Diddy and Drake kiss and make up and Yung Joc is single and Ciara is too

Hey y'all! The news just keeps on coming as I've learned that Drake and Diddy have kissed and made up. Remember when Diddy punched Drake? Well the two have come to an agreement to work together in some sort of capacity. What capacity? I don't even care but maybe they'll do a song together. Who knows? Diddy was beefing with Drake over the song "0 to 100". The producer must of gave Diddy the same song and Diddy sat on it for awhile and when Drake released his version of the song and it blew up, Diddy felt some kind of way. So whenever Diddy and Drake had that run in at Liv nightclub, it went down. But its nice to know that the two men were able to put their differences aside. Speaking of Diddy, his former artist, Yung Joc who is now a reality star thanks to "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" has been bragging that he is single and ready to mingle now. Funny thing is after reading the comments to this, many of the women felt Joc was used good. The real tea is Joc responded back via TheShadeRoom and called out all the ladies who badmouthed him on social media but was sending him their number via Instagram. You don't say? I guess some hoes are a lot more thirsty than they portray themselves to be. Speaking of thirsty, Russell Wilson and Ciara have reportedly called it quits. The couple hadn't been together all that long that we know of. They made their first public appearance at The White House which had tongues wagging everywhere. Now I'm left to wonder is something wrong with Ciara or is she just unlucky in love? Maybe after this she needs to take a break from dating, it seems like she's always unlucky in love. Just think about all the guys she's dated who have moved on and have gotten married etc. I'm not taking anything from Ciara. I think she's a very beautiful girl but something else is up. What do you think?
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