at dude's chick and he didn't like it! The only way to get his attention was to call him a nigga right? Well it worked! Dude got his ass beat so bad by Timbo and crew, he was sent to the hospital. Timbo was arrested and later released on a $1,000 bond.

Ciara's 3rd single has finally been chosen. "Can't Leave 'Em Alone" feat 50 Cent will be released to radio this week. An accompanying video will premiere in the future. I was hoping for "My Love" or "Make It Last Forever" but maybe one of those will be a 4th single. You can hear and/or download Ciara's new single along with a slew of other songs uploaded for your downloading pleasure.
Ciara feat 50 Cent - Can't Leave 'Em Alone*NEW*- Usher - Just What U Need - i don't know where this is fromNext - Butta LoveJaheim - AnythingBonnie Tyler feat Meatloaf - Total Eclip…

"The Way It Is" 2 B "Just Like You"

Our resident hood diva Keyshia Cole has signed on for a second season of her BET reality show, "The Way It Is". The show documented her success after her platinum album including the recording of "Last Night" and her incarceration of her mother. Season 2 will follow the singer as she preps her upcoming album, "Just Like You", deals with her crazy sis, and now free mother.

In other Keyshia Cole news the album's first single is "Let It Go" feat Missy Elliott & Lil Kim. Director Benny Boom(Nelly, 50 Cent) will direct the video. "Let It Go" recently debuted on the R&B/hip hop charts @ #51.

"Just Like You" will be in stores Sept 18th!

Don't Wait 'Til "Trey Day" 2 Preview Kelly's CD

Notorious for his stage shows as he is for his obsession with all things ass, Trey Songz will release "Trey Day" this October. I remember when an old friend of mine bought the cd and introduced me to Trey. I liked what I heard and eventually got the album myself. I do wish he would sing about something other than ass but he is a man so what do you expect? First single, "Wonder Woman" failed to take off so look for the new single to surface in August.

Click here to preview Kelly's album(again) and help decide her 2nd single. So far "Work" is in the lead! Vote or cry!

I have two new songs for the download obsessed. The first song is from Wu-Tang clan member, Ghostface feat Keyshia Cole with "Mama". The second is a Fantasia remix of her current hit, "When I C U" feat Remy Ma. Enjoy kiddies!
*NEW* - Ghostface feat Keyshia Cole - Mama*NEW* - Fantasia feat Remy Ma - When I C U (Remix)

TGT "Please Don't Go" Cuz It Mite B "Bittersweet"

I have two new songs for you that I stumbled upon. I have the "Please Don't Go" Remix with the newly formed TGT(Tank, Ginuwine, Tyrese). This is the LSG of the new millennium. I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures. At the same time each of these gentleman have a fanbase so it might work.

Gangsta posturing, bragfests, and arrogance aside, Kanye has you all by a landslide! Haha Me doing a little rhyming there. Kanye is back with his upcoming album, "Graduation" in stores Aug 2007. The newly leaked "Bittersweet" has reportedly been in the can for a few years and has finally been released. John Mayer and Keyshia Cole add supporting vocals.
*NEW* - TGT - Please Don't Go Remix
*NEW* - Kanye West feat John Mayer & Keyshia Cole - Bittersweet

Monica - All Eyez On Me

Remember this song? It was the original lead single of the "All Eyez On Me" album which later was renamed(and pushbacked) "After The Storm". The single failed to catch on when released as did the follow up single "Too Hood". It started what would become a string of failed singles for Monica. Luckily she redeemed herself with "So Gone". The "All Eyez On Me" album leaked and was pushed back indefinitely(for over a year). When the album reemerged it was retitled, "After The Storm" and the first single was hot!
Monica - All Eyez On Me

Ciara Can't Decide

Maybe Ciara should run another contest to choose her 3rd single. It had been reported some months ago that Ciara's 3rd single was "My Love". Now I have read on several different message boards that she is leaning towards "Can't Leave 'Em Alone" feat 50 Cent. I don't think that's a good choice. 50 Cent is not hot right now! He is coming off of two failed singles and recently pushed his album back. I feel like "Make It Last Forever" would be a good single choice. It has a summertime-ish vibe and its more upbeat. Ciara has slowed it down pretty much as far as single choices for this album. Hey! I was happy with "My Love" but if Ciara wants this album to reach its full potential (beyond the 1.2 mil its sold to date) she needs to make the right decision. I feel that is a reason why a lot of albums fail because of the wrong single choices. Let's get it together music industry!

Trina Can't See, Talib Doesn't Want Hell

I have two new songs from Trina and Talib Kweli. The Trina song entitled, "Can't You See" is about Lil' Wayne. It will more than likely appear on her upcoming, "Baddest Bitch 2" album in stores this Sept. The Talib Kweli is entitled, "Hell". Thank you to the crazy cast of characters that make up FoxBoogie for these links!
*NEW* - Trina - Can't You See*NEW* - Talib Kweli - Hell

Shareefa Returns and so does Megan Rochelle

I have two new songs, one from Shareefa and the other from Megan Rochelle. The Shareefa song is entitled "Streets" and is on DJ Khaled's new album which is in stores June 12th. Internet sensation Megan Rochelle's song is entitled "My Mistake". The song is produced by Ryan Leslie (Cassie, New Editon). Some of you may have heard it and some of you may have not. Thank you to my friend Cliffy for providing me with the links.

*NEW* - DJ Khaled, Shareefa feat Willie Northpole - Streets

*NEW* - Megan Rochelle - My Mistake

Ciara - Get Up Remix

Ciara's next single is set to be "My Love" but I read somewhere it might be "That's Right". I'm not sure how true it is but I will let you know once the information becomes available. Meanwhile here is a remix to Ciara's "Get Up" Enjoy!

Ciara - Get Up Remix

Paris Is Free A Woman, Kelly Puts More Work In

Being a billionaire has its benefits. You can party hard, break all the laws, receive a jail sentence, and only serve 1/4 of it. If you haven't heard already, Paris Hilton is out of jail! She is on her way to the club as I'm typing this!

Hey! If you visit CSV regularly you can get the entire new Kelly Rowland "Ms Kelly" album early. I'm sure I have posted each and every song on here as they have leaked. All you gotta do is put the files you already have together, hit up Limewire, or go to another blog/site and there you go! It's easy as pie! "Work" is the latest single from Kelly's album that has leaked and here is the full version. A lot of people have said it sounds like a Beyonce or Amerie leftover. Either way it's a pretty decent song. It was the originally first single but was tossed in favor of "Like This" which is #7 on the R&B charts and #52 on the Pop charts.
*NEW* - Kelly Rowland - Work(Put It In) - Full Version

Kelly's Sober, Teedra Returns

Kelly Clarkson's 2nd single, "Sober" has leaked! I don't usually post anything other than R&B/hip hop music but I know a lot of people do like Kelly Clarkson. Kelly's new album, "My December" will be in stores June 26th.
*NEW* - Kelly Clarkson - Sober - 2nd single off upcoming album
Vibe is reporting that Teedra Moses (who wrote for artists like Macy Gray, Mary J. Blige, Nivea, and Christina Milian) will be releasing her new album, "The Young Lioness" this August. No word on the first single yet but she is leaning towards "Love's Gonna Be" which samples "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Teedra is still relatively unknown to a lot of people. Her debut album, "Complex Simplicity" was released in 2004. It featured the singles "Be Your Girl" and"You'll Never Find".

Click here to check her myspace page

Kels Is #1, 50 Plans Break, Rihanna #1 Next Week

R Kelly debuts at #1 this week on the Billboard charts with 386K. Kels 10 albums have either debuted at #1 or #2. Congrats to Kels! I think his numbers would of been a tad bit higher had he promoted the album which he did not. Sure you saw the album ad all over the internet but there we no BET or MTV appearances, just the R Kelly TV spot on myspace.

50 Cent wants to extend his stay here in the rap world by taking 5 year breaks like Eminem. I guess this is a ploy to pick up the pieces of what's left of his career. His first two singles, "Amusement Park" and "Straight To The Bank" have failed at radio. Two more albums will follow before he takes a break. "Before I Self Destruct" on Feb 4th which will celebrate the 5 year anniversary of "Get Rich Or Die Trying" and a Greatest Hits album which will end his 5 album deal contract. Curtis......your time is up!

According to Hitsdailydouble Rihanna, T Pain, and R Kelly will occupy the #1-3 spot on next…


Here is an interesting flashback of sorts. Today's featured song is "Flashback" by none other than Kelly Rowland. What's ironic about this is this very song leaked a year ago. It leaked along with several other songs that would make up the "Ms Kelly" album. So not only am I'm taking you on a flashback, I'm providing you with one courtesy of Kelly Rowland. Here is the song for anyone and everyone who hasn't heard it, wants it, etc.

Kelly Rowland - Flashback
I saw a video for Bad Boy that featured all of its acts. It highlighted the recent success of Bad Boy including Yung Joc, Cassie, and Danity Kane who all have new albums being released in July, October, and December. The order the months appear match the order the names were listed. Get it?!?

Kelly Flaunts, Rihanna Haunts, Mase, Foxy, Fabo

Hello all! I'm having some probs with the server once again. The last post prior to this one was intended to have more songs featured. Once I hit the publish button only a few of those songs showed up. So basically I'm putting up the songs that didn't pop up like they were supposed. I titled the songs and the link appears below. Enjoy!

Click here to preview Kelly Rowland's Ms Kelly in stores July 3rd. Each snippet is a 1:30 seconds. I'm really looking forward to Kelly's album.

*NEW* Rihanna - Haunted - import song off Good Girl Gone Bad
Amerie - Gotta Work - lead single for US version of "Because I Love It" in stores soon
Mase feat Foxy Brown & Fabolous - That's The Way - DJ Clue mixtape track from 1998
Ray J feat Brandy - War Is Over - appears on Ray J's Raydiation

Big Update - Akon, Robin Givens, Tyra Banks

Akon Throws Them Boy(s)

Akon doesn't just dry hump kids, he throws them! This is the video that is making the rounds of Akon throwing a concertgoer after being struck with a ball.

America's favorite punching bag Robin Givens reveals Mike Tyson raped her in her new book called, "Grace Will Lead Me Home". We see where grace has led you in the the bank! This really isn't news to me since he raped and abused you the whole time you were married to him. I'm sure an Oprah appearance is in the works to exploit not only herself but the book and Mike. Way to go Robin! Your still #1 on our top 10 gold diggers list!

America's (Favorite Used To Be) Top Model Tyra Banks is on her way to becoming this generation's Ricki Lake. Word is the model and entreprenuer is moving her talk show to NYC. There is also talk that ANTM will return there as well. Interestingly enough the production company behind Tyra's show, "Telepictures" was also respons…

Ray J In More Trouble

Ray J continues to experience the backlash he has gained from his notorious sex tape. This time Ray J has been kicked off the upcoming Tyler Perry movie. The movie said to revolve around a gospel plot stars Yolanda Adams. Ray J was attached til his sex tape got out and the producers wants no part of that. I think that's pretty sad but it happens. J still has his Trojan endorsement, porn production company, sagging music career, pop royalty girlfriend, reruns of Moesha and One On One, etc.

Paris Hilton turned herself into jail 2 days early. The night before Paris suffered a great deal of embarrassment at the MTV Movie Awards. The host Sarah Silverman joked about Paris' stint in jail and how she might chip a tooth if the cell bars looked like a penis! It was the funniest moment to the otherwise boring telecast. The crowd could hardly contain their laughter. Apparently Paris was so humiliated that she left the show early.

Mediatakeout is reporting that "Charm School" riva…

Sparks Fly, Rock Splits, Rap Duo, Tamia's Video

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is working on her debut cd for J Records. The cd will more than likely be executive produced by Clive Davis. Jordin's new single, "This Is My Now" debuted at #18 last week on the pop charts. This is a rather disappointing showing being that the AI winners debut singles always debut at #1. However there was no physical CD available for consumers which is being blamed for the song's lower than usual chart entry. In other Jordin Sparks news she revealed that she wants to fuc....oops I mean work with Mario and Chris Brown.

The Rock is now free to roam around with any and every woman he wants without feeling guilty. The Rock and his wife have seperated after 17 years. Expect The Rock to hit the club scene hard. I won't be surprised if Kim Kardashian is on his arm next.

Queen Latifah's ex is somewhere smacking herself not that she has hooked up with Eve........on the music tip anyway! The two have completed a duet for an upcoming VH…

Vibe's Sexy Stars, Lil' Mo's Nu Album

Vibes Top 25 Sexiest Stars! This list is a joke as most lists tend to be nowadays. They hit the nail on some of the stars but some not even but what constitutes sexy to Vibe is beyond me as I haven't seen the issue its physical form yet. But this is new issue of Vibe with that horrendous picture of 50 Cent on it.

25. Crime Mob's Diamond 24. Idris Elba 23. Lil' Wayne 22. Amare Stoudemire 21. Jennifer Hudson 20. Pharrell Williams 19. Roselyn Sanchez 18. The Game 17. Justine Timberlake 16. Shakira 15. Amerie 14. Young Buc 13. Jessica White 12. Vida Guerra 11. Chris Brown 10. Benicio Del Toro 9. Mya 8. Kerry Washington 7. Megan Good 6. Nas 5. Jennifer Lopez 4. Reggie Bush 3. Paula Patton 2. T.I. 1. Beyonce

Lil' Mo will be releasing her new album "Pain & Paper" on Aug 14th. I liked Mo's last album, "Meet The Girl Next Door". I hope she continues in that direction and not that ghetto blab she likes to do.

You can get a Special Collector's Editi…

Kelly's New Role, Nicole's Solo Album

Kelly Rowland has joined the cast of "Mama I Want To Sing" starring Ciara and Patti Labelle. Rowland will play Francesca in the movie based on a Broadway play. The plot revolves around a gospel singer's(Ciara) rise to pop stardom. The movie will begin filming next month in Baton Rouge, LA.

Nicole S of the Pussycat Dolls fame will be releasing her debut album, "Her Name Is Nicole" in September. The set will be preceded by the first single, "Whatever You Like". In other PCD news, the search for the next PCD member has been picked up for another season on CW. I'm quite surprised about that because I didn't know another member was leaving the nest. I wonder is it Melody since she had a few solo songs leak out.

Myspace Profile Showcase - Interview - Miguel

Myspace Profile Showcase - Interview - Miguel

Hello all! This is the 2nd "Myspace Profile Showcase" to be featured for the month of June. There are a few more interviews coming your way very soon. Be on the lookout for those. Remember these interviews are dated ahead of time and will appear at the top of the page each time you visit. The blog will still be updated as it is updated daily! I hope you enjoy these interviews and actually check the individuals out to some capacity. Comments are welcome following the interview or in the comment box. Thanks!

Miguel is a man of many talents! He dabbles in everything from songwriting to photo editing. His main talent is dancing! It is something he is very passionate about. It is a story full of blood, sweat, and tears! I'm not limiting the interview to just that though. I got in Miguel's bizz-ness! I got him to open up a little more than expected. He answered each question thoughtfully and carefully. He was very excited through…

Mary Unplugged Again, Cheri Dennis' Portrait

Mary J Blige plans to evoke that gut wrenching emotion she conjured up 14 years ago on MTV's "Unplugged" again. Blige and then boyfriend K-Ci of Jodeci performed "I'll Do Anything". It would be interesting if those two reunited to do that song but it probably won't happen. You never know though. 6 years later Blige teamed with K-Ci again on "Not Lookin" on her 1999 Mary album. Blige is currently in the studio working on a new material to be released this fall.

Lead singer of Hi-Five Tony Thompson has died. He was apparently the victim of a drug overdose. His body was found outside his apartment complex in Waco, Texas. Wow! This is very sad. I remember when he signed a solo deal to Bad Boy but like every other artist nothing became of the deal. Thompson regrouped with his Hi-Five group members in 2006 with an album entitled "The Return" which I never heard by the way.If you still not familiar with Tony Thompson, remember the song, &qu…

Press Play Again, NeYo's Superhead

Danity Kane continues to fade into obscurity as Diddy plans "Press Play: The Remix Album". I thought "Press Play" was your last album? You liar! I heard Dids was releasing a 4th single but I haven't heard anything since. I'm sure a new single or current song from the album will be out soon if the remix album proves true. Dids held a recent showcase for Bad Boy and its artist. Everyone was present except Danity Kane. Dids might have the women on lockdown. Dids lockdowns are notorious! They last on average from anywhere up to 4 to 6 months. If you recall, New Edition and Da Band were on lockdown. It is a time for the perspective groups or
artist to regroup and map out the makings of a successful album.

NeYo and Superhead dating? That's the new rumor. I don't know what to say about it really. All I can say is judging from the pics of NeYo that leaked last year we know he likes head. What better person to get it from when their nickname refers to oral pl…

Amerie The Online Junkie, Remy Ma Is "Fresh"

Amerie has been busy overseas promoting her latest album, "Because I Love It" where the album and single, "Take Control" are a success. If Amerie spent as much time promoting the way she does overseas, she'd be platinum here in the states. During a recent interview Amerie admitted to being an internet junkie. She indulges a lot of her time playing The Sims. She claims to have gotten Kelly Rowland into it as well. Beyonce's name was thrown in for good measure too. I remember reading a blind item on Str8OuttaNYC awhile back. The blind item mentioned a singer who spent alot of time online creating and spreading malicious lies about Beyonce. Now I have heard fans and people say Amerie spents a lot of time online. I think I have even heard her say it myself. Could Amerie be the culprit of all the recent rumors spread about Beyonce? One can only assume. I remember some of the comments even accusing Amerie of being the subject of the blind item. I guess it doesn&#…

Down In The Dumps Singers Revive Careers

Ray J continues to capitalize of his sex tape success and ensure he has more "money in the bank" than sister, Brandy. Ray J is in plans to endorse Trojan condoms even though its no secret that he doesn't use them. Maybe he will start though since Trojan will probably give him a lifetime supply. He might want to consider using them if he ever hooks up with Kim Kardashian again. She has been seen around town with everyone from Marques Houston to Reggie Bush to Scott Storch to Evan Ross. The girl gets around! She is becoming a modern day "Superhead" and I won't be surprised if a future book deal is in the works.

Mya's music career is on its last legs. She has pushed back her "Liberation" album repeatedly for over a year. The intended first single, "Lock U Down" failed to lock down anybody enough for the single to achieve any chart success. Now we have "Walka Not A Talka" featuring Snoop which is just plain bad. She will star a…

Beyonceitis - The Latest Disease?

It is a new disease that has been infecting the industry for awhile now. Its called Beyonceitis. Its the power of Beyonce and her influence in pop culture. Beyonce fans have dedicated this site to Beyonceitis. It includes history, symptons, and cures. I don't know what's next.

Click here to check out the Beyonceitis site

A few more songs including Jagged Edge feat. Ashanti:
*NEW* - Jagged Edge feat. Ashanti - Just A Lil' - nice lil song*NEW* - R Kelly feat Twista - Good Sex - typical Kels jointFreddie Jackson - Rock Me Tonight(For Old Times Sake) - old school flavorFoxy Brown feat Pharrell - Magnetic(Remix) - one of my favorite Fox songsA special thank you to Jennifer for the Patti and Freddie songs. Check Jennifer's blog at Jennifer's Music Boutique.

Myspace Profile Showcase - Interview - Lucy

The month of June brings a new feature to CSV entitled "Myspace Profile Showcase". I enjoyed my first two blogger interviews tremendously. It set the stage as far as me conducting more interviews. I decided to profile some individuals I felt worthy of you all getting to know. They are not just ordinary people. They are people with talent and goals. Each individual that will be featured here is from the Myspace community hence the title "Myspace Profile Showcase". Each individual has conducted an interview with yours truly. Each interview was conducted either by phone or e-mail. At the end of each interview their myspace link will be provided for you all to check them out further more. A little exposure never hurt anybody right? Well maybe Janet Jackson! With that all said I hope you all enjoy the new interview. Spread the word about CSV! Thank you to everyone who visits regularly.


Myspace Profile Showcase - Interview - Lucy

Lucy Goosey as I like to call her is…