Chris Brown suspected of battery and NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams have a run in

BATTERIES INCLUDED: So its being reported that Chris Brown is suspected of misdemeanor battery after an altercation occurred during a basketball game. Chris just got off probation and now this! More as this story unfolds. EXPO-DITION: And apparently it went down this weekend between NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams during a Women's Expo in Atlanta. The two nemesis were set to speak back to back and apparently Wendy Williams' husband/manager was said to be all riled up backstage when NeNe took the stage. Not sure why. When NeNe was asked about the rumored rift, NeNe said she didn't speak to neither Wendy or her husband. Wendy and NeNe have a longstanding beef that dates back to 2012. NeNe was upset when Wendy criticized her HSN clothing line. NeNe went on to say that Wendy always puts down other black women. Do you agree? YOUR BODY'S CALLING: And last but certainly not least R. Kelly was also in Vegas this weekend performing when some fans got a little too close for comfort. R. Kelly was seen leaning down towards the concert goers who were eagerly grabbing away at him. Well apparently one concert goer must of grabbed at R. Kelly's jewels(balls) and that's when R. Kelly quick rose up and shamefaced the fan. My thing is, why allow the women to touch you like that when you know its very possible they are going to reach for your private area. I mean like how long have you been in this business?
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