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News Flash: Keyshia Cole Dissed

Singer Janelle Monae (who?) has signed to Bad Boy Records. The artist was originally down with Big Boi's Purple Ribbon crew but has sinced parted ways (I'm assuming). Janelle's style is somewhat similar to that of Kelis. I am surprised that Diddy signed her being that she is not their traditional artist and her sound is so eclectic. I was reading that fellow labelmate Cheri Dennis was asked about Monae's signing and was a bit hesitant to speak on it. Could trouble be brewing between these two ladies? If I were Cheri I wouldn't be all that worried simply because they are so different (as artists). If your wondering who Janelle Monae is click here to check out her MySpace page.

In addition to a hit album and hit reality series, Danity Kane have been making the rounds in support of their latest album, "Welcome To The Dollhouse" due March 18. While visiting infamous radio shock jock, Miss Jones the ladies of Danity Kane revealed their distaste for Keyshia Col…

The Daily Roundup: Solid As A Roc

Rumors have been running rampant about the state of Roc-a-fella and its impending status on the Def Jam label. I reported earlier that Philly rapper Peedi Peedi was dropped from Roc-a-fella and indeed he has been. Peedi spoke exclusively to SOHH about his falling out with the Roc and Jay Z. Now fresh on the heels of that interview, Billboard has unleashed an article claiming Peedi is still with the label. It also states that he will take part in an upcoming State Property album released under Def Jam. While Beanie Sigel and Freeway expressed their discontent with the label, they are still with Roc-a-fella. No other artists have been dropped despite various reports. Roc-a-fella/Def Jam is facing a major upheaval right now with Jay Z not catering to the artists and only being concerned with NeYo and Rihanna, two artists who are very successful (single wise) but can hardly go platinum might I add. If Jay Z put as much effort as he does promoting NeYo/Rihanna into Roc-a-fella, they'd…

The Daily Roundup: Jay Z Does It Again

So another one bites the dust. Philly rapper Peedi Peedi aka Peedi Crack (who guest starred on Neyo's "Stay") has been dropped from Roc-a-fella! You would think being dropped would have an artist feeling down but now in Peedi's case. The rapper is actually ecstatic and I don't blame him. Roc-a-fella, J Records, and Bad Boy Records are three labels (I would avoid) artists should avoid. Why? Well it is a long story but aside from little or no promotion from the perspective labels, the CEO's (for Bad Boy/Roc) are artists as well. Peedi being dropped from the Roc comes on the heels of rappers Freeway and Beanie Sigel being dissatisfied with Jay Z, the Roc, and Def Jam.

Controversial rapper Kanye West is ready to embark on his "Glow In The Dark" tour. Along for the ride will be Rihanna, N.E.R.D., and Lupe Fiasco. Look out for the concert dates very soon. I know Kanye wilds out at awards shows (before an audience). I wonder does he wild out in concert as …

News Flash: Missy's Double Whammy

Pop/R&B duo Gnarls Barkley ruled the airwaves with their 2006 hit, "Crazy". Now the duo is set to rule the airwaves again via first single, "Run". The new album, "The Odd Couple" will be in stores April 8. I remember the hype that surrounded Gnarls Barkley when their debut was released. Everyone was raving about it on various message boards. I'm not usually one to buy into hype but I eventually got the album and it was pretty good (at the time). Once it finally settled in on me, I don't think I cared for it as much.

Rapper Trina appears on the February issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. In the article Trina talks about her new album, look, and of course........Lil' Wayne! An interview with Trina is not complete without asking her about Lil' Wayne. What do people still want to know about her and Lil' Wayne at this point that they don't already know.

Rapper Missy Elliott is going 3D for her (videos) double A sided singles , "C…

The Daily Roundup: Bad Boys & Girls

So I watched the premiere of MTV's 54th installment of "Making The Band" and it was alright. I figure the real drama won't set off until episode 3. I did notice how the guys were in the club drinking and I know they are underage (Quawnell is 19). For the reality TV obsessed you will be faced with the challenge of choosing whether to watch "Making The Band" or "The Salt-N-Pepa Show" (beginning
February 11 on VH1) when both shows go head-to-head at 10 p.m.

The rumors regarding former pop band New Kids On The Block reuniting are false. One of the group members confirmed the news to E! Online but didn't rule out a future reunion. I figure some old groupie started this rumor in hopes the group would reunite. The things some people do. This just goes to show some people have way too much time on their hands.

Originally set for a Jan 29, the first single from Mariah Carey ("That Chick") was supposed to air on the radio (leak). Now the date has…

'Til The Cops Come Knockin'

I found this video on Foxboogie which features a fashion show that soon erupts into violence where a free for all ensues involving a series of chairs. Crazy indeed! Check it out below:

The Daily Roundup: Beyonce Won't Stop

Beyonce will play R&B legend Etta James in the upcoming movie, "Cadillac Records". The movie is about famed record producer Leonard Chess (google him) who has discovered a lot of R&B greats over the years. Cedric The Entertainer guest stars. Beyonce when will you learn! If you want to win an Oscar,stop playing singers! I feel Beyonce will have to do something completely left-field in order to win that coveted Oscar.

It looks like the guys from the last season of MTV's "Making The Band" finally has a name and that is: 826 Boys. Like former Bad Boy group 112, I'm sure the number "826" has some type of significance which I'm sure will be later addressed in the upcoming season that premieres this Monday, January 28 at 10 p.m.

News Tidbit: New Kids On The Block (the black version of New Edition) are making a comeback. It was confirmed by People magazine and their official website is up. Click here to check it out!

The Daily Roundup: Ashanti Push Back

There is bad news for singer Ashanti. Her long awaited oft-delayed album, 'The Declaration" has suffered yet another push back. The album was slated to be released on March 25. Now the album has a street date of June 3. First single, "The Way I Love You" has already become an internet favorite but hasn't officially been serviced to radio. There are plans for Ashanti to unveil the single this week in Las Vegas and shoot a video shortly. I don't know how legit these plans are now with the pushback. If these pushbacks continue they simply spell trouble for the singer. I do hope the album sees the light of day. There are always so many reasons for when an album gets pushed back. Let's just hope these pushbacks don't end up in the album being shelved (not released) then again some people wouldn't mind if it never came out anyway. Ha!

The 50th Annual Grammy Awards are slowly coming together as Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, and Aretha Franklin joins already an…

CSV Throwback Video

Ja Rule feat Ashanti, Vita & Charli Baltimore - Down 4 U
With Charli Baltimore making her return to The (Murder) Inc. I thought I would take us all back to when she first started rolling with Irv Gotti and co.

While this video is not my favorite, I do like this song and Charli kills her verse!

Better Late Than Never

If you haven't seen this, this is the rumored album cover for Mariah Carey's "That Chick" album. I wouldn't be surprised if this were the actual album cover. Mariah loves to prance around half-dressed or in this case butt-ass naked. I am not mad at her though! Your thoughts? Speak on it!

News Flash: Charli's In Charge

Rapper Charli Baltimore is back with Murder Inc. The rapper officially left the label when her album, "The Diary" was never released. Charli enjoyed some moderate success at the label being featured on some of Ja Rule's singles ("Down Ass Chick", "Down 4 U") and even earned a Grammy nomination a few years back. It is nice that Charli has mended fences with Murder Inc. They had a bitter falling out and they were the subject of a few disses by Charli. Charli hasn't had the best luck in rap at all never having released an album commercially but I admire her for not giving up. The female rap game is anybody's game right now because no one is on top. If Charli does release an album on Murder Inc. this time (and I'm hoping so) maybe she can give a few females a run for their money. Chuck definitely has skills! What? You didn't know!

News Tidbits: NeYo is still fighting off the gay rumors! (according to an inteview with Essence
magazine) Boy I …

Erykah Badu's New Album Cover

You like the new Erykah Badu album cover? Share your thoughts! Meanwhile check out track listing for the album in stores February 26.

1. “Amerykahn Promise”
2. “The Healer / Hip-Hop”
3. “Me”
4. “My People”
5. “Soldier”
6. “The Cell”
7. “Twinkle”
8. “Master Teacher”
9. “That Hump”
10. “Telephone”
11. “Honey” (Bonus)

The Daily Roundup: Grammy Gold

It looks like the 50th Annual Grammy Awards will go on as scheduled February 10. With the writer's strike in full effect the writers will not picket the telecast opting several high-profile artist to join the lineup of performances. Previously announced nominee Beyonce will perform along with group Foo Fighters. Janet Jackson was also rumored to perform (by one of her dancers) but her publicist has denied the claims. Janet has an album coming out next month so her performing at the Grammy's would be a smart move.

Making The Band group Danity Kane can be seen on the upcoming season of "Making The Band" on MTV beginning January 28. The show will document DK, the unnamed boy group, and solo star Donnie as they complete their perspective albums. According to member Dawn Richards's MySpace page, Danity Kane's new album, "Welcome To The Dollhouse" will be released March 18. The first single is called, "Damaged".

News Tidbits: What popular down sou…

News Flash: Ray J's New Sex Tape

Ray J feat Yung Berg - Sexy Can I
This is the first single/video from the new Ray J album, "All I Feel" in stores April 1. Ray J. is really playing on his new sex symbol image due in part to his infamous sex tape.

When I first heard this song awhile back I thought it sucked. Hearing it a second time makes it sound a little better but I am not still quite sold on this song yet. Good luck Ray J!

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx will be hosting VH1's "Charm School 2: From G's to Gents". The show will feature 15 of the most memorable (and rowdy) men of the past 2 seasons of VH1's popular "I Love New York" series. The show is similarly formatted to the first season (this time featuring men) competing in enduring tasks to eventually crown a winner for most changed guy. The men will compete for $50,000. Among the men competing this season are Tango, Buddah, Mr. Wise, Trendz, Mr. Boston, and Chance just to name a few. There were many rumors of there being…

News Flash: The Game Plan

Rapper Game is about 80% done with his upcoming album, "LAX". Game is collaborating with DJ Nu Jersey Devil, Scott Storch, and Cool & Dre among others. Look for the album to be released sometime this spring. Meanwhile we can expect Game to release a mixtape, "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" shortly before the albums release. There have been rumors of Game reuniting with Dr. Dre but only time will tell if it is true. Apparently this is the last Game album we will get but if it is successful, it won't be. Believe that!

We will have to wait awhile longer on the upcoming Jennifer Hudson album. Executive producer Clive Davis scrapped the album and instead has sought out producer Timbaland to produce some of the songs. Meanwhile you can catch Jennifer in the upcoming movie, "Sex & The City" in theatres May 30. I can't say I'm really looking forward to Jen's album until I hear something first. I wish her the best of luck though. I just hop…

The Daily Roundup: Missy Elliott Panics

Rapper Missy Elliott is hoping to hook up with frequent collaborator/producer Timbaland for her new untitled album due in May. It is January now and your still trying to collaborate with Timbaland. By March she will have to have a first single decided in order to come out in May. I do know Missy works rather fast in the studio so you never know maybe she will hook up with Timbo in time. It just sounds a little far fetched to me at this point. I think it is pretty interesting how Missy is made to be chasing Timbo down for her album. Not long ago singer Tweet was chasing down Missy to collaborate (not sure if it has happened) on her upcoming "Love Tweet" album. It seems like certain musical relationships have been somewhat strained over the last few years. It seems like they are all kind of giving each other the cold shoulder. I think they all need to sit down, talk, and regroup to rekindle that magic they all make together. Oh make sure you add Ginuwine to the mix too. He is …

The Daily Roundup: Lil' Kim Grinding

Lil' Kim is keeping herself busy with a new mixtape, "Ms. G.O.A.T." and a new untitled album on the horizon. In addition to that she appears on the remix of Snoop Dogg's hit, "Sensual Seduction" and tons of other remixes included on her mixtape. You can also catch Kim on the upcoming season of CW's "Girlicious" where Kim will serve as judge for 15 women vying for a spot in the famed group the Pussycat Dolls. Speaking of Pussycat Dolls, former lead single Nicole Scherzinger might wanna consider getting her gig back since her debut album is on its way to scanning wood (flopping). Ouch!

Singer Teedra Moses known primarily for writing hits for Christina Milian ("Dip It Low") and Trina ("Here We Go") has an upcoming role in shock jock Wendy Williams' biopic, "Queen of Media". She will star alongside Robin Givens (who plays Wendy) as Williams' snappy best friend. In the meantime you can check Teedra out on her up…

The Daily Roundup: Nelly Gets Fergie

Nelly has enlisted Black Eyed Peas star Fergie for his new single, "Party People". The song is said to be the first single from his upcoming album, "Brass Knuckles" due June 24. "Knuckles" was originally set for release late last year but succumbed to the infamous "Pushback Syndrome". First single, "Wadsyaname" failed at radio. I think it is a really smart move to enlist Fergie. Fergie has been on hot streak with her "The Dutchess" album which has sold over 3 million copies to date. The album has also yielded 5 top 10 hits. There are not many singers and albums that have this type of success nowadays. Smart move Nelly! Meanwhile it is being reported that Nelly recently had a child with some exotic dancer. What happened with Ashanti? Word is Ashanti has a new man too. Who? NY Giants star linebaker Antonio Pierce (google him).

R&B diva Keyshia Cole has had a tremendous 2007 and she is making sure 2008 is just the same. The n…

The Daily Roundup: Mariah Is Back

Superstar Mariah Carey has set an April 1 release date for her new album, "That Chick". The 10-track set features guests and collaborations by (who guests on "Migrate"), T-Pain ,Jermaine Dupri,, and Rodney Jerkins among others.

Here is the tracklisting for the new album:
"Lovin' You Long Time""Touch My Body""That Chick""Thanx for Nothin'""For the Record""Migrate""Cruise Control""Love Story""OOC""Bye Bye"Singer/actress Christina Milian has signed a record deal with MySpace's new record company (didn't know they had one) in conjunction with Interscope Records. Milian is working on a new album featuring production from Cool & Dre, J.R. Rotem, and Danja (producer of Britney Spears, "Gimme More").

Hardcore rapper Webbie is currently riding high with his hit single, "Independent". His new album, "Savage Life 2" will…

The Daily Roundup: Janet v. Mariah

It looks like newlyweds Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds have seperated after ONLY 14 days of marraige! The couple married in Bora Bora but the union was not legalized here in the States. There was an announcement that the couple would legalize the wedding here in the States but looks like it won't happen. I never get why famous people rush into marriage anyway. Eddie and Tracey might of been better off as friends a few years longer before tying the knot. Somewhere Johnny Gill is jumping up and down!

I just read over at my girl's blog Jennifer's Music Boutique (invite only) that Faith Evans new album will be called, "Daydream". It is also being reported that The Neptunes produced, "Maybe" will serve as the first single. Wow! My friend and I who are both big Faith fans were just talking about her return. I was positive she'd be returning (to music) this year but not this soon. I surely will welcome her return though. I need some "Faith" in my…

Foxy Brown's New Album Cover

Here is the new official cover for Foxy Brown's album. In stores February 19, 2008! Here is a tentative tracklisting:
Intro Rumors of Fox
We Don't Surrender ft. Grafh Prod. B Keys
Were On Fire ft. Mavado
When The Lights Go Out ft. Kira Prod. Trapstar Block Entertainment
How We Get Down ft. Grafh and Prinz (New Beat)Prod. Stereotypes
Dreams ft. Demarco
Star Cry Prod. Stereotypes
Still Strugglin
We Set The Pace
Gangsta Love ft. Lil Mo
Never Heard This
Take it Ez ft. Spragga Benz Prod. Stereotypes

The Daily Roundup: My Cheri Amour

Bad Boy singer Cheri Dennis released her album, "In & Out Of Love" last year through iTunes last year and this year it will be released in physical form. Due February 26, 2008 the album boasts guests and production by Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Mario Winans, Yung Joc, and Gorilla Zoe. First single, "Portrait" is currently #57 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Tracks charts. In order to entice consumers to buy the physical copy of the album, some new tracks will be thrown into the mix. Gawd I hope so. I had high hopes for this album and when it leaked, it sucked balls! I only cared for two songs at the most. I hope these new songs are better than the bulk of the current album.

Rapper Fat Joe is celebrating 15 years in the game with his new album, "The Elephant Room". The album will be released on March 11, 2008 through Imperial Records. Guests and producers include Scott Storch, Plies, J. Holiday, Swizz Beats, and more. The first single, "I Won't Tell…

Janet's Discipline Album Cover

Wow! I didn't exactly know what to expect with the new album cover but it's not bad. I am really looking forward to this album. Like the new album cover? Your thoughts?

The Daily Roundup: Lil' Kim Talks Remy

The Lil' Kim & Remy Ma beef continues to ignite. Recently Lil' Kim conducted an interview giving the origin of her beef with Remy Ma. Kim claims Remy was taking shots at her during her prison stint (but so was everyone else). She also says that Remy showed up to her prison release party smiling in her face and acting fake. Kim went on to call Remy a "man" and said she has too much "tetesterone". The lowest blow came when Kim said her comrades would rather fluck (f**$) with transvestites than Remy. Kim better be careful before she gets shot! Meanwhile Lil' Kim's mixtape, "G.O.A.T." has been out and reaction to the mixtape has been positive. Lil' Kim's upcoming untitled album will be due sometimes this spring and features production from Trackmasters (Foxy Brown, Jay Z). It has been reported that Kim has a feature in the upcoming "Sex & The City" movie. You can currently hear her on Snoop Dogg's remix to "S…

The Daily Roundup: Trina Pushed Back

The latest trend in music is the infamous "Pushback Syndrome". Labels are on their last legs and in an attempt to remain afloat, albums are getting pushed back left and right. The main reason primarily for a lot of these pushbacks are a lot of the singles aren't doing well at radio. Labels want to release an album on the strength of a successful single. If a single is not making any noise or considered a flop, the album will be pushed back. The latest artists to succumb to the infamous "Pushback Syndrome" is Slip-N-Slide artists, Trina & Rick Ross. Trina's new album, "Still The Baddest" has been pushed back to April 1, 2008. Rick Ross' new album, "Trilla" has been pushed back to March 11, 2008.

With the impending writer's strike in full force many of the award telecasts are being cancelled. The upcoming Grammy Awards may be cancelled and troubled pop star Amy Winehouse may be banned for the ceremony. The said singer has to pas…

The Daily Roundup: I Love New York

There are rumors going around that producer Bryan Michael Cox is executive producing Brandy's upcoming album. Gawd I hope not! Bryan Michael Cox is more of a singles producer moreso given the responsibility to execute an artist's album. There have been so many rumors regarding Brandy's album. The only confirmation I recall was Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes speaking to MTV awhile back saying "look out for Brandy's album". When Brandy had the whole car crash fatality looming over her head she was very quiet. Now that she was cleared of charges she hasn't spoken much (regarding her album/label situation) except for on "EXTRA" where she got a new hair cut and briefly expressed her new outlook on life. I think it is time Brandy makes an official announcement regarding all this hoopla surrounding her upcoming album. It would really help put a lot of those rumors to rest. One can only hope that time will be very soon. Waiting on a Brandy album feel…

CSV Throwback Video

Toni Braxton - Your Making Me High
This is the debut single from Toni Braxton's 9x platinum selling, "Secrets" album. This is also one of my favorite songs from the "Secrets" album.

The Daily Roundup: Baby Boom

BFF's Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie have both given birth to new babies Friday, January 11, 2008! While it has only been revealed that Aguilera has had a boy, no name has been announced. On the other hand, "The Simple Life" star Nicole Richie gave birth to a baby girl named Harlow Winter Kate Madden. The bundle of joy weighed in at 6lbs. and 7oz. Ironicially in addition to both stars giving birth on the same day they also got engaged at the same time. Pretty weird huh? I'd say so.

Singer Monica recently gave birth to her second baby boy and stars Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Jamie Lynn Spears, Terri J. Vaughn ("The Steve Harvey Show") and Nicole Kidman are also pregnant and due in the near future.

Mariah Carey's new single is said to impact radio on January 22, 2008! If this proves to be true, a new single should be leaking sometime soon. It was reported the first single was "Migrate" featuring T-Pain. Two other singles have been conside…

The Daily Roundup: Billboard Bound

Janet Jackson appears in the latest issue of Billboard magazine. In the article Janet talks candidly about her 10th studio album, "Discipline", her dismal album sales, and her fallout with Virgin Records. There will be more uptempo tracks this time around and less slower songs. On the production (and songwriting) front there is Rodney Jerkins (producer of first single, "Feedback"), Johnta Austin, Jermaine Dupri (who produced all the vocals), Stargate, NeYo, Lil' Jon, and more. The video to "Feedback" recently debuted on BET's "106 & Park" and Yahoo. The video will be added to MTV rotation early next week. Janet's "Discipline" album will be in stores February 26, 2008. Get it!

Bad Boy R&B singer/model Cassie is set to release her untitled sophomore album May 20, 2008. While the first single remains unknown, expect a club banger in the vein of debut single, "Me & U". Cassie spoke exclusively to Billboard …

News Flash: Snoop's Big Wish

Snoop Dogg is doing it way big with his hit single, "Sensual Seduction" and his hit TV show, "Fatherhood"(which is one of my favorite shows right now). He plans to do it even bigger if he get his wish by collaborating with Pop royalty Madonna, Bono, and Mick Jagger. The Big Dog of Rap spoke to MTV exclusively about his upcoming album, "Ego Tripping". He hinted that his second single may be "Sets Up"which is produced by The Neptunes and involves reppin' your hood. He also mentioned another possible single, "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" which involves leaving your spouse only to come back. I'm sure this is a subject Snoop can relate to when he briefly separated from his wife only to come back.

American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks and runner-up Katherine McPhee have both been dropped from Arista and RCA records. This comes on the heels of J Records dropping Ruben Studdard. Who will be next?

News Tidbit: It has been reported by TMZ that…

The Daily Roundup: Bad Rap

Rapper Remy Ma has been hit with an $80 million dollar lawsuit stemming from allegations that she shot former friend, Makeba Barnes-Joseph. The said act of violence stems from Remy Ma missing $2,000 dollars and accusing Joseph. Remy allegedly shot Joseph in the abdomen twice before fleding the scene. The injuries sustained from the shooting has left the plaintiff with costly medical bills and weekly hosptial visits. Whether or not Remy shot her friend is still a mystery. Clearly these days you can't put anything past anyone. The image Remy portrays in her music (whether believeable or not) makes a story like this believable. Only time will tell how this ugly mess will turn out.

Rapper Game will see his trial for weapons charge begin next month, February 4th. Meanwhile there is a bit of good news for the rapper. It looks like the LAPD may be held in contempt of court for confiscating $44,000 from the rapper. A motion was filed for the police to return the money in which they have y…

The Daily Roundup: Lil' Wayne's Crush

Perhaps it just might be one of the most anticipated albums of 2008 for most people (myself not included) is Lil Wayne's "The Carter 3". The busy rapper recently spoke to MTV and revealed several things about the new album including first single, "Showtime", recording dozen of tracks (which may or may not make the final cut), and his one dream duet: MARIAH CAREY. Wayne even revealed that he has sort of a thing for Carey because he likes "older women". Don't let Carey hear the word "older". She is eternally 12! Wayne also mentioned that he is writing for legendary hip-hop producer Dr. Dre (perhaps for Dre's long awaited, "Detox" album). Meanwhile look for "The Carter 3" to drop sometime this year!

Hot off the heels of his rant regarding his displeasure with Jay-Z and Def Jam, rapper Beanie Sigel (like many other rappers) has violated his probation (which was set to end soon) and now has to go to jail. The probation …

The Daily Roundup: Game Is In Trouble

Rapper (The) Game is reportedly set to work with Dr. Dre again after getting the cold shoulder on his platinum, "The Doctor's Advocate" album. Game's new upcoming album, "D.O.C. Diary Of Compton" is set to be a concept album in which the rapper gets killed at the end symbolizing his impending retirement. If this is true this sounds interesting. Now if there's an off-chance this album performs above expectations, I'm sure all that retirement talk will cease.

Crazy comedian Marlon Wayans is set to star in a live action version of the classic cartoon, "G.I. Joe." The movie will be distributed by Paramount Pictures. I remember watching G.I. Joe as a child coming home from school. It definitely brings back a lot of memories but I can't say I'm too excited about the upcoming movie just yet.

Somehow the beef between Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez has been resurrected claiming Mariah made some unflattering comments regarding Lopez. The sai…

Janet Gives Us A "Feedback" Preview

It is almost here kiddies. The world premiere of Janet Jackson's new video, "Feedback" will air today on BET's "106 &Park". Until then check out this little preview:

Wow! I'm pretty amped about this video. I was wondering when Janet was going to hit us with the video.

News Flash: LeToya Studio Sneak Peek

Here is a clip of former Destiny's Child member turned solo star, LeToya in the studio with producers The Underdogs.
A lot of people are interested in what LeToya will bring to the table this time. I read she is working with an all star team of producers including Rodney Jerkins, Pharrell Williams, and Babyface. LeToya's untitled sophomore album will be in stores this June. Meanwhile you can catch LeToya in the stage play "Rumors". Google it.

Rappers and Roc-a-fella artists Beanie Sigel and Freeway have lashed out for the lack of support they have received for their current albums, "The Solution" (Beanie Sigel) and "Free At Last" (Freeway). They also claim they didn't receive a call from Jay Z when he left Def Jam. I am not surprised by this. So many other Def Jam artists have voiced their concern with Jay Z and Def Jam. Meanwhile Beanie claims to take promotion into his own hands which I think is his best bet with his upcoming mixtape, "Tr…

The Daily Roundup

VH1 has become one of my favorite networks primarily for the "Flavor Of Love" series and its spinoffs. I have noticed when VH1 is airing a significant amount of reality shows, once those reach their finale they always have a bunch in the can. New (and returning) to the VH1 programming family this month and next are "Celebrity Rehab", "Scott Baio is 46 & Pregnant", "My Fair Brady", "Flavor Of Love 3", "Gotti's Way", "Rock Of Love 2", and "The Salt N Pepa Show". Where's "The Surreal Life"? For more info on each of these shows check out

Would you know who supermodel diva Janice Dickinson was had it not been for her stint on "America's Next Top Model"? Someone brought up this point when I have seen various videos of Janice dissing Tyra Banks. Tyra Banks is responsible for Dickinson's return to the limelight. She did introduce Dickinson to legions of viewers who ha…

Kelly Rowland's Daylight Video

The first single and video from Kelly Rowland's revamped, "Ms Kelly" album.

I'm loving the song. I don't know how I feel about the video.

Beyonce Better Make Way For Michelle

Daily Roundup: I have read on more than a few (other) blogs that R&B singer Mya will be leaving Motown Records. This comes on the heels of her shelved album, "Liberation" not being released here in the US. Meanwhile the album leaked due to it appearing on Japan's Itunes. While on Motown, Mya released two singles, "Lock U Down" featuring Lil' Wayne and "Riding". Neither song took off even though "Riding" had a lot of radio play here that simply was not enough. I am glad she is leaving Motown and I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams recently left a message on her MySpace page thanking fans for their continued support for the said singer. She mentioned that the recently released leaked single, "Stop This Car" got such positive feedback it is being considered for the lead single from her upcoming album due later this year.

In other Destiny's Child news, Beyonce's beau J…

Mary J. Blige Needs My Help And Yours

News Flash:Mary J. Blige currently has the #1 album in the US. In maintaining that crowning achievement, Mary J. Blige is personally asking the fans what they think her next single should be. Meanwhile Mary J. Blige graces the February issue of Vibe magazine. Click here to vote (for Mary J. Blige's next single) and check out her official site.

The latest installment of the "Making The Band" franchise will air on January 28, 2008 at 10 p.m. on MTV. Diddy's recent boy band, group Danity Kane, and solo singer Donnie will all be under one roof. The premise of the show? Who will finish their album first? Expect hook-ups, throwdowns, and plenty tears galore.

Britney Spears has been released from the hospital after officials realized the singer was not a threat to herself. Yeah right!

America's Next Top Mom

Daily Roundup: Rapper Trina has really been on her grind, and I'm so happy for her (being a fan of hers). Trina's "Single Again" recently debuted at #24 on the Hot Rap Tracks and #71 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Charts. In addition to that she recently shot the video and took time to talk exclusively to Billboard about her upcoming album, "Still The Baddest" (Feb 12th). Among the guests are Keyshia Cole who guests on the 2nd single, "I Got A Thing For You", Mya, Rick Ross, Plies, Trick Daddy, and more. A street single, "Look Back At Me" featuring Killer Mike recently surfaced online and radio. Go Trina!

You can also check out Trina's official site. Click here to check it out!

Hollywood has had many trends over the years. The latest one is: ADOPTION
The latest celebrity to consider adopting is "America's Next Top Model" creator and tycoon Tyra Banks. Banks claims she has wanted to adopt since age 9. I think it is a very goo…

CSV Throwback Video

Diana Ross - Upside Down
This is truly a throwback video from the 1980s. The video is pretty much compiled of concert and movie footage (from "Mahogany").

Perhaps one of the most sampled songs in R&B history as it has been sampled by the likes of Salt-N-Pepa just to name a few. This is one of my favorite songs by Diana.

Who's Getting Pushed Back Now?

Daily Roundup: America's favorite bad girl Britney Spears was rushed to the hospital early Friday morning. The singer was reportedly under the influence of an unknown substance. Before Britney was even rushed to the hospital police were called to her Studio City home where a custodial dispute took place. Apparently Brit refused to give up her children during their visit with her which in part led to the dispute. Now it is being reported that Brit completely flipped out during her current hospital stay. She reacted violently and hysterical when under evaluation with doctors. There was even the mention of her being treated for possible bi-polar disorder. This is the latest in a series of attention grabbing headlines that has plagued Britney Spears.
The latest artists to succumb the infamous "pushback syndrome" are Mariah Carey and Ashanti. Originally due in March (or at least rumored to be) Mariah Carey's upcoming album has been pushed back. There has been no exact rea…

Find Out Who The Newest Sex Tape Star Is

News Flash: Actress Vivica A. Fox is the latest star to have a sex tape surface online. Aunt Viv is said to be performing oral sex on an Atlanta man. Who the said man is at this time is a mystery. The encounter was captured by the unindenified man who recorded the sex act via his cell phone. Apparently the man sent the footage to several buddies which initially sent it out as well before landing in the hands of Atlanta Police officials, friends, colleagues, bloggers, and internet users. I saw a small clip of the sex act and it looks like Aunt Viv to me!

Chart Beat:Mary J. Blige lets us know who is really Queen of the charts as her latest album, "Growing Pains" has went to #1 after debuting at #2 last week (also #1 on the R&B album charts). She also knocked Josh Groban out of the #1 spot who had occupied it for 5 weeks with his "Noel" album. Meanwhile Alicia Keys remains #1 on the R&B charts with "Like You'll Never See Me Again". Janet Jackson…

Bitch Better Have My Money

Daily Roundup: You thought NeYo got his revenge on R Kelly by airing him out on radio but he is not done yet. NeYo is suing R Kelly's tour promoters for breach of contract. NeYo is wanting his $735,000 which in turn was promised to him before getting kicked off the tour. NeYo claims he turned down numerous touring opportunites to take part in Kells tour. Unfortunately NeYo's role on the tour began to overshadow the star of the show promoters urged Kells to drop poor NeYo. I think NeYo will be ok. He is a gifted songwriter (though his melodies all sound the same). I would even go as far as to label him a modern day Babyface. Money is clearly not an issue for NeYo but he is owed what is rightfully his.

Remember there was talk of the ill-fated group, 3 Sum which composed of female rappers Remy Ma, Jacki O, and Shawnna? Well once Shawnna left the group after talk of a duo album with Ludacris, the project pretty much fell through. Though Remy Ma still said the group was a go all th…

Soulja Boy Has A New Hater

News Flash:After rumors of Mariah Carey's first single being "That's How We Do 'Em" turned out to be false, new news has arisen about Mariah's upcoming untitled project. During her recent New Year's Eve festivities Mimi (as we have all referred to her lately) played her new song "Migrate" featuring T-Pain. Strangely enough this rumor about T-Pain being on a track surfaced awhile ago and I can confirm it is finally true. Mariah also played a track called "Heat" but her camp did say the T-Pain track may not be the first single. Looking at T-Pain's current track record I think it would be a good idea to consider it.

I just read that Bobby Valentino's last album, "Special Occasion" recently with gold. I am surprised because it didn't seem like it would go gold. The sales for the album were very disappointing. Like many artists after him his album was a victim of the "pushback syndrome". I didn't care muc…

CSV Throwback Video

Total feat Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, & Da Brat - No One Else (Remix)
This is the remix video for Total's "No One Else (Remix)" video shot in Bad Boy's trademark B&W (that's black and white). Whenever Bad Boy would do collaborations particularly circa 1995 the video would be shot in B&W.

This song would be a big deal for many years (as it still is today) mainly because it is the only song rivals Foxy Brown & Lil' Kim appeared on. It was also the days when they were friends and there was no hip hop rivalry.

He's Having A Baby

Daily Roundup: Hello all! It is one of those slow news days. With this being the new year and all we won't be subjected to much right now. January is typically a slow month for entertainment music in particular. I personally think January is an excellent time to release an album since it is relatively quiet particulary for a big artist such as a Janet Jackson (who is releasing her album next month).

There is a rumor going around that Trina is dating former Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P. The couple was spotted in the club getting all lovey dovey. Don't we always hear this about two people? I mean is that all the celebs do is get freaky in the club. Pleasure P was spotted on the set of Trina's new video "I'm Single Again", and they have popped up together at a few events. This doesn't necessarily mean they are a couple though we could assume they have messed around. The same thing was said about Trina and T-Pain though I've never seen the pair together…