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Ludacris Working On New Album

Ludacris has revealed that he is working on a new album titled; "Ludaversal" to be released by the end of the year. The rapper just started work on the album and in the meantime you can catch him in the fifth installment of "The Fast & The Furious" which will be in theaters April 29.

Aubrey O'Day formerly of Danity Kane who has her own reality show on Oxygen; "All About Aubrey" has signed a new record deal with SRC/Universal Motown Records; the home of Akon and Melanie Fiona. I'm not sure when her album is coming out but probably not long after her show wraps up; that would be the smart thing. I never watched the show and it simply just doesn't interest me.

Other former Danity Kane members have kept a pretty low profile with the exception of Dawn Richard part of trio; "Dirty Money". D. Woods put out a mixtape or two and that's about it.

Jennifer Lopez will finally release her new album; "Love?" on May 3. The album cont…

Ashanti Reveals New Album Details

I got the liberty of catching Ashanti on Ustream; where a lot of artists give us a live video feed of themselves whether at home; in the studio; or wherever. Over the course of 44 minutes; Ashanti gushed about the new music she had in store for us but gave little details. She mentioned a song called; "Faithfully Cheating" and "Break". She has an album title in mind but didn't want to disclose it but described as "subliminal". She also spoke about some collaborations and the possibility of collaborating with a female artist.

There was also talk about working with 7 who produced many of Ashanti's past hits. There was talk about the new album taking some influence from her debut; "Ashanti". A press release would be released very soon in regards to her new label situation etc. A new single or buzz single would be released by the beginning of summer. I think that about covers it. Looking forward to new music from Ashanti. She currently appears…

Mya & Her Men

You all are probably wondering how random it is of me to be talking about Mya. After all we haven't heard much from her musically in awhile. She does however have an album coming out overseas next month called; "K.I.S.S."; I believe.

I was online looking up some info to report when I came across a picture of Mya and Terrance J of BET's "106 & Park". The two simply took a picture together at a recent party they both attended. Nowadays that's all it takes is for two celebrities to have a picture together and rumors starts. Especially when the picture is with someone who has a reputation(in my opinion) for being promiscuous.

I know every once in awhile I hear Mya being linked to some guy. I mean that happens to any celebrity but its always been noted that she got around in the industry. At one point; it was rumored that she was writing a tell all but she quickly denied the claims. She did hint at writing some type of book though but I'm not sure if i…

Jennifer Hudson's Fiance Not Happy At Her Weight Loss

I'm surprised to learn of that because if she's truly happy then why can't he be? It's always something I tell you. Read more below as well as stories on Angie Stone's arrest and Beyonce's latest falling out with her father; Mathew Knowles.

Hollywood’s newest head-turner is none other than the uber-talented Jennifer Hudson. The Weight Watchers spokeswoman is now sporting a slimmer, healthier physique. She continued to flaunt her new curves at an AOL Sessions performance in Beverly Hills this past weekend.

But not everyone is thrilled about the singer turned actress’ new body. Her fiance, David Otunga, is not handling her sudden weight loss too well. While visiting Jay Leno, Hudson said:

“He’s getting adjusted to it. He’s not really into change that much so he fusses at me like, ‘Why do you have to have to get all dressed up to go out and why can’t you just go out like you used to?’ And I’m like ‘I’m a walking billboard now honey.’”Angie Stone Arrested

Throwback Video: Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You

Throwback Video: Mariah Carey - Vision Of Love

This is the single and video that started it all for Mariah Carey; way back in 1990. I remember seeing this video when it came out and I was asking my sister; "Was she black or white?".

I follow Mariah Carey on twitter and I think she may of had a false alarm with her pregnancy. I take it she is near her due date.

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Teedra Moses Joins Maybach Music Group

Teedra Moses; whether you know her or not; you will very soon. The underrated singer has signed a deal with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group imprint. Now as far as which label will distribute her album is a mystery. On the singer's twitter page she announced the news.

Teedra Moses released her debut album; "Complex Simplicity" in 2004. Over the years she has released several mixtapes and collaborated with the likes of Trina, Mary J. Blige, and Christina Milian.

Rick Ross is surely putting together a team over there at Maybach Music with the addition of Wale as well. Now all he needs is a female rapper to add to the roster; perhaps Foxy Brown or Ami Miller.

Jay-Z is collaborating with Sade for a remix of her single; "Moon & The Sky" which will appear on an upcoming; "Ultimate Collection" album. There is no release date yet for the album. Sade has; over the years shun collaborations but granted Jay-Z which is understandable. If you recall Drake wante…

Rihanna Responds To Chris Brown Mention

There were rumors going around that Rihanna's "Loud" tour was suffering from low ticket sales but ultimately that was untrue. I don't see how it would be true anyway especially considering how she's dominating radio.

There was also a recent interview conducted with Rihanna where she was asked about Chris Brown and quickly changed the subject. Are you surprised? I really think both are over talking about each other in the press!

Jagged Edge is finally returning to the music scene with new album; "The Remedy"; their first under the Slip N Slide imprint. The new album will be available in stores and online on June 21. Check out the tracklisting below!
1. Intro
2. Love On You
3. Baby
4. Flow Through My Veins
5. My Girl
6. I Need A Women
7. Lipstick (Featuring Rick Ross)
8. Spaceship
9. Lay You Down
10. Let’s Make Love
11. When The Bed Shakes
12. Mr. Wrong

I realize that I am doing a fair amo…

Big Sean Featuring Chris Brown - My Last Music Video

You can understand the amount of songs being released featuring Chris Brown; with good reason. He is all over the place and he is getting plenty of publicity so why not jump on the Chris Brown train.

Big Sean has been brewing for a minute. I'm not sure when his debut album will be released but once I find out; you all will know.

Keri Hilson Featuring Chris Brown - One Night Stand Music Video

Keri Hilson; being the smart artist that she is went with the Chris Brown featured; "One Night Stand" as her new video and single. The video is pretty cool to me. Their chemistry was a little awkward to me for some reason. I was reading on a few message board that Keri swagger jacked Ciara and Keyshia Cole. What do you think?

To date Keri Hilson's "No Boys Allowed" album has sold 234K units. I also just found that Ne-Yo wrote "Pretty Girl Rock". You would of thought; I already knew that but I didn't.

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Chris Brown Apologizing For Spazzing Out

Chris Brown has apologized for his behavior after appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America". He appeared on BET's "106 & Park". I didn't see the actual show but I saw a clip of the footage. You act a fool then you want everyone to feel sorry for you. Nonetheless Chris' album; "F.A.M.E." is on track to debut at #1. I hear sales have increased now to possibly 400K but only time will tell.

Nicki Minaj is bragging about the release date of her new album but not the music; that's not good! Nicki doesn't want to spoil anything by revealing the date. She feels that other competitors will try and release their album on the impending date. So we know Nicki is working on a new album and hopefully its not as forgettable as "Pink Friday". Nicki also hinted at a collaboration with a "special lady". I can only imagine who that is.

Nicki will also appear on Lil' Wayne's "The Carter IV" in stores and online …

Fantasia To Release Third Single

Fantasia is getting a third single and for a second there I was thinking she wouldn't get one. I know her album; "Back To Me" had been consistently selling each week. I wasn't a huge fan of the newest album but I'm glad she's getting a third single which is "Collard Greens & Cornbread" which is one of my mother's favorite songs on the album.

Nicki Minaj will release her video; "Fly" with Rihanna during Memorial Day weekend. Apparently the video had been shot months ago but Nicki wants to allow Rihanna's other singles to dominate. Meanwhile Nicki is forging ahead with a video for the song; "Super Bass" which appears on the deluxe editions of "Pink Friday".

Nicki has so many hit singles on the album; I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to release them all at one point or another anyway.

With all the press he's had and short of the million he predicted(or wanted); Chris Brown is poised to have the #1 albu…

Throwback Video: Ciara Featuring Ludacris - Oh

This was one of the first collaborations between Ciara and Ludacris. "Oh" was one of the singles from Ciara's debut album; "Goodies". I can't remember what year that album came out; I wanna say 2003 or 2004.

Chris Brown Spazzes Out On Good Morning America

By now you've heard the story and if not; you must have been hiding under a rock. Chris Brown appeared on "Good Morning America" yesterday and lashed out afterward after being asked about Rihanna. The singer shattered a glass and caused other destruction throughout the green room of the ABC studios. I hear security was called and worse of all; police were called and Brown was arrested. Sad!

Just when people were buying back into the brand of Chris Brown; this happens. This goes to show he still has some work to do but the Rihanna incident is so old now anyway. Meanwhile Chris' new album; "F.A.M.E." is in stores and online today.

Wyclef Jean is dodging rumors that he had been shot in his native; Haiti. Apparently someone was shot but it wasn't Jean. The singer did get wounded in the hand by glass which explained the pictures appearing online of his hand in bandages. Wyclef is currently recovering.

I read that Trina may be in talks to appear on the third sea…

Mashonda Covers KING Magazine

Most of us know Mashonda as Swizz Beats ex-wife but she is also a musician who had a minor hit or two back in the day. She was signed to Swizz Beats' Full Surface Records which was an imprint through J Records. I mentioned it before but she had a song out called; "Blackout" featuring Snoop Dogg and Nas. She also guest appeared on Lil' Kim's "This Is Who I Am" track from her "La Bella Mafia".

You can currently catch Mashonda on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" which airs Monday nights on VH1.

Chris Brown Wants To Sell A Million Copies Of New Album

Chris Brown wants to sell a million copies of his new album; "F.A.M.E." in the first week and who can say what he will sell right now. I mean he does have a number of hit singles out right now. He has plenty of publicity and that's all the makings of a #1 debut right? But a million copies is pushing it. I will be surprised if he does though. On first listen; I'm not feeling the album and I haven't been eager to listen again.

Meanwhile "She Ain't You" is the next single off the album. The album will be in stores and online March 22.

Mary J. Blige is returning to the music scene with a new single; "Someone To Love Me(Naked)" featuring Lil' Wayne. The song is set to impact next week, March 29. The upcoming untitled Mary J. Blige album is poised to be released this summer.

I personally hope Mary delivers. I haven't felt her last two albums or so. I'm ready for her to top "The Breakthrough"; her last good album in my opinion.

Throwback Video: Black Box - Everybody Everybody

I remember this song growing up and it amazed me when I found out; the model in the video wasn't the actual singer. I found out years later via VH1 that singer; Martha Wash not only sung this song but others and wasn't given the proper credit. The song is still good though and reminds me of the days when I was elementary school.

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Ne-Yo Still Talking Failure Of Recent Album

Ne-Yo is still apparently voicing his frustration over the failure of his album; "Libra Scale" which oddly enough I liked. He felt he was too hands on with the other creative sources and not the music. I mean I'm sure he's not happy with the album not selling as well as his previous ones but get over it now. You don't have to keep making excuses anymore. Just move on to the next album.

In other Ne-Yo news he and his friend are expecting another baby together. Wonderful!

Mario is returning to the music scene with his first single; "Falling Down". The single is produced by Rico Love(worked with Pleasure P). I don't have any info on his upcoming album but as you all know; I will let you know when that info becomes available.

I like Mario and I think music could use him right now especially with the over saturation of Chris Brown and Trey Songz; no disrespect; just saying.

Nicki Minaj is reportedly in the talks to be a judge on FOX's "X-Factor"…

Throwback Video: Lil' Kim - No Matter What People Say

I didn't like this song originally when it first came out. I think at the time I was anti-Kim; well to an extent. But I've come around since then and I do like this song and the video. This was the first single to Kim's second album, "Notorious KIM" which was released back in 2000. Can you believe its been that long?

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Joint Collaboration Albums

At the height of many musician's career; they develop a huge ego where they feel invincible and on top of the world. With that comes many projects including multiple albums, TV appearances, and then there are the dreaded joint collaboration albums. Those joint collaboration albums are usually with someone who is also experiencing a wavelength in career heights. Take Lil' Wayne for example who you read about below has three joint collaboration albums in the works. Let's see how many of those will actually see the light of day. There are the joint collaboration albums that have happened and failed by industry standards but you can't please everybody.

Check out this list of joint collaboration albums that are in the works, those that never came to friction, and those that have occurred in the past!

Jay-Z & R. Kelly - Best Of Both Worlds
The biggest names in Hip Hop and R&B came together for not one but two albums; "Unfinished Business" was released years la…

Throwback Video: Janet Jackson - All Nite

"All Nite" may not be the most popular song in Janet's catalog or might not even be her most popular video; but its worth the price of admission. "All Nite" appeared on Janet's 2004 album; "Damita Jo".

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Mariah Carey Headed Back To Sony Records

Mariah Carey may be pregnant but apparently she's been actively recording for a new album slated to be released at the end of the year. The singer reportedly has one album left on her Island Def Jam Records contract. Word is with L.A. Reid leaving his post at Island Def Jam; Mariah is also leaving and headed back to Sony Records. Mariah spent the first 10 years of her career as an artists on the Sony Records label. I guess Mariah proves that there is truly no place like home!

Speaking of L.A. Reid the famed producer/label record honcho is said to be joining the US version of the UK's "X-Factor". The show is spearheaded by Simon Cowell and is also said to have Paula Abdul as one of the judges. The show will air on FOX; home to "American Idol". That should be interesting. American Idol eat your heart out!

Lil' Wayne has chosen to release his "The Carter IV" album on May 16. The album contains the first single; "6 Foot 7 Foot" featuring C…

Throwback Video: Rihanna - S.O.S.

Don't ask me why but for some reason this song popped in my head and its the Throwback Video for today. This song hit #1 back in 2006.

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Producer Spotlight: J.R. Rotem

J.R. Rotem is a R&B/Hip Hop producer who hails from Toronto. His first shot to fame came through a song he produced for Destiny's Child. He is responsible for signing Sean Kingston and he has had many hits as a producer. Check out his discography below:

S.O.S., RihannaWhoa, Lil' KimFancy, Destiny's Child Push It, Rick RossI Want You, Paris HiltonBeautiful Girls, Me Love - Sean KingstonThat's Gangsta, Bun BEverybody, Britney SpearsLiving In The Projects, Lil' ScrappyBust It Baby Part 2, Want It, Need It, Becky - Plies feat. Ne-YoRoll, Flo RidaThe High Road, JoJoRidin' Solo, Jason DeRuloFly, Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna----------------
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Usher The Subject Of New Sex Tape

Musicians exposing themselves to the world is starting to reach a fever pitch. Everyone is still reeling over Chris Brown's naked picture but now Usher and his ex-wife reportedly have a sex tape leaking out any day now. Reports suggest that the sex tape was one of the items that were stolen out of Usher's car back in 2009.

My thing with that is why is it just now leaking when the items from his car(including music and money) were stolen two years ago. You know Usher thrives off publicity and it usually if not always works to his advantage anyway.

"She Ain't You" is reportedly the new urban single from Chris Brown off his upcoming album, "F.A.M.E." in stores and online March 22. Just last week the album leaked out in full and I wasn't too fond of the album. I was expecting a little more but usually when I get my hopes up about an album; I'm usually let down anyway.

Beyonce & Jay-Z are reportedly supposed to appear on Dr. Dre's long awaited a…

Tyga Featuring Chris Brown - Regular Girl/Wonder Woman Music Video

Music Biz:
Janet Jackson Gets Film Production Deal
Janet Jackson is taking control. The iconic performer has signed a deal with Lionsgate to select, develop, and produce her own feature film for the independent studio, marking her first foray into production in her decades-long career.

The R&B superstar, who is currently on her worldwide “Number Ones: Up Close and Personal” tour, explained that her background in Hollywood influenced her long before her music career. “Many people forget I started out as an actor,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I have been fortunate to work in the film industry, though not as much as I would like. I have a passion for storytelling, and have been doing it through my music for some time.”

Jackson has previously acted in films under Lionsgate, including Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?, its sequel, and For Colored Girls. Though she doesn’t have a solid project in the works, she is interested in “diverse material,” and is particularly dr…

Reality TV Killed The Radio Star

I just like the sound of the title post. I mean it is true in some cases though. Reality TV was once pegged as a "fade" that would come and go but reality TV accounts for a huge percentage of programming on TV. Some of my favorite shows and yours are reality shows such as "The Real World", "Jersey Shore", or "Basketball Wives". While these shows feature at first relatively unknown people before their thrust into the spotlight; some other shows star revered and obscure celebrities. Such is the case with the new season of "Celebrity Apprentice". There is also VH1's new drama; "Love & Hip Hop" and more. Read below to find out the part reality TV plays in resurrecting careers.

More and more musicians are finding ways to explore other avenues to promote new albums and gain exposure. Whether its a new reality show, an Android phone application, or a mixtape; musicians definitely have to go all out to please us consumers and …

Love & Hip Hop Review

So last night VH1 premiered its newest show; "Love & Hip Hop". I saw the preview of the show awhile ago and I knew I would be watching because I watch all of VH1's reality shows for the most part anyway. There was so much going on...on TV last night; it was hard to keep up with everything. I was watching the "Basketball Wives" Reunion Part 2 last night and I can definitely say that was better than Part 1.

Anyway so Love & Hip Hop for anyone who doesn't know revolves around four women who have ties to the industry. Some of them are actually in the industry like Mashonda(Swizz Beats' ex-wife), Olivia(formerly of G-Unit), and the other girl I can't think of her name right now; she's rapper though. We also have Jim Jones' longtime girlfriend. When I think about it; its more than four women on the show; its about five. It's a long going on cause there are a lot of people featured. Once the show sets in; it will probably be easier to fo…

Ja Rule To Release New Album Before Prison

Before Ja Rule jets off to prison he will release a new album; "The Renaissance Project" in stores June 7. The album is being released one day prior to his prison term. No word yet on the first single yet but I really wonder is anyone even interested in a Ja Rule album? I guess time will tell.

Rihanna is pressing on with her fourth single; "California King Bed". I'm not sure when the single will be released but surely very soon. We all know Rihanna pushes out these hits faster than a pregnant woman pops out a baby!

Rihanna recently turned down the role to star in a remake of "The Bodyguard". So who will fill those shoes made famous by Whitney Houston's star turn?

In other Rihanna news I think its funny how rumors suggest that Jay-Z is urging Rihanna to take a break to make room for Beyonce. You've might or might not have read that Beyonce is supposed to be releasing a new single next month; the same day Kelly releases the video to her new single;…

Ne-Yo Having Another Baby

Get this! Ne-Yo and his friend are expecting their second child together. I feel like Ne-Yo is trying so hard to prove his manliness. This is from the same guy who was saying he wanted to keep "Irreplaceable" to himself. I'm sorry I'm just not convinced. I don't have anything against Ne-Yo personally but this is buffoonery at its best.

Jennifer Lopez will release; "I'm Into You" featuring Lil' Wayne as the second single off her upcoming album, "LOVE?" in stores and online April 19. J-Lo is already riding high with "On The Floor" with Pitbull which recently hit #1 on iTunes and also she stars in the #1 show on TV; "American Idol". Can't go wrong there!

Kelly Prices' new album; "Kelly" suffers yet another pushback this time to May 3. The album was originally scheduled to be released March 29. The new single; "Not My Daddy" featuring Stokely of Mint Condition is climbing up the R&B Hip Hop…

Throwback Video: Ruff Ryders - Got It All

Eve and Jadakiss teamed up for this Ruff Ryder collaboration which features cameos by other Ruff Ryders members including Swizz Beats. I can't remember what year this song came out but it had to be between 1998 and 2000.

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Ne-Yo Wanted To Keep Irreplaceable For Himself

So Ne-Yo wishes he would of kept, "Irreplaceable", the hit single he wrote for Beyonce. And then he wonders why people say the things they say about him. I'm just saying. Nothing against Ne-Yo but come on; get over it! You've had plenty of hits as a solo artist anyway.

Nicki Minaj is shooting a video to the bonus song; "Super Bass" which is included on Deluxe editions of her debut album; "Pink Friday". I'm kind of scratching my head as to why being that its not a song that is on the original prints of the album but then again this is Nicki Minaj we're talking about. I do like "Super Bass" though and you can all look forward to the video in the coming weeks.

His new album, "Lasers" is set to debut at #1 next week but Lupe Fiasco is already pushing towards his new album; "Food & Liquor 2", the sequel to his debut album. It's no secret that Lupe was unhappy with the direction(lack thereof) and promotion sur…

Miguel Performs Sure Thing On Regis & Kelly

"Sure Thing" is one of my favorite songs from Miguel and I first heard it like two years ago and I was very surprised when it was included on his debut album; "All I Want Is You" in stores and online now.

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Star Turn

It's always a big deal with a musician makes their film debut. Everyone wants to know if they can pull it off as an actor. Most musicians pass the test with flying colors while others flounder; meaning the response to their acting is less than stellar. These musicians below have made their mark in films and still continue to do so.

Beyonce in "Dreamgirls"
Beyonce had done movies prior to this but her role as Deena Jones in "Dreamgirls" is perhaps her best known role to date.

Janet Jackson in "Poetic Justice"
This is one of my favorite movies and Janet Jackson did a great job portraying the poet/beautician who finds love on the road with Tupac Shakur.

50 Cent in "Get Rich Or Die Trying"
Based on his own life story, 50 Cent played himself in this coming of age tale that showcased 50's rise into Hip Hop.

Ashanti in "Coach Carter"
It was a small role but Ashanti earned kudos for her portrayal of the girlfriend of a high school basketball p…

Rihanna Speaks Out On The Bodyguard Remake

Rihanna has been one of the few females in the lead for the remake of the 1992 movie, "The Bodyguard" which starred Whitney Houston. When Rihanna was recently asked about her possible involvement in the movie; she shot it down. Looks like the singer hates singers who betray singers in movies. I mean after all its not a stretch when you think about it. I mean of course a lot of people will take this and make it more than what it is. It is simply her opinion but I have to agree. We've seen Beyonce play enough singers in movies!

I just read that Anita Baker is releasing a new album on June 7. The album's first single is rumored to be a remake of Tyreses' hit; "Lately" which will feature Tyrese on vocals. The song is set to debut on March 28. Look out for that!

Not long ago some footage leaked out of Anita working with Snoop Dogg on a track which may be included on the new album. Should be interesting.

I read that Brandy and Tyrese are recording a duet which m…

Lupe Fiasco's New Album To Debut At #1

I guess all the pushbacks and controversy has finally paid off for Lupe Fiasco as his new album, "Lasers" is set to debut at #1 next week on the Albums charts. Read below for more info on that as well as stories on Mariah Carey's lavish baby shower and Chris Brown speaking on his blond hair and sexuality.

The Chicago-born rapper—real name Wasalu Muhammad Jaco—arrives with his third Atlantic Records studio album, Lasers, which will debut at #1 next week with between 220-240k in sales, the second biggest of the year next to Adele and the best start of his career.

Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, his Grammy-winning 2006 debut, bowed at #8 with 81k sold, and went on to sell 350k. His second album, the multi-Grammy-nominated Lupe Fiasco’s Cool, debuted at #15 in Dec., 2007, selling 143k, going on to a total of more than 500k.

Columbia’s Glee, Vol. 5 hits this week, with an expected sales total in the 90-100k range. This one features the gang’s mash-up of “Thriller” and …

When Groups Replace Members

Everything is never as perfect as it seems. We've learned that over the years when it comes to not only music but even going as far as the stars on TV. While some good things eventually come to an end as we see in most groups; before that groups try to go the distance by replacing members. Whether it be a fall out; group dispute; or personal decision, some groups have stood the test of time for as long as they could.

Here are an example of some of the groups who became more well known for their line up changes than their music; hey it happens!

After a fight in a car involving chicken(oddly enough); Naturi Naughton was kicked out of 3LW and started her own successful solo career in music and movies. I can't remember the girl that replaced Naturi but 3LW trucked on with much success. The group eventually transformed into The Cheetah Girls based on the Disney show of the same name before eventually disbanding.

Destiny's Child
Perhaps one of the more well known documented group…

Tyrese Plans Role In Biopic

Tyrese continues to flex his acting chops and leave his music career lingering in the shadows; with good reason I imagine. Next up for the star is possibly starring in a biopic for the late singer Teddy Pendergrass. Apparently Tyrese had the late star's blessing shortly before passing away last year. Tyrese wants acclaimed director, Lee Daniels(Monster's Ball, Precious) to direct. Should be interesting if and when it does happen.

Now all we have to do is find someone to play Aretha Franklin!

There was a story that Bow Wow had been dropped from Cash Money but apparently the story is untrue. I had even typed up a story on it but I hadn't posted it yet(cause it wasn't ready) but just know the story is not true if you've heard it elsewhere.

Shyne will be releasing his new album, "Gangland" on May 17 on Def Jam Records. It is the rapper's first album in seven years.

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Melanie Fiona Gone & Never Coming Back Music Video

I had been reading a lot of positive things about this new Melanie Fiona song and I finally heard it on the radio a few weeks ago and I don't like it. To me it seems like she is trying to recapture what she did with "It Kills Me" and its not working. Sorry!

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Lil' Wayne Plans Series Of Collaborative Albums

Lil' Wayne is definitely one of the busier rappers out now as he is poised to record a duet album with Drake. I swear these rappers come up with more and more ways to make money and I'm not mad at them. Before that though; Lil' Wayne still has a collaboration album with T-Pain known as T-Wayne. Personally I think he can scratch that! Wayne also has an album with Birdman which I can definitely see happening. All the while Wayne is recording music for "The Carter 4".

Apparently Beyonce will release her first single next month and according to producer Robert Taylor, it will be "big". I'm sure it will be. I know a lot of people have been waiting for Beyonce to return to the music scene. I read that the new album is a modern take on '80s music; not exactly original though right? Well I'm sure the fans will eat it up nonetheless. I bet the new single drops the day Kelly Rowland's single or album drops; perfect timing!

It looks like Busta Rhymes…

Female Rap Debuts

I was just listening to "Save Me" from Nicki Minaj and I got to thinking about her debut; "Pink Friday" and how it stacks up against the other female rapper debuts over the years. Unlike male rappers; all female rappers who enter the limelight(for the most part) have a buzz. Consider that the only advantage female rappers have. They still; to this day have to struggle to be seen and heard which is a shame. My friend and I are suckers for female rappers; him probably more than me as I only can stand a handful of them.

Skin Deep, Sole
Remember Sole? Her debut album was released in 1999 before she married Ginuwine. Her hit single from this album was; "4, 5, 6" which featured Kandi and JT Money. Sole's debut is not bad by any means and she's quite the spitter; a little underrated at the time if you ask me. I think the main attraction to this album is the riveting album cover which features Sole dipped in silver paint.

Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj
Blessing num…

Musiq Soulchild Anything Music Video

Musiq is back on the scene with his first single and video featuring Swizz Beats. Musiq's new album, "THEMAGICTHEMUSIQ" will be in stores and online May 3. I think I got the album title right; if not its the other way around then again they mention at the end of the video!

Sammie Naughty Girl Music Video

Someone said this looks like a low budget version of Trey Songz; "Bottoms Up" featuring Nicki Minaj and sad to say it does. The song comes from Sammie's mixtape; "It's Just A Mixtape".

Willow 21st Century Girl Music Video

Willow Smith is back with her new video and single; "21st Century Girl". For some reason all I can think about is those comments made by author; Terry McMillan when she suggested that the Smith's(Will & Jada) were exploiting their children. What do you think?

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Ginuwine Drink Of Choice Music Video

I think I like this song the most from the other songs and singles I heard from Ginuwine's recently released album, "Elgin". I remember some people saying this should of been the first single anyway and to me this recalls 90s Ginuwine anyway. Nice video and song!

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Throwback Video: Ginuwine - Same Ole G

I can't remember which soundtrack "Same Ole G" was on but I think it was "Romeo Must Die" which starred friend; Aaliyah. It's not my favorite song of his by any means and by seeing this you can see how much Ginuwine has matured over the years.

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Naked To The World Part 2

The musicians below are the latest in a long list of musicians who have been the subject of nude pictures leaking on the Internet.

Yung Berg
The forgotten rapper found his self the subject of leaked pictures preferably through an ex-girlfriend. Man I tell ya; don't piss these ex-girlfriends off or groupies for that matter. They will immediately take to twitter or Mediatakeout and next thing you know the whole world is seeing your business.

Kanye West
It wasn't long ago when pictures of Kanye West leaked out shortly before the release of his album back in November. This time on Mediatakeout; the gossip site uncovered pictures of the rapper which were apparently sent to what they referred to as a "R&B singer known to give up the goods". I never could quite put my finger on who they were referring to though. They obviously know something that I don't know! Ha!

Keyshia Cole
Once again Mediatakeout revealed pictures of Keyshia Cole and of course the singer wasn't ha…

India Arie To Release New Album

India Arie is returning to the music scene this summer with a new album; "Open Door". The singer describes this album as a mix of songs in standard English language(of course!) but also in Hebrew. Hebrew? That's correct! Should be interesting! India wanted to stray away from the normal thing but I feel she's always done that anyway.

Ever since the Da Brat has been out of jail, she has been getting a rather large amount of press(in my opinion). I mean it is a rather big deal when a musician gets out of jail. I think her release from prison kind of overshadowed Mobb Deep's Prodigy; neither here nor there. Anyway Da Brat revealed that during her prison stint that everyone wanted her and I bet she wanted them too. She insisted that her "goodies" were not gotten during her stint. Yeah right! Da Brat is currently on house arrest for the next three to five months.

Da Brat is funny; she cracks me up. I remember shortly before her "Unrestricted" album ca…

Throwback Video: Jill Scott - Hate On Me

I remember when I was at work and another co-worker of mine started bopping to this song as it was playing in the background. I didn't pay it any mind but eventually I would come to like this song. At presstime I'm currently on this Jill Scott kick and I'm looking forward to her new album, "The Light Of The Sun" when its released sometime this year.

Jill just wrapped up these legal proceedings that occurred around her deal with Hidden Beach Records. She recently signed a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records.

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Keeping Up With Chris Brown

Sounds like a good title for a reality show for Chris Brown. I wouldn't be surprised if such a thing was in the works. Chris Brown is all over the place with good reason and I felt composed to add my two cent into the equation.

I think I will start back with Chris Brown and all the talk he has garnered over the last few months. All this talk has led up to the release of his new "F.A.M.E." album in stores and online March 22; I can't say that enough huh? It's not that I'm anticipating it like all the other stans but I will be giving it a listen. Okay...back to the subject at hand!

The BET Awards Performance
Chris stole the show with his unforgettable and controversial breakdown or should I say performance of Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror". Chris was upset for not being able to pay tribute to Michael Jackson the year prior; kinda like how Fantasia was mad for not honoring Aretha Franklin at Grammy's. Anyway people were questioning the vali…

Lupe Fiasco Near Suicidal Over Hit Song

I just read that Lupe Fiasco wanted to commit suicide over a song. I mean I understand times are tough but are they really that tough. Then again I know most musicians struggle especially those who aren't necessarily trailblazing in a commercial sense.

Lupe Fiasco originally recorded the hit song; "Nothing On You" by B.O.B. featuring Bruno Mars. Record execs at his label; Atlantic Records told him his verses were "wack". It sounds like Atlantic Records are pretty crucial to their Urban division. Lil' Kim recently spoke out about how she fell out with the label and eventually stopped recording for them. Not to mention they piss poor job they did on Toni Braxton's last album; "Pulse" but also the material on that was mediocre. I know I'm rambling.

Lupe has had so many problems with Atlantic Records and I think its a shame.

Jennifer Lopez has a lot to celebrate not only due to her judging stint on "American Idol" but also the renewed i…

Jennifer Lopez On The Floor Music Video

Is it just me or does J-LO and Pitbull not have any scenes together in this video? Unless I missed it. I actually sat through this video because I don't sit through many. If they didn't appear in any scenes together I'm wondering was it because of scheduling conflicts or was husband; Marc Anthony pulling one of his infamous fits. Can't get too close to J-LO!

I was just thinking J-LO reminds me of Beyonce in the sense that both women are ambitious. They go after what they want and they both work hard. J-LO is really making the most of this "comeback" and after all; she should!

Music Biz:
Bobby V. Releases New Album Tracklisting
I'm still not used to referring to Bobby Valentino as Bobby V. even though he would refer to himself as that in various songs. Check out the tracklisting to his new album below:

1. Fly On The Wall (Intro)2. Are You The Right One3. Words4. If I Can’t Have You5. Sweetness6. Would You Be7. Rock Wit’cha8. Hang On9. Fly On The Wall (Interlude…

Throwback Video: Maxwell - Whenever, Wherever, Whatever

I just happened to stumble across this video as I do most of the videos I feature for Throwback Video. Maxwell is cool in my book. I can't sit here and say I'm the biggest fan and this song is not bad at all. Check out his sinister look at the 1:22 mark! Funny and creepy stuff!

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The Breakdown Of RIAA Certifications

By now most of us are familiar with the album certification awards which are presented to albums that sell in excess a certain amount of copies; the same goes for singles or even videos. Here is a little breakdown for those who are unfamiliar or who simply don't have enough knowledge regarding the certifications. Before I go there though I must say RIAA if your unsure stands for the Recording Industry Association of America. The RIAA is the association behind the certification awards but also the association behind musical piracy.

So here are the certification awards and a brief explanation of each:

Gold - An album has to ship 500,000 units to a retailer to be certified Gold. Also most albums certified Gold have sold in excess close to this amount or around that amount for example an album that sold 320,000 units can still be certified as Gold. Mariah Carey's "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel" has been certified Gold. Other artists with Gold albums include Bruno Mars, Ker…

The Obsession With Album Sales

I wasn't sure on what exactly to title this post but I was just reading something on a message board and I was conflicted to do some rambling of my own.

Whenever a new album comes out; particularly from a certain artist; there is certainly a lot of fanfare. What I mean by that is a lot of excitement in aspects to the music, the initial reaction, and most importantly the (first week) sales.

I visit a lot of different message boards and members go on about albums being sold out in the stores; which not to say doesn't happen. The way they parade on about albums being sold out makes you think the album will sell a lot. By the time the numbers are in for the albums sales; their usually less than stellar.

What some people may not know is that the record companies ship a certain amount of that said record out. The retailers order a certain number based on demand; popularity etc. If the album is a huge seller or sells quite a bit; more copies are shipped out. The shipment of an album det…

Jennifer Lopez Pushes New Album Back

Jennifer Lopez has pushed back the release date of her new album, "Love?" in stores and online April 19. The album was originally due to be released on March 29 but faced stiff competition by the likes of Britney Spears and Wiz Khalifa. I think she should of still released that day but oh well. Lopezs' current hit; "On The Floor" features Pitbull and last I saw the single was #2 on iTunes which is pretty big. Punch Jenny!

Marsha Ambrosius just released her debut album, "Late Nights & Early Mornings" this Tuesday and estimated sales are figured to be around 85-90K units which would put her at the #2 selling album in the country next week. Congrats Marsha!

The Game has finally picked a single he feel is worthy of leading his long awaited album, "The R.E.D. Album" off. The Game tweeted that "Red Nation" will be the new single released. The upcoming album is still executive produced by Pharrell and features production from Dr. Dre. C…

Justin Timberlake To Start New Album

It's been awhile since we've all heard a Justin Timberlake, 2006 to be exact...well I think. In the past he has kept his coveted fans abuzz with movie roles and guest features. When asked about his impending music career; Justin never revealed much but he is finally returning to the studio this summer.

I heard that Beyonce is supposed to star in a remake of the 1992 movie; "The Bodyguard" which originally starred Whitney Houston. Oddly enough the movie was originally meant for Diana Ross but never got off the ground til years later with Whitney. It's just like one diva after another. Anyway I also hear Beyonce is supposed to star in a remake of "A Star Is Born" which originally featured Barbra Streisand. In addition to all this Beyonce's new album is supposed to be come out sometime this year. The last I heard was April which I find hard to believe being that its March but you never know Beyonce might drop a song the day Kelly Rowland debuts her &qu…