Music Feed: Top 10 Most Influential Artists

I asked around some of the message boards I frequently visit to name the 'most influential artists'. I didn't have a particular criteria for who people should pick. On second thought I wish I had of as people were just naming all types of artists but that's what made it fun and interesting. Putting together these results were not that surprising to me. Everybody who is somebody was mentioned but only the top 10 matter here. Without further a due I present to you the list of the 'Top 10 Most Influential Artists" according to various internet users.

10. Madonna
This is not a surprise to me nor should it be to anyone for that matter. Over the span of three decades, Madonna has transcended the face of pop music. A musical chameleon is still punching today with shocking behavior and sold out tours.

09. Beyonce
She is the 'it' girl in the industry and continues to inspire and be duplicated by many a R&B chicks. Her style and music set the standard in what's expected of a R&B diva. If your not trying to be Beyonce or not being compared to her, you don't matter.

08. Stevie Wonder
You can virtually name any singer and more than likely they were influenced by Stevie Wonder. Not only are his songs unforgettable, his albums frequently make the top 10 lists of every artist known to music. Now that's what you call influential!

07. Whitney Houston
Contestants on "American Idol" audition to Whitney Houston songs for a reason. She is the 'voice' o of a generation which went on to aspire future generations and still continue to this day.

06. Prince
Like Stevie Wonder, Prince is likely to be name dropped as a favorite among artists. His eclectic style, sound, and imagery are very much still duplicated to this day.

05. Janet Jackson
Many dance pop divas wouldn't exist if it weren't for Janet Jackson. Her nearly five decade long career continues to imitate and inspire a whole new generation of performers.

04. Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's voice and style continues to introduces us to a host of imitators and followers; too many to name.

03. Brandy
Many artists credit Brandy as a major influence to both their career and musical direction.

02. Mary J. Blige
Name a R&B singer that wasn't influenced by Mary J. Blige?

01. Michael Jackson
There is no surprise here. Michael Jackson is and continues to be one of most recognizable and influential artists in music today.

So how do you feel about this list? Do you feel some artists should of make the top 10? Or is this list the way you would of imagined it give or take a few names? This list is based solely on a survey I conducted earlier in the week. I didn't tamper with any of the votes, just simply recorded them. Keep reading and look out for another music feed soon!

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Anonymous said…
Great list until you mentioned Brandy, especially so high up the list ...ain't nobody checking for Brandy. Not even Ray J.
Anonymous said…
you downing original queen b? giving births to many young females dat come after her, beyonce, rihanna, ciara, ects. check the credit hoe best vocalist in da game!
Anonymous said…
Name 1 of ur favorite male or female artist that hasn't mentioned Brandy as inspiration ? .....waiting.....waiting....Major Fail! Brandy has inspired this whole generation of artist we have out not even just in r&b,pop but rock & country aswell! Sit Down! damb haters!
Anonymous said…
I think this is an awsome list. I thin kthat Aretha Frankli nwas forgotten which is weird and Whitney should have been like #2, Brandy was perfect! Cause everyone credits her in the industry!
Lamar said…
Aretha Franklin was mentioned by a lot of people but not enough to crack the top 10 which is all I covered. I didn't make the list. It was a survey I ran on a variety of message boards so you can agree or disagree. I do think Brandy is very influential because she is always mentioned by a lot of artists in terms of inspiration.

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