Chris Brown feuds with Tyson Beckford over Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown should of be ashamed of himself. This is just sad. Personally I think this is another cry out for help. He's hurting. And it doesn't help to have a group of nothing ass guys behind you pumping you up. Like why are you beefing with Tyson Beckford of all people? I mean Chris Brown once beefed with Frank Ocean of all people so I guess no one is off limits. Hey y'all! Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all are enjoying or have enjoyed your weekend festivities. I know I did! And while we were all cooking, drinking, dancing, laughing, etc. a feud has erupted between Chris Brown and model Tyson Beckford. And to be honest I'm still saying what the fuck? It is probably one of the most interesting and awkwardest feuds thus far of the year. It all started when Tyson and Chris' ex Karrueche Tran took a picture. And we all know Chris Brown being the person he is, felt some type of way about this and blasted Tyson. Chris got his chain gang in tow and headed to Vegas but not before issuing a serious of silly and embarrassing threats to Tyson via social media. Tyson even responded back via social media and to me looked even sillier. I mean why entertain Chris Brown? I mean that's what he wants but the whole beef is very stupid to me. I'm just hoping that no one gets hurt though. We already know Chris is no stranger to getting in trouble and to me this is one more notch under his belt to add to his increasingly obsessive need to gain street cred. Let's just hope these two don't meet in the streets cause it can and will definitely go down. But enough of that! Enjoy the rest of your day people!
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