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Young Steff - Slow Junkin' (Video)

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Ciara - Interview (Video)

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Ciara is currently on a press junket promoting new album, "Fantasy Ride" in stores May 5. The album recently leaked online in full and the response has been positively overwhelming. Looks like Cici has a hit on her hands.

Music Biz:
Sean Paul Returns!
Sean Paul announced Friday (April 24) that he will release his first album in three years, "Imperial Blaze," on August 18 through VP/Atlantic Records. To mark the occasion, the Grammy-winning dancehall artist released a new song entitled "So Fine" on his official website, The track is produced by Stephen "DiGenius" McGregor and set to debut on all radio formats May 1.
Ruben Studdard Returns!
Second season "American Idol" champ Ruben Studdard isn't calling his new album, "Love IS," a comeback, but he does acknowledge that he hopes the May 19 release will "reconnect me to the 20-some odd millio…

Second Quarter Album Release Schedule

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I was browsing through some of the message boards I frequently visit and I found this. I thought it would be helpful for you all who are anticipating the newest albums. I will say release dates are subject to change. *Note* Ginuwine's new album will be released June 23 and not June 2 as indicated below.

April 28
Mike Jones - "The Voice" (Ice Age Entertainment/Warner)
Tech N9ne - "Sickology 101" (Strange Music)

May 5
Ciara - "Fantasy Ride" (Jive)
Chrisette Michele - "Epiphany" (Def Jam)

May 12
Cam'Ron - "Crime Pays" (Asylum/WMG)
Paul Wall - "Fast Life" ((Asylum/WMG)

May 19
Busta Rhymes - "Back On My BS" (Flipmode/Universal Motown)
DJ Drama - "Gangsta Grillz: The Album (Vol.2)" (Atlantic)
Eminem - "Relapse" (Interscope/Aftermath/ Shady)
Fat Joe - "Jealous Ones Still Envy 2" (Imperial/Terror Squad)
Method Man & …

Music Feed: Musical Suits

I've been on an Ashanti kick lately. I say that because if you pay attention to the little signatures at the top and bottom depending on the post, you will see what I'm listening to and the last three posts have been Ashanti songs. I like Ashanti so what can I say. Anyway...

Onto tonight's music feed..I will say that Toni Braxton's latest lawsuit inspired this post(you can check that out a few posts down). I decided to examine artists who are usually the subject of a lawsuit. It doesn't matter what kind but most of the time its usually music related.

The following list of artists occasionally get caught up in a musical(law) suit from time to time. I don't go too in to detail of the lawsuits here but I touch basis on a few so check out the list below!

Toni Braxton - Ever since her bankruptcy and falling out with LaFace, Toni Braxton has virtually had some type of lawsuit she's encountered since she burst onto the scene in 1992. Toni's latest lawsuit involve…

Maxwell - Pretty Wings (Video)

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At one point it seemed like Maxwell wouldn't return to music after several delays for his forthcoming album, "Black Summer's Night" in stores July 7. Now the singer has resurfaced with a new outlook on life and his career. Check out the video for his new single, "Pretty Wings".

Music Biz:
Lil' Wayne Sued!
Rapper Lil Wayne is suing the producer of a song he performed that allegedly sampled another singer's work without permission. A lawsuit filed last year against Lil Wayne accuses him of copyright infringement, saying he failed to secure permission to sample folk singer Karma-Ann Swanepoel's song "Once" on his track "I Feel Like Dying." A lawsuit filed last week by the rapper's lawyers says Rebel Rock Productions Inc., of Coconut Creek, Fla., produced "I Feel Like Dying" and was responsible for ob…

Soulja Boi - Interview (Video)

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Soulja Boi has two hit singles in the top 10 of the R&B/Hip-Hop charts with "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" featuring Sammie and "Turn My Swag On". Once dubbed an one hit wonder, Soulja Boi has overcome all that talk(for now). With a bit of resurgence and interest in himself and career, Soulja Boi takes time to brag and does some rumor control.

Jazmine Sullivan - Dream Big[live] (Video)

Grammy Award nominee Jazmine Sullivan performs her latest single, "Dream Big". It is the fifth single(if I'm not mistaken) from her debut album, "Fearless". The album has resonated pretty highly with everyone. Sorry but I wasn't so into her album or Jazmine for that matter. I would of thought Jazmine's album would of been certified gold by now but I believe it is slowly on its way to approaching that status.

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Lil' Kim & Family - Interview (Video)

Lil' Kim made it a family affair as she and her family were interviewed backstage during "Dancing With The Stars". Kim has been doing incredibly each week and continues to amaze viewers. Lil' Kim's new single, "Download" is climbing up the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. Expect a new album very soon. After all she better strike while the iron is hot. I think that's what Toni Braxton should of did instead of suing insurance companies and what not(read below).

Music Biz:
Christina Aguilera's New Album Details!
Looks like it was time to pull out the hydrogen peroxide bottle! Christina Aguilera is back on the music scene prepping for her fourth album. Word is she is headed back in the studio next week, teaming up again with DJ Premier, who worked on her less-than-great third album "Back to Basics."She is apparently matching wits with some of music's biggest creative cats like my favorite soul-pop-diva Sia. Recently, Sia shared a little about t…

The-Dream & Christina Milian - Interview (Video)

The-Dream and Christina Milian continue to keep us talking as the two are basically seen everywhere shopping, kissing, cuddling, hugging or whatever. Apparently the interviewer of this interview wasn't scared to go there and ask some rather awkward and personal questions. Check it out!

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Pleasure P Unveils New Album Cover Art

Well...well Pleasure P finally releases the artwork for his debut solo album, "The Introduction of Marcus Cooper". If you were unaware Marcus Cooper is Pleasure P's government name. The oft-delayed album is set to be released on June 5. Personally I think the album should of already been released. I am looking forward to Pleasure's album(as I'm sure a lot of other people are too). A lot of the leaked songs including, "Chocolate Coated Candy" and "Patience" featuring Static Major are some of my favorites and I hope they do make the album.

I don't have much else information on the album at this point but as the release date draws closer I'm sure more information will be available.

Music Biz:
Kanye on Rick Ross' new album!

Rasheeda - Boss Chick (Video)

The name Rasheeda may not resonate with many but she is not a new female rapper by any means. Rasheeda burst onto the scene in 2000 with her debut, "Dirty South". Rasheeda is best described as a mixture of other southern female rappers such as Khia and Trina. What's the difference? Well she possesses the materialism often heard in Trina's lyrics. She combines a lot of the ghetto sleaze you hear in Khia's rhymes(that's of course if you listen to her).

I'm not sure where this song(video) is from but obviously Rasheeda has a new album in the works.

Music Biz:
Faith Evans, still promoting and talking about Biggie since the release of "Notorious" on DVD sits and talks with Jenny Boom. The interview comes in two parts. Click here for part 1 and click here for part 2.
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Teairra Mari - Cause A Scene(Sneak Peek) (Video)

Teairra Mari is ready to unleash her new video for "Cause A Scene" featuring Flo Rida but before she does she teases fans, viewers, and more with this teaser! Check it out!

I've said it once and I will say it again. I like how Teairra and her camp are slowly working to get her name back out there. Teairra had a huge buzz when she was with Def Jam but I think people got turned off at how fast she was for her age at the time(17?).

Music Biz:
Fabolous Talks Jay-Z Collabo!
“Actually, a version leaked and it was with Jay-Z only rapping on it and it’s called, ‘When The Money Goes,’ Fabolous said. “Jay-Z had recorded something to it, I guess what you hear on the leak, for American Gangster and I don’t think it made the final cut so he had reached out to me, knowing that I was working on this project and knowing the theme of what I was trying to put together and said, ‘Yo, I got a record that might fit in to play.’ So, when he brought the record to the table it did. I re-vocale…

Ginuwine - Interview (Video)

Ginuwine is on the comeback trail and he is releasing a new album, "A Man's Thoughts" on June 23. To commemorate the upcoming album, the singer has released a few songs and is now on the promo circuit. Nothing is off limits as Ginuwine talks about a number of topics including R.Kelly, Aaliyah, and Chris Brown. Check it out!

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Drake Talks To Joe Budden TV (Video)

Drake is one of internet's hottest sensations right now. A bevy of hit mixtapes has set this star on fire. Signed to Lli' Wayne's Young Money click, Drake takes time to talk exclusively to Joe Budden TV. Check it out!

The picture is a little dark but if you can stand that then your good. I'm not too big on Drake. I just don't like to get into anyone or anything that is hyped up. I like to decide if I like someone or something for myself not because everyone else likes it!

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Ciara - Love Sex Magic Live (Video)

Ciara is on the brink of releasing her "Fantasy Ride" album on May 5. Unfortunately though the majority of the album if not all has leaked online ages ago. The response to the album has been overwhelming and Ciara puts on one hell of a performance of hit single, "Love Sex Magic" sans Justin Timberlake. Check it out!

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Music Feed: Top 10 Most Influential Artists

I asked around some of the message boards I frequently visit to name the 'most influential artists'. I didn't have a particular criteria for who people should pick. On second thought I wish I had of as people were just naming all types of artists but that's what made it fun and interesting. Putting together these results were not that surprising to me. Everybody who is somebody was mentioned but only the top 10 matter here. Without further a due I present to you the list of the 'Top 10 Most Influential Artists" according to various internet users.

10. Madonna
This is not a surprise to me nor should it be to anyone for that matter. Over the span of three decades, Madonna has transcended the face of pop music. A musical chameleon is still punching today with shocking behavior and sold out tours.

09. Beyonce
She is the 'it' girl in the industry and continues to inspire and be duplicated by many a R&B chicks. Her style and music set the standard in what&#…

B. Scott Disses Bow Wow (Video)

Bow Wow receives a tongue lashing courtesy of famous blogger B. Scott. Bow Wow recently came under fire for making comments regarding an experience in a barber shop with a gay barber. Apparently Bow Wow felt threatened and refused the barber's services. B. Scott is not a happy camper and you can check out his rant in this video!

Bow Wow is so stuck up to me and has always been. Now he's viewed as a homophobic but he has always irked me.

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Pleasure P - Hits Medley (Video)

Pleasure P is on the brink of releasing his solo debut, "The Introduction of Marcus Cooper" on June 5. With two solo hit singles under his belt("Did You Wrong" and "Boyfriend #2"), I'm wondering what's the hold up? Are Pleasure P and his camp planning to release another single in the next month? While we ponder those questions you can check out Pleasure P in this exclusive performance which features a medley of Pretty Ricky's hits.

Music Biz:
Jennifer Hudson Pregnant!
Internet rumors have been circulating that Jennifer Hudson is pregnant. While her manager and publicist deny the rumors, two sources close to the Oscar and Grammy winner confirm exclusively to that she is indeed expecting. This would be the first child for Hudson. Hudson, who is currently receiving rave reviews while on tour with Robin Thicke, is engaged to David Otunga, a Harvard Law graduate and former contestant on "I Love New York 2." The couple plans to m…

Rick Ross - Interview (Video)

Rick Ross recently released his new album, "Deeper Than Rap" which is slated to debut at #1 on next week's album chart. The rapper talks exclusively with BET's Big Tigger about the new album, 50 Cent, and more. Check it out!

For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at DimeWars.Com
Music Biz:
Kanye Grabs Rihanna For New Single, Video!
Only hours after premiering his new video for Amazing, Kanye West has let the cat out of the bag and revealed he's already shot two more video's for his platinum selling 808's & Heartbreak album. The first is for his next single "Robocop", and will star West's controversial girlfriend Amber Rose, with the second video being "Paranoid" which will feature pop star Rihanna who also recorded a remix of the track with Kanye.“Yep, she’s my Paranoid girl in the video,” Kanye smiled.”She’s an amazing talent though. Collaborating with her is always a pleasure!”Jordin Sparks Returns!
American Idol winner Jordin S…

Ciara - Fantasy Ride - Webisode 1 (Video)

In two weeks Ciara will finally release her new album, "Fantasy Ride". The album has been all the talk on many message boards for the last few days. The singer takes viewers on a behind the scenes look as she prepares for her upcoming promo tour, hitting the gym, and working on her vocal training. Check it out!

Mary J. Blige On Rachael Ray (Video)

Mary J. Blige stopped by the "Rachael Ray" show to talk about cooking, her family, and music. Check it out!

Teairra Mari - Cause A Scene - Behind The Scenes (Video)

Teairra Mari has been making quite a splash online as she has been prepping her new album, 'At That Point'. Check out this exclusive behind the scenes footage of Teairra as she shoots the video for her new song, "Cause A Scene" featuring Flo Rida.

I applaud Teairra and her team for working hard to reestablish her fanbase and get people interested for her new album.

Lil' Kim - Download - Behind The Scenes (Video)

Last week Lil' Kim's "Download" was the most added song at radio signaling that this song is headed to hit single status. While there has been dozens of behind the scenes footage of the "Download" video, this one is a little more in depth. The origin of the song is explained as well as some other things you might find interesting.

For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at DimeWars.Com
"Download" is one of my favorite songs right now and it makes me curious to hear what Kim comes up with this time. There is no release date for Kim's upcoming album but I figure it will be soon. I remember reading that "Download" wasn't Kim's first single for her new album but for a DJ Envy compilation. In last week's issue of Billboard magazine, the magazine reported that "Download" was indeed the first single to her new album. I'm betting on Billboard instead of some fan who claims to have some inside information.

Lil' Boosie Arrested (Video)

Rapper Lil' Boosie was arrested for fighting with a chain snatcher. Check out the video to check out the arrest and the story behind it.

For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at DimeWars.Com
I feel kinda silly right now because I can't even name any of Lil' Boosies' songs right now...not off the top of my head anyway.

Eminem Unveils New Album Cover

Eminem's long awaited album, "Relapse" will be in stores May 19. The album is led by the single, "Crack A Bottle". The album cover(above) is similiar to T.I.'s recently released, "Paper Trail" album.

Princess of Crime Mob will release her debut solo single, "Dirty Pop". Check out the single cover(above). It is the lead single from her upcoming Warner Bros. debut.

Music Biz:
Mario has pulled a Cassie by shaving his head. Click here to check out the shocking pictures!

Sisqo has been pretty quiet lately. I remember Dru Hill supposedly reuniting but I'm not sure what happened with that. Anyway a new song from Sisqo has leaked called, "Already Know". Produced by Bryan(I never know if its a 'y' or 'i' in his name) Cox. Click here to hear the audio!

Ciara's songs keep a leaking like a leaky faucet. Her latest song, "Like A Surgeon" which is an Aaliyah teas(reminds you of Aaliyah) appears on her new albu…

Fabolous Speaks On Joe Budden's Girlfriend (Video)

Fabolous speaks on his past relationship with Joe Budden's girlfriend Tahiry. The magazine vixen recently appeared on the cover of King magazine and appears frequently in Joe Budden's video blogs.

For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at DimeWars.Com
Looking at the video I realize how mature Fabolous is compared to a lot of other rappers. He always handles situations with dignity and I never see him going off the deep end acting all wild and disrespectful. Then again Fabo has always been a laid-back type of guy anyway so that explains a lot. For some odd reason I can't help but feel like I've seen this video before. It is like I'm having a strange case of deja vu. Did Fabolous have someone elses' girlfriend too?

Music Biz:
The duo known as The Clipse returns alongside Kanye West for their newly leaked track, "Kinda Like A Big Deal". You can click here to hear the audio. Clipse will release a new album later this year under the Columbia label(if I'm no…

Ne-Yo - So Sick (Original Version) (Video)

I guess this has been floating around before but I never seen it until then. If you haven't seen it before this is worth checking out. Sometimes artists do shoot multiple videos for a song. The one that gets left on the cutting room floor eventually leaks out. Check out this original version of the video, "So Sick", Ne-Yo's first single/video from his album, "In My Own Words".

Chingy Responds To Gay Rumors (Video)

Chingy has been pretty quiet on the music scene. Now with gay rumors bashing the rapper, Ching-a-ling has come out swinging denying the allegations(of course). Check it out!

For Hip Hop News & Entertainment at DimeWars.Com
Music Biz:
Whitney Houston Plans New Single!
Sappy songwriter Diane Warren has confirmed to Vibe magazine that she has written Whitney Houston's first single "I Didn't Know My Own Strength", which will serve as the lead from the divas upcoming comeback album."Whitney's back big time" said Warren, who is best known for her trademark power ballads, with her most notable hits including Toni Braxtons "Unbreak My Heart" and Aerosmiths "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing".A Diane Warren song for a first single? Don't get me wrong we all know how great Diane Warren is but I certainly have to hear this song. Whitney needs a single that is universal and will be something everyone can love. Not to say they won't enjoy …

Poll Results! Ludacris Comes Out On Top

A little over a week ago I asked readers, supporters, and visitors to vote for their 'favorite chrisand with 32% of the votes, Ludacris chimed in at #1 as your 'favorite chris'. This summer Ludacris teams with Shawnna for the "Battle Of The Sexes" album.

Coming in at #2 was Chris Brown with 25% of the votes which was a bit of a shock to me for obvious reasons. Nothing against him though. You can hear Chris Brown on "Turntables" a duet with Ciara for her "Fantasy Ride" album in stores May 5.

#3 was a tie vote between Christina Milian and Christina Aguilera. The sirens both have album slated for this year. Milian's upcoming, "Elope" is due this summer. Meanwhile Aguilera's album should surface sometime this fall or winter.

Thank you all for voting in the poll and soon as I think of a new one I will post that one up.

Music Biz:
Keyshia Cole Plans New Single, Album!
Cole recently shot the video to "Trust," featuring Monica, …

Ja Rule - Interview (Video)

Ja Rule has been pretty quiet on the radar lately. Now the rapper has returned with an exclusive interview. I didn't even really watch it since it was taking so long to load up. I'm not big on Ja Rule but this is strictly for the fans of Ja or those who are simply interested.

Exclusive 'Obsessed' Movie Clip (Video)

The movie that everyone is pretty much anticipating is the "Fatal Attraction" rip off "Obsessed" starring Beyonce and along with everyone else I do wanna see the movie even though its not exactly original. If I'm not mistaken this film has been in the works for quite a while. I remember LL Cool J being attached to this project long ago. Check out this exclusive clip of "Obsessed" which will be in theaters April 24.

Music Biz:
Either Mario or someone in his camp is deliberately leaking songs from the singer's upcoming album, "And Then There Was Me" in stores this June. Click here to hear his newest song, "Lonely Girl's Club" produced by Tricky Stewart[worked with Rihanna].

Trey Songz will release his new album, "Ready" sometime this summer. In the meantime click here to hear his newly leaked song, "Show Me Love".

Christina Milian's original second single, "Zipper" featuring The-Dream finally l…

Rece Steele Gets Clowned (Video)

We all remember Rece Steele as the winner of VH1's "Miss Rap Supreme". It was the show that also starred Khia who wasn't exactly a newbie rapper like her other cohorts. Anyway Rece Steele gets clowned really bad by some guys who roll with Babs Bunny of "Making The Band" fame. Check this video out!

Music Feed: Jamie Foxx's Most Famous Feuds

We all know Jamie Foxx as the Oscar winner for "Ray" and a balladeer who drives the ladies crazy. Jamie is
currently riding high with his hit single, "Blame It" featuring T-Pain. He is also the center of a huge scandal after comments me made about Miley Cyrus blew up.

Jamie's rant about Miley led to this 'music feed' regarding Jamie's share of famous feuds he has over the years. It seems like Jamie's background as a comedian and host often gets him in trouble. Comedians have a history of saying things that offend people and Jamie is certainly on exception. You are hereby authorized to check out the list of Jamie and his famous feuds over the years.

Kanye West - Two big egos collided reportedly before a performance of the hit song, "Gold Digger". Jamie reportedly made comments along the lines of "let me show you how a real performer performs". Afterwards at a BET win for their collabo the two seemed to have a bit of tension on…

Music Feed: Ray J Of Love

He may currently be starring in his own hit VH1 reality show, "For The Love Of Ray J", but Ray J is no stranger to 'love' or the ladies. While we await to see which lady Ray J chooses as the winner of the show, take a look back at some of his most high-profile relationships with some of Hollywood's elite!

Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans - Superhead is no stranger to Ray J as she is no stranger to men period. For a brief period Supehead was canoodling around with Ray J and you can read all the explicit details in Supehead's bio, "Confessions of a Video Vixen".

I have never read the book personally but I have heard and saw plenty of things about it. For some reason those types of books just don't interest me.

Kim Kardashian - Ray J and Kim made a very famous sex tape together. How could we forget that?

Lil' Kim - In 2001 Ray J and Lil' Kim collaborated on "Wait A Minute" and soon afterwards rumors began circulating that the …

Fantasia Stars In New Reality Show

Fantasia Gets Real-ity!
Fantasia Barrino must have loved being on reality TV. The former American Idol star will be back in the game come early 2010 – starring in a new unscripted series on VH1. "Fantasia has one of the most fascinating storiesin show business, from her tough upbringing to her meteoric rise on the national scene thanks to American Idol,'" Jeff Olde, executive vp original programming at VH1, tells the Hollywood Reporter.I'm all fine and dandy with a reality show cause to be honest what star doesn't have one or has had one. What I'm really anticipating from Fantasia is some new music. New music from her can't come quickly enough.

Keyshia Cole, Keri Hilson Tour!
Keyshia Cole R&B chart-topping singers Keyshia Cole, Keri Hilson and Bobby Valentino have teamed up for a late spring/ early summer North American tour in celebration of their recently released albums.Cole, touring in support of the Gold-certified album "A Different Me" …

Kid Cudi - Interview (Video)

The new rap 'kid' on the block is none other than newly Universal Motown signee Kid Cudi. His debut single, "Day N Nite" is tearing up the charts everywhere. Check out this 2 part interview with Funkmaster Flex.

Jadakiss - Interview (Video)

This is the 1 of 3 interviews you can view conducted by Angie Martinez. First up is Jadakiss who recently released his new album, "The Last Kiss" and debuted at #3 with 135K units.

Bow Wow - Interview (Video)

Bow Wow sits down and talks exclusively with Angie Martinez. Check out the video below!

Adrienne Bailon - Interview (Video)

Adrienne Bailon of 3LW and most recently The Cheetah Girls talks exclusively to Ms. Angie Martinez. Check it out!

Music Biz:
Jamie Foxx Lets Loose On Miley Cyrus!
Last month, Miley Cyrus said that she was going to "ruin" Radiohead after the band wouldn't meet her at the Grammy Awards in February. A rep for the band later shot back, Now, a month after the incident, Jamie Foxx is commenting on what the 16-year-old said about the band. On his Sirius radio show, "The Foxxhole," on Sunday night, after a listener called in to talk about the incident, Foxx went on a curse-filled tirade after semi-sarcastically posing the question "Who is Miley Cyrus?" Perez Hilton reports. He then went on to describe her as the girl "with all the gums" and wondered if she was the one with the gum transplant.It always seems like Jamie Foxx is always in the middle of some type of scandal or something with another celeb.

Cassie and The-Dream's collaboration of &quo…

Joe Budden - Exxxes (Video)

Joe Budden releases a new video for his single, "Exxxes" from his new album, "Padded Room". You can check it out below! I had no idea Joey was tatted up like that. Now I do!

Cassie, The-Dream 'Keep Lovin' On New Track!

Music Biz:
Rapper BOW WOW has potentially sparked a new hip-hop feud after reprimanding artists, like LIL WAYNE and KANYE WEST, who use computer programming to enhance their voices on records.Bow Wow reveals he is not a fan of the Auto-Tune software, which enables rappers to polish their poor vocals by computer - and he insists he’ll never use it. He tells Giant magazine, “It makes everyone feel that if they do it then they got a hit record. “It’s (Auto-Tune) like a slut that’s being passed around, and everyone’s jumping on it.”Bow Wow is probably just creating this beef I think to boost his album sales since his new album, "New Jack City 2" stalled on the Billboard charts.

Toni Braxton is on the comeback trail and her latest song, "Heart Never Had a Hero" produced by The Underdogs is no exception. Click here to hear the audio!

Cassie recently shaved her head and now she is leaking music to keep people talking. Her latest leaked song,"Keep Loving"(in snippe…

Music Feed: Six Degrees Of Jadakiss

I won't stop with the 'six degrees of' posts huh? Nope I won't. We all know Jadakiss. He is the Yonkers, New York born rapper known for his distinctive rap flow and voice. He is one third of the rap trio The Lox. He was formerly signed to Bad Boy and had a bitter falling out with the label and Diddy(just like every other artist). He has graced numerous albums, mix tapes, and singles over the years.

Now signed to Def Jam/Rocafella Records, Jadakiss recently unleashed his new album, "The Last Kiss" and it is led by the singles, "By Your Side" featuring Ne-Yo and "Can't Stop Me" which is one of my favorite songs right now.

I don't get into many rappers but Jadakiss is one rapper I really like. I like his flow and his style and the things he says among other things.

Check out the list of celebs that are often associated or has been linked to Jadakiss!

The Lox - Jadakiss got his start with The Lox and as a group they made two albums for Bad…

Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boi Use A 'Bandana' In New Video Clip

The post before this I talked a little about who Nicki Minaj was if you aren't familiar with her. In this video, Nicki and Soulja Boy talk to the cameras while breaking from an appearance in Gucci Mane's "Gucci Bandana" video.

Soulja Boy looks a damn fool with all that mess in his mouth. Then again he always looked like a fool to me and I can't stand him. He really annoys me.

Chico DeBarge Battles 'Addiction' On New Album Set

If you don't know Nicki Minaj, she is an upcoming rapper who is down with Lil' Wayne's Young Money click. She has graced numerous mixtapes and is currently working on her own upcoming album. While in the studio with Lil' Scrappy, Nicki along with Scrappy and some other hoodlums talk about New York and what rappers they would 'minaj'(menage). Check it out!

By the looks of it I can see that Scrappy has been working out. I remember him being a scrawny little thing before. Scrappy talks a lot of shit(like a lot of rappers) and I couldn't stand to hear him go on. If you didn't know Scrappy recently signed with DTP/Def Jam Records.

Music Biz:
Chico DeBarge To 'Talk' On New Album!
Former "Talk To Me" singer Chico DeBarge is close to releasing the long-anticipated album "Addiction" this summer!"Addiction," DeBarge's first release since 2003s "Free," will be released under the singer's new deal with Kedar Ente…

Music Feed: Six Degrees Of Marques Houston

Marques Houston is the latest subject of my infamous 'six degrees of...' post. We all know Marques from the group Immature later known as IMX. He has starred in numerous TV shows including "Sister, Sister" and has starred in several movies including, "You Got Served". He has continued his recording career with a string of critically acclaimed albums. On his upcoming album, "Mr. Houston" set to arrive in stores June 23, Marques teams up with Jim Jones on the album's first single, "I Love Her".

Below there are six celebs that Marques is often associated with or have been recently linked to and not just in a dating way either. You will see what I mean when you check out the list below.

Omarion - For the last few years Omarion and Marques Houston have claimed to be brothers. They have recorded songs together and starred in "You Got Served" together.

Chris Stokes - He is the man who discovered Marques or for lack of better words; p…

Cassie, Diddy Find 'Love' On New Single

After "Official Girl" featuring Lil' Wayne failed at radio, Cassie and co. opted to release the new track, "Must Be Love" featuring Puff Daddy. Puff Daddy? This man changes his name more times than Jennifer Lopez changes last names. Anyway Puff's rumored lover Cassie's new single, "Must Be Love" was also recorded by Day 26. The song has been described as vintage Bad Boy and it is if you've heard the clip. I was feeling the song at first but later on I realized I didn't care as much for it as I originally thought.

For some reason when I look at Cassie she makes me think of Apollonia or Vanity. Couldn't you imagine Cassie singing those kinky songs like "Pretty Mess" and so forth. I mean after all "Me & U" is supposedly about oral sex right? Member the original clip of the video. It was like watching softcore porn.

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